Mr. Mercedes (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

From the Ashes

1 Hodges: Previously on "Mr.
Mercedes" - Jerome: So, whose laptop? - Olivia Trelawney's.
Do you know enough about her personal life to help me crack that password? I might know someone who does.
Clean out your locker, DeGeneres.
- We're parting ways.
- Are you kidding me? Jerome: Encryptions? We just have to figure out another way in.
Brady: Why do you think it's okay to violate my privacy? Why do you have this mask? You told me you could change.
I did.
I certainly did.
Don't you think I did? Hodges: This is her third DUI! Jail isn't gonna just, like, magically heal me.
I'm not gonna go in and come out fixed.
Can I ride home with you? Here, I'll grab the car.
[Cellphone buzzes] [T Bone Burnett's "It's Not Too Late" plays] The wind turns like a dagger The rain falls like a hammer The sky has grown dark But it's not too late The weather crashes down What's lost cannot be found The night is closing But it's not too late It's not too late It's not too late The atmosphere is lethal But I will fear no evil [John Prine's "Blue Umbrella" plays] Feelings are strange, especially when they come true And I had a feeling that you'd be leaving soon So I tried to rearrange all my emotions But it seems the same no matter what I do Blue umbrella, rest upon my shoulder And hide the pain while the rain makes up my mind Well, my feet are wet from thinking this thing over At this point, the police have ruled out nothing.
We're hearing "bomb," "accident," "fuel explosion," "terrorism," but the most oft-repeated phrase from law enforcement so far is, "We just don't know.
" What we can tell you, this took place - outside Holy Nativity Church - Brady?! Come look at this! You're missing it.
I'm busy.
Just give me one extra season So I can figure out the other four There you are.
You don't look so good.
Rough day? I survived.
That you did.
Not everybody can say that, I guess.
[Distorted voice] Sorry for the change of plans.
It's unlike me to adlib, but I got a sudden urge.
Did you love her? I'll take that as a yes.
Hello? Earth to Detective Hodges.
[Sizzling] [Sighs] I bet you're drinking now medicating yourself.
It will feel worse in the morning.
On the bright side, though, me and you, you and I we now have, like, a theme.
Big, big tragedies just simply come down to "car access" in the end, it seems.
You let her drive your car.
And now she's dead.
I know what's going on in your mind.
That pressure that noise.
You can make it stop.
Pick up the GLOCK.
The one you keep on the table.
Ida: Bill? [Beeping] [Keys clacking] Get out! - Look, Bill - Get out of my fucking house! You shouldn't be alone right now.
Listen to me Janey Patterson is dead because she got too close to me.
- Do you want to be next? - Please, Bill.
Get out of my house, now! - Please.
- Fucking hell! You're scaring me now, Bill.
I need your car.
Your fucking car.
I need your car.
[Sizzling] [Blows] Brady! Supper's ready! I said I'm busy! Brady?! [Hisses] It's gonna get cold.
[Coughs] Ooh.
[Sizzling] [Squeaks] [Groaning] [Choking] [Grunting] [Wheezes] [Gasping] Oh, my God! [Sobbing] [Cries] [Groans] [Crying] [Keys clacking] Darkness.
[Groaning] Mom? Mom! Mom! What What What What have you done? - What What happened? What - Brady What's happened What have you done? Why have you bitten through your mouth? What's happened?! Wait! What the fuck? No.
[Screaming] [Mumbling] Caw nie waa whan! W-When did you eat this, Mom?! When did you fucking eat this?! - Fuck! - Caw nie waa whan! 911.
9 Come on, Brady! [Cries] [Crying] - [Breathing heavily] - Bra Help me.
[Screaming] [Water running] You need to drink water, Mom.
You've ingested poison, okay? [Screaming] You've, uh [Groaning] Drink it! - No.
Fuck! - Salt! You're gonna have to throw up, okay? Just We don't them them, Mom.
Okay, salt.
- Salt, okay, to make you throw up.
- Okay.
[Screams] - [Gurgles] - Mom! Throw it up.
- [Screams] - Yes, Mom.
That's good.
That's good.
Mom Mom! [Screaming] Throw it up.
Throw it up.
[Gasping] Mom, mom! Mom, mom, mom? Mom, mom? [Gasping] [Yawns] Heigh-ho, nobody knows Love nor hope nor honor have I none Yet I will be merry Heigh-ho Heigh-ho, nobody knows Love nor hope nor honor have I none Yet I will be merry - Heigh-ho - Sorry, sorry.
