MOZU (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
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Shrikes are agile birds.
Their name is a reference to a strange trait of theirs.
You see, shrikes skewer their captured prey on branches, and fly away without eating them.
Many theories have been suggested as to why shrikes hold this trait.
Yet none have ever been proven.
Of course they haven't.
No one should be able to understand.
The nature of others.
Our impulses.
Someone's coming! Shush! Ah, found you! Wait! Wait! Wait! Waiー Please be careful! Oh, don't worry.
Geez! They're already this energetic.
Oh! Here I am! Ah! It's a fire-engine! And an ambulance.
Whoa, there are more ambulances! There's two more fire-engines! No, there's three more! What's the ruckus about? Those were ambulances! Television news flash - A large explosion occurred in Chūō, Tokyo at 3:08 PM.
Casualties reported.
Oh no! isn't that nearby? A large blast suddenly exploded.
I'm in front of the Izutsu store in Ginza.
I was walking quickly, when a loud blast suddenly rang out.
The next minute, the street was blown away.
It's hot here, I'm certain it was some sort of explosion.
What's she doing in such a dangerous place? Crap! Watch out! This is bad! Crap! Crap! Are you alright, sweetie? Sorry, excuse us, coming through.
Please move! Coming through, please make way! They're conscious, level 3! Please send them to Dr.
Ah, take their blood pressure then um have them cleaned up! Can you hear me? She's Code Red.
Did anyone bring an ambu bag? Arrange for an intubation.
Emergency services are handling the situation.
We now bring you live images from above the site of the explosion.
Suzuki, if you would.
Okay, here are scenes from above the Ginza Izutsu store.
You can see the building at the heart of the devastation.
Currently, at least 9 people are dead, with reports of more than 130 injured being rushed to nearby hospitals -- Now a press conference by Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr.
Regarding the events which occurred in front of the Izutsu store in Ginza Please take the stretcher! Sorry, I'll move it.
For now, we can not rule out the possibility of an terrorist attack.
Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Coroner.
Two people were found dead at Ground Zero, both with horrible burns.
They're barely recognizable now.
From the Public Safety Bureau? Even if he comes here, the body is in no condition for viewing.
He's here.
I'll contact you later.
Wait up.
You're that guy from the PSB who lost his wife in the bombing incident, right? I'm Osugi from Division 1 of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, I'm honored to meet.
Hate to say this, but I hope this won't upset -- It won't be an issue.
Then to confirm, your name was It's Kuraki.
That's unmistakably my wife.
At this time, what will you- Who was the other victim who died at Ground Zero? The male's identity is still unknown at this stage.
Though from witness testimonies, it's believed he carried the bomb.
How did you know the identity of the victim was my wife? I interviewed friends of your wife who were there with her.
Friends? Yes.
My wife was with friends? Yes, both of them suffered severe burns and are in a serious condition.
I didn't have time to find out all the details.
What's the victim count at? As of now, 14 deceased and 170 injured.
It's possible that the number of the deceased will rise.
Any eye-witness Intel? We're still arranging for that.
Have you checked surveillance cameras around the site of the explosion yet? Surveillance footage is in the process of being examined.
If we include ATM footage collected at a nearby convenience stores, we should have at least 200 different viewpoints from the vicinity.
That will take some time.
What are the names and addresses of my wife's friends? Don't read too deeply into what morphine-induced people say.
Your advice is unnecessary.
You Public Safety Bureau guys are all alike, aren't you? I don't see how me being with the PSB is relevant.
Stop wasting my time.
Hurry up and spit out the details.
Sounds like interrogation.
Not my intent.
Sorry, but I don't want to tell you.
I'll find out eventually! Then follow correct procedure if you want to question me! I'm wasting my time talking to you, huh? Police Lieutenant Osugi.
Is that what you think? Inspector Kuraki? Pay attention to the road, idiot! Sorry.
What are you laughing at Shingai? No, I was thinking how nice the weather is, Akai.
I'm life changing! Manager Akai, it doesn't take much! Shingai, you scared the shit out of me with what you pulled this time! Yeah, rough and violent.
