MotherFatherSon (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 You only ever knew him as the man you wanted him to be.
You only knew him as a boy! You made sure of that.
We want you home, we're both worried sick.
Just come home.
I took the story to Caden.
You know what he says? "It was a robbery gone wrong.
" Any newspapers use your services? Your son will face significant challenges.
They might be aggressive when they were gentle, indiscreet when they were tactful.
And without this filter, every thought can become a speech.
I did your phone.
Caden, what, is it? Help! Help! Caden, Caden! This programme contains very strong language On the day Tonia went missing, we'd had an argument.
The last words I said .
to my daughter were angry.
And hurtful.
I didn't mean any of them.
I want I want to take them all back.
But I can't.
I wish I could tell her that I'm sorry, and that I love her.
I'm never going to get the chance.
Friends, family, suspects.
After a discussion with the police, we're offering a reward of £30,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of Tonia's killer.
We'll open to questions.
Can I ask about the role Reporter Media Group are playing in this investigation? We'll do as much, or as little, as we're asked to do.
One follow up.
Who asked you? The family or the police? A.
D, C.
A, B.
C, D.
Why? Why? I don't know.
It just is.
I forgot.
You'll remember.
It's already so much better Fucking.
We'll talk about that.
We'll talk about everything.
What is .
left of me? What was I.
always this This? .
angry? No.
I don't know.
You don't know? You hid everything.
I can't be a child again.
You're not a child! I I can't walk.
Can't wash.
Can't speak.
Can't work.
Can't fuck.
Caden Caden can't! Caden can can what? Can shit, can piss, can cry? Where is Dad? Abroad.
A broad? Yeah.
Abroad, abroad.
A-a-a .
No, no, that's not true.
Your dad wants you back by his side.
Your dad wants you better.
Better? He always want me .
Now look at me! He want this? He want this? Your dad could've paid for any hospital in the world, and he chose this place because this place is about sending people back to work.
This place .
teach me .
not always .
better to survive.
Will you never say that again? I am .
What for? I stop .
your life.
You ARE my life.
A B .
C D? A B C D.
There's nothing soft about what we do here.
Our role is to return our soldiers to the front line, battle ready.
This is not a recuperation retreat.
And we have never accepted civilian patients.
I understand.
Considering the circumstances, I find that very hard to believe.
It's wrong that Caden should be allowed to recover here among soldiers because of who his father is.
It offends you.
This isn't about a personal grievance.
This is my professional opinion.
Your son is not a soldier.
He has no experience of war, no connection with the other men and women.
His presence here undermines our ethos and my authority because he represents - and I'll be blunt - a corruption of our ideals.
We're talking about a young man trying to put his life back together.
You can afford any hospital in the world.
It's not about the facilities.
You don't teach these men and women to accept a set of limitations.
Now, Max wants his son back by his side.
And this is Caden's best chance.
And when it comes to my son, I'll accept any advantage, fair or otherwise, and if it was your son, you'd do the same.
No, I wouldn't.
Well, then, either you've never had children, or you've never had power.
We're not going to get along, are we? Don't leave a message, just your name and number.
I'll ring you back.
Your voicemail? Really? Today? Can't be here.
And I'm sure you're very busy with .
big important stuff.
But I know .
I know you're hiding from him.
De nada, Senor.
Buenos dias.
- Buenos dias.
Max Frinch.
Felipe Alarcon, the Institutional Revolutionary Party.
Patricia Magana, National Action Party.
Thank you.
Ignacio Cortes, the Party of the Democratic Revolution.
Please follow us.
We're here to discuss your purchase of Grupo Omera Editorial.
Newspaper sales are declining here, as they are around the world.
Do you really think you can buy political influence? Some argue that you're planning to take on Telefa Media.
But this is fanciful - they're the largest media organisation in the world.
You're an outsider with an overpriced foothold and high-school Spanish.
I apologise if my Spanish is not yet fluent.
I'll redouble my efforts.
As to your concerns, let me be clear - I believe in the assets.
No more, no less.
You cannot offer one party, or one president, favourable coverage in exchange for commercial advantage, as you do in the United Kingdom.
What Patricia means is that Telefa Media already protects the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the National Action Party.
They don't need you.
The only party which doesn't have its hands dirty is mine.
And I am here to tell you that my party is not for sale.
Look, I have no interest, I have no wish, to interfere with your politics.
I bought these newspapers so that I can live here with my wife and my new family.
I can't live in a country that I'm not invested in.
I want to learn Spanish better.
I want to be a father.
Sell some papers.
That's all.
Has Sofia taken you to the pyramids of Teotihuacan? No, um, I'm sorry to say, I'm a lousy tourist.
Painted on the temple walls of this ancient landlocked civilisation are seashells.
Seashells? Yeah.
