Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e10 Episode Script

White in the Ink Slab

Don't worry. I told you, the doctor is over
examining my grandma right now.
See? I told you there's
a lot of unusual stuff here.
Wow! Awesome!
Whoa! What the heck is this!?
Wow! What a pretty inkstone!
"The White Which Dwells
Within The Inkstone"
Doctor, I need you to come over!
Doctor! Doctor!
My daughter
When it became evening,
she suddenly started complaining
about how cold she was.
The boys next door who were playing
with her have the same symptoms.
What's going on?
Her body temperature is really low.
Mommy, I'm cold.
I want another blanket.
Just a minute.
Even her breath is chilled.
Doctor, I'm sorry
We went into your storage shed today.
So you touched something in the shed?
I'm sorry. There was an inkstone
An inkstone
Hey! I'm here.
Oh, over here, Ginko.
Thanks for coming.
I was careless.
I was trying not to let the villagers see
what was inside my storage shed, though.
How are the patients?
They're getting weaker.
I'm trying to keep
their body temperatures up
by having them drink hot water, but
This is it.
I bought it from a collector I know.
It looks beautiful but moreover,
I heard that it's made from
some kind of fossilized mushi, so
Fossilized mushi?
I don't know if there is such a thing.
Usually, mushi don't leave a body behind.
Don't buy things that have
unsure backgrounds like this.
You're just looking for trouble.
Have you forgotten that the things
you cherish are unusual?
Sorry I was careless
This isn't a fossil.
The mushi seem to still be alive.
And what were the patients
doing at the time?
What did you do with the inkstone?
We decided to rub an ink stick on it.
(By doing so with a little water in it,
ink is created)
Hm? Is something wrong?
What's that? It's just an ordinary inkstone.
No, I'm sure it's a special inkstone.
Hey, there's some water over there.
Let's try and rub an ink stick on it.
Don't! The doctor will be mad at us.
Just a little
- Ah?
- What?
- Huh?
Did you guys feel
something cold come out of it?
Yeah, I breathed it in.
The mushi come alive when the ink stick
is rubbed on the inkstone
and enter people's bodies. And then,
they chill the bodies from inside.
It's hard to identify the mushi
only knowing these conditions.
I see.
Doesn't the previous owner
know anything about it?
No. He knows nothing more than that.
The people who owned the inkstone
before that all used it and
died, I hear.
Then our last resort is
the maker of the inkstone
There's an inscription. If you look into it,
I'm sure you can find the maker.
I'll go see.
I'm taking this with me.
- I'm counting on you.
- Yeah.
I sure came a long ways up.
It should be around here somewhere.
Yeah, she lives over there.
But she no longer makes inkstones.
Why not?
I'm not sure.
She just quit all of a sudden
She doesn't have any relatives left
but she was really skilled.
Who are you?
Are you the one who made this?
Indeed this is my inscription.
But what about it?
There are children suffering
right now because of this inkstone.
I'd like you to tell me what you know.
Thanks for coming.
I was looking for it this inkstone
all this time
As far as I know there are three
who used that inkstone.
I hear they all died within a month.
It all started soon after my father,
who was a notable
inkstone craftsman, fell ill.
I had a fiancé.
He was my father's client who lived
in a town one mountain's crossing away.
Both he and his parents were opposed
to my succeeding my father's work.
Tagane, you want to do it no matter what?
You of all people should know
My father and I are the only ones
who can carve rocks around here!
I don't want to give it up!
You won't be able to continue alone!
In fact, the orders have been falling.
In time I'll create an inkstone
to rival my father's.
I'll come again.
lf I could create an inkstone
that my fiancé would acknowledge,
he would surely
Thereafter, I submerged myself
in inkstone making.
But I had a hard time creating
something I could be satisfied with.
Then, one day, I excavated that rock.
Somehow, it enchanted me
and I began to carve it with fervor.
The finished inkstone was a masterpiece,
the best I ever made.
This is exquisite.
Rub an ink stick on it to test it out.
What was that?
What's wrong?
A smoke-like puff
came out of the inkstone.
Look! It's still there.
The ink seems to come out fine as well.
I can rest assured now
that you can succeed my work.
Several days have passed
after I inhaled that smoke,
but it doesn't seem to have affected me,
and I was the only one who saw it.
I hope my fiancé and his parents will
reconsider after seeing this inkstone.
All right.
Can I hold on to this inkstone?
I'm going to try and convince my parents.
Yeah. If they approve,
I'll send you a letter.
But the letter that arrived one month later
only informed me of my fiancé's death.
