Moving (2023) s01e09 Episode Script


Lee Mihyun, Information Strategy.
Mr. Min wants to speak with you.
- Thanks, on my way.
- Hey.
He's in a mood.
- Yeah, look at that one.
- Okay, yeah.
- All right, I'm on it.
- Okay then.
I hate that we're always walking
on eggshells because of that woman.
- You called for me, sir?
- Yes. Let's have some coffee.
Ms. Kim. Bring some water.
- Oh, coffee, yes, I'll go make it.
- Just go get some water.
Just leave it alone and do as you're told!
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
How is that girl more useless
than a vending machine?
All the useless dolts should be fired.
They're merging
too many divisions together,
and I'm having to cut a lot as well.
This fucking government.
They have no idea
how important the ANSP is. God.
How can they change policies this much
with every new leader?
It's ridiculous that they want
to start from scratch,
because of this new guy.
You're not having any?
No, I'm fine.
I don't really like coffee.
It's good.
How are things? Is it going well?
You know, Min won't tolerate
any more failures.
So this won't end
with a simple disciplinary action.
He's the type to discard you quickly
when he deems you useless.
What if you didn't fail?
Couldn't you
continue with this assignment?
Why though?
Are you saying I should?
I want you to keep going.
That way, I can
continue to see you.
It's going quite well.
This is a good opportunity
for you to make amends
for your mistake during Operation Seagull.
If this goes well,
I'll give you a promotion.
Thank you.
You must understand the result
if it doesn't.
So, based on what you've seen,
what is Kim Doosik like?
You know, in TV shows, the leads
always sit in the very best seats.
So you watch a lot of TV shows?
Apparently, business is so good,
they're now open late.
Mm, it'd be really nice
to get donkatsu delivered.
When I work overtime, the only place
that delivers is a Chinese restaurant.
And they don't even take orders
if it's just one thing.
I think that all the foods of the world
will be delivered anywhere.
Even for one thing.
- Yeah?
- Possibly.
No way.
Enjoy your dinner.
Someday. Oh.
My sleeve.
I suppose that has one advantage.
What does?
You can't tell that you got anything
on your suit.
At our company, they all wear black,
like they promised not to wear any color.
The building is all gray,
and people all wear black.
And I'm black.
Mihyun, what color do you like?
Any color as long as it's not dark.
Ah, my car's white, you know.
I wanted that color.
When I'm working,
I'll look out the window at my car,
it looks like
a piece of white rice that's fallen
on the seaweed before the roll is done.
Ah, so you like white then.
One day, I'd like to show you
what it looks like when you're flying,
looking down on a snowy day.
Oh, no, I like purple.
I really like purple a lot.
Purple, huh?
Maybe it's because I live surrounded
in dark colors,
but I grew to like vibrant colors,
and finally, purple became my favorite.
All the curtains are purple in my house.
Hey, did you know?
Purple is said to mean
the bitch is crazy.
Oh, so you're crazy.
I feel relaxed when you hang out with me.
I like that a lot.
Do you usually say you like something
that casually that often?
Are you always like this?
No, it's not like me.
Then what are you like?
I'm cold and calculated.
I'm quiet.
Why are you like this now?
Mm, because you're right there.
You just keep joking.
So I can't gauge
whether or not you're being serious.
I'm serious.
I'm seriously enjoying this.
I asked you what Kim Doosik is like.
He's a He's quite a serious person.
So there's nothing more special to report?
I'm not sure what you mean.
You're not?
You haven't found out his secret.
His secret?
It means that he still hasn't
opened up his heart to you.
What kind of secret?
Find out what it is.
I will need you
to get even closer to him.
I will do my best.
It's an authorized operation.
Do not forget that.
Yes, sir. Of course.
Make his coffee with cream
and three sugars.
- Huh?
- He seems to like it sweet.
So stir it slowly
until the sugar disappears.
It could take a while.
- 'Kay.
- Wear clothes that are monotone.
