Mutant X s01e02 Episode Script

I Scream the Body Electric (2)

One thing's for sure; it's getting weirder out there every day.
No need to run anymore, emma.
You're among friends.
I have been mandated to create the genetic security agency to protect the world from this rapacious menace.
A teenage girl falls six stories, then walks away unscathed.
Help me.
We can't let someone with her ability to manipulate the feelings of others become the tool of our worst nightmare.
She's headed for the skycourse.
This is not good.
No, it's not, is it? Brennan.
Let them go.
This isn't over yet.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to cause all this trouble.
And now you understand the danger we're all in.
Attempting to escape is a waste of time.
You're still an hour off your game, mr mulwray.
Now, you keep playing hard to get and you're in for the world's worst nightmare.
Don't be so sure about that.
Any nightmare you can dish out will be like a sweet dream to me.
That's enough, mr thorne.
I'd prefer him in one piece.
You want strange? I'll give you strange.
We get a call on the hotline about a guy who controls electricity.
She's talking about brennan.
Next thing you know, a guy fitting that description runs rampant downtown.
Silent record.
This is becoming tiresome, emma.
Why did we have to rescue you again? I've apologized a dozen times, adam.
What do i have to say to convince you i'm sorry? I'm sure that you're sincere in your regrets.
But your actions continue to put us in jeopardy.
I'm just confused and afraid.
We're all afraid.
But you don't have to walk around constantly assaulted by other people's feelings and terrors.
You're right.
Maybe it's time that you looked at your world from a different perspective.
And you take what you see as a problem and you make it a solution.
That's what saved my life.
You know, it's not like we were thrilled to be so different, you know? But with a little work, being a new mutant can be fabulous.
Or you can end up like thorne.
Well, i'll take fabulous anytime.
Breedlove's death has set events in motion that are going to change our lives forever.
This is only the beginning.
What about brennan? We'll do whatever we can to get him out.
Assuming he still wants to get out.
You let ms delauro get away.
That's primarily due to mr mulwray's interference.
However, now we can use mulwray to entrap her.
You always find the positive in a negative, mr thorne.
It's your responsibility to make something of mr mulwray.
But rather than expending all our resources in searching for all these lost souls, let's find one to bring the others to us.
So, what's this all about? With everything that's been hitting the fan lately, we wanted you all to be able to get out at a moment's notice.
You know, i'm still not sure why adam thinks it's necessary to set up a second safe house.
Yeah, the one behind my book store's fine.
But it never hurts to be too careful.
We've been waiting to meet you for a long time, mr mulwray.
Oh, yeah, is that right? You and ms delauro are high on my shopping list of anomalies.
Well, you know, it feels so good to be so wanted.
Mr eckhart does not have time for sarcasm.
This is going to hurt.
Now, we've just implanted you with a device called a sub-dermal governor.
Something my people created especially for people like you.
It connects us directly with your dna.
So that whenever you use your abilities without our approval, the pain is debilitating.
Bring it on.
Well, alright then mr mulwray.
Let's see what you're made of.
Release him.
Well, give us your best shot.
Weli i gather we all have a better idea of just what you can take.
Don't you think? This is your chance to redeem a misspent life.
An opportunity to protect the world from genetic terrorism as an operative of the genetic security agency.
Mr thorne will give you the details.
You know, i think the two of us should just try to get along.
If you believe that, you're crazier than he is.
See, there's a second feature which mr eckhart neglected to mention.
I have the ability to turn it both on and off.
I can give you a little jolt from time to time to keep you in line.
You coming? What do i know about being a hero? I sell misses and petites, for heaven's sakes.
And i gather you were unusually good at it, because of your gifts.
I'll admit it, i did manipulate customers occasionally.
Alright, every chance i got but it didn't always work.
When did you first realize that you had these gifts? When i was a kid.
Maybe five.
I was at this rock festival with my parents.
I got separated from them.
Totally lost in the crowd.
They were both on the flaky side.
When i realized they were gone, i closed my eyes and it was like i saw my parents in a dream.
So what you're saying is you found them? Yeah, but they figured they'd found me.
They ran off when i was ten and left me in a foster home.
