Murder, She Wrote s05e22 Episode Script

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (2)

[Woman] On the last episode of Murder, She Wrote.
Her works have become repetitive and tired.
Liza, darling, you don't seem to understand.
I'm being outwritten by an English teacher from Maine.
Don't you walk away from me.
Where are you going? Where I should have gone months ago, but I was too concerned about the sanctity of this lousy marriage.
Isn't that the most magnificent thing you've ever seen? We're taking a ride.
Now? Yeah, now, before your stepmother does something real dumb.
You know, Jessica, you really are a very special lady.
I'm gonna have to find some way to repay you for your kindness.
Eudora, I do really think that we should talk about what you have in your attaché case.
Oh, just some silly story notes, that's all.
You remember my son Bobby, don't you? Hey, Bobby, say hi toJessica.
Calm down, Johnny.
What is it? It's a dead body, ma'am.
Down on the rocks.
- That stain- It appears to be gun oil.
- Mrs.
Jessica, I hope you don't mind my helping out like this.
- Oh, of course not.
- Rather than wait around like a jealous husband to listen to your patently transparent explanations, I went out in search of alternative companionship.
You just happened to know the guy was from New York, and you just happened to know he carried a gun.
- How long had he been working for you? - He hadn't.
Are you crazy, following me here? I saw Eudora on the news, here in Cabot Cove.
L-I was terrified that she'd- Do something insane.
[Coughing, Groaning] Oh, my God.
Seth! [Phone Ringing] Mrs.
Fletcher? I, uh- I just talked to one of the nurses.
They've taken him to I.
Yeah, but what's wrong? What's the matter with him? She said we'll have to talk to his doctor.
L-Is he gonna be all right? I don't know.
Look, ma'am, I think it's gonna be quite a while.
Well, I'd ra- I'd rather stay here.
Thanks for everything, Sheriff.
Fletcher, when you hear about Doc, could you give me a buzz at the office? Oh, yes, of course.
- [Clamoring] - [Woman] Is there any reason why you're here at this particular time? How long has it been since you've had a book on the best-seller list? [Woman #2] You're my favorite novelist.
I've read every one of your books.
[Eudora] You've all been terribly gracious, and I do hate to cut this short, but I'm sure the sheriff is anxious to get my overview of this dreadful situation.
With any sort of cooperation from the local authorities, I will have answers for you sometime tomorrow.
Now, please, if you'll excuse me.
- [Reporters Clamoring] - Lewis, darling, what in God's name are you doing here? How could I stay away? [Laughs] Excuse me.
Are you Lewis Bracken, the publisher? Yes.
Are you here to bail Miss McVeigh out of trouble? Is she writing a new book for you? Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the time or place to ask or answer questions.
I'm sorry I can't be of any more help.
Bracken, please- Just one more question.
Miss McVeigh, are you working on a new novel? Is this some kind of publicity stunt? One more comment, please, Miss McVeigh.
[Tires Squealing] Lewis, isn't this absolutely fabulous? I cannot believe our good luck.
Good luck? What are you talking about? Well, the publicity, of course, for our new book.
Can't you see? They're fawning all over me.
Think of the headlines- "Queen of mysteries solves bizarre Down East murder.
" And I'm beating Jessica Fletcher at her own game, in her own backyard.
Eudora, don't do this.
In my opinion, you are in immanent danger of making a fool out of yourself.
Why? Who says you have to wear a badge to solve a crime? Eudora, what if you can't solve the murder? What then? And what's all this business about "our" new book? As I recall, our professional relationship is temporarily on hold.
That was three days ago, Lewis.
Things have changed.
No, Eudora, I'm afraid they haven't.
Driver, pull over.
Eudora- I said, pull over.
Eudora, what's the matter with you? Will you- Will you please come back here? What's the matter with you? You didn't come to this Toonerville to see me.
You came to see her-Jessica.
That is not exactly true.
No? As I told you in New York, it's business, Eudora.
But that's what I'm talking about.
I have an idea for a new whodunit- - perhaps the best writing I've done in years.
- Oh? What's it about? Well, I'd rather not say just yet.
