Mr Inbetween (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Nice Face

1 Thanks, mate.
But when I picture you I'm intense I lose myself inside you like a maze I'm waiting to [MUSIC CONTINUING IN DISTANCE.]
Back on the smokes? Yeah.
You find the kid? Mm.
- That's good.
- Mm-hmm.
You can't work here no more, mate.
Sorry about all that shit with your family.
Yeah, so am I.
It's all right, bub.
It's all right.
- How you going? - Hi.
Sorry for scaring you the other day.
Didn't mean to.
You still want to come over? You sure? 100% sure? [LAUGHS.]
BRITTANY: I want a budgie.
- RAY: A budgie? - Yeah.
Can we have a budgie? RAY: What do you want a budgie for? - Because they're cute.
- Mm.
Yeah, we'll see.
- You want something to eat? - No, thanks.
- Britt.
- Hi.
What's news? Nothing.
So have you written any more jokes? No.
I don't want to be a stand-up comedian anymore.
- How come? - I want to be an actress.
An actress? Yeah.
It pays better.
Well, if you're good at it, yeah.
At school we're doing a Romeo and Juliet play, and I want to audition for Juliet.
- Romeo and Juliet, hey? - Yeah.
Oh, that's cool.
Hey, Britt.
Do you know who this is? No.
This is your grandpa.
Hello, Brittany.
- Hi.
- How are you? I'm good.
I'm so pleased to meet you.
- Me too.
- Well [WHISPERS.]
: I didn't know I had a grandpa.
I know.
So are we gonna have a rematch? - Of course.
- Uh-huh.
And you can play.
- Right.
- What are we playing? - Jenga.
- Jenga.
- Yeah.
How are you, son? Go inside, Britt.
- Why? - RAY: Just go in the house.
Sit down.
Good dog.
Cheers, mate.
You out? Are you? Yeah.
You want to show me? - Let's see yours.
- All right.
Tough little cunt, aren't you? [SHOUTS.]
Yeah, you fucker! [SCREAMS.]
KEVIN: Oh, you fuck.
Nice eye.
Nice face.
- Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
There he is.
El presidente.
What's going on? Oh, I got a tip-off about Vinnie.
Now, it could be all bullshit, but I got a name.
Who? Ray Sh-Shoes Ray Shoestring? Ray Shoestring.
- Ray Shoestring.
- Yeah.
You ever heard of him? Doesn't ring any bells.
Who gave you the tip? I don't know.
Just a phone call.
- So what you want to do? Don't know.
I'll make some calls, ask around, eh? Yeah, right.
Do you want me to look into it? Nah, I'll take care of it.
I'll bet you fucking will.
What are you doing? [GRUNTING.]
Well done, Ray.
So you want to drive? Yeah.
- Let me ask you a question.
- RAY: Mm.
- Vinnie.
- Mm.
Was that quick? Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on.
All right.
So, what do youse want? - Huh? - Well, I want you to die.
I mean how much do you want? How much do we want for what? To let me slide.
Shit, I don't know.
- How much do you want, Raymond? - [SNIFFS.]
I don't know, man.
How much you got? $650K, give or take.
- DAVE: Really? - Yeah.
- DAVE: Where? - It's buried.
It's, uh, four duffel bags, filled to the brim.
All clean.
- What are you doing? - So what's that split between two? 650 what is that? 323 It's 325.
- What are you doing? - 25.
325 grand.
- You happy with that, Ray? Not particularly.
You're not happy with $325,000? Well, normally, I would be, mate, but, uh, your guys killed my fucking dog.
Okay, I am sorry about that.
I didn't tell 'em to do it.
I have a dog.
- I love dogs.
- As long as you're sorry, mate.
I am sorry.
I mean that.
I do.
So where's this money? - Maroota.
- Where in Maroota? How do I know you're gonna let me go? 'Cause we're just telling you we'll let you go.
Well, I need a bit more than that.
DAVE: Oh, do you? You know what, - fuck this.
- RAY: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
- Don't shoot him.
- Why not? Just throw him in the water, mate.
That's why I put the bloody cuffs on his ankles.
: Right.
So we just we just drown the cunt.
Push him in.
DAVE: Where's the money? Well how do I know you're not gonna kill me here? Oh, fuck.
We're going around in circles.
What do you want to do? That's a lot of money.
Mate, what do you want us to do? Well, I got I just can't take your word for it, Ray.
Well, that's all we got, mate.
So if you don't believe us, I don't know what to fucking tell you.
How about this? We go to Maroota, right? - Right, right? Good.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, we get there, yeah? When we get there, you park the car.
I get out.
- You guys We all get out of the car.
- Fuck me.
I stay at the car.
I point you in the direction of-of-of where the money is, and you guys-you guys-you guys walk over, you go get it.
And then what? Then, when you get to the spot, then I'll-I'll start walking off.
Do we look like a couple of fuckwits? - Hmm? - Okay.
How about you get there, you dig it up.
The money's the money's in a bag, yeah? You dig up the bag.
- You get the bags - You-you know what, this is what's fucking gonna happen.
All right? We'll stay by the car.
You know where the money is, so you can toddle off and you dig up the bags.
- Right? - Yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah? - RAY: Yeah.
- DAVE: Yeah? - Can we go? - Yeah.
We Yeah.
We stay at the car.
That's not gonna work either.
Why? What if he's got a fucking gun in one of the bags? Oh, fuck.
All right, here's what's gonna happen, all right? We stay at the car.
- You go back out there - No, no, no.
- No, he stays by the car.
- Okay.
You stay He stays by the car.
I know what I meant to say, right? I know what I meant to say.
He stays by the car.
- Mm.
- Right? We go out there and we dig up the bags, right? Make sure the money's all there.
And then I'll give you a signal, right? Make sure everything's okay.
And then and then, only then he can go.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Is that-is that Yeah? - That's it.
- S-Signal? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- We happy? - Well, let's go to Maroota.
- Let's go.
Oh, you - [SIGHS.]
- In you go.
I don't want to sound like a pain in the ass, but can I just ride in the car with you guys? Absolutely not.
Come on.
I suffer from claustrophobia.
You're gonna suffer from lead poisoning if you don't fucking get in there.
Come on.
- Oh.
- You all right? - Yes! Watch your fingers.
I come from far and wide Traveling across This great divide Once it has ran the course I'll be one step closer To the source Whether or not I'll be rolling on Rolling on Rolling on Till you're long gone.