Mr Robot (2015) s04e08 Episode Script

408 Request Timeout

1 If they show up and we're gone, my family's dead.
My life puts everyone I love in danger.
My instructions were to find your brother.
Well, in that case, my phone's not gonna do you any good.
I just wiped it.
Do you think it's possible Mr.
Robot is the reason why you can't remember? You didn't exist when I was a kid, did you? - Shh.
- Do not do this to him! He's not supposed to know! Why were you afraid of your father? Were you afraid he was going to ask you to do something you didn't want to do? [SNIFFLES.]
This was our runaway hideout.
He always came here.
Remember somehow we ended up at the Queens Museum instead? When you're eight, running away can be fun.
20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 [WIND WHISTLING SOFTLY.]
What? Who cares what I'm doing? It's none of your business.
Don't worry about it.
I gotta do this.
It's gonna help us.
Just trust me.
Ready or not, here I come! Angela's not gonna find us here.
Just give me a sec.
- I heard that! You suck at this game! [DOOR SLAMS.]
I see you, butthead! I killed him.
I killed him.
Okay, Elliot, we need to call the police.
His phone's ringing.
Oh, God.
The others are coming back.
Did you hear me? We're not safe in this place anymore! Elliot, you gotta listen to me.
Listen to me.
You gotta listen to me, Elliot.
We have to go.
Elliot, we have to go! We have to leave, Elliot.
You have to get up.
Elliot! [ECHOING.]
Elliot! Elliot, look at me.
Elliot! Elliot! Elliot! Elliot! [LINE TRILLS.]
Yo, make it plain.
Yo, he's not picking up, bro, and I gotta fucking piss.
Man, I told you at the Arby's up around the way, bro.
I'm not sitting on no dirty-ass toilet seat, bro.
You know they be getting hep C up they ass in they pores and shit sitting on that toilet, bro? Man, I'm I'm going inside, bro.
Yo, yo.
Boss told us stay here till he done, son.
Bro, I'm gonna be quiet.
Yo, you don't wanna know what's going on up there? Come on, bro.
That was some cliff-hanger shit they left us on.
Yeah, man.
Come on, bro.
Yo, Arby's be delicious, though.
Got that five for five.
Shit's the fiscally responsible meal.
Man, I don't care about fiscally.
When it come to food, I'm treating myself, man, period.
- Yo, you ever had Momofuku? - Nah, see? Yeah, you probably can't afford that.
I ain't never had Momofukus, bro.
I don't even know what that shit be.
You know what that shit be? [FIRE CRACKLING.]
Oh, shit, bro! What the fuck? Oh, sh [DISTANT HORN BLARING.]
What are you doing, dummy? Grab his wallet.
Let's go.
Okay, come on.
We're gonna just get in this taxi.
Let's go.
You're just fine.
Thank you.
Just hold the taxi.
Come on, let's go.
We gotta go.
Gotta go.
It's okay.
I got you.
There you go.
All right.
Okay, take us to the nearest police station, please.
The nearest police station.
From everyone here at the E Corp family to you and yours, we're wishing you a happy holiday season Slapjack! Nuh-uh, my hand was there first.
Doesn't matter.
I called it first, doofus.
Don't call me doofus, dingus.
All right, all right.
Official ruling.
You each get half the cards.
- But, Aunt Trudie - No buts.
I am the referee.
It's not fair.
Well, that's the way it's gotta be.
You're splitting the baby.
You can split my dick hole! Thomas Alan DiPierro, you apologize this instant! - But, Mom - Now, young man, or I'm taking your iPad.
Sorry, Aunt Trudie.
Now you go take a time-out in the living room and think about what you said.
There'll be much mistletoeing Stupid idiot.
Think you can tell me what to do.
- What was that, young man? - Nothing.
Ugh, I'm so embarrassed.
I don't know where he got that language from.
His father.
Probably letting him watch SummerSlam again, the son of a bitch.
There'll be parties for hosting - [DOGS BARKING.]