You know, the plot details are a little sketchy.
That's funny.
Liza didn't mention it to me.
She doesn't know.
That is, I haven't really confided in anyone.
But as soon as I check into the Hill House, I'll call her in New York, and the two of you can start working on the details of a new contract.
Why should I call her in New York? She's here in Cabot Cove.
What? She called me three hours ago from the Hill House Inn.
That's when I decided to fly up here.
Oh, I see.
You sure she called you from the Hill House? Yes, Eudora.
Why? No special reason.
[Horn Honks] Bobby, where in the hell have you been? Hangin' around, Pop.
I mean, there sure ain't a whole lot to do in this town.
[Chuckles] I found this little place down by the harbor.
Got this little waitress there name of Amy Sue.
She's dumber than hell, but she's got a set on her- Don't get too excited.
First thing tomorrow we're leaving.
Oh, you talk to Eudora? Well, not since this morning.
Fact is, we don't have much to talk about anymore.
What do you mean by that, Pop? It means when we get back to New York, I'm moving out.
I made a big mistake, son.
I never should have gotten married again.
Wait a minute, Pop.
What are we gonna do? She's got all the money.
So what? Oh, you think I care about that? Listen, I took care of myself for nearly 20 years before I met her.
I can do it again.
Yeah, but, Pop- And what's this "we" business, anyway? The lady doesn't owe me anything, and she sure doesn't owe you, Bobby.
Might do you some good, you know, to go out and work for a living, like I did all those years.
Well, don't look so worried.
It won't kill you.
You might even like it.
[Chuckles] Come on.
I'll buy you a drink in the bar.
You needn't have followed me here, Liza.
I'm not a schoolgirl, and I don't need a keeper.
Look, I'm sorry, but I was terrified you might do something dumb.
I mean, really dumb.
Like what, for instance? The last time you and I talked, we were outside Lew Bracken's office and you were making threats againstJ.
You're telling me that I'd try to harm her? Physically harm her? Liza, that is monstrous.
Okay, l-I was wrong.
But, Eudora, put yourself in my place.
Well, I suppose that would only seem fair, since for the past several months you've been putting yourself in mine.
What is that supposed to mean? Liza, please, give me a little credit for some intelligence.
You have seen Hank, haven't you? What? I mean, you do know that he's here? No.
Uh, yes.
I mean, of course.
L- I saw him a little while ago, but- Darling, don't dig yourself in any deeper.
If you weren't the best agent in New York, I'd have clawed your eyes out long ago.
Right now I'm trying to decide which one of you I need more.
Eudora, honestly- And darling, please.
That word, "honestly," is one with which you do not even have a nodding acquaintance.
[Phone Ringing] [Man] Mrs.
Fletcher? Seth? He's going to be all right.
Oh, thank God.
What was it, Doctor? His heart? No, of course not.
I thought you knew.
But of course, how could you? I've been so busy.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
It was poison.
Poison? - I've already notified the sheriff.
- But when? How? What kind of poison? Doctor, excuse me.
It's Dr.
He's awake now.
- He's asking for Mrs.
- Oh, excuse me.
Hello, Jess.
Oh, Seth.
You know, you're the last person I ever expected to see in a hospital bed.
How are you feeling? God awful.
My stomach seems to be hosting some sort of barbecue.
Oh, now.
Here, here.
What's this? Sorry.
I was just deathly worried.
About what? It was a touch of indigestion.
Must be that new diet.
My system simply cannot abide healthy food.
Then you don't know? - Know? Know what? - It was poison.
Poison? Are they sure? It was something you ate or drank just before you keeled over.
- [Footsteps Approaching] - The apple.
What? There were apples in that little basket on your kitchen table.
They looked delicious.
I didn't think you'd mind if l- if I took one to- What is it, Jess? Now, he said he'd been eating an apple, but I don't remember seeing it when I found him.
Well, maybe it's on the floor somewhere.
Sheriff? Must have fallen from his hand when he collapsed.
I'll take it in to be analyzed.
While you're at it, have them take a look at these.
"To dearJessica from Eudora.
