Mrs Biggs (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

We took too much.
The whole country's after you.
What if they already know it's you, Ron? Jesus, what's going on? DI Williams, Flying Squad, Ronnie.
We want to ask you some questions about a train robbery.
You just keep going to see Ron, keep him happy.
Alan will give you a lift down there when he can, won't you, Alan? Any time, Charmian.
Just give me a call.
Ronald Arthur Biggs, the sentence of the court in respect of the first count is 25 years' imprisonment and, in respect of the second count, 30 years' imprisonment.
You're off your rocker! 30? He's got to serve 30 years? Oh, God, it's freezing! Don't be so daft.
Aw! Did you have a good time? Lovely, but my feet are killing me.
Thanks for looking after the boys.
He's a good dancer, ain't he? Very good.
Come on, then.
Let's get home to Dad.
Bye, Charm.
'Night, Alan.
Thanks for taking me out.
what have we got? They never tell you in hospital.
They don't Good to see you again, Eric.
You too, Biggsy.
It's been a long time.
Ooh! No, that's OK.
Aaah! And clutch in.
That's it.
Brilliant! I knew you'd pick it up.
Well, I had a good teacher.
Erm, can I help you? I'm Paul Seabourne.
I'm a friend of Ron's.
Yeah, I'd have, er, come earlier, but I've only just got out of the nick, myself.
I wanted to make sure they weren't following me.
Oh, Ron's fine, by the way.
He was a bit down at first, obviously, but his spirits have picked up, the last month or so.
Mainly cos of what I've come to tell you.
And what's that? He's planning to escape.
Er, when? We'll need some dough, you know, to get the wheels turning.
We're gonna get him out, though, Charm.
30 years for knocking over a mail train? I'm not having that.
Home now.
Why don't we stay up here? Hm? My mum won't mind looking after the boys tonight.
We could find a nice hotel.
Alan, turn the engine off.
What's happened between us is my fault.
I've enjoyed it.
Don't get me wrong.
But it shouldn't have happened.
Yeah, but Ron's in prison, so he don't know anything.
Please just listen to me.
Ron is my husband and I love him.
And what I've done is a betrayal.
I thought it was just sex and it wouldn't matter, but I've been punished.
I'm pregnant.
I don't expect you want a baby any more than I do, so I'm going to have to get rid of it.
Unfortunately, that's against the law.
There are doctors you can go to in Harley Street, Charm.
They can sign something to say that having a baby would send you nuts - Alan.
They can do it legal.
I know about all that, but it's no good to me.
I'd have to tell them my name.
I'd have to be Mrs Biggs.
I can't risk it getting out, the humiliation for Ron.
Wouldn't be too healthy for you, either, come to think of it.
So what are you going to do? Did you bring the money with you? I like to get that side of it out of the way before we get down to things, you see.
Yes, of course.
It's all there.
I'm sure it is, dear.
I'm sure it is.
This shouldn't take too long.
I get a lot of girls coming to me with their problems and I always try my best to help them out.
No need to be nervous.
Come on.
Now you take this for me, dear.
Then take your knickers down and sit back on the bed for me.
We'll soon have you out of this mess.
Now lie back on the bed for me and open up your legs.
One little sting, dear, and you can be on your way.
Jesus, Charm, you look terrible.
Has it? Aaah! Not yet.
How were the boys? Fine.
Both asleep.
Do you - Mmm want anything? Maybe, erm, I should Unless you want anything? Go.
Are you sure? Go! Ooo-oo-ooh.
Ughh! Ughh! Aaah! Uh-uh.
I shan't stay long, duck.
Er What's the matter with you? Guts ache? I think I must have a bug.
Alan came home last night very upset.
I don't like seeing him like that, no mother would.
I gather you don't want to see him any more.
Well, it sounds very cold when you put it like that, but no.
It's just he didn't get a chance to talk to you about you investing in our business.
You know Dad, he goes to house clearances, buying and selling antiques, well He makes a killing, he does.
Alan was going to talk to you about it.
You want some money from me? Well, you'll get it all back, plus a nice profit on top.
We do it for Alan, mostly.
Help to set him up for when he leaves the Navy.
I'd have to ask Ron.
He handles the money.
Well, he's in prison, dear.
It's just a couple of grand, that's all.
Really, I'd need to talk to Ron.
Well, you do that.
