Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 This is my plan (CRICKETS CHIRP) Kiss for the lo (DEEP RUMBLING) Did you hear that? (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (DEEP RUMBLING) It's coming! (WHIRRING) It's here! There's nothing there, baby.
Come back to me.
- What's that on your arm? - There! You can see it, can't you? (EERIE MUSIC SWELLS) There! Can you see it? What is that? (EERIE MUSIC CONTINUES) We're getting out of here - now.
(ENGINE TURNS OVER) It's here! (ENGINE TURNS OVER) It's a UFO! (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) They're here! They're coming! Tanya! Tanya?! - Tanya! - Tommy! Come back! (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) (SCREAMING) Tanya! Tanya?! (TRAFFIC ROARS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Where's Cecile? I thought she was due here an hour ago.
It's been the same place, same time forever, Samuel.
Sunday, 5PM, no matter what.
Well, I've just made another batch of her favourite Moscow Mule.
(KEYS CLACK WILDLY) I have just put a movie on the projector for Violetta and Peregrine, if you'd like to join us.
She's never once let me down.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) NARRATOR: (IN FILM) Starman's Globe Meter warns him that he is nearing a Superion's invasion ship.
(FILM MURMURS) (MACHINE WHIRRS, BELL RINGS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) - Peregrine! - (ALL EXCLAIM) - I need to get somewhere quickly! - What is it, Birdie? It's a telex from Cecile! She needs me! OK, I'll drive you.
Did her message say anything else? No, no, but for her to ask me to come to her, it's just Her house is just beyond this bend.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Peregrine, stop, stop.
Pull over! What's that over there? (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) - That's her car! - Birdie! (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) It's her.
It's Cecile.
Oh, no! Try not to touch anything, Birdie.
(HAUNTING INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) What can you see? I'm not sure.
- Oh, Birdie! - No, I'm alright.
Just just find out what happened.
(HAUNTING INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) (SIREN WAILS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) Peregrine Fisher, you step away from that vehicle immediately! We didn't touch anything.
That still does not mean you can climb all over my crime scene.
It's Birdie's best friend.
My deep condolences, Miss Birnside.
You said that she failed to attend a meeting with you? It wasn't a meeting, it was a regular catch-up.
What was her state of mind? Why do you ask? There's no sign of skid marks up here.
If you think she killed herself, you're wrong.
Many times in the past, she was pushed to the brink, and she never took the easy way out.
Am I right in thinking that if the cut on her head was fresh and she was alive when it happened - She'd be covered in blood! - But there wasn't a drop.
Except for the dry bits around her nose.
This wasn't suicide or an accident, was it? No.
Someone wanted her dead.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) So, the new camera worked out for you? I wouldn't have gotten away with taking photos otherwise.
Thank you.
We need to identify a mark on Cecile's leg.
It didn't match anything in the car.
Her skin was icy cold! Well, you said she was out in the elements.
No, I mean frozen, like she'd just come out of an ice-box, and I found this in her hair.
(SNIFFS) Oh, that's sharp! Well, I'll run some tests to see what it is.
Birdie? How did you know Cecile? We worked together during the war.
She was a world-class scientist, and I was an excellent shot.
- A match made in heaven.
- Mmm.
We worked for months behind enemy lines.
There were things that happened that we couldn't tell anyone except each other.
Was Cecile still doing dangerous work? Something sensitive that might have made her enemies? Birdie, if Peregrine is going to get to the bottom of this, you need to trust her.
For the past year, she worked in a government-run lab, overseeing a highly classified project, which she would not discuss, not even with me.
Where the hell did she work? (TRAFFIC ROARS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) This is the place.
This doesn't look very classified.
That's the point.
I'll head straight in, create a distraction.
You look around the perimeter, see if you can find another way in.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC BUILDS) Dr Cecile Armand, please.
MAN: (INTERCOM) Visitor on way.
Hello? Hello? WOMAN: Tea? Coffee? Scotch Finger? May I help you? Yes.
I have an appointment with Cecile Armand to see the facility.
I'm afraid Professor Armand won't be in this morning.
(SOBS) Are you alright, um Margaret? That's the first time anyone's used my name in months.
Come on, move this along, please.
Invisible woman.
Well, perhaps maybe someone else can show me the facility.
Madam, I'll need to see some ID first.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES) (DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES) (GASPS) Ms Fisher! How did you find this place so fast? Birdie knows it.
She didn't mention that to me.
Well, you didn't ask the right questions.
What are you doing here? According to the Federal Police, it's a matter of national security.
As soon as the murdered happened, Sparrow was told to stay away.
So, it is being treated as a murder! I had to force my way into the autopsy.
Not only did Miss Armand die away from the accident site, her core body temperature had dropped to freezing.
That's what she felt like! I didn't I didn't mean to touch her.
It was an accident.
OK, what I want to know is how she could have been frozen so fast between sending that telex and ending up dead in her car.
Maybe through the wonders of science.
We need to find out what the hell goes on in here.
Look, you'd be a fool to try, Peregrine.
Birdie will find a way.
You can just get your hands off me, mister! See you later, alligator.
In a while, crocodile.
Uh, I'm sorry, sir.
The facility's closed right now.
- The facility's closed - I'd appreciate some cooperation.
