Mutant X s01e12 Episode Script

Double Vision

You always take me to the nicest places.
Weli it wasn't my choice.
How well do you know this conlan anyway? I guess as well as you can know anyone you work with.
Now, by work are you talking about your past endeavours as a lowlife and a hoodlum? Hey, that's not very nice.
Oh yeah, justified, but still not nice.
Hey, i am just going by what you've told me.
Yeah, you know, matty and i collaborated on a few projects together here and there.
And you never noticed any signs of new mutancy? No, no.
It's like, party tricks, slight of hand stuff, you know? If there was any kind of power involved, it wasn't anything major.
Then i wonder what raised the gsa's sudden interest.
Hey, matty.
Hello? Hah-hah.
Come here.
What's up? Yeah, you're looking beter than ever.
Yeah, you're not looking so bad yourself.
I was afraid you wouldn't show up.
Oh, come on, i wouldn't have missed it.
Matty, emma.
Emma, matty.
Brennan, you never so how you been? Me? Yeah.
But you well, my friend, i'm afraid you ain't doing so hot.
Emma, get behind me.
Matty, what's going on? Sorry, bren', i had to.
Emma? Emma? Damn, my head is killing me.
No brennan.
His girlfriend will have to do.
Grab her and let's go.
I feel so hot.
Hey, don't try to get up.
You feel okay? I think so.
I'm not surprised if you don't.
Preliminary tests show that your molecular structure's been somehow altered by the attack.
How? I don't know.
We'll know more after i can analyze the results of the edd scan.
What's wrong? This thing is safe, right? Of course.
Look, you got conned.
It's no big deal.
And emma's fine.
Yeah, no thanks to me.
I walked right into it.
So what are you going to do, keep beating yourself up over it? Yeah, i tell you who i'd like to beat up.
You'd hit a woman? No, no, but if there was a woman who could drive me to do it it would be her.
Hey, you let your guard down, that's all.
It just doesn't make sense.
The matty conlan i knew was totally stand-up.
Stand-up, liar, cheat or thief? Yeah, where did this energy thing come from? You never saw her use her powers before? She didn't have those powers before.
Well, wait, it's hard to believe that they could have evolved like that in such a short period of time.
Trust me, we've been in some pretty tight situations together.
I'll bet.
Yeah, not that kind of tight.
Now, if she had had those abilities, then she would have had plenty of opportunities to use them.
You're certain of that? You know, i don't even know what i'm certain of anymore.
The force of your power's magnitude should have killed her.
Would you rather she was dead? Having her as a prisoner gives us more options.
What stopped you from delivering mulwray? I promised you a member from mutant x and that's what you got.
My concern over the toll it took on you remains, miss conlan.
It's just a headache.
It'll go away.
Talk to dr.
Harrison about these side effects when he sees you for your fine-tuning.
No more operations.
If it wasn't for these operations, you'd still be a small time hustler.
A job here remains open, miss conlan.
When i agreed to do this, i didn't realize everything that was involved.
You're still interested, aren't you? And if i say no? I certainly would never force anyone to better themselves.
Are you still interested, miss conlan? Yeah.
I'm still interested.
Then you have to maintain your health.
I'm fine.
If you're to assume a position of authority in this organization, we have to be certain of that.
I just need a little time to recuperate before my next operation.
Of course, take some time off.
We can wait to meet with dr.
Harrison until this afternoon.
Three o'clock? Fine.
See you at three.
Yo, man.
Hey, hey.
Hey, baby, mm.
No way.
Well, if it isn't the man himself.
How's it going, max? Not bad, not bad.
I heard some crazy rumours about you, man.
Yeah? Well, you know, people are always talking.
What brings you to this part of town? Well i'm looking for matty conlan.
Happen to know where she's at? It's been months.
What's she up to? I was kind of hoping you'd tell me.
I mean, this is kind of her office, right? She practically lived here.
Yeah, then one day she just stopped coming in.
Been weeks now.
Weeks? Well, that's funny, because a few seconds ago you said months.
Yeah, weeks, months, who cares? It's been a long time, okay? You know, i'm guessing that you know where she's at.
What are you saying, i'm lying to you? Yeah.
Yeah, you're always lying.
Let me tell you something, man, i can make one phone call and you'll quickly learn just what pain really means, you understand me? Yeah? You know what, i can make one phone call too.
You know mr sunny marco? Yeah, i can talk to him about all the gambling kick backs that you've been skimming.
All right, man, just be cool.
I'll be straight with you, all right? All right.
Tell me what i need to know.
A few weeks back she got popped for pinching stolen goods.
And then the cop who busted her was on somebody else's payroll.
Some government guy or something.
Now, the word is she cut some kind of deal.
