Ms. Marvel (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Time and Again

Your great-grandmother's
story is of legend.
When you're ready,
we have much to discuss.
Back then, there was no Pakistan.
It was all one big country, India.
- What happened to Sana's mother?
- She disappeared that night.
This is my ammi. What I could
remember of her at least.
Every Pakistani family
has a Partition story.
I somehow got separated from my father.
Until a trail of stars appeared
and took me right back into his arms.
- On the train.
- The last one that night.
It was Aisha's wish,
to bring us all home.
And now you must
finish what she started.
If the Clandestines use the bangle
to tear down the Veil,
they'll unleash their world unto us,
until there's nothing left of it.
That is why it is important
to keep that bangle safe.
Get her out of here!
At the stroke of the midnight hour,
when the world sleeps,
India will awake to light and freedom.
With those words,
on the eve of August 15th, 1947,
newly appointed prime minister
Jawaharlal Nehru
signaled the beginning of a new India.
After almost 200 years
of oppressive British rule,
India is free.
The Dominion of Pakistan has
been demarcated for Muslims,
while India is a secular state
with a Hindu majority.
An unprecedented mass
migration has begun,
as millions of people make
their way across borders,
a consequence of a century-long
British strategy of divide and rule.
Riots and violent outbreaks
have erupted across the country.
People are fleeing for their lives.
Bloody trains arrive
to their destinations
as homes are torched across the country.
To understand how all this began,
we must go back to a pivotal moment
in the Indian struggle for independence.
Back in 1942.
Stop or I'll shoot!
There they are, sir.
Leave now!
Get out!
Away from here!
Go home!
Move on!
Back to your homes! Back to your homes!
Back to your home! Into your home!
Touch me and I'll break your leg.
What? You mean this one?
It's okay. I don't use it much anyway.
What do you want?
Well, for one, I'd like you to stop
trampling on my poor roses,
but from the looks of it, I think
you need more help than they do.
- Can I help you with anything?
- No.
No, thank you.
There's, uh, food and a place to rest
if you need to use my cottage.
Now, I know you're just
putting on a show.
No human alive can resist the smell
of fresh-fried paratha.
So, do you have a name?
Or shall I just call you hungry?
Perhaps you can tell me
where you're from then?
I see.
You're clearly not British.
And you're not from this village.
So, what brings you to my doorstep?
I like your roses.
Ah, she speaks.
You're very kind.
Which one's your favorite?
You know, when I saw you out there,
it reminded me of my favorite poem.
"When the soul lies down in that grass
The world is too full to talk about
What you seek is seeking you"
My name is Aisha.
"She who lives". A beautiful name.
I know that you're pretty attached
to that rotting tree branch,
but I thought it might be nice to have
a walking stick that
actually helped you walk.
And to think,
when we first met,
you threatened to break my leg.
Well, I changed my mind.
Thank you.
Thank you for making a home for me here.
She looks at you as though you're magic.
I can't say that I blame her.
As religious unrest
sweeps across the country,
the prime minister urges
India's citizens to remain calm
I love you.
by saying, "Our first and immediate
objective must be to put an end
to all internal strife and violence
which disfigure and degrade us,
and injure the cause of freedom".
Yet uncertainty and fear
have turned to bloodshed
Could all this bloodshed
be called as peaceful?
We will get through this.
So, this is where you've been hiding.
I thought you were all dead.
We searched everywhere for years.
But now that I've found you,
we can put our plan into action.
Don't you want to go home, Aisha?
Of course.
Of course I do.
But I hid the bangle for safe keeping.
Retrieving it will take some time.
You have until sundown tomorrow.
And then, we will all go home. Together.
The riots are spreading.
Everyone's trying to leave now
while they still can.
This is all I've ever known.
My father built this house for us.
What will I leave behind
for my daughter?
No Muslims are safe here.
You've seen what's happening.
They're burning homes
across the countryside.
People are dying.
It's just too risky to stay with Sana.
We can take our memories with us.
So long as we're together, we can
build a home anywhere, Hasan.
"What you seek is seeking you".
You taught me that.
I know, beta.
New adventures can be scary.
That's why I need you
to hold onto this for me.
This will keep you safe
wherever you go, okay?
Aisha, listen.
Aisha, please, I can't keep up.
This is the last train.
We need to hurry.
But what are we actually running from?
Who is that woman you were
talking to last night?
Tell me the truth.
I need to show you something.
You always said I was magic
But why are you telling me now?
You knew I was running from something.
But you never pushed.
Because I didn't care.
You chose us, and that's what mattered.
And I'm still choosing you.
And whatever happens,
make sure Sana gets
on the train tonight.
Promise me, Hasan.
Nothing is going to happen.
Platform one, train ready for departure.
Sana is not safe.
You have to take her with you.
- You have to trust me with this, Hasan.
- Aisha.
- For her sake! You promised.
- Aisha. Aisha!
- Just go!
- Aisha!
Sana, Sana, Sana.
It's okay.
You've turned your back on us.
Your family. Your people.
Where's the bangle, Aisha?
It'll be okay. She'll be here.
She said she'll be here.
