Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e25 Episode Script

Eye of Fortune, Eye of Calamity

In my world there's the sense
of smell, sound, taste and touch.
These are all I have
And these are all I need.
What's that?
There's something in my eyes
"Eye Of Fortune, Eye Of Misfortune"
Thank god, I've finally
come to the main road.
"From all over the ceiling they hang"
"creatures that resemble
black strands of hair"
"When nightfall comes they grow longer"
"And get in your nose so you can't sleep."
Huh? This story is about mushi
Who told you that story?
My father told me.
Would you like to hear
some more, mushi-shi-san?
How did you know that I am a mushi-shi?
Well, I just had a feeling
Anyway, don't make that kind of face
Won't you listen some more?
Look, it's getting dark,
so why not stay around here?
Yes, Ma'am!
I have a guest here.
All right, I'm coming.
Hey I'm not staying here
Here, let me carry your luggage.
I said!
Hey, let me go. Give me back my luggage!
Well what story should I talk about next?
Is your father a mushi-shi as well?
All your stories sound very real.
Yeah, he was.
Has he retired already?
He passed away
because my eyes weren't helpful
You can't see at all?
Actually, I can see very well.
Hm? What do you mean?
I saw the Ganpuku.
You saw the Ganpuku? That's amazing!
It's supposed to be a myth!
Where did you see it?
Then, I'll talk about myself next.
In return, I have a favour to ask of you.
Could you go bury these eyes
of mine in the mountains?
Welcome back! How did your work go?
My father was a mushi-shi, so he was often
away from home working, leaving me at home.
I loved to listen to
the stories about his trips.
I've obtained something amazing this time.
There's this mushi called Ganpuku,
which is said to be able to improve
your eyesight after you look at it.
It's been said to be only a myth until now.
But I gained possession of
the eyeball of a man who saw it.
Don't worry, it was taken out after he died.
I heard that this man was able to see
more clearly after seeing the Ganpuku
for a few years before he died.
And this eyeball remains
without decay since his death.
This may be a clue to finding the Ganpuku.
Amane I'll make you able to see
even if it takes the rest of my life.
I promise you just wait
Is something wrong
Don't open the door!
What was that?
It was a mushi, hiding in the eyeball!
That could be the Ganpuku!
My father looked around for it in
the mountains, but he couldn't find it.
And a month later
What's that?
There's something in my eyes
Could this be what it's
like to be able to see?
Something just got in my eyes.
You must be my dad, right?
I understood for the first time
what it meant to be able to see.
It was something that
I could never imagine.
And it was a wonderful thing,
far beyond my imagination.
Ultramarine blue Light purple.
Pink Orange
They're wild geese.
Wow, they're very neatly lined up.
You're Saki-chan. And you're Fusa-chan.
How are you able to see?
I saw a shiny, flower-like thing.
My eyes could see further
than any of my friends'.
I can see you in the bush, Yo-chan!
And then
I found you!
It's no fun because
you find us too quickly.
You can't be "it" anymore.
As time passed by I started seeing
places that I shouldn't be able to see.
Like the hill through the wall
and the mountain range
behind that hill
and even the sea far
beyond that mountain range
I became able to see
them even from the room.
I was fascinated with the unfamiliar
sceneries and people's lives.
But soon after, I started feeling
dizzy, and I could hardly walk.
It was only when I closed my eyes
that peaceful darkness would visit me.
So I spent most of my time
with my eyes closed.
But after living like that for a while,
I started seeing something else.
Ah! Watch out!
Never mind
- Arghhh
- Are you all right?
Ouchhh There was a sudden gust of wind
What was that I just saw?
When I closed my eyes, I would see
the future and the past of people around me.
And soon people started coming over
to ask me to read their future.
Everything I saw became true.
Rumours that I was a clairvoyant spread.
And even people from neighbouring
villages came to see me.
Next summer, you'll fall
into a river and die.
Please don't go near
the river for any reason.
But even though I warned people, I was never
able to change what I saw in my visions.
And eventually, the people
who came to see me
only asked about thieves
or other unsavoury types of people.
Although my eyes proved useful for people,
all my friends left me.
It can't be helped People must
think clairvoyants are creepy.
Even though I can see what's going to happen,
nothing changes after all
I stopped seeing people's past and future.
But then
Ah?! What?
I can see outside through my eyelids
Amane, I'm going out.
Amane? What's wrong?