Where are you from? (FUNKY GUITAR RHYTHMS) Oh! No, no, no! Please, please, please.
You're ticklish! (GASPS) You're ticklish! (LAUGHTER) Oh! Good.
You've developed the photos.
Yes, I did er, indeed.
Well, these marks on Cecile's legs, I suspect they're burn marks.
I thought she was frozen.
Is it an ice burn? An ice burn would typically look different, with white patches or dead skin.
It definitely happened before her death, but possibly the same night.
What about the blue flake that I found in Cecile's hair? Yes, I have it prepared in my lab, ready for analysis in the morning.
We need answers.
And we'll get them.
Detective Steed is already investigating.
Oh, that means nothing! The people who run that lab will show the police only what they want them to see.
I will not let my friend just be thrown away like this! We need to get into that facility, and I don't think your bobby pin trick will work this time.
The front entrance is manned, and there are security readers on every door.
Perhaps a nice cup of tea will fix everything.
(FUNKY GUITAR RHYTHMS) Tea? Coffee? Scotch Finger? (FUNKY GUITAR RHYTHMS) (EERIE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) (EERIE MUSIC CONTINUES) Right! (CHATTER) What happened to the other tea lady? Alien abduction.
Ahh, I already like you better.
Aunty Madge was upset about that lady dying, so she's taken some time off.
At least we can always rely on the same stale old biscuits.
Well, I can do something about that for you, if you'd like, Miss? Professor Elaine Montgomery.
Poor old Margaret.
Couldn't crack a smile to save herself.
You're a lot easier on the eye.
Don't start that business, Hans.
- Coffee, and a biscuit.
- Mm-hm.
No, no, just top that one up.
I don't like to share.
Good girl.
- Avoid him, if you can, sweetie.
- Yeah, like the plague! The iso chamber is out of bounds! Why were you in there? What do you think I do? My job! I cleaning the iso chamber.
Well, not now, Rosemarie! He is very much a rude man.
Charles is very upset, like the rest of us.
Leave it for now.
We do need to clean up the old specimens in there so we can restart Cecile's experiment.
Is that what she was working on that poor scientist? Aunty Madge said that she was really lovely.
She was.
Bit of a stickler, perhaps, but a good microbiologist.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) JAMES: This is your space? Yes, I oversee all the work that's done here.
- I've made it into the facility.
- Peregrine.
The problem is, Margaret's pass only gets me into the kitchen, the upstairs toilet, and the hallways to serve tea.
Oh, well, if you can improve on a tea lady's pass, I'm sure I can duplicate it.
I'll do my best.
I'll also keep my eyes peeled for anything that could have caused that burn mark.
Any luck with the blue flake yet? The blue flake.
Oh! Yes! I think it's an epidermis of some sort.
A what? - Skin.
- Really? Skin? Yes, skin is three layers, the epidermis being the outermost surface.
But it's blue.
What has blue skin? (EERIE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) You didn't get along with Cecile? That's not what I said.
We had our professional differences.
Tea? Coffee.
Black with one.
And I'm guessing you like yours strong and very sweet, Detective.
And preferably made by somebody else.
What kind of professional differences? I trained at a cutting-edge laboratory.
I tried to drag Cecile into the 20th century.
She had her ways.
- Where did you spend last night? - At my bowling club.
- Well - I'll get you a phone number now.
He seems very full of himself.
He said the iso chamber is this way.
What a mess! What happened here? Oh! Oh, it's icy in here! (GASPS) God, it's a good place to freeze someone.
To death.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) What's with all the blue? - Peregrine.
- Mmm? Look at the scratch marks on the inside of this door.
That's horrible! (GASPS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) It's a fingernail.
Cecile's fingers her nails were all broken.
There's no handle on the inside of the door.
So, somebody locked her in here and waited for her to die.
Moved the body to point the blame away from this place.
What is going on in here? I don't know, but I get the feeling my badge is a stumbling block.
Luckily nobody cares about a tea lady.
Oh! (BIRDS CALL) What a wretched excuse for a reunion.
I need to find out who's running that facility, and does the name Malcolm Levine mean anything to you? He heads security.
Military, by the look of it.
It's not ringing any bells.
And anything else you can find out about the staff there.
You've got an agent embedded in there? I wouldn't call her that exactly.
Oh, it's no place for an amateur, Birdie.
She has pedigree, Arthur.
Oh, good, because you have been known to let your affections interfere with your judgment.
Maybe 20 years ago.
I'm gonna find out who did this to Cecile.
And what - kill, maim, destroy? All options remain on the table.
I may even settle for a simple charge of murder.
You have been out of the game a long time.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES) (ALARM BUZZES) Oh! (GASPS) Tea? No? Jeez! - Who are you? - Oh! And where's Margaret? I'm Margaret - Meg, actually.
Margaret's my aunty.
Second question.
Well, Aunty Madge needed some time off because of Professor Armand.
It's very sad.
She's gone to stay with some old friends.
Come with me.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Any changes need sign-off.
I didn't see the point in bothering you, given all the other troubles.
Very well, then, but next time, speak to me first.
(FUNKY RHYTHMS) - Tea? - Yes, thanks.
(FUNKY MUSIC CONTINUES) (FUNKY MUSIC CONTINUES) (CAN RATTLES) (FUNKY MUSIC CONTINUES) Oh! What are you doing here, girl? Oh, I was just running low.
