Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

A Breakup

You brought Max with you,
didn't you? It's your cat.
[therapist] Why don't we say
one great thing
that your partner does for you?
John always leaves
the toilet seat down.
[therapist] Did something
happen at work?
How is Jane?
[John] I can't abandon my mom.
I take care of her.
I have to talk to my mom.
What do you do for a living?
I'm a software engineer.
[John] I really
don't like that guy.
[Jane] Just call this
what it is.
You were having
a full-blown emotional affair,
and she was probably going
to fucking kill you.
[Jane] And now we're going
to have to get another fail,
because you have
to feel fucking good.
[Jane] What do you think
happens if we fail?
- Our marriage?
- Our mission.
[John] I'm done.
[door closes]
[Brittany Howard:
"Short and Sweet"]
There are miles ♪
Between us ♪
Time ♪
Between us ♪
There is something
between us ♪
I may be a fool ♪
To dream ♪
- [sighs]
- Of you ♪
But, God, it feels so good ♪
To dream at all ♪
Something short and sweet ♪
There's always a light ♪
Over my head for you ♪
I am waiting, I am waiting ♪
Time will always
try to kill me ♪
There are mountains ♪
Between us ♪
There is time ♪
[song stops playing]
Do you wanna hurt me? ♪
'Cause I've been
hurtin' all alone ♪
It didn't kill me, no ♪
But it wasn't no fun ♪
Come and get you some ♪
[indistinct chatter]
Just the beginning ♪
I only want the beginning ♪
- Here you go.
- We'll give each other all ♪
- Thank you.
- Of our best and then ♪
Time can do what
it wants with it ♪
- [Max purring]
- Mmm.
This looks good, doesn't it?
Yeah, there are mountains
Shit. Forgot to feed you.
I'm sorry, Maxie.
God, I always come
crawling back to you, huh?
Oh, shit.
- That's gonna smell.
- [whoosh]
[glass breaking]
[panting shakily]
Why can't I wake
without you always appearing? ♪
[breath trembling]
Oh, I better not
wait too long ♪
Max? [panting]
Gonna kill it
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Ugh. Ugh.
[Denise] I'm gonna
have to go back
and get this nail fixed.
I knew I should've
let it dry a little longer.
- Yeah.
- What's this?
[Denise groans]
You know you're not supposed
to be eating that.
It's dark chocolate.
[laughs] That doesn't
make it good for you.
- It's It-it is.
- It's not broccoli.
It's I only eat
one small piece each night.
[scoffs] Whatever.
Besides, I saw you eat
a whole bagel yesterday.
Yeah, but that's 'cause
I'm depressed.
There's a difference.
So, staying with me
is depressing, huh?
No. [chuckles]
You might be the best part.
- Son?
- Yeah.
Listen, it's gonna be okay.
Okay? You can do this, I know.
Sometimes it appears
to be really hard.
- I know.
- I think
Have you considered counseling?
[laughs] I
Yeah, I'll-I'll think about it.
You got the keys?
Yeah, yeah, I got the keys.
[security system dinging]
[security system] Front door open.
Did you leave the seat up?
[Denise] No.
I don't even use that bathroom.
Black toilets are unsanitary.
Must've been you.
Thought I raised you better.
[John] You did.
How about you go to the salon
and get your nail fixed?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. I just
Something I want
to check out here.
Just don't come back here until
I say it's all right, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
- All right, I'll see you. Okay.
- All right, I'll see you.
[faint rattle]
[phone whooshes]

[elevator bell dings]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
Think it's up to the observer
whether or not she's alone
or just lonely.
I like the colors.
[Jane] Fuck you.
[John] I'm sorry?
Turn and face me.
Do it.
I need to see
if there's any remorse.
Whatever you're feeling
right now,
believe me,
I am ten times angrier.
[Jane sighs]
That's why you dragged me
all the way out here?
To say "fuck you"?
You're the cruelest man
I've ever met.
[laughs softly]
That's because you've never
known any other men.
But I have.
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?
I've known men.
Did you fuck our neighbor?
Be honest.
I don't want to do this here.
Let's go outside.
Let's do that.

[elevator bell dings]
[door thuds, creaks]
[soft beeping]
[beeping continues]
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
[rapid beeping]
[screaming, indistinct shouting]
[Tokischa, El Cherry Scom
and Haraca Kiko: "Tukuntazo"]
[singing in Spanish]
[woman grunts] What the fuck?
[people gasping, groaning]

Stop! Stop.
[both panting loudly]
Who am I? [wheezes]
That's you.
- [grunting]
- Ooh! Oh! Oh!
You don't want to do this.
- [grunts]
- You don't want to do this.