Using a bomb and all! An explosion occurred At 3.
08 pm today They're talkin' 'bout you, they're talkin' 'bout you! Stupid piece of crap! catastrophic with over 200 people killed or injured What do you mean, Akai? Look, it's not like I need to explain myself, right? This is unexpected.
I never thought you'd let yourself be used, Akai.
Shut it.
Where's the IC chip you recovered? Stupid hunk of junk! What will you do after killing me? My younger sister What would you do if she asked the police to find me? If word did get out you were missing, no one would come looking.
You'll be targeted! Huh? What are you talking about? Do you know about shrikes? Shrikes? Without a doubt the shrike will come for you.
You're giving me the creeps, dammit! You supposed to make him fall without layin' a finger on him.
Shut up, idiot! It won't be a problem since his body splattered like tofu hitting concrete! Let's go! Okay.
A TBS & WOWOW Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 1 - Cries of the Night Today, I'm making a special drink! I bought a lot of veggies! Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, let's have a snowball fight in the park! Though it would be bad if Shizuku caught a cold.
How about we make snowmen instead? Yes, that would be best! But actually, she might catch frostbite if it's too cold Shizuku? Over here! Chihiro? What were you doing in a place like that? We have an arrival with serious injuries.
Anyone here? How is he? Multiple head lacerations, damage to the temporal lobe, possibly broken hypochondrium! Find out his blood type, then head to the blood bank! Okay, craniotomy is complete.
Vitals? Relieving.
Here's a Speculum.
Heart is palpitating! Prepare immediate D&C! And ventricular fibrillation! Change! Okay.
Police Headquarters Building This has become a joint investigation between us, PSB Division 2, and units from other bureaus here at Headquarters.
I am Wakamatsu of PSB Division Two.
I will take command of the investigation.
First, the special report regarding potential instigator or instigators of the bombing.
Yes! Two deceased persons were found at Ground Zero.
The first is Kuraki Chihiro, 35 years old, former PSB officer.
The second is Kakehi Shunzo, 47 years old, freelance writer.
According to eyewitnesses, the first victim, Kuraki Chihiro, and two female friends were accosted by a homeless man.
Kakehi Shunzo was seen rushing past with a bag.
Then the explosion occured.
Testimony asserts the explosion originated from Kekehi's bag.
We believe he used timed charges.
No individuals or groups have claimed responsibility yet.
Currently, we suspect Kakehi belonged to the Japanese branch of a cyber-terrorism group, known as 'Parasite Net'.
Parasite Net is an anarchist organization claiming to seek equality.
They are responsible for numerous cyber attacks on Police and Government servers.
However, there is no history of activities outside of cyber-terrorism.
As for Kakehi, despite being under surveillance and being flagged by the PSB, He has never been arrested.
He was good at leaving no criminal trail.
Anyway, about this group Parasite Net, will we investigate other members besides Kakehi? Since the PSB is responsible for this mess with Kakehi and Parasite Net, other bureaus will keep their hands off this aspect of the investigation.
What's up with that! The PSB is so secretive, they won't trust anyone else with this matter.
Like leaving us out of the loop.
Damn right! Superintendent Wakamatsu commands this inquiry! He decides policy! Why is Wakamatsu of Division Two, taking command of the investigation, Assistant Commissioner Muroi? I want this case to be closed quickly, for your sake too.
That's why I selected him.
I would be far more competent than Superintendent Wakamatsu.
Please place me in charge.
No chance.
It would be a serious conflict of interest for this investigation.
My feelings will not interfere.
Kuraki, I too would want to investigate if my wife or former colleague died in an incident! Even though it's been little over a year since Shizuku's passing.
Now this has happened.
It's heart-breaking.
There's only two months until the President of the Saldonian Republic arrives in Japan.
I've assigned you as member of his police escort.
From now on, those are your only duties.
I understand.
There's no problem if I continue as a private husband, right? Hey! Hey! Kuraki! Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss You're Akeboshi Miki of the PSB's Division Two, right? I've already answered your questions.
