Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e04 Episode Script

Pillow Lane

My name is Ginko.
I hear you have premonition dreams.
People are talking about you.
But I thought those dreams
might cause some trouble.
What do you mean?
The dreams are probably
something to do with mushi.
The mushi living inside your dreams
They're responsible for
showing you those premonitions.
And they will multiply more and more.
You should control their numbers
with this medicine.
How often do you have
those dreams right now?
One or two out of ten
Soon it will become at least four or five.
That's when you should take this medicine.
If you take any more than that,
it will be toxic.
But if you don't take it at all, you will
be unable to awaken from your dreams.
What's important is the balance.
Make sure you take the medicine.
I will come again around
the time the medicine runs out.
Until then
sweet dreams
"The Pillow Pathway"
One should never have conversations
with someone who is talking in their sleep.
Those are the words
from the land of Utopia.
It hasn't even been a year
since I last came here.
What's going on?
So you're here,
I've been waiting for you.
I had something I wanted to ask.
Are you alone?
I saw what happened to
the village. Don't tell me
Yeah, you guessed it.
I'll tell you what happened. All of it.
Oh, man
It's a water vein!
We can expand our rice paddies
with this water.
Hey! We hit water!
Another one of Jin's dreams came true!
Go tell the others in the village!
This is from the farmers to thank us.
They gave us this much
I sort of feel bad.
But I can't put good food on the table
just by doing blade sharpening.
So I'm grateful for it.
Whoa! Bayberries!
But Jin
The number of your dreams
coming true has increased
just like that mushi-shi said it would.
You believe that guy?
That mushi are showing me
the dreams and things like that?
I don't know.
But what if just what
if what he's saying is true
All right.
I'll take the medicine.
You will? Good.
The cliff on the westside crumbled!
Thank you so much.
If it wasn't for your prediction,
we'd be goners.
I don't know how to thank you.
Kinu sometimes I get scared.
Whenever one of my dreams comes true,
I can't help but feel
as if I caused it to happen.
Don't be silly.
These are to thank you for
the other day. Please take them.
Oh okay.
Hey, have a good dream
for us, too, will you?
Well, I don't know about that.
Don't ask for the impossible.
It's just a dream, after all.
Well, then, we'll be looking
forward to the next one.
Don't worry, Jin.
I'm sure you were given
those premonitions to help others
after all, everyone seems
happy because of you.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Yeah, I guess you're right
That's what I told my wife
but I still felt apprehensive
about my premonition dreams,
and I started taking
the medicine willingly.
But then
It's a tsunami!
Mayu she was at the seashore!
It can't be! I never had
a dream about this
How could he not foresee
a calamity like this?
It's all because I took this medicine!
That's why I couldn't save Mayu's life!
I stopped taking the medicine.
Then, right after that, more and more of my
premonition dreams started to come true.
and they got more accurate.
Look, Jin. Someone left a
thank you gift in front of our house.
You have to cheer up.
Then one day
Were you dreaming?
You're drenched in sweat.
Did you have a bad dream?
N- no
I just don't feel well.
This isn't because of a dream.
Then, the next day
It was the exact same disease
I had seen in my dream.
A green mold would start at the fingertips
and spread through the body,
making it crumble like dirt.
I was the only one left in the village.
You said your name was Ginko?
When that dream came true,
I came to the realization
that you had deceived me
when you visited the first time!
What's inside me isn't mushi that
would show me premonition dreams.
They're mushi that bring my dreams
out to infect the real world!
That green mold disease
It started spreading to
those who were near me first
My wife, then my neighbors,
then the plots across the way.
And right before my very eyes,
the exact scene in my dream played out.
All the things that
I had predicted before
were events that were
created in my dreams.
Isn't that right? Yet
Why did you lie to me!?
It's because your ties with the mushi
cannot be completely severed.
Once it becomes a parasite in you,
for the rest of your life,
you must find a balance
with the mushi
the only recourse is to co-exist.
But if I tell the host person about
this mushi's real characteristics,
he won't be able to handle the
magnitude of what he creates.
Yeah I should've died from it!
I caused these disasters!
Why did you let me live!? Why!?
I'm sorry.
Since it's come to this,
I'll do anything I can to find
a way to cut you off from the mushi.
Please go on living.
The Imeno no Awai mushi
normally live in the host's dreams,
The Imeno no Awai mushi
normally live in the host's dreams,
but come out of the dreams on occasion.
When they come out,
they become the medium
to make the dream
the host was having infect reality.
In other words, the mushi don't make
all your dreams into premonition dreams,
but the more they multiply, the more often
they come out of your dreams.
And their ability to turn
your dreams into reality
grows both in range and in scale as well.
But these mushi themselves are very weak
in that they will disappear
if exposed to sunlight.
It's unknown why they want
to come out into our world.
But it's said that somewhere, there's a
pathway connecting dreams and reality
that only the mushi traverse,
and while the host is awake,
that's where the mushi sleep.
If I can find that pathway,
I might be able to do something.
But I've never seen or heard of a case
before of such a fast pace and a big scale.
That medicine alone can't stop it.
And if I increase the dosage
You took all the medicine!?
Hang in there! I'll go get the antidote!
Leave me alone!
I've had enough
I can't go on
living anymore.
I can see his eyes moving.
He's started to dream.
Forgive me.
He's talking in his sleep?
It's not your fault.
The fault does not lie with the mushi either.
You were both just carrying on with life.
No one is to blame.
Don't die. You haven't done anything wrong.
Are those wild geese I see?
So he is talking in his sleep
He's not coherent.
Just where are you, anyway?
Hurry back to reality.
I'm in a field of reeds.
He answered me!
What's this ringing in my ears!?
What on earth!?
Our conversation just now
linked his dream to reality?
So he sees these as wild geese?
This is a flock of Imeno no Awai.
Daddy, welcome home!
Welcome home.
I'm sorry I'm sorry, you two!
You must hate me!
I've killed you all.
It's okay, Jin.
It's not your fault.
You're not to blame.
Is someone there?
That's me!
Something is showing up on the screen!
It's hot. Someone please
Is that my dream being
reflected on the screen?
The fire in my dream has
spread through the pillow?
I get it now!
There's fire here, too!
Wake up!
I'll go get water!
The dream came into reality
through my pillow.
A pathway only for the mushi to traverse
While the host is awake,
that's where the mushi sleep.
So that's where you were!
You damned mushi!
Wh why
did I get cut, too?
It seems he got good first aid treatment.
I think he'll manage to survive.
Did you know it would turn out like this?
All I did was cut the pillow.
Did you know that there's a theory
that the word origin for "pillow"
is "soul storage"?
For almost one-third of your life,
your pillow cradles your head.
Perhaps that is how
the thinking came about
that the pillow is where the soul dwells.
The pillow is also the nest
for the Imeno no Awai,
and is also the pathway that
connects dreams to reality.
I thought if you cut it,
you'd be the one who'd lose something.
Between dreams and reality
lies "soul storage".
Unless one takes this path,
he cannot go see the land of Utopia.
Thereafter, I heard that the man started
working as a blade sharpener again.
He was skilled at what he did,
and became well-known for it.
But for whatever reason,
he gradually became disturbed.
At times, he would wave
a sword around in the streets,
and at the end, finally stabbed himself.
People said
that he was very afraid to sleep.
He thought if he went to sleep,
his soul would slip away.
Since the day that he cut his pillow,
he didn't have even one single dream.
"The Pillow Pathway"
"The Pillow Pathway"
The Traveling Swamp
"The Traveling Swamp"
The Traveling Swamp
"The Traveling Swamp"
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