Mr. Mercedes (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

Love Lost

1 HODGES: Previously on Mr.
Mercedes - Son.
Can I help you? - You already have.
Oh, my God.
Ah, it's you.
Final offer.
You keep the cash.
You give me the binders.
I'm gonna need you to leave now.
You think I'm fucking around? [GUNSHOT.]
TONY: Got the location from an anonymous tip.
- HODGES: Think this is our third man? - Seems like it.
- What about the stolen goods? - Nothing.
Let's find out who sells Rothstein memorabilia.
JEROME: You think that's what they stole? That would explain their buggering up the robbery.
I thought all his shit was archived at Ohio State.
ALMA: You killed John Rothstein.
So you got the manuscripts? - No.
- You think I'm daft? I was the one who told you about him hoarding cash.
MORRIS: While I was in the hospital, somebody took the money and the manuscripts.
You gotta find who took them.
You need to get them back.
And I'm gonna help you, Morris.
I'm ordering that the defendant be transferred - to the mental facility in Columbus - LOU: What? JUDGE RAINES: in order to make sure that you are mentally competent to stand trial.
You gotta get me out of here.
He finds me in here.
Brady Hartsfield? [WHISPERING.]
He finds me in here.
ROTHSTEIN: Midway upon this journey of our life, I found myself in a forest dark, savage, rough, stern, which in the very thought renews fear.
So bitter is it that death is little more.
Dante was wrong.
Most men hit the forest when they're young and then spend the rest of their lives lost.
What you learn is, the only way out is in.
You gotta go deeper.
You gotta look harder.
You gotta expose your heart.
The devil's in the details.
Most men don't have the guts to look at them.
I was thinking of a series of dreams Where nothing comes up to the top Everything stays down where it's wounded And comes to a permanent stop Wasn't thinking of anything specific Just thinking of a series of dreams Just thinking of a series of dreams She refuses to take her meds, which is not good in and of itself.
Worse, she says Brady Hartsfield is the one who's convinced her.
Come again? He's evidently persuaded her to just say no.
She talks to Brady? And he answers back.
That's my bigger concern.
Hi, hey, sorry.
Um, they got an ID on the man, the dead guy in the truck.
Uh, Stan McNair.
It's a local repairman.
Stan McNair.
Stan the Man? Yeah, Montez called with an address, so he said you can just meet him there.
- Okay, thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Listen, we're gonna need you to manage Lou.
Keep her tethered to the planet.
Any and all emotional support we can give her at this point.
So where would I visit her? At the facility where she's at.
The facility? They have visiting hours.
I can secure a private place.
We need to rush this thing back into court as fast as we can.
Her competency eval is in two days.
Whatever we can do to make her feel grounded.
Yeah, I'll go visit her.
- I can do it.
- No, I'll go.
- Holly - I can go.
Sorry, um No, I used to be in one of those places, so that's [LAUGHS.]
I mean, part of me thinks if I set foot in one again, they won't let me out, but I know that's not true.
It's just my anxiety, you know, my overactive amygdala talking to me.
So I just need to shush it.
You never want to have sex anymore.
I told you, I'm a little preoccupied.
What, with your real estate scheme? Yeah, I don't believe that.
What 30-year-old guy doesn't want to have sex? Damn it, Danielle! And that is the only emotion I ever get out of you these days.
You know what? "Damn it, Danielle.
" Okay, that is not good enough.
I am under some stress.
Yeah, so what else are you not telling me? - Nothing! - Are you cheating on me? What? - You are, aren't you? - Jesus Christ! My mother once told me a man never doesn't want to have sex.
If he says he doesn't want it, then he just doesn't want to have it with you.
- Oh, God.
- And you know what else she'd say? She'd say she'd say, "Danielle, "if somebody doesn't want to fuck you, "then they must be fucking somebody else.
" So who the fuck are you fucking? Would you keep your voice down? You are out of your mind! I'm actually well with myself, Morrie.
You, on the other hand, have been a very different person.
Something has happened.
Why the f Why can't you tell me? Nothing has happened.
Okay, I know you're a very complicated person.
But I'm warning you that there are only so many complications I can take.
BOY: Hey, Saubers.
Slow down a minute, man.
Don't want to be late for school.
You trying to avoid us, Petey? Maybe if you ran that fast on defense, you'd actually win a game.
Very wrong answer.
Let go of me, you dick.
- Look at you being brave! - We'll let you go.
- No, no, no.
First we've got some, uh, transactional business to discuss.