[Sighs] [Groaning] [Panting] Man: Heigh-ho, nobody knows Love nor hope nor honor have I none Yet I will be merry - Yet I will be merry - Heigh-ho, nobody knows Narcissistic needs entirely unmet Narcissistic needs Narcissistic you take what you get, get, get Heigh-ho, nobody knows Love nor hope nor honor have I none Yet I will be merry - Yet I will be merry - Heigh-ho, nobody knows Heigh-ho, nobody knows [Muttering] Wait.
What are you doing? Pack your things.
We're going home.
- Wait.
Now? - Well, there's no reason to wait.
They won't release Janey's remains for at least a week.
- They have to do a full autopsy first.
- No, but we have to wait.
Art will be coming back here alone when they've finished.
But what about the DNA samples? We'll drop those off at the precinct.
Klein has already faxed over Janey's dental records.
They should be able to make a positive identification.
No, I don't think we should leave the body.
I Well, we are.
But what about Mr.
Hodges? I mean, we have to make sure that he's okay.
Hodges"? I don't give a damn about "Mr.
" He helped wipe out half of this family! - Charlotte - She needs to hear this.
- I want to stay.
- Well, you're not.
Yes, I am.
Okay, I'm 31 1/2 years old.
I can make decisions.
Holly, you are going home end of discussion! Hollybug, did you take your Lexapro? Hollybug, come on out.
[Knock at door] [Knock at door] Yeah, I need to see Allie Shannon, please.
Like I told you, these aren't visiting hours, It's an emergency.
I'm sorry.
I can't let you see her right now.
It's an emergency! Visiting days are Saturdays and Sundays, from 11:00 to 3:00.
You're more than welcome to come - during those times.
- I said it's an "emergency.
" - I understand, but we have our rules.
- Yeah.
Where is she? Hey, everything okay? He wants to see his daughter.
- Sir - Fuck off, please.
We have certain protocols in place.
I was a cop for 35 years, I know all about protocol, and there's a time to dump it in the shitter.
This is one of those times.
And he didn't say where he was going? He did not.
He just said it was an emergency.
Would you call him? We've tried, but, uh, he won't pick up for me.
And this is a very serious situation.
You think? Female voice: Your call has been forwarded Straight to voicemail.
Here's my personal number.
If you hear from him, would you contact me right away? Mm-hmm.
Am I in danger? I hope not.
But could be.
But you're in danger.
Likely, yeah.
You look like shit.
When exactly do you get out of this place? Next month.
If I'm ready.
Okay, well, you need to tell me if that changes.
And meanwhile, I'll see about adding security here.
Are you serious? This individual is very active.
Okay What about Mom? Have you spoken to Mom? Wouldn't she be in danger, too? If you called her I really don't believe so.
I really don't.
I haven't seen you in years, and you come here you come here out of nowhere, and you just drop this steaming pile of shit on my lap.
I don't know what I'm supposed to I don't You'll be okay here.
But you cannot leave without my say so, okay? Okay.
I do call, you know.
You never pick up.
I leave you messages.
Do they Do they give you my messages? I need to go back to my room.
the blast, which killed one and wounded a dozen others, sent shockwaves through the usually quiet downtown area.
Authorities have confirmed that the vehicle was registered to William Hodges, a retired Bridgton homicide detective, but refused to speculate as to any motive for the crime.
This shocking footage was captured - by a bystander via her smartphone - Honey, let's go.
- while attending the funeral.
- [Groans] Luckily, she was unharmed.
Josh: What are you doing? You're scaring off the customers.
- Sorry.
- You okay? You don't look good.
I installed a mainframe in Jackson Realty last month, right on that block.
It's hard to believe it's real.
In here, it's not real.
- It isn't? - No.
Mayhem, terror, flying body parts that's all out there.
That's not what we're selling at Supreme.
In here, we sell escape, the dream of better living through technology.
We sell the future.
Here? The toilet doesn't even flush.
Well, that's about to change.
Big time.
Tell him, Robi.
Corporate wants to make this a Superstore.
- You know what a Superstore is? - Yeah, a big One that uses the Malcolm X theory of customer relations you get them inside, and you keep them there by any means necessary.
Eventually, they will buy something.
We're talking about listening booths, demo stations, maybe even a little coffee kiosk.