Cos don't forget, Alan has done a lot for you while Ron's been away.
I expect Ron has no idea how much time you've been spending with Alan.
What do you mean by that? All that 'butter wouldn't melt' doesn't wash with me.
You're in this for what you can get out of it, the same as the rest of us.
Get yourself a new fur coat.
Why don't you? I think it's time you left.
All right.
I will.
But whatever's gone on between you and Alan, you'd better tell your husband all about it.
Cos he's gonna find out, one way or another.
There'll be two of them coming over the wall.
Ron and Eric Flower.
An old mate of his from Borstal he met up with inside.
Eric knows some people who can get them both abroad, after we get them out.
The best chance we've got is during morning exercise.
Are you all right? Yes, I'm fine.
We need you to take yourself off somewhere on the day it happens.
Somewhere I can get a ticket.
So I can prove where I was.
Good idea.
And we'll need some more money, Charm.
How much? Another ten for now.
More later.
There goes the new fur coat.
What? All right, boys.
Got a light? Go.
Hey! Hey! Give it to me! Hello, Mummy! Look at me! Mum! Biggsy's away! Ronnie! Ronnie! Over here! Get inside! Go! Go! Go! Go on, drive! Leave 'em! Leave 'em! Go, go, go! No, let 'em in.
In! Open the door! In, in, in! Just drive! Ha ha ha! We did it! We fucking did it! It's still me, you silly moo.
Come and give your old man a cuddle.
I've missed you so much.
Christ! No, love.
No kissing yet.
I'm in too much bloody pain.
It hurts so much I almost topped myself.
A good job I'm a coward.
So, what do you think? They call it plastic surgery, God knows why.
Do I look any different? Honestly? You look like Fu Manchu.
With a dead rat under your nose! Oh! Jesus! Oh, Ron, I've missed you so much.
There were times when I thought I was going out of my mind.
I screwed up everything.
I'm so sorry, Charm.
But we got through it, didn't we? That's the most important thing.
There wasn't any other choice.
My family have disowned me.
Our old friends don't want to know me.
You should try being a train robber's wife.
Well, it hasn't been a bed of roses here.
But, you know, I know it's been harder for you.
Merci beaucoup.
Darling, I have to tell you something before you hear it from anyone else.
Something happened.
Charm, you couldn't tell me anything that would matter one jot and nor could anybody else.
I told you do whatever you have to do to stay happy.
I meant it.
I just don't want to know the details.
But I don't want there to be any secrets between us.
We have something between us that can't be beaten or broken, Charm.
'It looks on tempests and is never shaken.
' That's the stuff Oh, fuck, that hurts.
I reckon my surgeon trained in an abattoir.
What happens now, Ron? Is this going to be our lives, meeting up here every six months? Always worrying if they'll find you? Just relax, will you? Here we are, in Paris.
A beautiful restaurant, fine wine, gourmet food.
Tomorrow, I want you to go shopping and buy yourself anything you want.
I don't want anything.
We were happier when we were broke.
Hey, hey.
It's the boys, Ron.
That's all I care about.
They need their dad, not some anonymous benefactor.
Calm down.
A new life, Charm, with new identities.
Me, you and the boys.
It's going to cost us some dough, nearly half my share.
But we'll be going somewhere where nobody will find us.
Where we can be a proper family again.
Where? Come on, Mum, open up! I've come to say goodbye.
You should sign it.
What's your name? My name's Nicholas Furminger.
Well, Nicholas Furminger, you sign at the bottom.
You have lovely children.
Thank you.
Come on.
Come on, boys.
Passport, please.
Thank you.
Your bag, please.
How much is there, Mrs Furminger? Nine thousand pounds.
It's my life savings.
Where's Daddy? Come on.
Come on, Nicky.
Come on.
Still no sign, Mrs Furminger? Margaret? Oh, sorry.
I can't think what's happened to him.
I've been trying some hotels for you, but it's this convention.
I'm afraid they're all fully booked.
There's nothing until tomorrow.
It's not ideal, I know, but you'll have some privacy and at least there's air conditioning in here.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
Yes, I'm trying to find a Mr Terence Furminger.
I'm his wife, yes.
I know from a letter that he was staying at your motel a couple of months ago.
I just wondered if he might still be there or if he'd left a message for me.
Margaret Furminger is my name.
Yes, I can hold.
Yes? OK.
