Mr. Mercedes (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

Mommy Deadest

1 Previously on "Mr.
Mercedes" Ms.
Linklatter, you've been found guilty of committing murder in the second degree.
I'm going to suspend the remainder of your sentence.
- Are we on a date? - I'm hoping that it will feel a little like a date so if we ever were to have one, it won't be such a jolt.
- How was it? - It was really, really good.
I was hoping to speak to your son, Peter.
He is at school.
I've just come from there.
He's not.
- For one page of Rothstein? - I told you.
You already got all the stolen merchandise.
I am gonna kill that fucker.
No, you ain't, neither, at least not until we get ahold of those manuscripts.
Get the fuck out of my store! Give me those manuscripts.
Now you say, "Or what?" Then I say [GASPS, SHRIEKS.]
- The kid's got them.
- Saubers.
- Yes.
- And you don't know where he's got them? - No.
- I don't believe you, Andy.
- You killed him? - I had to.
Jesus fucking Christ.
I do get the sense that he's mixed up in something - that's bigger than himself.
- Peter - Pete! - Hey, where are you? [BOB DYLAN'S "SERIES OF DREAMS".]
I was thinking Of a series of dreams Where nothing Comes up to the top Everything Stays down where it's wounded And comes To a permanent stop Wasn't thinking Of anything specific Just thinking Of a series of dreams Just thinking Of a series of dreams [TEA KETTLE WHISTLING.]
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, I didn't know where else to go.
Get in here.
I I've gotten myself into a situation.
Everybody's looking for you, including the police! I didn't know who else I could go to.
I just came to get some advice.
You've got the Rothstein books, don't you? I don't want to tell you too much.
I mean, it will put you in danger.
Really? Sit down, Peter.
Now, tell me what is going on.
Obviously, you have the manuscripts.
I may have some materials.
Which you simply found in the crashed car, right? And I went to the bookstore owner, Halliday Yeah? [SIGHS.]
He bought a poem and now he's dead and I don't know what to do.
You're right to be scared.
Halliday's dead because there's somebody else out there looking for those books.
I met him.
- What do you mean, "you met him"? - Some guy I don't know his name, but he knew I had the stuff.
I think he's the guy who broke into Rothstein's house.
- I may have shot him.
- Jesus Christ! - How did you even get a gun? - It's not hard.
All right, we're we're calling the police right now.
No, no, they'll put me in jail.
Which may be the safest place for you to be until - I don't trust the police.
- Oh, Peter No, no going to the police! This this will destroy my parents! My dad's been through enough already.
This would kill him.
So, Peter [STAMMERS.]
What is it that you're looking for from me? Do you know how very dangerous this all is? Of course I do, that's why I came.
- I don't know what to do - No, listen to me.
Bill Hodges lives right next door.
No, no, he's working with the cops.
- No, we can trust him.
- No, he'll turn me in.
I'm I'm sorry, this I shouldn't have come.
What about a lawyer? A lawyer has to keep things privileged.
In fact, he he would be barred by law from turning you in, and and he could also lay out your legal options much better than I.
- Peter, for God's sake - Okay, - I'll meet with a lawyer.
- Good.
But no telling Hodges or the police anything.
I'll call you.
You should have called me.
I had to make a fast decision, and what am I gonna do? I I can't restrain him.
- Well, where is he now? - I have absolutely no idea.
He took off.
He said he'd call me.
Now now this Finkelstein, is he really good? Jesus balls.
Yes, he's good.
You could set up the appointment - and we just grab him.
- No, no, we can't do it like that.
- It's for his own safety.
- Not necessarily.
He's armed, actually.
Somebody came after him.
It may have been the same person who killed Rothstein, and Peter shot him.
He what? Oh, I just can't believe I'm betraying his confidence.
Oh, for fuck's sake, Ida, come on.
We have a very volatile and dangerous situation here! He shot somebody? In the leg.
And whoever it is, is still out there, only he figures to be more angry, so I just want to broker this meeting with the lawyer in the hopes that he can make Peter see reason.
- You don't know where he is? - No, I don't.
- Ida - No, no! Truly, Bill, I don't.
This isn't fucking good.
No, it isn't.
Peter's just a boy.
