Mr Robot (2015) s01e08 Episode Script


1 The redundant backups, their Eastern data center in China The Dark Army is covering us on that.
We can go now.
If we move forward and they don't China still holds all the redundant information.
It will be pointless.
If we can talk to Whiterose directly No way he's meeting you face-to-face.
You fools actually got your wish.
I don't know why, but the meeting's actually gonna be on.
I'd tell you to be careful but I know that's the last thing you're gonna be.
I had the sys admin check that server again.
Of course there was nothing.
I have no idea what there was to even be suspicious about.
Why do you have my work ID? I placed a malicious CD in my work computer.
I need you to do something for me.
Our new Chief Technology Officer, Scott Knowles.
Meet me tonight on the roof.
The cameras have been out since March.
No one will know.
Stop! Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-) What if this all went away? The city.
The money.
All Of it.
What? Like a zombie apocalypse or something? More like a revolution.
Last time we hooked up, we agreed to check politics at the door.
There's no middle anymore.
It's just rich and poor.
This shit is way too heavy for me this early.
I gotta go to work.
Solving the world's problems one spreadsheet at a time.
Hey, it's either suits like me or the government.
And we all know how well they handle things.
Why can't the world just take care of itself? Because the world is filled with stupid people.
And I get paid a lot to be smart.
Hey There's not just the rich and the poor.
There's you in the middle somewhere, the consummate survivor.
I'm in a ballet class right now.
No, Ollie, I can't talk to you about this right now.
I don't care, Ollie.
I don't care who you ran into or what he said.
Tell me you're not getting back together with him.
Jesus, no.
Just leftover work stuff.
Have you talked to Elliot? Yesterday.
Seems like he's pulling himself together, but you know how he is.
Feels like I'm always worried about him, you know? Yeah.
- He's had a shitty month.
- Or 20 years, - take your pick.
- Then, why are we the ones that always end up so stressed? Try waking up in your childhood bedroom, then taking Jersey Transit for two hours to make a 7:00 ballet class in the city.
Well, silver lining, you get to see moi.
All right, everyone.
First position.
I hurt Krista.
I don't feel good about that.
I hope you're not mad at me.
But you have to admit she's just like everyone else.
Too afraid to peek over their walls, for fear of what they might see.
Not me.
That's what I do.
I look.
Did you get everybody back? Tell him to follow the proper commands or the sequence won't initiate.
Using the back door, we planted with our Raspberry Pi.
Jesus Christ, man.
How long have you been sitting on all this? I installed a patch four weeks ago and I've been monitoring it daily.
No rest for the wicked.
I wanted to make sure it was all updated at the Steel Mountain locations before the meeting with Whiterose.
- Yeah.
These AirDream guys are so dumb.
Who has all their thermostats phone home to the same network? I'll sync up all five locations so they heat at exactly the same rate.
No offense, but I'll handle that.
You should take care of the alarms, so there's no signal of the temp raise in any vaults.
No, reroute AirDream's traffic.
Make sure to erase any and all signs of our activity.
Where were you? - I need a word.
I gotta get to work.
- Not sure that's wise.
What the hell is that? - They're following me.
And they're probably following you too.
They were on the subway.
Okay, Cisco's warned me about them.
These guys are dangerous, Elliot.
The Whiterose meet might not go down the way we want it to.
Yeah, well, I don't even know how to use a gun.
Besides, I'm not even sure I'm the one they wanna meet with.
You're definitely the one they want to meet with.
And when you do, you need to be careful.
I'm serious, Elliot.
What are you doing? I'm calling myself from your phone, that way we have each other's number.
Wait, Darlene.
We don't do that.
That's to protect fsociety.
Okay, but we need to protect each other right now.
Lose Darlene's number.
It's a rule for a reason.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna use it.
She's right about one thing.
You're the one they wanna talk to.
We can't afford any distractions.
He's so obvious, why don't you just kill me now? - Oh! - Jesus, Blake! Were you fucking tip-toeing? God damn it, look what you've done.
Watch where you're going! But you - Good morning.
- Not now, Elizabeth.
Hold all calls.
Cancel any meetings.
I'm busy today.
But, Mr.
Gideon Goddard is here to see you.
I'm sorry.
He was very persistent.
He wouldn't leave.
No, that's fine.
Thank you.
Uh, do you want me to, uh Oh, yes.
I'd love some coffee.
One of my employees confessed to breaking chain of custody with the Colby .
