Mr. Mercedes (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

Burning Man

1 Previously on "Mr.
Mercedes" The case is closed, and according to probate, - you're the bequeathed.
- What do you plan to do with it? - I plan to drive it.
- You what? Brady was the evil one, not the car.
It was a murder weapon! In a mass killing! This is local coverage of the jobs fair.
Morris Bellamy.
I remember him now.
I met him in court.
"Senior Thanks: to "IS"; for saving my life.
" - Do you remember him? - Oh, yeah.
He was troubled.
I gave him a book - that I thought he - What? I gave him "The Runner.
" What I want to hear is when I get my manuscripts back.
Peter, we are in over our heads! I can work this out, Dad.
I can get her back.
They got her.
They said they wanted to make an exchange Marjorie for the books.
- You talked to Peter? - He's formulating a plan - right now.
- Jesus.
Your life is in grave danger should your son not come through.
- What's in the shed? - A private chapel where I pray and hold bible classes.
- Anything? - And that fuckin' shed.
Come back later tonight when she's asleep.
- Okay.
What the fuck? Oh, my fucking God.
This isn't fuckin' fair.
God can go fuck himself.
That's what he can do.
If only there was a God which there isn't! No goddamn God would do this to me I loved her.
I loved Alma.
You hear me? Oh, yeah, oh, I hated her some, but I loved her too.
Oh, God, I loved her more than I hated her.
I loved her more than anybody.
Except Danielle, and then you killed her! [GROANING.]
You killed the person I loved more than anybody.
Other than maybe myself.
And then you tried to kill me too.
And now I don't have anybody.
You fuck! You stupid fuck.
You stupid dead fuck! [GROANING, PANTING.]
I would have lived a normal life! I would have been a good husband and a good father and a good everything if that asshole with the fucking Mercedes hadn't [SOBS.]
He did this to me.
He did this to me.
Couldn't hold down a job or relationships.
The only thing that I could hold on to was Jimmy Gold and maybe her.
Come on come on! [GRUNTS.]
And when I went to Rothstein's house, yes, I went to steal money, but mainly I went for those books.
- [THUD.]
- 'Cause I knew he kept writing! He would never turn Jimmy Gold into a piece of shit and then just leave him in advertising - [WHIMPERING.]
- Like a total piece of shitfuck trash! I went for those books! I had them.
Only now I don't.
Because your rat fuck little piece of shit cunt-ass kid stole them, and if he doesn't give 'em back, I'll cut your fuckin' head off.
I loved her.
Oh And then you tried to kill me, you fuck.
You fuck.
I want my fucking books! - Fuck! - [BOB DYLAN'S "SERIES OF DREAMS".]
I was thinking Of a series of dreams Where nothing Comes up to the top Everything Stays down where it's wounded And comes To a permanent stop Wasn't thinking Of anything specific Just thinking Of a series of dreams Just thinking Of a series of dreams [NEIL YOUNG'S "DOWN BY THE RIVER" PLAYING.]
You think we should be doing this? I mean, this is straight-up burglary.
You're not gonna be doing anything.
You're just here to keep watch.
What if Alma's there when we show up? Let's hope she isn't, but if she is, fuck it.
Which should be interesting, 'cause Alma Lane doesn't rattle easy.
- Little bit of shock and awe to put her on tilt.
Maybe I shake some truth out of her.
It's time to start scarin' people.
And you really think she's in on this.
I know it.
Got the stink all over her.
Fuckin' smug, fuckin' coy.
Fuckin' Morris Bellamy.
Let's see how cock-smug she is now.
Be on my side, I'll be on your side Place looks dark.
- Maybe she's gone to bed.
- Even better.
- Wait here.
- Okay.
Give me a buzz on this if you see anything worth seeing.
All alone When you could be taking me For the ride Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah She could drag me over the rainbow And send me away, yeah Down by the river I shot my baby Down by the river Dead Dead, ooh Ooh, shot her dead Shot her dead [MUSIC FADES.]