- We'll be taking those shoes now.
- Fuck off.
You're just full of wrong answers today, aren't you? - What the fuck, man? - That's That's a fucking gun! - Calm down, man.
We're just - Go.
You're positive he was shot here? Yeah, there's blood everywhere.
Plus, we found the drill that was used to burrow into his head.
So the thinking is, he was killed here and then placed in the truck pre or post-crash.
Post, most likely.
Yeah, the neighbors say he was a sweet guy.
Some priors, mostly for passing bad checks, but totally harmless.
I mean, he's gotta be connected somehow.
We're either on the scent, or this poor gobshite was used to throw us off it.
You got no leads at all, no? No.
Except what you were saying about Rothstein continuing to write.
That checked out, but since we found no writings at the house They were most likely stolen.
You on top of all the auction houses? - We are.
- All of them? Yes, all of them.
- Hi.
- May I help you? Yes, um, I was just looking for anything regarding John Rothstein.
Rothstein's papers are only available to grad students, I'm afraid, or professional researchers.
Um, okay.
Can you make an exception? Well, if I started doing that, every Tom, Dick, and Harry - would want to see the papers.
- Okay, well, look.
I-I grew up here.
I go to Harvard, and I'm thinking of basing my honors thesis on him.
You go to Harvard? Yes.
Harvard University? Yes.
The one in Massachusetts? Ma'am, is there any other one? [EXHALES HEAVILY.]
Why would you be here in Ohio? I'm just taking a semester off.
You have an ID? - Excuse me? - A student ID, one that verifies you go to Harvard.
I'm sorry, we don't get many Ivy Leaguers here.
Oh, yeah, I understand.
I don't.
Ivy League people tend to skip over Ohio like we don't exist.
Read and then sign the rules, please.
Okay, of course.
ALMA: That's basically everybody within a half-mile radius.
All of them could have conceivably walked to the crash site.
Those are the families with dogs.
I figure dog-walking increases the odds.
- You took all these pictures? - Most.
Joy of a long lens.
I also stood on the shoulder of the road above the crash site.
Nothing visible from Route Six.
So I doubt anybody saw anything and pulled over.
More likely a hiker.
So what's the next step? Break in their houses and look? No, Morris, that would not be the next step.
We're gonna have to be a little smarter than that.
In fact, a lot smarter, truth be told.
I need to be my most smart.
Jesus Christ.
It's 10:00 in the morning! Well, what's that supposed to mean? You can't answer an early call? Did Jimmy Gold ever complain because a mission was too early? - This is not about J - And don't tell me this is not about Jimmy.
Those books are out there, Morris.
They're new stories, new adventures, new roads taken by Jimmy that we may never, ever get to know about or go down unless we find those manuscripts.
We're not doing this for me.
We're doing it for the money.
We're doing it for literature.
Now, eat your berries.
You're gonna need them, baby.
- That's it.
That's it.
Come on, Morris.
Come on.
Give me your strength.
Oh! Oh! Oh, Jesus Christ! - Oh! - Danielle! - What are you doing here? - [ALMA BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm prettier than I look.
Wait, wait.
Did you follow me here? Oh, come Look, I can I can explain this.
- Oh, you can explain this? - I can I can.
That? I'm thinner than I look too.
Wait, Danielle! Oh, my God.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
She's your girlfriend, huh? Oh, I'm so sorry, Morris.
Look, it's gonna sound cliche, but I'm gonna say it.
If it's meant to be, she'll stay with you.
And if she doesn't, she was never yours to begin with.
I'll make a fresh pot of coffee, honey.
You look worse than I do.
I was once in a place like this, which you know, it was [GROANS.]
not the best experience.
Does the rocking help? I beg your pardon? What? Your body, it's rocking slightly.
I see a lot of that in here.
Does that - Yeah.
- help? It probably is just There might be something womb-like about it.
Oh, that's Sounds nice.
Maybe I'll try that.
So, um your exam is coming up, and your lawyer Yeah, he's afraid I'm not gonna pass.
He says that you're psychologically regressing.
That's why he sent you, right? He said that Brady is talking to you, that he's telling you not to take your meds.
Is that true? Yes.
You see him a lot Brady? Off and on.
When's the last time? [LAUGHS.]
He's here right now.
He's telling me not to listen to you.
Does he say why? Basically he says he's all I got and that if I take the meds, it might serve to expunge him.
And once he's gone [EERIE MUSIC.]
Lou, I suspect that you sense that this is you talking to you, not really Brady, right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Sometimes I know that.