I'll get you Finkelstein's number.
Yes, thank you.
You okay? Yeah, yeah, I just feel [SIGHS.]
surreal, I guess.
I hadn't let myself hope for it - Yeah.
- And now Technically, you're not free.
You're still under court supervision.
Yeah, you already said that.
But I just want to make sure it sinks in, because if you so much violate one condition of your release, they'll re-arrest you.
You'll have to serve the whole term in prison.
- Okay.
- No missing any meetings with the parole officer or the shrink.
You you can't skip any of the drug tests or court-ordered anger management sessions.
Yeah, okay, Roland.
I'm not gonna risk going back to jail.
- You don't have to worry.
- All right, well, let's talk about your living arrangements, and I'm assuming you haven't got any, right? No, they repossessed my trailer when I was in jail.
You could live with me.
I mean, until you find somewhere to live.
I couldn't do that.
I mean, why not? You've gotta live somewhere, and I have room.
I I'm not sure that's the best of ideas.
Yeah, but it can't be the worst of ideas.
I mean, this is going to be a sensory shock.
You know, you can talk to me.
- You know that.
- Okay, I'll be the logic police.
Though I'm glad that you escaped being institutionalized, I do think some voluntary treatment is indicated.
- Shit.
- Is he still talking to you? Is he? You say that like it's totally a bad thing.
Look, it was Brady's the one that told me to get up and speak for him at the sentencing.
The judge was really feeling that.
That was good advice, and he advised me to call you as a witness.
I mean, and you were amazing.
It could be said that Brady helped secure my freedom just as much as you did.
- That's not fair.
- It shouldn't be said.
Look, I am extremely grateful for everything that you've done for me, and I know that you fought for me but so has Brady, that's all I'm saying.
And all I'm saying is, is that if Brady is still in your head and he's giving you advice and you're taking it we have a problem.
Look, there's advantages and drawbacks to Brady being in my head.
The key is to know which one is which.
I know.
He's gone into hiding? That's the word.
He hasn't come home.
Parents have contacted the police.
Shit, - this will make things more difficult.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Do the police suspect that he's got the manuscripts? [SIGHS.]
That I don't know.
But look, with Halliday gone, he's gotta be looking for another fence.
Maybe he's already found one.
- I doubt it.
- What if he does? There's so much heat.
Whoever buys them, they're gonna keep them under wraps, maybe for years and years.
You shouldn't have killed Halliday.
Well, I did, okay? - What's done is done.
- We've fucking blown it.
I'm never gonna get to read them.
When did you become such a goddamn baby? I told you, this is more than about money to me.
It's more than about money to me, too, okay? I told you I loved the man, and it meant something that he loved me.
I mean, there were versions of me in some of his books.
Not whole characters, but snippets.
I know it.
- I never read any versions of you.
- I said snippets.
I'm just as desperate as you are to get ahold of those manuscripts.
To see if you're in there? We gotta grab the kid's parents.
- What? - For collateral, Morris, to trade the books for.
Kidnapping is not my thing.
Oh, well, we'd better make it our fucking thing, 'cause we've killed people, Morris.
It's all coming to a head.
Have you gone mad? She's not gonna present a danger.
How can you know that if she got Brady in her head? Yeah, well, lots of people hear voices, okay? As much as 20% of the population, and that doesn't necessarily mean mental illness.
For the ones who heard Brady, it did.
I know you want to help, but [DOOR OPENS.]
Hey, Lou.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
Okay, uh, I got I'm sorry, I gotta say, um, I really cannot even convey my gratitude.
I can't even begin.
Never would have been able to hold up without the support.
And the people in this room you were all I had and I will never forget it.
Lou, I worry about you being unstable.
I'm concerned for you, and I'm concerned for Holly, should you be living with her.
Yeah, I totally get that.
I I totally get that, and I get that I need counseling.
I can't take this all on alone.
But [SIGHS.]
the idea that I would pose a threat to any of you You're the closest thing I have to family.
Which is what you said to Brady before shooting him in the eye socket.
You're right to worry.
He is.
I worry.
And I'm gonna move on and I know that that starts with moving on from Brady.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
My desperation put this all in motion.