Allie? Dad, everything's okay.
I'm fine.
Yeah, well, how come you sound like you just been cryin', then? Oh, you know, life.
Where are ya? - Here.
- Here? Bridgton? - At the house? Now? - [CLICK.]
- I'm on my way.
- [BEEP.]
Lucky bastard.
I was hoping I'd have to waste him.
- Come on.
Fearful When the sky was full of thunder And tearful at the falling Of a star And the seasons, they go round and round And the painted ponies Go up and down We're captive on the carousel of time We can't return, we can only look I warned you we'd never get those off the ceiling.
Did you try? No.
Nothing's wrong.
I just needed to get away, so Here I am.
Does your mother know you're here? She does now.
I just called her.
She wants you to call her.
And and tell her exactly what? You could tell her that I wanted to see my dad.
Welcome home.
It's just for a week.
Even so.
All right, okay.
I'm done crying, okay, so don't you start.
No crying.
I'm not gonna cry.
Tick, tick, tick.
- That's what I am.
A ticking fucking [GRUNTS.]
bomb! [GASPING.]
We are calling your rat-fuck cunt-ass son.
And we'll let him know tick, tick, fucking tick! I'm gonna let you speak to him.
You are to enunciate clearly, unequivocally.
Most important, you need to stay on point with your messaging.
Which is [SOFTLY.]
tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, fucking tick! So Allie wants to come home.
- I can understand that.
- Yeah.
Is Donna mad? No, no.
It's just she's worried.
But she's okay now.
Allie wasn't sleeping, she seemed a bit depressed.
Maybe it's a good thing she came here.
Maybe it's a great thing.
Yeah, maybe.
She looks good, you know, physically, but something's wrong.
- Hey.
- Hey.
All right, I'm actually doing this.
- Yay! - [LOU CHUCKLES.]
- Doin' what? - Oh.
Lou has a job interview.
- Isn't that great? - Definitely.
I mean, you can't put down your roots without a job, Lou, so Well, I'm actually just, uh meeting somebody from the unemployment office, and then I'm hoping that that'll lead to some job interviews.
So, uh no more workin' here? Desk jobs aren't really my thing.
Well, what is your thing? I'm not sure.
What do you like to do? I don't know my caseworker's saying that I should find something autonomous and flexible.
I'm hoping she doesn't mean hooker.
Uh, Lou.
If you want to continue workin' here, I mean, really, I-I'm good with that.
It's just it's it's Thank you.
Uh I, uh my shrink is actually recommending that I take a little space.
Y-you all have been so good to me, but you're also sort of the nexus of you-know-who.
I mean, you're driving his car.
Right, to take the power away, but Totally.
Totally get that.
There's just, um memories that reside here that I have to get away from.
Yeah, I'm off.
- Good luck! - Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- See? It's progress.
Something's not right.
Oh, God, could you please I'm tellin' ya, she's off.
And I told ya about that fuckin' car.
Pack it up.
Let's go.
You listen here.
This is pretty fucking simple.
- You return my mother - Do not tell me anything is simple.
Nothing turns out to be simple.
Things we think are simple turn to shit! And while Jimmy Gold said "shit don't mean shit," sometimes it does.
Sometimes it means deep fucking shit like this.
Your mother is in deep fucking shit! Look at me! Do I look well? Do I look like a calm and composed human being? No, I do not! I'm about to fucking lose it! Which will not be good for your in-deep-shit mother.
Would you tell him, Marjorie, please? Peter, give give him the books.
How are we feeling today, Pete? Is this a nice lollygagging type of day? - Okay, okay - Not okay! I'm tired of hearing that things are okay.
Things are fucked, and things are gonna stay fucked until I have those books, and as long as things stay fucked, - your mother's life is - I'll move the books to a secure location, then we can make the swap.
You're trying to buy time.
That's not gonna work.
