Mr. Mercedes (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

No Good Deed

1 Previously on Mr.
We got 16 dead, triple that in injuries.
- Somebody lost control.
- He didn't lose control.
Tell me, Detective, did you catch all the bad guys? - And here we go.
- Brady Hartsfield.
That's right.
Do you know where he is? Maybe you got the wrong ice cream man.
Brady Hartsfield wouldn't hurt a fly.
Yeah, well, it's possible he would.
It's not the guy.
I'm gonna make my dent.
This will be my masterpiece.
Brady? Whoa, whoa, wait! [GRUNTING.]
Everybody down! [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Freeze! [THUDDING.]
Tony Montez.
I run the DA's homicide unit.
Am I gonna be able to prosecute - Brady Hartsfield? - Not at this juncture.
Thought any more about school? - You going back? - What if I want this life? That's fine.
Be part of it with a Harvard degree.
You know anything about the Cerebellin trials they've been running in western China? Why are you telling me this? Because we need someone as brilliant as you to test it.
The fucking Mercedes Killer is out there.
Do you want to explain how he can walk after laying vegetative for over a year? What did you do to me? The drug you're on is called Cerebellin.
You'll need another dose within three days.
- Or? - You'll die.
Look, uh, Lou, you might not be safe here.
You think he's gonna come looking for me? - Guys, look.
- Walked in voluntarily and surrendered himself without incident.
What? Brady Hartsfield has been cured.
There was the man who committed this atrocious crime, and then there's Brady Hartsfield sitting here with us today.
- Now what? - They want him transferred to Springfield, Missouri, so he can continue to be studied.
Before trial? Are you saying that he actually might get off? I'm saying that he may avoid having to go to trial altogether.
I do not forgive you.
I do not.
That's great, it starts with an earthquake Birds and snakes, an aeroplane Lenny Bruce is not afraid Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn World serves its own needs Don't misserve your own needs I'm having second thoughts.
Then don't think.
And maybe don't talk so I can concentrate.
It's the end of the world as we know it You know for a fact he's got money? You know this for an absolute fact? What I know for a fact is that he hates banks and he's made a shitload of dough.
He's got it stashed.
Just saying, a crazy-ass recluse living out in the woods and shit? He figures to have weapons, - maybe a dog or two.
- Watch out! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
That there was an omen.
That's what that was.
A sudden obstacle in our path.
Carl It's just a bad idea, Morris.
I know it in my bones.
Stealing cars and shit, I can do.
- Breaking into homes - This man is 86 years old! He's frail.
At 2:30 in the morning, he also figures to be asleep.
You just need to relax, buddy.
- One more.
It's the end of the world as we know it There it is.
There it is.
There's the turnoff to his house.
Kill your lights.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
I just have this bad feeling.
Look at me.
Even in failure, you're about to meet the greatest American author that ever lived.
Okay, masks on.
Once we go, we go fast very fast.
Forgive me, Father.
It's been three months since my last confession.
What are you doing? I'm confessing my sins just in case something happens in there and we don't get to later.
Would you put your fucking mask on? [SIGHS.]
- Can I just say one thing? - I wish you wouldn't.
Four or so years ago, the night we met, the night we somehow didn't get squished like everybody else at that job fair, we looked each other in the eye and we agreed God spared us.
He spared us for a reason, and I don't think it was to break into some guy's house and rob him.
The reason we were in that job fair to begin with is, we were godforsaken.
Four years later, we still are.
You want to pray on something? Pray on this.
God helps those who help themselves.
Let's move.
There he is.
Sorry to disturb you, sir.
Get the fucking light off, would ya? - What's going on? - [GRUNTS.]
Huh? First, I am a huge fan.
And second, I will kill you if necessary.
And third, who the fuck are you? That's not important.
It's not important? You got a name? Oh, bullshit, everybody's got a fucking name.
I mean, what'll they put on your tombstone? 'Cause right now, all it says is, "This is the dumbest shit that ever fucking lived.
" Take me to your safe.
Oh, fuck off.
I will kill you.
This is the moment where your plan gets fucked.
I suspect it was faulty from the very beginning, but I've had a grand life.
I mean, I lectured at universities, won a Pulitzer.
fucked Marilyn Monroe.
- How about that? Now, when's the last time you and the other little turd did anything like that? - Mr.
Rothstein - Look, I'm not finished.
You know what I don't have? I don't have a proper ending.
I mean, living in the woods, languishing in arts.
But being murdered, now, that's something.