My inability to provide for this family Peter wouldn't be mixed up in any of this if I had just First of all, we have no idea exactly what Peter is mixed up in.
Peter is sending us the money, Marjorie.
Can't you see that? [SILVERWARE CLATTERS.]
God sends manna from heaven, but cash tends to drop from more ordinary sources.
Bank loans, inheritances.
You got a rich uncle we don't know about? He's sending us the money, Marjorie.
He's doing whatever he can to help out because I can't.
Wait, an interview on television? CNT-Ohio is offering her $15,000 for a live-camera sit-down.
And you think that's a good idea? [STAMMERS.]
It's a lucrative one.
Lou has no money.
I I'm gonna be a part of it to make sure the wheels don't come off.
Yeah, but I think that the best thing for her therapeutically would be just be to kind of, you know, disappear.
She killed Mr.
She's not likely to find anonymity, and I'm not sure I would advise her to.
I mean, it could be a career.
A book, a movie.
Wait, a book? I don't know about that.
Look, I'll call you back.
I'm about to meet with a client.
Okay, bye.
Oh, okay, bye.
Peter? Mr.
Are you sure you weren't followed? I'm as sure as I can be, yeah.
I take it that Ms.
Silver kind of filled you in? She did, yeah.
Why here? [LAUGHS.]
Sorry, it's just, I figured no one would come here.
Plus, sanctuary laws, right? Where police can't enter.
Isn't that kind of a law? Oh, not really.
The government is free to go after the church, it just chooses not to.
So, I'm your client, you're my lawyer, and this is privileged.
Well, for your protection and mine, yes.
- Shall I lay it out? - Yeah.
For starters, you are in possession of stolen property.
But I found it.
Doesn't matter, the property was stolen over the course of a robbery during which at least one man was murdered, thus making it a murder-robbery, - which isn't good.
But I didn't know anything about the robbery.
But you do now, and I take it that you've known about it for some time.
You're not going to like this, okay? But under Ohio law anyone and everyone involved in the robbery, including those who were handling the stolen goods, is guilty of murder.
What? As guilty as if he pulled the trigger himself.
How can that be? Because politicians get to draft penal codes, none of whom want to be viewed as being soft on crime.
And home robberies, they get prosecutorial overkill because that's what terrifies everyone the most.
I didn't invade anybody's home.
Hey, hey, hey.
My advice is for you to authorize me to go to the police.
I can try and arrange a proffer, broker a deal, which I think I can get.
I can't guarantee no time, but if you fully cooperate Ida says you may have information on who killed Rothstein.
I I don't know his name, but I can give a description.
All right, and you would need to return all of the money you found plus the books.
I gave the most money to my folks, and they spent it.
Oh, that isn't good, but the returning of the books is far more important.
What about my parents? Would they get in trouble for using the cash? It it's possible but unlikely, since they had no reason to know that it was stolen.
Look, you have something to offer: the manuscripts, plus information that could lead to the arrest of Rothstein's killer.
See what you can get from the police, - then I'll decide.
- Wait, no, no, no.
It's not gonna be that simple.
Any deal they offer will be conditioned upon meeting you first.
Hey, got something for you.
That's him right there, the Saubers kid.
In the bookstore? They it in Halliday's desk under a pile of shit.
I thought all the security footage and the computers were gone? Yeah, well, they were, but for some reason, Halliday had a photocopy of that in his desk.
And you got this how? Uh, Montez sent it over.
Probably trying to scratch your balls a little bit.
- Nasty image.
Look, we know that he maybe found the books, we know that he was in there, and we also know that we have a dead rare book collector on our hands.
And you said it yourself: you don't believe in coincidences.
Our window is closing.
We need to grab the mother and make clear to the gimp that we have her and that if he wants to see her, he keeps his mouth shut.
We can use Marjorie's phone to text Petey-boy that he's got a problem and better produce those books.
So where do we grab her? Anywhere is risky [SIGHS.]
but probably less risky at the house.
The father has a PTSD support group meeting tonight at 7:30.
Let's go then.
We can't wait, Morris, if we're serious.
You really think you were in the novels? In various tiny incarnations, yes.
We really loved each other.
I was maybe the only woman who could return more shit than Rothstein could dish out.