What on earth happened here? Did you clean up? Me? No.
The police, probably.
They take things.
Oh, well, that makes sense.
With Cecile's death, they'd be looking for clues about her life, her work I'm guessing.
You should be like your Aunt Margaret.
She keeps her job because she asks not so many questions.
Oh, thank you, policemen.
Leave the rubbish for me.
Oh, I wonder who they're from.
The short one.
Small legs, pig face.
Do you mean Hans? Always with the flowers.
"Sorry, this.
Sorry, that.
" Was he sweet on Cecile? Yes, but she not like him.
So, how long have you been in Australia for? Why you ask, girl? My accent is not your business! I'm sorry, I I fight for my freedom in Hungary.
I have a right to be here.
(FUNKY MUSIC) Coffee time.
Thank you.
I also thought that you might like this back.
I found it on the floor.
You must have dropped it.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Don't be embarrassed.
We all make mistakes in love.
Nothing happened between Cecile and I, if that's what you're suggesting.
You don't need to explain.
- I might have made a mistake.
- OK.
- But I apologised like a gentleman! - Let go of my arm! Make sure you don't go repeating gossip.
Let go of my arm.
Big mouth will get you killed around here.
Peregrine? I just had a run-in with Hans.
Did he hurt you? I think he wanted to.
No, don't! Don't blow this for me.
He can't get away with that! If you say something, I'll get sacked.
I cannot let Birdie down.
Have you interviewed him yet? I'm about to.
Well, check out the heater in his office.
It matches the mark on Cecile's leg.
And what about Charles? His alibi checks out.
He was at the Golden Pins Bowling Club from 3PM until 7PM the night of the murder.
There was a tournament, apparently.
I still haven't figured out what Cecile was working on or what it has to do with the iso lab.
We're at a loose end too.
That car was almost completely wiped of prints.
Covering their tracks.
We did find half a fingerprint on the inside of the driver's window, but it's just too smudged to test against any of our files.
Samuel has a fingerprint machine that he swears can find prints on anything.
Well, I don't know how it works, but if you can get a print to me, I can get him to test it.
- It can't hurt.
- Mmm.
(SIGHS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) MALCOLM: First of all, Charles, this is my decision, and second Just hold on.
Detective! You people have been informed to stay away.
Oh, stay away? From what? That's classified information.
Mmm, this would all be over a lot faster if you'd cooperate, but I get the impression that you're not here to help.
I have to keep my superiors happy.
They're not interested in keeping everyone at this facility safe? That's my job, Detective.
I do it to the best of my abilities.
Well, one of your scientists is dead, and I suspect that they died right under your nose.
Maybe the best of your abilities isn't good enough.
Good afternoon.
- Bloody cheek! - ELAINE: What's wrong? - That policeman.
- The handsome one? Yes, well, he's no friend of ours.
Really? We'll see about that.
I had a speaking engagement at Melbourne University last night.
I left here at 5:00.
I was there by 6:00.
Mind if I pop this on, Doctor? (SWITCH CLICKS) I spoke for an hour and a quarter, then took questions, then there were drinks after the lecture.
Sounds like a nice evening.
Mmm, let me tell you, it got a hell of a lot better.
I spent some time with a young lady.
- Could I have her name? - I don't know her name.
We didn't exchange pleasantries.
When was the last time that you spoke to Cecile? Oh, I can't recall exactly - not a proper conversation, anyway.
That heats up quite quickly.
I was planning on getting rid of it, actually.
It's always overheating.
Oh, could be quite easy to burn yourself on that.
I suppose so.
Cecile, she had a burn on her leg that looked remarkably similar to that heater grill.
Well now that I think about it, Cecile did pop in last night just before I left.
I asked her to come to the speaking engagement with me, actually.
She declined? She was devoted to her work above all else.
Did that upset you, when she refused your invitation, Hans? I can have any woman I like.
Except the one that you want.
Tea, anyone? Detective? No.
He was just leaving.
Thank you, sweetie.
Thank you, Mr Peterson, for your time.
I appreciate that.
My constable will be following up at the university.
- (LAUGHS) - Two coffees, please, darling.
- Sure.
One of them's for that dashing policeman.
Make it strong.
You think he's dashing? Don't you? Oh, well, I hadn't really noticed.
Oh, sorry! Eugh! Disgusting thing.
- Yes, I plan on giving it a wash.
- Mmm.
- Sugar? - I have my own sweetener.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS) So, you left here at 8PM? Mmm, and I was in my negligee by 9:00.
Alone? Unfortunately.
(OMINOUS MUSIC SWELLS) (JAMES COUGHS) Could you tell me about your relationship with Cecile? She was very good to me.
She put me in charge of the lab, but she copped a lot of flak for it.
And who was upset with her relationship to put you in charge of the lab? (DISTORTED) Hans didn't like it.
Felt like he was being pushed out.
(OMINOUS MUSIC BUILDS) Now you tell me a secret.
Excuse me? (OMINOUS MUSIC SWELLS) (DISTORTED) I'm sure you have plenty of them, Detective Steed.
Who are you working for? (LAUGHS) Spasibo, my little mishka.
This spying caper's not very sophisticated, is it, Birdie? Oh, it rarely is.
It's mostly daring.
- Are you ready? - Always.
