Mr Robot (2015) s04e02 Episode Script

402 Payment Required

1 You're nothing.
You're worthless.
Mom, a lot's happened since last I saw your.
I'm not gonna run.
You should probably leave.
This is exactly what you do when shit like this happens.
You shut down.
- Who are you? - Just a brave traveler who's finally come home.
Susan Jacobs, the General Counsel at E Corp.
When they cleared E Corp, you laughed.
- [GASPS.]
There's security camera footage of him kidnapping Miss Alderson.
Unless you finish cleaning up Santiago's mess, I'm gonna be forced to do something very bad to your mother.
We found their heart.
We rob it, she finally goes down.
I know all about Cyprus National Bank.
Her money's as good as gone.
You hear me? Was that her in the SUV outside? [INHALER SPRAYS.]
Welcome back, Mr.
A symbolic breach in the structure that separated millions and claimed hundreds of lives.
That was 1989.
The world was up for grabs.
All the money, power, natural resources, hell, even borders were negotiable.
The Soviet Union, a great world super power, was collapsing.
And where some saw freedom, a young, imaginative Minister Zhang saw possibility.
A new world order.
So Zhang formed an investment group called Deus.
The goal, bring together the world's wealthiest, most powerful men to consolidate control and manipulate global events for profit.
Zhang courted dignitaries, world leaders, oligarchs, businessmen, and he was a damn good salesman.
The potential profit outweighed anyone's moral reservations, which was proven true in an early endeavor; the First Gulf War.
Something is happening outside.
The skies over Baghdad have been illuminated.
A few backroom deals, a promise here, a bribe there.
Like that, the Deus Group was rich on oil and had a foothold in the military industrial sector.
With the right players in place, running the world turned out to be surprisingly easy.
I have to say, business was booming.
With his network of hackers and terrorists in place, Zhang suggested the Deus Group look in a new direction.
Industrial espionage was yesterday's work.
What better way to gain leverage on everyone than if everyone was connected? During my service in the Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.
The United States was a test case.
Americans seemed the most ready to give their lives over to a box.
Without hesitation everyone jumped online.
You've got mail.
Offered everything they had.
Bank accounts, electric bills, medical records, DNA data, baby pictures.
We staged the biggest coup in human civilization and the whole world volunteered to take part.
Opted in, checked the box, and clicked, "I agree.
" With the Deus Group behind it, E Corp became the world's biggest front.
With every new device we rolled out, there was a new way for the Deus Group to manipulate the public.
But as the world embraced the digital age, we began to see that Zhang had been perfectly positioning himself to take total control.
Zhang's billion dollar machine, he clandestinely built it under the Washington Township Nuclear Power Plant.
The Deus Group now understood we were working for Zhang, not with him.
His pet project which we'd belittled for years had been the singular purpose of the Deus Group all along.
Consider yourself lucky, Mr.
Alderson That I was the one alerted when you walked into that apartment.
It's my duty to dispose of any intruder and report the attempt.
But you didn't.
Why? Crazy, right? Yeah, I never thought we'd still be here, either.
Thought we were goners.
But here we are still alive.
But that's not the crazy part.
The crazy part is we were saved by him, the enemy.
One we've been after this whole time.
Question is, what's the angle? - What's the cost? - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING.]
Because one thing we know by now, it ain't free.
It won't work Your heist.
But you just said the Deus Group funds whiterose's project and the Dark Army.
If I can find a way to rob the Deus Group, whiterose loses everything.
But like I said, the Deus Group is impenetrable.
Whiterose designed it that way.
You can get us in.
Excuse me? It's like you said.
E Corp is a front for the Deus Group.
Last I checked, you're still the CEO.
We can take them all down if we work together.
You have to have a contact at the bank that can get me the Deus Group account numbers.
A real contact.
Susan Jacobs.
General Counsel at E Corp.
She was my designated associate for Cyprus National Bank.
