Moonbase 8 (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


Hey, guys.
Just checking in with you guys,
saying how much I miss you
and love you.
Caden, I got your drawing
of all the planets.
You guys want to check out
the kitchen?
Beef-style stew on the stove!
Comes in these little packs.
It's just basically
dried-out whatever.
Very salty, so you got
to drink a lot of water.
This is our chore wheel.
This is how we kind of
keep this place tidy.
Tons of bagels.
Cleaning supplies.
Cap has heartburn,
so we always have
Milk of Magnesia standing by.
Check this out.
Turn this on,
and it's a little Moon.
Reminds us
what we're doing this for.
Hey, Skip. I'm making
a little video for my family.
-You want to say hi?
-Hi. Hello.
[Rook] Okay, this is Jeremy,
our lab rat.
It's not Jeremy, it's P93.
-It's a a specimen
-[Rook] Cutie.
-Hey, Cap, say hi.
-Hi, Rook's family.
Look at him go!
Whoo! [chuckles]
That's it.
That's our home, right there.
Miss you guys. Love you.
And I can't wait
to get a video from you.
Over and out.
That's good.
Save and send.
Good night, family.
[kisses fingers]
upbeat music
[insects trilling]
[loud banging outside]
What do you want?
I think I hear something
-[loud bang]
Right there-- a noise.
[banging continues]
All right, I'll go
check it out.
There you go.
Can you get
the middle part here?
There you go.
You're all set.
Where's my helmet?
Where are the helmets?
-Where are the helmets?!
-Oh, come on.
Hey, can you guys
keep it down out there?
-I'm trying to sleep.
-Where are the helmets?
We got unexplained noises
outside the hab, that's why.
-You hear that? You deaf?
I think I was washing 'em
last night.
Look, this isn't a joke.
This could be a real emergency.
I'm sorry, I was just trying
to get it nice and clean.
Pah. Well, that's not gonna
help us now.
Ow. Son of a bitch!
Sorry, Cap.
Cap, come in, come in.
Do you have a visual?
I read you. One second.
What do you see, Cap?
Give me a second,
I'm not there yet.
Oh, God.
Aw, shit.
Cap, what is it?
Are you okay?
No, no, no!
Cap, come on.
Use your words.
What do you see?
I have a confirmation
that something has
gotten into our cans.
[Rook] What do you mean,
like a squirrel?
Bigger than a squirrel,
I can tell you that.
Cap, remember, one raccoon
equals ten raccoons.
-That's only the one you see.
It might be a 'yote.
You might want to come back in.
If there's a pack
of 'yotes out there,
they'll gobble you up.
I don't think a 'yote
has the strength
to get the lid of these
metal cans open.
Scat-- I mean, Cap,
do you see any, um,
or any kind of
animal scat around
that would indicate
what kind of animal we're--
we're looking for here?
Oh, yeah, we got some scat.
No, that's a rock.
Uh, I'm looking at
bicycle tracks.
So unless our coyote has learned
to ride a bicycle,
I think we're dealing with
a Homo sapien animal.
The worst predator of all.
[wind whooshing]
-[girl] Hi, Daddy.
-[Sue] Say "Hi, Daddy."
You want to show him?
Aileen has something
to show you.
Like that.
-Had the ultrasound today.
-Wow. Look at that.
It's good, heartbeat's strong.
I need you
-to send your name choices
-I love you, Daddy.
because we are
running out of names.
We have used all of the names.
-Caden, come say hi to Daddy.
He's in the phone.
Caden said, "That's not Dad,
that's a phone."
So he thinks you live
inside my phone.
Which maybe you do.
We don't know.
[Nadler] Hey, maybe
tell him what I told you.
[Sue] You know where he is--
he's on the Moon!
[Nadler] Tell him-- tell him
what I told you in church.
Oh, you tell him,
you tell him.
-No, I don't want
Pastor Nadler's here,
by the way.
Hi. He has something
to tell you.
Hey, Scott, what's going on?
I just-- I was just
saying earlier that-that,
-you know, we're proud of you,
-[Sue] Yes, we are.
and we just know you're gonna
be sharing God's message
-with the universe and
-[Sue] Yes!
just keep doing
what you're doing.
Yes, amen, we love you!
-We love you, Daddy!
-[all shouting]
I mean, I don't get it.
Who'd want to take our cans?
Could be artists
looking for materials.
Out here?
Could be trick or treaters.
What do you?
Could be, just, circus people
who lost their way or something,
I-I don't know.
Probably not, but
I don't even care who it is.
I don't even care that
they're messing with us.