Sometimes I don't.
Do know one thing, though.
As angry as I am at him He's the closest thing that I ever had to family or friendship.
So, if I'm gonna be stuck in here with all these flatliners, I don't know.
Might be good to have his company.
You realize that if you say anything like this to a psychiatrist, you will be stuck in here.
You can't be telling the doctor that he's talking to you.
He's talking to you now.
What's he saying? He's saying "What is the big deal with freedom? "What's so great about the great out there?" Might be a good thing that I'm in here.
Uh, there's a certain safety in here that out there doesn't offer me.
I'm not a vulgar person.
And I think that people throw around the F word way too easily, but sometimes it is necessary to make a point.
And I'm gonna make one right now.
There's no fucking safety in this place.
Hmm? These two are fairly representative of the collection.
I'd start here.
JEROME: Rejection letters? From publishers.
The other box contains hate mail.
We've got 20 boxes of those.
Why would he keep these things? Rothstein mainly donated his papers to get a tax write-off.
He had to give us something.
And so he gave you hate mail? Man, we gotta be missing something.
There has to be something more.
I mean, he was about his details, right? He was good at holding grudges, especially against those who rejected or hated him.
I think he was inspired by the letters.
You say these boxes are representative of his collection, right? Mm-hmm.
Do you have any boxes that are not representative? [THE BLACK KEYS' BROOKLYN BOUND PLAYING.]
But that way you love, darling Oh, I'm Brooklyn bound [IGNITION CLICKS OFF, MUSIC STOPS.]
Danielle? Danielle.
Danielle, please look at me.
This is not about me and you, okay? And I know how crazy that has to sound, that me having sex with another woman doesn't speak to you and me.
She's older than Mount Rushmore.
It speaks to a lot of shit, none of it good.
I've known Alma since I was a boy.
A choirboy, you could say.
What does that mean? I lost my virginity to her when I was 13 years old.
She got me into this psychological headlock, which she's still got me in.
So you've been fucking this woman since you were 13? It has nothing to do with us, with you and me.
Is that what you really think? I mean, you really believe that? Morris, this is a sickness.
- Probably.
- Probably nothing.
It is.
I mean, she's a pedophile.
If you were 13 years old, then It won't happen again.
I love you.
I don't believe that.
And I don't think you believe it either.
We all have our shit.
I know I have mine.
But yours And this Alma lady, there is no more me and you.
Whatever shit I signed up with for you, I didn't sign up for this.
Don't leave me, Danielle.
I need you.
I need you.
I don't think she'll pass.
I mean, she's not good.
And the longer that she stays in there is Is she on medications at all? According to the doctors, yes.
But I'm not so sure.
Brady was in the room as I spoke to her.
- She said that? - Yes.
And she's convinced he'll be in the room when she takes the exam, and he told her he plans to make the doctor's eyes bleed.
Jesus fuck.
He's convincing her that she belongs in the hospital, or, you know, she's convincing herself and using him as a conduit.
But either way, I mean, is there any way we can call off this exam? Because she's clearly, like, not ready.
I don't know.
I mean, like you say, she could be even worse the day after.
I'm meeting with her in the morning, so I'll try and convince her not to listen to Brady, but How are you bearing up? Me? Mm.
Can't have been easy, going there.
It was not.
It was not at all, but I shouldn't have put you in that situation.
Well according to Brady, you know, through Lou, that's what you do, you know, put people in situations.
She said that? Well, she's saying that Brady said that.
You put Lou in a room with Brady because it served your interests and that you don't really care about people in the end so much as you care about your quest.
Of course, I told her that's not true.
They're saying on the news that that crash might have something to do with the Rothstein murder.
Plot thickens every day.
Maybe the driver killed John Rothstein.
You sound excited.
I'm not excited.
Just that it happened in our own backyard.
- Hmm.
- Our property value may go up.
- It's the celebrity of it all.
That's not how that works, Marjorie.
You're the broker.
You should know.
They're also saying that guy didn't die in the crash, the one in the truck.
He was shot in the head, just like John Rothstein.
Thrown like a star in my vast sleep I open my eyes to take a peep To find that I was by the sea Gazing with tranquility It was then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Came singing songs of love Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Whoever our anonymous tipster, I'd figure it's one of the houses up around here.
Oh, I can look up, uh, the registry, - see who lives exactly where.
- Good.
So we know nothing about this tipster? No, protected by law.
The man obviously didn't give his name.
That's what we mean by the word "anonymous.