I'm not fucking buying time.
That's a dead person.
Guess who killed her.
That's going to be your mother! You need to do what I say! Okay! You have one hour one hour, and then I blow her fuckin' head off.
I'll call you back with the location.
You better, Pete! I'm ticking here.
I'm fucking ticking! - [BEEP.]
Maybe we should go back to Morris' place.
- Police'll be all over it.
- Oh.
He's not gonna show up there.
Best bet is the kid's father, you know? If Peter's still talking to him Holy shit! Holy Ho ho! - You're kiddin' me.
- Oh What does she think, she can just throw a fresh coat of paint on it? I mean it looks pretty good.
It's a fuckin' death machine.
Listen, as far as the people who are scared and afraid go Holly is most definitely fearless.
Why would she want it, like, truly? Does it make any sense to you? I think you should drive the car.
I mean, not now, but Why the fuck would I want to drive it? Well, because it's still got a hold on you.
I mean, it took you over from the obsession to the drinking to the retirement that maybe came earlier than it should have.
I mean, you see it in your nightmares.
You told me yourself.
You said you see the car driving straight to you.
That's your demons right there.
Maybe it's time you took control of them.
I mean, it'll make you better off, you know? It'll make you a better you, Bill.
It'll make you a better father.
What? You know, seeing as that you might have a second chance, with Allie being home and all.
I say you should drive the car.
That's just my opinion.
Who died and left you Dr.
Phil? Look, Lou might be crazy, but she was right to say that Brady indirectly gave us family.
I mean, it brought us Holly.
And Holly's our leader, you know, our guardian angel.
We have to admit that.
Wait, is this what I think it is? Because if it is, this is fucked up.
Opinion seems to vary on the issue.
- Listen - I'll be in the car.
I could've told you on the phone.
No, when it comes to the Rothstein case, I'm eager.
What do you got? Alma Lane she lives way the hell out of town.
I drew ya a map.
You need to get a search warrant for her trailer and the shed behind it.
Based on what exactly? Connections, circumstantial evidence, intuition, whatever.
Listen, her and Rothstein had an affair.
He ended it badly.
And hell hath no fury like Alma Lane scorned.
We got the letters that she sent him hate mail.
It's really, really nasty, disturbing shit, okay? On top of that, she and this Morris Bellamy guy that I told you about turns out they've been fuckin' for years.
Alma Lane gets around, huh? Yeah.
Both she and Morris completely obsessed with Rothstein.
And? What else you got? I just gave you a ton.
Come on, I was out there! I talked to her, right? The place stinks to high heav You definitely gave me some shit, and I'm gonna look into this whole Alma Lane, Morris fucking Bellamy thing, but you got anything solid? I-I can't I can't get a warrant with this.
- You can fuckin' try! - What's the point? No judge is gonna issue me a warrant based on your fucking trailer park treasure map - that you drew here - Give me a fuckin' break, will ya? Look, the law means facts, okay? - Jesus.
- We need to show some sort of reasonable suspicion that a specific trailer and a specific shed - at a specific location - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Is associated with - For Christ's sake, will you just do your fuckin' job, will ya? Just draft the paperwork, get the process goin'.
I'll get ya something more solid by the time you're ready to file it, all right? - Okay.
- You got to trust me on this.
- I know what I'm talkin' about.
- Okay.
But if we don't get more, we're fucked.
Fuckin' asshole.
I haven't talked to him since last night.
I think he's, uh he's afraid to call.
Why? [SIGHS.]
Well, he knows I've been in contact with you.
Uh he knows I wanted to bring the police in.
He just [SIGHS.]
I think he thinks it's gonna make it worse.
How would it make it worse? Peter doesn't trust the police or the government, really, for that matter.
And why should he, though, huh? The government hasn't really had our backs in a long time, especially not in this town.
Plus, the Go on.
I've been reading Rothstein's stuff lately.
Peter's got a couple copies up in the bedroom.