Not mine.
Who was the bomber? I don't know.
Don't lie.
You were definitely there that day, weren't you? You didn't mistake a petty left or right winger for a terrorist? Don't assume I'm some naive PSB officer only because I was there and an explosion went off.
Anyone I hate more than female detectives or PSB detectives, it's someone who's both.
Well, so sorry for that.
I would've known he was carrying a bomb if I had been tailing him.
Wasn't that gross negligence on your part? I wasn't tailing him, it was only a coincidence.
Hey! Do you know how many innocent people died? There were survivors with blown out eardrums and permanent blindness, others missing limbs which went rolling about? Yet here you are, having a morning trot enjoying the cool breeze on your face! Do you even care about public safety? Or is that some violation of your charter? How many false motives will you think-up for the suspect? You make a lot of bold remarks for a mere police lieutenant.
I think the chances of some jogging Public Safety Bureau officer carrying a voice recorder are around zero percent.
It's best to be cautious when making such enlightened statements.
Anyway, I know nothing about the man you are referring to.
Excuse me.
You ready to talk, Chiba? You again, huh? I know you're a senior member of Parasite Net.
Well then, please show some evidence to back up that claim.
You're going to be terribly sorry if you were involved in the bombing! Spit out everything you know about the incident! Or this will haunt you for the rest of your days! Feel free to help.
We have our eye on Chiba.
Please keep your nose out of it.
It's PSB's fault for not releasing details that I have to do this extra legwork.
Better if you don't turn on the switch.
The moment you do, your head will be blown off.
Who are you? How did you get in here? The door was open, so I let myself in.
Are you with the PSB? Quite a clever lad, aren't you? No matter how you view it, this is a criminal offense.
You were partially responsible for hacking the Ministry of Defense's server, weren't you? What are you saying? Have a look at the contents in that envelope.
What's this? Marvel at theoe stolen documents from the MOD.
Don't fuck with me.
I didn't steal those! Then why are your fingerprints on them? The prints on those documents match yours perfectly.
You're framing me! Someone like you would know what this is, right? A listening device.
Been in your rooms forover a year.
I overheard a lot of entertaining conversations.
State your demands.
Gather those things about Kakehi you hid under the rug, and I'll let you dispose of those two listening devices.
Shit! What are you guys up to? We've been locked out by the PSB! What? Hey! Don't fuck with us! Kakehi threatened he had obtained a bomb and would use it in the near future.
What was he planning to do with that? I don't know.
I only knew the people he negotiated with were criminal heavyweights and that he met with a woman at a café.
This is a confession from a key member of Parasite Net, Chiba.
How did you get Chiba to drop the innocent act and confess? You didn't use underhanded methods, did you? Who cares what methods I used? I care! You're not even in charge of this case! Inspector Kuraki! What's the big idea? My, my, good work! Crime Does Not Pay Policemen Are Your Friends Oh! Narumiya, spit out everything you know about Kuraki.
As I've stated already, it's against the confidentiality agreement.
That's nice Narumiya.
If you don't co-operate with me, you become my enemy, you know what that means? No idea.
You must.
I don't! You do! Tell me about him.
Inspector Kuraki is famous.
Famous? Yes! Zero mistakes, ultra-elite, Public Safety Inspector.
Zero? Yes! He's the star of the PSB team! He was once called 'Sakura' or 'Chiyoda' or something.
Supervising information collection.
But, now he's an elite member of the PSB.
So Kuraki was like that when he was a newbie graduate, eh? And what's with the PSB being an elite organization? Cigarette! No smoking! Dammit.
What's this? PSB personnel directory.
Isn't this managed via computer? You haven't learned.
We never do such a dangerous thing like uploading data onto a server.
Worldwide Intelligence agency's could spy on our classified documents.
That's why we've gone back to pen and paper.
Meaning we're back to analogue mode, huh? It's not a bad thing.
Sure enough, even the PSB is doing it now.
They use special ink which changes to black whenever you use a scanner or copier.
