Mrs. America (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


WOMAN: I was pregnant,
and I was scared.
(coughs, exhales)
This is
my deathbed confession.
("Amazing Grace" by Yes
Sweet potato and marshmallows,
green bean.
Do we need a third casserole?
We're gonna be 24,
23 if Helen
goes into labor early,
25 if she's eating for two.
How many stuffings
are we making?
Two. I thought we could
put your recipe in the bird
and make Nana's pecan cornbread
stuffing on the side.
That would be a nice way
to remember her
for Thanksgiving.
Gracie, you're gonna
help Grandma
with the grocery shopping
and the baking.
-Uh, that wasn't a question.
Are you sure
you've got everything
rollers, hair spray,
extra pantyhose?
And nail polish for the runs.
Mom, I have packed
a suitcase before.
I love you.
Don't watch too much TV.
Why isn't Phyllis
going with you?
She's busy
filling a 20,000-seat arena
for the counter-rally.
It's not going well.
-Not that she'd admit it.
-The paper says all kinds
of people are going
to be in Houston.
Which is why we're going
to defend ourselves.
If they're gonna
start attacking homemakers
-Wait, wait, Mommy!
-they should do it to our faces.
-Get back in the car, Kimmy.
It's so much faster to fly.
-Well, Pamela didn't want to.
(car engine starts)
We'll be fine.
I can do this.
-Hello, Marion.
Here you go.
Oh! I think you're
sitting on St. Christopher.
-Oh, sorry.
-It's okay.
Be careful.
Mind the speed limit.
Don't worry.
-I'm a great driver.
-(Marion chuckles)
("A Fifth of Beethoven"
by Walter Murphy playing)
Good morning. It's
While the amendment has
certainly raised issues
that are important to women,
the trouble with it is
it's rigid. It's absolute.
It will manage the fabric
of family life.
-"Damage," not "manage."
-Oh. Right.
Damage. Damage the fabric
of family life.
I always mess that up.
Why can't you just
read the speech?
It's just, when I read it,
the words
sometimes dance around.
You know I'm not a reader.
Oh. Now it has doughnut grease
all over it.
Oh. I wanted to sit down
for a proper breakfast.
Well, better to rush now
and have plenty of time
to settle into our room
before opening ceremonies.
I asked Phyllis to write up
exactly what I should say.
When she says things, they're so
much more official-sounding.
I have to be
absolutely word-perfect
on the convention floor.
Phyllis didn't give me
a job to do.
Oh. Well, she
told all of us to snag
as many on-camera interviews
as we can.
I promised Phyllis
we'd make it our mission
to find Gloria Steinem
and tell her off.
You think marriage
is prostitution?
Do I look like a prostitute,
you radical pinko man-hater?
-Lesbian lover!
-Commie spinster!
Baby killer degenerate!
This says
take the 10 East exit
towards Beaumont/San Antonio.
I said, "Left at the exit?"
And you said, "Right."
No, I-I said, "Right."
Like, "That's right,
make a left."
(siren chirps)
(vehicle approaching)
(women cheering, whooping)
What is that?
What is going on?
I guess we could
just follow them.
(cheering continues)
(engine starts)
Thousands of women
gathered in Houston today
as a symbolic torch
marked the beginning of
a National Women's Conference.
More than 2,000 runners
have passed this torch.
40,000 official observers
and special guests are here.
300 anti-feminist delegates
will attend.
So are 1,000 members
of the news media.
The largest gathering of women
in American history.
ERA now! ERA now!
ERA now!
ERA now!
-We missed opening ceremonies.
-BELLA: We won't stop
this journey
-If you made a reservation,
-until we get equality
all the way.
why do we have to wait
in this long line?
-We need,
-I also just arrived here.
-once and for all,
a constitutional underpinning
so that the remaining areas
of inequity that plague women
-can be removed.
-Excuse me.
How are you today?
Uh, I-I have a reservation
under Macray.
-Mrs. Buck Macray.
everyone has a reservation,
but we're overbooked.
What-what do you mean,
I made this reservation myself,
months ago.
You and 850 other people.
We only have 400 rooms.
My husband should be able
to straighten this out.
Shall we get him on the phone?
Uh, if you want. The pay phones
are just around the corner.
It's the working woman
demanding that she get
the same pay
and promotion opportunities
as a man.
