Mr. Corman (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Hope You Feel Better

Now hear this.
Now hear this.
Now hear this.
Here we are together.
"There was no way of telling
when the ship would come back for us.
Until it did,
we were alone upon the island.
Ramo, therefore,
would have to become a man
sooner than if we were not alone,
since I would need his help in many ways."
Should I keep going?
I think that's actually
all the time we have.
But that was really great reading.
Thank you, Mandy.
All right, well, congratulations.
You all made it through
your first week of school from home.
I know it's really weird.
So, just wanna say thank you for,
you know, showing up and paying attention.
You guys are killing it, and…
I miss you.
Yeah. Stay safe. Have a great weekend.
Or great as it can be.
And I'll see you Monday.
Bye, Mr. Corman.
Bye, Ramon.
Sorry. D-- Do you mind
just taking off your shoes?
I'm about to hop into the shower.
-My shoes--
It's just the soles of shoes. It--
-'Cause the virus falls to the ground, so…
-Yep. Yeah, it's fine.
-I just read this whole thing.
-No problem.
Thanks for getting dinner.
Yeah, yeah. No worries.
You've put the Carl's on a plate?
Yeah. I was…
-reading this article about take-out and…
-Oh! Oh, God. Dude, what the fu--
-Sorry, I--
-Did you-- What, did you microwave these?
There's lettuce and tomato in there, man.
You can't microwave lettuce and tomato!
No, I-- I know. I know.
No, you gotta take out the veggies
and then you toast the bread
-and then you put the meat in a pan.
-You m-microwave everything…
so that you kill anything
that might be on it.
-Wow. Shit.
Sorry, this is just
my exact nightmare, so…
Yeah, I know.
It's-- Yeah, it's cool.
Ju-- Just gonna put these in the freezer
for a second.
So are you just gonna, like,
keep going to work?
It's UPS, man.
We move 6% of the country's entire GDP
every day.
I mean, if you really wanna
bone the economy, you shut down UPS.
Yeah, I guess, I was just, you know…
The schools are shut down,
the NBA shut down--
Yeah, they were never gonna shut down UPS.
Told you that, like, a week ago.
Should be good.
How did you know that,
like, a week ago?
How did you not know that?
People need their shit.
Who's gonna take it?
That is really bad.
So, are they, like,
taking any measures or…
Like what?
Giving you masks or…
They say masks don't really do anything.
It just makes people feel safer
by wearing something,
-but that they don't really do anything.
-Who says that?
The government, right?
You didn't hear that?
-Yeah, I did hear that.
But are people standing further apart or--
-I'm not gonna live in fear, dude, okay?
-I'm not saying
-you should live in fear.
-I'm not gonna live in fear.
Just, you know, acknowledge the reality.
The reality.
Okay, what's the reality then?
What is it? No, let's go through it.
What's the reality?
I'm just saying I-- I'm not sure it's safe
for you to be going to work
every day right now.
Safe for me or safe for you?
Either one.
Right. Got it. Okay.
So what do you suggest I do about it?
-What do you think I should do?
-I don't know.
Well, I'm sorry I can't just stay at home
and collect a paycheck.
That didn't work out as well for me
as it did for you, buddy.
Dude, I'm just--
Do you know what happens
if I stop going to work? Do you?
For Gabi--
But do you know what happens
if you get this virus?
-Yeah, I do.
-No, you don't.
-Yeah, I do.
-You don't!
Yeah, I'll get sick
and then I'll probably get better.
-You don't know that.
-Yeah, I do.
-No, you-- you don't know anything.
-I don't know anything?
-That's not what I meant, dude. I'm--
-Do you hear yourself?
I'm saying it's so new.
If there's an ignorant person here,
it's not me, it's you.
Nobody knows anything right now,
is what I'm saying.
Right. You just have no fucking idea
how the world works. You don't.
Hey, hey, just chill at home,
don't work for a couple of months.
But do me a favor,
take your shoes off at the door,
and microwave the fuck
out of this cheeseburger,
'cause that's gonna keep us alive, right?
I'm not fucking eating that.
-Hi, Mom.
What's wrong?
I mean, a lot, right?
Well, yeah.
I mean, but besides that, are you okay?
What, is it that obvious?
-Josh, are you okay?
-No, no, no, I'm fine. It's okay.
I'm just worried about Victor.
Why? Is he okay?
Yeah, no, he's not sick or anything.
He's-- Or-- I don't know.
He doesn't have any symptoms.
I just mean he--
He has to keep going to work…
so he can't stay home.
-Right, because he's a-- a--
-Yeah, he's-- Right.
So, yeah, he's…
I'm just worried about him.
Are you worried about him
or you're worried about yourself?
I mean, both. It can be both, right?
Oh, sure. No, sure, of course.
Anyway, I was thinking that…
I should maybe just come back
and stay at the house for a little while.
I mean, if that's okay.
No, of course,
you're more than welcome always.
I just think it-- it's probably…
you know, the smart thing--
you don't have to explain yourself.
Just come over whenever you want.
Okay. Thanks.
Of course.