It's also- Cigarette! It's just for show! But still Narumiya, you know a lot about all kinds of things, don't you? Yeah, even the truth about the hidden 300 million yen incident! Seriously? Want to know? Yes! Want me to tell you? Yes! About the PSB's mystery called 'Dharma' also about Kuraki's wife, a former PSB officer, who died in the bombing, right? Ah… Yes.
She was a subordinate of Assistant Commissioner Muroi, who was then Director of the PSB.
And? She married Kuraki and then she quit the force two years ago.
Not a temporary leave-of-absence? No.
And? And what? The reason she quit? Never heard why.
You should look into that.
Huh!? You love finding information, right? See you later.
He lit it up.
Now it's smokey in here.
So how did you get Chiba to drop the act? I only had a conversation with him.
If Kakehi was responsible for the terrorist attack, I considered he targeted the three women in the Ground Zero area.
Yet the two friends your wife was with, were just civilians.
So there's no motivation for him to target all three.
In other words, there's a possibility the only person Kakehi intended to kill was the wife of a PSB officer.
I also considered that at the beginning, though I wasn't part of the analysis into Kakehi's Sect.
Kakehi had no incentive to kill her.
Then, she really was the wrong target.
In line with the testimony you obtained from Chiba, before the bomb went off, Kakehi met a woman in a café.
The identity of this woman? Unknown.
Where she went after is also unclear.
If you have spare time, follow up on the whereabouts of this woman.
You don't need to tell me, of course I will! My bad.
It seems I used too much strength.
I don't think you being at the site of the explosion was just a coincidence.
Is it really that strange? I must cross that street several times a month.
Unfortunately, it looks like I've wasted your time, Inspector.
Well then, if that's all you wanted to kno- Why are you lying? It hurts.
Please let go of me, Inspector Kura- Tell me the truth.
Weren't you really tailing Kakehi? I only learned of Kakehi and Parasite Net after Kakehi's death.
You're good at evading.
Perhaps only the upper echelons knew about Kakehi before he died, though you must have at least known about Parasite Net.
We from the Public Safety Bureau, do not leak details of a case without good cause to anyone.
Whether they be colleagues or from other bureaus.
In other words, you admit you carry out your duties in secrecy.
Is it about time you removed you hand? People are starting to stare I suggest you start talking, before someone reports us.
I understand.
Now could you please remove your hand? Superintendent Wakamatsu said not to share information with any outside the case, and since I don't want to draw attention to myself, please ensure the information you're about to receive from me does not leak.
I understand.
I promise it won't.
The person I was tailing, was a man named Shingai Kazuhiko.
This Shingai fellow wasn't in Ginza by coincidence, was he? It wasn't a coincidence, no.
Shingai was following Kakehi.
That day, I had been tailing Shingai since morning.
That afternoon, Shingai arrived at the same café Kakehi was in.
Kakehi was meeting a woman in the café.
While Shingai sat a few seats away from them, watching.
I'm going to the restroom.
Kakehi made his way to the male restroom.
A little while later, Shingai proceeded to the restroom in the opposite direction.
Minutes later, Shingai alone, returned from the restroom.
At precisely the same time, the woman rose from her seat and left the café.
Shingai followed after her.
Soon, that woman entered a nearby building.
While Shingai waited outside, he seemed impatient and he then entered the building.
Shingai exited the building a few minutes later.
After Shingai exited the building, he started walking toward the café.
It was at that time, Kakehi emerged from the café.
Shingai began to follow Kakehi once again.
Kakehi was in front of the Izutsu Store in Ginza, when it seemed like he noticed something.
Kakehi suddenly started to run.
It was then the explosion occurred and I lost sight of Shingai.
No one's seen or heard anything about Shingai since.
His name isn't on the deceased list, is it? No.
So why was he following Kakehi? Shingai is a professional killer.
Did someone order him to kill Kakehi? I was on Shingai's tail that day to find evidence proving that.
So basically, you Division Two people knew Shingai was targeting Kakehi? Yes.
Though, it wasn't part of a Division Two investigation.
I'm on special assignment.