-It's so good to see you two!
-It is a divorced woman
-I missed you guys so much!
-fighting for Social Security
in her own right.
It is the
(indistinct chatter)
Your hair is still in rollers.
There are no more rooms left.
Well, you should have
gotten here earlier.
Lucky for me, Jacquie had
a spare bed at the Mitchell Inn.
Maybe we should try
the Mitchell Inn.
They're overbooked, too.
I would offer for you both
to stay with us,
but there are
only two single beds,
plus I sleep like a T.
They're arranging room shares.
Why don't you put your name
on the sign-up sheet?
We have to change
out of our travel clothes
and I have to put my face on.
Well, there is
a public restroom that way.
Uh, listen
if we get separated, uh,
meet in front
of this fountain, okay?
Good luck.
(toilet flushes)
(indistinct conversations)
Just go.
-What-what are you doing?
Ev Everyone else is.
-(stall door unlocks)
-Come here.
Excuse me.
-(locks door)
-We have decorum.
It's so cramped in here.
If we had flown
we would've gotten here earlier,
gotten a room, freshened up,
and not had to bunk
with strangers like a couple
of troubled schoolgirls.
I'm sorry.
But you wanted to take
a fun road trip.
-I couldn't fly.
-Why not?
I didn't know
how to pay for it.
-Kevin handles all the money.
Someone is in here!
He doesn't know you're here.
Where does he think you are?
-My mom's.
-We need to call
and let him know
you are in Houston right now.
-No, please.
-I have driven you
across state lines.
He is your husband.
He wouldn't have agreed
to let me come.
Well, that is his right.
-Let's go find a phone
-No, please, I can't.
He will just
make me come back, and
and I have been looking forward
to this for months.
I need a break. I have the kids
tugging at me all the time,
and Kevin needs to know
where I am all the time.
I can't think at home.
I need to think.
Think about what?
You wouldn't understand.
You and Buck
are so lucky.
I'm just checking if you're
okay in there. I heard crying.
We're fine.
Thank you.
Come here.
Oh, I shouldn't have worn
these shoes.
Remember, Buck says we have
to take the bedspreads off.
-I don't understand why.
After we settle, I have to
find a pay phone to call him.
-You're not going to tell him.
-I won't say anything.
But if Kevin
were to run into him
He won't. He's on
a fishing trip with his brother.
My sister-in-law
said she'd call my mom
if they were
coming home early.
(indistinct chatter in distance)
Is that Gloria Steinem?
(TV playing indistinctly)
-Are you the sleepover?
-I'm sorry.
I think we have the wrong room.
The front desk
said you were coming.
I'm Audrey.
(TV continues indistinctly)
I'm Pamela.
Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-You have a lot of bags.
(TV continues indistinctly)
Want to trade?
But thank you.
(music playing in distance)
Is your neck all right?
It'll be fine.
The bed was just
Oh, I know.
I had the best sleep
in six years.
Maybe you shouldn't have slept
in the closet.
Well, you kept kicking me, so
Wait until you see the posters
Rosemary brought for us.
(Pamela giggles)
Mary Frances has prepared
a wonderful speech
for the homemaker plank
-as well as bringing us
some lovely pies.
Finally, there is one vote
on the floor today
that we have a real chance
of winning,
and that is the extension
on the ERA deadline.
Now, Ann will be delivering
our opposition speech.
Before we head over,
I want to remind everyone
that where we can
make a real difference today
is by getting media coverage
to promote
our pro-family values,
or the story will be that
all women
from all over the country
came to put together
a pro-lesbian, pro-abortion,
pro-ERA plan.
You asked Ann
to make the speech?
Well, she was the first person
to hand the libbers
a defeat on the ERA.
Because she read the article
in Phyllis' newsletter,
the one she wrote
after I alerted her
to the dangers of the ERA.
Phyllis asked me to delegate,
and I'm delegating.
-We should call her.
-We can't call Phyllis
-for every disagreement.
-She tasked me
with giving a speech.
I should do it. I-I've been
with her since the beginning.
The thing is, we need to be
taken seriously, and you
I'm what not serious?
I'm going to call Phyllis.
If it's so important to you
then you can give the speech.
I'm Rosemary Thomson from
the Eagle Forum and STOP ERA,
and today we will voice dissent
about the unlawful
ERA extension proposal.
Will you give a speech
in opposition before the vote?