He was putty in my hands.
I think it scared him.
Who were you? In the books.
Oh oh, many different people.
But mainly [CLEARS THROAT.]
I was Susan.
Susan Harris? No fucking way.
Read the description of her in "The Runner.
" That's me.
Also the way she spoke.
That was me.
You were Susan? Jimmy's first love.
And mine.
Many nights, she would be the last person I thought of.
I used to joke I had carpal Harris syndrome.
That was you? The way he would write about her don't tell me he didn't love me.
That's who Jimmy ended up with in the end, if it was the end.
I was in love with Susan when I was, like, 16.
I bet you never thought you could have her for real, did you? [SENSUAL ROCK MUSIC.]
- Fuck.
- Yes, see? - [GROANING.]
Jimmy, Jimmy, this is Susan.
You know what I used to call you? My love.
My love.
Jimmy, my love, my love! Jimmy Gold! Pure! Gold! [GROANS.]
How do I look? You look great.
Lou ready? Uh, she's upstairs.
- I'll let her know you're here.
- Okay, thanks.
You got a second? Yeah, sure.
Your relationship with Montez, it's good? Why? I met with the Saubers kid.
Obviously, he's in a bit of trouble.
Wants to get with the DA to try to set up a proffer, which figures to be a difficult sell, so I was wondering if you could make a positive call on his behalf in advance? Well, I I haven't actually met the kid.
Met his dad.
Does he have the manuscripts? I can't reveal privileged information.
You could deny he's got them.
He's got them.
I can't say anything other than it is a dangerous situation, like you have said, so the sooner that we get I'll call Montez.
It could be a big help.
Well, I'm off to hair and makeup.
All right, I'll see you later.
- Wish me luck.
- Break a leg.
So, what was that about? Ah, just stuff.
What do you mean, "just stuff"? I mean, I'm a full partner here, and add to that, I was eavesdropping.
Is Roland gonna represent the Saubers boy? He could be.
The one with the manuscripts.
It's a good thing, Holly.
Get the books back, get the reward.
Yeah, but it's also a dangerous thing, a very risky thing.
And you attacked a serial killer with a paperweight.
Is he optimistic, Finkelstein? I don't know.
The kid's stepped in some serious shit.
His best bet is probably to talk to me.
I still don't know where he is, if that's where you're headed.
Yeah, well, the next time he knocks on your door - Oh [STAMMERS.]
- We'd better find him before the killer does.
- attorney, Roland Finkelstein.
- There she is.
I cannot even imagine what it was like for you to hear that verdict and then the sentencing.
Yeah, it was kind of crazy.
- Yeah.
- So you feel justice was done? Well, I'm not complaining.
The district attorney is.
She and many others say that this was wrong, that you were basically deemed to be above the law.
Well that whole "nobody's above the law" thing, I mean, that's kind of a myth, really.
- "A myth"? - Yeah, well, it's only the little people that can't be above the law.
The big people Nixon, he got pardoned.
He was above the law.
The banks that were "too big to fail.
" People in Ohio died because of them.
They didn't go to jail.
The banks didn't literally kill anyone.
did, Teddy Kennedy did, George Zimmerman did the guy that Pretty pretty good.
I mean, really good, actually.
But she she does seem - Crazy.
- Yeah.
This idea that nobody is above the law, not even the president of the United States I mean, Monica, it's a joke.
Clinton, Nixon, Andrew Jackson, they all broke laws.
Even Bush I mean, if you count starting a war under false pretenses so that your vice president can get a gazillion dollars in in private defense contracts.
- People are still dying She needs to sit down and shut up.
This kind of talk is very dangerous for her.
- That rhetoric? - Are you worried that what you did might spur on other vigilantes? - Well - I mean, let's take this bookstore owner, for example.
You no sooner were set free than someone else decides to take the law into their own hands and avenge a sex offender.
- I fail to see any connection.
- Well, it's eye-for-an-eye justice.
Isn't that exactly what the district attorney warned against? I was just speaking for myself.
I wasn't speaking for society at large.
But if I was to speak for society at large When the law doesn't work, when government officials are allowed to commit crimes, when the people that we trust to uphold the law are the same ones that are breaking it, there needs to be a revolution.