" "Marguerite inched her way up the weather-beaten staircase, "her eyes transfixed on the candle in the window above.
"The curtain fluttered.
A shadow darted across the wall.
" "Terror stricken, she froze in mid step as the handle on the door began to turn.
" [Knocking] Please go away.
I don't wish to be disturbed.
[Jessica] Eudora, it's Jessica.
Uh, I'm sorry, Jessica, but I can't talk to you right now.
Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving until you do.
I do wish I had the time to talk with you, Jessica, but I had the most difficult day.
Well, you're not alone.
Well, you can't just barge in like this.
Forgive me, Eudora, but I don't have time for amenities, and I'd suggest, unless you want half the guests in the hotel to listen in, that you should close the door.
Rudeness does not become you.
A man that I care very deeply for almost died today, very possibly the victim of an attempted murder aimed at me.
- What? - I'm not gonna say any more about that- not just yet.
At the moment I'd rather talk about what you have here in this briefcase.
That's the third time you've asked me that.
At the risk of repeating myself, story notes.
That's all.
I'm sorry, but I think it's much more than that.
That seems to be some sort of accusation.
As I told you earlier, when I went out to get the paper his morning, I noticed that your car had been moved during the night.
And I told you that it's simply not true.
What's more, I think that you moved it, despite what you told the sheriff about being in my house the entire evening.
Jessica, you're imagining things.
Now, while you were packing, I was looking at the notes for my new novel.
Some of the pages had been rearranged.
Really, this is too much.
What's in here, Eudora? Work? Whose work? Yours? Or mine? [Latches Click] No! Give me that.
[Knocking] [Mort] Mrs.
Shipton, open the door.
This is Sheriff Metzger.
[Knocking] Mrs.
Shipton, excuse me, ma'am, but you're gonna have to come with me.
[Jessica] Do you have the report back on the apples? Poisoned- all of them.
[Chattering] Kill you? For God's sake, Jessica, I'm not a monster.
I swear to you, I bought those apples at a little stand just a few miles out of town.
I put the basket on the front seat of my car, and I never touched them again until I handed them to you.
- I'm telling you the truth.
- About everything? All right.
Last night, after you went to sleep, after I drugged your coffee, I found your notes.
Drove up to the interstate.
There's an all-night drugstore that has a copying machine.
But why, Eudora? You're much too good a writer to resort to something like that.
Am I? You haven't been reading me lately.
My last few books- trash, all of them.
Did you ever sit at the typewriter, staring at a sea of white paper, straining for words that never come? Hmm.
No, of course you haven't.
Don't be silly, Eudora.
I mean, we all go through these blocks.
Oh, that last for years? I've written 32 books.
My library is cluttered with awards.
For over 20 years, I've been the number one female mystery writer in the world- in the world.
Or I was.
Lew Bracken threatened to cut me adrift until I caught up with the world.
"You're old-fashioned," he said.
"Give me something new and fresh.
" So, I came to the source.
It's all right, Eudora.
[Chuckles] That's all I did.
I swear I never saw that private detective, and I have no idea why he was following me.
Ma'am, I can't let you see her, and that's that.
Jessica Fletcher is in there.
That's different.
She wanted to talk to Mrs.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
In fact, right now she won't even talk to a lawyer.
I see.
- Sheriff, I understand you've confiscated her latest book.
- A book, yes.
Hers, no.
The pages were copied from one of Mrs.
Fletcher's manuscripts.
Fletcher has already identified them.
Then that's what she's being charged with- theft? Yes, ma'am, for the moment.
And now if you'll excuse me, I really am very busy.
[Phone Rings] Metzger.
Who? Oh, hi, honey.
I'll pick it up on my way home.
Quart of chocolate and a pint of strawberry.
[Woman] Can you tell us why Miss McVeigh has been arrested? I'm sorry.
I can't talk about that.
[Man] Does this have anything to do with the murder of the private detective? No comment.
[Reporters Clamoring] Did you ever have one of those days where you feel like someone's been banging away at your brain with a crowbar? Oh, yes.
All I can say is, thank God I've got this one wrapped up, so I can send cutie face over to Portland, as well as the rest of those creepola reporters.