Uh uh, she will.
I will be giving a speech
tomorrow, before
-the abortion vote
-REPORTER: What is your name?
Um, who, me?
Alice Macray.
Where are you from?
The Prairie State of Illinois.
Can you tell me
why you oppose
extending the ERA deadline?
We've been winning this fight
fair and square.
They can't change the rules
in the middle of the game
because they don't
like the results.
This proposed extension is
a desperate attempt by feminists
to get those last few states
to ratify the ERA.
Most people in this country
don't want the ERA,
and we deserve
to have our voices heard.
How do you explain
the public opinion polls
that show a majority of people
in this country
support the ERA?
Which poll?
All of them.
I-I never said a majority.
So you don't believe
a majority of Americans
-support your position?
Wai I-I mean y
I mean, yes.
You're twisting my words.
What I-I was trying to say
is, um
uh, is feminists
are-are a radical minority,
and-and most women
support our movement.
Where are you getting
your information?
Uh, "the-the proposed extension
"is a desperate attempt
by feminists
to get those last three states
to ratify the ERA."
Yes, you said that already.
Look at the camera. Smile.
Smile. Look at the
Keep going.
Yeah, uh, um
I just, um
I just need a minute.
If you could
Could you turn off that
All right, all right.
Uh, the point
is there are rules,
and the libbers are not
abiding by them.
An ungodly world dictatorship
-is the goal.
-Are you a national
news broadcast?
-She was trying to trip me up.
She twisted my words.
You made us all look like
a bunch of blubbering idiots.
"Um, oh I'm sorry.
I'm sorry."
We are not sorry.
Just say polls are wrong.
They are.
Should we call Phyllis now?
Maybe Ann should speak
instead of me.
Absolutely. We can't
look like fools on the floor.
Let's just go, Ann.
(cheering, applause in distance)
It wasn't that bad.
Come on.
Let's go inside.
I think I left my compact
in the room.
I wish to offer
the following amendment.
I want to amend
the Equal Rights Amendment
by adding at the end,
the words
"only if done within
the original seven-year period."
All those in favor
of the amendment,
please rise.
(women booing)
All those opposed
to the amendment,
-please rise.
indistinct conversations)
I mean, I'm not
even really sure what
a delegate-at-large does,
but let me tell you something.
This delegate
is going to cause trouble.
You know,
because I speak my mind,
and I'm going to be speaking
before the lesbian rights vote.
And I'm not gonna fall in line.
-No. No.
Are you gonna eat that olive?
One Pink Lady?
Thank you.
If only, baby,
if only, baby
What a day.
Are you here all alone?
Seem to have lost
my one friend.
Well, these big crowds
can just be overwhelming.
My God. That looks nice.
Kind of matches your dress.
I love a good cocktail.
-Some days more than others.
My husband always says
there's no harm in having a few
to smooth things over.
Whatever happened, I'm sure
it's not as bad as you think.
I let everyone down.
I should've listened.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
Oh, that's right.
I wasn't.
In my experience,
everything looks brighter
when I pray.
Dear Lord
I reach out to you for guidance.
Please show me
which way to turn.
Calm my anxious thoughts
and come speak into my mind.
In Jesus' name,
And if that doesn't help,
I take a Christian pill.
Calm the nerves.
If you only you believe
Like I believe, baby
I'm gonna
have one of those, too.
If only you believe
-That's at her Communion.
-Oh. (laughs) Aw.
Oh, it's such
a sweet little dress.
-My mother made it.
-Oh, it's just darling.
Yeah, she's a real beauty now.
-Ah. They grow
-Almost 14.
They grow up so fast.
My three boys are young men,
all out of the house.
They say that boys
are much easier than girls.
She's a late bloomer,
not like my older one,
always has her head in a book.
Is it just me, or was it
so much less complicated
-when we were girls?
I mean, we had
less choices, but
-It was much simpler, yes.
-Oh, yes.
I was prom queen at 15,
dating my husband at 16,
married at 19.
-I was 18.
Oh, boy, we were babies.
-Buck, who's my husband
He's the first boy
I ever kissed.
-You sweet thing.
Bobby and I were married
for 30 years.
He passed two years ago.
I'm so sorry.
I don't think
I would've gotten through it
without my friend Susie
from church.
I was just a puddle, and
she wiped me up.
