MOZU (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
You still have those dreams, right? How are they? This man has been sighted in Japan.
Sighted? Yes.
Inside dreams.
Operation GLARKE Alpha.
Do you think that operation and Dharma could be related? Perhaps haunting my daughter's dreams, as well.
Today's Friday, right? Today's Friday, isn't it? I love you.
I ran away from the truth once, that's why I won't run from it again.
However, we still don't know who the mystery woman was.
What I'm cleaning up this time are the sewers of the PSB.
just tell everyone that Hiromi is really a boy so they realize.
Higashi and his men decided to seal Kazuhiko's mouth shut permanently.
Big brother! Forgive me For sins and crimes committed, you are hereby sentenced to death.
Shingai Hiromi and Shingai Kazuhiko are identical twins.
Did someone call forth a monster? Translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Sale or Profit! Right now, are you empty within? Yes.
I'm hollow.
You're one to talk.
Those people who have become empty, how do they go on living? Isn't that obvious? The corpse of Nakajima Ami has been discovered.
How cruel.
Shingai was tortured, wasn't he? Most likely alongside Nakajima Ami.
We're still confirming identities but the one's who were slaughtered were Higashi's men, right? The reasoning behind Shingai's behavior wasn't clear until now.
Could it be? Yeah.
His memory might have returned.
Please proceed in that direction.
Confirm the identities of the dead suspects along with the so-called 'innocent victim'.
Does this mean once again you're covering-up an incident? Are you permitting this homicide to go untended? That is not my intention.
Though, we have to catch a hold of Shingai Hiromi's movements first.
You say that so nonchalantly.
If his memory returned, the most important thing would be the IC chip.
This IC chip is what Higashi and his men searched for, right? Yes.
It's Shingai, right? You're not mistaken? Yes, he removed something from a train locker five hours ago.
Where was Shingai headed after that? He wasn't caught on any surveillance cameras.
So he vanished? What do you usually eat? Convenience store food.
What are you, a widow? Aren't you in the same boat? I can go to a yakiniku store myself, since I'm a veteran.
And you take pride in something like that? It's sort of like I'm beginning to see how it all pieces together.
The view has changed.
Isn't it great that I comprehend your feelings of hatred towards the PSB? I never wanted you to understand them.
Shingai has gone underground.
His whereabouts are unknown.
I see.
A TBS & WOWOW Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 1 - Cries of the Night TL Note : The 'α' symbol denotes 'alpha'.
What do you want? We can't discern Shingai's movements.
You could've reported to me over the phone.
What do you want to hear about? Inspector, do you believe in Dharma? Why do you want my thoughts on that matter? Of course, I too thought it was just an urban legend.
Though… So you've seen Dharma in your dreams? Yes.
It wasn't the first time, either.
I've seen Dharma many times in dreams, even when I was ignorant of its existence.
Inspector, answer me.
Do you believe in Dharma? Yes, I believe it exists.
Though I don't know the truth behind its existence.
Because you're an inspector in Division One of PSB, I thought you would know something.
Last night this arrived.
Translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Sale or Profit! Yes.
What's up? Assistant Commissioner Muroi, you're aware of Operation GLARKE Alpha, right? What of it? You commanded it, correct? Hey, those are where did you get these? Tell me about Operation GLARKE Alpha.
You knew that operation was top secret? Chihiro was involved in that.
Please tell me about it.
There's a possibility that Chihiro saw Dharma in her dreams.
My daughter, Shizuku, might have, as well.
No way.
They couldn't have That operation was related to Dharma, wasn't it? Cigarette? Until now, I thought it strange you never asked me about it.
I cannot divulge the finer points of the operation.
Just half of the people involved, became heart broken.
As of today, practically none of them remain with the PSB.
There are those who have died, too.
Did people who participated in Operation GLARKE Alpha see Dharma in their dreams? No.
Not everyone, judging from counseling reports.
Plus, I never saw it.
Members of the general public have also witnessed Dharma.
Therefore, you cannot tell anyone that Operation GLARKE Alpha is related to the instances of people seeing Dharma.
That's how it is? Could you have seen it before? No, I haven't.
I see.
I'm glad to hear that.
Say, Kuraki, Yes? Won't you come over one evening? Come with me to see Rin? Sure.
Rin, I brought Kuraki with me today.
Hasn't she grown up? Yes.
It's quite a mystery.
Even though she's comatose, her body continues to grow.
On the morning of that traffic accident, I wanted Rin to do the washing.
Rin, who was headed off to school, called out to me and said "I'm leaving.
" And I said "Go on and be careful.
" Without looking her in the eye that was the last conversation I had with Rin.
I never caught the look on her face when I said that.
I still regret that, even now.
Like now, I'm starting to forget what Rin's face looked like when she was young.
Though now, by doing this, aren't you watching Rin's face as she grows up? Rin, would you like to be moved for a little while? There are people out there who argue that there's no point in prolonging her life.
Though, those people don't know a thing.
They speak without seriously considering the child's future.
Is that so? You have lost things precious to you.