Wrapped up? Oh, you mean, you think that she's guilty? Guilty? Does Superman wear blue tights? I got her dead bang- her prints all over the apples, which were juiced with poison by way of a disposable syringe.
We found it tossed in your garbage, as well as a half-empty bottle of rat poison.
But why would she do it? Well, how about that book in her briefcase? Your book.
Yes, but what's that got to do with the murder of the private detective? Oh, come on, Mrs.
Do I have to draw you a road map? The P.
Follows the lady to Cabot Cove.
The lady goes out in the dead of night to copy your book.
The P.
Continues to follow.
She spots him.
If she's gonna get away with this thievery, he's got to go.
You, she's already got taken care of with the fruit basket.
And, oh, by the way, please don't mention those apples to anybody.
That's all those vulture reporters out there would have to hear.
Yes, well, that's all very well, Sheriff, but it doesn't explain one thing.
Now, why was she being followed by the detective in the first place? I'll tell you why.
And I will tell you why, as soon as I talk to the guy's partner.
We've got a call in to him now.
Meantime, you wouldn't happen to have an aspirin, would you? [Chattering] ##[Piano] [Victor] Excuse me.
Oh, well, yes, of course- Excuse me, please.
May I help you, sir? No, thank you.
I see my friends over there.
You mean, she copied the pages, just like that? Yes.
She's out of her mind.
How'd she expect to get away with it? I don't know.
Hank, she's not rational.
We both know that.
Victorl Good evening, darling.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting? [Liza] No.
No, of course not.
I'm just surprised to see you, that's all.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Forgive me for not calling.
Hank, what on earth is this I hear? Eudora-She's being held.
On what charge? Well, we're, uh, not so sure, exactly.
It could be something to do with that private investigator.
Pull up a chair.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
Well, you-you must be hungry.
What did you do, drive? Yes.
Actually, what I need most is a good night's sleep.
Oh, what room are we in, darling? I neglected to ask at the desk.
Let me get you the key.
Oh, no.
Don't bother.
I'm sure they have an extra one.
Uh, please, go on with your meal.
I'm sure you have much to talk about.
[Sighs] I'd better- better go with him.
Hank, I'm sorry.
I didn't know he was coming.
I'm not sure he suspects.
Suspects? What are you talking about, Liza? He knows.
Now, young lady, that little card may say this is breakfast, and you may think this is breakfast, but where I come from beef consommé, decaffeinated coffee, and a stale Wheat Thin constitute a form of cruel and unusual punishment.
I'm sorry, sir, but the doctor left orders.
"Doctor"? Since when does a doctor dictate the needs of my digestive system? Sir, you're not being a very good patient.
No, I'm a terrible patient.
Why don't you get out ofhere, and do not come back until you are suitably accompanied by a couple of scrambled eggs and some hot, buttered whole wheat toast? Now, scoot.
Well, I was going to ask you how you were feeling, but obviously that would be a waste of time.
Well, since you insist, Jessica, I'm feeling perfectly awful.
I am simply dizzy from lack of sleep.
Not true.
The head nurse told me that you slept like a bear all the night.
The head nurse was not here when all those little junior nurses were running around feeding me paregoric every couple of hours and taking my vital signs.
Oh, Seth, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear you talking like that.
Yesterday you were frail, frightened, humble.
I was terrified.
But today you're your usual grouchy, irascible self, and I feel much better.
Thank you very much, Dr.
Now, if my attitude is not too off-putting, let's get down to cases.
Was it or was it not that apple Eudora brought you that did the dirty deed? It was, but for the time being we're just going to keep it among ourselves- - you and me and the sheriff.
- Good.
The last thing I need is to see my face plastered all over the 6:00 news.
The important thing is, what's Metzger doing about it? Well, he has Eudora at the jail.
He's waiting for the county attorney to take her to Portland.
- Good.
At least that'll keep you out of harm's way.
- Maybe.
Maybe? Woman, it's obvious she was after you.
Yes, I know it looks that way.