And caroling out in the snow There'll be scary ghost stories And tales of the glories - Mama? - Not now, Tommy.
Of Christmases long, long ago - Mama! - I said not now, Tommy! [DOOR BANGS.]
Mama! Mama! It's the most wonderful time of the year [SCREAMING.]
There'll be much mistletoeing And hearts will be glowing - When loved ones are near - [WHIMPERING.]
Did you know that cities were created by lightning? It's true.
I heard it on a podcast.
Villages used to be made of organic materials.
Mostly mud, sticks.
Then one night about 12,000 years ago, a bolt of lightning hit a chunk of limestone Which formed a powder that we now know is Anyone? [GROANS.]
Cement? Very smart, Darlene.
You're absolutely right.
Just think what a different world it would be if that lightning had struck a tree or a puppy instead.
This remarkable city you see before you would be nothing but sticks and leaves and Puppy shit.
But the lightning hit stone, and the people of Turkey awoke to find that they were in the cradle of modern civilization, all from one perfect moment of violent convergence.
Isn't it wonderful? Destruction can be so productive.
Her phone is useless.
There's nothing here.
She wiped it clean.
I had hoped for better news.
I told you you were wasting your time.
Looks like you're just going to have to restore your phone for us yourself.
Eat shit.
Then die.
Oh, nasty mouth on this one.
She doesn't know anything.
And even if she did, she wouldn't give her brother up.
Trust me.
Well, I wish I could, Dominique, but you failed me, remember? Of course, I always held out hope that you would rise to the occasion when the time came, but in the back of my mind, I always knew you'd never be able to see it through.
Why? Because I'm not a murderer? [LAUGHS.]
You work for the federal government of the United States of America.
What are you, trying to be funny? No, what I meant was is we all know how much you care about Darlene.
What? The hell are you talking about? Oh, you know.
Miss Alderson's interrogation video? The one you pleasure yourself to? In private? I mean, all that excess energy may be the reason you can't get any sleep, Dominique, but in any case, it's pretty strong evidence of your affection for Miss Alderson, wouldn't you say? Oh, I'm so sorry.
Did she not know? [LAUGHS.]
Uh, that is [LAUGHS.]
Um, I apologize.
But While we're at it What did happen between the two of you? I mean, it just all seemed quite dramatic.
We fucked, end of story.
Mm, come on, now.
I have a feeling there's a lot more to this relationship than just that.
Just sex.
Sorry to disappoint you.
I don't believe you, so no worries there.
Disappointment averted.
Look, cunt stick.
I don't know what you're driving at, but there's no way I'm giving up my brother, so whatever you're gonna do to me, you might as well make it fast.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I wouldn't take it out if I were you.
I am not a doctor, but I am 99% sure I punctured a lung.
Yeah, that wheezing sound is her chest cavity filling up with air, slowly compressing her lung.
You pull it out now, it'll just supercharge the process.
She's got about 15 minutes before she goes into full cardiac arrest or drowns in her own blood.
Maybe longer, since Dominique's such a fighter.
What was the fucking point? She has nothing to do with this.
You said you would never give up your brother.
I simply thought this would be the most expeditious way to break our stalemate.
You give us what we want, we'll get Dominique the care she so urgently needs.
- Or she'll die here.
I'll just have to get it out of you some other way.
Does that make sense? Elliot, you have to come in with me.
I can't do this.
I can't do it.
- Okay.
What do people do? People like me, when then they find out about something like this What can they do? They just try to keep going.
I should have fought him.
If I if I would have if I would have fought him, maybe maybe it would have stopped.
Look at me.
You were just a child.
It wasn't up to you.
I wanna go back to forgetting.
You never did forget.
You may not realize it now, but you've been struggling with this for years.
The itch in the back of your mind, the one you can't scratch? It's always there.
You just didn't know what it was.
But now you do.
He made me feel special.
You are special, and what he did is it's not gonna take that away from you.
You will survive this, Elliot.
Call you tomorrow, okay? No, no, I'm sorry I'm sorry I got you involved in any of this.
You don't you don't have to take care of me anymore.