Where's she staying? Remember ross, her ex-boyfriend up on mason street? Yeah, second floor.
She might be staying at his place.
Thank you.
Get near me with that, doctor, you've breathed your last breath.
The man you are holding is dr.
Kenneth harrison, the gsa's most illustrious biogeneticist.
Is it always so damn cold in here? Well, actually the temperature of the lab has been lowered to inhibit the spread of disease and viruses.
Germs freak you out, huh? I'm afraid dr.
Harrison must complete his examination.
I'm not going to be your latest guinea pig.
Well, this is a side of emma delauro my intelligence on mutant x told me nothing about.
Well, i'm nothing like the rest of those mutant x freaks.
You call your own teammates freaks? You consider yourself normal? I consider myself gifted.
Too valuable to be wasted as some doctor's lab rat.
I know it's a ploy, but i'm intrigued.
What did you have in mind? Why not try a real experiment? And let me join you.
I beg your pardon? You heard me.
I want to leave mutant x and come work with the gsa.
Hey, would you two please be careful? Careful? You almost fell back there.
No, i didn't.
He looked fine to me.
Well, looks can be deceiving.
This is dangerous business, you guys.
Someone could get really hurt.
Well, that's why we practice, emma.
So when we get into a real fight with the bad guys, we don't get hurt.
You know, sometimes i wish we didn't have to fight the gsa.
There should be a better way for us to deal with them.
Yeah, absolutely.
But, um, there's not.
Which is why i suggest we start taking more precautions.
Precautions? Yeah.
I mean, look at our daily routine.
Fighting, flipping, offense, defense, throwing around our, let's face it, potentially dangerous powers.
But that's what we do.
Yeah, i know.
And i understand that, i do, but if adam expects us to train like this, we have to think more about our safety.
Are you for real? All i'm saying is: Let's be safe out there.
And in here.
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
I have to say, miss delauro, this is quite unexpected.
And quite unbelievable.
Why do you want to leave mutant x? I'm sick of their mealy-mouthed, non-lethal style.
I'm ready for some real action.
I thought i'd do well here.
Not if you think you can manipulate me.
What is it you want here? Job satisfaction.
Adam doesn't recognize my true potential.
I tried to get you to join us once before.
No, you tried to make me your prisoner.
This is the first time you've listened to what i've had to say.
You've never wanted to talk to me before.
Perhaps that hit from miss conlan affected your brain.
What if it did? Maybe that's what it took to bring out the real me.
The real you would betray your mutant friends? They're a misfit gang of do-gooders that i'm forced to live with.
This is all very entertaining, but why should i trust you? You shouldn't.
I'll have to prove myself to you.
Harrison's here.
Send him in.
Conlan missed her appointment.
We can't find her anywhere.
Perhaps it's time to cut our losses and move onto new test subjects.
But i still need to get a final read on her condition.
Otherwise, all the data we've collected thus far could be corrupted.
Let me find her.
When i was with her i picked up on where she might go.
And where is that? It's a feeling.
I'll know it when i get there.
She is lying.
It's an opportunity for me to show you what i can do.
You're not taking this seriously? You'll be accompanied by gs agents.
Just as long as they stay out of my way.
I expect to hear from you every two hours.
I'll be back before you have time to check your watch.
Emma? You still trying to shake off the attack? I'm okay.
All right.
Is there anything else you can tell me about what happened? I've told you everything i can remember.
Anything different happening to you tele-empathically? What do you mean? Well, any discomfort? Any changes in the way you sense things? Any unusual images that you might be picking up? Other than feeling a little shook up, everything feels pretty normal.
Okay, so you'll tell me if there's any pain, any dizziness, any of course.
All right, i'll be in the lab.
You promise? I promise.
Where's conlan? Huh? What, you think you can send me on a fool's run and get away with it? Conlan would have killed me, man.
Yeah, well i'm not going to kill you, but i'll damn sure make you hurt.
Where's she at? Huh? She's in the back.
She better be in the back.
You know, i never would have figured you for a rat, matty.
What did eckhart offer you to sell me out, huh? My life.
I'd have chosen prison, but it wasn't an option.
Before eckhart made me his test monkey, the most i could do was make a quarter slide across a table.
So what are you saying, the gsa experimented on you to amp up your power? Emma, what are you doing here? No.
Brennan! Brennan! This is crazy.
The emma with the gsa must be an imposter.
Well, i wouldn't put it past eckhart.
Finding mutant x lookalikes to screw with our heads.
No, it was emma.
Both of them.
Yeah, except that one of them is working with the gsa.
And neither one of them was the emma that we know.
Could she have been cloned or something? I think it happened when you and emma were attacked by conlan.