It's not exactly a ringing endorsement of the establishment.
So I think Peter is doing his own Jimmy Gold thing.
Trying to save the day.
Trying to save his mom.
Yeah, 16-year-old thinking, right? Yeah.
I don't know what to tell you, Bill.
All right.
Well, here's what I'm gonna tell you.
We're notifying the police, and we're keeping them fully in the loop goin' any further.
No, no! You can't fucking do that! I can, and I am.
Also, I want you to give me your phone.
What? Why? Because your brain is fucking mush, Tom.
I can see that just by lookin' at ya, okay? Now, this Morris guy calls, let me talk to the bastard.
No, no, that's that's too fucking dangerous, Bill.
We're past the point of dangerous, Tom, and we're runnin' out of options.
Now, if Peter doesn't trust the police, okay.
But you need to trust me.
Give me your phone now.
W-what if Peter calls? It'll give me a chance to speak to him.
Look, you're worthless from a thinking standpoint, Tom.
Give me the phone.
You're a father, right, Bill? Yeah.
I need your word.
No cops.
Father to father, Bill.
Father to father.
Thank you.
How are you at tracking phones? It can be done.
Can you do it without the police? I mean, apart from everything else, they'll waste precious time goin' for a warrant.
No police.
I just got to hook it up.
And I can get it to you right after.
All right, okay.
That gets us off the hook, then.
But what about Montez? - You gonna tell Montez? - I don't know.
Play it by ear.
You're giving me that back, right? Yeah.
Um come in.
Allie? - Hey.
- Hi! Hi, I'm Holly Gibney.
Yeah, yes, I've, um I've heard some about you.
I've heard a ton about you.
Um, did my dad dispatch you to come check on me? He might have, but, you know, I've wanted to meet you for a long time now.
So you lived here, huh? Yeah, I did.
This room was kind of my home for a while.
I used to stare up at the stars on the ceiling.
Helped me sleep.
Um, you you moved some things around? Oh And you took stuff? [STAMMERS.]
Well, just one thing.
I can give it back if you want.
I mean, it has kind of a creepy stigma attached to it now.
Yeah, well, it's, um, it's good luck.
It's very good luck.
Why did you live here? It's kind of a long story, but the short story is your father saved me you know, in so many ways from my mom, from myself.
I mean he might be the most wonderful man I've ever met.
That's, um What a guy.
I understand that he wasn't around much when you were younger.
I mean, it haunts him.
Has he said that to you? Because he hasn't said it to me.
Well, you know, he's not the best communicator, but, you know, he always gets the message across.
And the message I have always gotten from him is you're the single most important thing in his life.
I Your dad's a work in progress, you know.
Just like the rest of us.
Yeah It's nice to meet you.
- Yes, yeah.
Nice to meet you.
- See you soon.
I know the floor plan, the layout.
I was pretty much the floor manager here before, so I don't question your skill set, - but - My mental health is good.
Um I have to ask.
Why would you want to return here? Well, um, first, uh, there's not a lot of jobs out there, and I am particularly suited to this one because well, I've done it.
And I have done it very well.
Um, look, I'm I'm gonna be honest.
This place has enough trouble as it is ditching the ghost of Brady Hartsfield without hiring his former best friend and [STAMMERS.]
Killer? It's okay, you can say it.
Former best friend and killer.
Current killer.
He, uh, he's currently killed, so I'm currently the the current killer.
Presently current killer.
- Miss Linklatter - Can I ask you um, do people ever come in here and sort of, you know, look around to see where the Brady Hartsfield Mercedes killer worked? They they do.
Do those people buy stuff? - They do.
- Okay.
Now, think about if I was here how many people would be coming in here, right? Huh? You could make a booth for me up there.
I'm a freak show.
People love a freak show.
What jazz club? It's right on East Benton Way, just past the pharmacy.
That's too fucking public.
Are you crazy? It's an empty street.
