Mr Robot (2015) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Come on, will ya Will ya go? Come on, go.
You cheated on your current wife with seven different women.
I got digital proof of all of it.
And if you don't stop seeing Krista your wife will know everything.
And one more thing.
I'm gonna need something from you.
I don’t just hack you, Krista.
I hack everyone.
So I gotta be honest, I was impressed by you.
I think I can land you a pretty lucrative gig.
Who are you? That'll come later.
Elliot, listen to me.
I will never leave you.
I will never leave you alone again.
Who are you talking to? Since last month, Evil Corp has moved its tapes to Five backup facilities.
And you have a plan to take them all down.
Why are you working with us? The hack, everything, maybe we shouldn't execute it.
Why? The minute our infected server gets back on the main network, we're set.
Scott will continue here.
But you, I'm afraid, cannot.
What the hell are you - Shh.
I don't know what your grand plan is, but I need to, and you're going to tell me.
Why did you do it? What did you hope to accomplish by doing all of this? I wanted to save the world.
So good to see you.
You look great.
Can I get you a drink? Look, Michael, I don't Jesus.
I forgot.
That's not even your real name.
Uh It's, uh, Lenny.
Just tell me what's going on.
How advanced is it? I already emailed my friend at Sloan Kettering.
And if it's as serious as you say Krista, Krista Then she wants to see Look I'm not dying.
You're a sick motherfucker! Look, hold on.
Don't you ever call me again.
Even when you are dying.
One of your patients hacked me.
Some kid His name's Elliot Alderson.
I went to the police already.
Please, sit back down.
We need to talk about this.
The police had their cybercrime division look into it.
They've been trying to track him down for the past six weeks.
What is this? That proves it was him.
He took my dog to the vet.
See, she was micro-chipped And I gave her chip number to all the vets in the city.
This sick fucker not only hacked me and ruined my life, he stole my dog on top of it.
This guy's certifiable.
I mean, he's seeing you, so technically, he is.
What did he do to you exactly? He made me, you know, say all those things to you.
This kid should not be allowed to do what he did.
He hacked into my private life.
And then those Ashley Madison dumps happened.
My wife found out about everything anyway.
After the whole thing, she left me.
I can't even see my little girl.
The divorce is Is a nightmare I don't give a shit about your divorce.
If he's doing this to me, then he must be doing this to other people.
Think about it, if he knew enough about me to hack me, then that means he must've hacked you, too.
He did, didn't he? I can't talk about this with you.
Hey! You have to help me catch him.
The dog thing alone isn't enough.
My buddy says this Computer Abuse and Fraud Act is tough to prosecute.
You need a A lot of evidence.
All right, this kid is good, Krista.
He was routing through something called "proxies" or something out in Estonia.
He's untraceable.
Short of that whole country falling apart, we're never gonna get our hands on any real evidence.
And just what exactly do you think I can do? Maybe he said something? You know, in your sessions.
Come on, don't give me that privileged information bullshit.
This guy's committing a crime, a serious one.
He deserves to go to jail.
If you know something, if he said anything, you have to tell me.
Look, I'm not the enemy here, he is.
We were a good thing.
Remember? I mean, don't you remember this place? We had some good times here.
Come on, don't stay mad at me.
I really loved you.
He never told me anything.
I can't help you.
The asshole stole my dog! The response to the Japanese and Chinese stock markets has provoked panic, setting off the downward trends of the European stock exchange.
But, what's even more worrisome is that the IMF has no leverage against these defaults.
Already, 17 governments are said to be in large-scale crisis, with some on the verge of collapse.
Amongst the countries are Lithuania, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Estonia.
This faction has deemed the hack This is a world destruction, Your life ain't nothing The human race is becoming a disgrace Countries are fighting with chemical warfare Not giving a damn about the people who live there Yes, the world is headed for destruction Is it a nuclear war? What are you asking for? Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-) This is a world destruction Your life Who am I? Excuse me? I mean, where am I? You've been parked in the lot for the past two days.
That's as much as you paid me before the credit card systems went down.
I'm gonna need some cash, man.
This is Tyrell's.
Why were we in there? Aw, don't tell me you don't have any cash.
Huh, you're shit out of luck for a while, buddy.
I don't understand.
How long have you been asleep? Seriously What do you remember? Wait I don't even trust you.
Hey! Hey.
Where are you going? What about your car? Hey.
I'm gonna tow your car tonight! What took you so long? I just had to shower and change.
You're still new here I wouldn't push it.
Jesus Christ, finally you're here.
