Motown Magic (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

-["ABC" playing]
-[children singing]
You went to school to learn, girl ♪
Things you never, never knew before ♪
Like I before E, except after C ♪
And why two plus two makes four ♪
Now, now, now, I'm gonna teach you ♪
Teach you, teach you ♪
All about love, yeah ♪
All about love ♪
Sit yourself down and take a seat ♪
All you gotta do is repeat after me ♪
A, B, C ♪
Easy as one, two, three ♪
Or simple as do, re, mi ♪
A, B, C
One, two, three
Baby, you and me, girl! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
[Ben] Tomorrow is Valentine's Day,
so Ms. Hernandez is getting
everyone in class to make cards.
Even if you don't like someone,
you still have to give 'em a card.
It's like, uh, the law, or something.
[chuckles nervously]
Hmm Huh?
Oh! Nice. [chuckles]
Now that is a Valentine's card.
Class, look at Ben's amazing card.
-[kid 1] Whoa!
-[kid 2] That's so cool.
-[kid 3] Cool!
-So, who's it for, Ben?
Um, just someone special.
And who might that be, Benjamin?
-[school bell rings]
Oh, we've been talking, Benjamin,
and we all love
your amazingly artistic card so much
that we think you should make
beautiful cards for us, too.
Everyone? But, uh that's a lot.
Okay, I guess so.
Ben, Valentine's Day is tomorrow.
Yeah. How you gonna make
that many cards in one night, bro?
[all] Mmm-hmm.
Ah! It's okay. Uh, I got this.
[Bill humming]
Hey, sweetheart,
I just wanted to let you know that
Here I am, baby ♪
Oh, signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
-[chorus] Yeah ♪
-[Bill] Ah!
[giggles] Silly Daddy.
Uh, I hate to admit this,
but I really don't like Valentine's Day.
You what?
I mean, does the world need
so many heart-shaped cakes?
And how can I think of romance
when there's so much work to do?
Well, uh, maybe I can help
with the baking, sweetheart?
It's okay. Don't worry about it, Bill.
I got this.
-Don't worry, Harmony.
I've done the calculations
computations I mean, numbers,
and I can get them all done by dawn.
I hope.
Told you I could do it, Harmony.
This is the last
Relax, I got all the cards finished.
Completed. Uh, they're all done.
What? [screaming]
Angie. Mickey.
Code Glue. I mean blue. I mean black.
Over and out. It's bad.
Ben, we're here. Open up.
[Ben] Only if you promise not to laugh.
We won't.
[both laughing]
[Ben] What happened to not laughing?
Hey! Hey, that time is way gone.
Stop laughing!
Sorry, Benny, but I don't know
if the class will see the funny side.
Yeah, you're gonna have to make
all those cards over again.
Before school? How am I gonna do that?
I'm not a machine.
No, but we know someone who is.
Dancing Machine.
Well, yeah, it's in his name.
We can get him to make
a bunch of new cards. Come on!
ABC, easy as one, two, three.
Dancing Machine? Hello?
Maybe he's getting an oil change.
An oil change? Seriously?
Dancing Machine, where are you?
[music playing]
Just getting my oil changed.
You were saying?
Guys, is it just me,
or is my hair, uh moving?
You got butterflies in your 'fro, bro.
-[chuckles] Whoa!
Far out and funkadelic.
What are those things?
Oh, just flying Valentine's Day cards,
that's all.
Hey, Ben, they're gettin' away.
Quick! If we catch them,
I won't have to make new ones.
Here I am, baby, come on ♪
Signed, sealed, delivered ♪
You got the future
In your hands ♪
Ah, here I am, baby, come on ♪
Signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
I got this, Benja-matic!
Ah! Dancing Machine.
[Skywriter giggling]
-[brakes screeching]
-Hey, what's goin' down, Dancin'?
It's what's goin' up that's the problem.
[chuckles] Whoa! What's with all these
crazy flying critters?
It's a long story,
but the short version is,
we need to catch 'em.
Well, flyin's what I do best.
[chuckles] Me too. Uh kinda.
Let's rock and roll!
Done a lot of foolish things
That I really didn't mean ♪
Hey, oh, yeah, didn't I?
Ooh, baby ♪
Seen a lot of things
In this old world ♪
When I touched them
They did nothing, girl ♪
Ooh, baby, here I am ♪
Signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
You ready, Jimmy?
[chuckles] Time these fliers
get a surprise.
Whoo-hoo! Get 'em this time.
Yes. We got 'em all!
Well, except for that one, Benny.
[Valentine's card] Ha-ha!
You can't catch me.
Here I am baby, come on ♪
Signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
This card is totally funkadelic.
Can I keep it?
Um, sorry, Dancing,
but this card's for someone special.
Receiving you loud and clear, Benja-matic.
Something smells like
Burnt cakes?
Uh, Ben, honey. You know
how I hate asking for help?
But I need you.
Okay, Mom,
long as I'm not late for school.
Don't worry, this has to happen fast.
Okay. Everyone know what to do?
-[Bill] Uh-huh.
-[kids] Mm-hmm.
-[Angie] Yep.
-Then let's make and bake.
[indistinct chatter]
Come on, come on. Hurry up.
Kids, you saved the Love Bakery
from a Valentine's Day disaster.
Okay, now I gotta get to school
and give out those cards.
Where are they? This is the only one left.
[chuckles] Did you check your 'fro, bro?
I put them in the cakes.
You put the cards where?
I made fortune cookie cuppies. See?
Oh, no.
-[all gasping]
-[Bill] Oh, the cakes!
Where is he?
Maybe he fled the country or something.
Oh! Sorry I'm late,
and I don't exactly have your cards.
I hope this is just
a humorous aside, Benjamin.
Yeah, either that or you're joking around.
Wait. I said I don't, um,
exactly have them,
but I think I've got
something better, maybe.
For you. Here you go.
Bite into these.
Not bad. And, hey, the card's inside.
That's so cool!
Morning, class.
How did all your Valentine's cards go?
They look amazing. Well done!
I love it, guys.
So, who is that card for, Ben?
[sighing deeply]
Happy Valentine's Day, Mom.
[chuckles] Oh, Benny,
you made my whole day.
[Bill] And it's about to get
even better, sweetheart.
Here I am, baby ♪
Oh, signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
What took you so long, Bill?
Here I am, baby ♪
-Oh ♪
-Signed, sealed, delivered ♪
You got the future in your hands ♪
Yeah ♪
Signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
Oh, signed, sealed, delivered
I'm yours ♪
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
Come on, come on
Let me show you what it's all about!
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
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