- [groans]
- [grunts]
[grunting and groaning]
Come on, guys.
- Get off of me!
- Hey, hey, hey!
Calm down!
It's okay, it's okay.
She's my wife. It's okay.
- [grunts]
- [groans] - Hey!
- Crazy motherfucker!
- Don't fucking say that.
- [groans]
- [crowd clamoring]
- [groans]
- [grunting]

[woman] Oh, my God!
[both grunting]
Hey. Hey.
Come here, motherfucker.
[grunts] Come on.
What? That's crazy!
[crowd chanting in Spanish]
- [John] He's got a bomb! Run!
- [people screaming]
Everyone run!
[overlapping shouting
and screaming]
[siren wailing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[sirens wailing]
[John] Jane!
[sirens wailing]
[phone ringing]
I just want you
to know something.
After I kill you,
I'm gonna burn all your stuff.
[John] When we first
opened that elevator
and you saw me,
what did you think?
You tell me.
I thought you were the prettiest
lonely girl I've ever met.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I need to know
if it was real.
I need to know
if you felt the same way,
or if it's all lies.
I thought, uh, you'd be
easy enough to manipulate
to get whatever
I wanted out of this.
I think you're full of shit.
And I think
you're just trying to hurt me.
Well, then,
I guess I did my job.
All right, then.
That's all I needed to know.
Okay. Bye.

[both grunting, panting]
- [tires screech]
- [people screaming, gasping]
- [body thuds]
- [man] Whoa, buddy, you okay?
[overlapping chatter]
You okay?
Bro, you okay?
Do you have a phone?
Can you Call somebody.
Hey, hey. Take it easy, man.
Take it easy.
[man 2] All right,
just stay still.
[John] Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, no, no.
I'm-I'm okay.
I'm good, thank you.

[keys jingling]
[lock clicks shut]
[Denise] Hello?
[gun clicks quietly]
[kettle hissing]
What are you reaching for?
Nothing. Just
Come. Come sit.
I adjusted the air conditioner.
You guys keep it
so cold in here.
Who who are you?
I'm Denise.
Michael's mother.
De Denise, I'm, um
I think I just need
a little time by myself.
- [sniffles]
- That's okay.
I'm not gonna be very long.
Come. Sit.
So, um
you're, uh
You're visiting Joh Michael
from from Baltimore?
No. I live here now.
Michael didn't tell you?
Yeah. He moved me about
two months ago to New York.
Nice place.
Landlady's a bit of a headache,
but I don't see her that much,
so it's okay.
I'm sorry, but did Michael
tell you to come over here?
No. He doesn't
even know I'm here.
He gave me the emergency key.
That's how I got in.
He didn't tell you that, either?
No, he didn't.
Fuck. Fuck.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Wow. You, uh
Oh, yeah. Uh
What happened?
Uh [laughing]
I, um I fell off the balcony.
I fell off.
Head first.
Yeah. It's nuts.
I should be dead. [chuckling]
Oh, my God. Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine. Uh, just,
yeah, could have been
But, uh, bu I-I lost my keys.
And I-I think
they fell down the grate,
so, I-I can't get in.
Uh, but I think
I left the back door open.
Is it okay if I?
Can I cut through yours and just
- go over to?
- Sure.
- Great.
- Yeah, you'll have to walk through the house.
Yeah, yeah, but
I'll be quick.
- It's okay.
- I'll be real quick.
- Is this Poet?
- Yeah. Say "hi." Please, uh
Oh, so nice to meet you, buddy.
[Jane] I don't know
if Michael told you, but,
you know, we're in the process
of splitting up.
I know. I'm not blind.
You think I break
into people's houses for fun?
No. Sorry.
Listen. Michael just needs
to know that you love him.
He is a kid
who was always very attached,
and he always had
to be in my face,
always had to be with me.
I even had to put him
in his car seat
and bring him in the bathroom
in order to take a shower
every morning.
What I've discovered
about him is
he really needs to feel safe,
and once he feels safe,
he's going to be Michael.
But if not, he's going to be
whoever it is
that you want him to be.
So, before you call it quits,
make sure you know which Michael
you're breaking up with.
What has Michael said about me?
Ah. He's said nothing
but great things about you.
It's just that I have
a sense about people,
and you seem cold.
I think I
I don't make people feel safe.
I think I I push them away.
That's why
I stay away from them.
So I think it's good
that we're not together.
But, uh, Michael understands
complicated people.
You know there's
more at stake here.
Oh, are you pregnant?
Well, the stakes
aren't that high, then.
It's a shame.
Looks like you guys
have a wonderful life.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[John] Hope I'm not intruding.
Ah, not at all.
[John] You mind if I get
a towel for this?
- I don't want to drip all over the place. I'm in white.
- Sure.
- Wait here.
- Thanks.
This is a beautiful place
you have.
Your wife here?
Oh, thank you.
Uh, not as nice
as yours, though.
Those green tiles
in the kitchen are just mmm.
You've been in my house?
Just, like, once or twice.
I lent Jane a book.
Yeah, um what else
do you know about Jane?
Uh not very much.
She's kind of mysterious,
just like you.
[chuckles] Thank you.
We all talk about you.
- We?
- The neighborhood.
Balcony's this way.
Yeah, I am not feeling
too great.
Um, yeah, so
Boy, is-is it okay if I sit?
- Please, sit.
- Yes. Thanks.
And, um, man,
could I get some water?
Water. Anything else?
Ice. Ice would be great.
Water and ice.
- Yeah.
- Be right back. Wait here.
And no wife, by the way.
Recently divorced.
It's a strange one.
Oh, really?
[neighbor] Yeah, still
wrapping my head around it.
[snaps fingers]
- Can I use your bathroom?
- Oh.
Uh, sure.
Just use the one upstairs,
not the one downstairs.
Uh, there isn't one downstairs.
Hey, you know Anthony, uh,
lives across the street?
He's a doctor?
If you want, I can call him up.
Have him look at that, uh,
bump on your head.

