Mrs. America (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


What is Devs?
What is Devs?
What is Devs?
- Oh, come along
-(indistinct chatter)
With me
To my little corner
of the world
And dream a little dream
Oh, what a handsome devil
you are.
Oh, thank you, Mrs. Thomson.
Oh, Beth would rip my tongue
out of my mouth
if she heard me say this,
but in two years, she'll be 18,
and I want a Schlafly boy to be
my son-in-law. (chuckles)
Relax. I've got two more
right behind him.
Tommy met a girl while he was
on leave in Honolulu.
She was vacationing
with her parents.
-They're from Ladue.
-That's lucky.
When does Tom finish
his tour?
Uh, by Christmas, God willing.
All right, everyone,
let's get started.
We have a lot to do.
-Yes. Um
Okay, so I have booked
the conference room
at the hotel.
If you don't have
a room reserved yet,
see me after.
And I'm coordinating rides
to St. Louis
if anybody wants to carpool.
And we've proved
we can stop the ERA
right here in Illinois,
and it's because
of your hard work
that over a hundred
of my subscribers
want to come to St. Louis
for the weekend
and learn from our strategy
and help launch
our national campaign.
Our goal is to have chapters
in 25 states
by this time next year.
What are we calling ourselves?
Well, I think
the Schlafly Eagles.
That makes us sound
like a group
of middle-aged
German Girl Scouts.
The name should tell people
who we are,
like "League of Housewives."
That's good.
It's too bad it's already taken.
Eagles mate for life,
and I think that tells people
who we are.
But more importantly,
I have a profile in D.C.,
and, uh, if we're going
to catch up with the libbers,
we're gonna need to grow fast,
and my name gives us
instant political recognition.
The problem is "Schlafly"
doesn't exactly roll
off the tongue.
I've known you 20 years,
and I'm still not sure
-where the L's go.
That's before the "A"
and after the "F."
Why don't we vote on it?
Well, if we vote
on every little thing,
we will never be ready.
But we are voting
on state leaders
because I plan on running for
head of the Illinois chapter.
Maybe I'll run, too.
Well, there's more to it
than baking bread
for a few legislators.
Oh, no, that's my manuscript.
Oh, I ruined it.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, it's all right.
It's just the front page.
This is smart.
What is it?
What if we call ourselves
"Stop ERA"?
It would be even better if we
could turn it into an acronym.
-Stop Telling
-Stop Tormenting
-PHYLLIS: No, no
-No, Stop Taking..
-Stop Taking Over
-Stop Taking Our Providers.
Stop Taking Our Privileges.
-That's great.
("A Fifth of Beethoven"
by Walter Murphy playing)
Shirley Chisholm!
Right on, brothers. Don't forget
to vote for the Chisholm slate.
Shirley Chisholm gets
some of her best support
from college students.
The spirit of Chisholm
is what we're here for.
We are the people.
This is a people's campaign.
A recent poll will put
her campus popularity
at second only
to George McGovern's.
We need a change. All men do
is get us into trouble.
We're in more trouble now
than we ever were.
As far as we know,
all the polls
across the state have closed.
Eugene McCarthy
and Shirley Chisholm
got one percent each.
She bristles at the suggestion
she step aside,
lest she draw
liberal votes away
from other Democratic
presidential contenders.
Senator McGovern is likely
to get a good, strong boost
for the Democratic nomination
tonight. 248 delegates
You pushed me to run
as the people's president,
and even if we didn't
do as well as we hoped,
we can still shake things up
at the convention.
-That's right.
-That's right.
Politicians don't give
their support
for a good cause out
of the goodness of their hearts.
-That's right.
You can go to the convention
and yell, "Black power,
here I come,"
"women power,"
any kind of thing,
but the only thing that
those hard-nosed boys
are going to understand:
how many delegates do you got?
-That's right.
-Yes, that's right.
Oh. Senator McGovern.
-You want my delegates?
(deep voice):
Yes, please!
Well, how about
a black vice president?
How about a woman to head
Department of Health?
How about legalizing abortion?
Busing our children
to better schools?
(cheering, applause)
I'm glad you're staying in it.
We got to let
the establishment know
that we done just about had it.