You think I leave my door unlocked by mistake? I've been waiting for this fucking moment my entire life.
Pull it, pussy.
Have a little courage.
That's it! You know what? I am going to shoot you.
But not to give you your special, magical storybook ending.
No, I'm gonna shoot you for being a total hypocrite.
You fear going out small.
What about what you did to Jimmy Gold? [CHUCKLES.]
For Christ's sake.
He goes into advertising? [BANGS SHARPLY.]
Advertising? [CHUCKLES.]
House in the suburbs, wife and two kids.
One of the greatest characters in American literature, and you you shit all over him.
Well, if you believe that, then you never understood a fucking word I wrote.
Pull it.
- Pull it, pussy! - [GRUNTS.]
Oh, why so afraid? Huh? Isn't this your happy ending? [CHUCKLES.]
You are afraid to die, just like the rest of us.
Only let me tell you, you've already died small, hiding out from the world like a rat in a hole, and you made Jimmy small.
I found the safe! Okay, Mr.
Rothstein, you are gonna give us the combination.
We are gonna leave you alive, and then you'll be free to call the police and say, "I've been robbed.
" That'll make you relevant again.
I found the combination on the wall! Open it! Maybe this'll be your final epitaph: "Too senile to remember the combination to his own safe.
" Do me a favor.
Take your mask off, please.
I want to look into the eyes of the guy who's gonna kill me.
Jimmy Gold said that in "Street Runner.
" Oh, go fuck yourself, and take Jimmy Gold with ya.
Oh, fuck.
Holy shit! Oh, my fucking God! These are 50s and $100 bills! Well, good luck spending them.
- They're all marked, asshole.
How would you spend it if it's all marked? What is this? Manuscripts? No, no, those are just scribblings, man! They're rantings, an old man ranting away.
- This is a manuscript.
- I take notes! Jimmy Gold.
- Huh? - There's more Jimmy Gold? Take the money and get the fuck out of here.
Those things are worthless.
You think they're worthless? I care to disagree, my friend.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
You might as well try and sell a Hemingway or a Picasso, for Christ's sake.
There's no money in that for you.
Is that what you think? This is millions and millions of dollars.
Shit! [GUNSHOT.]
No, no, no.
Oh! Oh, God.
No, no, no, no! Shit! God! God! Oh, fuck.
Oh, Jesus.
Fuck! Fuck! You stupid bastard.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Oh, Jesus.
Holy shit.
Okay, okay, okay.
Oh, my fucking God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
He gave me no choice.
He gave me no choice! Fuck! [HORN HONKING.]
- Oh, shit! - [TIRES SQUEALING.]
- Everybody I talk to Is ready to leave With the light of the morning They've seen the end coming down Long enough to believe That they've heard their last warning Standing alone Each has his own ticket in his hand CROWD: [CHANTING.]
Let Lou go! Let Lou go! Let Lou go! And as the evening descends Detective Hodges, can I get your reaction to the case? You may not.
A big day for the woman who shot Mr.
A big day for the city of Bridgton and, I suspect, a big day for you as well.
We're up to speed, then.
Lot of big days.
Let Lou go! Let Lou go! Mr.
Hodges, nice to see ya.
How's she doing? Good days, bad days.
I'm meeting with her right after.
Gotta warn ya, they may not let her have other visitors, which might be for the best.
Well, why not? It's only me.
She's emotionally fragile.
I need her constitution to be solid going into trial.
You said this would never get to trial.
We drew a tough DA.
What can I say? I'm still hoping we'll reach a deal, but I have to get ready for trial.
Gotta prepare for the fight.
You don't sound too upset about it.
We should probably get up there.
Case number 62324, People of Ohio vs.
Lou Linklatter.
Okay, there'll be no talking in here.
No talking.
Could you call the office and let them know No whispering either.
And if I see a cell phone come out, oh, my God.
Okay, I-I have counsels' pretrial statements.
I have a witness list.
I got the exhibit list.
It's what I-I-I don't have that worries me.
Where's the meat, people? You know, any outstanding motions for the court? No, Your Honor.
No, Your Honor.
Amendments to pleadings? None from the People of Ohio.
Nor the defendant.
Affirmative defenses? None, Your Honor.
I'm not satisfied! I'll see counsel in my chambers.
I'll be right back.
What am I supposed to do? [CLAPPING.]
Come on! Today! [CROWD MURMURING.]