You know what I care about?
I care about the fact that
we need to get outside
faster than we're
getting outside.
We need to get those suits on.
We need our emergency
protocol time
shrunk down.
Because if we're on the Moon,
that's life and death.
-Right, Rook?
I don't-- Yeah, sure.
We got to speed it up.
-I don't know.
I'm sorry if this is
not interesting to you,
but it is important,
and we need you with us.
Oh, I'm with you, Cap.
I'm with you 24/7.
What are you doing?
somber music
-[knock on door]
-Who is it?
-[door opens]
-[Cap] Hey, Rook.
-You got a sec?
-Yeah. What's up?
Uh, listen, I just wanted to say
I'm sorry for snapping at you.
Well, thanks for saying that.
I appreciate it.
You all right?
Seems like something's
bothering you.
Uh, just, like,
missing my brood.
I would just do anything
to go home right now
and smell my son's hair,
you know
Yeah, I get it.
Homesickness, right?
Exactly. And Sue's due
in a couple weeks.
I just feel like
I should be home for that.
What? She is?
Yeah, I I've been
telling you guys about it,
basically every morning
at breakfast.
Su-- Okay, Sue, your wife.
Yeah, so I wanted to just
talk to you about space travel.
The thing about space is
you need to manage your
And you have to make sure you're
getting enough human touch.
Yeah, I know, I mean,
I mean
we should shake hands
more, I guess.
No, I'm guessing that
you need a little skin on skin.
I don't need that
right now, thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, get up.
Don't be shy, it's nothing.
-What-- What are you doing?
-This is not a--
This is not sexual.
It's not anything.
-[stammers] Come on, just touch.
Good. All the way in.
-Mm-hmm. Just like that.
-Like this?
-Yep. That's it.
-Follow me?
-Yep. Uh, yeah. Thank you.
-Are we good?
-Thank you. Yep.
-Okay, we're gonna break now.
-Ready? Break.
-Got it?
-Yes. Thank you.
-All right.
-This is, uh
-This is yours. Here you go.
Yeah, that is me.
-All right.
-All right, see you, Cap.
We're gonna work on that
suit time, though, okay?
Yep. All right.
[sighs heavily]
contemplative music
So, as you know, my father led
the design team for the original
Apollo mission space suits.
And they discovered
they were able to cut down
the suit-up time.
They had to choreograph
every move so that it became
muscle memory.
That's what we have to do.
And it's got to be
with rhythm and music.
And they found a rhythm
that worked,
which is the Indian polyrhythm.
Now, how does Indian
music work? Well,
let's think of
the first beat, ta.
Can you say ta?
It feels silly,
but just do it.
Left leg.
Right leg.
Ta, ta-ka, ta-ki-da.
Ta-ka-di-mi is the boot.
-Ta-ka-di-mi, ta-ka-di-mi.
-Ta. Get that helmet on.
-[Rook] Back to ta.
The gloves are gonna be
on the move. Ta-ka, ta-ka.
-Ta-ka, ta-ka.
-Ta-ka, ta-ka.
So it's ta, ta-ka,
ta-ki-da, ta-ka-di-mi,
ta-ka-di-mi, ta, ta-ka, ta-ka.
-Ta, ta-ka
So, ta, ta-ka, ta-ki-da,
ta-ka-di-mi, ta-ka-di-mi,
ta, ta-ka, ta-ka.
Ta, ta-ka, ta-ki-da,
ta-ka-di-mi, ta-ka-di-mi,
ta, ta-ka, ta-ka.
Ta, ta-ka, ta-ka-di-mi,
Let's do a dry run, guys.
I-I-- We can do this.
Three, two,
Okay, stick
to the rhythm.
And grab.
-Ta-ka, ta-ki-da
-Ta. Ta-ka
Ta-ka-- Step into it.
-Make sure you're in.
Three, two, one.
It's jammed.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Three, two, one.
Well, I went way too fast.
On one or
Three, two, one.
Not bad.
Okay, good.
Well, we're getting better
and better, you guys.
-Not too bad.
Geez. You guys starving?
-I'd love to have some dinner.
Yeah, I could have
a can of bagels.
Yeah, I might open up some,
uh, beef-style stew.
-Go, go, go!
-Ta-ka-di-mi! Ta-ka-di-mi!
-No, wait, wait, no.
-The leg! The leg!
-Leg! Leg!
Ta-ki-da, ta-ki-da, ta-ki-da.
Ow! Get it off!
-I can't breathe!
-[grunting] Ka-ti-mi.
No time! There's no time!
Ta-ka, ta-ki-da, ta-ki-da.