I didn't realise it was so big.
That whole side, that's where the magic happens.
And you can't get in? I just nicked Malcolm's pass for Samuel to copy tonight, and I found a tape inside a can of hairspray in Cecile's office.
It's in with the mug.
It's punch tape.
It's where she would have stored the data.
Peregrine, thank you for doing this.
It's my job.
And don't trust anyone in there.
(SIREN WHOOPS) What's that? You might have set an alarm off.
Quick, quick, quick! Bloody hell! (FUNKY ROCK MUSIC) (SIREN WHOOPS) MAN: (TANNOY) Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
- What's going on? - Lockdown! Oh! (SIREN WHOOPS) I got a funny kinda feelin' comin' in my eyes Code red.
And my hair gets long and my eyes turn blue - Whoa! Monsters! - James! I need to get out of here! - Oh! - What? Whoa! What are you doing? Oh! I'm a wolf man.
I'm a wolf man, baby You can see me on I think that security guard's after me.
What man wouldn't be? Code red.
This is not a drill.
Are you drunk? (LAUGHS) No, no.
I am a little bit slow off the mark.
I mean, that's what Fleur says.
What? - With you.
- Shh! What? No! No, I need to tell you something.
No, now is not the time You make my job impossible Well, I can't help that.
because whenever you're in the room, I can't concentrate on anything else.
- What? No! It's the truth, Peregrine.
Arm out.
(SIREN WHOOPS) Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
Whoa! There's a rainbow! Look! Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
This way! No! - This way! Come with me! - (WHOOPS) Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
They're talking to me.
- The aliens! - (SIGHS) Come on! This is not a drill.
Code red.
Everybody needs to leave! Through that door! Go now! Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
Come on! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (SIREN WHOOPS) Code red.
This is not a drill.
Code red.
(JAMES LAUGHS) We need to get far away from here.
My little mishka.
Why on earth does he keep saying that? I have no idea.
Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh, for god's sake! Pull yourself together, man! Pupil dilation.
I would say he's hallucinating.
Does he does he take drugs? No! I don't think so.
- He did have coffee with Elaine.
- Which means? Well, I'm not sure, but I need to find out what that woman is up to.
Do you have any updates for me? Oh, yes.
The blue flake, it appears to contain a bacteria.
I'm trying to focus on what kind.
It will take some time, Peregrine, but I have several experiments running.
And we have the cup for Hans's print.
And do you think you could make a copy of this for me by tomorrow? We will let you know.
- You'll be OK? - Yes, fine.
I just need to figure out what to do with you.
(GROANS) (LAUGHS) Rah! (ROARS) You're just a little bear, Peregrine.
- There you are.
- Here I am.
(DOO-WOP MUSIC CONTINUES) - Shh! - What? James? The walls are listening.
(LAUGHS) What? Come here.
What? Closer.
Take my heart And say we'll never part Ba-ba-ba-ba-bam Bam Oooooh Wow-wow-wow-wow Ahhhh Mmm, that was nice.
- It was nice.
- (CHUCKLES) I wasn't even hallucinating.
How does it work? Oh, well, I adapted an old photocopy machine.
Well, basically, it keeps moving a partial print over the top of a suspect's by by minute increments, inching across it until it finds a match of any section.
So, it's like a pattern recognition machine? Yes, yes, but a lot more sensitive than most.
Do you think the others know about us? No.
Why? Did you did you want to make a public announcement? No.
It just feels like we're keeping a secret.
Well, who isn't around here? Birdie most of all.
Maybe when she starts to tell me her secrets, I'll feel like telling her mine.
(FUNKY MUSIC CONTINUES) It looks like there might be more than one set of prints on here.
- Look.
- Hmm.
Oh, well, let's check them all while we're at it.
Thank you.
I'm glad about you and Violetta.
You knew.
Of course.
I am a spy.
(CHUCKLES MIRTHLESSLY) And we're family.
Should we be notifying any of Cecile's family? Oh she lost contact with them years ago.
Always put her work first.
Not the first woman to do that.
Why were you so attached to her? - I had a debt to repay.
- What? - You wouldn't want to know.
- No, I really do, Birdie.
You were away for most of my childhood.
Mum and Dad were so proud of you but I was I was completely in the dark about my own sister's life.
Well, you were my little brother.
I didn't want to worry you.
I'm not anymore! You can tell me things.
(HAUNTING INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Cecile and I and two other agents, we were in a car accident.
We were being pursued and we were driven off the road.
Really? I was hurt, but I could walk, and Cecile well, she couldn't.
So, she told me to go.
She begged me.
To leave her behind? We were in danger of being caught.
She insisted that I go, and think of the future, and so I did.
I left her there.
Oh, Birdie.
Three years later, she turns up.
She wants to go to the beach.
She refused to tell me what happened when I left her there, just lying Oh, Samuel! Oh, Samuel! Oh, I feel so guilty! And she never, she never, ever judged me! (GENTLE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) (ENGINE RUMBLES) You missed a button.
And I thought that you might need some lunch.
Thanks, um oh, my hat! You probably left it at the facility.
I'll find it for you.
I'd appreciate that.
I didn't do or say anything inappropriate last night, did I? No, you were the perfect gentleman.
Good, because I can't remember a thing.
Thank you.
(TELEPHONE RINGS) Steed! Oh, sir.