- What the fuck is this? - I'm sorry? You seriously think you're gonna get a murder one convict? She's a folk hero, for God's sake.
She could fucking run for office.
And maybe get elected.
Doesn't mean she gets to shoot people in the head.
The facts support murder one, so that's what I'm charging.
And you? Hmm? Why not insanity? My client is not insane, was not insane.
If anything, she acted out in a burst of extreme clarity.
So this is how it's gonna be, huh? Dump all this shit on me? Make me the chump who convicted the hero or set the killer free, huh? Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Your Honor.
Oh, shut the fuck up! [GROANS.]
You two are messing with the wrong donkey.
I'll tell you, better plead this thing out like God and the good People of Ohio want you to.
You fucks.
Murder two.
Eight years.
It was an assassination.
I won't go for murder two either.
Well, what's it gonna take? Five years.
Credit for time served.
Not a chance.
It was premeditated murder.
I'm not satisfied.
Maybe you should recuse yourself.
- On what grounds? - On the grounds it seems you have a giant bug up your ass and we should safeguard your intestinal well-being.
Did you just say that to me? Huh? Oh, I am not satisfied.
Oh! Fuck! Damn it.
Fuck! [PANTING.]
So what are we gonna do about Big Bernie? He's not our problem.
The DA, however, is as talented as she is principled, and she's obviously not budging.
What does all this mean? It means you're going to trial.
Hang on a second.
She can't go to trial.
She'll get convicted.
Nobody knows what a jury will do.
Look, if you want to argue insanity, I need to enter it now as an affirmative defense.
Well, why don't you, then? I mean, what else do you got? Do you mind? The problem with insanity is, in victory, she's institutionalized, maybe for the rest of her life.
Well, temporary insanity.
There's no such thing.
We'd lose with diminished capacity, my opinion.
You methodically planned it and carried it out with an efficiency government could only envy.
We can't win if we insult the jury's intelligence.
The best argument is that Brady Hartsfield deserved to be dead.
It's less a legal theory than a populist appeal.
Can that work? No.
Potentially, yes.
Depends on Big Bernie.
If he strongly instructs the jury to follow the law Then I'm fucked.
But he also sees you as a hero.
He said as much in chambers.
And he hates the DA more than he hates me.
What about self-defense or defense of others? - The victim was unarmed.
- So what? Brady Hartsfield was still capable of killing people while he was in a coma.
It stands to reason that he'd be able to keep killing them while he was in prison as well.
Doesn't stand to reason with the People of Ohio.
But I like it.
He was inhabiting people, for fuck's sake.
He was no less of a menace in prison.
Again, that's a lot for Ohio folks to bite off.
I need to think about it.
Basically both sides are playing poker.
The DA is betting that they won't set her scot-free.
Finkelstein is thinking they won't send her to prison.
Well, is he right? He might be.
Or he might just believe his own bullshit and think he can win.
DA is even worse got a stick up her hole the size of a cannon barrel.
Okay, that will cost you $10.
For what? Oh, you know very well.
"Stick" isn't a bad word.
Neither is "hole.
" I'm not throwing money into your "fuck" jar every time I have an opinion.
No, it's not about opinions.
It's about decency, okay? This is a reputable place of business, and we will not have our founder waxing on about sticks the size of cannons being shoved up a woman's Orifice.
Fuck me up the ass.
And I'm not paying for that.
I got dominion over my own orifice.
- Jesus balls.
- Thank you.
Just the man I'm looking for.
Yeah, I missed you too.
How we doing? - Good, everything's been - Rhetorical.
- Oh.
- Your office.
Before anything else, we need to discuss Lou Linklatter.
Why are you coming down hard on her? My office does not have it in for Lou.
We'd sooner throw a parade than prosecute.
Well, then what the fuck? Sarah Pace, the ADA, she's on a bit of a mission.
You can't get her to soften up, no? Reduce the charges to manslaughter.
I'm sorry, but manslaughter is a mockery.
That was beyond premeditated.
She planned it.
She printed out a fucking 3-D gun.
This was textbook malice aforethought.
She did society a fucking favor.
- Bill - Not to mention it was you and me who wound her up.
We convinced Lou to meet with Brady, to give testimony against him We did not suggest that she kill him.
You know where I'm going with this.
We took a young woman in a fragile psychological state, we put her into a situation, and then shit happened.
That shit's on us.
I'll talk to Sarah.
Thank you.
Now for the reason that I'm here.
You ever heard of John Rothstein? [SNORTS.]