I see your future and the scenery
outside at the same time. I feel dizzy
That's strange.
Don't worry I'll get used to it soon
I'll be back in three days.
Take it easy, okay?
All right.
But father never came back.
After that, I went to
the mountains every single day
to look for my father using my clairvoyance.
And one day, I finally saw my father
lying on the bottom of a ravine.
Then I started my journey
in order to grieve for my father.
Along the way, I told the stories
I heard from my father
while playing my lute for money
during the journey.
And after I finally arrived at
the site of my father's remains,
I no longer wanted to return to the village
to which my father would never return.
Since then, I've been playing
the lute on the street for a living.
And as time passed, I could see
more and more through my eyelids.
There was nothing to obstruct my view.
And it was tough for me
to stand the light during the day.
But there was still one thing
that I couldn't see.
That was my own future.
But now I was able to see it.
The fact that you would
pass through this place
and the fact that I would have to ask
you to do something like this
that was all foreseen.
And you want me to tear out your clairvoyant
eyes and bury them in the mountains?
If I were to ask someone else to do it,
I would've done it myself long ago.
These eyes once brought me so much joy,
so I managed to live with them until now,
even though I hated them.
However, this pair of eyes soon
won't belong to me anymore.
Just like the Ganpuku that I saw,
it'll get out of my eyeballs
and go under ground
to wait for the next pair
of new eyeballs to come.
And I don't want anyone to have
the same experience as me.
That's why I want you to bury
my eyes deep in the mountains.
Are you saying that you saw
all that in your visions?
I don't get it I'd understand if
you were asking me to cure your eyes
We can't say for sure there is no
way to cure your eyes, you know.
I just told you that the things
I saw can't be changed.
The things my eyes see are something
that exist in a far, unreachable place
and are already destined to happen.
You know
I still can't swallow everything
you've told me tonight
I'll do what I can do.
Even if you write to your friend for help,
you won't get a useful reply.
Is that so?
Why are you so eager to help me?
Is it because you lost your left eye?
You can see that with your
clairvoyance, can't you?
In your case, I can't see anything,
because your childhood is pitch black.
My oldest memory is of walking alone in some
dark, unknown place when I was about ten.
I couldn't see anything.
I kept groping about in the dark,
and then the moon came out.
Even after this pure-white,
illusional moon set,
what rose was yet another moon.
After walking for a
long time in that place,
I finally came to a place
where the sun rises.
I still remember well how I
appreciated the sunlight back then.
Aren't you scared of
losing light forever?
Of course I am.
But a world with only
light is just as scary.
You can see everything
but you can't change anything
Or you can't see anything
but you can live freely
Which one do you think is more fortunate?
I think that living in the darkness,
remembering the light, is not so bad.
What's wrong?!
I'm all right. I just saw it again.
How far did you see?
I saw it to the moment that the lives
of my eyeballs come to an end.
Her eyes were not able to see
through her eyelids before
She could only see other people's futures.
But now she can see through her eyelids
and is able to see her own future
Does that mean that she is becoming
another person to her eyeballs?
A mushi that takes shelter in the
eye after someone looks at it
It changes the eyeballs into something else
that can live on after the person dies.
And soon it will take over the eyeballs
completely and then leave the body
If that's the case
the time for it to leave must be close.
There is still no reply
Things that are already
destined to happen
Huh? I can't see behind the ceiling
What's going on?
I can see normally
Ah? But my eyeballs are
moving by themselves
Hold on! I'll give you a painkiller.
Even without eyeballs
tears still flow.
How far did you see?
I saw it to the moment that the lives
of my eyeballs come to an end.
After the eyeballs leave my eyes,
they are buried in the ground.
After a while, they reveal
themselves from the ground,
and a beast walks toward them.
Beautiful flowers are reflected
upon the eyes of the beast.
And as they are slowly being
absorbed into the eyes,
then everything goes dark.
You should have a reply
from your friend by now.
"Treatment is still unknown."
Are you going back to your village?
Well I'm not sure.
I just want to live
by myself for a while.
I'm so glad that I don't
know what'll happen anymore.
And if you happen to see me,
please say hello.
I'll be a much better
lute player by then.
"Eye Of Fortune, Eye Of Misfortune"
"Eye Of Fortune, Eye Of Misfortune"
The Sound of Footsteps on the Grass
"The Sound Of Footsteps On The Grass"
The Sound of Footsteps on the Grass
"The Sound Of Footsteps On The Grass"
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