DAT file.
Unfortunately, this admission will render the evidence inadmissible, and Colby free of charges.
Now before you say anything, I want to assure you that Allsafe has doubled its efforts to find the hackers, whether it be reconfirming Colby's involvement, or finding the real perpetrators.
We've air gapped your private network, implemented a honeypot, reconfigured all firewalls, - and systematically - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
A honeypot? For what? Uh, a specific server involved in the last fsociety attack.
I know we checked it out, but if there's even a chance the hackers are still in the network, the honeypot will ensure that they can't cause any damage.
They'll log into the decoy server we've set up thinking they're on your main network.
And I'm personally keeping tabs on all traffic.
So you have our full attention.
Well, I appreciate your transparency.
Well, so, you understand then? Of course.
In fact, I'd like to look over your findings, especially this server.
So, please send me the research.
Of course.
Of course.
Well, thank you again for seeing me.
Wellick? Mr.
Wellick? I specifically asked not to be disturbed.
I know, but, um What is it? The police.
It's awful.
- What about the police? - They found a body on the roof.
A body? Who? They're not saying, but detectives came by.
They want to speak with you.
With me? They're questioning everyone who was at the reception last night.
Clearly this is tragic, but unfortunately work goes on.
But don't you think you should - Tell them, they can set an appointment.
I'd be happy to speak with them then.
Oh, and Elizabeth, I need you to connect me with the Dulles Server Farm.
I'll take it on my mobile.
And the file shares? 'Cause client data is inaccessible until we're back online.
Jumping on that now.
Check the logs on the ASA firewall.
I want a full report.
Ollie, sales.
All appointments at Allsafe are canceled until further notice.
Word of this cannot get out.
All right, let's get to it.
This hack is far from devastating.
They already own us.
They're not going after anything valuable.
This is more of a distraction.
But what are they trying to distract us from? Hey, bro.
Always the chatterbox.
You're sweating.
yeah? Yeah, yeah, maybe a little.
Been running around.
Um, look, I sort of need you to handle something for me.
What've they got you doing here? I'm trying to reverse engineer the malware.
Okay, um, I'm gonna need you to stop doing that and take these corrupted drives over to Blank's Disk Recovery on 36th and Fifth.
Why me? Get one of the IT guys.
Everyone is swamped, Elliot.
Dude, this isn't, like, a debate.
I've always wanted things to be cool between us, but I outrank you.
So Here are the drives.
Your appointment is at 2:00.
You cannot be late.
In fact, um, how about you leave right now? It's only 12:00.
Elliot, bro.
Just, just do me this solid, okay? He wasn't just stressed.
He was scared.
Let's see what he's hiding.
What does Angela have to do with this? Well Why didn't you tell me? And say what? "Hey, Elliot, there's a bunch of nude pics of me that some asshole wants to leak online?" I could've helped.
You weren't around.
I've kind of had a rough month.
I'm sorry.
Tell me what happened.
We were being pressured.
By who? Some guy.
He gave Ollie a CD that infected his laptop, stole his pictures, his emails, and browser cache.
He said to install the disk at Allsafe or he would leak everything online.
It was a while ago.
I thought he forgot about us.
I was right, the hack was a distraction.
This is about me.
This is the meeting.
You should've come to me.
I told you, you weren't there.
You're never there anymore.
Something is going on with you, Elliot.
You have not been the same the past couple of months, and this happened before Shayla.
You're wrong.
You're lying.
You don't talk to me anymore.
Just tell me what to do here, because the only solution I can think of is to give up.
God, say something.
You're right.
We don't talk anymore.
It's so strange.
I really miss us.
Why is that strange? Because I never thought I'd have to.
We inherently trust no one, including each other.
I'll never be able to tell her.
There will always be this divide, my wall that she can't look over.
And she knows it.
Trust issues.
The Dark Army has taken extraordinary steps to make sure this meeting is exactly how they want it.
Is that why the infamous Whiterose is such a legend? Because he's more paranoid than the rest of us? I'm Elliot Alderson.
A Faraday cage.
A room specifically designed to prevent electromagnetic interference.
No radio.
No signal.
No Wi-Fi.
Nothing to hack.
I think I'm here to see you.
Am I supposed to follow you? Are you just going to stand there? Or do you want to hand me those drives? Mmm, mmm, mmm.
This meeting has started.
I manage my time very carefully, Mr.