Is this a joke? Who hasn't heard of him, especially in this town? Yeah, well, he was murdered last night.
What? Yeah, a home invasion gone to shit, multiple intruders, we think.
Rothstein even killed one of them.
He's dead? Rothstein? Yeah.
They don't come any deader.
Are you are you okay? Shit, did you know him or something? Was he a friend of yours? In a way.
I read every word that man wrote.
Oh, so what is this, like like, fan grief? Bill, are you okay? No.
I'm sorry.
Anyway, obviously when this thing breaks, which will be shortly, a lot of shit is gonna fly.
And there's gonna be a lot of pressure to catch whoever did this.
And given the victim, I'm expecting some bigfooting from the FBI.
Some U.
attorney jack-off is gonna cherry-pick this case to make a name for himself, so it's important that the local police make this arrest and I prosecute so I can make a name for myself.
And I would be a household name if I got the chance to prosecute Brady Hartsfield, which I didn't because of your girl Lou.
So this here is my new career lottery ticket.
All about the justice.
Look, there's gonna be a lot of gossip flying above and below the radar on Rothstein, given the personality that he was.
Look, if you hear anything at the bar, at the church, at your fucking goat yoga class, do me a favor: let me know.
I'll talk to Sarah Pace.
You keep me in the grapevine loop.
Okay? Shit, you look like you're gonna fucking puke.
Holy shit.
- Oh, God.
- Hang on.
All right, hold on, brother.
We're gonna get you some help, all right? - [GRUNTING.]
- Don't you die on me.
- Don't you die on me.
Come on.
- Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- Come on, come on.
Hey, Dad.
Where's Mom? [CLEARS THROAT.]
On her way to work.
Why aren't you in school? We got teacher conference day.
I gotta go later, though, meet with my college adviser.
You doing okay? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? - [SIGHS.]
- Mm.
Do me a favor: take the dog out.
I don't know if your mother did, and I don't need him shitting on the carpet again.
Okay, come on, Boogers.
Why is he doing that? Well, he's clearly upset.
But why? Evidently John Rothstein was his favorite author on the planet.
He seems to be taking it personally.
Yeah, well, Irish people get that way about authors.
It's a thing.
I heard once that Colin Farrell screams "James Joyce" when he orgasms.
Holly, that's at least 20 bucks in the jar.
- S-sorry.
- At least.
- Boogers! - [BOOGERS BARKING.]
Here, pup.
Here, buddy.
Come on, Boogers.
Come on.
Boogers, here.
Oh, shit.
Lee? Lee? Lee? - It's Michael Lee.
- It's Michael Lee.
Michael Lee? Michael Lee? Is Yes.
Do you know what happened? [GRUNTS SOFTLY.]
I was hitchhiking.
Last thing I remember was high beams.
Oh, no, no.
Rest, Mr.
Okay, you have a few bruised ribs, a dislocated shoulder, which we reset.
But no internal bleeding.
Organs are good.
- Okay? - When can I get out? No rush.
You need to let yourself heal.
Okay? How did I get here? Either a Good Samaritan or a guardian angel.
I imagine it's a combination of both.
Someone found you on the road and brought you in.
If they hadn't [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I had a dream Well it is sort of like a death in the family.
He was foundational for you, Bill.
He was for a lot of people.
That's what made him Rothstein.
I had a dream I'm thinking you must have started reading him when you were a very young man.
- Yeah 15, 16.
- Hmm.
He's kind of the reason I came to Bridgton in the first place all those years ago.
Are you serious? Yeah.
Kind of wanted to start off in his America.
You know what I mean? Felt real.
Certainly had no other reason to come to fucking Ohio.
I met him once, you know.
- Really? - Yeah.
Just after I became a police officer.
Disorderly conduct.
He was beyond pissed in a bar, carrying on told me to go fuck myself.
Well, that sounds like Rothstein.
Yeah, it was an honor.
But I was always sure I'd meet him again, you know? Let me show you something.
The day I retired he dropped me a note.
John Rothstein dropped you a note? I nearly fell off my chair.
"You were a fucking hack.
And you framed it.
Well, he signed it.
It's gotta be worth something.
- Probably a lot.
- Yeah, yeah.
But the fact that he remembered me or whatever Jesus Christ, look at that.
No price on that.
Old goat, failing health I mean, I figured he was half gone.
But gone, gone It's just like a punch in the gut.
Back when JFK died, I cried for days.
It wasn't that I cared for his politics so much.
It was just the poetry of his soul.