How are you? Where the bloody hell were you yesterday? Oh, I forgot to tell you, sir.
James called in on his way home from work.
He was chasing up Hans Peterson's alibi.
Well? Oh, well, they called back after James had left.
Hans was at a place called Peppers.
That's a brothel.
Did say he didn't know the woman's name.
Oh, and this came for you, sir.
Registered post - from National Security.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Oooh, goody! Well? Cup of tea? Well, I cracked it.
It was a very complex code, but now I can't make head nor tail of all the scientific equations and all the graphs.
Was that all from the punch tape? Yes, yes, and I need Violetta to Oh, Violetta! I need your help to decipher this.
Oh, of course.
We were analysing the fingerprints.
There was more than one set of prints on the mug.
Yes, Hans's and mine.
There was a third print.
Someone else touched the rim.
Some well, Elaine picked it up from the trolley.
Well, this print matches the fingerprint that the police took from the car.
But could it be an old print? Because they were colleagues.
Well, it's possible, but it's unlikely.
See, the fingerprint was inside the driver's window.
Elaine? Well, no, there's no way that Elaine could have moved Cecile's body into that car by herself.
Oh, wonderful! Oh, there's more than one mad scientist in that place.
Now, I have a friend who's finding out what he can about that facility.
Who? He was Cecile and my he was our handler.
(KETTLE WHISTLES) The kettle's boiling.
She's a woman of mystery.
I should get to work.
Ahh, well, in that case, here is your pass.
- Access all areas.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
- Steed! - Sir? Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Extraterrestrials, sir? What if I told you about the night my mate Larry and I went fishing on Lake Eildon? It was cold as ice.
It was pitch black.
There was not a soul around, and then suddenly whoosh! There were these three bright beams of light and this sound.
(MIMICS RUMBLING) (EERIE MUSIC SWELLS) And I looked up, and then I looked down into the water, and then I slowly looked back, and then suddenly, there it was! A bloody UFO! Jeez! (LAUGHS) Gotcha! - Bloody UFOs.
- Oh! - Do you believe in them? - No, sir.
Well, these pansy scientists do.
According to this file, that's what they're investigating - UFOs.
- They're just trying to fob - City South Police Station.
- This is murder! - Peregrine? - Not a bloody alien attack.
- Of course it is, sir.
So, what have we got? - That Hans character.
- Peterson? - Who was in the knock shop? - Yes.
- Is he off the list? - No, not definitely.
Well, who else you got? Malcolm Levine, head of security, and Elaine Montgomery.
- A woman? - Younger colleague of the deceased.
What's she done? She went to some lengths to dissuade me from the case, sir.
And I've just heard Elaine's fingerprints matched those found in the car at the crime scene.
Is that right? Well! Let's go rattle some cages! (EERIE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Good morning.
I have something for Elaine.
(ALARM BLARES) (FUNKY MUSIC) SPARROW: No-one tells me where I can and can't go! MALCOLM: Now, stop right there! Take me to Elaine Montgomery.
I'm placing her under arrest.
You can't just barge in here! I have the authority to place YOU under arrest! Oh, I'd like to see you try.
Did Elaine come through here? I can't say I've seen her.
(FUNKY MUSIC CONTINUES) Where the hell is she? She better be in here! (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) It's this way, sir.
(FUNKY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Shortbread? Why are there so many corridors? (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) What kind of wild goose chase are we on? (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) MALCOLM: If my superiors hear about this, there'll be hell to pay.
Getting tired of hearing your voice, Levine.
Perhaps we should take a moment to reconsider our strategy.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) What the bloody hell is this? (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) That's Elaine, sir.
Our suspect.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES) Her skull's broken.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Oh, Elaine, no! I need you to step out now, Charles.
As if one dead body wasn't bad enough.
SPARROW: Well, you can forget about keeping a low profile now, Levine.
Gave up on that when your brigade showed up, flashing your badges around.
Are either of you interested in the fact that this poor woman has been murdered? A word.
You're outside your jurisdiction.
I saw the file on outer space, and your name is all over it.
That intel is a first-hand account, and it's classified.
My man here is gonna find a killer - a real, live human one, not a little blue man, and if you get in his way, I swear to god, I will turn you upside down and inside out in front of the whole country.
I'll get your ugly mug on the telly.
That'd be funny, wouldn't it? Shh! Oh, what the hell?! I came in just before you did.
Oh! - Steed! - Sir.
Tell Mr Levine what you need.
I need full access to Elaine's office, and any other personal effects that she may have had on the premises.
Thank you, sir.
Well, don't let me down.
I've stuck my neck out for you.
Just what I need.
- Ow! Oh! - You look stuck.
No! No, I'm fine.
Here, take my hand.
- No, honestly, I don't need your help.
- Come on.
Um do you think it was the same person who killed Cecile and Elaine? Elaine could have been an accomplice in the car, and then she decided to inform on the killer.
And now the killer's trying to cover his or her tracks.
Well, we need to look through Elaine's office.
(ROARS) Sound familiar? No.
This whole office has been stripped.
Just like Cecile's.
(SNIFFLES) Rosemarie, are you alright? She was a stupid fool.
Were you friends with Elaine? No, I was not, but to die like that not good.
No, it's not good.
I wonder what she was doing in the wet lab.