She handled everything.
Withdrawals, deposits, transfers.
I would just receive a text to authorize the transaction, but she Can get around two-factor authentication.
I just need their phone numbers.
Of course.
You think the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has the same cell phone number for more than five days? Or the chairman of Royal Dutch Shell? Let me worry about that.
Just tell me how I can get a hold of this contact of yours.
Well, that's where you'll run into some difficulty.
Susan Jacobs disappeared months ago.
And given how open whiterose is about my inevitable exit from the group, I haven't received another contact.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Alderson, but I really can't help you.
You know what they've done.
You just gonna let them keep doing it? You're trying to stop a speeding train by standing in front of it.
All thi all this, this is just a blip.
They won't even notice.
Whiterose killed your daughter.
You think I didn't look into you, too? I don't know how you justify the shit you do.
Maybe you wanna look back at what whiterose did to Angela and see it as a necessary evil.
A cost of doing business.
Or maybe you don't look back at it at all because deep down you know what happened what's been happening is wrong.
Something inside you is telling you to stop looking the other way.
That can start here.
Even if I were to agree to help you, it's like I said.
This heist It's not possible.
I'll find Susan Jacobs.
Just get them all in a room together.
You want me to randomly request that the entire Deus Group gather in one place - without even a pretext? - In the next eight days.
Eight days? Is that all? That's all I got.
Once whiterose starts shipping their project, I'm dead.
And how do you expect me to pull this off? You've done whiterose's bidding thus far and paid a horrible cost.
That loyalty won't be lost on her.
You can use that.
And if it's your life you're worried about Doing nothing, not fighting back You may as well be dead.
I became a dead man walking The minute I agreed to work with whiterose.
Just like you.
What are we supposed to do now? - He isn't out.
He just walked out that door.
I'd be dead on the floor of my apartment if he didn't want in.
He'll be back.
Besides, he just gave us the name of his bank contact.
A contact that's been missing for months.
So we find out why she disappeared.
We take anything she left behind.
- Yeah? - It's Mom.
She's gone, Elliot.
Your mom was the nicest, most thoughtful woman.
When my dad died, she gave me a shoulder to cry on.
Always had a kind word for everyone.
You two must feel so blessed to have had her in your life.
Yeah, we feel totally blessed.
What are we supposed to do? Um, well, when my dad died, - I turned towards the Lord.
- I mean with the boxes.
Oh, well, oftentimes, like, families find sentimental value in their loved ones possessions.
Donate everything.
Staff are not allowed to pack up a deceased patient's belongings.
You can put a Post-It note on the boxes with the items you wish to donate.
About yesterday I know I was a little mental.
We're cool.
- Are you just saying that or - No, we're good.
Let's just get this done.
Are you gonna help? [LIGHTER FLICKS.]
What's the hurry? She's not gonna get any deader.
You know, for someone who refused to enter this room in the last few years, you seem pretty comfortable now with her gone.
Don't you feel a little relieved? I know I sound like a total dick, but you feel it, too, right? I guess.
You know what? Fuck it.
Why should I feel like a dick for being happy? She was an asshole to us.
Now I don't ever have to think about her again.
Your old Walkman.
Why is it even here? Mom hated music.
It doesn't matter.
Hold up.
I'll take it if you don't.
Cassettes are full-on back.
What? Mom had a safe deposit box? And how long did you work under ASAC Santiago? Three years, since I started the New York office.
Describe his disposition as a senior agent for me.
How'd he treat his squad? Any quirks? - Oddities? - No.
Santiago was always even-keeled.
He treated everyone fairly, with respect, both in the office and out in the field.
Did you ever see Agent Santiago do anything suspicious or out of character before his disappearance on October 23rd? What do you mean by suspicious? It's not every day an ASAC ups and erases security cam footage from the FBI's parking garage before dropping off the face of the Earth.
Oh, right.
You okay there, Agent DiPierro? I'm sorry, just, you seem a little out of it.