There's no one around.
The books are there? The books will be there, but you won't get them unless you bring my mother.
I make the rules, you shitfuck.
Well, I'm making this one, okay? You bring my mother, you get the books.
That's the fucking deal.
I'll be there in an hour.
And don't be shooting at me again, you dickfuck.
- [SIGHS.]
You better hope he's doing this on the up-and-up.
Oh, you better fuckin' hope.
Got anything new for the warrant? Nah, give me a chance, will ya? I'm workin' on it.
I'm sorry, I'm a little eager.
Desperate, actually.
There's a lot of media on this, lots of pressure.
Yeah, well, that goes without saying.
Never stopped ya from sayin' it.
Look, we did a little digging.
This may or may not be anything.
Morris Bellamy was living with a Danielle Moore That's whose belongings we found in his apartment.
Now, no one's heard from her in a couple of weeks.
According to her parents, she and Morris broke up.
They heard that from her sister, 'cause she doesn't talk to them.
Anyway, no one knows where the fuck she is.
Okay, that's interesting.
Keep me informed.
You ready for a road trip? We have an outing.
Could be a fun outing.
It could be your last outing.
- Please - Shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Tell me you appreciate the severity of this situation.
I'm begging you - Tell me I understand.
Ida been here yet? No.
You were three years old when we got him.
I remember.
I wanted a dog or a pet rock.
And I think you split the difference.
Seemed like a good choice.
I mean, he's not in too much danger of runnin' away.
And let's face it.
He's gonna outlive us all.
God, Dad.
You're so morbid.
What? You are.
You You bring up death a lot.
- You do.
- I said he's gonna live! Well Well, apparently it's an Irish thing, so it's part of your heritage.
You're welcome.
Do you mind telling me why I mean, I'm I'm I'm not complaining, believe me.
But all of a sudden, kind of out of the blue Did ya fall off the wagon? No.
- Really.
- I'm really doing fine.
I am.
It's just that some things have come up recently.
Things? I'm just a little scared.
I keep having these nightmares about you being in danger.
You're, like burning in a fire in hell or something, and I'm I think I just had to come here to make sure that that I'm not the one that's putting you through hell.
Does that make sense? I'm having the same nightmare, it's like only with Rothstein in it John Rothstein the writer.
And this, uh, and this burning man.
- What? - Yeah.
- Really? - Yeah! I'd say that's a pretty big coincidence.
You don't believe in coincidences, do you? Oh, I might reconsider.
You said "things.
" What other things? Just things.
- Life.
Come on.
I'm pregnant.
Really? Yeah.
Wow! Well, hey.
- Allie.
- Hey, Ms.
I'm on vacation.
Ida, could you would you mind poppin' into the den for a little bit? I just want to I need to ask you some stuff.
No, absolutely.
You can make a cup of tea or whatever.
I'll be just a few minutes.
You can go.
She'll be all right.
It's fine.
You can go.
- I'm gonna be fine.
- I I just I'll just be a few minutes.
Yeah? - Yes.
- Okay.
You're not to exert yourself.
Now, I don't want you swingin' too high.
- Got it.
Whoo! We're gonna have to put you out for this little trip, princess.
- Oh, no, it won't be too bad.
Really, it's just a catnap.
Little Petey boy better have more common sense than he's let on so far.
This is not going to end well if he pulls anything.
It's not going to end well for him.
Oh, and, Marjorie, it is not going to end well for you.
You know what? I'm gonna call your gimpy-ass husband and tell him to make sure that his son doesn't pull any bullshit.
So, apparently, she hasn't been seen in quite a while.
You knew her, right? Danielle Moore? Oh, yeah, I remember her very well.
- Very popular in school.
It's Morris.
- Morris, Bill Hodges.
- What the - We met at the court.
- What the fuck? - Easy does it.
- I will fucking kill her! Yeah, and then what, Morris? What's the endgame? That's it, I'm done, I swear Just listen to me now for 30 seconds No! She's fucking dead.