People from the Gulf of Mexico must have brought them.
And the Teotihuacan were amazed.
They'd never seen the sea.
Senor, you cannot bring us seashells.
We are not amazed.
We have seen men like you before.
I thought you didn't want to talk to me separately? What did your wife say when you told her you wanted to buy Grupo Omera Editorial? Said it was a mistake.
What were her reasons? She said I didn't understand Mexico.
And in the end, I would lose a great deal of money.
You should have listened to your wife.
They're asleep.
What are you working on? A couple of things.
With Maggie? What are you working on with Maggie? Are you thinking about lying to me? The press and the police.
What does that mean? The relationship between them.
You ARE the press.
Are you investigating your own paper? That's the second time you've considered lying Yes.
And who's going to print whatever it is you discover? I don't know.
It might come to nothing.
You don't believe that? No.
Are you going to lose your job? I'm not going to lose my job.
I could lose my job.
Your lot says it was a robbery gone wrong.
No-one strangles a man for a computer.
Doesn't sound likely.
What's the unofficial version? I'm going to need another pint before I tell you that story.
I'll get them.
My round.
Same again, Jackie.
Who did you call? How high up? How long till they arrive? 30 minutes.
We don't have to say anything else, then, do we? He was no good.
I don't doubt it.
Blackmailing his own clients.
What about? Who knows? This.
The other.
So he might have been killed by one of his clients? He might have.
What if, er .
he only had one client? It's a shame.
Getting so principled.
Over a man who had none.
Why didn't you call for help? Night nurse .
was a woman.
She doesn't care.
I care.
Yeah, I understand.
Hey? We're going to have a good day.
I want you to say it.
I want you to say it.
What? We We .
are going .
are .
going .
to have a good day.
to .
have .
a .
good .
It's as if you're kicking a football.
A big push.
Keep that pelvis straighter, if you can.
And squeeze in with your core and your chin up.
That's it, good.
Chin up.
That's it, that's good.
Not too fast.
Take it easy, you're doing well.
Remember, kick your foot through.
Come on, kick it.
Come on.
Give me a hand.
No privacy.
I know.
No privacy.
I need to make sure you're all right.
What is? No privacy.
Why is that funny? I take it.
Take what? Privacy.
You take it? I take it from you.
I don't follow.
I take it .
from you.
From you.
From you.
From you.
I find out .
anything .
Even if you are Prime Minister.
Even if you are Royal family.
I take it from you .
no privacy.
And now look at me! No privacy for me.
Sometimes, I .
I speak .
not think.
It's OK.
Just blah, blah.
You don't need to explain.
Don't mean nothing.
Nothing at all.
I'm scared.
Why? Don't tell.
Who would I tell? Father.
Juan? Gracias.
Chicos? Por favor.
Si? Si? Hola.
Por favor? Si.
De nada, Senor.
Max? How are you? I'm fine.
How's Caden? I'm with him now.
When are you coming back? I don't know.
I really don't know.
Talk to him.
Is he ready? I'm passing him the phone.
Dad? Hello, my son! I'm doing .
really well.
That's good.
That's really good.
You'd be .
When are you coming back? Soon.
I'm coming back soon.
You must be Caden.
I'm Pam.
Done any gardening before? Gardening is for cunts.
I've never heard it put like that before! Sorry, Caden just says whatever comes into his head.
Don't you, mate? That's fine.
I can take it from here.
There you go.
Tomato plants.
She always gives the newcomers tomato plants.
Do you know why? They're almost impossible to kill.
The idea of a plant dying - a plant that you're responsible for - that could be very traumatic for some soldiers.
Might trigger memories.
I've seen grown men cry over a wilted sunflower.
I like your face.
My face? Yes.
No-one likes my face.
It's the most honest face I've ever seen.
Honest? You repeat a lot.
Brain damage? No.
Can I touch? I can feel how you were made.
How they put you back together.
I'm Caden.
I know who you are.
Everyone knows who you are.
Can you keep a secret? Not really.
What was the secret? You do not have say anything that may harm your defence We're saying it's a tip-off from a reader? Yes, the police found her hairbrush.
Are you sure this is a good idea - a press conference for Caden? Your son was the face of this company.
Either you answer questions about him, or your enemies will.
What do I say? You say how proud you are of him.
Will Caden stand beside me? No.
No, he might say something.
No, if I do this, I want him there beside me.
I want him there, or I look like a fraud.
He has no control over his body and his speech.
He can't stand in front of all those cameras.
It's too much of a risk.
Nick? Good to meet you, I'm a fan.
That's very kind.
Well, I'll leave you two to talk.
I just wanted you to know you're very important to this paper.
That's very kind.
I said that already.
Yeah, you did.
Come on.
Come on.
Just put the float down.
Just do a bit more, then finish up, right? Get your left leg in.