I feel we're about
to be invited
to a street protest in Miami.
Why do we have to be in
the middle of the street while
they are in an air-conditioned
convention center?
I'm tired of protesting outside.
I want to work inside,
where there is coffee
and carpet.
How long these pigs
gonna be sticking around?
Well, George Wallace got shot,
and the president sent me
Secret Service.
We are living
in upside down times.
To be fair, Nixon sent them
to protect you.
-To protector to surveil?
Does he even know
the difference?
The Man's always listening.
Where's Chizzy?
I got to catch that last train.
We need your vote
on the education amendments
this week.
Patsy Mink calls me every day
to remind me.
-You made history.
-But if I could get
the endorsement
of the Black Caucus,
there would be a lot of press
going into Miami.
That is what I need
more than anything right now.
And you know I'm with you
all the way,
but I'm only one voice
on the caucus.
Don't sell yourself short.
-(phone rings)
Baby. It's Bella.
You kicked down that last door.
And you know you have when
the Gridiron Club
invites you
to their annual dinner.
But they didn't change their
male-only membership policy,
-so I replied, "Guess who's
not coming to dinner."
Aw, I'm proud of you.
You ran a terrific campaign.
-Well, I'm still running.
-Primaries are over.
Everyone's getting
on the McGovern bandwagon.
Humphrey, Muskie, Jackson
they aren't getting on it.
You know how it goes.
Party unity.
We can't look divided.
We are divided.
I admire what you're trying
to do, Shirley.
I really do.
I'll see you in Miami.
She's not dropping out?
This is gonna be a problem.
Mine eyes
have seen the glory
Of the flame of women's rage
Kept smoldering
for centuries
Now burning in this age
We no longer
will be prisoners
In the same old gilded cage
That's why we're marching on
Move on over
Or we'll move on over you
Move on over,
or we'll move on over you
Move on over
Or we'll move on over you
For women's time has come
(cheering, applause)
Seems to be
a misunderstanding
'Bout who you belong to
I'm tired of the he saying,
she saying
'Cause I'm so tired
Oh, you set my soul
on fire
(indistinct chatter)
First of all, we're all gonna
have to check in, I believe.
Hello, Mary.
So good you could come.
Why didn't anyone tell me
we were meeting?
I'm staying at the Doral.
-Watch out, watch out!
-This place is a dump. Oh.
Tell me so
-I'd like to give you this.
-Oh. Thank you.
Let me go
Just get on down
Let me hear you
say yeah, now
I'm not telling you
to drop out,
but the caucus
has endorsed McGovern.
I would like to see a list
of the specific commitments
to black needs
McGovern made to them.
-Wa-Walter don't want any chaos
during your speech tomorrow.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
If I tell it like it is
and black delegates
defect to me, that's chaos?
I call it a revolution.
Some of the brothers
question whether you're really
the candidate for blacks
or just for women.
I don't look black to you?
this make me black?
-Do they know about this?
-And the others.
Why are you
carrying this around?
To remind myself
why I'm staying in.
You go up against McGovern,
you're gonna take a beating
back in Washington.
I'm not going to roll over
every time
the Man presses too hard.
If I do, it's just gonna keep up
the pressure,
and I'm going to
keep rolling over.
Uh, we sent letters
to all the legislators
asking them to let us know
if they didn't get bread,
and one representative
from Chicago
actually wrote me back.
"Now, I'm a bachelor, so I don't
care one way or the other
"about the ERA,
but I want my bread,
and furthermore,
I want banana bread."
Luckily, banana bread happens
to be one of my specialties.
You should have seen his face
when we showed up in his office.
He will be ours forever.
Yes. So there's-so there's
nothing more, uh, effective
than in-person contact,
so I suggest that you, uh,
go to your, uh, state capitol,
uh, preferably in pairs,
-and tell your state
-I find appointments
are generally useless.
Just drop by their offices,
look them in the eye and say
"I don't want my daughter
to be drafted."
-I-It helps
if you, uh, bat your eyelashes.
-Okay, yes, uh, Mary Frances.
Thank you.
I just want to tell
each and every one of you
that if we did it in Louisiana,
we can do it in Arizona.
We can do it in Florida
and in Missouri.