Actually, I-- I was thinking--
Sorry, this might sound weird,
but I was thinking
I should probably just stay in my room
for 14 days.
Well, what do you mean?
I mean, you know, I've been around Victor
and Victor's been around
all these people at work,
and, last thing I want to do
is get you sick.
So, the recommended thing
is that I isolate for 14 days.
Okay, well, if that's what you wanna do.
It's not what I want to do. I--
But I think…
-it's probably the smarter thing--
-You know what I mean.
But also…
and let me know if this is
too much of a burden, but I was--
Josh, just tell me what you want me to do.
I think that you should probably bring
food to me and leave it outside my door.
Josh, is that you?
Yeah. Don't come in!
Okay, I won't.
Well, I'm-- I'm going to bed now.
Okay. Good night.
Are you up?
Were you serious last night about--
What? Sorry, I just can't hear you.
Don't come in!
I'm not.
Were you serious last night about,
you know, leaving food by the door?
Is that okay?
"The storm lasted two days,
and the third day, we buried our dead
on the south headland."
"The Aleuts who had
fallen on the beach, we burned."
"For many days after that,
the village was quiet."
"People went out
only to gather food.
And came back to eat in silence."
-Hi! Hi.
-Hi, babe. Hi, hi.
You got a lot!
Well, I got-- Not really.
-What is that?
-What is that?
-It's a surprise.
-Oh, hi.
Oh, just a minute, I'll get that.
-Hi, Mom.
Oh! Hi. Why are you calling?
Are you still here?
Yep. I just wanted us
to be able to hear each other.
-Oh, okay. Well, I'm kinda--
-Is that-- Who is that?
Mom, someone just came in the door.
Who is it?
-Can I call you back?
-No, this is serious.
You can't just call me back.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Mom. Mo--
We're recalling a few--
a few things…
-Hi, Mom.
-I'm very busy. I'm sorry. I'll call back.
-No, don't-- Don't--
-I can't talk right now. Goodbye.
-Don't do that! Mom! Mom!
-Do you need to take care of something?
-No, no. It's not--
No, really.
Let's get comfortable, all right?
Hello. This is Ruth. You know what to do.
Hi, Mom. It's me. You know it's me.
I'm here in the house. You know I'm here.
Whoever just walked in the door,
they know I'm here.
And if they don't know,
then they should know. Because--
-What is your problem?
-It's not safe what you're doing!
-It is safe.
-No, it's not!
Why do you think I've been sitting here
for the last week?
If someone new is coming in the house,
then they have to isolate.
-It's two weeks. That's the--
-You are in isolation
because you were living with Victor,
and he was going to work.
-Larry has been staying at--
-So it's Larry?
And he has been staying at home
for three weeks.
Longer than anyone else I know.
He saw this coming, you know.
He's very intelligent
about this kind of thing.
And we're lucky that he offered
to shelter in place with us.
We're lucky?
-How do you know he's staying at home?
Just 'cause he told you?
-And that's good enough for you?
Well, I look forward to
hanging out with him,
and you, in about six days.
Are you done making calls now?
Yep. I'll talk to you la--
And the world just stays the same
People never change
The record keeps replaying
A needle in the groove
A never-ending loop
The things we can't undo
If you know what you're doing
How come you keep doing
It over and over again?
A comma's basically just
when you wanna take a pause.
But there are a whole bunch of rules,
and people will say,
"Oh, that's the right place
to put a comma.
That's the wrong place to put a comma."
But those people have never read
It just goes on and on and on
with no periods and tons of commas.
And you know what?
It's wrong, but it's great.
That's one way to go with commas.
Unfortunately, you're gonna be tested
on knowing certain rules
about, kind of, the old-fashioned way
to use commas.
So I'm gonna teach you those rules.
But just know,
when you're writing in real life,
those rules don't really matter that much.
Nothing's gonna change
The record keeps replaying
Round and round again
That is right and it's wrong.
And I think it's really
a matter of opinion.
I'm curious to get some other opinions.
I've been talking a lot.
Anybody else wanna give their opinion?
Anybody else think that
that's right or wrong?
Or somewhere in-between?
-If you know what you're doing
-How come you keep doing
-You awake?
-It over and over again?
-Hey! Wake up!
If you know what you're doing
Dude, what are you doing in my room?
Are you, like, gonna die?
I mean, at some point.
Great. So I die young, but not that young?
I don't know.
What were you listening to?
What song?
I thought you said they weren't songs.
You know what I mean.
Track 12.
That one kinda sucks.
I thought it was pretty good.
Nah, it's just trippy for you 'cause
you haven't heard it in a long time.
I mean, other people liked it too. So…
-Wait. Other people heard it?
Did you put it out? Like--
Like an early home recordings kinda thing?
No. I just meant, like,
you know,
other people I played it for.
Oh, okay.
Who'd you play it for?
My girlfriend.
She wasn't just my girlfriend though.
We were collaborators.
So it was like…
-Did you guys put anything out?
Yep. Kind of.
Can I hear it?
-What, right now?
-I guess, yeah.
Yeah, I'd rather not, if that's cool.