Where have you been? Yeah, man! I mean, not cool, not cool at all.
I thought we were gonna execute together.
I mean what is goin' on here? He's just saying that we had planned on something a little more ceremonial.
Ceremonial, man? We been wiping drives, wrinkling cables, pulling fiber chops in the adjunct vaults.
Everyone, lay off.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
'Sides, whatever, the point is, it worked.
What did I do? We need to clean up and get the hell outta here.
Were you there? Did you see it? What did I do? Elliot, what's going on? You disappear on me at the apartment and come here to execute without even telling me? Execute.
It executed? But how? I What happened to Tyrell? then you're gone for another three days.
Where have you been? Are you saying it went through? Like gangbusters.
Everyone's loving it.
People actually wanna join fsociety.
They're organizing protests all across the city.
Elliot! What's going on? Are you still seeing him? No, but I need to.
Dude, you can’t just leave.
We're in wipe-down mode here and we need your help.
I told you we shouldn't have done this.
So, okay.
Your burn rate.
That's rent and utilities alone is 50,000 a month.
Your lease isn't up for another three months, so we have to eat those costs no matter what.
So, that leaves us with staffing, operations, outstanding loans, equipment rentals.
I'm just gonna call it, Gideon.
You have to shut down Allsafe.
Maybe I can just buy some time.
We could bounce back from this.
Gideon, your number one client is in the middle of a major crisis.
You can't escape the fallout from this.
As your part-time CFO and your friend, I have to be honest and tell you, this is beyond bleak.
When is it not? I'm sorry? Ever since I started this company it's felt like we've just been rearranging chairs on the goddamn Titanic.
When was the last time you and I have not had a depressing conversation? Gideon, I handle the money.
It's always gonna be a depressing conversation.
The best thing you can do for them is to let them know soon, so they can find other jobs.
And What? All their 401k's were tied up in the market which is expected to plummet once the bell rings.
Well, that's only rumors at this point.
What? It seems to be a little more than rumors.
Every bank is essentially affected.
I know I couldn't use any of my credit cards over the weekend.
Could you? Oh, I don't know.
There might be a silver lining to all this.
If what they're saying about these fsociety hackers is actually true You'll now have no debt.
Why did Tyrell let this happen? He was with me.
I told him the whole plan.
He was gonna stop it.
A simple program A worm that can make data unreadable.
Malware that took Darlene maybe two hours to code.
Is that really all it takes to kill the world? Shouldn't I be enjoying this? Why am I even looking for Tyrell? Isn't this what we wanted? So this is what a revolution looks like.
People in expensive clothing running around? Not how I pictured it.
I wonder what stage they're at.
Denial, muttering to themselves, "No, this can be fixed.
" Maybe bargaining, forcing their techs to work overtime to try to decrypt our data.
Or have they come to the realization yet that Darlene encrypted everything with 256-bit AES and it would take an incomprehensible amount of time to crack.
Security breaches That all of their data is actually gone, for good.
I have to find him.
I have to know what happened.
Can I help you with something? Yes.
I'm looking for Tyrell Wellick.
He's not here.
He doesn't work here anymore.
Why are you here? What do you need to see him for? And yes, confirmation coming in.
Fsociety's claiming responsibility for the hack.
We are cutting live to the video right now.
Evil Corp.
We have delivered on our promise as expected.
The people of the world who have been enslaved by you have been freed.
Your financial data has been destroyed.
Any attempts to salvage it will be utterly futile.
Face it.
You have been owned! We, at fsociety, will smile as we watch you and your dark soul die.
That means any money you owe these pigs has been forgiven by us, your friends, at fsociety.
The market's opening bell this morning will be the final death knell of Evil Corp.
We hope, as a new society rises from the ashes, that you will forge a better world.
A world that values a free people.
A world where greed is not encouraged.
A world that belongs to us again! A world changed forever! And while you do that, remember to repeat these words.
"We are fsociety.
"We are finally free! "We are finally awake!" Authorities have been trying to locate the whereabouts of the mysterious masked man as well as other members of the fsociety collective.
The investigation is still underway.
The FBI cybercrime division is working Where's my bag? I need my bag.
It It has all of my papers.
I put all of your talking points on these index cards so that you wouldn't have God damn it! Will you please just give me my bag, for Christ's sake! I asked you to keep it close by! I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it.
I was just trying to Never mind what you meant.
Just do as I say.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to snap at you.
It's been a long day and I I'm not used to all the young, new faces around here.
No problem.