Look, Seth, if indeed Eudora had intended to poison me, don't you think it would be stupid of her to buy the murder weapon at MacGruder's Fruit Stand down on State Route 6? Jessica, she tried to steal your book.
She's a desperate, irrational woman.
No, I'm sorry.
She's too good a criminologist to attempt a murder that clumsy.
Well, I'll let you know if I find out anything.
Yes, you do that.
Well, here we are, Dr.
Ah, and about time too.
What did you do, have to go to Bert Kendall's chicken ranch for these? Oh, no.
Cook found a box of powdered eggs on the top shelf of the pantry.
[Lid Slams] [Mort] That so? No kiddin'? Morning, Floyd.
Morning, Mrs.
Sheriff's on the phone.
Yes, so I see.
Okay, well, thanks.
That's a big help.
Yeah, right.
Same to you.
Sheriff, I know you- Be with you in a minute, Mrs.
Yeah, l-I know you're very busy, but could I impose upon you to let me see your report and the coroner's report of the murder victim? - What for? You got an idea? - Well, no, not really.
It's- It's just that, well, the more I think about it, the more something seems terribly wrong.
I mean, for one thing, we're not even sure that the private detective was following Eudora.
All the slip of paper in his pocket said was "Shipton.
" I mean, for all we know, he could have been following her husband Hank.
- You read upside down, ma'am? - What? That's the first thing I learned when I graduated from the academy.
When you report to your C.
While he's chewing you out, you read the memos on his desk- upside down.
I'm sorry.
That guy on the phone- That was Cappaletti's partner.
He just got back to the Big Apple an hour ago.
You know what he tells me? For openers, Cappaletti always carried a load of cash on him- $400, $500- so I said to myself, "Hey, maybe it was robbery.
" No.
No, no.
I don't think so.
Yeah, me neither, 'cause that's when he hits me with the big weenie.
You were right about it, Jessica.
He wasn't following Eudora.
He was following her husband.
But why? That's what I intend to find out, as soon as I talk to the client- guy name of Victor Caspar.
Married to that cute little number- the lady's agent.
[Victor] Yes, I hired Tony Cappaletti.
Is that by chance a crime here in Cabot Cove? It certainly isn't in New York City.
Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Yes, I do mind.
I'm trying to digest my lunch.
And what are you doing here, Mrs.
Fletcher? - Have you been deputized? - No, but it could be arranged.
Now look, sir, let me tell you how it is.
Now, you can either talk to Mrs.
Fletcher and me here, now, or you can do it in my office, also now.
Up to you.
Please, Mrs.
Fletcher, won't you join me? Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
May I order you something? Lunch? Some wine, perhaps.
Oh, no.
No, thank you.
Okay, let's hear about you and Cappaletti.
Start with page one.
Page one.
Ah, yes.
"Once upon a time"- But that's another story, one that ends, I believe, with, "And then they lived happily ever after.
" Several weeks ago, I began to suspect that my wife was having an affair with Eudora McVeigh's husband Hank Shipton.
I retained Mr.
Cappaletti to either confirm or disprove my suspicions.
When he told me that Liza was becoming evasive and hard to follow, I told him to switch his attentions to Shipton.
Earlier this week he reported to me several amusing stories of their activities together.
Did you know that he followed Hank Shipton up here to Cabot Cove the other night? No, but the day after, when the news of the murder reached New York, I knew from the description on the television that Cappaletti had been the victim.
After consulting with my attorney, I drove here to Cabot Cove to find out firsthand what was going on.
Okay, okay, you were gonna what? Divorce your wife? Oh, dear, no.
I wouldn't give her that satisfaction- at least not until she begged sufficiently.
You see, Mrs.
Fletcher, despite her upbringing, Liza has an instinct for the main chance, and believe me, when Eudora unloads Hank, he's gonna come out of it a very wealthy man.
And Liza- Oh, Liza.
She'll be right there with her hand in his pocket.
Hank Shipton didn't come up with Liza.
He came up with his son, Bobby.
So then, where was Liza at the time? Well, didn't she tell Victor that she was working late? Maybe she was.
And Mr.
Charm School spent the entire evening playing blackjack in Atlantic City- so he says.