By that time, i didn't care if they found me or not.
Mr eckhart, this is the man you requested for your interview.
My name is mason eckhart.
Ah, you've heard of me.
I gather you're a telepath.
Please, mr bishop, we have no secrets here.
Answer the question.
I'm an esper.
Now, tell me what you see when you read my mind.
Unless you'd like me to have mr thorne convince you.
Now that you know that everything you've heard about me is true, i want you to help me bring the rest of your friends to justice.
I don't think adam likes me.
It's not in adam's nature to dislike anyone.
He's a remarkable man.
Saved me from a lot of the same demons that have a hold on you.
Trust me, when i first got here, i was just as confused as you are.
Maybe even more so.
All i wanted to do was live my life.
Then all of a sudden these guys come after you for no good reason.
Well, other than the fact that i can work people over emotionally with my mind.
Well, yes, there is that one thing.
We've all had our gifts since birth.
And just like we learned to walk and talk, we've had to develop skills with our new mutant abilities too.
Adam asked me to teach you some focussing techniques.
Help you channel your abilities.
Adam asked you to do that? He's got a lot of faith in you.
It's up to you to justify that faith.
I just want you to follow my lead.
And don't worry if you can't get it right away.
It's progress we're after.
Not perfection.
Gosh, you're such a hotshot telepath, you should have saw that coming.
That is the end of the pain portion of our program, assuming you do what you're told.
Get the hell out of the chair.
We searched your store and we found a hide out behind a secret panel.
So now all we'd like you to do is invite all your freaky friends to a little get-together.
There's another safe house.
Can't move against eckhart until we're ready.
But from what i've seen of emma, we're almost there.
And i understand your frustration, but taking action prematurely could get us all killed.
Thanks, adam.
For what? For listening to me when i said i thought emma deserved a second chance.
If i didn't believe in second chances, you wouldn't be here.
Start scan.
Was i really that difficult? Well, when i found you you were holed in some fleabag hotel.
Hadn't eaten in five days.
I was convinced i was some kind of freak, with what was happening with my body and my mind.
End scan.
Well, i'd say you pulled yourself together pretty well, everything considered.
Well, i owe it all to you.
The good and the bad.
You don't need to go there with me, adam.
So, how am i doing? Visual diagnostic.
These id's are ironclad with an electronic paper trail that's foolproof.
There you go, allison.
Thank you.
Where's ruby? Get everyone out of here.
They're everywhere.
Round them up.
Let's go.
Yes, mr thorne.
Alright, mulwray, your powers are back on.
Let's see what you got.
Or do you require a little jolt for motivation? Nice work, mulwray.
Hey, it was an accident.
He went ghost on me, what am i supposed to do? He has a perfectly clear shot at me, and he hesitates just long enough for me to phase out, shoots through me and hits two gs agents.
Could have been an accident.
No way.
No, emma's is right.
He threw me a look.
He knew exactly what he was doing.
Then eckhart hasn't been able to suborn brennan yet.
He made it possible for me to get out of there.
But they got everybody else.
Oh, except for ruby.
He wasn't there.
Has he checked in? No, i haven't been able to find him yet.
Well, we have failed the people we pledged to protect.
Well, i say let's get in there and get them the hell out.
Fine, get in where? We don't know where eckhart's holding them.
Let me find them.
I can do it.
I have the power.
Are you willing to work with me to get your gifts under control? I am.
Then it's time to take your first step into a whole new life.
Nicely done, mr thorne.
I understand there were problems.
Mr mulwray took aim at one of adam's men, the man went intangible, mr mulwray shot through him, which in turn allowed the man to escape.
Bring me the delauro girl.
And no excuses.
Engage thermal cloak.
Analysis of your dna suggests that you've got an enormous reservoir of untapped power.
And a sensitivity that will allow you to tele-empathically contact allison, vince and the others.
But you have to focus.
You can do it, emma.
Just like i taught you.
Oh, god.
What? I can see them.
I see allison.
And vince.
Where are they? I don't know.
Welcome, all of you.
The children of genomex have been away too long.
My name is mason eckhart.
It's time we all got to know each other better.
I can't do it, adam.
I'm sorry.