You weren't supposed
to see this.
Not moving.
Who are you?
And who do you work for?
My name is Harris Materbach.
I'm an agent
for Sotheby's.
Is Sotheby's
some sort
of counterintelligence for
Is-is it a CIA division that
Are are you Hihi?
Are you Hihi?
I have no idea
what you're saying.
Tell me who you work for
right now
or I will kill you.
Sotheby's is
a real estate agency.
I'm a real estate analyst.
They want your house, bad.
No one understands how
you were permitted to build it.
There are no records
for the permits being filed.
You combined
two historical brownstones
into one residence,
which is unheard of.
You added a garage and a pool,
which, alone, would cost anyone
over $25 million if the city
would even allow for it.
All this on the salary
of two software engineers.
It doesn't make sense.
The only people capable
of anything like this
are Russian oligarchs
and Saudi royals,
and if we're being honest,
neither would have the palate
for something as bespoke
as your home.
It's a jewel.
It's my Moby Dick.
Please don't kill me.
You weren't flirting with Jane
because you like her.
It was about our house.
Do you want me to like her?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
- It's okay.
- [glass and metal clinking]
You want some?
[liquor pouring]
So, are you and Jane
going through something?
Yeah, you could say that.
Well, my divorce made me
a little crazy.
Yeah, it's-it's, um
It's a little more than that.
Uh Well,
if I may give some advice
Work, life, money, romance.
They're all part
of the same project.
Marriage is a house you build,
and sometimes,
your tastes change.
Or maybe you never had any
to begin with.
I don't want to be with my ex.
But I also don't think
it's better alone.
[sharp inhale]
I don't like to read.
She likes to read.
I don't like to read.
You don't have to like it.
Just start reading, man.
[glass clinks on counter]
Have you ever read The Prophet?
I could lend you a copy.
Yeah. Thanks.
[glass clinks on counter]
Thanks for the drink.
[door closes]
- [John grunts]
- [thuds]
[woman on TV] I think if
if I'd known
that the shelter
and the fire is not good
[man on TV] Last night
was amazing.
[woman] Just for the record,
I'd feel safer if the shelter
[man] I feel like the shelter
is definitely secure.
kind of modeled after,
like, a Japanese-style sandal.
We need shoes to navigate,
and we just step on these things
non-stop, I just now
pulled this one up.
[The Cardigans:
"Happy Meal II"]
Arrange my books in order ♪
[TV playing in background]
Make up some nice stories
to amuse you ♪
Make things look smart
[woman] I'm gonna go get us
some more spike bushes
because I think
that this needs to be
built up a little bit more.
Are you using your knife?
[man] Um, I need it
to do the sandals.
I really want to finish
these sandals today, so
got to keep working on this.
[woman] There's not enough
on the bottom right there.
That's not safe.
- [John] Oh, fuck.
- [man]to be honest. Have a rhino,
or a lion
- [John groans]
- You're such a bad liar.
[woman] Peace of mind
so I can sleep, though.
I'm filling it in.
Goddamn it, I think
he thinks we're living
in fucking California.
Like, we're not in California,
we're in Africa,
and there are things
out here that are scary.
It's been a long day.
It's your last.
All right.
Then take a bath
[Jane] All right, honey.
Shape up my face ♪