I'll find it
if it's the last thing I do.
It won't work!
Najma, no!
Platform one,
train is ready for departure.
- Sana!
- Ammi?
- Sana?
- Ammi?
Ammi! Ammi! Ammi!
Ammi! Ammi!
All train compartments are full.
Keep moving!
"What you seek"
" is seeking you".
It's you.
What happened to you?
The bangle worked. Sana
It brought you back to me.
I'm not Sana.
They don't have much time.
Get Sana on the train.
And protect that bangle.
You have everything that you need.
No, you have to save her.
You're supposed to save
Nani, like the story.
It's okay.
She's okay.
'Cause you're here.
Ammi? Abbu! Ammi!
It's okay. I got you. I got you.
Let's go find Nana Abbu.
We can't get through.
I can't do stars, Nani,
but I can do circles, okay?
Do you wanna play a game? Yeah?
Okay. I'm gonna need you to jump, okay?
Ready, and go!
Yes, go to Nana Abbu!
It was me.
The Veil.
It's open.
Pick it up. Pick it up,
Kamala. Pick up the phone!
She's not picking up the phone.
Ammi, she's still not home.
You know, Magnum got lost once,
I had him microchipped.
Okay, Ammi, Magnum is a dog.
Kamala is a girl. Okay?
Trust me, if it was legal,
I would do it.
But don't worry so much. She'll be okay.
I mean, she has a phone, right?
Yes, of course, beta, she has a phone.
Well, if Kamala's phone
is on your family plan,
you can just log into your account
and use the "find my phone"
feature to see where she is.
- Like spyware for parents?
- Kind of.
Then why am I only
just hearing about this?
Najma, we can go home.
Get everyone out of here. Go!
Get out, get out!
Get out, get out, get out!
Are you all right?
It's not gonna work. It's just
gonna destroy everything.
Please help me close it.
I can make it.
You have Kamran.
I don't.
I left him behind.
So go back and get him.
All Aisha ever wanted
was to be with her family
and you took that from her.
Please don't take that from Kamran, too.
You're right.
There is only one way.
I can close it.
What are you doing?
- Ammi! Hi!
- Oh, my gosh.
Are your hands hurt?
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
I can't believe what is
happening. Are you
Who is that?
- Salamalekum, Aunty. Nani.
- Uh-huh.
Walaikumsalam, beta.
So you are that Light Girl?
Our family is magical.
Munee, I've told you so
many times over the years.
This is for you.
It was all true, Nani.
This photograph, and those lights,
how did that happen?
I don't know,
but I'd like to think
two people fell in love
and created something
much bigger than either of them
could have created alone.
- Shall we go home now?
- Yeah.
I actually have one more
thing I need to do,
but I'll be right back. Really quick.
Okay, okay.
You know, I'm pretty sure
a Pakistani goodbye
is the opposite of an Irish one.
Overstay your welcome and then ask
if you could take home food.
I have to go tell the others
what happened.
I figured you could use
some time with your family.
Are you gonna be okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.
He'd be really proud of you.
Thank you, by the way.
For everything.
You know, if you ever need
anything, I'm just a call away.
Although the U.S. government
may or may not have several warrants
out for my arrest, so
Well, I don't know how much more
trouble I can get into after all this.
Just in case.
For you.
What is this?
It's Kamala's. It broke.
Come here, beta. I want
to show you something.
Oh, my God. Who is that?
"Who is that?"
- That's your mother at your age.
- No. No!
Oh, wow.
She was quite the rebel, you know.
She ran away when she was 17
to follow that star
Bruce, um, Springfield.
Please don't put all these lies
into my daughter's head, okay?
It was Bon Jovi.
Why have I never heard of this?
Well, because you have never asked.
Your father and I had a lot
of adventures, Kamala.
But I will tell you this.
None of them have been as
thrilling as being your mother.
And recently, if I've been
holding on really tight to you,
it's because I am not
ready to let you go.
I didn't hold you tight enough, Munee.
I couldn't see what you
needed me to see.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Perhaps this was the journey
I was intended to take.
One that would bring me back to you.
What are you doing here?
I don't know where else to go.
It's one of my favorite elements.
So, you're a car guy as well?
Yeah, it's a wonder we've
never hung out before.
Can we just restart?
'Cause this is really weird.
It's nice to meet you. I'm Kamran.
Oh, my God. I genuinely thought your
name was Brian this whole time.
Oh, no, I hadn't noticed
the first four times that
- Sorry.
- No.
Anyways, we should be totally
fine here, for tonight, and then
we'll figure out where to go tomorrow.
No, I need to stay here so my mom
knows where to find me.
She left you to fend for yourself.
What makes you think she's coming back?
She wouldn't just leave me behind
like some kind of orphan.
You don't get it.
My parents aren't around anymore either.
- Sorry.
- It's fine, all right?
I'm not gonna leave you to deal with
Damage Control yourself.
We'll just stay here,
we'll figure it out.
Well, I don't know if you're hungry,
but my nonna's out of town.
She left some lasagna in the fridge.
I've been followed. We have to go.
You have powers, too?
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