Moonlighting s04e14 Episode Script

And the Flesh Was Made Word

You are reading this thanks to TC6 Ooh, Oh, Oh So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met On The Way We'll Walk By Night We'll Fly By Day Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way february 4th, 8:30 A.
today julie.
julia juliet.
light Of My Dark And Lousy Existence.
god, What I'd Give To See You Once By Candlelight.
wrapped In Shadows.
just See You just Look At You.
just Drown In You.
happily Die, absolved By Your Merest Glance.
hell, There's More Of God In Your Right Eye than Lives In Heaven.
[Telephone Rings] [Ring] Hello? Oh, Hiya, Brian.
What's The Problem? Don't Worry.
It's Under Control.
Leave It To Me.
I'm Working On It Right Now.
The Presentation's Practically Finished.
Brian, I'm Here All Night, Ok? [Thunder] you're All I Have That's Real, and I Have None Of You except These Words.
Well, That's That.
Yep, That's That.
Why Doesn't It Feel Like Like That? What? Like That.
Like That's That.
Maddie, There's A Reason Two People Get Married After Knowing Each Other Three Days On A Train.
Probably The Same Reason They Decide To Get It Annulled A Couple Of Days Later.
I Still Feel Like I've Known You My Whole Life.
I Probably Just Remind You Of Your Favorite Stuffed Animal When You Were A Kid.
I Haven't Even Gotten Back The Pictures From The Wedding Chapel In Vegas.
No? If I'd Known Then What I Know Now, I Would've Sent Them To The One-Hour Photo.
You'll Send Me A Print, Won't You? I'll Stay In Touch.
I'd Like That.
You Know, I'm Really Sorry About All This.
No, Don't Be.
It Isn't Like I Didn't Have Fair Warning.
Don't You Want To Get Mad Or Yell Or Throw A Lamp Or Something? No, I Don't Want To Throw A Lamp.
Besides, You'd Just Laugh At Me.
I Look Stupid When I Get Mad.
You Know, Most People Would Say That It Is Impossible To Fall In Love With Somebody That You Barely Know.
I Want The Very Best For You, Walter.
You Know, Being Married To You Was The Greatest Two Weeks Of My Life.
Yeah, It's The Best Two-Week Marriage I Ever Heard About.
Besides We'll Always Have Amtrak.
What Are They Saying In There? Psst Psst Psst.
Here They Come! It Was Nice Meeting All Of You.
Ok, You Happy Now? I've Got A Couple Of Things I'd Like To Discuss This Morning.
First Of All, I'd Like To Thank You All For Coming To My Wedding.
I Really Appreciate It.
It Was A Really Nice Wedding.
I'm Sorry I Had To Run Out Like That.
Secondly, For Anyone Who's Interested, The Pregnant Woman With Mr.
Addison Had A Healthy Thirdly, Thank You For The Lovely Wedding Gifts.
I Really Appreciate It.
I Have, However, Returned Them All To You As Mr.
Bishop And I Are No Longer Married.
That's All, Folks.
[Not Making Any Noise] I'm Closing My Eyes.
Whoever Stole The Sound Track, Put It Back.
Surprise, Mr.
Addison! You All Get Lucky Last Night? Better.
Sniffing The Wite-Out Again? Way Better.
Alvin And The Chipmunks Back Together? Way, Way Better.
Miss Hayes Wants To See You.
She's Got Eyes On Her Head.
Notice Anything Unusual In The Office This Morning? Not A Thing.
All These Wedding Presents Unopened Wedding Presents.
Returned Wedding Presents.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.
Got A Hot News Flash On The Blonde Beast.
Don't Get Your Hopes Up.
She Probably Married The Limo Driver On The Way Back From The Hospital.
Come In.
Good Morning.
Good Morning.
Did I Have A Terrible Nightmare This Weekend.
I Dreamed That You And Me Went To A Wedding, Got Into A Great Big Knockdown Dragout, Made Up, Made Out, And Then Said All Kinds Of Incredibly Wonderful Things To Each Other.
Must Have Been One Too Many Chilidogs.
What Did You And Wally Do This Weekend? Thank You.