Eager for meeting ♪
The dinner we'll be eating ♪
Wine that we'll be drinking ♪
And kinky thoughts
I'm thinking ♪
All because of you
[racks gun]
And now I've found a partner ♪
No one can be
happier than I am ♪
And now I've found
a new friend ♪
No one can be ♪
Happier than me ♪
You alive, babe?
Sweet wine and strings ♪
Chosen for the purpose ♪
[gun racking]
Then take a bath ♪
Shape up my face ♪
Eager for the meeting
Hey, you should be careful
over there.
It's wet.
[John] You're gonna
ruin all this
expensive art you bought, babe.
Yeah, well, um, I don't think
you're supposed to hit
this Italian tile
with a shotgun.
And now I've found
a new friend ♪
No one can be
happier than me ♪
Happier than me ♪
Happier than me ♪
[gun clatters on floor]
Here's a book
you'll never read, asshole!
[panting, grunting]
Jane, I need you to Jane!
[both grunting]
Let go.
Stop telling me what to do.
You're acting crazy.
[panting, grunting]
I'm being calm.
[groaning, grunting]
- [screaming]
- [crunching]
I need
to talk to you.
You're making this
all about you.
[panting, moaning]
[John] Stop.
Stop hitting my balls.
[shaky breath]
Don't. Don't do it.
Don't do it.
[Kadhja Bonet:
"Remember the Rain"]
[Jane moaning]
[both panting]
What are you doing?
No. No, no, no.
No. Don't. Don't. Don't.
Don't do it.
[shaky breath]
She said that we were bad ♪
I thought I better
go on home ♪
You watched till I was gone ♪
Ooh, girl, you looked so sad ♪
I picked you up
when you fell
[grunts, sputters]
[Jane gasps]
[Jane] What are you?
[Jane panting]
[both gasping]
- Stop.
- No.
You left me for
somebody else ♪
Now I
Y-You. I hate you.
- [grunts]
- [sobbing]
I hate you, too.
[Jane] Oh, God.
Oh. [shaky breaths]
[décor rattles]
[Jane] Ugh.
What is this doing to me?
It's making you honest.
You've never been honest.
- [Jane gasping]
- Ever.
I have been honest.
Just 'cause you don't
understand me
doesn't make me a liar.
That's bullshit!
That's bullshit.
You make everyone build a filter
around everything you say
so you don't have to.
That's unfair!
Oh, my God. [gasping]
Everyone around you
thinks that you're
a sweet idiot.
Why don't you just be competent?
- [gasping]
- Did you even love me?
Did you even love me?
I did.
I did, I loved
I did.
- Oh
- [Jane sobs]
This feels unreal.
Yeah, it feels really good.
I'm pretty sure I had
a broken finger, but now
I feel like I have sex
on my hand.
Ugh, it's on my spine.
Ugh, it feels like
hugs are inside
my body and it's like
a bee going "buzz."
[both buzzing]
- [moaning]
- [thumping floor]
I failed my psych exam
for the CIA
because I have
sociopathic tendencies.
I didn't want to tell you that.
Are you a sociopath?
I have a jar on my table
and I put a marble in
every time I do
something sociopathic.
How many marbles do you have?
Seventy-eight. Fuck.
I didn't want
to tell you that. Ugh.
[Jane takes deep breath]
Do you think I'm a sociopath?
I think you're just Japanese,
in America, and a woman,
I think you put
too much on yourself.
I thought I was white to you.
I just say that to bother you
because it bothers me.
[Jane] Well, it bothers me,
it bothers me.
[John] I won't say it anymore.
[Jane] You know
when you call me Japanese,
it makes me feel closer
to my dad.
[John grunts]
I don't like my dad.
You judge me
for not talking to him.
I do.
I do, too. [moans]
But he doesn't want to know me.
[groans] You know what