It left a hole in all of us.
Rothstein there will never be another.
You're not the only one in mourning.
I want to get the man who killed him.
Best leave that to the police, Bill.
Maybe not.
Don't be ridiculous.
Oh, my fucking God.
How was school? It was okay.
Nobody got shot.
That supposed to be a joke? I didn't mean it as a joke.
People get shot at school now.
It's a thing.
Yeah, well, nobody's gotten shot at your school.
And let's hope it stays that way.
Pete, meet spinach.
Spinach, meet Pete.
I would like you to have some of that tonight, okay? I'd like for all my nutritional choices to pay off.
Jeanie Simmons told me today that Flager Realty might be expanding, opening up a new office.
Maybe they'll be looking for brokers.
Who knows? Flager isn't gonna hire me.
Why not? You know houses.
You know the market.
At some point, you gotta do something.
Excuse me? Wh-what was that? Just don't No.
Pete, apparently you have something to say.
- No, I was - No, go ahead.
You got something, you want to get it off your chest, get it off your chest.
I think you feel sorry for yourself too much.
Look, I know a bad thing happened to you, but you always said, "How a person responds to adversity, that's his measure.
" Hmm.
And you really understand adversity, don't you, son? Hmm? Let me tell you something right now, Peter.
You don't have any comprehension of mine.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
What's going on? Where's Lee? He left.
What do you mean he left? He just got up and left.
And nobody stopped him? I don't think anyone noticed.
He was here one minute, gone the next.
One, two.
One, two.
I don't think it's healthy to be living so close to work, ask me.
Well, I didn't ask you, and I save money on gas.
Plus, statistically, commuting is less healthy.
We need to open up a new case for the Rothstein murder.
- Excuse me? - You heard me.
I need you to open a file.
Well, who's the client? I'm the client.
I was talking to Montez.
We're gonna keep each other in the loop.
Now, he might be able to slip us some discretionary funding, but you could consider this pro bono.
- Morning.
- Hi.
Hey, you.
Have you read Jimmy Gold? Who? This is why you need to get your ass back to Harvard.
What separates man from beast is literature.
- Read that, all of it.
- [SIGHS.]
Maybe Harvard will give you credit once you go back.
His sentences are way too long.
What? What'd you say? I guess I prefer Hemingway.
It's concise, you know? Do you, now? I don't think so, 'cause that would make you a dumb shite, whereas we both know of you as a highly intelligent shite.
Read all of that.
It could inform on who killed Rothstein.
What, like Rosebud in "Citizen Kane"? People are often killed by someone they know.
Rothstein's novels are autobiographical.
He was Jimmy Gold.
Now, maybe it was a simple robbery.
Maybe it wasn't.
Read every word of that.
You'll be a better man for it.
Perhaps even a better private detective.
What's behind Your black door I wanna know, I wanna know Yeah May take a week, honey May take more I wanna know, I wanna know Ooh-whoo-ooh Ooh-whoo-ooh Ooh-whoo-ooh Ooh-whoo-ooh [GEARSHIFT CLICKS.]
Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no.
What the fuck, man? [GRUNTS.]
15 years? I don't advise that you take it.
Legally, I'm obligated to tell you about it.
I didn't ask for the offer.
I did, Lou.
Maybe you should take it.
A trial will be a slow guilty plea.
They got you dead to rights.
But asking 12 jurors to condemn the woman who saved the world from Mr.
Mercedes What are you about? She's the one facing the time, not you.
You're bringing this to trial for your own reasons - [SCOFFS.]
- Career, ego, whatever the fuck, but it's wrong, and you know it.
Whatever guilt you feel for getting her in this position, I am doing my job, which is, take all my years of experience, my trials, my knowledge of law and people and tell her what I think she should do.
This isn't personal for me.
You can't win.
- I don't guarantee it, no.
- No.
The DA is good, she will bring it, but so will I.
15 years in prison.
I don't see how I survive that.
Again, there is insanity.
I think the DA would agree.
- But - Oh.
But I guarantee you if you plead insanity, you will never be free.
That's bullshit.
Once they get you into the system, they will bury you there.
The law won't decide it.
The doctors will.
The doctors work for the state, and the state is just politicians and bureaucrats that want to put all this behind them.
Can you win this? I think I can.
Then let's go for it.
Lou If I go to prison for what I did to Brady, then Brady wins.
We go to trial.
Yo! Can I get out? [KNOCKING.]
Will you let me know [DOG BARKING.]