I'm Sure It's Lovely, And It Was Very Sweet, But Walter And I Are Getting An Annulment.
Going Through With It? Really Going Through With It.
Why Don't You Keep It? I Can't.
I Want You To Have It.
Think Of It As A Consolation Prize.
I Wouldn't Feel Right.
Maddie, You Don't Take A $3 Million Pair Of Matching His And Her Diamond Studded Paperweights Back To A Guy Like Harry Winston And Ask Him For A Refund.
Can't You Get A Store Credit? You're Probably Right.
So How Did He Take It? It Was His Suggestion.
His Suggestion? He Thought It'd Be Best For Both Of Us.
He's A Terrific Guy.
Any Regrets? A Few.
So, I Guess That Means You're Single Again, Huh? Free As A Bird.
Unattached? Footloose And Fancy Free.
Available? Available.
It's Good To Know.
You'll Need Some Time, Some Space.
Why? You're On The Rebound.
I'm Not On The Rebound.
I See No Reason Put My Life On Hold.
You're Right.
Life's Too Short.
Yes, It Is.
So That Means If I Ask You Out For, Say, A Movie And Popcorn, Bowling And A Beer, Snowshoeing And Maple Syrup-- I'm Fielding Offers, Yes.
It's Good To Know.
Maddie How About Saturday? What? I Don't Know.
I Got To Check My Calendar.
You Know What? I Forgot To Give You This Bill.
For What? The Wedding.
We Had A Deal.
I'd Throw You An Elaborate Wedding If You Got Married, Which You Didn't, And I'm Not.
Which Includes The Reception Which Neither You Or I Attended Which I Heard Was Pretty Cool.
[Knock On Door] Someone To See You.
Ah, Send Him In.
Miss Hayes Was Just Saying We Could Use A Little Surge In The Cash Flow.
Brian Gates.
David Addison.
Maddie Hayes.
Please Have A Seat.
Thank You.
How Can We Help You, Mr.
Gates? I Have This Slight Problem.
I'm About A Month Away From Going Bankrupt.
Never Been A Problem For Us.
Go On, Please.
I'm Partners In The Pr Firm Of Gates And Wickloe.
Over The Past Couple Years, We've Made A Tidy Profit, Due Largely To John's Talent.
But For The Past 3 Months, He's Changed.
He's Become Unreliable, Unstable, Virtually Irresponsible.
I Can't Tell You How Many Accounts He's Lost.
This Week I Found Out Why.
He's Gone Off The Deep End Over Some Woman.
I'd Like For You To Find Her.
Maybe I Could Save My Business.
Find Her For Him? Actually For Me.
John's Fallen In Love With This Woman From Afar.
As Brilliant As He Is, He's Incredibly Insecure And Unsure Of Himself.
If I Could Find Her, Maybe Talk With Her, I Don't Know, Maybe Convince Her To Meet With Him I Know It Sounds Crazy, But It's The Only Thing I Can Think Of.
What Can You Tell Us About This Woman? I'll Let Him Do That.
What's This? Those Are Copies Of John's Journal.
John Has Filled A Dozen Notebooks All About This Mysterious Woman He Calls Juliet.
He Doesn't Know I've Read Them.
I Know I Shouldn't Have.
I Was Looking For Some Material John Was Supposed To Have Completed, But He Never Did.
I Found Those In His Desk.
Since Then, I've Tried To Convince Him To Tell Me About Her, Without Admitting That I Know About The Journals.
But He Just Won't Do It.
He Refuses To Try And Meet The Woman Of Dreams, So I Thought About Detectives That Are Trained To Look For Clues, Details.
Maybe You Could Read Them, Try And Find Her.
Gates, Reading Someone's Private Journal Without Their Consent Doesn't Seem Right.
I Know.
My Conscience Bothers Me, Too, But Can You Tell Me What's Right? Is It Better To Protect A Person's Privacy Or Help Him Grab His One Chance At Happiness? Not To Mention Sustaining A Business That Financially Supports Dozens Of People.
Listen To This.
"I Wish I Could Describe Her Face, "Her Ways, But I Cannot.
My Joy At Seeing Her Blinds Me.