I believe you understand better than anyone, the feeling of not being able to accept this reality.
Listen here, Kuraki, you still have a bright future ahead of you.
Shizuku and Chihiro both, would have wanted you to be happy.
So stop, tormenting yourself any further.
I don't know how or whether I can go on living after this.
For Shizuku and for Chihiro.
Until I know the truth about what happened to them, I shall remain hollow.
Rin, I'll visit again.
Kuraki, wait.
What could it be? No, it's nothing.
Thank you.
Who are you? A thief? I came here to return this to you.
Oh I'm glad.
You didn't waste any time in returning it, huh? What happened to that girl? The one who came and borrowed this album.
That girl went to a foreign country to cover an event.
Since she's a reporter.
Been a while, hasn't it? Do you remember me? Why are you saying, when you've come all this way? As if I could ever forget you, Shingai Kazuhiko.
I see.
So you do remember me.
Is your sister well? She's living life how she wants to.
I see.
I'm happy for her.
I feel as if a burden has fallen off my shoulders.
Ah! I just remembered! About what? About the time you two attended school here.
There was that incident when the rabbits died in their hutch.
Stabbed in the neck.
You called out your name and said, "I was the one.
I did it!" The teachers became furious.
You were made to apologize to me since I looked after the rabbits.
Do you remember? Since that happened long ago I had a feeling that you may have been covering for your sister.
Why are you crying? Huh? Well, go on and drink some hot milk, It will raise your spirits.
Hiromi, do you know why the shrike's behavior still hasn't been explained? I don't know.
I've thought it through.
There isn't any meaning to the shrike's behavior.
Is that so? Yes, only they do things they want to do, because it's in their nature.
I see! They are driven by their impulses.
Impulse? Being driven by their impulses.
Both me and shrikes are compelled by our impulses, right? I decide who your prey is.
Hiromi, no matter who you are or what may happen, I'll protect you.
Okay! I'll kill the remaining ones myself.
The usual? Yes.
Quite the coincidence.
There's no way it could be.
How may I be of service? Lieutenant Osugi, if there was a conspiracy underneath the bombing assault, what would you do? Not everything.
I wouldn't do something illegal.
People like you fail to restrain themselves in that regard, right? So you really don't have the resolution to fight evil after all? I have the resolve.
I may not look like one, but I am a police officer.
As expected of a man with bravado.
I have a favor to ask of you.
What is it? Won't you use your power to sweep away the darkness from the PSB? Thanks, as always.
Metropolitan Police Taitou Police Station.
Whoa! What are you doing? Smoking a cigarette.
I could tell by looking! Um hey, there's no smoking here! Okay? Geez, it's so smokey in here.
Ah! There are donuts.
Don't mind if I do.
What? I joined the police force because I wanted to be a man.
No matter how you look at it, you're a man.
I wanted to become a man of influence.
Until recently, my perspective changed.
AH! What are you doing!? This was a replica? To me, it was the real thing.
Thanks to that, I see this situation from a different point of view! Is something bothering you at work? Yes, the worst possible situation.
Well, I'm off.
Have a safe trip, Lieutenant Osugi! Letter of resignation.
- Osugi Ryota.
Don't hand this to me, rather, you hand it in to MPD's CIB's Division One, OK? To be precise, it would be to the General Affairs Bureau.
I don't give a shit about who it is.
Well, I won't stop you from quitting.
Of course you won't.
Well then, since I have other arrangements to deal with, go home.
The Public Safety Bureau is covering up a conspiracy relating to the bombing incident! You have some sort of proof to back up that claim? I'll tell you only one thing.
People are investigating this conspiracy.
Investigating? An NPA Special Investigator, Senior Superintendent Tsuki Shunsuke.
In exchange for my resignation, I can collaborate with Superintendent Tsuki as whistle-blower.
I have proof you obstructed the bombing investigation.
Soon, the information Superintendent Tsuki has acquired will be used to report you and others to the upper echelons! Well then, if you'll excuse me.
Good work back there.
Hop in.
Hurry up, and get in.
Here he is.
Watch your step.
This is where you'll be seated.
Take your time ordering.
I'm counting on it.
Nice to meet you, Shingai Hiromi.
Superintendent Tsuki, who could Superintendent Wakamatsu be meeting? I'm not certain.
Have you always been observing Superintendent Wakamatsu? So it seems.
All for this day.
It's good.
How did you know I was here? I followed Higashi.
Make it a full course.
Servings for two, plus champagne.
Coming right up.
You're not cross-dressing today, huh? Have you seen the whole picture? Did Shingai Kazuhiko really die? Yes.
He fell from a cliff and died.
On the day of the bombing, those who believed Kazuhiko responsible, decided to kill him to silence him.
I wasn't able to save him.
You followed Shingai Kazuhiko who had been carried away, right? By the time I reached the cliff, he had already fallen off.
However, Kazuhiko had been caught between tree branches.
One of the branches snapped.
I tried to save him, but fell from the cliff along with Kazuhiko.
And yet your life was spared, right? Yes.