She's so strong.
I have a friend
exactly like that.
Such a blessing.
She's coming to Houston
-Well, she's missing
all the fun.
I don't know if she
would think this is fun,
-but she's the reason I'm here.
We met at a a parent-teacher
conference years ago.
-Our sons were
in the same class.
-Oh. Yeah.
I could still remember
when Phyllis came in,
she she looked so different
than-than the rest of us.
I mean, maybe not different,
just a
a better version.
-If you know what I mean.
You know, I didn't even vote
or think about voting
until I met her.
(clicks tongue)
I mean, Buck always said
voting was a waste of time.
is the first woman I knew
that not only
understood politics,
but also,
she was so smart about it
the Soviets
and communism.
I think I'm just smarter
by being around her.
And no matter how busy she is,
she always finds time
to check
all of my correspondence.
She checks your correspondence?
Oh, for mistakes.
A lot of political language
goes right over my head.
You don't seem
to have any trouble
expressing yourself.
-Liquid courage. (chuckles)
I came to politics late, too.
But I didn't really
get active in NOW
until my youngest son
left the house.
Did you say NOW?
And then everyone
in my town thought
I'd become a radical lesbian.
You should have told me
you were in NOW.
Are you okay?
Hey, let go of me.
Buck is at the Y.
Oh, right.
I forgot it's Saturday.
So? How did it go
with the speech?
Uh, it-it went
really well.
Oh, thank goodness.
I was so worried.
What did you wear?
My lavender dress.
I'll bet you looked lovely.
Such a pretty smile.
I'm so proud of you.
Make sure you save the program
with your name
listed as a delegate.
How's the Thanksgiving
preparations going?
I got the turkeys on sale
two for $16.
I'm going back
to the grocery store tomorrow.
I couldn't find
Nana's pecan cornbread recipe.
Do you remember
the ingredients?
Do you have a pen?
Hold on.
Two and a half cups
green onions.
Green onions.
Celery, carrots, parsley.
Butter, chicken stock,
Uh, sausage.
Two cups pecans.
A teaspoon of thyme
and a pinch of sage.
G-Got it. I'll get started
on the pies tomorrow.
Ah, it's always difficult
to find the right apples.
I'll probably have to go
to two different stores
to find McIntosh.
I'll try Schwegel's tomorrow,
and if they're out of them,
I guess I can
drive over to Schnucks.
I'll get directions from Buck,
and then if you want
to give me directions now
Are you still
(dial tone)
It's about everything,
We want to push that
push that
How can I help you?
I'm looking for
something to eat.
Our restaurant is closed
for the night,
-but you might try
Seneca Falls South
across the street.
Could you point me
in that direction?
Of course.
Just go out the front door
and head west.
Could you actually point?
Is that gabardine?
(indistinct chatter)
Have you seen Pamela?
Not since the convention floor.
We lost the vote
on the ERA extension.
You don't think Phyllis
will see my interview on TV?
She might.
Ann did a terrific job
on her speech, but Bella
and the storm troops
of women's lib
shut her microphone off
right in the middle of it,
closed down the entire debate.
It was just ridiculous.
Did you take that
from the garbage pile?
I think someone's
had too much to drink.
I think someone has
Oh hi.
-(indistinct chatter)
I was illegally terminated
from my job
when I was five months pregnant,
and I was working for the ACLU.
whose stated purpose
is to defend and preserve
rights and privileges.
-Amazing, right?
-I know you.
Cite the case!
(whooping, cheering)
(loud grunting)
(whooping, cheering)
(speaking Spanish)
-Hey, move.
Sit down.
(organ playing)
What we learn
from the Gnostic Gospels
is that in the very early days
of Christianity,
women were included
in the rituals.
They were viewed as being
sort of priests.
The Gnostics claimed
that Jesus considered
the Holy Spirit
to be feminine.
It wasn't until
about the second century
that the backlash began.
Reclaiming Mary's reputation
as an early church leader
is the first step
toward the ordination of women.
-Christ has died.
-Christ has died.
-Christ is risen.
-Christ is risen.
-Christ will come again.
-Christ will come again.
Through Him, with Him,
and in Him,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit.
All glory and honor is yours,
almighty Father,
forever and ever.
You're a woman.
You can't consecrate
the Eucharist.
(Phyllis' voice):
I've always said
women can do
whatever they want, Alice.