" If He Was A Little Less Joyful, We'd Have A Better Chance Of Finding This Broad.
You Think Something's Wrong With This Man? No.
He's Fine.
Are You Fine? Yeah.
I'm Fine.
You're Sure? Sure, I'm Sure.
Just All This Reading, No Pictures.
Ha Ha Ha Ha.
What? What The Hell's "A World Of Sighs"? I Don't Know.
I Guess It Means He Sighs A Lot.
I'd Rather Have A World Of Thighs.
Hmm This Is Pretty Amazing.
He's Filled Three Pages Just Writing Her Name.
Long Name.
I Love The Way He Uses It, Like It Intoxicates Him.
"Last Night, Alone In Bed, "I Woke And Had The Strange Sensation "You Were Near Me.
"I Felt You There, "Felt Your Skin Against Me, "Your Hot Breath, Your Hair Wrapped Around My Throat.
" What? "Your Hair Wrapped Around My Throat"? If The Guy Wanted Hair Wrapped Around His Throat, He Should Have Grown A Beard.
You're Not Giving These Words A Chance.
A Chance? A Chance To What? To Make Sense? Look, I Ain't No Rod Mckuen Over Here.
All This Stuff Is Just A Little Hard To Wade Through.
I Mean, How Are We Gonna Find The Daughter Of The Sun? Run An Ad-- "Desperately Seeking The Daughter Of The Sun"? I Don't Know, But If You Tried To Get Inside What It Means-- Inside What It Means? All Right, Great.
You Get Inside Daughter Of The Sun, I'll Be Right Behind You.
David What? Nothing.
Forget It.
It's Forgotten.
I Know Some Of This Is Stupid, But I Thought It Was Romantic, You And I Here Reading This Together.
I Thought It Was Nice.
It Is Nice.
Look, I Think I'm Going To Take My Part Home With Me.
Work On It There.
I Promised Terry I'd Stop By, See How She's Doing.
Check On Her.
Tell Her Hi For Me.
Good Night.
Good Night.
[Door Closes] Hey.
David, Where Have You Been? What? The Message On My Machine Said 7:30.
It's Gotta Be At Least 8:30.
I Must've Forgot To Set My Watch Back Last Fall.
Where's The Fire? Good Morning.
it Is A Good Morning.
Can I Have Coffee And A Toasted English, Please? UhWhat's Up? What's The Hurry? It's A Beautiful Morning.
The Two Of Us Might As Well Sit Here And Chat A While.
What Would You Like To Chat About? I Don't Know-- Things, You And Me.
How Are You This Morning, David? I'm Fine.
You Look Great.
Tell Me What We're Doing Here.
Last Night, After You Left, I Was Going Over The Journals And I Noticed Something Unusual.
First Letter Of The First Word On Every Page Spelled "The Walrus Is Paul.
" That's Very Funny, David.
You're Funny Today.
But No, That's Not It.
Most Of The Time, John Writes About Her, But Once A Week He Writes To "You.
" This Guy Wants Me To Be His Valentine? Not You You, David.
I'm Crushed.
Every Other Day He Writes, "I Love Her.
" But Every Tuesday He Writes, "I Love You.
" Alternate Side Of The Street Pronouns.
I Get It.
I Was Checking Out The Expense Log Mr.
Gates Gave Us.
John Has Breakfast Here Every Tuesday Morning.
He Should Be Showing Up Here Anytime Now.
Thank You.
Maybe He's Just Got The Hots For One Of The Waitresses.
How's Terry? She's Good.
Very Good.
Went To The Hospital Last Night.
She's Doing Great.
And The Kid-- Oh, Wow, Hee Ha! The Kid's Got Bouncer Written All Over Him.
Oh, Maddie, Here Comes Our Artiste, I Think.
Matches The Photo.
I Feel Sorry For The Poor Schmo.
Here He Is, Admiring This Woman From Afar, In Love We're Gonna Ruin The Whole Thing.
What's The Point Of Loving Her If He Can't Be With Her? He Probably Don't Love Her.
Probably All In His Head, The Old Noggeroo, Which Is Where It Ought To Stay.