-Can I ask you a question though?
What were you thinking about
when you recorded that?
You don't remember?
Yeah, no.
That's fucked up. You should.
I'm sorry.
Can I ask you a question?
What are you doing here?
Just… staying safe.
Oh, there he is.
Congratulations. You made it through.
Oh, thank you.
How are you feeling?
Well, I still have my sense of smell.
Oh, that's great.
You know, I think it's great what you did.
Not everyone would have
such stick-to-it-iveness.
-Sit down.
Thank you.
Is that…
Oh, it's just a little something
I worked up. Idle hands, right?
Well, it…
It really makes a difference.
Thank you. You want some eggs?
Sure. Thank you.
Great, aren't they?
Your mom's great at a lot of things.
She certainly is.
Really good.
Hi, Mom.
So, crazy times we're living in, right?
Guess so.
You follow the news much, Josh?
Yeah, probably a little too much.
You look at the real stuff
or do you buy into the mainstream circus
like some people I know?
-No. No.
I love it, babe. I've told you this.
It's relaxing being with you
during this time
because you don't think
about the big things.
You're just content
in your own little world.
And in the end, that's really
the enlightened path.
Being present.
Josh, Larry and I go for walks every day.
Would you like to join us?
You know, I have to get on
with my students in just a little bit. So…
Schools are closed,
but we're still teaching.
Well, what time is that? I'm sure
we could work around your schedule.
I'll have to double-check.
How old are the kids you teach again?
They're ten and eleven.
How are they doing with all of this?
You know, they're--
they're mostly just…
content in their own little worlds,
sort of like some people I know.
Josh, goddamn it.
It's okay. It's really-- It's okay.
It's okay.
-It's really--
-Light gray squares.
It's okay.
-This is fantastic…
-It's okay.
-It's really-- It's okay.
-…to, like, instinctively know things.
It's okay.
It's really-- It's okay.
It's okay. It's really--
It's okay. It's really-- It's okay.
-Come on.
-I'm glad you're enjoying it.
-Take a little bit.
-Okay. All right.
Oh, too bitter.
-I don't like it. It's too bitter for me.
-That's what real chocolate tastes like.
I'll just stick with
the good stuff, thanks.
You only think it's good
because it's full of sugar.
No, I think it's good because I like it.
Milk chocolate is objectively a less rich
and nuanced flavor than real cacao.
-Not to me. I'm fine.
-I don't think you know
what the word "objectively" means.
-I think I know what I like--
-You know what though?
That's what I love about you.
It's so cute.
So much to learn.
You'll get there. You'll get there.
Where's Larry?
He's on a call.
Oh. That's nice.
-Why do you have to--
-I didn't mean it like that.
-He's been nothing but--
-Sorry. I just meant that
it's nice that you and I get to sit.
Just you and I.
I mean, we've barely done that at all
this whole time.
I interrupted you though.
He's been nothing but what?
He's been nothing
but kind and courteous to you.
To me, not to you.
-Can we just drop it?
-Okay, sorry.
-Let's talk about something else.
-He's passive-aggressive.
-Oh, Jesus.
He belittles you, and then
he pretends like he's not doing it.
-He acts like he's so loving, but really--
-He is loving.
That's not what love is.
Oh, you know so much about what love is?
I know as much as you do.
What, you're some kind of expert?
I'm sorry,
but this is exactly the kind of thing
I would have said to you about Dad
a long time ago…
-He is nothing like your father.
-…and you would have completely dis--
-He's a lot like him.
-He is not.
He manipulates you,
and he makes you feel bad about yourself.
And then you want him
to love you even more
because for some reason
that's what you're attracted to.
Okay. Will you just listen for a second?
I'm not gonna tell you
that Larry is perfect.
That's-- that's not what I'm doing.
I mean, what do--
What do you think this is?
What do I think what is?
This. Nothing is perfect, you know.
I don't know why
that's so hard for you to see.
You're not entitled to the perfect partner
or the perfect life.
You take what you get.
And you're lucky just to be alive.
You have it better
than a lot of other people.
We weren't talking about me.
Yeah, we were.
Well, then you're deflecting.
We were talking about you and Larry.
This isn't about me.
It is about you.
This is what you do. You-- you find fault.
You know?
You look for the worst possible version
so everything's a complete disaster.
-That's what I do?
-Yeah, that's what you do.
I mean, everything is
a complete disaster. Right?
Is it?
Yeah. Look around.
Okay. What am I looking at?
Are you sick?
Oh, they had to close Disneyland.
That's it?
You didn't get to be a rock star?
I didn't say--
Yeah. Well, you know who else
wanted to be a rock star, right?
This is where we are.
The question is, what do we do now?
"I held my breath, waiting.
Then I walked across the deck
and, though many hands
tried to hold me back,
flung myself into the sea."
"A wave passed over my head
and I went down and down,
until I thought
I would never behold the day again.
The ship was far away when I rose.
Only the sails showed through the spray.
I was still clutching
the basket that held all of my things,
but it was very heavy and I realized
that I could not swim with it in my arms.
Letting it sink
I started off towards the shore."
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