Special assignment? Then Superintendent Wakamatsu doesn't even know about this? He believes I was only at the scene of the blast by coincidence.
Is Shingai in hiding somewhere? He isn't in hiding.
You see, he was hired by a large company that specializes in security.
Company? Yes.
Athena Security.
Does that mean one of Japan's largest security organizations hired a professional hitman? Athena Security is not a front for some underworld organization.
I suspect only a handful of high-ranking employees and their pawns are involved in illegal activities.
Just how many homes and businesses do they have a hand in? To think a security firm would be involved.
This matter is classified even amongst the PSB.
Do you know the reason why they wanted Kakehi killed? Not yet.
I see Is it okay to leave it at this? Yes.
One more question.
What? If this important information can't be relayed to your commanding officer, why give it to me? Did I twist your arm? Would it be convincing if I said, "I owed an inspector a favor.
"? Your expression doesn't match your words.
Next time, say it while faintly smiling.
You have a pretty look in your eyes.
What's your true aim? I don't have one.
Thanks for the drink.
If you will.
I'm closing the door, please watch your feet.
Transfer 500 Million yen into Akai's account.
Let's cut Akai off.
Killing Shingai without first finding the IC chip was a stupid mistake.
It's my understanding, they are good for nothings, yet remain on the payroll.
Idiots do have their uses.
I could've killed Shingai, too.
Shingai killed himself as soon as he let his guard down.
I know very well just how stupid Akai is.
That he would kill Shingai and Higashi speaking.
Leave that matter to me.
The police still don't know his identity? That is a problem.
It is.
How did it go? with the PSB's ace? If you asked me to sum him up, I'd say Scary.
That's the impression he left.
So you were scared by him? Yes.
As instructed, I leaked information regarding Higashi and Athena Security.
Concerning Shingai, his route and his whereabouts are completely unknown.
Or perhaps both.
Every year in Japan, over 80,000 people go missing.
40,000 of which, usually become involved in some sort of accident.
Most end up as unsolved mysteries and become missing persons cases.
The chances of them having been killed, or committing suicide are high.
In this country, people are not aware of information manipulation.
Even people like myself usually don't bother.
I haven't told you this, though five years ago, Inspector Kuraki's wife was on special assignment for the PSB.
That assignment and this bombing incident may be related.
Therefore, look closely at things.
What's wrong? Nothing, there's nothing wrong.
Don't worry, you've done nothing wrong.
I haven't seen you since the wedding, huh? Yes.
When did you and Chihiro arrange to meet? About a week ago.
Chihiro called me saying we hadn't seen each other in a while and we should meet.
Who decided the day you would meet? Chihiro did.
On that day, where did you wait? In front of the Izutsu store in Ginza.
I arrived five minutes late.
By that time, Asami had already met up with Chihiro.
Did anything feel off to you? Not especially.
As usual, always cheerful Chihiro.
Cheerful? Suddenly a weird man stopped us and started saying things in a singsongy voice.
No one came to our aid and then I heard another man shouting and turned and saw him dashing towards us.
Did you hear what that man was shouting? Things like "Hey!" and "Wait up!" and stuff.
That's what I believe he said.
Before the explosion, did Chihiro say anything? I can't remember if she did.
I'm sorry.
I see.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry I wasn't much help to you.
No, that's not true.
Ah! This.
It seems to be quite popular.
I'll read it.
Thank you very much.
It must be painful for such a consoling friend like you.
Surely even more now with both my daughter and Chihiro.
Huh? Oh yeah, it has been a while since I last called.
I forgot.
Inspector Kuraki, please leave right now.
Perfect timing, I was just heading home.
Don't think I'll turn a blind eye to this after I refused your visit! They're not in a condition to be questioned.
That woman gave me the answers I wanted.
I intend to talk to the other woman as well, once her condition improves.
You're full of yourself! Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss Parasite Net and this bombing incident may be related.
What was Kakehi's motive and where did he get the bomb from? I'm starting to suspect this was an accidental bombing.
Simply put, your wife just had bad luck, wrong place at the wrong time.