Emma, you're new at this.
It's okay.
When you were five, you found your parents, right? Yeah, but i knew my parents.
And you know brennan.
You can do it.
One more time.
For him.
I see him.
I know where he is.
Satellite has a place between the two safe houses.
She's looking for her freaky little friends.
So how does it feel to betray your own kind, huh? Freaks like us.
Well, i think you should speak for yourself because i'm no freak.
See, i just got a talent and i'm using it the best way i know how.
Yeah, like you have a choice.
Because you see, i volunteered.
You must be real proud.
Lovely to finally meet you face to face, ms de lauro you're eckhart? Mr eckhart.
You'll learn soon enough how to best deal with authority.
You'll be given an opportunity to put your abilities to use rescuing others like yourself.
You call dragging us here rescue? I call it protective custody.
Who it's intended to protect is open to interpretation.
As for you, mr mulwray, i have to say i'm terribly disappointed by mr thorne's report on your behaviour.
I've been hearing that since the third grade.
It's really too bad.
You could have been of enormous service to the cause.
Instead, you'll be put into stasis for future examination.
The alarm reboots in five minutes, so whenever you're ready.
Have to find where they're holding emma and the others.
I have to get into that control room.
Hold on, adam.
This is woman's work.
Excuse me, could you tell me where you've got the new mutants locked up? I would've gotten him i don't doubt it.
Everything seems to check out, okay with you? Yeah.
Adam has disengaged all of your sub-dermal governors.
So it's time for you guys to hit the road.
Here's your new id's.
Took you long enough to track me here.
You know, you could have let me in on the gag.
Well, i had to figure the walls have ears.
Thanks for the heads up at the safe house.
What are you talking about? Just lucky i missed.
Shalimar? Guess again, adam.
Never did know when to stop, did you? You know, we're both guilty of relentless tenacity, mason.
It's something we've always had in common.
But while you chase your horrific dreams of rescuing these laboratory mistakes, my passion is in the service of humanity.
A grim and limited vision of humanity defined by your narrow mind and your pathetic perspective.
I suspect that you've done that before.
Got some unfinished business to attend to.
You and your freaks are threats to everything i hold dear.
These so-called freaks are the product of genomex's recklessness.
What, am i supposed to be wracked by guilt? No, i'd never expect guilt from you, mason.
It's too much to ask of a sociopath.
No, that's what i've always admired about you, adam.
Your utterly perverse sense of reality.
If i'd known it was this easy to get you here, i'd have invited you sooner.
I'll be back.
Well, that's wonderful.
Then you can visit that cage of freaks i've got upstairs.
Thanks to mutant x, they should all be one their way out by now.
I've disengaged all your governors, and our little talk has gone on just long enough for the virus that i uploaded into your database to do its work.
I expect better than a cheap bluff from you, adam.
Well, i guess it is true.
What's that? The bigger they are, the faster they run.
That's because he knows i can light him up like a christmas tree.
What do you say we join the others and get out of here? Nice place.
Huh? This must be real fun to clean.
Get the feeling he's always like this, huh? Always.
Emma, when i started this journey, i always knew i needed someone like you.
Someone with the gift of inner vision, and the strength of character to bear the weight of so powerful a gift.
Now, in time, you'll come to see yourself as i see you.
But for now, you'll just have to take my word for it; you're an answered prayer.
And brennan, i never wanted to work with someone like you.
Someone that would squander his incredible gift on petty crime.
An outlaw's live-for-the-moment mentality.
Until i realised that i have chosen the path of the outlaw for myself.
And who better than a fellow outlaw to help show me the way? You've both seen what we're up against, and that the odds are against us.
But emma, i'm hoping that this is a chance for you to fulfil the potential that you know is inside you and you've never been able to quite reach.
And brennan, for you it's an opportunity to put the past behind you and to join with us all in helping create a new future.
Thank you.
What, no hug? All right, i'm in.
But as long as there's no hazing or weird secret handshakes.
No hazing.
No handshakes.
But you will be expected to do some basic housekeeping.
Yes, the ring is your key to your own personal dna strand.
Yours and yours alone.
Welcome to mutant x.
God help anyone who tries to stand in our way.