Mushishi: Zoku-Sho (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Warbling Sea Shell

1 They seem strange and alien.
Primitive and peculiar, they are unlike any flora or fauna known to us.
Since time immemorial, men have feared these misshapen entities, which came to be known as "mushi.
" Mushi And we broke Everything that was right We both enjoyed a good fight And we sewed All the holes we had to breathe To make the other one leave And I loved The way you looked at me And I miss The way you made me feel When we were alone When we were alone And I'll shiver like I used to And I'll leave him just for you And I'll shiver like I used to Mushi-Shi Just for you Like I used to Hm? I hear birds singing.
But where are they? What? It's coming from the sand? This is a The Warbling Seashell Oh, are you collecting seashells too? Then, here.
You take it.
You live above the cliffs, don't you? I bet it's really hard finding seashells there.
Th-Thank you.
Oh? So you can talk.
Hey, want to come with me to somewhere that has even more seashells? 'Kay.
Did you know? If you put your ear to a seashell, you can hear the waves.
Wow, you're right! See you again sometime, okay? Yeah! Let's play again! Mina.
Mina! Go to the village and trade these for some rice.
Make sure you don't talk to the shore folk.
I know.
Excuse me.
Do you have a minute? Who's asking? Just a mushi-shi who's passing through.
My name is Ginko.
The sea is showing signs of an impending disaster, so I thought I should alert the nearby village.
An impending disaster? No one's here.
Maybe I could take a small break.
Wow! This one's so pretty.
I wonder if I can hear the waves in this one too.
Huh? Birds singing? Well, I say "impending disaster," but I'm not exactly sure what the disaster will be.
But I can assure you that one will happen—and soon.
You should tell the other villagers to be prepared for it.
I'll protect my own family.
The villagers can worry about themselves.
They've got nothing to do with me.
Mina! What's the matter? You seem out of it.
Are you okay? Do you want me to take you home? Hey, Shima, you sure this girl can talk? Yeah, she's not saying anything.
She can! What are you doing? We're going home! Why don't you ever listen to me? And of all people, why would you talk to her? I told you never to speak to that girl again.
What's wrong? Spit it out.
Did you hear the "song of the seashell"? Although it's called the song of the seashell, the song actually comes from a mushi living inside of it.
It's called Yadokaridori or Saezurigai, which means "Hermit-Crab Bird" or "Warbling Shell.
" While they normally spend their time eating seaweed and flying over the sea, they come ashore when they sense an impending disaster.
They then hide in seashells and wait for the disaster to pass.
And in that faint voice you heard, they sing, calling their family to safety.
But when a person puts one of their shells to their ears, that person forgets how to speak.
Is there a cure? Don't worry about it.
As long as she hears others talk each day, she'll get her speech back.
I see.
This only happened because you didn't listen.
You'd better not do it again, ever.
Anyway, that's the long and short of it.
The bigger issue is the disaster I mentioned.
I'll alert the village myself, but you guys should be careful too.
There'll be a disaster at sea? What do you mean? Like, a tidal wave? Are you saying there's going to be a big storm? Yes.
There are records of both of those happening.
You should all try to prepare yourselves.
We're always prepared.
There's no way of knowing what might happen at sea.
So we prepare ourselves in every possible way.
Thank you for the warning, but there's nothing else to be done.
That's good, then.
Everyone, stay sharp tomorrow too! Right! He always tells us to stay sharp, but all we ever do is tend to the fish cages.
Man, I'm bored.
I want to go back to diving for fish, not farming them.
Mind your tongue.
The chief fisherman had good reason to change things.
If the fish farm works out, he can make sure we're fed and safe.
That way, this village will never see another tragedy.
A tragedy? What was it, again? Hmm I'd say it's been nearly ten years now.
One of the divers from the chief's ship was eaten by a shark.
He didn't pull her out of the water in time, you see.
Oh yeah.
That was terrible.
The sea that day was stained red with her blood.
Shortly after that happened, the diver's husband quit and stopped fishing with us.
He and his daughter live by themselves near the cliffs.
I can't say I don't understand him, though.
The chief pulled up his own wife first, you see.
But you know I would've done the same thing he did.
Yes, indeed.
Well, that's when the chief had us try fish farming.
I can understand him as well.
It was a painful tragedy for everyone.
Welcome back, Dad.
So today on the shore, I saw Mina.
But then Mina's dad said she's not allowed to talk to me.
I wonder how come.
I'm sorry.
Dad? Don't let that get to you.
You didn't do anything wrong.
All right, I understand.
Watch out! There's a shark! Your wife was If only I had been on that boat with her, this wouldn't have happened.
Sakichi, there was nothing anyone could have done.
"Nothing"? If you say so.
I guess it was my own fault for putting my wife's life in someone else's hands.
Please get out.
From now on, I'll protect my own family.
Even more of them have come ashore.
In that faint voice, the seashells are crying out for the sake of their family and themselves.
That girl's something else.
She's still so little.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
She's been diving in place of her mom all this time.
I can't help but feel sorry for her.
Hm? What is it? You must never tell anyone else about this.
Even if something happens to me, with this, you'll be able to get by.
No one else is going to protect you.
So you have to protect yourself, first and foremost.
Who's there? It's me.
I came to talk to you.
A mushi-shi came to tell us that a disaster at sea will soon happen.
You two should be careful too.
You're the last person I want to hear that from.
Hey don't you have any idea what's going to happen? You were always the first to sense when something was wrong with the sea.
Like I care.
Sakichi, for the last ten years, this village has managed to avoid any other accidents.
I'm not about to let anyone die on my watch again.
So could you please come back to the village and help with the fish farm? We've finally managed to make the fish farm sustainable.
Now, everyone can feed themselves without having to worry.
But if you and your little girl keep on fishing alone, you two may run into danger someday.
Is that really what you want? I knew you for a long time.
I know there's probably someone you blame more than me.
But you can't go on blaming yourself anymore! You have to stop.
You have something more important to worry about.
I know you care about your daughter's future, so please come back.
I'll come again.
Until then, please be careful.
The singing stopped.
I understand.
Just in case, I'll have everyone take refuge on top of the cliffs.
I saw something! Look at them So many dead fish.
This is It's a red tide! How could this happen? No matter how we run, we can't escape tragedy.
This time, there really was nothing we could've done.
There was nothing anyone could have done.
The red tide's finally retreating, huh? Yeah.
Guess this marks the end of the fish farm.
Nah, we can dive for some more and start over again.
That's true.
So you still don't have your voice back? Hmm It might be better to let her hear more voices.
Anyway, I'm off again.
That's strange.
Although the red tide has receded, they haven't returned to sea yet.
Does that mean the disaster isn't over yet? Mina.
Come with me.
Sakichi! Don't go diving yet.
After a red tide, shellfish may become poisonous.
That only happens rarely.
You should know that.
We have no other choice.
I don't think you should either.
The omen hasn't yet passed.
Then what are we supposed to do? Huh, Sakichi? How do you suggest we all get by until we can live off the sea again? Open it.
Mina found that pearl.
We can sell it and share the money.
It won't be a whole lot, but it should be enough.
But to give us something so precious It's better than letting someone else die, isn't it? But in exchange, please let me and my daughter come back to the village.
Yes! Of course we will! Later on, along nearby shores, the villagers found a few dead seabirds, probably from eating poisonous shellfish.
However, no one from that particular village died.
Mina! Come on! Oh! Coming! What were you staring at? Hm? Oh, nothing.
The Warbling Seashell Beneath the Snow "Beneath the Snow.