Oh, yeah.
Go ahead.
Say it.
Fucking Harvard.
I mean, we know he's a he, though, right? Yeah, Montez gave that much away.
There's a kid and a dog.
Down through all eternity The crying of humanity It is then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Comes singing songs of love Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Comes singing songs of love Boogers.
"Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy" I understand that he either talks to you or that you think he does.
What I am stressing, and I cannot stress this enough, the examiner cannot know this.
It's gonna be a woman.
I'm sorry? The doctor who's examining me, it's gonna be a woman.
Brady says it'll be a she and that she'll have these bloodshot eyes.
Lou, the first step is, we get you out of here, okay? Maybe I should be in here, Holly.
Okay, stop saying that.
I mean, do you want a life with no freedom where you get visited by Brady Hartsfield? Come on.
That's not a life.
Now, we can help you get better, but you have to pass this exam first.
Why? So he can get his 15 minutes? Excuse me? Isn't that what this is about, Roland? Huh? It's kind of like a lottery ticket for you career-wise, mm.
Right? You, the DA, everyone.
Just trying to get a little piece of the spotlight, Roland? Is Brady telling you that? - Is he wrong? - HOLLY: Yes, he's very wrong, okay? Okay, you're here because you shot somebody.
All right, he didn't put you here.
Bill Hodges didn't put you here.
You did this to yourself.
And if it's not on you, then it's on Brady Hartsfield.
You're actually gonna listen to him? He stabbed you once.
You gonna let him stab you again? I don't see how she passes, you know? I just don't.
Well, we did our best.
I think she heard you.
Let's hope.
And thanks for standing up for me.
Yeah, well, she was wrong to say what she said.
Do you, uh, want to grab breakfast or something? - Have you eaten? - What? Uh, breakfast.
There's this diner about three miles away.
- Buckwheat pancakes.
- Oh, I would never Never what? Eat buckwheat pancakes? No, have breakfast.
Oh, you could never eat breakfast.
Okay, uh, I see, uh, - the amygdala's going into overdrive.
I know a little bit about racing amygdalas.
Racing amygdalas.
Fucking idiot.
Help you? Oh, I'm just looking.
For anything in particular? Well, you you got any of John Rothstein's books? I wish.
Sold out.
Getting killed was a good career move for him.
I can't even keep his paperbacks in stock.
What about first editions? Rothstein first editions? Well, I mean I mean, he did live around here.
I ain't got any first editions.
Have you ever sold any? Do you know how much they're worth? A lot.
- Why? - Oh, I just Just read all of his stuff and hoped to, you know, own one one day.
Oh, it's hard to say.
Usually when a guy like Rothstein dies, the value of his first editions goes through the roof.
I mean, it's not like he's gonna make more.
Mm, it depends on the book's condition, of course.
But high end, we're talking $100,000.
Maybe more.
$100,000? What about something else, like, uh I don't know, his autograph? Yeah, I've sold a few of those.
If it's just his signature, maybe a few thousand bucks.
But if it's on a letter he wrote, something original, could be worth more than the first editions, even.
How much more? Hundreds of thousands at least.
And that's for a one-pager.
If it's a long letter about something, could be worth a million at least.
I like to see young people getting into literature.
Tell you what.
Let me see if I can find something in your range.
Got all sorts of contacts out there.
You leave me your telephone number, your email, I'll Oh, I'm, uh I just I just realized I'm late for something.
Um, uh, I'll be back later.
You didn't get his name? What else did he say? No, exactly, Andrew.
What did the kid say? Um, you know what? Actually, buddy, I'm gonna call you back.
What's going on? Uh, nothing.
Sounds like a pretty big deal for nothing.
Just work shit.
Work shit? Landscape work shit or Route Six real estate work shit? Danielle, I really need you [SIGHS.]
I really need you to stop breaking my balls.
I'm done breaking your balls, Morris.
Can we talk about this? And you think, like, talking about it is gonna make me okay with you banging this sick old lady you've been fucking since you were 13 - Danielle - Who you've continued to fuck during our relationship? I promised myself I'd sleep on it, that I'd absorb it all and not act rash.
So here it is fully absorbed.
I'm gonna go to work, and then I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna get all my stuff, because I am done.
- Hey.
- [GASPS.]
You cannot just walk out! Get your fucking hands off of me.
Remove your fucking hands.
Fuck! I've never looked, but Rothstein listed these as tax records.
Floppy disks.
Yeah, I read about these.
I mean, do you even have a computer that can read these? Believe it or not, we do.