Each beep indicates one minute of my time that has passed.
I have allotted you no more than three minutes.
Are you really gonna do that? I suggest you pick better topics of conversation.
I have 17 more items on my agenda today.
The Evil Corp hack.
We should go through with it this time.
You are turning out to be a grave disappointment.
We were ready.
We had everything set to go.
Dwelling is so inefficient.
Hey, you pulled out last time.
Wasting more time telling me things I already know, tsk, tsk, tsk.
But we were ready.
That is the third time that you have expressed that.
She's trolling me.
You have not advanced this conversation.
Do you intend to? - Since last month, Evil Corp has moved its tapes to - Five backup facilities, and you have a plan to take them all down? Yes.
Finally, you have communicated something.
So are you ready to do this or not? You are the one who is not ready.
It was you who failed all along.
What you lacked was focus.
You strayed from the hack to target Terry Colby.
This opened a vulnerability.
Specifically by Gideon Goddard.
That's why you hacked Allsafe.
To monitor his activities.
And that's when we discovered that he turned your infected server into a honeypot.
Oh, 60 seconds and this meeting will be over.
The concept of "waiting" bewilders me.
There are always deadlines, there are always ticking clocks.
That's why you must manage your time.
I'll find a way to remove the honeypot.
Until 16 seconds ago, you were not aware there was a honeypot.
This does not inspire confidence.
- Wait.
There's that word again.
We'll take care of it.
You know, you could have told us about the honeypot weeks ago.
Every hacker has her fixation.
You hack people, I hack time.
So you should know that when I set a timeline, there's a reason.
You have 50 hours and 23 minutes.
At that point when all parties are ready we will initiate the hack.
We'll do it.
- Maybe next time - Understand something, Mr.
After I leave, you will never see me again.
There are very people in my life that I have enough time to see more than once and you are not one of them.
Trust me.
That's not going to matter.
Why are you doing all of this? The hack? Why are you working with us? 50 hours and 20 minutes left.
I need to figure this out.
Gideon's been spying on me the whole time.
Honeypot service order.
I gotta do that now.
Security token.
Gideon's phone.
I need his phone.
50 hours and 19 minutes left.
She infected me with her time paranoia.
We're all living in each other's paranoia.
You definitely can't argue that.
Is that why everyone tries to avoid each other? I need to calm down.
I wish I could be an observer like you.
Then I could think more calmly.
This is comfortable.
Less stressful.
In fact, I feel like I can see everything, know everything this way.
Hmm Do you know more than me? That wouldn't be fair.
My imaginary friend knowing more than me.
So what would you do now? We need a distraction to get Gideon's phone.
Darlene? I need you to do something for me.
She can help.
My boss at Allsafe, Gideon.
Sometimes it's hard to listen to an explanation.
Even when it's from myself.
Especially when it's from myself.
It would be so much easier to only pay attention when I needed to.
To just Arrive at the conclusion.
Is that what you do? One hundred large MMS files to Gideon's phone, drained it.
Corporate greed is a trickle-down desire that reaches even the bottom of the food chain.
And for what? Wealth? What the shit? - Power? It's a pathetic fable and you, Allsafe, are a defender of this pitiful avarice Holy shit.
Fsociety knows us.
But your sweet dream is over, and your nightmare is about to begin.
We are warned that those who are complicit What the hell's happening now? those who aide the tyrant, those who accept the tyranny, have no place in the new order.
The distraction is momentary.
Hopefully all I need.
They will know our justice and we will show no mercy.
Gideon Goddard, you are a lackey to your corporate overlords.
Someone shut this off.
Defending those that bleed the innocent.
Serving them.
Slave to master.
It's ignoring the remote.
They hacked our Smart TV.
Congratulations, Mr.
It's posting to our website.
And YouTube.
You will soon be finished.
In 90 seconds this code will change.
If I don't log in with it on my computer before then, I'll lose everything to time.
We are exposing your role to the world.
No, let it finish.
And the world is very angry.
Sixty seconds.
Whiterose was right.
We run from one deadline to the next.
Where's Elliot? What are you doing? I was working on the local backups.
Why weren't you in there with us? I was worried about the - It just doesn't add up.
All these events keep happening around your appearance, your disappearance.
Gideon - Forget it.
I don't want to hear it.
Every member in this company stood in there watching the single worst thing that's happened to Allsafe, and where are you? At your cubicle? Doing what? Gideon, I hate to interrupt you, but - No, not now, Ollie.