I've Never Seen You So Sour About A Case, David.
I Cash The Paycheck, I Do The Job.
But It's Not The Case.
It's Really You And Me.
The Other Night At The Hospital, After The Wedding, We Said Some Things To Each Other.
Things That I Thought Made A Difference.
Made ItBetter.
But Since Then, Whenever I Try To Talk To You, Whenever I Try To Be With You, You Just Seem Like You're Not There.
like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.
You Know What I'm Talking About.
Like Last Night.
What About Last Night? I Went To The Hospital.
David, Terry Called Me Last Night To Thank Me For The Baby Clothes I Sent Her.
You Didn't Go To The Hospital Last Night.
You're Turning Into Quite A Detective.
Why Don't You Just Talk To Me About All Those Things You Don't Want To Talk To Me About? Because It's Showtime.
You Don't Think He's In Love With A Mannequin? Girl Like That's Got Her Advantages.
Doesn't Eat Much On Dates.
No Mood Swings.
Wait A Minute.
What Brunette In Yon Window Breaks? She's Tall.
Got The Gift Of Gams.
Long Dark Hair More Than Enough Hair To Wrap Around Your Throat.
She's Striking.
She Reminds Me Of Mrs.
My Fourth Grade Teacher.
She's A Display Artist In A Department Store In Beverly Hills.
Really? John Sits In The Restaurant Every Tuesday And Watches Her.
Doesn't Take His Eyes Off Her.
Dribbles Orange Juice All Over Himself.
And Her Name's Juliet? Nah.
Must Be A Pet Name.
Her Real Name Is Mary Aaron.
Mary? This Mary? Yeah.
Her Maiden Name's Aaron.
Who Is She? My Wife.
don't Get Up, nothing's Wrong With The Volume.
so It's A Little Quiet.
no Back And Forth.
no Ping And Pong.
doesn't Mean The Ride Has To Be uncomfortable.
this Is So Uncomfortable.
ok, So Maybe It's Uncomfortable.
so Maybe I Should Say Something.
i Wish He'd Say Something.
why Should I Say Something? i Don't Want To Say Something.
i'm Not Going To Say Anything.
why Should I? It's Not My Problem.
if We're Going To Have A Conversation, he's Going To Have To Say Something.
so We Won't Talk.
so We Won't Talk.
i Hate All This Silence.
i Bet She Hates All This Silence.
she Knows Something's Wrong.
she Knows Something's Bothering Me.
does She Know These Seats Make My Underwear Creep Up? random Thought, Just Popped Into My Head.
this Isn't Like Him.
i'm Not Used To Him Keeping Things To Himself.
if There's A Problem, If Something's Wrong, why Won't He Talk To Me? maybe He's Still Mad At Me.
if We Don't Talk Soon, she's Gonna Think I'm Still Mad At Her.
but If That's All It Is i Would've Told Her.
it's Us.
you Can't Just Tell Someone you're Looking At What You've Been Together, and Thinking About What You're Gonna Be, and You're Just Not Sure It's Right.
he's Scared.
i'm Not Scared, Exactly.
that's It! He's Scared.
i Said I Wasn't Scared.
it's Just That-- maybe Some People Are Better At Arm's Length than Hand In Hand.
he's Wondering If The Idea Of Getting Together wasn't Better Than Actually Doing It Will Be? what Do We Do? just Trade In Red-Hot Tempers for A White Picket Fence? i'm Wondering If We Can Turn Our Past Into A Future.
6 Months In, i'm Running To The Neighbor Lady for A D-Cup Of Sugar, maddie's Writing Journals About her Best Friend's Husband.
that's What It Is.
david's Looking At What We've Been and Losing Faith In What We Can Be.
[Both] The Trouble Is things Are Different Now, but They're Still The Same.
Did You Say-- No? No? Well I'm All Talked Out.
Guess I'll Go In My Office And Catch Up On Some Clock Watching.
[Ring] [Ring] Yeah.
Hey, Terry.
What? I Thought That Wasn't Until Tuesday.
That's What I Meant.
This Is Tuesday.
No, It's Not A Bad Time.
Sure, I Can Take You Home.