I'm done! Oh, would you just hear me the fuck out? You've nothing to lose.
You do have an out, all right? There are mitigating circumstances.
We know you've been sexually abused since you're a teenager, from what I understand.
You were at the jobs massacre.
We know Rothstein shot first.
It is way too late for any of this.
- That's what I'm saying - Shut the fuck up! All I care about now is those books.
- You got that? - Yeah, well, just listen - I'm not listening to you! - All right.
Okay, okay.
All right, okay.
Maybe you just might listen to somebody else, then.
One second.
Hello, Morris.
- It's Ida Silver.
- Mrs.
Silver? Oh, goodness, Morris, what's going on with you? What the fuck is this, "This Is Your Life"? Oh, my goodness.
I remember so well how we used to talk, you and I.
You gave me Jimmy Gold.
I know that.
- And what you're doing now - This isn't gonna work.
This isn't gonna fucking work.
I'm speaking to you only as someone who cared about you, Morris.
And I still do.
A terrible teacher who aged like shit! Morris, listen to me.
I get it, okay? You and me we've got a double connect going.
Number one, we were fucked over, both of us, by Mr.
Number two, we were also fucked over at an early age by Rothstein.
You started reading him the same time as me, right? What, 14, 15, sometime around there? That helped a lot, didn't it, legitimizing our rage? That hasn't exactly fuckin' worked out the best for either of us, has it? You thanked me for my service at the courtroom.
You know my story.
I fucked up so often, it's not true.
So I get it! But it's not over.
Jimmy's story isn't over.
You know that, I know that.
There's more.
So let's go find it.
Okay? Let's find it.
It's the only way we have to figure this shit out.
You know what? I think you might be right.
On the other hand, nice fuckin' try.
- Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
This is not good.
This is how tight I'm wound.
Fuck! I'm killin' dead people now.
Okay, princess.
That is all the fuckin' patience that I have.
- Breathe, breathe.
Breathe, breathe.
It's trap-and-trace software using the IMEI on Marjorie's cell phone.
I got her number and the rest of her info via Tom's mobile.
What, wait, the what? It's the International Mobile Equipment Identification number.
If he's carrying Marjorie's cell phone, which he is, we should be able to trace it.
- You see this? - Yeah, It's a lot of numbers.
That's the IMEI number.
It's printed on everybody's cell phone battery.
It's kind of like the VIN number on a car engine.
We're gonna take this code, and we're gonna sync it to Tom's IPS.
Any incoming call from Marjorie's cell phone, we should be able to triangulate it from a tower cell ping.
I'm gonna start to look.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I got a job.
- Wow, already? - Where? - Catering.
- Well - My ex and I, we always talked about doing this, starting a catering business.
- Wow, that's great.
- Right? Food is the only thing that I had with my mom baking shit.
Can you believe it? Catering trucks are the new thing! - I got a job! - Oh, that's fantastic.
God, I don't have to be a hooker! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What? - I think I got something.
Just before I call Peter, right, there was nowhere, anywhere like friends' houses places that he went, anything like that? Not that I remember.
Anyway, his free time was taken up by working for his father, you know, at the real estate company.
He checks out new listings, he clears out buildings stuff like that.
He complained about it.
And the last time you spoke to him was when? Not a peep from him since I turned him over to Finkelstein.
All right, keep me posted, then, will ya? Well, of course I will keep you posted.
What about you you call me to tell me to come over, and you don't even mention that Allie is here.
Yeah, well, it was a surprise to me too.
And not the only one.
She's pregnant.
Oh, my goodness.
That's wonderful.
Yeah, yeah, I think it is, yeah.
- Well, don't think too hard.
- No, no, it is.
Grandpa Hodges.
Not the title that I'd imagined I'd acquire, but I know this is not your given nature, but please, please, - enjoy this, Bill.
- I am, I am.