How you've changed I can't tell In any way [ENGINE ROARS.]
Little village Is not a town Just couldn't tie me down [TURN SIGNAL CLICKING.]
You sent a message [GEARSHIFT CLICKS.]
Oh, shit.
Can I help you? You already have, a lot.
Oh, my God.
Ah, it's you.
You're okay.
Yes, I am, thanks to you.
Man, I thought you might be a goner.
Well, I might have been if you hadn't come along.
How'd you find me? Oh, I remembered the Stan McNair logo, so I tracked you down.
Here to say thank you.
Well, you are most certainly welcome, my good man.
This makes my day.
I mean, I've rescued a lot of dishwashers in my time, but this'll be my first human rescue to speak of.
Damn, son, you look like you could use a beer.
Yeah, I know.
- Come on in.
- I'd love one.
I'm surprised to see you up walking around already.
Well, resilient genes, I guess.
Can I ask, why didn't you take credit for it? I mean, a Good Samaritan thing like that? You're a hero.
Not my thing.
Might have helped your marketing, even.
Yeah, well, publicity ain't something I'm in the market for much.
Why's that? Well, let's just say it's hard eking out a living fixing refrigerators and so forth.
And sometimes I have to supplement in ways that, well, bringing attention to myself might not be good.
Yeah, well, I hear that.
- We're all eking it out, I guess.
- Yeah.
Every night, I, like, pray, "Dear God, just let me come across a big ole pile of money, would ya?" [BOTH LAUGH.]
- You and me both.
- Aw.
- Have a seat.
- Mm.
You ever done that, Stan? - Sorry? - [GRUNTS.]
Come across a pile of money? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, not yet, but I haven't met the girl of my dreams either, so a lot of boxes unchecked.
Why you looking at me like that? You know what, Stan? My truck went off the road about a half mile from here.
I thought you said you were walking.
It's still sitting in the ditch where it ended up.
I had luggage in the truck which isn't there.
Means someone must have found it.
It was maybe you.
I beg your pardon? It'd be kind of a coincidence if somebody else just happened to come upon it in the middle of nowhere.
You think I took your luggage? Well, you're wrong.
I don't know anything about your luggage nor your truck or that you even had a truck.
You said you got hit by a car.
It's very valuable luggage, Stan.
Valuable enough [GRUNTS.]
That I may have to report the loss to the police.
Valuable enough that they would follow up on my suspicions and investigate you.
You and whatever supplemental enterprises you might have going on here.
Are you threatening me? [GRUNTS.]
I think a deal can be worked out.
You return my valuables, my merchandise, and I will give you a very rich reward, more money than you're used to seeing.
Brother, I got no idea what you're talking about.
And I got no idea what your tone is about except it doesn't go well with, "Thank you for saving my life.
" It would be a mistake to bullshit me.
I've hurt people for lying to me.
But I owe you, so I'm gonna give you a mulligan, a do-over.
Let's be honest.
Give me what's mine, and you will come out richer.
I got nothing that belongs to you.
What's that supposed to mean? It means that I don't Hell.
You're the one that broke into John Rothstein's house, ain't you? He was robbed, 20 miles south.
That's what you're talking about, aren't you? What, put your loot in that truck? That's kind of a big thing to accuse somebody of.
I'm gonna need you to leave now.
If it was me [GRUNTS.]
That would make me a killer A dangerous person.
Which means if I were you, I would return whatever found merchandise you may have come across.
Look, if your money got took, it got took by somebody else.
Final offer.
You keep the cash.
You give me the binders.
I have no idea what you're referring to.
This is the thanks I get for saving your life.
You think I'm fucking around? - [GUNSHOT.]
- [YELLS.]
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Well, I think I'm goin' out of my head Yes, I think I'm goin' out of my head Over you Over you I want you to want me I need you so badly I can't think of anything but you And I think I'm goin' out of my head 'Cause I can't explain the tears that I shed Over you Over you I see you each morning But you just walk past me You don't even know that I exist Goin' out of my head over you Out of my head over you Out of my head day and night Night and day and night Wrong or right I must think of a way Into your heart There's no reason why My being shy Should keep us apart And I think I'm goin' out of my head Yes, I think I'm goin' Out of my head Over you Over you I want you to want me I need you so badly I can't think Of anything but you And I think I'm goin' Out of my head 'Cause I can't explain the tears that I shed Over you Over you I see you Each morning But you just walk past me You don't even know that I exist Goin' out of my head over you Out of my head