Black would be the safest choice.
Wear some low heels, too.
I'm sure it's hard to be alone.
Stay strong.
I'm alone here as well.
Thank you very much, Ms. Lee.
Crying becomes a habit.
A habit becomes a weakness.
Only cry
when you're really truly upset, okay?
Ms. Lee.
Come here.
And where were you?
I was speaking with Mr. Min.
You must report to me when you return.
It was a personal meeting.
Ah, ah, the top-secret assignment?
That's why you slip out
like a little rat
I'll close the door.
What? Why close the door?
There are many ears here.
So what?
They're all insiders,
so what's this nonsense
about too many ears?
An ex-agent's habits die hard, huh?
And even if you are a former agent,
shouldn't you report
back to your immediate supevisor
when you leave your desk?
I'm under orders
to report directly to Mr. Min.
Ah, directly.
Our dear Miss Lee is allowed
to speak directly with Mr. Min
from the moment she arrived, huh?
There is not a single employee
in our division
who can speak a word with Mr. Min!
We're just simply working hard,
busy little bees,
trying to raise our salaries step by step
and working through the process
day after day.
So, okay. Ms. Lee. Come out here.
What's the status of your work?
Organizing the first quarter's materials.
Complete it today and report directly
to me first thing tomorrow,
for my signature.
What's wrong? You have no response?
I am an Analyst
and a Grade Six Junior Manager.
It's Ms. Lee Mihyun, or else,
you can say Junior Manager Lee.
Just go get to work.
Ms. Lee.
At the fifth floor?
Mr. Kim?
What is this?
I'm sorry if I frightened you.
I just wanted to try surprising you.
So you can
You can fly then?
Flying Donkatsu.
You're incredible.
Oh, and, uh, the miso
is in a thermos, so it's really hot.
Mr. Kim.
I want to thank you.
I, uh
I meant thanks for trusting me
with your secret.
Enjoy the food.
Why did he leave through here?
What if someone sees?
One day, I'd like to show you
what it looks like when you're flying,
looking down on a snowy day.
He really wasn't joking.
Thanks for my dinner.
You always go for that one shot.
That shot disables
without killing the target.
But can't you just shoot their limbs?
We're supposed to work quietly,
so I put pressure between the lungs
and bronchial tubes to silence them.
Yeah, but don't they die
from internal bleeding
when they're shot like that?
Well, they could survive
with emergency treatment, and sheer luck.
Oh, for decreasing any casualties
outside of our targets.
I mean, it's the best I'm able to do.
That's generous.
Then I should change my aim
to be more like yours?
I mean, uh, your stance is correct.
- Hm?
- I'm just used to this, that's all.
I suppose it suits you better,
uh, shooting from the sky.
And I also practice
my shooting consistently.
I brought a lot, it's been a while
since the last time you were here.
Wait, Doosik. "A while"?
You said you're here all the time
to practice shoot
I'm heading out.
Wait for me.
Practice more.
Who are you meeting with?
Let me come!
Why's he leaving in such a hurry?
Because it's spring.
Come again?
Spring breeze, it's nice.
Um, I don't think I get it.
You putting your cans on? Huh?
Oh, oh! Wait a minute. Hold on. Ah!
So was it good?
It was very good.
You're not surprised?
- By what?
- Me coming here again.
I knew that you would.
You're mean you're not happy to see me.
I saw you yesterday.
When I said I knew you'd come,
I meant that I heard the shots.
You hear shots
in the underground range way up here?
I have good hearing.
This is the fifth floor.
I have very good hearing. Very, very good.
I was very nervous when I first heard
that you were a black ops agent.
But you're not quite
what I thought you'd be, Mr. Kim.
You keep making those silly little jokes,
and you let your emotions show through.
Was it a letdown?
It was
I've been doing work in the shadows
my entire life,
so I haven't met a lot of people.
I'm not that good
at socializing.
But I wanted you to think well of me.