Got it? OK, now I'm going to hold you.
I just want you to push through with your right leg.
Just trying to Whoa! Ah! Ah! You're OK, you're OK, I've got you.
Right, you know what? Let's finish for today.
I should stay in and do more exercises.
Yeah, good idea.
I'll catch up with your mum.
OK? Who's she? I don't know.
Is he flirting with her? I feel like we shouldn't be watching.
Are you kidding me? No-one has ever loitered in a swimming pool for me before.
I don't have anything funny to say.
You can't lie, can you? I need to learn again.
Maybe this time, don't.
It's harder to live without them.
It's hard to live with them.
I still don't have anything funny to say.
You have an idea about us, don't you? What idea? You make me feel something .
in here .
when you talk .
when I see you.
I'm nervous, like like my first day of school.
I can't fix you.
You can't fix me.
You'll get hurt.
I'm already hurt.
You don't have to do this.
Good boy, good boy! We're ready, and we've made it clear you're not answering any questions.
Good luck.
You'll be great.
OK, thank you.
We'll have pictures later.
Good afternoon.
Six weeks ago, my son suffered a stroke.
It's a parent's duty to look after their kids, to protect them, and I failed.
No, Dad, I failed.
No, you didn't.
It's OK.
Closer, come here.
I stand here today .
so proud of my son.
I'm so proud of the progress that he has made.
He's a fighter, this kid, like his old man.
And, of course, I really want to thank the extraordinary staff working here.
Every place I look around here, I see expressions of the human spirit.
Our determination, our resilience.
It's an honour for my son to begin his voyage back from this place.
And the donation I was able to make towards the opening of a new wing is a token of my gratitude.
Thank you.
We fall sick, we fall down .
but we never give up.
Thank you.
We'll take questions.
Hm! Er yes? Will Caden be returning to the post of editor? That is our expectation, yes.
You bet I will! It's OK.
Are you sure? Yeah.
You OK? OK.
Hang on, let me do that.
Let me help.
There we go.
Mm! They offered me a job.
In Washington DC.
A bribe.
I didn't say yes.
You didn't say no.
Hm? All right.
Dad? Yeah? How did I do? How did you do? Today.
You did well.
You did really well.
What was it? Nothing.
He did well.
Don't lie to me.
Was it his mobility? His speech? His memory? It wasn't his memory, it wasn't his speech.
Then what? He asked how he did.
He asked? "How did I do?" So? I walk into a room, I tell you, "This is what we're going to do".
I tell you, "This is how I did".
I don't ask, "How did I do?" I already know.
And if I don't know, or I'm unsure, I shouldn't be in this job.
What are you saying - he can't work for you? No! There's no chance?! None! But he's going to get better, he's going to train harder! It's not anything to do with the stroke! Well, then, what is it?! He could run my business from a wheelchair, I wouldn't care at all.
He could slur his words, it wouldn't matter to me, if he was the right man, but he isn't! And it isn't because something is different, because nothing has changed! He's the same man! The difference is, before, I saw my son, an idea.
A hope, a dream.
Today .
today, I saw him.
I saw I saw Caden.
I saw a man who needs to ask, "How did I do?" He's an employee, he's not a leader.
That's who he is, that's who he was, that's who he will always be.
Now, tell me I'm wrong.
I knew he was nothing like you.
Caden knows.
He's always known.
He's always known.
That's why he was so unhappy.
Lauren knows, everybody knows, except me.
There must be another role we can find in your business.
No, no, no.
If he's not going to run the business, he can't be in the business.
What, that's it? Isn't this what you always wanted - full custody of Caden? You think I wanted this? You think I wanted this? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I mean, Caden thinks he's going back to work for you.
He's spent his adult entire life You're not listening to me! .
preparing to take over It's nothing to do with the stroke! It's him! He's got nothing else! He has nothing else! Then he needs to find something else that's his! You need to tell him.
He needs to hear it from you.
He needs to know.
I agree.
Today! Now! Why now? Because he's wasted 20 years trying to be the man you wanted him to be.
He can't waste another six months.
If he's not you, he needs to find out who he is.
Let's just get him out of this place first.
This place? Get him out of this place, get him on his feet.
What do you think this place is? This place is about getting you ready for the next stage your life.
Every day, they remind you of what your goals are, of what the future is.
Every time, every hour, they say, "This is why you're learning how to walk.
"This is why you're learning how to speak, to eat.
" I mean, he cannot build his recovery on a lie.
Now, you need to tell him.
You need to walk in there now and tell him that his dream, that was never his dream, that was always your dream, of him being by your side, that is an old dream.
It's dead.
He needs a new dream.
For the first time in his life, his dream, his life.
He's asleep.
Well, he's got to wake up, Max, you know.
Yes, I know.