I'll Be There In 20 Minutes.
Start Packing, And Don't Forget The Baby.
David, We Have To Talk.
You Gotta Talk.
I've Got To Go.
At 10:30 In The Morning? I Shoulda Got A Hall Pass From My Teacher.
How Long Will You Do This? what This? What This Are You Talking About? You Know What I'm Talking About.
Your Attitude, Your Silence, Avoiding Me.
Avoiding You? I'm Not Avoiding You.
This Is Avoiding You.
What, Maddie? What Is It This Time? What Crisis Is It? You Run Out Of Beer Nuts? Or Are You Going To Try To Use Terry As An Excuse Again? As A Matter Of Fact, I'm Bringing Her Home From The Hospital Today.
If That's Not Good Enough, I'll Bring A Note From Her Doctor.
I Know What You're Doing.
I Know Why You're Doing It.
Walter's Gone.
The Path Is Clear, You're Having Second Thoughts About Us, About Committing, About What's Going To Happen.
But Just Because We Have This History, This Crazy Pattern Of Behavior, Where You Say Now, I Say Later, You Jump Forward, I Jump Backward, Doesn't Mean That It Always Has To Be Like That.
I'm Tired Of It.
As Tired As You Are, David.
If We Want It To Be Different, It Can Be.
Can't We Just Forget The Past, Start With A Clean Slate? You Want A Clean Slate? Come On, We'll Talk About Clean Slates.
I'm Not The One That Left In The Middle Of The Night For Chicago For I'm Not The One That Met Some Guy On A Train And Married Him.
I'm Not The One That Divorced Him A Week Later.
I Got A Clean Slate, Ok? All I Did Was Show Up And Wait.
And Wait Some More.
And I'm Still Here.
I Never Left.
So Don't Talk To Me About Commitment, And For God Sakes, Stop Asking Me How I Feel About You.
You Want To Know How I Feel About You? If A Guy Did To Me What You Did To Me, I'd Have Knocked His Teeth Down His Throat.
You Still Have Your Incisors.
I Guess That Means I Still Must Care.
But I Don't Have To Like It.
I Don't Really Like Any Of This.
But Yeah.
I'm Going To Be Here When The Baby Comes And I'm Gonna Help You Through That.
That Means I Have Some Kind Of Commitment To You.
But You Gotta Stop Talking To Me About Clean Slates And About Commitments And About How I Feel About You.
I Have Some Things To Do, So I'm Going Now.
Unlike You, I Will Be Back.
There's Cookies And Milk In The Fridge, Movie Money On The Table.
While I'm Gone, Whatever You Do, Don't Leave, Don't Marry Somebody Else, And Don't Divorce Him.
Watch Your Step.
Here We Are.
We're Home.
This Is Where We're Gonna Live.
I Hope You Like It.
Yeah, Mommy, I Like It.
It's Nice.
I'll Have Lots Of Fun Here.
You Want Some Help? Uh-Uh.
David! This Is Incredible.
How Beautiful.
It's Kind Of Nice.
Wouldn't Mind Living Here Myself.
Oh, David, I Can't Believe You Did All This.
Well, Kind Of Wanted The Bambino To Start Out In The Penthouse.
Oh, I Love My Room, Uncle David.
Thank You So Much For All These Swell Toys.
Way Beyond The Call Of Duty, Addison.
Yeah? I Have Something I Need To Talk To You About.
This Wouldn't Have Anything To Do With That Laurel And Hardy Delivery The Other Day, Would It? David, If You Think That After All You've Done For Me I'm Gonna Try To Make You Squirm Over Working Things Out With Maddie, I'm Insulted.
I Don't Understand It.
It's Just Something I Got To Do.
I Know.
When I Saw The Way The Two Of You Wanted To Kill Each Other, I Knew I Didn't Stand A Chance.
You Want To Hear Something Funny? Yeah.
Walter Bishop Has Been Calling Me.
Well, Don't Tell Maddie I Said This, But I Think He's An Ok Guy.
Make A Pretty Wild Double Date.
We'll See.
You And Junior Going To Be Ok? Oh, Yeah.
We're Going To Be Ok.