You know, this is crazy.
A guy gets killed in Cabot Cove, and here we are worrying about a couple of people who had to be in New York at the time.
"Possibly"? What do you mean, possibly? Ma'am, it is eight hours and 10 minutes from here to the Triborough Bridge.
Believe me, when you travel by car with my wife, you know these things.
Well, perhaps the killer flew.
Oh, sure.
He snuck into Cabot Cove by booking the 6:10 commuter flight out of La Guardia, like we wouldn't find out.
Now what did I say? Mort, if Cappaletti was following Hank Shipton, obviously he went where Hank went.
And where Hank went the night of the killing was the Hill House.
You think that's where the killing took place? There or nearby.
I'll check it out.
[Men Shouting] [Man] That's it, that's it.
Give it to him.
[Groans] All right, break it upl I said, break it up.
All right, everybody get back.
All right now, Arnie.
What's this all about? This guy dropped a couple hundred bucks to me shooting pool.
He wouldn't pay.
[Man] Good for you, Arnie.
Bobby? [Man #2] That's right.
Oh, you're hurt.
We've gotta get you to the hospital.
Sheriff? Ow, ow, ow! Take it easy, Doc, okay? You're lucky.
A little deeper and this would have required stitches.
What do you think, Mrs.
Are the girls gonna love this mug of mine? I don't see why not.
That's funny.
They never did before.
[Chuckles] Yeah, Floyd, what's up? Yeah? No kidding.
Okay, I'll meet you over there.
I'm on my way.
Bobby, the other night, when you and your father drove up here, did you notice whether you were being followed? Followed by whom? By that detective.
The stiff they found on the rocks? No way.
Way I hear it, he was following Eudora.
Tell you, Mrs.
Fletcher, I feel kind of sorry for her.
The old rubber band finally snapped.
Well, you don't really think that she killed that man? Well, you gotta understand about Eudora.
Her books- That was her whole world.
The hell with everything else.
She would have done anything to stay on top.
I mean, she tried to kill you, didn't she? Steal your book? Pop told me last night.
I mean, that is crazy.
Owl Doc, please.
You're gonna have to keep still, young man.
What happened? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
You should have seen the other guy.
Scared out of his shorts.
Thought he killed me.
[Chuckles] [Laughing] How about this guy, Jessica? Always in trouble.
Well, he seems to have survived it.
Like father, like son.
Guess I shouldn't complain.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a sick friend to see.
Uh, Jessica.
Ow, ow, ow.
I tried to talk to Eudora at the jail, but she wouldn't see me.
Look, I'm sorry.
Liza told me about the manuscript.
That was a terrible thing to do, but Eudora hasn't been herself.
I know, Hank.
She needs help.
And all the support we can give her.
I always said you were a great old broad.
And as for you, son- What's this all about? Oh, come on, Pop.
I was getting hustled by that yokel.
So what? You don't welsh.
I wasn't gonna welsh.
He already got me for 400.
The other 200 I didn't have.
I told him I'd get it.
That's when he got nasty.
I was reachin' to give him my watch to hold on to.
That's when the guy sucker punches me.
He did, huh? When we get out of here- When I get out of here - let's go down there and pick that jerk apart, huh? - Forget it, Bobby.
Look what he did to me.
Maybe you asked for it.
Listen, son, we're the strangers in this town.
Let's just leave well enough alone.
- Pop.
- I don't wanna hear any more about it.
[Tires Squeal] [Man] Hey, Floyd, here comes Sheriff Metzger.
[Men Chattering] [Police Radio Chatter] [Floyd] Sheriff, over here.
Could be this is where it happened.
Well, let's take a look.
Right by this tree.
Thaddeus found it.
See there? That rock? Appears to be blood, don't you think? Yeah, could be.
Blood at the base of this tree too.
And over there, there's tire tracks in the mud.
Somebody drove a car in here and maybe moved the body.
What do you know? Busted pair of glasses.
This is where it happened, all right.
Nice work, everybody.
Floyd, get those forensics guys on the horn.
Tell 'em I want casts of those tire treads, so I can match 'em to the victim's car.