I got to get back to work, all right? - I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
- [BEEP.]
- Yeah? - I've got a location.
- Great, where? Outside the county line, just north of us it says Rural Road 142.
- North or west? - Alma lives on Rural Road 142.
- You there? - Yeah, I'm here.
All right, call the police.
It'll take me 30 minutes.
Tell 'em I'll meet them there.
How sure are you on this? Sure enough trust me.
- How far away are you? - Too far.
I'll meet you there.
Listen, be careful, will ya? I just spoke on the horn to Bellamy.
He's fuckin' crazed.
Wait, wait, wait you spoke to him? Never mind.
Just get there, will ya? Give your posse the heads-up.
- Man is off his hinge.
- [BEEP.]
Dad, I just want you to know whatever happens, - I love you.
- Yeah, listen.
This is Bill Hodges.
Don't hang up, all right? Your dad gave me his phone.
- What? - We can sort this out, - but you're gonna have - [BEEP.]
Fuck it! [PHONE RINGS.]
- [BEEP.]
- What? - They're on the move.
- Who? Alma, Morris I don't know who, but I see activity.
Jesus, all right.
Yeah, they're headed towards town, - definitely moving.
- Are you sure? Yes, they're definitely moving straight towards town.
All right.
Ida said that Pete did work for his father cleaning out new listings and stuff.
I want you to call Tom Saubers on his land line, see if he's got any properties where they're headed, all right, then call the police and tell them they're on the move, - got it? - Okay, all right.
- [MOANS.]
- Yeah, time to move, princess.
Wake up, here we go.
Here we go.
Tell me.
Hey, I talked to Tom.
I got three possibilities and a bingo.
Three ground-level units in rental buildings and a old jazz center.
- It's abandoned now.
- Bingo.
Okay, you just stole my punch line, but - you're welcome.
- [BEEP.]
- Fuckin' walk! Don't make me shoot you in the head.
Go ahead, huh? Shoot your fuckin' mother.
You've done everything you can to get her killed thus far.
- Why stop now? - Let her go! [TIRES SCREECHING.]
Wow! You still think that we're negotiating.
You really are a stupid fuck.
Let her go, or I swear to God, I'm gonna shoot you.
Oh, and what if it's not a kill shot, huh? Then Mommy is dead.
You better think it over.
Time's up! Where are the fucking manuscripts? Christ you know what, Pete? Just for you how 'bout I cut her throat right in front of you instead? Huh? Huh? How'd that be? You know, I bet that you have never bled a pig out.
The blood it shoots out like a goddamn fire hose.
She'll be dead before I drop her fat ass on the ground.
Where are my fucking manuscripts? God damn it, Mommy, would you talk some sense into him? [CRYING.]
Peter, do what he says Peter.
"Do what he says, Peter! Do what he says!" [MARJORIE GRUNTS.]
Rat fuck! Fuck! Little rat Oh! Fuck! Little rat fucker! [COUGHS.]
Ohh You shot my fucking nose off! Guess who still has his gun too, you bitch? Oh, put the fuckin' gun down, Marjorie.
Put it down, you bitch! I will put a fucking bullet right between his eyes! Kick me the fucking gun.
Give me my fucking manuscripts, or your mother dies.
How much more clear can I fucking be? Wait, wait, wait! Here.
Here they are.
No, no, no, no, no! Don't get 'em wet! It's not water.
- It's lighter fluid.
- What? Peter, please You put that light out or I put a bullet right between your eyes! Then what, huh? The lighter drops.
The manuscripts blow up.
You never get to read the best Jimmy Gold novels ever.
But I have, and I'll die knowing the whole story.
I've officially had enough.
No! No! No! Aah! No! Aah! All right, get her out of here.
Go, go.
You got her? [SCREAMING.]
Ma'am, if you could just keep that down? Thank you.
- Sir, you got to stay back.
- My wife and kid are in there.
Marjorie? Tom.