Though, I had lost my memory in the process.
So that's what happened? You went berserk on a rampage, didn't you? They killed innocent people.
Haven't you killed countless people, too? Yes.
Both you and them confused my actions for Kazuhiko's and now I have to explain the story.
Well, that's unfortunate.
Who would've thought that you two were identical twins? None of this would've happened if I hadn't lost my memory.
Those guys must be immediately murdered.
Well, well, isn't this turning the tables on those who helped you regain your memory? The car has been turned around.
That's right.
Let me take them out.
You think I'd let you? I'll revenge your wife.
So the bombing assault wasn't your doing? It wasn't.
Sure, Kazuhiko received orders from Higashi to kill Kakehi, then Kazuhiko passed it on to me.
So on that day, I intended to assassinate Kakehi.
Though, the one who planted the bomb inside his bag wasn't me.
It was the mystery woman Kakehi met? If you know so much, that will makes our conversation go quicker.
I wasn't the culprit.
It was that woman.
Therefore, keep out of my way! If you could do what they call 'cross dress', then it's feasible that Kazuhiko did as well? You're totally serious even when you're being a smart-ass.
The mystery woman wasn't Kazuhiko? It wasn't.
I know.
Kazuhiko's movements have already been accounted for.
When the explosion occurred, he was confirmed to be in his apartment.
You said that on purpose to agitate me? Yes.
I don't like that about you.
I hate having to sink to another person's level.
I didn't know that.
I'm not responsible for Kakehi's death or your wife's.
Though I'll kill you whenever I want.
That so? Me too.
That's right.
I look forward to working with you.
Same here.
I'll seek revenge for your loss, too, so let me go.
Move and I'll shoot.
Want to to test me? Give it up.
Those are Kakehi's personal belongings.
Their eyes will become bloodshot searching for this IC Chip.
As long as I have this, Higashi and his henchmen will inevitably come for me.
It's a problem when people realize they're being tailed, especially when one is tailing the chief of PSB Division Two.
What are you going to do with Athena Security's Higashi? What will I do? Many employees of his company had contacts in the PSB, solicited killings, then had them covered up.
Meaning it would be a menace to society if he went unpunished, right? If he doesn't, then the one in most trouble is our country.
There's no way you could allow that.
Save that conversation after we've caught him.
That won't do! Higashi was formerly with the PSB.
Huh? That's what makes those guys so difficult to nab.
N-no way Firstly, we obtain a confession from Superintendent Wakamatsu, then, we give it to the upper echelons, then they will have no other choice except to arrest Higashi and his men.
We have the same objective.
Well, I'm not sure about that.
It's Inspector Kuraki, right? That's right.
He pursues a completely different objective than ours.
Not for justice, not for the sake of the country, only for the woman he held closest to his heart.
There's one photo amongst these taken of a certain woman.
Shown in that photo, is the identity of that mystery woman.
Let me see.
Choose one.
Don't play mind games.
How many times do I have to say it? I won't play on your level.
As Kakehi entered the café, he looked at this photo, then compared it with a patron's face.
He then sat in front of a woman.
The woman in this picture was the other party in the transaction.
Let me see! Now, now, don't rush me.
We should get along well since we've both lost people precious to us.
Don't compare yourself to me.
There's no way I would.
Do you have any other family? Do you have children? I had a daughter though she passed away.
So it's like that? That means you have nothing more to lose, right? What about your family? My mother died giving birth to me.
I also killed my father.
That so? Feelings of loneliness are mutual, right? Right now, do you feel empty? Yes.
I'm hollow.
You're one to talk.
Those who have become empty within, how do you think they go on? Isn't that obvious? They only continue living with hatred and suffering.
Like you and me.
People like us, those who are left behind, can only take revenge.
Don't compare yourself to me.
Have you calmed down now? I'm finally talking at your level.
Thank you for your consideration.
Show me the photo of the woman.
The woman Kakehi met.
The same one who planted the bomb in his bag.
When Kakehi went to the restroom, I watched her woman place the bomb into his bag.
What I'm holding now is everything besides the photo of the woman.
Security Plan These are And finally, this is the identity of the mystery woman.
(silent) Is she an acquaintance? Hey! Are you listening? Is she an acquaintance? She is.
I see That's the mystery woman's identity.
Coming up on Shrike Next episode You're not in a position where you need to know.
The operation's name is GLARKE ALPHA.
You won't be able to understand as you are now, what our impulse is! Aren't those internal crimes? Society doesn't want to know the truth.
Inspector Kuraki! We're being watched by this troublesome guy.
The fruits of your labor will be undone.
I'm not the Shingai Kazuhiko you knew.
Why should you want a terrorist attack to occur in Japan? There's no need to answer.
Since I already know.
Five investigators were executed.
She was the only one to return alive.
Exactly what happened to Chihiro? The truth behind the bombing incident has become clear.
You've omitted essential parts.
That guy knew too much.
We intended to use him from the start I'll disappear for the time being.
Translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Sale or Profit! This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product(s) of the staff's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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