You getting enough rest? Can I just have some water? Sir, there's something I know I should tell you, but But what? We're both here for the same reason.
To find Agent Santiago, make sure he's safe.
Now, if there's anything you can do to help us do that I think Agent Santiago was a double agent.
A double agent? Yes.
To be clear, Agent DiPierro, you're accusing your former commanding officer your FBI mentor of working as an operative against the Bureau? I'm sorry, Agent Horton.
I'm just having a little trouble saying this aloud knowing it's on the record and I'm worried.
I'm worried about what might happen, about the repercussions.
What repercussions? Santiago was working with some awfully dangerous people.
No agent wants to see their brother, their sister on the wrong side of the law.
I get that.
But you know it's our duty to uphold the integrity of the Bureau.
Well, take a breath.
Whenever you're set.
Can you tell me who Agent Santiago was working with? The Trujillo drug cartel.
You know, sort of the official punishment of people who break the law, and back then in that place, in that time, what the state did to people as part of, you know, lawful justice is worse than anything Charles Manson did to the people that he had killed in his name.
- What Charles Manson's followers did to the Manson murder victims is merciful by the standards of the lawful justice - Dugout.
- Bonsai.
Dominique, nice to hear your voice.
- How was the interview? - Fine.
We're good.
Listen, instead of Charles Manson doing Clarify for me what you mean by good.
Um, I fed them the cover story.
He bought it and praised me for coming forward.
That's encouraging.
So, you believe it was a successful meeting? Your colleagues believe all is aboveboard? I mean, I was a little nervous at the start, but then I was fine.
Totally fine.
Agent Horton bought it.
I'm sure of it.
Clarify sure.
And thought that when you commit the kind of crimes Um, I mean, I don't know.
As sure as I can be, I guess.
9% sure.
Well, it is just a red letter day.
Now, I know the beginnings are always the hardest but it's best for everyone if you stay calm and keep a level head.
Just one moment.
I'm just finishing a phone call.
Dominique, I want you to know that we are very pleased that you are back to work and on the mend.
Don't be a stranger.
Let us know if there's anything you need, and we'll do the same.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You know, holidays.
Busy, busy, busy.
What can I do for you? I want Beatrice with me forever.
If you are adulterous or involved in fornication which basically means sex outside of marriage you get your head cut off.
There's the cost of living and the cost of dying.
Seems you're paying the price whether you're coming or going.
This is taking way too long.
Susan Jacobs? No, death.
We have to get back to work.
Still running the password cracker on the Ecoin wallet but nothing yet.
And then there's the real price.
Not cash or Ecoin.
The emotional toll.
How are you doing with all this? As soon as we get the death certificate, I'm done.
The toll Elliot isn't willing to pay, whether he's not ready to or just doesn't want to.
I'm not talking about paperwork, kiddo.
I'm talking about the fact that your mom died this morning.
Maybe you should take a minute, deal with what's happening.
The fuck are you talking about? I'm kind of an expert at observing you.
All I'm saying is that you need to stop and take in your mom's death or it's gonna eat away at you like everything else you're holding in.
Here's the only thing I'm holding in.
We need to take down whiterose or we die.
Darlene dies.
Did your expert observation also pick up on that? I agree.
That could have gone better.
Fuck you.
Okay, I mean, how the hell should I know what she would have wanted? But now it's cold and Christmas is coming La, la, la, la Don't look at me like that.
Yeah, she was my mom, but we weren't close.
There was no, "These are my last wishes," conversation.
I mean, fuck.
I can't even remember the last time we spoke.
So give me a goddamn break here, all right? [DOOR OPENS.]
Cremation, cardboard coffin, cheapest urn.
You're not even a little curious about what's in it? I mean, she went through the process of opening a safe deposit box.
That is not the woman we grew up with.
So, I mean, there's gotta be something important in there, right? Hello? Bueller? Are you alive? No, Darlene, I don't think there's anything important in there.