(normal voice):
Body of Christ.
Blood of Christ.
I really am very hungry.
They're still serving food
at the gay lounge.
I saw below me
That golden valley
This land was made
for you and me
I've roamed and rambled
And I followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of
Her diamond deserts
And all around me
A voice was sounding
You okay?
This land was made
I discovered
a better way to eat.
When the sun came shining
And I was strolling
And the wheat fields
Waving and the dust
clouds rolling
As the fog was lifting
A voice was chanting
This land was made
for you and me
Nobody living
Can ever stop me
As I go walking
That freedom highway
Nobody living
Could ever make me turn back
This land was made
for you and me
This land is your land
This land is my land
From California
To the New York island
From the Redwood forest
To the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made
For you and me.
(whooping, cheering)
Yes, now.
Got a beautiful voice.
That's our favorite song
at home.
I learned it with all my kids
when they were in school.
Woody Guthrie wrote it.
Oh, he's a poet.
-He's a socialist.
Come on.
Don't be ridiculous.
You were up there
belting out a Marxist song.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's patriotic.
I need milk.
-(indistinct conversations)
Some people hurting
Someone choking up inside
They put these posters up
all over Albert Thomas.
Some poor souls dying
I wanted to keep them out.
But here we are.
All this work.
I didn't think
they would be so mean.
I'm sorry.
Show some emotion
We need to respond.
Put expression in your eyes.
(muffled chatter,
music playing in distance)
What are you doing
on the floor?
You have our key.
Well, did you try
knocking on the door,
see if they're in?
I heard a lot of voices
in there,
and it sounded like
they were arguing.
Where have you been?
-Where have I been?
couldn't find the hotel.
I got turned around
after the convention.
Why didn't you wait
by the fountain,
like I said?
Why didn't you come inside
to the convention,
like you said?
Because you messed up?
She twisted my words.
-I was worried about you.
-Well, don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
You should worry about what
you're going to say to Kevin
when you get back.
-Maybe I won't go back.
What are you talking about?
I'll just get pregnant again.
I can't have another child.
I can barely
You can't be alone
for a few hours in a hotel.
You-you can't even walk
through a door by yourself.
You need Kevin.
-You promised not to leave me.
-Oh, don't start crying.
Please, just stop it.
I've had a long night.
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love,
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I'm back.
(indistinct conversations)
Come in, come in.
Sorry about the crowd.
We're still working.
How's it going in here?
She smells so good.
(indistinct chatter)
Fallin' free, fallin' free,
fallin' free
Fallin' free,
fallin' free
That's a pretty color on you.
Thank you.
You and me, you and me.
It's just that
we are less than 12 hours
from the vote on the floor,
and the only thing we agree on
is that none of us
can agree on the language.
The resolution is too broad
to encompass
the issues of all women
of color.
The Black Caucus had its own
version of this resolution
drafted since
before the torch run.
What if each
of the caucuses got to
write their own addendum?
-How long is this addendum?
-Too long.
-Great. Then that's
how long yours will be.
Well, I'm not above
comparing length.
-It works for men.
-(all laugh)
Finally, common ground.
So, before
I go back to the caucuses
with this new idea,
I want to make sure
-everyone here
approves this approach.
-AUDREY: Mm-hmm.
Rhea, Billie?
How did you get in here?
I'm meeting the press.
That's a pretty color on you.
You heard about my interview.
I wrote it all down for you,
word for word, Alice.
You rejected my words,
didn't you?
You rejected them.
You should fix your face.
-I can't breathe.
-You're a reject.
You're a reject.
You're a reject.
A reject. You're a reject!
-(gasping, panting)
-PHYLLIS: rejected the ERA
in 1972 and rejected it again
in 1973 and 1974
and every year since.
There was a Roper poll
that was released this week
that showed only 19% identified
with you or your goals.
Doesn't this just
go against your point
-that the tide is against
the women's movement?
-Oh, sh
No, it certainly
doesn't, because
that is a poll that cannot
be professionally defended.
It was a poll that
Such a positive message,
and I love the colors.
Pro, pro, pro.
You're a little Picasso.
-MARY: Mm-hmm.
-PAMELA: Thank you.
We have a big day
on the floor today.
Glad you could join us.
We were starting to get worried
that you'd been kidnapped
by the militant lesbians.
-Why didn't you wake me?