Also tell 'em I want 'em all over this place like graffiti on the Battery Park Local.
Like ticks on a hound dog.
Yes, sir, Sheriff.
Afternoon, Jessica.
Oh, good afternoon, Hank.
What's going on over there? They found some blood and some broken eyeglasses.
The sheriff thinks that's where the private detective was killed.
Did he tell you that we had a talk with your husband? Look, Jessica, I didn't kill that P.
I didn't even know he was following us.
Me and Bobby-We rolled in here around 2:00 in the morning, checked in and sacked out.
I was asleep when my head hit the pillow.
I swear to God.
I cannot believe that man cared enough about me to hire a detective.
Well, I have a lot of packing to do.
Good-bye, Jessica.
I'm sorry we've made such a mess of things.
Hank, I'll ring your room as soon as I'm ready.
Don't forget about your shot.
You should have taken it an hour ago.
Shot? My insulin shot.
I'm a diabetic.
I thought you knew that.
No, I didn't.
Hank- Jessica- Victor froze out Liza the same way Eudora froze me out.
I don't know how it happened.
It just did, but that's that.
We intend to live happily ever after.
Maybe not on as rich a scale.
But what the hell? Well, I should think that the two of you will do quite well.
I mean, after your settlement from Eudora.
[Laughing] My settlement? That's funny.
No, before we got married, Eudora made me sign a dozen different papers.
When we split, I get zilch.
I may even owe her money.
If you get a chance to talk to her, tell her I'm sorry that things turned out this way.
I'd tell her myself, but like I said, she's not talking to anybody, least of all me.
Hank, wait.
Are you telling me that you haven't seen or talked to Eudora at all? No, not since she was locked up.
- Then you don't know about the apple? - What apple? Eudora brought me some apples.
Someone used a syringe to lace them with poison.
That's insane.
Someone wanted me dead.
Or more likely, someone wanted Eudora to take the blame for my death.
- Hank, where's your son? - Bobby? I don't know.
He's in his room, I guess.
Jessica, what's Bobby got to do with this? [Knocking] [Mort] Shipton? Anyone there? This is Sheriff Metzger.
Open up.
[Keys Jingling] Sheriff? [Clapping] [Man] Yeah, terrific.
So, now what, big guy? Hey, Arnie.
Look who just walked in.
I don't want any trouble from you, fella.
Yeah, I guess you don't.
What's this? Looks like just the weasel and you, right? Where's all your buddies? Hey, I don't need any help handling you, so why don't you just turn around and get out of here? I don't feel like doing that.
You did a pretty good job on my face here, Arnold.
That's your name, right? It's Arnold.
Hey, look.
You lost money and you wouldn't pay up.
You got what you des- Hey, take it easy.
What's the matter, Arnold? Don't feel so tough anymore? You don't look it either.
What are you backing up for? Something bothering you, Arnold? Hold it right there.
Don't move.
Don't any of you move.
Put your hands where I can see 'em.
You can put your hands down.
Straight down by your sides.
Go on.
My face is kind of a mess, right? Put your hands down! Down, do you hear me? [Giggles] [Tires Screech] What's the matter, Arnold? Don't you like it? Hmm? Don't you like it, Arnold? Hey, you! - [Hank] Bobby.
- Stay out of this, Pop.
Are you crazy? Put down the gun.
Better do what he says, son.
Come on, Pop.
You see what he did to my face? Get out of here, Mrs.
Fletcher, now.
Sheriff- I said now.
Bobby, come on, son.
- Things are bad enough.
Don't make 'em worse.
- What are you talkin' about? - You know what I'm talking about- that private investigator.
- That wasn't me.
It was you.
Maybe you better let me handle this, Mr.
Please, Sheriff, he's my responsibility.
What did you kill him for, Bobby? Why'd you do that? I am telling you, Pop, I didn't- Then where'd you get the gun? Whose gun is that, son? I had to do it, Pop.
'Cause he knew.
He was gonna fix it so Eudora dumped you.
It's a lot of money, Pop.
Anything we ever wanted.