Well, you don't know that for sure.
I mean, maybe there's some secrets.
Secrets? I don't know, like the secret to why Mom was such a bitch.
The deed to a chateau in France.
Adoption papers.
Your adoption papers.
Yo, asshole! Please stop ignoring me! What the fuck is with you, man? I'm here, aren't I? No, you're not.
I thought you said we were cool.
We are cool.
Okay, then prove it.
Come with me to the bank.
What is the point? It's not gonna change the fact that mom's dead.
Just fucking come with me! I need to go, okay? Remember when we were kids and you were scared? You were having one of your episodes.
And I would tell you to squeeze my hand.
And as long as you could feel my hand, you knew I was there and it was okay and everything was real.
Well now I need you to help me.
Make me feel like everything is okay.
You're not gonna find any answers in the old safe deposit box.
Then it'll be a short trip.
He's an Irish mobster out of Hell's Kitchen trying to recreate the glory days but online instead of the streets.
Operates what looks like a legitimate shipping website.
But shipping people, Mr.
Maguire? More like disappearing people.
We pieced together his AlphaBay connections and ID'ed 17 career criminals he helped walk off the street, never to be seen again, living happy lives under new names all over the world.
Maguire, you and I, we could help each other.
You talk to me and maybe I could put in a good word.
You seem a kind lass and I'd love to help you help me, - should I need the helping.
But I'm an innocent man, you see? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Agent DiPierro, I'm sorry to interrupt.
You should see this.
Chaos and sadness in Tribeca tonight following the report of an apparent suicide jumper.
You met with him today, didn't you? Did he seem upset or worried or What are you talking about? They haven't publicly released the name, but it's Agent Horton from the Santiago case.
A spokesperson for the New York Fire Department confirmed that a middle-aged man died on impact.
He jumped from an eighth floor apartment window shortly after 5:00 o'clock this evening.
- - At this time that's as much information - - as they're willing to release.
- - However, I'm told that the identity has been confirmed and that the NYFD has notif It's gone.
What? The safe deposit box.
It's gone.
Payment lapsed two years ago.
We tried contacting the account owner your mother but never heard back.
It's policy to dispose of the contents after a 120 day grace period.
You threw away my mom's shit? It's policy.
What the fuck is wrong with you? [CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING.]
I'll, uh give you a few minutes.
This is ridiculous.
Let's go.
We still have to pick up her fucking ashes.
What's going on? Didn't even know what was in there.
Don't you get it, Elliot? It's not about the fucking box.
It's about the fact that you don't give a shit.
About mom? Fucking sue me for not giving a shit about her - after what she did to us.
- Not mom.
You were right.
She's gone.
I mean, how do you do it? How do you just move on like that? I haven't.
- What are you doing? - Open it.
You recognize that tape? How did mom get this? No idea.
This wasn't for her.
Maybe she wished it were.
Why would she even listen to it? She was lonely.
What are you doing? I'm gonna listen to it.
And you're gonna listen with me.
I can't.
Come on.
It's Christmas It's Christmas It's Christmas [CRYING.]
- All over the world - It's Christmas [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
- All over the world - It's Christmas - Is it recording? - We're live.
- You ready, Angela? - Ready.
Three, two, one.
Good morning, Washington Township.
We are your hosts Elliot Alderson Darlene Alderson And Angela Moss.
And we're here to say ready? ALL: Happy Mother's Day, Mrs.
Moss! Happy Mother's Day.
I love you, Mom.
BOTH: We love you, too.
Come and behold Him [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
Born the king of angels You're a little unbalanced.
The tree.
To the left.
Happy Holidays, Phillip.
I was pleased you reached out, having been so quiet these past few months.
Is that why you're here? - To make an attempt at - Look.
It would be a waste of both our times to speculate on why I'm here.
The truth is simple.
Let's give that a shot.