Always hiding there alone.
I hear her talking to someone, but they never talk back.
(OMINOUS MUSIC SWELLS) Can you account for your time in the hours leading up to Elaine's murder? I was manning the front desk.
You and your boss man saw me there.
Then tell me this.
I know where Cecile Armand died.
How in the hell did someone get a body out of this building without your knowledge? I'm not here 24 hours.
What about your security card readers that are everywhere? They don't go out of some sort of log? - No.
- What about your cameras? I don't think you understand the idea of a covert facility.
What about that one? How'd you go with her? She started the day after Cecile was found.
Yes, but maybe she was sent in to finish the job.
I don't get the impression that she's involved.
If I could put her in a room with my people, they would make her talk.
Leave her to me.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) What was she hiding? (RADIO STATIC CRACKLES) Of course! Are you talking to yourself? No, but I think that somebody else was.
- Can you catch it? - I can try.
I think this belonged to Elaine.
- Ready? - Ready.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) (RADIO STATIC CRACKLES) Whatever it is, Elaine didn't want anybody else to know about it.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) When I think back on all the places I used to send you two, the things I asked you to do We both loved it.
I realise, with Cecile's passing, that I never thanked her or you.
Oh, she was the brains of the outfit.
I was just Always protecting her with your own life time and again.
Not this time.
Birdie I need to fix this.
There's a lot of chatter on the wires.
A lot of interest from overseas on the facility's experiment.
From what I can gather, it's a sort of chemical weapons testing.
High stakes.
Mmm, if people are prepared to murder for it.
Well, whatever they've got in there, all the agencies want to know about it.
Not a lot of detail but it should help.
Thank you, Arthur.
PEREGRINE: Elaine had hidden this in the wet lab? It's a long-range radio transmitter.
So, this can send messages across the world? To anyone else who has one.
I'm more familiar with the R-354.
Mmm, yes, the Bumblebee.
Yes, yes, yes, but this is definitely Soviet.
Soviet? Well, that might explain this Russian bear I found on Elaine's desk.
Oh, that would explain the mishka babble that James was going on about.
'Mishka' means 'bear' in Russian.
Elaine must have been less careful after she gave Detective Steed the hallucinogenic.
Rosemarie said that Elaine was always talking to somebody.
She was sending messages to the Russians.
She was a spy? According to my source, everyone wanted to get their hands on the same thing - whatever is in that lab.
But this is the information that Cecile had stored on the punch tape.
It's note for an experiment she was working on called Azure 693.
According to Cecile's tape, she caught Elaine transmitting results that implied Azure 693 was a failure.
So, Cecile knew that Elaine was working for the Russians? Yes, yes, and there's someone else involved as well.
Elaine's lover.
I just don't have the name.
Well, I need to find out who.
Azure azure is a kind of blue, isn't it? It is.
Like the fish, and that blue flake.
I need to get some azure.
Hey, but just don't touch it, Peregrine! We don't know what it is yet.
This is bigger than just solving a murder.
We all realise that, don't we? I'm starting to get that impression.
Would you please, please, just be very careful? (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) Come on.
Quickly, before Sparrow comes back.
Come here! Now, you were saying, the Russians? Yes, and that blue stuff that we found near the baths, it's all connected to this top secret experiment called Azure 693.
Well, where did you get all that from? From Cecile's tape, and Birdie's spy friend, and the Bumblebee - well, it's not quite a Bumblebee, but that thing that we found in Elaine's wet lab.
This is all completely bonkers.
But you do believe me? Mmm, given past events.
Look, Sparrow's got a classified file about UFO sightings and a girl that went missing a couple of months ago.
Malcolm's name, it's all over it.
UFOs? Well, that, I don't believe.
Sparrow thinks it's a smokescreen for whatever they're really up to.
As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with him.
Oh! Now, that is spooky! Oh! Erm am I interrupting? - No.
- Of course not.
Hmm, well, before you continue whatever you were doing, here's the UFO file, if you feel like scaring yourself to death.
If this blue goo is Azure 693, I managed to break it down.
It's sourced from deep-sea algae collected in the stomachs of fish.
Fish guts? I saw some in one of the covert labs.
It has properties similar to LSD, and appears to be some sort of hallucinogen.
That must be what Elaine gave to Detective Steed.
What's the connection between the Russians and hallucinogens? Well, I don't know about the Russians, but the CIA were testing LSD as a truth serum.
Yes, it's a very useful weapon of war.
Mmm, it proved very unreliable.
It caused a psychosis in some of the volunteers.
It was shut down about a year ago.
Perhaps it popped up again in Australia.
Did Cecile work for the CIA? She would never! There is something else in Cecile's notes that I couldn't quite understand.
It says that one of her subjects went missing.
Sparrow got his hands on a file about a missing girl.
Her name is Tanya.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) Wait, go back one.
There! That's it.
"Girl disappears.
Possible abduction.
" They're blaming the boyfriend, Tommy Vorton.
"I know no-one believes me, but something took her away that night, "and one day, they'll bring her back.
" He's trying to blame someone else for the abduction.
He said 'something', not 'someone'.
And what about the last line? "I'm not the only one who's seen things.
"They can't keep ALL of us quiet.
" I need to talk to Tommy.
Have you ever wondered about the universe? Like, I mean, just really thought about what's out there? Maybe aliens.