And so maybe I, uh
didn't want to come across
as too stiff and serious of a man.
And if that desire came off as a joke,
I'm sorry.
Honestly, it's from my heart.
I'm sitting here with you now,
because I know it's from your heart.
You How do you know?
I already told you
that I have good hearing.
It's very good.
My eyesight is also
Mr. Kim.
I just revealed my secret to you now.
Tell me if I'm right.
I'm right.
Hmm, that's not good.
It's beating way too fast.
At this rate, you could die.
No, I
I don't care if I die.
Well, want to get dinner?
Let me ask you something.
What's the opposite of ladyfingers?
Hmm, the opposite of ladyfingers?
Think about it.
The opposite of ladyfingers.
It's mentos.
Oh, a summit, hm? YONGJUN: Oh, a summit, hm?
Call Lee Mihyun here.
Um, Mr. Min, all the employees
would have left
Find her right now and bring her here!
Kim Doosik.
Do you meet with him often?
Are you two are quite friendly?
No, we're not.
So what's his big secret then?
I don't know yet, Mr. Min.
You still don't know?
Not yet.
You did well.
Your assignment's concluded.
Did you just say
that my assignment is done?
Mm, you did well.
Thank you, sir.
He in?
Why are you here?
Mr. Min called me in.
Secret assignment? You're still not done?
I've just completed it.
Okay then. I'm all done now, too.
Mr. Min.
I just heard,
you concluded Lee Mihyun's assignment.
Mm, it all went well.
Seriously, sir, your skill
with people is amazing.
It's nothing, really.
Honestly, in the beginning,
I really didn't understand
why you would trust such a birdbrain.
I mean, even if she was a former agent,
she made such a dumb mistake
and messed up such an important job.
You think that was a mistake?
I was an observer
during the investigation.
The more we looked into it,
the stranger it became.
It was sort of like
someone deliberately let them go.
Lee Mihyun produced the highest scores
in all the training processes
since the ANSP was established.
You really think she confused
a stun grenade for tear gas, huh?
One possibility.
Cheap humanism.
There was a recording
of the events, and we replayed it all.
The soft-hearted dumbasses would have been
completely shaken up by it.
Are you saying Lee Mihyun did that
knowing she could ruin her career?
Oh, not just that,
she could've been accused of spying
if things went south.
- There was another like her there.
- Who?
Kim Doosik.
Seven years ago, Kim Doosik ignored
the commands of his superiors,
and acted on his own.
He risked his life to save other people
by disobeying orders.
Wasn't he just overflowing with humanism?
So then, investigating the incident,
you found out about Lee Mihyun.
- And Kim Doosik, who's sympathetic
- No, no.
There's no reason for me
to have any interest in Mihyun.
Kim Doosik's only failed assignment
was Operation Seagull, you see.
That's where I saw her.
So it's possible they may have already
had some contact during Operation Seagull?
Kim Doosik doesn't miss.
So why did he fail? Did he actually fail?
- Or did he side with her?
- Eagle! Eagle, can't you hear me?
Eagle! Hey, you little shit!
Those bastards are all running away!
What are you doing, you stupid idiot?
Birds of a feather, huh?
That's why I tied them together.
So, did they get close to each other?
He's a black ops agent.
If someone approaches him,
he eliminates them or reports it.
He didn't do either.
Kim Doosik's in love with Lee Mihyun.
So everything went as planned?
No. If only one side falls for the other,
that's not being tied together.
They both have to fall for each other.
Right, so Lee Mihyun
also has to fall for Kim Doosik?
That's right.
Don't bring these anymore.
I don't need them.
Let's see.
Mmm. Decent.
It happened.
How do you know?
I know because she lied about it,
and went against protocol.
And how did you know that?
Because I saw it.
He knows you lied.
Just leave it alone and do as you're told!
Couldn't you continue
with this assignment?
What's your reason for doing this?
You did your work,
just as I did.
You gave me two assignments to complete.
Spend time with Kim Doosik and get close.