that does to a woman?
It impacts her, oh
I got kicked out
from the Marines early.
[Jane] Oh, yeah? Why?
Is it 'cause you killed someone
you weren't supposed to?
- No.
- [laughs]
[gulping breath]
Oh, that's not your fault, John.
Oh, but I feel like
it's my fault.
It makes me feel
like less a man.
I believe that.
[Jane] Yeah.
Are you ashamed of your asthma?
I'm ashamed
that it's more anxiety
than asthma.
[John sighs contentedly]
Why didn't you let me love you?
Because I don't need
to feel safe to be loved,
I don't do it like you.
I like when you feel jealous
when I talk to Hot Neighbor.
- [moans]
- You like my jealousy?
I was jealous when you slept
with those two targets.
I didn't.
I didn't sleep
with those two targets.
I said that to hurt you.
You did, you hurt me s bad.
So bad.
It hurt me when you wanted
to sleep with Bev.
The longing hurt so bad.
It was fake.
But it's fake.
- [moans]
- Yeah, but the sadness
that's real.
What makes you the most sad?
My mom's body when she died.
She was in a horrible car crash.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
We couldn't have an open casket.
What makes you the most sad?
That I can't pay my dad back.
That I can't pay
my grandmother back.
How would you pay them back?
Give them kids.
I want children
more than anything.
[John grunts]
Would you have children with me?
Even if I'm a sociopath?
Are you exactly the same
as you are now?
But just a sociopath?
Then I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Ah, you're making my heart jump.
[shaky breath]
I had a shot at you,
at the stairs.
I had three clear shots
at you in the kitchen.
This serum
is really something.
[Jane laughs]
[both laughing]
I love how
you laugh at yourself.
- I hate
- I love
- I love it.
- I hate how I laugh.
You're always, like
you have such a-a robot laugh.
You're like, "Ha, ha, ha, ha."
[both laughing]
[both laughing]
I can't.
[both continue laughing]
I can't stop.
[The Whatnauts:
"I Just Can't Lose Your Love"]
I just can't ♪
Lose your love ♪
Your love, I'll prove
- I love your smell.
- I hate how I smell.
- Can I smell your neck?
- No.
Do you want me to do it anyway?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
There's not a starless night ♪
I'm wondering what to do ♪
I'm like a stringless kite ♪
Blowing here and there,
blowing everywhere ♪
Lonely as can be,
darling can't you see ♪
I miss you so
I hate how your voice goes low
when you want to be charming.
I hate how you
mirror other people when
you're trying to impress them.
[Jane grunts]
I love how you
never do that with me.
I just can't
I love when you watch me.
Your love, I'll prove
I'm worthy of
I love your cheeks.
[Jane chuckles]
They're like pancakes.
I want to eat them.
I love your nose.
- Has a weird dimple in it.
- [laughs]
It looks like a lion.
I want to eat your nose.
Why did you kill Max?
I didn't kill Max.
You tried to shoot me,
and you shot him.
- Why did you try to kill me?
- I didn't.
Lonely as can be,
darling can't you see
I hate that cat.
I didn't try and kill you,
I didn't kill Max.
tried to kill me,
tried to kill me and my mom.
No, I didn't.
I went to her house.
- Her place was touched.
- No.
That wasn't me.
Then who was it?
- [door opens]
- [Jane #2] Hello?
- Hello?
- Hello?
- [door closes]
- [Jane #2] Wow.
- [John #2] Yeah.
- [Jane #2] What a mess.
[John #2] Wow.
[Jane #2] Wow.