- Very cool.
- Let them hang out all day.
Research suggests that when a city has a resurgence, artists come first, then young families.
We have to make this a destination, a fundamental and meaningful part of their everyday lives.
Like Starbucks.
Or Chuck E.
Why are you here? Well, I'm trying to go hetero.
In the interests of securing employment, either back here or elsewhere.
My, uh, conversion therapist, she's telling me I need to fixate on male fantasy figures to occasion sexual desire, so I've come to gape at you.
Nothing yet.
- You fucking sued me.
- [Laughs] Just trying to stay connected, Robi.
Josh: I'm calling security.
Oh, yeah, those guys Team Goon.
Actually, I'm just here to see Brady.
Brady, can I see you outside? Hey.
You kinda freaked me out last night.
Are you all right? - Yeah, fine.
- "Fine?" Yeah, 'cause that voicemail you left me last night really sounded anything but fine.
Actually, it was, like, a little breathy, hysterical.
And then you don't pick up when I call back? My mom got sick.
She thought she was having a heart attack or something, refused to let me take her to the hospital.
- It freaked me out.
- Is she okay? Yeah.
It was just, uh, angina or gas, maybe both.
Are you okay? 'Cause you look like you're still a little, I don't know, freaked out.
Oh, I just didn't sleep much last night.
So you're really suing them? That's impressive.
Brady, are you all right? Yeah.
Good to see you.
[Door closes] First off, how you doing? Been better.
And as for where you've been the last 12 hours I had to make sure my daughter was safe.
Gonna need help with that.
I need a body posted at her facility.
Maybe your house, too.
Not necessary.
He knows my house, he knows I have cameras.
He'll be steering clear of my house.
Hey, you, uh you get yourself checked out? Have you seen a doctor? - I'm fine.
- Yeah, physically, maybe.
Mentally, Bill Yeah, my mental health is not your concern.
Shit, Bill, I'm sorry.
You know, I know how hard you tried to tell us before.
And, uh I'm sorry.
You need to tell us again.
You need to tell us everything.
Let's start with Janelle Patterson and work our way back.
How did you know the deceased? How did she wind up in your car? Okay.
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, can I go out and play? No, son, you better stay inside The radio said today Let's go into the basement Lock the door, and start to pray Get your lead umbrella Hey, Brady.
What's going on? FedEx tried to deliver this today, and nobody answered.
I saw them, figured it might be important, so I signed for it.
What are you, fucking "neighborhood watch" now? What? [Chuckles] I'm just kidding.
Yeah, hey, uh, look, I I was supposed to have lunch with your mom today, but sh-she never showed.
Everything okay? I didn't realize you two were dating.
[Chuckles] Nobody's dating anybody, man.
Actually, she had to leave town.
Really? Where to? Indiana.
- Indiana? - Mm-hmm.
Her best friend from high school, she's opened a salon in Gary.
Wants my mom to run it with her.
It's kind of an old dream they had.
Well, you know, good for her, right? Right.
Onward and upward.
- Thanks for the, uh - Yeah, sure, anytime.
Appreciate it.
Oh, when she calls, I'll let her know you came by.
Okay? [Sighs] What are you doing in that car? I Ollie left it in the garage, and I had to purchase a new toothbrush, and also see that you're okay.
I could've shot you.
You're not answering my calls.
I'm not contractually obligated to answer your calls, Holly.
Bill? Is everything all right? [Telephone rings] You shouldn't be driving that car.
It might've been tampered with.
Well, where did you go? I mean, Jerome was worried, too.
[Telephone ringing] - Hello? - This is Charlotte Gibney.
Holly's been missing for hours and we She's here.
She's safe.
She's with you? Yeah, she's fine.
Oh, no worries at all then.
You just helped kill my sister, my niece was just blown to bits and I should just sit back and chill because Holly's in your good hands.
Your mother.
- Hello? - Holly if you're not back here within half an hour, I will have you physically removed.
Do you understand? Um, I think I'm gonna stay here with Bill for a while longer.
With "Bill"? Janey's cousin.
She's odd, but she's all right.
I can see that.
How are you? What're you gonna do, right? What is that, the Everything's Fucking Pointless Motto of the Irish Male? "You've got cancer, Mr.
" "Well, what are you gonna do, right?" "Your family burned up in a fire, Mr.
" "What are you gonna do, right?" I asked how you are.