Your buttons are off.
So as soon
as the vote is over,
we have to hustle on over
to the Astro Arena
to meet Phyllis and Lottie
at our rally.
There are 200 of us,
and every body counts.
I heard she couldn't
get enough buses and no one
wanted to drive
through the night.
We just have to pray
that there will be
at least a thousand of us.
That'll be
a respectable showing.
Uh, I would just like
to thank Rosemary
for shepherding us
through the fire with grace.
Oh, thank you.
-ALICE: Excuse me.
I-I wanted to ask
why we're opposing
all of the feminist resolutions.
We're not anti-employment
or education or minority women.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't
fight for what we believe in.
But shouldn't we
try to find consensus
about something?
Well, you give
the libbers an inch,
-they'll take a mile.
-ALICE: Let them.
There's a lot of land.
If we want to be
taken seriously,
we-we have to show
that we are not hard-hearted.
That we are not stubborn
just for the sake of it.
That's not Christian.
I came here to defend myself.
But I have to ask,
who exactly is attacking us?
-Should we head over?
NOW has been posting
all this propaganda
all over our posters.
Can you believe? (snorts)
It's so petty.
I'm gonna have to take one
and give it to Phyllis.
She is gonna be furious.
(laughing, indistinct chatter)
Choice! Choice! Choice! Choice!
-This is what the abortionist
-Choice! Choice! Choice! Choice!
Choice! Choice! Choice!
Choice! Choice!
-Choice! Choice! Choice! Choice!
-(whooping, whistling)
Choice! Choice! Choice! Choice!
Order. Order.
Let her speak.
Uh, they have a right to speak.
(shouting subsides)
This is what
the abortionists do.
They take the lovely baby
from its natural habitat,
and they rip it out
and they throw it away.
(women booing)
Would all of those in favor
of the reproductive freedom
resolution please rise?
-(crowd cheering)
-(gavel bangs)
The resolution has clearly
carried and is adopted.
(cheering continues)
I move the following resolution
on sexual preference.
Congress, state
that local legislatures
should enact legislation
to eliminate discrimination
on the basis of sexual
and affectional preference.
I am known
-to be violently opposed
-Oh, God.
to the lesbian issue,
as someone who perhaps
loves men too much.
I do believe we must help
the women who are lesbians
to be protected
in their own civil rights.
Would all those in favor
of the sexual preference
resolution please rise?
(indistinct chatter)
Let this message go forth
from Houston
and spread all over the land.
There is a new understanding,
a new sisterhood
against all injustices
born right here.
We will not be divided
and defeated again.
All those in favor
of this resolution, stand.
I'm sorry.
I will help you.
Whatever you need.
(soft chuckle)
This is depressing.
I'm going to pack.
I'll meet you at the taxi stand?
We shall overcome
We shall
Deep in my heart
I do believe
We shall overcome
We are not afraid.
We are not afraid
We are not
We are not afraid
I think I'm going
to write a book.
The Price of Liberty.
-Do you get it?
(indistinct conversations)
She really did it.
It's great.
There she is.
Oh, no, they're with us.
How'd it go?
I like to think we changed
a few hearts and minds.
We filled it.
20,000 people.
You did it.
Was it awful?
It it was, um
Did you run into Gloria Steinem?
You should fix your face.
to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
one nation under God,
with liberty and justice
for all.
Open mine eyes
That I may see
Glimpses of truth
Thou hast for me
Open mine eyes
Illumine me
Love of my life
I am crying
I am not dying
I am dancing
Dancing along in the madness
There is no sadness
Only a song of the soul
And we'll sing this song
Why don't you
Sing along, long?
Captioned by
I would like to explore the idea
of tokenism
in the workplace,
where one minority is propped up
to cover the experience
of the entire population.
WOMAN: That's interesting.
Wait. Sorry. You're not saying
you feel that way here?
MAN: This is your station.
But what am I actually
doing here?
I'm not gonna tell you.
Don't worry.
You're gonna figure it out.
MAN: I had no idea
what I would find
when I went searching
for my father.
They flashed the Zodiac Killer,
and my heart stopped.
WOMAN: He believes
he is the son of the Zodiac.
We are Nadja and Laszlo,
the human music group.
She's a superb lyricist.
We're feeling horny
For love
We're feeling horny
For love
(up-tempo music plays)
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