Ooh, the shark, babe Ooh, has such teeth, babe And he show them Pearly whites Just a jackknife Okay here's the chloroform.
And he keeps it This is so insane.
I'll stand watch from out here.
Be sure to get her cell phone.
- That's important.
- Get her cell phone.
I'll give you a minute once you're in.
Then I'll back the truck along the side.
Bring her out the back door like we talked about.
We're actually doing this? Get our hostage and we'll get our books.
We're living large, Morris.
- Nothing more you could ask out of life.
- [SIGHS.]
On a sidewalk Ooh, Sunday morning, uh-huh Lies a body Just oozing life And someone's sneaking Round the corner Could that someone be Mack the Knife? I said Jenny Diver Ooh, Suky Tawdry Look out, Miss Lotte Lenya And ol' Lucy Brown Yes, the line forms on the right, babe Now that Mackie's - [SIGHS.]
- Back in town Look out, ol' Mackie is back [FOREBODING MUSIC.]
Hey, hey, come on.
No! [WAILS.]
No, no! No, no! [WAILS.]
No, no, no! [SQUEALS, WHIMPERS.]
Fuck! All in all, I I thought it was a good interview.
You had me worried there for a second, but good job.
Thank you.
When do we get that money? Oh they said about a week or two.
I never knew you were such a presidential historian.
I'm not, actually.
Brady is.
He always used to say that if you wanna take the pulse of America, just look who the president is.
So Brady is the expert on presidents? Was he telling you what to say? Brady is gone, Roland.
Brady is no more.
He's not telling me anything, because when somebody is gone, then they're gone.
Sound good? Sure.
This better be good.
This is very good.
Remember your friend Alma Lane? I found this in Rothstein's hate mail.
- She's not my friend.
- Well, you said you knew her.
Yeah, because I arrested her once, not because we're buddies.
Well, she's an artist.
Check it, that's Rothstein in the back.
Now read the caption.
"Gathering nuts for the winter.
I mean, like like, seriously sick.
That's serious hate.
- Jesus.
- Mm-hmm.
When did she paint that? Uh, 2002.
Says it on the back.
Okay, I think it's time for me and Big Alma to have a little sit-down.
I just dropped Lou upstairs, yeah.
Did you watch? Yeah, I thought she was pretty good.
I I thought she was great too.
I mean, little psycho, but great.
Anything on the other? Yeah, I called Montez, and he's happy to meet.
Yeah, sooner the better.
He's chomping at the bit.
You feel like grabbing a late-night bite or something? Actually, um, no.
- Everything okay? - Yeah, it's fine.
Holly, what's wrong? Okay I don't think this is a good idea you and me.
Because? Because [SIGHS.]
For me, it's all about sustainability, and that goes for both food and relationships, and [SIGHS.]
You and me, I don't think we'd sustain.
You don't think we'd "sustain"? [STAMMERS.]
Wait, we haven't even started.
Already, we're not working out.
- Did something happen? - No, nothing happened.
I just don't don't want this, and I really would like it if you just respected my choices.
What the hell was that all about, if you don't mind me asking? I do mind, okay? A boss doesn't get to ask his employees personal questions about their Oh, so I'm your boss again now, am I? A bit ago, eh, you were a full fucking partner.
I should go check on Lou.
You told me she likes the guy.
She does.
My fucking DNA is all over the place.
I gotta go back.
We can't.
You're not in the database.
You'll be fine.
No, you'll be fine! My blood is in there.
I got cut.
The fuck happened? Things never go the way they're fucking planned, that's what the fuck happened! She fought like a fucking wolverine! - Did you get her phone? - Yeah, I got it.
- Give it to me.
- Here.
Now tape her mouth, fast.
I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.
Tell me when you got the mouth done.
- Done.
- All right, move out of my way.
- What are you doing? - I've gotta get the pictures to the gimp before he gets home.
Otherwise he'll call the police.
- Her legs, let's go.
It doesn't have to be perfect, Morris, just do it! It's not perfect, believe me.
Look at this shit job I'm doing.
Shove her legs in, close the fucking door, and let's go.
Nice job - [GRUNTS SOFTLY.]
See ya, fellas.