Or thousands of living things on other planets.
Someone, somewhere, could be standing on their planet right now, doing what we're doing.
What is it we're doing? Staring up at the stars and wondering if we're here.
Well, I Or maybe we're just alone but if you think about it, you're only really alone until you start to look for someone.
And then you find them, and your whole world just flips on its head.
Which is not always such a bad thing.
You've been very strange lately.
(CHUCKLES) MAN: Stop here.
(EERIE MUSIC SWELLS) This is where I brought Tanya.
It's lovely.
I asked her to come away with me.
They all said that I killed her and buried her somewhere in those trees.
I know that that's not true.
Tommy, do you know if Tanya was ever part of a testing program? Like, a volunteer.
What kind of testing? A new drug the government was experimenting with.
Maybe a blue powder or a tablet.
I don't know anything about that.
I remember there was a kind of blue rash on her arm.
A rash? Yeah, like more like flaky blue skin.
Like a like a lizard.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) You must miss her.
All the time.
She called me once, a few weeks after she disappeared.
Really? I could hardly hear her.
There was this alarm going off.
Whoop, whoop, whoop.
I think she was on a space station.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (ROCK MUSIC PLAYS FAINTLY) I'm a real wild child Give me a chick that's a-all my own Gonna shake her till the meat comes off of her bones I'm a wild one Oooh, yeah, I'm a wild one Oooh, baby, gonna break loose I'm gonna keep her movin' wild Gonna keep her shakin' I'm a wild child Let's go now (ROCK GUITAR SOLO) Well, I'm-a just outta school like I'm real, real cool Gotta shake, gotta jive (TANYA SINGS INDISTINCTLY) I'm a wild one Yeah, I'm a wild one Oooh, baby, gonna break loose I'm gonna keep her movin' wild I'm-a wild, wild, wild, wild Give me a chick that's a-all my own Shake her till the meat comes off of her bones 'Cause I'm a wild one Oooh, yeah, I'm a wild one La, la, la, la, la Gonna keep her shakin', baby Hi.
Tanya? I'm a real wild child Squeeze-a me, baby I'm a real wild child Come on over, darling I'm a real wild child Come and get me Oh, boy, it's hot in here.
It has to be, for my skin.
Stops it from getting worse.
What's wrong with it? (WHISPERS) I got it from a UFO.
- When you were with Tommy? - Tommy? Is he here? No.
Remember? You called him on the phone Is he a scientist? Have you been staying here, Tanya? Yes.
I have to stay safe so I can help the scientists.
Which scientists? I don't remember their names.
There was this one lady scientist, she was really nice, but she stopped coming to visit me, though.
- Cecile? - Yes! Cecile! I'm gonna help them all by saving the world! That's a big job for one girl.
Yes, but when they cure me, then we'll all be safe again.
- From the UFO? - Yes.
Will you dance with me? (LAUGHS) I'd love to, but I can't right now.
Please! I'm all on my own.
Tanya, who gave you those carnations? Oh, they're lovely, aren't they? My special friend, Rosemarie, gave them to me.
She said they were from Cecile.
Why don't you come with me? Oh, no, no, I can't do that.
I have to stay warm so I stay alive! If I get cold, all of me will turn blue! OK.
I'm coming back again, I promise.
- OK.
- Mm-hm? Yeah.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Why have you been holding Tanya here? To help her.
Well, it doesn't look like it.
The poor girl's half-mad.
It will take time to fix.
Tanya said that Cecile was helping her.
Were you working together? (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) I will not speak while you point that gun at me.
You lose.
Wait! (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Cecile and me, we met in Europe, in the war, and later, she helped me escape.
So, you're an illegal alien? I am doctor, but without any papers, I am cleaner.
Let me get this straight - you've been testing this truth serum on students, and Tanya had a bad reaction to it? I help with her skin.
Without a cure, she could die.
So, here I test my medicines to help her.
What they do to Tanya - very wrong.
You disagreed with Cecile? No.
Cecile, she know it was wrong too.
She test Tanya's skin.
Yes, there was a flake of it caught in her hair when she died.
She died because she tried to make them stop.
After they bring Tanya in er, what you say? A helicopter? The UFO! (SIGHS) No UFOs.
That was military rubbish so they hide what they do to Tanya with those pills.
Because everyone's more afraid of Martians than they are of bad people.
Who brought her in here? Malcolm? But he just follows orders.
Orders? From who? The Americans.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (INDISTINCT) CHARLES: If you pull out your support now, my work is all for nothing! MALCOLM: I don't take orders from you! You'll regret this.
No, you picked the wrong team, mate.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) And so Cecile tried to shut down the experiment.
She wanted that girl to get help.
So, who is working for the Americans? Well, Rosemarie suspected Elaine at first, but it has to be someone else on the inside, it has to be! You know, I heard somebody whistling 'The Star Spangled Banner'.
It's a very difficult tune to whistle! I'm just saying it would take some commitment.
Elaine's lover, whoever he is, perhaps he found out that she was spying for the Russians and Hans has quite the way with the ladies.
And his heater does match the mark on Cecile's leg.
Malcolm and Elaine seemed close, but I did see Charles whispering in her ear.
Well, what about this poor girl? Well, whoever it is, they need her alive don't they? No, not if they can't find a cure.