I'd like to see you again.
You shouldn't go through this alone.
I know.
I know.
Promise me you'll take care of yourself.
Where are we going? [GASPING.]
You sick fuck! She needs help.
She is dying over there.
Oh, I'm aware.
I want nothing more than to get her to our medical team - and have her stitched up ASAP.
- Bullshit.
Even if I gave you Elliot's location, you would just let her die.
That couldn't be further from the truth.
I'm not saying it's been all blue skies with Dominique, but most of our moles have some growing pains at first, and she is honest, loyal, and she loves her family, all of which are qualities that make her easy to control.
No, Dominique has pluck.
Losing her is the last thing I want.
Don't do it.
Don't tell her anything.
See? I knew you two shared a special connection.
Even now, I can sense it.
It's like a kind of Phantom electricity.
I wonder, did Dominique ever introduce you to her mother? Can't say she did.
Oh, that's too bad.
Trudie is my favorite.
You know, at first, I thought our relationship would be purely tactical.
Isolate the mark, ingratiate yourself, find a pain point you know, the usual.
But then I got to know her, and she is just so lovely and kind.
Every other word out of her mouth is about you, Dominique.
She is so desperate for you to find someone that she even looked to me as a potential match.
Can you imagine that? I was so flattered.
You really have to admire a mother who cares so much about her daughter's happiness that she's willing to ignore certain red flags.
Like what, the fact that you're fucking insane? Mm.
You know, when I was in high school, my parents discovered my profound interest in taxidermy.
They had similar concerns, so they had me undergo a series of tests, but the results were always underwhelming.
No signs of personality disorder, no unusual thought processes.
All the doctors arrived at the same conclusion.
That I'm remarkably normal.
You wouldn't be fucking doing this if you were normal.
She can't breathe over there.
Because of you.
Let's remember that.
I see this is causing you a lot of grief.
I didn't want that.
I honestly thought we would have moved on by now.
Let me continue to help you.
What are you doing? I'm making a phone call to our surveillance team outside your mother's house.
Why? Because I'm going to start killing your family members.
Janice, please don't.
- There are 13 of them.
- Janice! - [CRYING.]
- Four children eight adults, and Trudie.
Don't! They're innocent, Janice! Please! I wonder how many of them have to die before you buckle.
Please, Janice, don't! Please! Do not do this.
Please don't! - Stop! - [CRYING.]
Okay, hand me my phone.
I'll give you my brother's location.
I'll do whatever you want.
Just don't hurt them.
Now look who has pluck.
Why did you bring me here? I don't get it.
What are you trying to say? That I couldn't stand up to him? That I ran away here instead? I'm sorry I let him do those things to you.
I'm sorry I didn't fight back.
I'm sorry I didn't protect you.
I'm sorry I didn't protect you.
I am so fucking sorry! I'm sorry, okay? That isn't why I brought you here.
This sign.
It used to be over there.
Can you help me? [OBJECTS RUSTLING.]
This is the key to my old bedroom.
Why would I hide it here? It was Dad's key to our room.
We took it from him so we could lock him out.
We thought that if he didn't have his key He wouldn't be able to come in and hurt us anymore.
That's right.
We hid the key so the monster couldn't get to us.
Don't you see? You're wrong.
This wasn't running away from him.
I was fighting back.
Location checks out.
Alderson's phone was here, but he's gone.
Well, then where is he? We're not sure yet.
There's a dead body, but it's not him.
Thank you.
He wasn't there, Darlene.
That doesn't make any sense.
You're right.
It doesn't.
I gave you access to his location.
We tracked him on my phone.
You saw it for yourself.
You're gonna have to find another way.
There is no other way.
If he wasn't there, I don't know what to say.
I mean, look, my brother doesn't tell me anything.
Okay, if he's not with his phone, it's because either something happened to him or he doesn't want me to know where he is.
You're lying.
Are you serious? I'm not lying.
Yes, you are.
You are a filthy lying liar.
Oh, my God.
She doesn't know.
She doesn't know where her brother is.