So what exactly am I looking at? Well, according to the library catalog, these are Rothstein's tax returns.
But he kept these photos hidden in a subfile.
What are these? Like, he kept files on the women he slept with or something? The guy was a perv.
Which makes sense because Jimmy Gold was a misogynistic perv.
Mm, yeah, in the beginning, but he grew up.
Gold grew up.
Rothstein didn't.
Well, you can't judge the art by the artist, though, you know? I mean, hate the man, but don't throw out the work.
Caravaggio killed people.
Cellini was a rapist.
Listen, I have something else.
Yeah? And it hits a little closer to home.
How do you mean? That woman.
Blow those up.
There's no reason to be nervous.
About to get my head examined.
Makes me a little little nervous.
- Wouldn't it you? - Fair enough.
- No.
- I beg your pardon? It's not fair enough.
It's not fair at all.
Brady Hartsfield killed a lot of people.
And he would have continued to do so had I not stopped him.
Okay, what we're doing today isn't about Brady Hartsfield.
Everything is about Brady.
Well, whether that may be true, this is about how we move forward.
This examination does not concern your mental capacity at the time of the shooting.
Rather, I'm only interested in your current state of mind and your ability to form a defense strategy.
Do you have any experience with the legal system? Uh, yeah, my [CLEARS THROAT.]
experience is that it doesn't work.
Could you elaborate on that? Well [CHUCKLES.]
not to dwell on Brady, which, uh, you say this has nothing to do with.
He killed many, he was finally caught, and instead of seeking retribution, the federal government filed a habeas corpus to gain custody and study his brain for the betterment of all mankind.
When the law sees in a serial killer a windfall for society, that tells me that the law and the legal system are a little bit fucked.
My focus right now is whether you'll be able to effectively participate in the system, whether you'll be able to contribute meaningfully to your own defense.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm just, uh, processing that that, uh, question.
It's a good question.
Um, I can contribute to my own defense because I I'm on my own, so I must.
Oh, Jesus! Oh! You just like to show up unannounced, don't ya? Since he was 13? 13 years old? He was strapping, if that matters.
Look, honey, you can't take it personally.
Oh, I can't take it personally when you're fucking him and he doesn't even want to fuck you back? I'm kind of like that Barry White song, you know? The first, the last, the everything.
You shouldn't be jealous of me any more than I can be jealous of you.
He's had other girlfriends.
He always comes back.
You're sick.
We're all sick, I suppose.
Truth is, I'm kind of doing you a favor.
A favor? Morris is damaged goods, Danielle.
You know that.
Whoever's with him is gonna be on the receiving end of that damage.
I'm built tough.
I can take it.
You're a beautiful girl.
And beautiful young girls can break free of chains.
Break free of Bridgton, Ohio.
There is nothing here for you in this godforsaken town.
Go take that pretty smile and make yourself a real life.
You do not want to be with Morris.
Why should I believe anything you say? Because I was once your age.
And I was beautiful like you.
And I thought I could make my dreams come true here.
And so I stayed.
And look at me now.
Go have a life, Danielle.
Looks like you're making a pretty good life for yourself.
Got a man, nice house with good artwork, especially the artwork in this living room.
Oh, my God.
The paintings, the drawings, the photos of houses.
You know, people who live off Route Six where a car crash happened where they found a dead guy who they now think is connected to John Rothstein's murder.
I mean, if I ever got a house like this, that is exactly how I'd decorate it.
You know, I have never seen such a pretty room.
I think I'm gonna take a picture of this for Architectural Digest.
You know, I think they'd really love what you It's the way he was acting.
Fishing, you know? - And how old? - Oh, 15, 16, 17.
Hard to tell with kids these days.
And you got his picture? I'm getting it right now.
And here he is.
That's him.
Can you blow that up some? [SIGHS.]
A little.
Not a lot.
- I want the face.
- Yeah.
That's the best I can do.
And he was asking specifically about Rothstein? Specifically and only.
And by the way, he's not the only one.
What? Somebody else came in looking, asking about Rothstein.
Who? Hold on.
He looks familiar.
He should.
That's the detective who broke the Mr.
Mercedes case.
And what's your connection, Morris? - My connection? - Yeah.
Everybody wants to know about Rothstein, including you.
'Cause the worth of his books is only gonna go up.
So if people came in with them, I want to know.
- As a buyer.
- Uh-huh.
And where would you get the money to buy a Rothstein book? Wherever I need to.
- Keep in touch, man.
- I will.