Four minutes, people! It's your last look.
Let's go.
So, anyways, this should fry anything and everything to a crisp.
You're in luck, my boss is at the bank.
Seems like everybody's lining up this morning.
So you got some time.
Jesus, are we really doing this right now? Hey, I don't need no judgment.
Not like I wanna be here either.
Sorry, dude, I got no sympathy.
You don't want to put cute puppies out of their misery, you don't have to.
It's just sick.
That ain't on me.
I gotta pay the bills.
Only reason why I'm here.
You know, I've run all the scenarios of our little revolution here, but, uh, using a dead puppy oven was not on my list.
Teddy sniffing glue he was 12 years old Fell from the roof on East Two-Nine Cathy was 11 when she pulled the plug On 26 reds and a bottle of wine Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old He looked like 65 when he died He was a friend of mine Those are people who died, died Those are people who died, died Those are people who died, died Those are people who died, died They were all my friends, they just died G-berg and Georgie let their gimmicks go rotten, So they died of hepatitis in upper Manhattan Sly in Vietnam took a bullet in the head Bobby OD'd on Drano on the night that he was wed They were two more friends of mine Two more friends that died Those are people who died, died They were all my friends, and they died Mary took a dry dive from a hotel room - Bobby hung himself from a cell in The Tombs, Judy jumped in front of a subway train Eddie got slit in the jugular vein And, Eddie, I miss you more than all the others Can I help you? Yeah.
I'm looking for Tyrell Wellick.
Is he here? No, he's not.
Do you know where he is? Who are you? Good question.
We work together.
He'll be home soon.
He just called me from the car 10 minutes ago, stuck in some traffic.
You're welcome to wait inside if you want.
Whoa! Ah! Shit.
Get up! Fsociety, bitch! What did you say your name was? Uh, I'm Ollie.
And what were you working on with my husband? You've gotta help get me out of this.
There's something about her.
I feel like she can hear us.
He wanted my advice.
You know, about the hack that's going on right now.
When was the last time you saw him? She's lying to me.
He isn't coming.
She's fishing for something.
I'm not sure.
It was last week, I think.
Really? You know, between you and me, I'm a little concerned for Tyrell.
Was he acting strange when you saw him? No.
That's funny.
Because he was acting very strange last I saw him.
Three days ago.
Didn't she say he just called? And then he just vanished.
Excuse me? I don't understand what you're saying.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I think it's just the stress from the past few days getting to me.
Anyway, I shouldn't take up any more of your time.
Thank you, Ollie.
And, Sarah, we've had meetings all weekend handling the situation.
I'm being told by our network storage team that they are in fact getting to the bottom of this.
Plouffe, have you seen the latest stock price? It's hitting an all-time low of $18 and it's still dropping.
How are people reacting to this on the inside? Almost $400 billion of wealth was lost today.
That's pretty astounding.
Are you concerned? That's an interesting question.
Right now, we are focused on tackling the technical issues at hand.
We have loyal customers who are suffering and our number one priority is to address their needs.
We had one of our experts in here earlier today.
They're saying that if, in fact, fsociety's claims are true, your data is inaccessible and could prove nearly impossible to recover.
And given that there does seem to be some legitimacy to this The White House is with us on this.
They're gonna protect everyone's money.
The bottom line is, the public does not need to worry about this.
Plouffe, this was a massive attack.
All of your servers including your data center in China, as well as your offline backups, have been destroyed.
I'm not really sure you can ask the public not to worry.
You want me to be honest? - Of course.
- You're right.
Absolutely right.
The public should be worried.
I mean Personally, my life is over.
My pension, savings, everything has been in this company since I started here.
And that's all gone now.
The truth is, I've been with the engineering team all weekend.
No one knows how to fix it.
In fact, about the only thing we do know for certain is that This will be impossible to fix.
Go take care of this.
Calm down, everyone.
Thank you.
I heard you were leaving for the day.
Um, Mr.
Price Did you need me to stay? No.
No, no.
I I know I'm the CEO of the company, but what you went through, it was traumatic.
I just felt I needed to make myself available.
You are absolutely free to To go home and, and recover.
Of course.
All right? Uh You're Terry's reference, right? I rarely see him impressed with anyone, but you You, well We're glad you're on the team.
And I look forward to you impressing me as well.
Yeah, I'm I'm holding a press conference this afternoon.
Since you're new to the PR department, I I think you should attend.
You might pick up some invaluable lessons.
Um No.
No, I'm not sure that I can.
Well The invitation is open if you should change your mind.