We must stop
these commie radical lesbians
from changing our way of life,
or it will be chaos.
-(murmuring agreement)
-If we don't put the brakes
on the ERA,
the traditional family
will be destroyed,
and once that's gone,
it's goodbye, America.
The Lord made men and women
just like He did white people
and the coloreds.
-(murmuring agreement)
-Do we want the sexes
fully integrated,
-like the races?
We must not let the same thing
happen with uppity libbers
as happened with those
uppity Negroes. If we don't
-put the brakes on
-All right, thank you,
Mary Frances.
Uh, thank you.
Uh, we don't have a lot of time,
but I-I know there's quite
a few people who want to speak,
so keep everything ladylike.
Frisk her. She hasn't been
felt up in a while.
Hot off the Chisholm Trail.
-Right this way, Mrs. Chisholm.
Tomorrow, at the rally,
I am going to announce
that we should push McGovern
to choose you
as a running mate.
-She's already demoting you.
First female vice president
that's real political power.
If we're serious
about shaking things up,
we have to keep McGovern from
winning on the first ballot.
If it goes to a second ballot
if I can control
100 or 150 delegates
-I can be a kingmaker.
-Yes. (chuckles)
-If, if, if. You're dreaming.
You got a few dozen delegates.
It's time to drop out.
You've made your point.
Until McGovern has
the majority of the delegates,
it's still anybody's game.
Yes, why can't the caucus
throw its full support
behind Shirley?
We've been over this
a hundred times, Betty.
The caucus is bipartisan.
We can't endorse
presidential candidates
in either party.
Well, we founded the caucus
with Shirley.
We can change the rules.
And it's not up to you, Bella.
Gloria is our spokeswoman,
as everybody keeps reminding me.
-I'm endorsing Shirley.
-SHIRLEY: But you think McGovern
is the best
white male candidate.
Oh, I said it once
to a reporter. I was joking.
Well, I support you
We're not here to take sides.
We're here to fight for
the issues, not the candidate.
We already pissed off
McGovern's campaign
by forcing a floor vote
on abortion.
Now you want us to keep him
from getting the nomination?
It won't work,
and he'll remember.
He'll remember when he gets
to the White House
that we were against him,
and we need him
to get a woman into the Cabinet,
get the ERA ratified quickly,
maternity benefits, day care.
We can't afford
to alienate our male allies.
We finally got our foot
in the door
and now you want us
to kick it down?
Well, serves them right
for making us wear heels.
-If you understood power, you
-I understand power.
I am trying
to protect our interest,
put pressure in the places
that makes real results,
not symbolic.
I am not gonna let your ego
get in the way.
What, my ego? If you were
running for president,
not only would this
entire movement endorse you,
we would host fundraisers,
knock on doors,
make phone calls
Because I would go about it
in the right way.
Do you want us to be taken
seriously or not?
-She got two percent
of the vote.
She took money
from the Black Panthers
and their endorsement.
Her campaign's a joke.
Oh, come on.
Shouldn't have said that.
You always said
you would support me.
Why couldn't you go all the way?
(sighs) I thought
you'd talk to us first.
You just announced.
I didn't get anywhere
in my life
waiting on
somebody's permission.
If you can't support me
get out of my way.
we've come together
"not as a women's liberation
but as women (mutters)
The only
(indistinct conversations)
them people is inferior
to us people.
Daddy, how can a man
who believes in God
talk like that?
Because I'm using the
common sense that God gave me.
Archie, that's
out-and-out hate.
Hate? What has any of this
got to do with hate,
-you dumb Pollock?
-(audience laughter)
I asked them to make you
macaroni pie special
Did you ask them
to put brandy in it?
Who knows what they did to
this room before we checked in.
The caucus wants me
to drop out,
release my delegates
to McGovern.
-Which one?
-(scoffs) Take your pick.
They both have been talking
to high heaven
ever since way back.
A female president by '76,
a black president,
but when push comes to shove,
it's like Pops always said.
-BOTH: One hand won't clap.
And they can't see it.
Bella thinks I'm ego-tripping.
Gloria is just sitting
on the fence.
Why am I the only one
at this convention
who thinks a black woman
being president
is worth the run?