- Hey, Tom.
She's waking up.
It's about time.
Hey, Marjorie.
- How you doing, honey? - [MUFFLED GRUNTING.]
- Oh.
- You feeling okay, sweetheart? [STAMMERS.]
I don't understand.
Yeah, maybe I can help with that.
See, you think you're having a shitty day, but you know what real shit is? It's having all your days blur into one another, not being able to distinguish one from the next.
That's my idea of hell.
You will remember this day, should you live through it.
I thought you were my friend.
I know, sorry.
You need to pick your friends better.
You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
Well, sometimes you can.
Sometimes you can even pick your friend's nose with another friend's [CLICKS TONGUE.]
- No, no, no, no! - Here it goes.
Picky, picky, picky! Oh, shit, you made a mess.
- Tape her mouth back up.
Puke again, you'll be drowning.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No crying now.
This is exciting.
Do you know who I like to go to in challenging times? Liza Minnelli.
The things she endured.
Nobody ever gives that dame enough credit, but I do.
Do you know what she'd say to you right now? She'd say, "Money.
- Petey, baby, hi! Remember me? I bet you do! [LAUGHING.]
And of course you remember your mother.
Mom! Mom! [MOCKING.]
Mom, Mom? [LAUGHS.]
Auntie Em, Auntie Em? Time's up, fuckhead.
Shoot me in the fucking leg? Ooh, I ought to slit her throat just for that.
You will be delivering us the books tomorrow or she dies.
You want a second opinion? Call your old man.
- We might kill him too.
- You fuck! [SIGHS.]
Watch your fucking mouth, you dink.
- Don't you fucking touch her! Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will get the shit slapped out of your mother.
I will be calling you again at 6:00 a.
We will be making a plan for the book delivery, a plan that you will execute faithfully, or it's mommy deadest.
You little fuck.
Hey, buddy.
Marjorie? Hey, Boogers.
Marjorie? [GRUNTS.]
Oh, Jesus.
Got a second? I'm just finishing up some dishes.
Where's Lou? [SIGHS.]
She's taking a bath.
I gave her some bubbles.
Olivia said that there's nothing a good bubble bath can't cure, so Of course, she was wrong.
Do you want to tell me what that was about before? No, I told you, I do not want to tell you.
Tell me anyway.
My personal life is my personal life, okay? That's bullshit.
We're all in each other's business here.
You've certainly had your claws in mine.
My life my successful life, if I'm to have one, is all about control, okay? I need to be in control.
Nobody's in control of their life.
Do you think I'm in control of mine? I'm different than you and other people, and you know it, okay? I need to have everything in a certain place.
Everything has to be in a certain order, all right? I need patterns and routines and And? And when I heard that Roland was representing the Saubers boy, I became so afraid, okay? Because it's dangerous.
I got scared, and also it made me realize and that's why.
You're gonna have to connect a few more dots.
If I continue to see him, I might fall in love with him and I'll lose control.
You know, I loved Oli and when you love people, you grow branches or limbs, and they are outside of your jurisdiction, and I'm [STAMMERS, SIGHS.]
It's too emotionally unwieldy for me to end up with someone else in the end.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
You can't break up with someone 'cause you're afraid you might love them.
It's it's been a long process getting to this point.
You know, being able to function in the outside world.
I have to protect myself however I can, you know? I need I need to be in control.
Well, I'm no expert on the outside world stuff, but it seems to me one of the main perks is getting to love people, being loved back.
Not everyone gets to have that.
Why can't you? Leap and the net will appear.
- Isn't that what Jerome told you? - [SIGHS.]
It's good advice.
If you like this man, go be with him.
Dumping him out of fear of losing control just makes you a dope.
You're not a dope.
Marjorie, Marjorie, come on.
I'm gonna make this short because time is not my friend, it's not yours, and it's definitely not - hers.
Oh, Jesus! You call the police, we kill her.
Simple as fucking that.
Do we want to kill her? No, no, we don't.
It's messy.
What I want is the John Rothstein books I don't have the fucking books! Which your little prick fuck of a son has.
You make contact with the little pricky-dicky-do, and you tell him to deal with us.
You need to give your son some good advice.
Nobody has to die here.
We just want the books.