Um You need some new shoes.
Those won't do anymore.
Tyrell Wellick's gone, I wake up in his SUV, and the world's about to fall apart.
I know, I know this looks bad, but I'm sure there's an explanation.
Don't think that! We'll find him, We'll find him.
He's gotta be somewhere.
My dad, Mr.
Robot, whatever the hell he is, if he's not gonna show up, maybe he got sloppy.
Left behind a clue.
All right.
Come out! Come out now! Come on! I need to know what happened! Come on out! I'm here! I'm waiting for you! Come on, man.
Come out! Okay.
We have to go analog for this.
We need to get these fliers out now since we can't be sure anyone's Internet access will work.
Uh What? I'm thinking ahead.
First banking, then infrastructure.
We've been through this.
Now, take these fliers, pass them out.
It's the last step and then we're clear.
You guys are acting like we're walking towards doomsday here.
Well, yeah, it does say here it's an "end of the world party.
" Figure of speech.
You wonder why we're not in high spirits? Maybe it's because our fearless leader goes and shoots up the world and then disappears, yet again, while we're here cleaning up after him.
He knows the password.
Which means I know the password.
What's he trying to say? I'm on the hook for everything? He won't come out to play if I ask, so maybe I gotta force his hand.
I need to use the landline.
I need to get myself arrested.
911, what's your emergency? I have a confession to make.
All right, you got me.
I'm afraid to ask.
Wait a minute, you said you work Was this from the guy The one they're talking about on the news? Um Yes.
You mean to tell me you witness this thing And you're here to buy new shoes? Wow.
That's pretty It's It's just, pretty cold.
How can you work there? That guy said it himself, they're just liars.
I know.
They are.
But, I'm not sure that he knew what he was saying.
Oh, you sound just like them.
Have some moral fiber and leave their asses.
Their practices are well documented and it's all despicable.
Listen, this isn't my business, but don't drink their Kool-Aid.
Look, I just needed a job.
What kind of an excuse is that? You don't understand.
You should hear yourself.
I don't know who you think you're talking to, but I'll try the Pradas next.
Calm down.
I'll get you a caramel latte.
It's on me.
Where is he? You know how this looks, right? Very weird.
I don't give a shit.
Where's Tyrell? We made a deal that helped us both.
Tell me where he is! You're starting to attract some attention.
I recommend you get one of those Bluetooth headsets.
That way people will just think you're the local douche.
Tyrell disappeared, no one knows where he is.
But you know.
So do you.
You forget, kiddo, I am you.
No, you're not.
Is that a fact? Hey, man.
I gotta tell you, I had sex with your mom this morning, and it was fantastic.
Don't have time for you, little man.
Oh, it was real nice.
You're losing it, kiddo.
I'm only supposed to be your prophet.
You're supposed to be my God.
Come on.
The dramatic repercussions of the recent financial meltdown are not relegated to developing nations.
The United States has also witnessed a disruption of order and peace.
While businesses determine how or whether they can function through the uncertainty, individuals have taken to the streets Oh.
Very nice.
I'm glad you reconsidered.
What What is it? Come on You have questions I'm a person with a lot of answers.
Especially right now.
It's just that Well, I can't help but wonder, why do you seem so confident? Everyone else is worried, but you You're sure that you're gonna get through this.
- Why? - Hmm.
People did this, right? Aliens didn't invade our planet.
Zeus didn't come out of the heavens to destroy us.
And zombies haven't risen from the dead.
Whoever's behind this, they're just people, like you and me.
Except of course, I have the full weight of the biggest conglomerate in the world behind me.
You'll come to realize that when you have that, matters like this, they tend to crack under that weight.
Can I ask another question? All right.
Why me? Why am I really here? I know you know who I am.
Why are you letting me be here? Why are you even talking to me right now? None of this makes any sense.
Well, be that as it may, I I find you refreshing.
You're young, bold.
Exactly what we need right now.
- Come on.
- What? There has to be more to it than that.
Angela, just a word of advice.
Don't talk your way out of a compliment.
Shall we? Oh You're still thinking about this morning.
I don't think I'll ever get that image out of my head.
Between you and me, I was glad he killed himself.
He was not a very good person.
He had a gambling problem.
He drank too much.
Most notably, he was weak.
His instincts left a lot to be desired.
Oh, I despise people like that.
In fact, I felt the world was a little better off knowing he wasn't in it anymore.
Uh, I believe even his family will benefit from this, in the long run.
Before we even begin, let's have a moment of silence for our dear, brave friend James Plouffe.