You Know, David, A Baby Is All I Wanted Out Of This Bargain In The First Place.
And Now I've Got A Friend Thrown In.
I've Got More Than Enough To Make Me Happy.
Way More Than Enough.
You Have An Amazing Way Of Making Things Easy For Me.
It's Not Intentional.
Well Well.
Why Don't You Play The Ukulele, And I'll Go Make Us Something To Eat.
[Beep] hello, David, It's Maddie.
What's The Matter, Somebody Murdered? i'm Calling From Brian Gates' Office.
can You Get Here As Fast As You Can? brian Gates Is Dead.
Why Do I Even Bother Listening To My Messages? Why Don't You Get Him Ready To Take Him On Downtown.
What's What? Doesn't Look Good.
Come On.
Where Do You Think You're Going? We Head Public Relations For Gates-Wickloe Public Relations.
Pygmy Pr.
No Client Too Small.
We Heard There Was A Murder.
We're Looking For A Positive Angle.
Sorry, Pal.
You Just Lost An Account.
Gates Is Dead, And Wickloe Did It.
Wickloe? Plugged His Partner In The Head, Poured Himself A Scotch, And Then Dialed 911.
When We Got Here, He Was Writing Some Kind Of Love Poetry, Or Some Damned Thing.
I Can't Help Thinking If We'd Never Taken This Case, This Wouldn't Have Happened.
This Mess Was On The Boards Long Before We Ever Got Involved.
I Know, But I Feel Horrible.
For Who, Old Crazy John? He Didn't Exactly Have All The Social Amenities Down, Did He? Social Amenities? Yeah.
Fills An Encyclopedia Of Babble About This Babe And Then Blows Her Old Man's Brains All Over The Bulletin Board.
He Never Knew What The Hell He Wanted.
He Knew Exactly What He Wanted.
John Wickloe Had So Much Love That He Wouldn't Let Anything Stand In The Way Of His Being With The One Person He Wanted.
Now He's Got Maybe He Thought It Was Worth It For The Chance To Be With Her.
Yeah, Right.
What's He Do Once The Coast Is Clear, Head For The Coast? No.
He Sits Down, Takes Out His Quill, And Writes, "There Once Was A Bimbo Named Juliet" What If He Sat There For A Reason? I Know The Reason.
Anything Was Better Than Actually Having To Talk To Her Face-To-Face.
Maybe That's Not Why He Didn't Go To Her.
Maybe He Wanted To Stay With The Body.
Why Would He Want To Get Caught? What If He Was Protecting Her From The Murder Charge? Doorbell Rings] I Don't Think She's Home.
She Won't Be Here.
Probably Not.
Of Course Not.
She's Probably On The Redeye To Brazil.
I Don't Think She's Here.
No Way She's Gonna Be Here.
I Was Expecting You.
You Were? Aren't You The Police? No.
We're Private Investigators.
The Ones My Husband Hired? He Told You About Us? He's Not Here.
He Died At The Office.
We Heard.
And You Think I Killed Him, Don't You.
Can You Tell Me Who's Gonna Win The World Series? Why Do You Think That We Think That? Not That You Shouldn't.
Don't Think We Don't Think You Killed Him.
What We Think's Not The Issue.
Why Don't You Come In? Good Thinking.
This Way.
The Truth Is, I Did Kill My Husband.
Wait A Minute.
Wait A Minute.
That's Not The Way We Do Things Around Here.
We're Supposed To Wheedle Our Way In.
You Act Suspicious.
We Make All Kinds Of Insulting Insinuations.
You Get Mad, You Get Busted, You Run Out The Back Door And Then We Have Some Big Stupid Chase.
Why Did You Kill Him? Because I Was Trying To Save Someone.
John Wickloe? My Husband Wanted To Kill Him.
You Mean After He Found Out John Was In Love With You.
Earlier Tonight Brian Came Home And Told Me The Journals Had Been Written About Me, That Two Private Detectives Had Followed Him, Found Out.
So When He Left Here, I Followed Him.
Why'd You Follow Him? Because I Didn't Want Anything To Happen To John.
See I'd Read The Journals And Envied Juliet Because I've Never Been Loved Like That-- So Purely And Completely.