What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
Fragments? Yes.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
When my daughter was two.
She was injured and suffered massive bleeding.
Shizuku? Shizuku, can you hear me? We must act immediately! Roger! Blood transfusion carries risk.
Please fill out these blood transfusion forms.
Then sign the consent forms.
The surgery was tough, though luckily she made it through.
It was two month's later, when my daughter had just about recovered.
On a day of heavy snowfall, two days from Christmas.
She died in an accident.
However, there's a possibility that isn't the truth.
What do you mean by that? My daughter died in the bathtub.
She drowned.
Beside her, sat my wife.
Whether it was an accident or not, now, no one will ever know.
My wife was heart broken.
She attempted suicide many times.
Even so, the idea of your wife killing Yes.
I can't bear it.
Where'd he go? Search for him! Right! So you see, this too, is only one fragment of the truth.
I want to separate truth from lies.
I've seen enough unpleasantness in the PSB.
Hey! Don't move! Let's go back inside.
The reason why my wife had to die.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
The United Red Army's lynching murders.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
So you think the bombing incident and your wife's death may be related? I know one reason, why she might have been targeted.
Huh? Do you know what your name is? What's your name? I don't know.
This woman is a reporter.
I'm working in online news, I have many articles in print.
Miss Reporter? My name's Nakajima Ami.
She writes for the Weekly Hospital PR page.
Please let me be your voice! I'll write a article about you on the public relations web page, so then people who know you may come forward.
If this works out, your family might find you soon.
I look forward to working with you! I've read through the security plan, though there's still a lot to be done.
It's possible the route from the airport may not be what we expect.
I see.
Then after that, if you feel up to it, assemble the team.
Assistant Commissioner Muroi, I have a favor to ask.
No chance.
Do you still have your mind set on the bombing incident? Don't involve yourself further.
There has been little progress in the investigation.
Because you're a victim's family member, I cannot let you investigate.
Let it go.
Understand? Starting today, take two weeks paid leave.
That is a order.
Got it? Taitō Police Station Police Box The reason Inspector Kuraki's wife quit was because of a secret PSB assignment she accomplished five years ago.
It might of been GLARKE Alpha.
GLARKE Alpha? It sounds like an odd rumor but Inspector Kuraki's wife was involved in that so-called operation.
And what was this operation? Operation GLARKE Alpha was top secret.
What the operation concerned has still not been revealed.
However, it's rumored those involved in the operation either disappeared or died in mysterious circumstances.
So Kuraki's wife was involved, huh? I assume she left the PSB after becoming involved in the operation for some reason.
Can you tell me that reason? The reason was… Yes.
I don't have a clue.
Don't you know anything about anything? Since this IS a rare case How's it a rare case? It's said the operation's objective had something to do with Dharma.
Dharma? You don't know? The presence of a mysterious entity known as Dharma.
Mysterious presence? No one knows if Dharma is an organization or an individual.
Furthermore, where did the name Dharma come from? Both are largely unsolved questions.
Sounds like an urban legend.
What's up with that guy? This man has been sighted in Japan.
Sighted? Yes.
Inside dreams.
People say he causes different actions to occur in different dreams.
This is almost like the occult, right? Well, that's what people think anyway.
This man is talked about all across the world.
It's been said he uses an IC Chip.
Questions have been raised such as whether he uses this chip to manipulate people through dreams.
Other rumors state this is a kind of marketing strategy.
All sorts of rumors.
This is an unsolved mystery because no police force has been able to track him down? You're saying 'Dharma' may be involved with GLARKE Alpha? Yes.
There are plenty of urban legends like that.
I don't believe in this one either.
I believe in this one.
Because I've also met him.
In a dream I had.
Maybe you just envisioned your baldy Police Cheif inside your dream.
Wow! That might be the case.
There, there.
You and me are in the same boat, huh? It would be nice if I could return home soon too.
You're getting wet.
Um, do you remember anything else besides what you know now? Yes.
I remember how to read kanji and say words, though I can't remember anything about myself.
Is that how it is? Being able to remember so little must make you uneasy, yes? But since I'm here with you, please feel at ease.
