Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e02 Episode Script

Mabuta no hikari

They are kept at a distance
Coarse and mysterious
They seem to be completely different
from the flora and fauna
that are familiar to us.
This group of strange looking creatures
has inflicted fear onto humans
since long past,
and have come to be called"mushi".
and have come to be called"mushi".
Good morning, Sui.
Good morning, Biki.
"The Light of the Eyelid"
How are you feeling today?
Do your eyes still hurt?
Say, Biki
I'll let you in on a secret.
I know what's causing my disease.
There's a mushi
living in there all this time
inside my eyes.
Sui is the youngest daughter
of the head family.
About a half a year ago,
she contracted a disease
which made her eyes sensitive to light.
None of the eye doctors could find
the cause of her strange illness,
and before they could even
figure out a course of treatment,
her eyes became so sensitized that even
a little light began to cause her great pain.
As a result, she was left with our family
since we have a sturdy storage shed
which blocks out light.
Although it may have been
for Sui's own good,
it appeared to me that she
was abandoned at our house.
There's another eyelid behind my eyelid.
It's a place where outside light
can never get in.
That's where the mushi live.
A second eyelid?
That's right.
Don't you know how to
close your second eyelid?
Then, I'll teach you how.
Close your eyes.
Do you see anything?
No, nothing.
Oh, but
I do see some flickering
movements within my eye.
You see? Even after you close your eyes,
your eyes are still looking
at the backs of your eyelids
so they're not really closed.
That's why, whenever I want it pitch-black,
I close my eyes again to
those flickering movements.
That's when a curtain
of true darkness falls.
I can't do it.
Really? You're so uncoordinated.
We play in the deep darkness.
Although I can't see anything
when I first step into the shed,
after a while, the outlines of things
start to gradually appear.
How can you see the ball
when it's pitch black?
It's because there is a river of light
running under the ground.
You can see it if you
close your second eyelid.
When I keep staring at true darkness
from afar, tiny specks
of light start appearing
and they rapidly form into a river.
When I look at the light carefully, I can
see that it's all made up of tiny mushi.
But when I try to go closer
to get a better look
Don't get any closer to that river.
It's a man I've never met before.
A man with one eye is always on the
other side of the river saying that to me.
That's why I just look
at the river from a distance.
sometimes become uneasy.
Those things that Sui sees with
her eyes closed what on earth
What on earth can they be?
Biki! You spend way too much time
inside the storage shed.
I disposed of all the used
eye bandages by burning them.
I disinfected my hands
and all the eating utensils, too.
Still there's no guarantee
that you won't get infected, too.
The head family had the same fear.
That's why they abandoned Sui, right?
That's why we
I know. You're right.
Sui's a good girl. A very good girl.
I'll just have to deal with it.
Keep supporting her so that she doesn't
lose the light in her heart as well.
But please
don't get infected with
that disease like she did.
coming here for me?
What just happened?
Don't tell me
It can't be Mom
Are you still sleeping?
What's wrong?
won't be allowed to come here any more.
He's caught your illness.
It's not your fault.
It's our fault for taking pity on you.
Who's there? If you leave
the storm door open, Biki will!
Don't worry.
I am an expert in these matters.
I applied medicine and some painkiller.
Leaving him in the dark will only
make the disease progress further.
Who are you?
Oh, pardon me.
My name is Ginko. I am a mushi-shi.
I caught wind of the girl
in your storage shed.
Her disease is something that
can't be cured by an eye doctor,
but by a mushi-shi.
Will Biki will my son be cured?
Oh, the mushi he has
seems to be a newborn.
So treatment with medicine alone
will probably be effective.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry.
I see you're awake now.
Do your eyes still hurt?
Good. The medicine worked.
The cause of Sui's illness is
the Manako Yami mushi.
(Manako = eye, Yami = darkness)
They multiply in darkness.
You spent too much time
with Sui in the dark.
You know Sui?
He's one-eyed
Every time I closed my second eyelid,
she was on the opposite bank of the river.
That river of light is comprised of
a different element from earthly light.
It's harmful to your eyes
if you look at it too closely.
He has his other eye.
I wonder if he's a different person
from the one Sui mentioned
I'll start Sui's treatment
after the sun sets.
All right.
After I told you so many times
not to go into the river!
Sui's eyeballs are already dead.
But I'll try something anyway.
If you close your second eyelid
for too long,
your eyeball gets eaten by the darkness.
Well then, ready, Sui?
I'm going to lure out
the mushi with the moonlight.
While keeping your second eyelid closed,
slowly open your eyes.
Come out, mushi.
There's light out here.
M- mushi!?
There it is!
Sui, that's enough. Close your eyes!
That should do it.
Now let's take a look at Sui's eyeballs
M-mushi! There really
was a mushi in Sui's eyes!
Just as I thought, her eyes
are no longer functioning.
I don't know if this will work, but
I'll give this to Sui.
Hey, you've been overreacting
for a while now.
Don't freak out so much. It's a glass eye.
This is the liquid mushi
that you saw earlier.
If I inject this into a glass ball,
it should turn into a functioning eyeball.
Um, can I ask you something?
That river of light that you both can see
Just what is it anyway?
Try closing your second eyelid.
Have you forgotten?
Then the path to darkness will be revealed.
Long ago, you too were
watching it, just like us
From the time a person
opens his eyes to the light,
he is said to have forgotten
how to close his second eyelid.
However, it was perhaps
for the better to those living,
for before that time, it is said
that many had lost their eyesight
from staring too much at the river of light.
The second eyelid,
true darkness, alien light
The group of infinite life forms
swimming beneath our feet
All around us became really bright and
right after, we were plunged into darkness.
The ground fell out beneath me and
I saw a river of light flowing way below.
It just happened for a split second
after that mushi-shi-san
put the glass eye into you.
But it was so pretty and I felt as though
my body was being pulled into it.
I wanted to stare at it forever.
I'm ready.
Sui came out of the shed.
She looks a lot at the trees
and flowers and light.
She will probably never be lured
by that strange light in the darkness again.
I wonder if that mushi-shi lost his real eye
in the same way Sui did
"The Light of the Eyelid"
"The Tender Horns"
The Tender Horns
"The Tender Horns"
"Look forward to the next episode."
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