I'm resigning as CEO of E Corp by the end of year.
Which means, of course, I'll be parting ways with the Deus Group as well.
Well, that is obviously unacceptable.
Your tenure at E Corp will be over soon enough, but you will simply have to wait.
Nothing can rock the boat now as my project has not yet shipped.
Yes, yes, I understand, but here's the thing.
I don't care.
Do not forget your loyalty.
My loyalty has been unquestionable.
You've taken nearly everything from me.
I'd like to leave with what little I have left.
You know that in order for me to replace you as CEO, the Deus Group members must all agree on your successor.
In person.
Well, perhaps a New Year's celebration will befit this fresh start, hmm? Your request is absurd.
You know we can't organize a meeting within the next week.
And yet I have faith you'll find a way.
That is not how this fucking game is played! Game? Game, that word.
There's our problem.
There's an end point.
There must be, eventually.
And I've reached mine.
Since the game is what you care about, you should be happy.
You won.
Oh God let us adore him Christ the Lord [SHOUTING.]
Hello? I played my hand.
And? And now we wait.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
I'm not doing this for you.
You ready? I've got Mom's ashes.
Who was that? No one.
I saw your phone earlier when you were here.
And on the train platform.
Why are you hacking Susan Jacobs's Ecoin wallet? Why do you care? Because I do.
Why? I knew her.
The last transaction in her Ecoin wallet.
At the animal shelter? What about it? That wasn't her.
It was me.
It was you who broke into her house.
You were in jail.
Fsociety needed a new base.
But she caught you.
She was supposed to be out of town.
Darlene what did you do? What, you want me to say it? Jesus fucking Christ! [CHURCH BELL RINGING.]
I knew you wouldn't get it.
Then why did you tell me? I guess I had to know.
Know what? That we'd still be okay.
Even if you knew what I did.
I read what she did.
The Washington Township case.
I need everything you have on Susan Jacobs.
Why? Susan Jacobs was also working for the Dark Army.
And what does that have to do with you? I'm going after whiterose.
You know that's suicide, right? Probably.
And you're gonna do it anyway? Why not give up? Can't.
She'll find me.
She'll find us both.
That's why you're doing this.
I'm in.
This is exactly why I didn't tell you in the first place.
I'm not giving you a choice.
Besides, you need me.
Face it, every hack you've ever pulled off is because Fsociety helped you, and right now we're all that's left, okay? If this is the biggest thing you're ever gonna do, then we're doing it together.
Give me your phone.
I rigged Signal's API to beam GPS coords so we can share locations.
That way if you're ever worried about me, you'll know where I am.
It's done.
Okay, I'm in whether you like it or not.
I honestly wasn't expecting you to say whiterose.
I mean, I knew you were up to something, but you were acting like such a total sketchball, I figured it had to do with Vera.
Vera? What are you talking what does he have to do with anything? Well, that's what I was wondering.
I mean, he freaked me the fuck out when he showed up at your building a couple months ago, but when I told you, you just blew it off like it was no big deal.
I don't need to worry about him, do I? No.
You should get going.
Pull everything you have on Susan.
You coming? I'll be right there.
Elliot, thanks For today.
I don't know what Darlene is talking Price made his move.
We might actually have a shot at whiterose.
But none of that matters 'cause I can't fucking trust you! Listen to me.
I don't know anything about Vera.
You heard what she said.
She told one of us, and it wasn't me.
There's no reason for me to keep that from you.
Fuck it! You wanna go back to not talking to each other? Locking each other out? Fighting for control? Look at me! I am telling you the truth.
I am not the one Darlene talked to.
If it wasn't you, and it wasn't me Who was it? [CHAIR SQUEAKING.]
I've been looking all over for you.
You shouldn't be sitting there.
That's not your seat.
Why? I thought They're not ready yet.
- We need to wait.
- For what? For him.
You mean Mr.
Robot? No.
Elliot? No.
The other one.