What did you do when the older
kids on the block
-ignored you?
-I punched them.
You punched them.
What's beginning to turn into
a nightmare for the Republicans
all began on June 17,
when, according to police,
five men were caught
with bugging equipment
inside the Democratic
National Convention
It's a shame
Pamela couldn't come.
She needs a weekend away
more than any of us.
I told her
she could bring the baby.
They have cribs.
I don't know Kevin well,
but he sounds very strict.
-What are the legislators
supposed to do with those?
Well, think about
Did you know Jacquie
just became a grandmother?
-She's not even 35.
Yeah, well, she's very proud
of that fact.
Not as proud as she is
of those pillows.
Oh, I should've brought
another skirt to wear tonight.
This isn't appropriate.
Here. Try this.
-Oh, Phyllis.
-No, it'll look great on you.
Well, what will you wear?
Oh, I've got to finish
editing Chester's pages
on our book on Kissinger.
Well, you don't want to come out
with the girls?
Every day that man
is in the White House
makes us more vulnerable
to a surprise nuclear attack.
The Admiral lets you
edit his chapters?
He's a brilliant
military strategist,
but a wordsmith he is not.
I don't know how you even
talk to men.
I have spoken
with exactly four men
-in my entire adult life.
Your father, husband, son,
-and priest.
-And priest.
treasurer quit,
telling people
it was because his wife
was pregnant.
The committee chairman,
John Mitchell, has
Do you know who
I can't even talk to?
I know.
It was really vulgar.
Yes, it was.
It was very inappropriate.
Oh, I am so relieved
you feel the same way.
Can you imagine if Mary Frances
said something like that
in public
to an elected official,
wearing a STOP ERA pin?
How well do you really know her?
Most of our communication
has been through letters.
Well, she could be a member
of the White Citizens Council
-for all we know.
And she is probably
going to be elected
head of the Louisiana chapter.
What am I supposed to do?
Kick her out.
She's an effective organizer.
She's very well-liked.
All the more reason
to set an example.
They say Shirley Chisholm
tells it like it is.
(cheering, applause)
So I'm gonna tell it
like it really is.
-(cheering, applause)
There are women within range
of my voice right now
that support McGovern,
and there are women that support
Humphrey and Wallace.
-And this is your right.
But if you're talking
about women
becoming a political force
to be reckoned with,
you have to decide
whether or not
you're going to go
with the candidate who cares
about women's rights and will
go with you all the way
down the line
(cheering, applause)
or whether you'll support
one of the other candidates
because it has been
the traditional thing to do.
In this country,
everybody is supposed
to be able to run for president,
but that has never
really been true.
Somebody had to do it first.
(women shouting
So I did it.
-(cheering, applause)
-I did it because
I was the only one
who had the audacity
to shake this system up.
(cheering, applause)
Go with me on the first ballot.
Don't play yourselves cheap.
I beg you.
You did not come here
to be delivered.
-(loud cheering, applause)
(chanting): Shirley!
Shirley! Shirley! Shirley!
So now you're breaking
the rules?
-Whose rules?
-The rules.
There are rules to conventions.
Have you lost your mind?
Oh, and who gets to make
the rules? It's rigged
the whole damned system and
it's been going on for so long,
and you don't even
feel the strings.
(cheers, applause continues)
You need to stay on the dais
for McGovern's speech.
It is an honor to introduce
Senator George McGovern.
We are here today because
he fought for party reform.
Every woman in this room
owes him a debt of gratitude.
(scattered applause)
Bella, thank you so much.
Thank you, Bella,
but I can't take
all the credit
some of it has to go to Adam.
Eve! Eve!
I meant Adam and Eve.
-Eve was framed!
-(women booing, clamoring)
Yes, yes, thank you for that.
You know, my friends,
we're at a crossroads
I know the higher the hair,
the closer to God, but I think
I need to give her
the chance to make amends.
But of course,
if I say something
-It'll sound like a lecture.
-Well, it, uh,
might put her nose
out of joint.
Do you want me to say
You have a way with people.
(indistinct conversations)
Hello, ladies.
-Oh, what's this for?
Watch out for Jacquie.
She'll put in a five
-and take out a ten.