Tanya ruins the whole experiment.
Tanya's disease proves that Azure 693 is as much a poison as it is a truth serum.
And if the killer thinks the police are about to arrest him, he certainly doesn't need Tanya anymore, does he? Oh, god.
I need to get her out of there, and fast.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (CALL DISCONNECTS) I followed up on Charles Naylor's alibi at Golden Pins.
Very strange way of answering the telephone.
"X-9, X-9.
" Come again? That's what they said.
Steed, get down to that facility.
"X-9, X-9," that's CIA code.
Go and find out what the hell they're up to.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) - (WHISPERS) Peregrine! - What are you doing here? I need to find out why the CIA would be giving Charles an alibi.
The CIA? I need to get Tanya out of here.
The girl that went missing? They've locked her up here because she proves that their drug is harmful.
- Where is she? - In the basement.
But I need you to keep the coast clear so I can get her out.
- Peregrine! - Please! Mr Levine, could you take me to Charles Naylor? Uh I'll see if he's in.
Just wait a moment.
No, just take me to him please.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (THUDDING) TANYA: (WAILS) Help me! Tanya? (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) Help me! Tanya! (WAILS) He said he was gonna kill me.
It's Charles, isn't it? He said he was gonna help me with that, but he wants to kill me, I know it! (GASPS) (TANYA YELPS) Azure 693.
Tanya! (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) You have a very diverse set of skills for a tea lady.
Not as many as you and your CIA friends.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) Cecile found out that you and Elaine were up to no good, didn't she? Cecile was a nice woman, but she didn't understand the true value of her work.
Of course she did! She was a brilliant scientist.
She just wasn't prepared to sacrifice Tanya's life for the sake of her own ambition, but you didn't care, did you? (DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) Nobody needed to know about Tanya's reaction to the testing.
It was just a bit of bad luck.
Well, you've had a lot of bad luck when it comes to women, haven't you, Charles? Elaine was your girlfriend, wasn't she? I saw the way you were with each other.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS) How humiliating to have discovered she was actually a double agent working for the Russians while you were working for the Americans.
You were their man on the inside, weren't you? (WHISTLES 'STAR SPANGLED BANNER') Oh! They took advantage of your blind ambition! They found out about Tanya, and you helped them cover it up with that silly story about her being taken by a UFO.
It's a UFO! You would have done anything for them, wouldn't you? Including hiding Tanya, killing Elaine.
That's why you set off the alarm.
You wanted us all out of the facility.
Everybody needs to leave.
Through that door.
Go now! I wasn't going to let her beat me! Poor Cecile! Please! Charles! (SOBS) Charles! Please! (CECILE SOBS) You froze her to death in the iso chamber while she tried to scratch her way out.
You women, you don't understand what real loyalty is.
Well, you didn't have much better luck with the men, did you? You thought Malcolm was on your side, but he turned on you.
I don't work for you.
You'll regret this.
You picked the wrong team, mate.
I don't need to be a part of this place.
It's a backwater in the arse end of the universe! Well, considering you haven't been able to make Azure 693 safe without Cecile or Elaine, I'm not sure what part of the universe is gonna want you, Charles.
You're just not up to it.
- Arggh! - Oh! Arggh! - Arggh! - Oh! (SHRIEKS) Arggh! Oh! Get off me! - No-one can hear you scream! - Arggh! - Arggh! Oh! - Hey! I will admit I needed your help that time.
Thank you.
Any time.
What will I do now? I just spoke to my colleague, Birdie Birnside, on the telephone.
She's been decoding some of Cecile's work notes.
Cecile's experiments? Yes.
She thinks that Tanya's skin might be helped by a parasite.
Apparently Cecile hit on the idea that this parasite might cure the Azure infection.
Uh, I can try, for Tanya.
Well, I think that's a great idea.
You need to see Birdie at The Adventuresses Club.
She'll fill you in.
She was one of Cecile's closest friends.
And she'd also like to help you try and get work as a doctor again.
Peregrine! Oh! Oh.
- Thank you.
- Oh.
You're very brave.
Well, I think you've been the brave one, Tanya.
How the hell do you do that? Training.
A flutter in the breeze.
A ripple in the surface of a whisky glass.
My sixth sense, as Cecile used to call it.
I wish it had helped me on the night she died.
Would you consider coming back into the fold, Birdie? Is that an invitation? Well, things are starting to heat up in South-Eastern Asia.
We could use a good woman on the ground.
Just let me sit on that for a while.
PEREGRINE: So, this is where it all started.
Have you ordered one in, or do the flying saucers just show up at regular intervals? I think you just have to be open to it.
Obviously where I'm going wrong with the whole thing.
What's that? What? - Over there.
- Where? (LEAVES RUSTLE) - Oh, no! Arggh! - (SHRIEKS) - (LAUGHS) - James! - That was ridiculous.
- Gotcha.
Well, now it's my turn to get you.
Hmm? You may have said something inappropriate when you were under the influence.
Do you mean in the cupboard? I thought you said you couldn't remember anything.
- I can't, just bits.
- Oh.
But I wasn't myself.
Well, maybe you were and you're not being yourself now.
Huh? That concoction that Elaine gave you.
Yeah? It was a truth serum.
(FUNKY MUSIC) Captioned by Ai-Media ai-media.