Hey! You scat!
-Get on out of here!
That's ours!
All right, boys, we failed.
Let's call it a night.
[Rook] Hey, hon. I just wanted
to send you a video
to let you know
I don't, I don't think
this is really
working out for me.
These guys here, they don't
respect the work I'm doing,
and the whole spiritual mission
of spreading the word of the God
throughout the universe
is not happening.
I-I don't think
they're believers,
to be honest with you.
I-I just feel like maybe I-I
should head on home, you know?
I don't know.
Uh, send me
a video soon, okay?
I love you.
And I miss you
guys real bad.
-All righty.
-Here we go, piping hot.
-Sweet potato time.
You know what I was thinking?
Before we eat,
if you could lead us
in a little prayer, Rook?
-Are you serious?
-A prayer?
-[Cap] Why not?
-Are you sure? I mean, I-I don't
-want to offend you or anything.
-[Skip] I'm not offended.
Just, uh, quickly,
and we can eat.
S I've been
sort of praying about
this happening
and now I'm kind of lost.
-That's all right.
Let me just think.
Let me Okay.
-I'm gonna riff one.
-Just you know, tune in and--
-See where it goes. Yeah.
-Yeah, just--
Uh, amen Ah, sh Hold on.
-It We'll start over.
-Yeah, let me just,
let me, let me
wipe the slate here.
[stammers softly, exhales]
Dear Lord, Jesus Christ,
thank you for this bounty
and for-for this food.
Uh, we-we pray that you sh
continue to show us
w-- uh, the guiding light
through love and compassion.
B-Blessings on the coffee,
on this delicious
sweet potato soup
that is a-almost too spicy
for me, but not in a hot way.
It's almost Middle Eastern,
We honor and pray for you
and well, we,
uh, we don't pray for you,
we pray to you.
And God, look pr
God, impress down upon us
your, uh, from your lips to our,
to us.
-[Cap] Amen to that.
-[Cap] That was a great grace.
-Oh, thanks,
-I just whipped it up.
-All right. [chuckles]
So, guys, we have a prowler,
and the suit-up time
is killing us.
We did not you know,
the rhythm method
just didn't get us
where we need to be, so I want
to start breakfast
by opening up the floor to that.
-[Rook] Mm.
Solicit your guys' ideas.
-Well, I've put some
-Hang on, wait a second.
Let's give Rook the chance
to jump in first,
'cause he might have something.
-Right. [spoon clicking]
-[Cap] Just, you're
an important part of the team
and we want your input and
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no,
I'm just thinking.
I'm just thinking if I would've
done that prayer again,
I'd do change
a couple of things.
Can I
s tell you my idea?
What if
one of us wears the suit
all the time?
Just keep it on.
Right? Then there's
zero suit-up time.
I-I mean, I don't know.
What do you think
about that, Rook?
Makes sense,
you know?
If-if me or you or even Skip
were in the suit--
space suit-- uh
we're already ready to go,
so we don't have to spend
any time getting the suit on.
Just cut out the middleman.
Then you're ready.
-Yeah. Well
-That's a great idea.
-That's a
-It's good.
I riffed on it off of, uh, Skip.
Yeah, but, you know Yeah.
Appreciate that.
Thanks, Cap,
thanks, Skip.
Well, I nominate Rook
to be first watch, then.
[Rook] Okay, well, if you think
I'm the right man
for the job, I-I'll do it.
-[insects trilling]
-[wind whistling]
atmospheric music
[Sue] Everybody, we're gonna do
the Lord's Prayer
really quickly for Daddy, okay?
Everybody bow your heads.
Our Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in heaven.
[fading] Give us this day
our daily bread
and forgive us
our trespasses
[filtered breathing]
How'd it go, Rook?
Hey. What?
-How was it?
-How was it? Did you get them?
-I can't
-Take it off.
I can't hear you.
I got my helmet on. What?
Are you kidding me?
-You can't hear anything?
-[exhales sharply]
Oh! Are you kidding me?
Come on!
They stripped it bare!
They stripped the rover bare!
Oh, great!
-[Skip] You have to be alert.
-Thanks, Rook!
-[Cap] Thanks a lot. Real good!
Darn it.
Oh, hey.
-What are you working on?
Well, I'm doing this kind of a
Frankenstein of an alarm system.
-Oh, yeah, for the prowler.
So I've got the, uh,
webcam outside,
I've got it hooked up
to this hi-fi system,
so if they pick up
anything moving
in the perimeter of the base,
it sets off the alarm,
and it'll be this.
[cacophonous music playing]
Ooh. That's awful. What is that?