How do you expect me to be? Accelerating your plan to drink yourself to death.
Maybe after I kill him.
Holly: I'm 31 1/2 years old, and I don't have to listen to you! [Receiver slams] And I will leave you to it.
[Sighs] You don't want to stick around? I've been confused with a saint, but never a martyr.
Yeah? They just they calm my nerves.
How many do you take? Uh, Dr.
Rajan said no more than three per day.
Well, that looked like at least three.
- Do you have a plan? - A plan? To find him.
To get him.
We need to get him.
My plan is to call you a cab as soon as you're feeling better.
[Sighs] I will direct that cab to a motel, 'cause I am not going home to my mother tonight.
[Sighs] You know, I've never checked into a motel by myself.
I think I'm gonna call your mother.
I will not take kindly to that, okay? I'm a grown-up.
Yes, you are.
[Sighs] Maggie and Frank were at each other's throats from the start.
They must learn to work with each other if they are to make it through this portion of the competition.
- Only by - [Laughter] [Speaks indistinctly] [Laughter] [Whistle!] [Kids on TV shouting indistinctly] [Laughing] morning breaks, it appears Maggie and Frank are the leaders of this portion of the competition.
Hodges: This is Allie's room.
[Gasps] She had a turtle? - A tortoise.
- Hmm.
My mother would never allow me to have a pet.
She said that a cat would agitate me, a dog could bite, and any other kind of pet was an affectation, so She also said that, knowing me, I'd probably be allergic.
What's this? She thought it looked like me.
It doesn't.
But she thought it did.
- You gonna be okay? - Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, I'm fine.
There's a whole entire sky up here filled with cumulous clouds.
Hodges: She loved the constellations when she was little.
So one day I put up this.
You gave her the universe.
They're just stickers.
And what are we? Less than fucking that.
I'm sorry.
Do you really think there's no time in heaven, like Janey said? I hope.
I hope.
We're with her, and she's with us? Maybe we're all at Willow Lake? Maybe.
Good night.
Holly: Good night.
[Sobbing] [Mutters] [Keys clacking] [Beeping] [Sighs] [Beeping] No.
[Gasps] - Um - [Keys clacking] Jerome: What if I try up here.
Holly: No.
[Talking indistinctly] No, that's perfect.
Uh - Maybe try the other one.
- Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Um Yeah.
Maybe - No, we tried that.
- Yeah, that's good.
Well, that'd be good.
Let me see.
- I tried.
- What the fuck? Well, good morning to you, too.
We have coffee.
I cracked it.
Ollie's password it's it's it's willowlake 90362.
All lower case, one word.
But, um, now, I just need Jerome to help me with something, so - It'll be quick, all right? - Yeah.
You shouldn't be here.
- Yeah, I know.
- Okay, so try Audio File.
Uh, you know, it just has to do with output and input.
- Well, try it anyway.
- Okay.
Okay, so go to Sound Effects.
Over there on the left side.
" I've never heard that before.
Yeah, me, neither.
And I-I know Mac.
- [Woman screams] - Oh.
Why did you let him murder my baby?! Fuck! [Woman screaming] Why did you let him murder my baby?! Did you know that was going to happen? Hell no.
Uh - [Woman screams] - Oh.
[Gasps] Ollie did hear them.
I knew she was telling the truth.
See if you can find out anything about the program, how it was loaded, when? Okay.
Push over.
Yeah, it looks like it was installed on July first of last year.
Yeah, a whole bunch of stuff was installed that day.
So, you think maybe it was programmed to play at a certain time? Cycle three times over, and then quit? Yeah, it's a slave program, hidden in her Mail Contacts.
It's called, uh, Inner Demon.
So you can't use it to turn on a computer at least I don't think so but once a computer is on, you can run everything remotely from your own computer you can open files, you can look at search histories or deactivate programs or So somebody would have had to manually load this computer? I mean, actually have their fingers on the keyboard, right? At first.
But then you can control everything remotely, from wherever you are.
So, all we have to do is just figure out who had access to your cousin's house and laptop.
And then we could just narrow it from there.
Yeah, I mean, we can get this guy with this.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
All right, wait.
Just pack it up.
- What? - This goes to the police.
Why? - Wait, Hodges, the police? Really? - Yes.
Since it's their game now.
Be careful.
[Doorbell ringing] Come on.
Come on.
Jesus fucking Christ.