Is this gonna become public? Shouldn't need to.
Oh, my God.
My son.
Oh! Is there any reason that you didn't tell me? Well, I 'Cause I was embarrassed.
Come on, Ida.
It's 30-odd years ago.
Well, I was married to a very good man.
You know, more than any other thing for me, my self-esteem is all bound up in my being honest, my being loyal.
I was neither.
I'm just so ashamed.
I've never known you and shame to have much of a dialogue.
He was an adventure ride.
No, I've never been one to, oh, dwell on the meaning of life.
For me, it was always more about experiencing life.
And with John Rothstein, I-I just felt so alive.
In bed, sitting at a at a table over a glass of whiskey, a cup of coffee.
And his mind, my God.
The man's mind.
When he broke it off with me, that was the most insane pain I've ever known.
And it was made worse by the fact that I couldn't tell anyone about it.
So I just had to, oh go through it on my own.
How many pictures are we talking about? A few.
Could I get copies? I'll work on it.
You looked quite beautiful in them.
I felt quite beautiful when they were taken.
We need to go to a pub.
- What? - In Ireland, if you lose the love of your life, you have to have a proper commemoration.
It can only happen in a pub.
Come on.
Get your dancing shoes on.
Oh, my God.
I feel like such a fool.
Well, you don't look like one.
Let's go.
A date? Yeah, well, I mean, it was just for breakfast, but But you think it's a date? Jerome, when a man asks a woman out for pancakes, it is rarely about the pancakes.
Not that I've ever been to pancakes with a man before, but Okay, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? It's a bad thing.
It's a terrible thing.
- I think.
- Why? I mean, you said he seems like a good guy.
Yeah, I know.
Well, that might be a problem 'cause I might like him and he might like me, and, you know, when two people like each other, then they go on another date and then another date, and then expectations come into play, you know, expectations that I'm not equipped to fulfill.
It's him.
- Finkelstein? - Yeah.
What do I do? - Pick it up.
- No, I can't pick it up.
Holly, pick it up.
- Okay.
Hello, this is Holly Gibney.
That's Really? Oh, my Go Okay, thank you.
Okay, bye.
Lou passed her competency exam.
- What? - Yeah.
She's going to trial.
- What are you doing? - Just reading.
That old notebook again? - Yeah.
- Pete, come on, man.
What are you keeping from us? Nothing.
Nothing? You know, the thing about the truth, Pete, is that it always comes out.
You're being way too hard on yourself.
I don't think so.
Look, I have to think, of all the sins in life, falling in love or maybe even discovering love, that's got to be one of the better ones.
I'm just especially embarrassed that you know about it.
Because? Because to be seen through the eyes of someone you admire as a as a as a person who would Well, I'll bet that you are not guilty of an infidelity with Donna.
Infidelity, no, but indifference, which, truth be told, might be a bigger betrayal.
I was never there.
I was never around.
Not enough, you know? Well, if he [LAUGHS.]
If he saved his correspondence, including his hate mail, you might discover a few letters from me.
I wield a pretty powerful pen when I'm angry or hurt.
And he he did hurt me.
God, you really loved him.
He wasn't worthy of it.
Maybe he was.
- VIOLINIST: Thank you guys.
Gonna take a short 15-minute break for you.
Thank you.
Ida, somebody way smarter than me said that we regret more the things we didn't do than the ones we did.
Oscar Wilde.
Don't tell me you shagged him as well, did you? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Well, he's another Irishman.
- Where you going? [SIGHS.]
Well commemoration isn't complete with whiskey.
Need to make it official.
At least my mother used to say we did anyway, so here we go.
Um, I'm I'm not sure if it's open mic night, but, uh, you'll sure as shit be wishing it wasn't.
This one is for a friend and for love, I suppose, or whatever.
Um, yeah, you can just go back to your cocktails.
Don't pay me any heed.
This is just between me and a friend, and it's commemorative, so you'll just have to fucking endure.
O Donal Og When you cross the water Take me with you, don't leave me after At fairs and markets, I'll bring you laughter And you'll be sleeping With a Greek king's daughter For you took what's before me and what's behind me You took east and west when you would not mind me The sun, the stars from the sky are taken And God likewise I fear forsaken [SLOW FIDDLE MUSIC PLAYING.]
O Donal Og You'll not find me lazy Not like some high-born expensive lady I'd milk your cows and nurse your babies And if you were set on I'd defend you bravely [SLOW FIDDLE MUSIC CONTINUES.]
Oh, fuck.