Well, maybe you didn't care, but I cared.
Over 20 years, I never had nothin' until you married her.
Think I was gonna let that creep take it away? Give me the gun, Bobby.
No, Pop.
Give it to me, or I'll take it.
Maybe you'd like to kill me too.
[Sobbing] Dorie.
I'm sorry.
It was Bobby that poisoned those apples.
Oh, Hank.
Crazy kid.
He got it in his head that if you were convicted of murder, I'd get all the money, and he'd be on easy street.
So he went toJessica's to plant the gun in the bedroom you'd been using, and when he saw the basket of apples and the card and he knew that you'd brought them, he got a better idea.
Oh, Hank, I'm so sorry.
Can I give you a ride back to the inn? I have to call a lawyer.
Sheriff? Yeah, she's free to go.
Well, there goes one grateful lady.
If you hadn't figured out Bobby was responsible, she'd still be sitting in there.
But I didn't figure it out, Seth.
All I knew was that Bobby had poisoned the apples.
Yeah, how did you know that? Well, at the hospital the other night, Bobby said to me- She would have done anything to stay on top.
I mean, she tried to kill you, didn't she? Steal your book? Pop told me last night.
Hank knew about the book, all right, but there was no way that he could have known about the attempt on my life.
The only ones who knew about that were the three of us and Eudora- and Eudora refused to see Hank or anyone else, for that matter.
I gotta tell you the truth, ma'am.
If I had to take that into a court of law- All I can say is, it's a good thing we caught the guy with the P.
's gun.
All I can say is, it's past my bedtime.
Jess, can I give you a lift home? Oh, yes, Seth.
Thank you.
Good night, Sheriff.
Good night, ma'am.
You too, Doc.
Well, how about a cup of coffee, Seth? Oh, no thanks.
Listen, I've got some delicious gingerbread.
It wouldn't take me a minute to heat it up.
Some other time.
I've gotta get an early start tomorrow.
I'm going fishing over by Little Duck Island.
Seth, you just got out of the hospital.
And I almost didn't.
Had lots of time to think about tasting the wine and smelling the roses.
It's just going to be me and Caleb.
There'll be plenty of room if you'd like to come along.
That is very sweet of you, Seth.
It really is, but, you know, I feel as if I've just broken the spine of this new book of mine, and I have just got to write it now, while it's still fresh.
Suit yourself.
Oh, if you change your mind, we'll be leaving about 9:00, thereabouts.
Well, thanks.
So good night for now, and thanks for the ride.
My pleasure.
[Typing] [Doorbell Rings] Eudora! I thought you left last night.
Well, I intended to, but things got a little complicated.
I didn't want to leave without saying good-bye, and to thank you.
Oh, don't be silly.
Come inside.
No, I really can't.
I have 100 things on my agenda.
I treated you shabbily.
I'm ashamed and embarrassed.
If there's anything I can do to make amends, I will do it.
Now please don't say anything kind.
I just couldn't take it.
Eudora, wait, please.
I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about Hank.
Oh, that's all right.
It was never right for us, even from the beginning.
He and Liza are a perfect match.
I wish them nothing but happiness.
What'll you do? Another book? Oh, no.
At least, not right away.
I have a sister in Oregon, and she has three adorable children I hardly even know.
So for a few months I'll be Aunt Eudora, and see if I can put some sanity back into my life.
[Car Door Closes, Engine Starts] [Line Ringing] [Seth On Answering Machine] This is the doctor speaking.
If you're violently ill, get yourself over to the hospital.
They can't do much more damage than I would.
[Handset Settles In Cradle] Seth! Seth, don't gol Well, now, I'd just about given up on you.
Well, after that gracious invitation, how could I refuse? Well, if you want to make yourself useful, why don't you bear a hand with that bowline? You mean, you've been waiting for me here for an hour, and all you can tell me to do is to see to that bowline? We haven't been waiting.
We had mechanical difficulties.
I'll, uh, see to the bowline.
Oh, morning, Caleb.
Morning, ma'am.
The fact is, we been waiting here for over an hour.
Sure glad you showed up.
The doc was gettin' mighty testy.