-Oh (laughs)
Oh, did you all have a good
time on the town last night?
Oh, too much fun.
And the beds are so comfortable.
-I slept like a baby.
-This hotel is tip-top.
Even the help is white.
-We should have
our next meeting here.
Uh, before our next
maybe we could lay some
ground rules.
Uh, for example,
I think using
racially charged language
denigrates our organization
and undermines our mission.
What do you mean?
I just think we should be
careful not to be crude.
Who was being crude?
Did everyone get their ballots
for the state leader elections?
You said someone
was being crude.
Who was it?
Uh, to be honest,
some of the language you used
made me uncomfortable.
I'm sorry if the problems
plaguing this country
make you uncomfortable.
I thought this was supposed
to be a place
we could speak freely.
Well, I think
what Alice meant
We know exactly
what Alice meant.
I don't know about the rest
of you ladies,
but I sure didn't come
all this way to be insulted.
Well, you're not leaving.
We're doing just fine
in Louisiana without you.
We don't need your fancy slogans
or your big college words
to keep the ERA
out of our state.
Well, th-that may be so,
but we-we do need to be united
if we're going to have
a successful national campaign.
Please stay.
So your friends can get
everyone else
to vote against me?
No, thank you.
Uh, does anyone here object
to making Mary Frances
the head of STOP ERA
in Louisiana and Mississippi?
Uh, Ann, uh, you're doing
great things.
I think you deserve to lead
the charge in, uh, Oklahoma.
Jacquie, you'll head up
the Texas and, uh,
uh, Arizona, uh, chapters.
And, uh, yes,
uh, Rosemary, you want
to head up, uh, Illinois?
Oh, yes.
Does that settle it?
Okay. Well, I will put together
some talking points
that we can all refer to
when talking to the media.
-Just a little script
we can follow.
-But my communication style
is folksier than yours, Phyllis,
so I might change a few words
here and there.
Well, I'm sorry, Jacquie,
but now we are
a national organization.
We do have to have
rules of conduct.
'Cause it serves our cause,
uh, better
if we all use
identical language.
It's, uh, how we're really
gonna make it stick.
It's, uh, one voice,
one message.
But none of us can do it
on our own,
I mean, especially me.
I didn't even
know about this crisis
until my dear friend Alice,
uh, alerted me to the cause,
and I think that's
real sisterhood, girls.
(indistinct chatter)
We got a Humphrey delegate.
She said after my speech,
they just couldn't vote
for a white man
and asked to be released,
or they would release
We're close to 50 delegates.
If we can get to 100, we can
start wheeling and dealing.
-(soft clattering)
-(TV continuing indistinctly)
-(indistinct chatter continues)
I'm Shirley Chisholm,
and I am a candidate
for President
of the United States.
I feel like I've summoned
to the principal's office.
Would you feel better
if you took off that pin?
-I would.
This room is where
all the decisions are made,
and you're here.
Don't forget how crazy you were
for George
when you first met him.
He inspired you.
You wrote his speeches.
He's fighting for 90%
of the same issues as Shirley.
The only difference between them
is he can beat Nixon.
Come on in.
-Oh. Nice to see you, Gary.
-Sit down.
-All right. (chuckles)
-Come sit.
I apologize if I was
out of line
at the platform
committee meetings.
Oh, you mean
(clicks tongue)
-It's all right.
I wouldn't last a day
in Hollywood.
Please, you're getting to be
a bigger ham than me.
You should see
her Marlene Dietrich impression.
What can I offer you ladies
to drink? Scotch?
-Sure, I'll take a Scotch.
-I don't need the calories.
What are
the different colors for?
Oh, white goes
to the command wagon,
blue to McGovern's suite,
and red to the convention floor.
This way.
You're not worried this ruins
the grassroots image
of your campaign?
Not particularly.
So if I pick up
the blue phone,
I can speak to George.
Well, I'm not so sure
that he'd take your call.
He's still very hurt
that you tell the press
he's the best
white male candidate.
He considers you a friend.
Good friends are honest
with each other.
Shirley is a better candidate.
I did not say he considers you
a good friend.
(telephone rings in distance)
Well, how can I make it up
to him?
McGovern is 100 votes short.