- [Door creaking] - [Sighs] What are you doing? What do you mean, "What am I doing?" I'm sick.
Oh, fuck.
Are you kidding me? You choose now of all times to be sick? As we get ready for the gala, the expansion? I've been calling you for the last hour.
Why haven't you picked up? Because I'm sick! All right, let me tell you something part of being a leader, which a store manager first and foremost is, is playing through the pain.
We don't have the luxury of being sick, we plow through it.
We are undermanned as it is, I need you to play through it.
Well, maybe you should have thought about that before you started firing people.
Oh, is that what this is? A little blue flu on behalf of your dyke friend? What the fuck is wrong with you? I told you.
I'm under the weather.
And I need my rest.
[Sniffles] You know what you are, Brady? You're "not working out.
" That's what you are.
[Woman screaming] Why did you let him murder my baby? [Woman screaming] Why did you let him murder my baby? Pete: Holy fuck.
[Woman screaming] Why did It cycles three times.
Do you want me to turn it off? - Yes, please.
- Okay.
And he came at you, too? Through the laptop? And through the television.
And, according to Holly, these programs have to be installed by hand, on site.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
So he's tech savvy, and had to have access to both houses, yours and Olivia Trelawney's.
What do you have in common? With Olivia Trelawney? This case.
Same plumber, exterminator, housekeeper? Cable guy? None of that.
Did, um, your cousin have a lot of visitors? Um, we didn't talk much about that.
Mostly, we just played a game online at night.
It's basically just like Boggle, but digital.
Any idea where she would have bought her computer, or who serviced it? What do you call those guys? Oh, her Geek Freak? That's it.
Any idea? Hmm Maybe she kept her records online? - Well, I can check.
- No, no.
This is evidence now.
We'll take it from here.
- Is that? - It's all right.
Let's go.
There's something we should probably discuss.
It's not likely to please you.
What? What is this? It's not safe for you to stay with me.
I'm not going with them.
I can't let you risk your life.
Well, I'm not going with them.
- Holly - You betrayed me! Think of it from my side.
Think you can do that? - The idea of you - The idea of me what? I've lost too much.
I can't It's unreasonable.
I can't.
I'm not a reasonable person.
I'm also not an altogether well person.
But I will never be well, I will never be anything if I have to go home with her.
She's your mum.
It has to count for something.
And she's family.
Out you go.
[Car door slams] Fuck me up the arse.
- I know you mean well.
- I'll get her things.
[Door opens, closes] [Door opens] [Dog barking in distance] Thank you.
I'm sorry for your y-your your loss Yes.
[Car engine starts] Reporter: bustling with excitement for the opening of the new arts center after years of planning and preparation.
begins with a formal ribbon cutting, followed by a reception gala for people from all walks of life to enjoy and appreciate.
We are anticipating massive crowds for this opening here in downtown Bridgton, so please make sure you plan ahead, and don't miss the opening of this new arts center.
That's gonna do it for now.
Let's send it back to you in the studio.
Anchor: Thanks, John.
Looking forward to your coverage tomorrow live from the Edmund Mills Arts Center.
All in all, it promises to be a new beginning for so many people, embracing not just the arts but the future of Bridgton, maybe even hope itself.
Thousands of residents, visitors, spectators, and participants will be on hand for what's expected to be a celebration of tomorrow for so many.
Oh, there will be a celebration tomorrow.
[Insects chirping] Did you love her? Janey? I barely knew her.
Maybe I just loved the idea of loving her.
Being in love a little bit.
Allowing for the possibilities.
Then there's hope for you.
No, there isn't.
I'm dead.
You are not dead.
I am.
And now, he needs to be.
Brady: This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine Let it shine Let it shine I have a secret.
I had a girl once.
Don't get upset.
I never told you because I knew you wouldn't be okay with it.
[Fly buzzing] You wouldn't have.
It was Sandy Frechette.
Science Club.
Remember her? You said she had kind eyes.
I wanted another life for a minute.
You know? Another one.
But I don't want that anymore.
I just want this one for a tiny bit longer.
I'm gonna make you proud, Mom.
A masterpiece for all the ages.
And then we'll see each other the way you said we always would.
Or Woman: This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine Everywhere I go For everyone I know Let it shine Let it shine, let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine Everywhere I go For everyone I know Let it shine Let it shine, let it shine Ooh Let it shine Let it shine, let it shine Brady: This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine Let it shine, let it shine