Hey, dirty, Baby I got your money Hey, dirty, Baby I got your money Don't you worry, Say, hey Well, this place is a petri dish now.
Yup, I'd say we got enough fingerprints everywhere.
So that's it then, right? "That's it?" That's it? How about, "That's amazing"? How about we party and thank ourselves for all the hard work we did? Yeah, I don't think Trenton was talking about tonight.
Well, what then? Well, you know, I I think she's saying, after tonight.
Right? Then what? I mean, what do we all do now? Guys! This isn't about what we'll do tomorrow.
This is about what we did.
I mean, look at all these people.
They're free because of us.
Because of what we did in this room.
We are finally awake! We are finally alive.
We are free.
We are free.
We are free.
We are free.
We are free.
I know you killed him.
I know you did it.
I know you did it.
Just tell me what happened to Tyrell.
Shut up! I have played nice for far too long.
I'm so sick of your whining.
It's not gonna change anything, anyway.
Please, you have to do something.
You have to help me, say something, make him tell me.
Stop talking to them.
They can't help us.
We have to do this together.
Just us.
He's right, you know.
You're hurting the whole family, Elliot.
No, no.
This isn't my family.
None of them are real.
Neither is whoever you're talking to.
You're not real.
You're not real.
And what? You are? Is any of it real? I mean, look at this! Look at it! A world built on fantasy.
Synthetic emotions in the form of pills.
Psychological warfare in the form of advertising.
Mind-altering chemicals in the form of food.
Brain-washing seminars in the form of media.
Controlled isolated bubbles in the form of social networks.
Real? You wanna talk about reality? We haven't lived in anything remotely close to it since the turn of the century.
We turned it off, took out the batteries, snacked on a bag of GMOs while we tossed the remnants in the ever-expanding dumpster of the human condition.
We live in branded houses, trademarked by corporations built on bipolar numbers jumping up and down on digital displays, hypnotizing us into the biggest slumber mankind has ever seen.
You have to dig pretty deep, kiddo, before you can find anything real.
We live in a kingdom of bullshit! A kingdom you've lived in for far too long.
So, don't tell me about not being real! I'm no less real than the fucking beef patty in your Big Mac.
As far as you're concerned, Elliot, I am very real.
We are all together now, whether you like it or not.
Fsociety! Fsociety! Fsociety! Fsociety! No.
No! No! I want to be alone.
I need to be alone.
No, you don't want that, remember? Remember how you felt when you were alone? You were in pain.
You were miserable-That's why we're here.
On those lonely nights when you sat and cried in your apartment, you begged us to help you.
You asked us to come.
You needed us to come.
No! I want you to leave! Leave! We're deep down inside you, Elliot.
You can't leave us.
And we can't leave you.
It's true, son.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
I'll tell you exactly what you're gonna do.
You're gonna start listening to us.
The world is a better place because of what we did, Elliot.
And you're gonna realize that one way or another.
Now, here's what I need you to do now.
You're going to walk to the subway.
You're going to get on your train.
You're going to get off at your stop.
You're going to go home.
You're gonna sit at your computer, watch and enjoy the beautiful carnage that we've all created together.
As a new society rises from the ashes.
But you will forge a better world Sound and color with me in my mind Sound and color Try to keep myself awake Sound and color This life ain't like a book Sound and color Try to keep myself awake Sound and color This life ain't like a book Sound and color Try to keep myself awake Sound and color This life ain't like a book Sound and color I wanna touch a human being Sound and color I want to go back to sleep Sound and color Ain't life just awfully strange Sound and color You wish you never gave it all away Sound and color The more the feeling seem to end the same Sound and color Life is Sound and color Sound and color Sound and color Sound and color Sound and color Go ahead.
What's on your mind? I know you're not without your troubles, but we still haven't discussed the coltan mines.
Are you really bringing that up at a time like this? You asked, I answered succinctly.
Well, perhaps I was too hasty.
I'd like, for the moment, to take in the music.
Besides, plenty of other items on our agenda The fucking Congo can wait.
Well, your troubles are weighing heavily on you.
I'm not entirely sure why.
I was told that you know the person responsible.
Yes, yes, of course we do.
And we will handle that person as we usually do.
You seem a little preoccupied yourself.
I don't believe in preoccupation.
It's more of an observation.
Which is? The infamous emperor Nero played an instrument very similar to the one she's playing.
The lyre.
Legend has it that he played it merrily as he watched As he watched? As he watched Rome burn.
Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-)
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