When I Found Out That He Was Writing About Me, I Can't Explain It, But I've Never Felt So Alive.
It Was The Most Amazingly Happy Few Moments Of My Life.
Anyway, Um I Found Brian Waiting For John At The Office With A Gun.
I Thought He Was In Some Jealous Rage, But He Said He Wasn't Jealous At All.
That He'd Schemed To Kill John From The Beginning.
Something About Getting The Whole Business Before They Sold It.
Does That Have Anything To Do With Why He Came To See Us? He Wanted To Find Juliet So That He Could Pay Her To Reject John.
Then The Lovesick John Wickloe Would Be Found Dead-- A Suicide Over A Broken Heart.
The Journals Would Document His State Of Mind.
When He Found Out You Were The Woman He Figured He Could Still Make It Look Like A Suicide.
Who Needs Rejection When You've Got Guilt? And He Wanted Me To Be His Alibi.
So We Fought, Struggled With The Gun, And It Went Off.
I Didn't Want To Kill Him.
I Was So Terrified.
I Ran.
John Must Have Seen Me Going Out Of The Building, And Now He's Taking The Blame Because He Loves Me.
You Understand Any Of This? It Doesn't Matter As Long As They Do.
I've Written The Whole Thing Down.
I Was Going To Leave It Here.
Why Don't You Just Take It To The Police.
I'm Afraid We're Going To Have To Take You Along With It.
That Won't Be Necessary.
Ah-Ah! Don't! Oh! I Am So Sorry.
I'm Not Using This On You.
It's For Me.
See, My Life Is Over.
I Can't Let The Man I Love Go To Prison For Something I've Done, And I Can't Go To Prison.
I'd Never Make It.
There's Really No Other Way Out.
David, She's Going To Kill Herself! Do Something! Stop.
Good-Bye, Cruel World.
[Gunshot] Whoa! David! Are You All Right? David! I'd Rather Have Done Something Myself.
Hurry Up, David! You've Got To Stop Her! Oh, Now We're Getting Somewhere-- The Chase.
Hey! No! you Missed Me! Hey, It's The Stooges.
Just Let Me Be Swallowed Into Eternity Where I'll Pay For My Crime In The Swirling Darkness.
Please! Are You Nuts? The Network Will Never Let You Do That, Lady.
Hey, Look! It's Your Old Man's Ghost! Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck.
Made You Look.
Give Me That! Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah! Aah! David! Aah! David, Are You-- David, How Are You? Medium Rare.
Come On, We've Got To Stop Her From Killing Herself! Why? Come On! David, Do Something! UhhDon't.
David! No! No! Get Up! David! David! David? Oh, They Missed A Spot.
Where'd She Go? Up There.
Think She Just Wants To Spit On Cars? David! I Know, I Know.
I Gotta Do Something To Stop Her.
I'll Go.
You Catch Up When You Can.
Hey! Wait-- Hey! Hey! Hey! Aah! Why Are You Doing This? Just Let Go Of Me! Because If You Do What You're Trying To Do, You're Not Gonna Live To Regret It.
But I Told You, I Have Nothing To Stay Here For.
Nothing? Are You Crazy? Let Me Rephrase That.
What About John Wickloe? Don't You Love Him? Of Course I Love Him.
Didn't You Say That He Makes You Feel Like Nobody Else Ever Made You Feel Before? That's Why I Have To Die! But You Two Are Made For Each Other.
What Kind Of A Future Do You Think We'd Have? Whatever Kind Of Future You Want.
That Doesn't Matter.
What You Gotta Do Is Get Past Your Pasts.
The Only Thing That Matters Is That You Love Him And He Loves You.
Two People Can Make It If They Try.
The Future's The Only Thing That Counts.
Forget The Rest.
Oh, Yeah? Yeah.
You Really Mean That? Yeah, I Really Mean That.
Excuse Me! I Think I'd Like To Come Back Up After All.
Aah! All Right, Good.
Climb Up.
I Can't.
I'm Scared.
Now You're Scared? All Right.
Hang On.
Be Careful, David.
I'm Being Careful.
I Got You.