Well, thank you for looking.
Are we going to find him, Margaret? I don't know.
I've tried everywhere I can think of.
Oh, this is ridiculous! Sorry, boys, but we can't stay in Australia any more.
But I don't want to leave here.
Well, we've got to.
If we keep spending money on hotels, we won't have enough to get back home.
Then what will we do? Come on.
Pick up your Lego.
Room six.
Outside now? A policeman? Well, what does he want? No, it's not really convenient.
Well, I'd rather Shit! Sssh! Mum - Sssh sssh sssh.
Aren't you gonna invite me in? It's Daddy! I was at the airport yesterday.
What happened? Well, I saw them going through your suitcase.
I thought you was looking over to me to warn me off.
Twizzy! I didn't see you.
I was just terrified they were onto me.
I was going nuts all night, wondering what to do.
I checked at the courts this morning to see if your name was posted.
Then I went back to the airport and decided to risk it.
I just asked if anyone knew where the redhead with the two little boys had gone.
What if something really had gone wrong? I was past caring by then.
I just thought, well, if I can't be with you lot then it wasn't worth carrying on any more.
And you and you.
Oh, Twizzy, I missed you so much! What happened to all our money? There's another 27 they said they need to hold back for any legal expenses.
Biggest crooks of all, bloody lawyers.
Cliff Robertson's still got 11,000.
I managed to get some from him to fund the escape, but then he just disappeared.
I tried Ron, really I did.
You know, it still hurts to do that.
So don't do it.
Ha bloody ha.
At least you don't look Oriental any more.
My name's Nicholas Furminger.
That's right.
Actually, Nickpops, your surname is King now.
So is Twizzy's.
What? We have to cut all links with the UK.
Someone might possibly trace Furminger out here, so we have to break the line.
As soon as we leave here, we'll be Terry and Sharon King and their two little King boys.
A family of ten-pound poms.
We haven't got passports in those names.
It doesn't matter.
We don't need passports any more.
Nobody asks any questions out here.
No-one cares who you are or who you were.
There you are, Mr Furminger.
I'm sure you'll be very happy with her.
Oh, no, no, Char Shar Margaret's the driver in our family.
Margaret is.
He hasn't got round to learning yet.
Well, good luck.
Nice doing business with you.
You've got to be more careful.
I will.
I refuse to get down about the situation.
We're together and we're healthy.
'Ere, I've even got a job.
Where? Adelaide.
As a handyman in a guesthouse, right on the coast.
And I've rented us a house nearby.
Oh, you're gonna love it, Charm.
Sharon! Sharon! Come on, love, try and get some sleep.
Just a minute.
Come on.
There you go.
Out we get.
Last one in the house is a nincompoop.
Go on! Right.
Here you are.
Daddy's got the key.
Right, little man.
One, two, three! I just took the plunge, love.
It was built for this Maltese bloke and his wife, but she jilted him at the altar.
Annie at the guest house told me about it, so I put down a month's rent in advance.
Well, obviously, there's no furniture, but - It's all right.
What? I love it.
It's a proper home! Thank Christ for that.
Pleased to meet you at last, Sharon.
Terry's told me a lot about you.
You're much prettier than I imagined.
Thank you.
Annie's just taken over the management and is doing it up.
Terry's been great, helping me get things straight.
I hope you're not afraid of hard work.
Oh, no.
I said to Annie you could help out with the laundry and stuff.
We could use the extra money.
Annie, you're wanted in the kitchen.
Ah, Sam, this is Terry's wife, Sharon.
She's going to be joining us.
Sharon, this is Sam, my son-in-law.
Pleased to meet you.
You know, Terry's a pretty closed book.
Maybe you can help us figure him out.
Well, what else do we need to know, eh? Oh, and, erm, Terry, when you're ready, I've got some hooks that need putting up out there.
I've got some shiny new saucepans I want to show off.
Will do, Annie.
Ask a lot of questions, does he? Oh, just ignore him, the irritating little twerp.
So, what do you think? I think you've done very well.
See? I told you.
The future's full Of possibilities.
Turn that off.
Turn it off for Daddy! Fancy seeing you here.
Aren't you going to invite us in, you big ugly git? Come on.
Come on in.
Come in! Hello, Julie.
Hello, Ronnie.
How are you, Ron? Hello, trouble.
Oh, Charm, it's lovely.