It's, uh, Lionel Morris Jones,
live, 1983, Monterrey.
That's a terrible sound.
Awful music.
Well, it's supposed
to wake you up.
-It's an alarm.
-[Skip] And that's it, yeah.
-[music stops]
-So cool.
I wouldn't know
how to even begin
building something like this.
Skip, you are so smart.
-I know.
It's, uh, partially genetics
and a little bit of education.
Listen, there's something
I wanted to tell you.
It's also economics and wealth.
Listen, the reason
I came in here
is I wanted
to tell you something.
I'm, uh, I'm gonna be leaving.
Oh. All right.
Well, good for you.
I think you guys would be better
off without me, so I'm gonna
take a ride back
on the next delivery truck.
Okay. Thank you.
Listen, it's been a real
pleasure to get to work
-with you, Skip. Yeah.
-Thank you very much.
Do me a huge favor. On the way
out, if you could leave
these empties just
by the-the front
There's a slot
over by the front door.
You want me
to take these? Okay.
Listen, do me a favor
and, uh, keep track of
-Jeremy-- I mean P93 for me.
Okay? Don't forget,
he likes the shredded carrots
-and not the other kind.
Hey, dummies.
How's it going?
What's the good word?
Uh, Rook is leaving.
He's gonna take
the next truck out of here.
I wanted to tell you in person,
Cap, but he's right.
-I'm leaving.
-[laughs] What?
Yeah. It's the best thing
for all of us,
I think, and my family needs me.
You're leaving the program?
You're not going to the Moon?
[laughs softly]
I'm happy for you.
So, listen,
where I come from in Hawaii,
we have something called
the Aloha Spirit.
And nobody leaves
without a goodbye party.
Skip, we're gonna have
a party tonight.
Uh, we're gonna have
a goodbye party for Rook.
It's gonna have music,
snacks and dancing,
and that is an order.
-So Um--
-Is that tonight?
Yes, it's tonight. We're gonna
do it as soon as possible.
-Uh, okay. All right.
-All right.
-[Rook] That's an order.
-Mm-hmm. Yep.
Well, cool.
Goodbye party, that's awesome.
offbeat music
I thought you wanted Rook
to stay.
Yeah. Of course I do.
He has to stay, Skip.
That's the point.
We have to show NASA
that we can work as a team.
If he leaves,
they shut us down,
they send us home.
And I don't have a home.
You understand?
I lost the condo.
I owe them five grand.
I have a lien against me, okay?
But I don't understand. Like,
what's with the goodbye party?
You throw him a party,
you make him feel valued,
you give him a speech,
-you show your feelings, right?
Then he decides,
"I belong here."
-You get it?
-You gonna play along?
Hey! There he is.
Look at that.
"It was nice meeting you."
Awesome. Thank you, guys.
You didn't have to do that.
Skip, did you charge this?
I didn't.
Ah. Okay, well, then
Should be-- you shouldn't
have to charge it.
Doesn't matter.
No music.
-Who cares?
Yeah, it's a party anyway.
-We got the good energy here.
We're gonna miss you, man.
-Oh, I'm gonna miss you, too.
-Going. Rook's going.
-Can you believe it?
Listen, before I forget,
I want to say a couple things
about my friend Rook.
-Oh, wait.
Before you start,
somebody wants to say
goodbye to you.
Okay. Well,
we're gonna do that first.
You'll see.
What's-- what are you
looking forward to eating?
-When you get out of here.
Uh, probably my-my wife's
shepherd's pie.
-She does it with lamb.
Mashed potatoes
and cheddar cheese.
Puts it in a broiler
-at the end.
A bitch to clean, of course,
at the end of the day,
-but, uh, you know
-[gasps] Hey, Jeremy!
P93 wants
to say goodbye.
I can't believe you let him
out of the cage.
Wait a minute.
He's saying
Oh, he doesn't want you to go.
-Okay, so, um
Rook, Rookie.
This name connotes
a new player on a team.
-[Rook] Mm.
-And when a man--
[loud, cacophonous
music playing]
What's going on?
It's the, it's the alarm.
It's the prowler.
-What? What?
-Wait, wait. P93.
-Don't move.
[Cap] Forget the rat.
I need to suit up.
-Forget the rat!
whimsical music
Come back here!
That's government property!
You come back here!
He's not down here.
What if we put little pieces
of cheese around?
He doesn't like cheese,
he's very particular.
Hey, man,
I-I know you really
want to go home,
you know, you want to
see your family
and everything--
I get it.
My opinion is, your kids are
gonna have a really easy time
if their dad went to the Moon.