He started to complain of chills
on the day I delivered the inkstone,
and he contracted a strange illness
that continued to lower his temperature.
Saying that the inkstone was a bad omen,
his parents sold it to an antiques store.
I went to the store,
but it had already been sold,
and I lost track of its whereabouts.
But I heard rumors of it from
a broker and the antiques dealer.
I heard another person died
because of that inkstone!
After that, my father passed,
and I stopped carving inkstones.
I want to help you, but that's all I know.
Well, actually, I've now
got a clue, thanks to you.
I'm grateful.
What do you mean?
Sorry, but I'm in a hurry, so
Would you let me buy back that inkstone?
I want to destroy it with my own hands.
Well, it's not mine
If you like, you can come along with me.
Have you forgotten that the things
that you cherish are unusual?
I thought I was aware of it, but
Looks like it's struck home hard, huh?
You're back.
You'd better have found something
if you're cracking jokes like that
Don't worry. We'll definitely
be able to save the kids.
Charcoal, a stove and what else?
A pot. And also, do you have
a wooden-framed backpack?
The mushi inside that inkstone
is called Kumohami.
(kumo = cloud, hami = to eat)
They have the shape
of a cumulonimbus cloud,
and, like their name, they eat clouds
in other words, the water
and ice in the atmosphere
and cause snow and hail to fall.
That's why you see hail fall at times
even when there isn't a cloud visible.
But they can't move on their own;
they're affected by other factors.
When there's a long period of time
without any clouds,
they become condensed.
Then, they come down to earth
and freeze into suspended animation.
After that, they must've
turned into stone after eons.
Then, they reappeared on the surface
of the earth in the form of an inkstone,
and were able to come alive again
whenever water was applied to them.
So what are we going to do now?
Tagane-san, you said
you crossed a mountain
when you went to
deliver the inkstone, right?
That's probably why you were okay
even after you inhaled the smoke.
We'll take the patients to the
highest mountain in these parts.
This is not good. Give her some hot water.
All right.
Oh, the water is getting cold
I'll go on ahead and start boiling water.
Thank you.
Doctor, do we still have to climb further?
I'm having a hard time breathing.
And it seems difficult on the children, too.
Almost there.
Everyone! Hold your breath!
Oh! You got your color back!
I'm not cold anymore.
Her temperature is going back to normal.
So the mushi made it out
Thank goodness
Just how on earth
It's because of the air pressure.
The mushi live within the same stratum
of the atmosphere where the clouds are.
It follows that they have
the same weight as that stratum.
So, they'll be drawn to it
if they get closer to that altitude.
You live in a high altitude village,
so the smoke you inhaled
probably escaped you little by little.
And I think when you crossed the mountain
to deliver the inkstone,
the mushi completely left your body.
Thank goodness
Thank goodness
It's wrong to have an interest in dangerous
objects like this in the first place.
I'll take responsibility and destroy it.
Like I said, we now know how to
handle it if it happens again,
so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
With that optimistic attitude of yours,
how can you know that
everything else here is safe?
That's none of your business.
Hey, Ginko. You tell her, too.
Destroying the inkstone means killing
the dormant mushi in there, too, right?
Uh well, yes.
You see? The mushi are innocent.
Besides, that inkstone
is too beautiful to destroy.
Don't you think of it as your own child?
You can't forgive yourself
for releasing an inkstone
that has dormant mushi in it, right?
Then, why don't you just release
the mushi from the inkstone?
Hey! That's my inkstone
you're talking about.
Adashino, your oversight played
a huge part in this incident.
Just think of it as a lesson learned
and turn the other cheek.
Besides, it's a first-rate inkstone.
You can use it to your heart's content.
What the?
- Whoa!
- Yay!
- Cool!
- It's hail!
But there's not a cloud in the sky.
Where's it coming from?
Man, the repair cost of the roofs
in the village is going to be huge.
You can bill me.
I'll repay it even if
it takes me a lifetime.
And how are you going to do that?
You can start making inkstones again.
I'm sure you can
reestablish yourself right away.
Can I put in an order for one, then?
If it's convenient for you, I don't mind
if mine has mushi in it.
You just can't give it up, can you?
You're right
although I think it'll take
a little time to deliver it
In any case, when's this going to stop?
The mushi probably
haven't eaten in ages, so
"The White Which Dwells
Within The Inkstone"
"The White Which Dwells
Within The Inkstone"
The Sleeping Mountain
"The Sleeping Mountain"
The Sleeping Mountain
"The Sleeping Mountain"
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