I'll continue helping you until your memory returns.
Even though your past may be different.
I'm sure God had good reasons to keep you alive.
Thank you.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss Mr.
Nakagami! What? Message from personnel of the Noto Branch.
Contact that idiot immediately.
Idiot? Do you mean Mr.
Akai? Who else could I mean? Yes, sir! Headline : Young man loses memory! This should surely reach your family.
Thank you.
Ami! perfect timing.
Yes? The boy's family has arrived! Big brother! I'm really glad! You're m-my little sister? Yeah.
Hiromi, your little sis.
Hiromi? This is good, isn't it? Excuse me This is your manager from work.
Shingai! You really are alright, aren't you? Shingai? You really have no memory of us? That's right.
I see.
It's fine! I've received permission from the doctor.
Ow! What did you do with the IC chip? IC chip? Just take your time and remember.
So your name is Hiromi? Why me? What have I done? You made a blunder.
What am I? What are you? You're a murderer.
Hurry up and keep walking! Shi-Shingai! Hey, let's talk! I'm just doing what I was paid to! I didn't want it to come to this! That's right, I'll join you.
If we do this, they won't pursue us! How about it? Who are they? Athena Security's Higashi! You were hired by that guy? That's right! You were also hired by him but through an intermediary! Why is my employer targeting me? My mouth is sealed! You were the perpetrator of the bombing attack! I was responsible for the bombing? Yes! You're the culprit! That's why we went into hiding! Okay.
I didn't conceal anything! So please stop trying to kill me! See! I'm unarmed now! Let's talk! Please come out! Hey! Shingai! Don't move! If you do, you're dead! I won't move.
Heck, I can't move.
Is my real name Shingai? Or is that my underworld name? Your name's written as 'New Valley'.
Shingai Kazuhiko.
Shingai Kazuhiko? Yes.
Ow! You okay? Do you want to return to the hospital? You poor thing.
I'll end your suffering, okay? They're taking their time Who are you? Do I really have a sister? I… don't understand! Did those guys tell you to play the part? Yes.
Hiromi That's what they said her name was.
Hiromi? I… I have nothing to do with this! I don't know anything about you! I was just asked to come along! Hello, who might this be? Sorry if I interrupted you, my name is Nakamura, I'm a friend of Shingai's.
I received this number from a man called Akai.
From Mr.
Akai? Yes.
What are you calling for? It's been a long time since I've seen Shingai, do you have his address or contact details? Aren't you Shingai! Right? Why did you pretend to be someone else over the phone? I knew it was you as soon as I heard your voice.
Imbecile! Where are you now? Let's meet face to face.
What are you? You're a murderer.
You carried out the Tokyo bombing attack! In Chūō, Tokyo, part of the Hibi Department store, The Izutsu store in Ginza, was the the site of a sudden explosion originating from a backpack in heavy foot traffic.
A housewife stood next to the male trigger man; she died instantly.
So far, 18 people have died with 196 suffering serious or minor injuries.
I cannot contact Akai.
Their car wasn't fitted with GPS.
They've probably been killed.
Did Shingai really lose his memory? There wasn't a mistake? According to the doctor, it's only temporary.
Then, the possibility of Shingai having the IC chip is high, right? Yes.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if possible Freeze! Turn.
Face me slowly.
So here you are, waiting.
What are you, spacing out? What? Have you forgotten my face? Of course not.
You just surprised me.
For now, let's get a drink.
You know Akai will be mad.
What were you doing? A person who appears to be Shingai Kazuhiko has been found.
Huh? Seems his sister came to pick him up from the hospital he was in.
His younger sister? After that, they went for a drive.
Their whereabouts are now unknown.
Where on earth could Shingai have gone? I don't know.
Somewhere he can breathe easy I guess.
Like a beast.
What was the situation that you couldn't let anyone know where you were? It was what it was.
Didn't even tell your sister? Sister? What's wrong? Have you forgotten about your kid sister? No, of course I still know who my sister is.
Have you spoken with her? Huh? No, I haven't.