She's telling the truth.
Trust me.
I know what it looks like when she's lying.
This isn't it.
It's a dead end.
You know, maybe you're right.
Like my mother used to say: you can't juice the orange when there's only the rind left.
- Give me my phone.
- What are you doing? I'm gonna have my men gut Trudie like a trout.
What? Why? Only way to confirm or deny her statement.
No, I gave you my brother's location.
I did what you wanted me to do.
Correction: you gave me his phone's location, not his location.
No, no.
Think about it, Janice.
My family's all you've got.
If you kill them now Then I'll have nothing left to hang over your head.
No! - I know.
Looks like we both have a lot riding on this, Dominique.
You know, in poker, they would call this an all-in move.
You fucking moron.
You're doing this for no reason.
- I don't know where he is.
- And I'm calling your bluff.
Please, Janice, please.
We can work something out.
- Please.
- I'm sorry, Dominique.
I held off as long as I could.
No answer.
What? Your men.
Are they not answering? And why exactly would you be asking me that? Probably wanna ask him.
Him? Who's him? [GASPING.]
Check my phone.
He's probably been trying to call me.
Dom, love, I've been waiting for your call.
Hello? Sorry for the delay, but your plan worked.
The license plates you gave me checked out.
Don't worry.
Everything's grand.
I've got your family and we're on our way to the safe house.
Who's this? Who the fuck is this? I asked you first.
This is Deegan.
Who's this? This is Janice.
Oh, yeah.
The Dark Army lass.
Listen, tell Dom thanks for the technicality.
We're square now.
Oh, and I'm really sorry about your boys.
What do you mean? What boys? The fellas guarding Dom's mum's house.
I had to give 'em a bit of a holy show back there.
There weren't no other way.
What? Speak English! I fucking killed 'em, dear.
Shot 'em in the brains.
With me gun.
Don't worry, though.
They died with dignity.
Well, a few of them might have shat themselves, but I believe that's what the Frenchies call de rigueur, innit? Mr.
Deegan, I don't think you have taken into account the primal forces you are meddling with here.
If you proceed down this path, I will use every means at my disposal - to make sure that you nev - Yeah, yeah.
I heard it all before.
Take a number.
Et cetera and so forth.
Now you have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Ta-ta for now, you flange.
- You're okay.
You're okay.
- What do I do? - Give me the phone.
I have a 10-13.
Officer needs immediate assistance.
202 West 20th street.
Apartment 16B.
What? You can't be here when they arrive.
No, I am not leaving you like this.
I don't give a shit if they arrest me.
Don't be stupid.
This is all my fault.
I did this to you.
You wanna help me? [GASPING.]
Go find Elliot and take them down.
Hey, kiddo.
Uh, sorry for the time-out.
We're almost good to go.
Darlene's got everything we need to grab the Deus Group phone numbers and intercept the 2FA codes.
And I'm working on a script to transfer all the money.
Uh, but we don't have long.
Meeting's in an hour.
That's not why you let me back in, is it? Wanna talk about it? Mind if I talk, then? [CHUCKLES.]
The only reason I'm here Is to make sure no one ever hurts you.
That was supposed to be your father's job, but he failed.
He was too weak.
But you You were strong.
You fought back [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
The only way you could.
You brought me here to protect you from him.
I tried to keep you safe Only show you the memories when the two of you were friends before I thought I could store the truth so you'd never have to see it or feel it.
The fact is I didn't wanna see it either.
I made a terrible mistake.
I was afraid Afraid of what this would do to you To us.
This was never my secret to keep.
And you deserved better than to live in darkness for so long.
I'm so sorry.
I failed you too.
I understand if you can't forgive me or If you decide to shut me out for good Just as long as you know I am not your father.
I never was.
I know.
You're nothing like him.
That's why I created you.
You're the father I needed Not the father I had.
If I could have stopped him If I could go back in time, change everything that happened to you make it all go away Then I wouldn't be me.
And I wouldn't have you.
I don't know if I can go through with the hack anymore.
I don't know if I can do anything.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.