Dad! You sure you don't want to get checked out by the paramedics? Maybe you were right.
I mean, it really looked like he was he was trying to read the books while he was on fire.
I mean, Jesus.
I kind of half get the impulse, but fuck me.
Not natural.
It's Rothstein.
I mean, that's what it does, you know? Aw, come on.
- Hey.
- I was starting to feel bad about annoying the shit out of you.
You were right about Alma's place.
We found her in the shed on ice.
She got a crowbar through her chest or something.
Ah, shit.
It all leads back to Rothstein, I swear.
I got a little bad news about your reward money.
Seems it's not a dead or alive kind of deal.
Needed the books to be intact.
Yeah, well, bad news for you too.
You don't get to prosecute the big one again.
Ah, fuck you.
- Hey, hello.
- Hey.
- How are ya? Come in.
- Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm good, yeah.
Are you sure you're not hurt? No, no, no, I'm fine.
Everybody keeps asking me.
I'm I'm perfectly fine.
- Everybody's fine.
Peter's fine.
- Okay.
The mother's fine.
The father's fine.
Bellamy's better than fine.
He's fuckin' well done.
- I heard.
Oh, Allie, this is Roland.
Roland, this is Allie.
- My daughter - Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Roland Finkelstein.
So do you want coffee or somethin'? Oh, no, no, we're actually about to go for a drive.
We just, um, wanted to - Go for it.
- Thank you.
Welcome home.
I think I know what this is.
Thank you.
Do you know where that's been? Yeah.
It's it's meaningful.
It's a family heirloom.
We should go, but Yeah, yeah, enjoy.
Nice meeting you.
- See you soon.
- Yes, yeah.
- Take care.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Look after her.
Will do.
I think you're gonna really like these pancakes.
- Yeah? - Yeah, you ready? - Yes, I'm ready.
- You're finally ready? - You sure? - I think so.
- Okay.
- Oh, one sec, okay? - Hi, Ida.
- Holly.
- I'm on a date.
- Yeah, I see.
I hear he's quite the guy.
Yeah? - Bill told me.
- He did? Oh, you know, ever the romantic, our Kermit.
All's well in there, then? All's well.
Have a good day.
Yeah, same to you.
It's gonna be an early spring.
It's nice to see that Fred's finally learned to relax.
Now he's pacin' himself.
I mean, let's face it.
He's gonna see me into me grave.
He'll certainly be a good companion for your little fella when I'm gone.
Or, if you're lucky, your little daughter.
- Dad - [LAUGHING.]
What? What? [LAUGHS.]
Just don't do that.
Don't say sad Irish things.
Honey, come on! Ohh! My hormones are not firing right as it is, and I'm We said no crying.
Don't you talk about going.
Ah, I'm going nowhere.
You have to at least stick around longer than Fred.
That means I'll have to choke him.
They can go on for 150 years.
Yeah, I'll do my best.
I'll do better.
Greetings, hockey players.
What's it gonna be? Okay, here we go.
Baby, you understand me now If sometimes you see that I'm mad Don't you know no one alive Can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong, you see some bad But I'm just a soul Whose intentions are good Oh, Lord, please don't let me be Misunderstood Do do do do You know sometimes, baby I'm so carefree With a joy That's hard to hide And then sometimes again It seems that all I have is worry And then you're bound to see my other side But I'm just a soul Whose intentions are good Oh, Lord, please don't let me be Misunderstood If I seem edgy I want you to know I never mean to take it out On you Life has its problems And I get more than my share But that's one thing I never mean to do 'Cause I love you Oh, oh, oh, oh, baby I'm just human Don't you know I have hopes like anyone? Sometimes I find myself alone regretting Some little foolish thing Some simple thing that I've done 'Cause I'm just a soul Whose intentions are good Oh, Lord, please don't let me be Misunderstood Don't let me be misunderstood I try so hard, so please Don't let me be misunderstood No, no, no, no