I've only seen her once or twice.
I don't even know how to contact her.
What's up? Where did you hide the IC chip? IC chip? Aren't you carrying it on you? What would you do if you found out I lost my memory and didn't know what you were talking about? You lost your memory? Don't play dumb.
You heard how I lost my memory.
including how I forgot who my sister was so I couldn't contact her.
Hey, Shingai! Don't move.
Who told you I lost my memory? Give me a break.
It couldn't be helped, right? You did something bad, you broke the rules.
If we leave it like this, they'll see through the fake 'accidental bombing' scenario.
I won't let them see through it.
I'm willing to make sacrifices.
Do you feel guilt? Huh? Using Inspector Kuraki as a chess piece? No.
It don't feel guilty.
Listen, If you do, Inspector Kuraki will use it against you like a wedge.
Because you see, he's also like a beast.
I understand.
Aren't you feeling sleepy? No, I'm fine.
You still have those dreams? How are they? It's not every night.
I see.
No need to worry then, huh? I did as instructed.
He has no idea about the IC chip.
I'm under a bridge and can't hear clearly, but what about the money -- Shit! Please spare me! I only followed orders- What's this about a IC chip? What IC chip? I don't know.
Those guys from Athena Security think you have the IC chip Kakehi had because you were after Ka -- Was I targeting that guy Kakehi? Yes.
That's why you placed the bomb in his bag, right? Do I really have a kid sister? I told you, I've seen her once or twice, I don't know if she was actually your younger sister.
But her features were similar to yours -- You know where my sister is living? I'm not sure, but I think she lives in East Nakano.
Then where's my house? Tell me! Welcome back.
What's up with you Big Sis, coming home at this time of night? Sorry.
It's not something to apologize about.
Since this is our parents house.
I've returned.
Mi! You two still up? Anzu, Kurumi, be careful with your Aunt Mi since she's tired.
I just came to sleep tonight.
You look pale.
You're not pushing yourself too hard again? You shouldn't do that.
Is that advice from a Vet? Or as my concerned younger sister? As both! Don't lump me in with animals.
I wish Mom were here to see this.
She would probably ask why you're such a workaholic like Dad was.
Well then.
How about tonight, shall we three have a sleepover? Yes! I'm on the side! No I am! No you're not, I am! We'll let Aunt Mi decide.
You shouldn't be a workaholic! She's right! Yes.
Thank you.
Well then, lights out.
Goodnight! Today, a Japanese journalist was detained in the Gurujibu Republic.
Let's explore the background of the terrorist attacks.
Currently, a terrorist group against the Government demands withdrawal from the Japan-Russo joint energy development project.
Their reasoning is still unclear.
Miss Kimura, if you would.
Yes, the Gurujibu Republic, West of the Russian Federation is Rock, paper, scissors, you go first! Cï½¥Hï½¥Oï½¥Cï½¥Oï½¥Lï½¥Aï½¥Tï½¥E Rock, paper, scissors, you go first! Rock, paper, scissors, you go first! Cute.
Right? What a pretty young girl.
Come on, let's go.
The convenience store on the left! Open Sign : Landfill There, there.
Have a look.
That is where your Papa's spirit is.
Coming up on Shrike Right now, are you empty inside? Inspector, do you believe in Dharma? My perspective has changed.
Did someone call forth a monster? You've omitted key parts of the story.
I cannot divulge the finer details of the operation.
Who's the chick? Won't you use your power to sweep the darkness from the PSB? I won't let things go as you've planned.
Can you hear me? Lieutenant Osugi! You are all eternally cursed.
By me, that is.
Shingai, where are you? Next episode Shingai has surfaced.
I hate it when the PSB does reckless investigating.
He's a runaway train.
Is it okay to leave him be? What are you hiding? Your father went missing while on assignment.
I'm Kaneko, I live next door.
Go, enjoy it, you abnormal bastard.
This girl is looking there but there's no footage beyond that point.
Miyuki says she saw a monster.
Truth is, you're better off not knowing.
I want to know it.
The absolute truth.
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