Motown Magic (2018) s02e21 Episode Script


-["ABC" playing]
-[children singing]
You went to school to learn, girl ♪
Things you never, never knew before ♪
Like I before E, except after C ♪
And why two plus two makes four ♪
Now, now, now, I'm gonna teach you ♪
Teach you, teach you ♪
All about love, yeah ♪
All about love ♪
Sit yourself down and take a seat ♪
All you gotta do is repeat after me ♪
A, B, C ♪
Easy as one, two, three ♪
Or simple as do, re, mi ♪
A, B, C
One, two, three
Baby, you and me, girl! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
[Ben] I love weekends.
It gives me two full days
to work on my projects.
Like my roller-coaster
made out of popsicle sticks.
-[popsicle stick snaps]
[gasps] Oh! Ah!
Oh, no!
Ah, sorry about that, Ben-Ben.
What am I gonna do? When can I fix this?
I need my schedule.
Now, hang on just a minute there.
Ain't you a bit young for a schedule?
[exhales] I mean, I guess
I can rebuild it on holidays
and every day during the summer,
and who really needs
to go to school anyway, right?
Come here, Ben-Ben.
I think we need to have a little talk.
[chuckles] You got all day
to work on your projects,
but this here is Sunday morning,
and Sunday morning is for relaxing.
Let me show you how.
-[Ella and Bernadette yell]
What happened?
Well, um, Ella found the best hiding place
for her modeling clay.
My oven.
Ah, just put your mind at ease, Bill.
We'll have this all cleaned up in a jiff.
No, no, no, you don't understand.
My boss is comin' to dinner tonight.
My boss!
Nobody panic. Nobody panic!
We could do all the cooking at the bakery.
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, great idea, Bill.
Honey, Ben, I'm gonna need you and Grandpa
to stay here and clean up the house, okay?
Ah, piece of cake.
[Ella] Goodbye!
Now hold on there, Ben-Ben.
First things first.
You need a moment to relax.
But what about the chores?
Now trust me, Ben-Ben.
We'll get through
them chores lickety-split
if you recharge your batteries.
Well, they did say dinner
which means we still have time.
That's why I'm easy ♪
I'm easy like Sunday morning, yeah ♪
That's why I'm easy, yeah ♪
Well, now, looks like
somebody finally got some good rest.
And you were right.
We still got ample Uh, abundant
We got lots of time
to get our chores done.
[phone ringing]
Uh, hello? Oh, hey, Mom.
I'm sorry, we were just--
Ooh, lunch? Great idea.
No! Dinner got moved up to lunch!
They'll be home in an hour.
Ugh, there's not enough time.
Don't worry. If we do it together,
it'll get done in no time, trust me.
[continues whistling]
Um, do you think
we're moving fast enough, Grandpa?
Easy now. Slow and steady.
That's the way to get things done right.
Ah, I need more help.
ABC, easy as one, two, three!
Hey, guys, what are you up to?
We are up to absolutely nothing.
Hmm, that's what we do on a Sunday.
Nothin' but relax in the sun. Ah!
That's why I'm easy, yeah, yeah ♪
Well, easy like Sunday morning, oh ♪
Oh, no, not you guys, too!
I need help cleaning my house
for my dad's big lunch today.
I could really use your help,
Dancing Machine.
No can do, Benny-Ben.
This is gonna be the most relax-o-matic,
out-of-sight day ever.
Well, then, I'm sorry about this.
[groovy music playing]
Whoa! Oh! Oh! That's no fair.
You know what happens
when I hear some groovy tunes playing!
I'm sorry, but this lunch
is real important to my dad.
-[groovy music continues]
-This ain't fair, Benny.
[groovy music continues]
Okay, we've got ten minutes.
You mop the floor, I'll mow the lawn.
Then, we'll both dust and vacuum
all the rooms.
[exhales deeply]
Wowzers! That was fast!
[upbeat music playing]
You've gotta stop this song, Benny.
Ah! Uh
[music continues]
It won't turn off!
Mmm-mmm! Good food, clean house.
We've got this promotion in the bag.
Oh, oof!
[Bernadette chuckles softly]
[music continues]
No time for funny business, Ben-Ben
'Cause we've got chores to do ♪
How much time we got left?
Not enough.
[museum boss] Love!
Sir. Uh Sir!
Uh, you're you're a few minutes early.
Huh! A few minutes early is right on time.
Right on time is late. And late is
Well, why even show up at all? Get me?
A house in order
tells me you spearhead a tight ship
and that's the kind of man I promote.
Now, let's eat!
[Bill gulps]
Well, what a wonderful home.
Oh, Ben, honey, I I am so proud of you.
We were asking a lot of you and Grandpa,
but you did it.
[whispers] Get rid of it.
Um, what's that, son?
Uh [chuckles]
I said, "Let me get rid of your coat."
I'll put it in the closet, sir.
I'll put it upstairs.
Everyone, um, take a seat, please.
Well, such a polite young man.
Impressive, Love. Very impressive.
Am I right?
Yucky! Mummy, there's trash in my juice.
Huh? Oh. Uh, how did that get there?
[whispers] Did you put that up there?
[Bill] Ben!
What are you doing?
Just freshening up the room.
[chuckles and sighs]
Mmm! Mmm-hmm!
That has got to be the best meal I've had
-since my military days.
-[chandelier creaking]
Love, any man who can put together
a delicious meal like that
is just the person I need
to lead the troops at work.
Congratulations, you got the promotion.
Thank you, sir. I won't let you down.
So, I haven't quite finished cleaning yet.
Well, it's not that bad, honey.
Ooh, on second thought [sighs]
Okay, I know what it looks like.
So maybe, we took it a little too easy.
But it ain't nothing a little elbow grease
can't fix. Right, Ben-Ben?
I'm easy, yeah ♪
I'm easy like Sunday morning, yeah
'Cause I'm easy ♪
Now that all the chores are done,
we can relax. Right, Grandpa?
[chuckles] Right, Ben-Ben.
I'm easy like Sunday morning ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
Come on, come on
Let me show you what it's all about!
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C
That's how easy love can be! ♪
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