If we can get 100 more
women delegate votes
on the California challenge,
we could clinch the nomination.
And why should we help you?
We will back you on all
the credentials challenges
that matter to you.
I could push him to choose
a female running mate.
Everything is on the table.
And what more can we give you?
You've already got
national day care,
affirmative action,
ratification of the ERA.
You're not backing us
on the abortion vote.
You can't expect to get
everything that you want.
Don't you expect to get
everything that you want?
We've done sampling.
He cannot come out in favor
of legalizing abortion
and win in November.
All we're asking for
is a fair fight on the floor.
What if we stay neutral?
We let our delegates
vote their conscience?
And you don't let
the right-to-lifers speak.
We don't want anyone
saying that abortion is murder
right before the vote.
Yes, and we don't want
anyone up there saying that
women are being butchered
on kitchen tables.
But women are being butchered
on kitchen tables.
Yes. We just don't want
to hear about it.
You want to shake on it?
(indistinct conversations,
-(chuckles) So cute.
-Did you see the phones?
Did you see the blue phone
and white phone?
Were you in McGovern's suite?
It's none of your business.
What do you mean,
it's none of my business?
-This is my hotel.
Did you make a deal with him?
Oh, now I'm really mad.
I'm gonna write an exposé.
Oh, sure, Betty,
make it all about you.
Who cares if you're helping
the movement?
I am the movement.
-You wrote a book ten years ago.
-(elevator dings)
-(elevator doors open)
-(men laughing)
Hey! Hey!
-(indistinct chatter)
-MAN: Excuse me.
You really play both ends,
don't you?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You make a big show
of supporting Shirley,
but you're really just going
to deliver women to McGovern.
You don't know anything
about politics.
I'm not sure I know anything
about politics.
Oh. It's Gloria Steinem.
We're keeping a running tally
to see how many states
have ratified the ERA
versus how many women
Warren Beatty has slept with
since he's come to Miami.
-Isn't that hilarious?
-My money's on Warren Beatty.
(indistinct conversations)
Representative Dellums
of California
today switched to McGovern.
I cannot abide cynical efforts
to stop Senator McGovern.
He is the only real hope
for bringing humanity
peace, freedom, and justice
to this country
-and the world.
-(reporters clamoring)
-(shutters clicking)
(TV clicks off)
Muskie and Humphrey
are withdrawing.
What do you want to do?
Has Gloria called?
Baby it's time.
Hanging on it doesn't
make you look good.
I'm going to release
my delegates.
(indistinct chatter)
who will present the
minority report on abortion.
So, tell me, what's going on
with that, uh, minority report?
It's really difficult to tell.
The senator has taken no stand
in opposition to it.
He has also taken no stand
in support of it.
(continuing indistinctly)
Hey, uh, we want
to give up our seats
to a couple of women alternates
so they can vote on abortion.
Thank you. That's so kind
of you. Thank you.
-Bella. Bella.
Two more seats opened up
for women alternates.
I've counted and recounted.
We're at 48 yes
in North Carolina.
(exhales deeply)
Wow. North Carolina.
-I can't believe it.
-I have never been so happy
to see men giving up their seats
for the ladies.
You know, I
I think we're gonna make it.
I think we might make it.
We're pulling it.
I just wanted to ask
..and state legislation
on every state level.
Women's rights to abortion are
decided in the political arena.
He stated it should not have
a part in partisan politics.
They got North Carolina.
They could win this.
We have to take a stand.
This is an issue of the day,
and it will continue to be
an issue.
We must take a stand.
-(phones ringing)
Yeah. Now?
(ringing continues)
(ringing continues)
(ringing continues)
Yeah. Okay.
(indistinct shouting)
Yep. You know what to do.
Go back. Come on.
(shouting continues)
What the hell is going on?
(shouting continues)
Yeah, I need to take
my seat back.
No, no, no. Stay down.
Don't get up.
They told us to take
our votes back.
Who told you that?
McGovern's people?
The word is out.
It's vote no on abortion.
No. You-you must have
some mistake. The
Thanks. Okay. So, vote no
on abortion, okay? Go back
and take back your seat.
No, I don't care if you
-(continues indistinctly)
You promised us!