[John #2] Party animals,
you two.
You must've used every gun
in this place.
I was expecting
to find two corpses.
How'd you guys get in here?
- The supe. Yeah.
- Supe gave us the key.
[Jane #2] I know
what you're thinking.
Don't be dramatic.
- Put your hands in the air.
- Yeah, actually
uh, wait, uh, guys,
how about a sit-down?
- It's nicer that way.
- Okay. Yeah.
- Right? Just, just
- All right.
[John #2] Sit. Come on.
[Jane #2] Yeah, let's sit down.
[John #2] You guys want a drink?
No. We're on truth serum.
- I-I'll take one.
- Smart man.
- You're on truth serum?
- Yeah.
Oh, um, are you armed?
[glasses clinking]
- No.
- No.
Are there any loaded weapons
in the house?
Yeah. In the freezer,
there's one taped.
There's one on
the stairwell, I think.
There's one taped
to the kitchen trash.
And then one behind the couch.
[Jane] And I don't think
there's any more
'cause I think we used the rest.
- We used most of them.
- [Jane #2] This is bizarre.
We've finalized a lot of Smiths,
but never on truth serum.
What does "finalized" mean?
[Jane #2] That's when
you take out other Smiths.
They call it "finalizing."
How often do you finalize?
- That's all we do.
- [sniffs]
What else could
"extremely high risk" be?
Extremely high risk.
- You kill other Smiths.
- You kill other Smiths.
It's a bummer.
We really liked you guys.
- We do.
- You're fun.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
We liked you, right?
Until we didn't.
At the end.
Th-The guy in El Salvador,
[Jane #2] A Smith.
I mean, he was a Smith.
You know, everyone wants to
try to make a break
for it and
it it's silly.
- Yeah, the more you submit to Supe
- Yes.
the stronger your faith,
- the easier it all becomes.
- The easier it is.
Why do you guys talk about him
like he's a god?
'Cause he is.
How do you think I knew
where to find you?
That wasn't a coincidence.
Farmers' market,
juice tent, 11:52 a.m.
He's never wrong.
He knows what you're gonna do
before you do it.
He knew where you were going
before you knew
where you were going.
He knew us all
before we were Smiths.
And he the things that
he knows, what he tells us,
- they're incredible.
- [John #2] Everything he says.
It's like you do
what he tells you to do,
and you are rewarded
with the gift of the present.
'Cause the future
isn't guaranteed.
Amen. [sneezes]
Ah, fuck.
Ah, fuck!
Holy shit, I'm blind!
Holy shit!
My eye!
What the fuck?!
- John, quiet!
- My eyes!
- I need to hear where they are!
- Fuck!
[John] Jane?
[gunfire continues]
- [groans]
- [elevator whirring]
[John #2] Babe, I'm fading.
I'm fading.
[John] Clear.
- [John #2] There's too much blood. I'm gonna die.
- [beeping]
[Jane #2] Just calm down.
[door clunks]
[Jane] Clear.
[lock clicks, beeps]
[pounding on door]
Let me see.
- [grunts] Just
- Yeah.
- Just go slow.
- I will.
[John groans]
[Jane quietly] Okay.
[banging on door continues]
This is just to slow it down.
- Okay?
- Okay.
We're not gonna leave yet.
How many bullets do you have?
How many do you have?
I never had any.
Okay. [sighs]
Just let me think. Um
[John grunts]
[John] Hey.
Don't open that door.
She's banking on that. No.
There's no use
in both of us dying.
- I'm not
- [gun clatters on floor]
We're not doing that.
- [shaky breath]
- Just
What's your plan?
You're asking me?
I'm asking you.
It's gonna be
It's gonna be dark
in a couple minutes.
She'll either have
to turn on the lights
or she'll be sitting
in the dark.
Both of those
are to our advantage.
- I
- Mm-hmm?
So we just wait.
We just wait.
[shaky breath]
Is it bad?
[Jane sniffles]
Hey. John.
- John.
- I'm awake.
- Look at me.
- [grunts]
I want to tell you
something important.
We can have one kid.
All right?
And that's it,
I'm not negotiating.
I want to live in the mountains.
We have to find a place
for my mom.
[Jane] Mm-hmm. [sniffles]
- Yeah. [sniffles]
- Yeah.
What's your real name?
I like Jane.
I like John. [sniffles]
[John exhales]
[keypad beeping]
[rejection beep]
[keypad beeping]
[rejection beep]
[keypad beeping]
[rejection beep]
Hey. John.
- [grunts]
- Stay awake.
[keypad beeping]
[rejection beep]
I'm gonna shoot her.
[keypad beeping]
- [rejection beep]
- Here. Stay awake.
I'm gonna go for it, okay?
[shaky breath]
Look at me.
Just breathe.
Stay with me.
[rejection beep]
I'll go out, count of three.
You just stay there,
you breathe.
And I'll shoot her
and we'll get out.
Is that a good plan?
[rejection beep]
You okay?
Count of three.
I'm gonna do it,
and we're gonna get out of here.
Count to three with me.
- Three!
- [door opens]
[muffled gunfire]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [siren wails in distance]

I brought you a book.
I'll just, uh
I'll leave it here.
Seth. Hey.
So, I think they might be
ready to sell.
Gonna sell the shit
out of this Moby D.

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