Put Your Arm Up There.
Stand Up.
Stand Up.
Hang On.
All Right.
You're Almost There.
Come On.
Ready? Whoa! Aah! Oh, Yeah, See? Now The Relationship's Going Somewhere! Aah! Aah! [Knock On Door] Come In.
You Sign Up For Any Lamaze Classes Yet? There Was One In Here I Was Looking At.
Tuesday At 9:00.
Yeah, Something Like That.
Tuesdays, You And Me.
You'll Probably Want To Get Some Dinner Or Something Beforehand, Right? That Would Be Nice.
You And Me, Tuesdays.
You'll Probably Want To Talk Or Something Afterwards.
If You Can Spare The Time.
So That's 7:30 To Midnight, You And Me, Tuesdays.
We Can Figure Out When We're Gonna Get Together And Practice Some Other Time, Huh? Yeah.
We'll Work That Out.
Getting Late.
Leaving Soon? In A Minute.
If You Wanted Me To Walk You And The Little Dividend Down To The Parking Structure, I'd Be, Uh Honored.
You're Welcome.
Now I Know You're Out There Looking At Your Watch.
The Show Is Over, And There's 10 Minutes Left.
The Show Is Short.
But We Don't Know What To Do.
I Don't Know What To Do.
I Don't Know What To Say.
There's A Writer's Strike Going On, And Our Lips Are Tied.
There's Just Not Words, Uh Uh It's Ok.
I Got It Taken Care Of.
Like She Was Saying, We're Just Actors.
We Can Only Speak When Somebody Writes Stuff For Us To Say, And The Writers Are On Strike, And That's Ok For Them Because This Is America, And Strikes Happen In America, And That's All Right.
But Anyway, We Have A Way Out Of This.
I Came Up With An Idea.
We Do? Yeah, We Do.
Remember On The Ozzie And Harriet Show Sometimes Their Show Would Be Short, And Then They Would Bring Ricky Nelson Out, And He Would Sing A Song.
You're Not Going To Sing.
No, Not Me.
I'm Not Gonna Sing.
Well, I'm Certainly Not Gonna Sing.
That's Ok.
We Have Somebody Who Is Going To Perform For You Right Now And I Want To Bring Him Out Right Now.
Come On.
Bert? I Can't Do This.
The Camera's Rolling.
I'm Sorry.
I Just Can't.
Look, I've Got To Draw The Line Somewhere.
Addison, I'm Drawing The Line-- You Can't Draw The Line.
I Jumped Out Of The Cake, I Put The Dress On, I Did The Hoochie Koochie Dance, I Did All Of Those Things, But I'm Quitting While I'm A Little Behind.
Listen To Me For A Minute.
When You Jumped Out Of That Cake And Sang That Song Like Marilyn Monroe, They Loved You.
I Know, But I've Had It.
They Don't Want To Hear Me Sing.
They Don't Even Want To See Me.
Did You See The Ratings For My Show Last Week? Forget That.
We Don't Care About Ratings.
You Got To Do This, Please.
All Right.
Come On Out Here Now.
Be Right With You, Folks.
Stand Right Here On Your Mark.
Uh, Ok.
All Right.
How You Feeling? I'm Ready.
Where's The Turban? Aw, Geez.
Put It On There.
You All Set? Ok.
Hit It, Girls.
Uno, Dos 1, 2, Tres, Cuatro.
hey! Wooly Bully! watch It, Now! Watch It! hey, Chump! Hey, Chump! Come On! Move Around A Little Bit.
watch It, Now.
He Get You.
* Maddie Told Hattie * * About A Thing She Saw * * Had Two Big Horns * * And A Wooly Jaw * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * yeah, Right! * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Hattie Told Maddie * * Let's Don't Take No Chance * * Let's Not Be L-7 * * Come And Learn To Dance * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * watch It Now! [Plays At Fast Speed] * Maddie Told Hattie * * That's The Thing To Do * * Get You Someone Really * * To Pull The Wool With You * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Wooly Bully * * Watch It Now, Watch It, Here It Comes * * You Got It, You Got It * Woo! Woo! Time's Up! Time's Up.
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