You bastard.
We didn't mention women being
butchered on kitchen tables.
I've had about enough
of you women.
You're a liar!
You liar!
They're never gonna
take us seriously.
-We're just walking wombs.
-Back off!
Bella and I want
to make one last push
to get a woman on the ticket
for vice president.
You think McGovern's people
are going to let
the convention floor
pick his running mate?
Whoever controls the phones
controls the floor.
You never had a chance.
Even if it is a sham,
if our female pick
makes a strong showing, it sets
the stage for '76 or '80.
You're our first choice.
I'm not interested
in another run
that's viewed as symbolic.
McGovern will choose
Thomas Eagleton,
as he has always
wanted to do, all along.
And he won't mention abortion
on the campaign trail
or gay rights
or the Equal Rights Amendment
or anything that matters to us.
You put on a good show,
but don't mistake that
for real political power.
Power concedes nothing.
If we don't demand
true equality,
we are always going to be
begging the men
for a few crumbs from the pie,
trading women
for an empty promise.
MAN (on speakers):
The Senator from South Dakota
and the next
President of the United States,
George McGovern!
(cheering, applause)
(chanting): McGovern!
McGovern! McGovern! McGovern!
McGovern! McGovern!
McGovern! McGovern! McGovern!
Oh, cheer up. We're not
going home empty-handed.
Our choice for vice president
got more votes
than Archie Bunker.
I can hold my head high.
We're gonna be fine.
McGovern's a great candidate.
At least we won't suffer
another four years of Nixon.
(chanting): McGovern!
McGovern! McGovern!
McGovern! McGovern! McGovern!
McGovern! McGovern!
-(cheering, applause)
Shirley! Shirley! Shirley!
-My God.
the next President
of the United States
All right, that is 28 cans
need to be replaced.
I don't think these ever
really turn.
The dates are just there
to get you to buy more.
Well, if you want them,
they're yours.
the Pentagon under
congressional prodding
Thank you.
I'll bring these to the church.
back U.S. nuclear bases
Now, I want you to try
and put yourself to bed.
All right? I'll be up
in a moment to check on you.
The earlier lower casualty
-Good night, Willie.
-Good night, Anne.
Pentagon thought was
the most likely method
of Soviet attack.
It was estimated up
to 21,700,000 Americans
would die in such an attack,
-depending on the size
of the bombs
-(door opens, closes)
and prevailing winds.
But an attack
on the Whiteman Air Force Base
in Missouri would kill
up to ten million
because fallout would be
carried to densely-populated
areas such as St. Louis.
Other attacks would produce
fallout patterns
covering many states
and millions of people.
The estimated nearly
22 million deaths pertains only
to an limited Russian attack
on military targets only.
The Department of Defense
He hath loosed
The fateful lightning
Of his terrible
Swift sword
His truth
Is marching
Glory, glory
Glory, glory
His truth
Is marching on
Glory, glory Hallelujah
His truth is marching
Captioned by
Did you call
the speaker of the house
a four-letter word?
-Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
"Ass" is a three-letter word.
I'm gonna miss you so much,
but we can speak on the computer
so you'll see my face.
But we won't be able
to touch you.
Hey, look.
You'll still have me.
-Just you?
-Yes. Just Your father. Hi.
The journey was perilous,
but Nandor the Relentless
stood tall and proud.
Thus, the noble vampire set sail
to conquer the new world
for the greater glory
of the undead.
-Does my hair
really look that billowy?
-(wind blows)
Looks fantastic.
I'd never wear anything
like that.
(gagging, coughing)
How exactly would you
describe your brand?
Testing! Ah, ah, ooh, ooh, ooh.
I feel like my brand is
everything you loved about
the classic movies
of our childhood,
like The Sandlot,
Billy Madison, Apocalypse Now,
Happy Gilmore, Clueless.
-(crowd cheering)
-MC: We got Lil Dicky
in the house!
But at the same time,
I feel like my brand
is not rooted in the past.
It's actually
very forward-thinking
and, like, futuristic.
I don't know, man.
I look like the back
of a playing card.
-Okay. I want
a big party this year.
-I want a quinceañera.
We can't do that.
We're too white for that.
We're not allowed.
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