And find out
if he can perform his assignments.
I haven't yet been able to analyze
his capability to perform field work.
You did well there too.
An agent returns when it's complete.
Except Kim Doosik has no ties.
More than likely he'd flee
and go into hiding.
Could I trust him with another job?
That's why I needed a reason
for him to come back here.
Exactly what assignment do you plan
on entrusting him with
You're forgetting agency protocols!
If you had failed on your assignment,
you wouldn't be here!
Get out!
Lee Haesong. Born in 1941.
Convalescing for eight years
due to a cerebral infarction
after his wife died.
Yangpyeong Convalescent Hospital
supports the families
of government officials.
These health care costs would be
quite a burden for any salaried worker.
Isn't it fortunate that his only daughter
is a government official?
You visit every weekend?
Due to all of your overtime work,
it's been a while.
Don't worry, your country
is taking good care of your father.
I'll be keeping an eye on you from now on.
Mr. Min wants to see you.
Moonsan, this is a top-secret operation.
I waited for him.
There was nothing else I could do
besides wait for him.
A party of two? Please head inside
to that table over there.
July came around.
But he did not.
I didn't see him for over ten days.
On July 9th,
an unconfirmed Chinese intelligence
swept through the ANSP.
Kim Ilsung
Sir! Sir! Sir!
- What's going on?
- It's an emergency!
Are you serious?
The intelligence
was confirmed to be true.
The official announcement came
from North Korea.
The leader of North Korea had died.
It was only 15 days before
the South-North Korean Summit
was supposed to be held.
A cardiac infarction?
Ah, what's going on here?
Why not say assassination?
Why is Doosik not back yet?
Get everyone in here!
Yes, sir.
It looks like
Moonsan acted alone on this one.
Alone? How is that possible?
Isn't this impossible without orders
from his superiors?
His superiors? Aren't we his superiors?
Moonsan holds the key to everything.
We need to figure out his last steps.
On the 7th at 2200,
he crossed the border to North Korea.
That's the last movement we tracked.
Director Yeo, how do you know
that information so precisely?
what exactly are you suggesting?
I should open up the lines
of the Information Management Division?
This is the biggest incident
that's occurred
since the start of this organization.
If you have the information,
shouldn't you share your source?
Is your team not up to the task?
Or you'd prefer to steal our results
for your own benefit?
Director Yeo, look.
You're young and you're out of line.
We're not here to fight over
whose team is better.
There's an order to these things.
We should analyze whether
that intelligence is true
It's confirmed intelligence.
What else do you need to analyze?
We must know what Kim Doosik did
up in the north, but he disappeared.
Then we have to catch that bastard
and bring him right back here!
So what order are you talking about, huh?
You speak like you know that Moonsan
went off to North Korea on his own
You stupid motherfucker.
You're an executive,
and you can't show an ounce of discretion?
Kim Doosik is part of our organization,
and the peril he poses for us
with what he could say is astronomical!
If you all don't want to get fired
at the same time,
listen to me carefully.
Get every agent and get out
and find that son of a bitch.
Get him here as soon as possible.
Kim Doosik.
Kim Doosik.
Director Min mobilized
the whole organization to hunt him down.
He became the enemy of the new ANSP.
I was in the same situation as him.
And that year,
in 1994, we were hit
by a record-breaking heat wave.
I got in the habit
of staring up at the sky.
Everyone wished for the heat to break.
Everyone waited for the rain to start.
I became his hostage.
I wondered,
would he be thinking of me that fondly?
He said he didn't get
to meet a lot of people.
And he wasn't good at socializing.
He always joked with me,
but it was all from his heart.
How'd you know I was here?
Why are you here?
I was dying inside.
He should not have come back.
He was in grave danger.
He said he didn't get
to meet a lot of people.
And because of that,
he wasn't good at joking or socializing,
but it was all from his heart.
Everything he said was from his heart.
No, that's not exactly right.
It was actually
he loved me.
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