Evil Corp's on the phone.
I'll be back.
We're not finished here.
I know, you thought I didn't put the code in time, but I had to hide it quickly before Gideon saw it.
Have I told you what I saw when I hacked Gideon? When I peeked into his secrets? I saw a good, honest man.
Gideon was wrong.
I am finished here.
I'm not good for him or this place.
He was only protecting his people.
But me? I'm doing this to protect everyone.
It seems you've been very busy lately.
I have to know what you're planning.
We were meant to be allies.
We might just want the same thing.
And I need to be involved.
I'm pretty positive you're dead wrong about that, my friend.
I don't think there's anything we could possibly agree on.
I don't know what game you're playing, but I suggest you cut the bullshit.
If there's nothing else, I think we're done here.
Aren't you forgetting that I know your dirty little secret? There are people close to you that wouldn't be happy if they knew what I know.
We're both too smart to allow pettiness to dictate our actions.
We're better than that.
Weigh the pros and cons.
Do what you need to do, but as soon as the tabulations are over with, you'll know that telling anyone about that does neither one of us any good.
In fact, you'll realize that the only thing to do in your position when it comes to me, is nothing.
Good evening, Mr.
I'm Detective Quattlander, this is Detective Jones.
As I know you're aware, we were hoping to speak with you at your office today, but your assistant said you're out.
What's this about? We're investigating a murder that occurred at your husband's place of employment, ma'am.
May we please come in? A murder? Ma'am, do you mind speaking in English, please? I think this is inappropriate, you coming to my house like this, upsetting my wife.
- I will be in my office tomorrow.
- Mr.
Wellick, as you can imagine, this is very time-sensitive.
We just need to ask you a few questions.
Actually, both of you, since you were both in attendance at the reception last night.
Yeah, I can assure you, we have no information whatsoever.
It'll only take a moment.
And you both did know the deceased, Sharon Knowles.
You did know her, yes? Sharon Knowles? That's terrible.
Um, yes, yes, we did know her.
Please, come in.
Have a seat.
Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea? Coffee would be great.
Tea, herbal if possible, please.
What time did you last see Sharon Knowles last night? Mr.
Wellick? Are you okay? Ahhh! Joanna? Uh, I think the baby's coming.
We gotta get her to the hospital.
Okay? How'd it go with the climate control hack? Handled.
I happen to be really smart and good at things.
Not like you give a shit.
We should celebrate then.
In 43 hours, exactly, our server will no longer be a honeypot, and that rootkit you wrote, will take down Evil Corp.
We did it, Darlene.
It's gonna happen.
We're really doing this? Whoo! Oh, my God.
Be happy.
You did this.
You did it.
Just like that, Elliot, you're gonna change the world.
We did this.
I would love to take credit on this one.
But I can't.
No, really, this was you.
You are seriously the best person I know, you know that? I love you so much.
Oh, my God, Elliot! What the fuck? I'm sorry.
What the hell is wrong with you? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I thought I just I'm sorry.
Oh, my God, Elliot.
Did you forget again? Did you forget who I am? What do you mean? Forget what? Elliot, I need you to tell me who you think I am.
What are you talking about? Tell me right now.
What are you saying? Elliot I mean of course I did Didn't forget.
You're Darlene.
You're Darlene.
You're Darlene.
I know.
I know what she's going to say.
I'm your - Sister.
You're my sister.
Darlene and I'd hide in movie theaters all day.
Darlene would sing, Frère Jacques.
She rode her scooter in front of our house.
I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
She tried to run away in the third grade.
How come I didn't remember that? We slept in the same bed when our mom was mean to us.
Why did I forget? I remember her voice.
How could I forget? I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
I'm crazy.
Are you freaking out? Tell me the truth.
Were you in on this the whole time? Were you? Think, God damn it, think.
How can I just forget her like that? A whole person, a relationship.
Is this amnesia? What else am I not remembering? I'm crazy.
I should have stayed on the meds.
I'm crazy.
I'm out of my mind.
I knew it.
I should have never created you, I should have listened to Krista.
I avoid myself.
Why? I'm afraid.
Afraid of what? Finding too much, too little, nothing at all? Do I even exist? See me.
Elliot Alderson.
I am here.
Now I'm gone.
We have to hack Me.
No identity.
I'm a ghost.
Did I erase myself? I think we should talk.
Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-)
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