-My dad, you know,
he worked at NASA
and look where I am now.
Nepotism is a great thing.
That's why there's a word
for it, because
it works.
They can go to any
school they want,
they could not
go to school.
Get their pictures taken.
-Yeah. Maybe you're right.
-Your kids,
just traveling the world--
go to Italy to-to buy something
-and come back.
Guess I never really
thought about it that way.
Hmm. Are you worried
about Cap?
No. Cap's fine, right?
I worry what's gonna
happen to him
once they shut this place down.
Shut it down?
What are you talking about?
They're gonna shut it down.
If it's just me and Cap?
The moment you leave,
there'll be strangers in here.
Just people everywhere,
just taking everything down.
[imitates tools whirring,
[whirring, beeping]
Just ripping everything down,
P93, look!
Hey, Jeremey!
Hi! Don't go anywhere.
We need that stuff!
Forget it!
I see who you are!
You're trying to
escape civilization.
That's what we're trying to do!
Trying to get
to the Moon!
You know what?
Take whatever you want!
Keep the cans.
I don't even care!
I just took off
my helmet.
Which is strictly
against the rules!
Rook is leaving!
I can't keep control
of these guys!
-This whole thing
is going to crap, anyway.
Just take whatever you want.
Who cares?
Trying to keep these guys
in line.
And now I got you to deal with?!
listen, look,
I'll bring all the stuff back
and I'm sorry.
But you got to let go of the
illusion of control, brother.
And you're the one that can
do it from the inside out,
like the blossoming of a flower
or a peacock in the universe.
Like, I tried to
control my son.
I was gonna make him
the head mushroom dealer
of the High Desert,
and he went off
and he got all involved in the
corporate Cold Stone Creamery,
and using the cell phone
and brainwashed
and he's wearing suits.
It's not what I wanted,
it's what the universe wanted.
What's your name, buddy?
Wally, sir.
Wally, sir.
-Wally, sir. Yeah.
-Robert Caputo.
Hi, Robert.
Okay. Okay. Thank you.
Nice to meet you, too, sir.
I got to find a lab rat now.
I can get a rat.
A white one?
Hey, Cap.
Look who we found.
So, uh, found our prowler.
Turns out it was just
a local guy named Wally,
just wanted the recycling.
he won't be a problem anymore,
I worked it out.
Good work, Cap.
Fantastic. Um
you never finished your speech.
Let's skip it.
So long, Rook.
Hell of a run.
I'm gonna
take this suit off.
So long, Cap.
[clears throat]
[computer chiming]
-[keys clacking]
Hi, sweetie. We just got
your message that you're coming
home early.
Um, are we sure that's
that's the best idea?
We're so proud of the work
that you're doing
and so excited for you.
Pastor Nadler
even mentioned you in-in the
sermon last week. Didn't you?
Yeah, yeah. Hey, listen, man,
we're all good here.
Okay? Just don't forget
your mission.
It's bigger than all this,
you know?
And, oh-- but wait,
tell-tell Dad what you learned.
[Caden] Pastor Nadler taught me
how to tie my shoes.
He did? Yes, he did.
He did. See? We're doing great.
I mean, we're making sacrifices
because we love you, all right?
So just maybe pray on it
before you rush home.
We love you. Bye.
contemplative music
Rook? Your ride's here.
Hey, if you're not in too much
of a hurry,
I made your favorite breakfast.
Thanks, Cap.
It smells good.
Listen, I got something
I want to say.
Last night,
I started to pray,
and it was a long prayer.
And I actually fell asleep
during it,
which is a big no-no.
But it happens.
And I had this dream,
and I prayed in the dream
about what I should be doing.
This morning, I woke up
and realized that maybe
the right thing for me to do
would be to stick this out,
and to make it work here.
-In real life.
-That's a cool dream.
-What did-- How does that figure
into what you're,
what you're thinking now?
It's a long way of saying
I slept on it.
the conclusion I came to,
if you're not following this
-I'm not following it.
-[Rook] Okay.
I'm staying. I'm here.
-Oh, you're staying?
-[Rook] Yeah.
-[laughs] What?
Yeah, I'm gonna give it
a second chance.
We got a lot of work to do
and we got to get each other
-up on the Moon, right?
-I knew you wouldn't betray us.
It was never a betrayal.
We're going to the Moon.
We're back!
A little skin on skin.
Yeah, give me some skin on skin.
Well, listen, if you're
happy about it,
let's see a smile,
let's see those pearlies.
-All right? Come on.
-[Skip] Let's see 'em.
upbeat music
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