Oh, and congratulations! Thanks.
Bloody hell.
You didn't hang around.
It was a bit of a shock, at first, but we're getting used to it now.
Boys, come and say hello.
Come and say hello, Nick.
My mummy isn't Charmian any more.
She's called Sharon now.
Quite right.
Don't you even know her real name yet, Julie? He's a bit of a stickler.
Well, I keep forgetting we're supposed to be the Burleys now.
Come on.
Let's eat.
I didn't like to say anything.
I thought you were trying to starve us.
I daren't tell him I'll have to be Mrs Furminger again when I go into hospital.
The marriage certificate is in that name and you have to produce one to register the baby.
Let's get you a drink.
What are you having? You know, the joke is, I've broken out of prison to go straight.
I haven't so much as stolen a box of matches since we climbed over that wall.
And, if you don't count the robbery, for three years before that I was as clean as a whistle.
It doesn't matter.
They still want their pound of flesh.
Still, they've got to find you first.
And you, my good man, have got a 12,000-mile head start on them.
Listen, if we keep our heads down, they'll forget about us soon enough back home.
In the meantime, it's not a bad old place to hide away, is it? Well, it beats Wandsworth! You can say that again! Even if we could move back to England I don't think we would.
We love it out here.
Julie was telling her mum how we take a picnic onto the beach every evening.
Weren't you, love? Oh, she was so jealous.
She said summer was a wash-out back home.
You spoke to your mum, Julie? Oh, yeah, only quickly.
It's so expensive.
Did you tell her about Adelaide? She couldn't believe there was a massive city right by the edge of the ocean.
What were you thinking? Sorry? All right, Charm.
This isn't a game, Julie.
The more people that know, the more chance there is of the police finding us.
It's only her mum.
Yeah, and who has she told? And what about your mum? We haven't spoken to her yet.
Yet? So you were planning on it? Come on, Charm.
I might have known you'd stick up for them.
You're as dumb as they are.
Well, I haven't come round here to be insulted, I'm sure.
Eric? Oi, sort your missus out, Ron.
She's out of order.
Come on.
Just stay and have a drink.
Let's all just calm down.
Those are the first people they'll be watching, your families.
Can't you see that? Eric? Listen.
You're all we've got out here and we're all you've got.
You don't want to be driving us away.
No, look, come on, mate.
This is stupid! I'm frightened.
I got you back.
I don't want to lose you.
It's another boy.
Oh, he's beautiful, love.
I wondered if I could have another one.
Another boy.
I thought it was bound to be a girl.
You're not disappointed, are you? Are you nuts? He's our very own Aussie, born and bred.
Our little bit of sunshine.
Dr Boyd, this is my husband, Terry.
I'd just like to congratulate you both.
Oh, thank you, Doctor.
Terry King.
Sorry, he's always playing little jokes.
Stop clowning around, Terry.
Terry King Furminger, I should say.
Yeah, it's double-barrelled.
I drop it, sometimes, so people think we're living in sin.
Ah, yes.
Well, good luck.
Of course.
Don't mind us.
You'll drop us in it, one day.
I know you will.
Oh, I'm sorry, love.
Come on, then.
Let's have a little hold.
Oh, yeah, come to Daddy.
I've got some news for you.
Annie's asked us if we want to be part owners in the guest house.
Owners? Well, she needs a bit more dough to finish doing the place up.
If we cough it up, she'll share the running profits with us.
It will use up the last of our money, but I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.
Well, it'd give us some stability.
And we'd be our own bosses, no employers to go poking into our backgrounds.
Cos I've already said yes.
He's a big old bruiser, isn't he, eh? Oh, yeah, erm, well, a little bit of bad news.
Bruce has been arrested.
Yeah, Eric told me.
Apparently, he's been hiding out in Mexico.
No, it's OK.
It won't affect us.
There's no links to here.
If they can find him, they can find you.
Nah, they won't find me.
With any luck, they'll be looking for me in Mexico.
Give him back to me.
You're not worried, are you? Yes.
But he's hungry.
Every time we think it's behind us Daddy's had to go away.
And it might not be for a while, but we will see him again.
I need to see my children.
That won't be possible.
I've booked a passage on a steamer to Panama and, from there, I'll make my way over land to Rio de Janeiro.
'My life is about the children now.
' We've done what we've done, but they shouldn't be made to suffer for it.