By supercharging the electromagnetic charge of conlan's, i think that you unwittingly created a power that was capable of cutting through cellular material to a genetic level.
I did? So emma's walking around with only half her chromosones? No, no, no, it's more like the double helix pattern was cleaved into a mirrored bay sequence and then reformed to make two separate entities.
And if we can't figure out a way of re-integrating the two emmas back into one complete person it could be fatal.
To both of them.
It's not true.
Not a word.
I am the real emma.
That other person is just some fake.
I can hardly wait until adam hears about this.
He already has.
In the midst of picking up conlan, we ran into brennan mulwray.
So adam's heard all about your change of heart by now.
It would have been so much easier for you to just keep our appointment.
It would have been so much easier if you'd have just killed me when we met.
I saved you from a wasted life and turned your piddling mutant powers into something truly formidable.
All you gave me is pain.
Which will soon be over.
After dr.
Harrison has completed the final examination.
Have miss conlan prepared for stasis.
Yes, sir.
Hey, emma.
Emma? Hello? Who's this? I think we both know who this is.
I know who i am.
You are nothing but a freak accident.
Now, is that any way to talk to your better half? If you think joining the gsa makes you better.
When did you get so tough? Last time i saw you, you looked like a little girl who was ready to cry.
What do you want? Tell adam his methods don't cut it anymore.
So i'm going to put an end to eckhart and the gsa once and for all.
You know, it's so simple i'm disgusted adam didn't think of it sooner.
What are you going to do? What they've been doing to us.
Turn genomex into one giant stasis pod.
Only this time, their metabolisms will be lowered to the point that no one will ever wake up.
But you'll kill all of the new mutants that eckhart's holding.
Just tell adam i want to meet him and i want to know who's side he's on.
So the good news is she was only pretending to go over to the gsa.
Yeah, well the bad news is she is out of her freaking mind.
I don't know.
Don't say that.
Look, look, see she's the she's the rash side.
She's the unrestrained side of you that you normally keep in check by your better instincts.
Yeah, but doesn't she care about all of the innocent people who will be killed if she goes through with this? No, i don't think so.
I think he's just focused on destroying eckhart and the gsa.
Well, she is nothing like me.
Well, evidentally, one of the by-products of this genetic split is this division of personality characteristics where she becomes more impulse-driven and you're, you know, more cautious.
Well, it is a dangerous world, adam.
Cautious is the only way to be.
Emma, we all have to take risks sometimes, right? Taking out genomex is more than a risk.
It would be a disaster.
So we have to talk her out of it.
I tried that.
She won't listen.
But she'll meet with me, right? You and you alone.
She wants mutant x to join her in her plan.
All right, bourbon neat.
That'll be on the house.
You're a doll.
I didn't know you drank.
If you're looking for the teatotaller version, i believe she's with you.
Look, i want you to come back to the sanctuary with me.
Why, so i can see my weak side in whimpering action? No, because i think i found a way to get you back to yourself.
Your whole, true self.
And i thought you came here to join me on my crusade.
No, i'm going to stop your crusade.
Weli you want to kill innocent people? Mason eckhart and his cronies are anything but innocent.
There are dozens of new mutants in stasis.
You want to kill them too? It's a small price to pay for the hundreds who will be saved if we stop eckhart now.
See, you're thinking with only one side of your brain.
You're not thinking clearly.
No, i have never been more lucid.
Don't you see what a golden opportunity this is for us? I am inside genomex.
Eckhart trusts me.
All right, look, look, listen to me.
My tests show that, in this form as two separate identities, you both could be dead in a couple of hours.
I feel fine.
I've got lab tests to prove it.
You tested her, not me.
You're both the same.
Now, i need you to come back so that i can reintegrate you with her.
I'll think about it.
After i take care of genomex.
I cannot let you do that.
Emma! Emma! So how's this going to work? Each of these will intensify the wavelength from the scanner.
And then broaden i mean, how is this going to work to get emma back together again? We have to move fast.
Emma and conlan are at genomex.
So you and jesse take the double helix, get over there and get emma out before she can do any damage.
Okay, but you you already tried that.
It's not that easy.
Well, i expect you to succeed where i failed.
Woah, shal-.
See if you can get matty out of there too, alright? Okay.
What are you doing? Saving you from the big sleep, what does it look like i'm doing? I need the help.
Why should i help you? Well, it's not like you've got a lot of options.
Besides, i think you're going to love what i have in mind.
Come on.
In a hurry, miss delauro? I demand to know what you're doing here.
And don't use your telepathy on me.
Where's adam? Well, he's finishing up.
Well, they still have to find her, don't they? Yeah, if they want to reunite you and put you back together.
I don't want her to be a part of me.
This is normal.
No, this is not normal.
No, i won't let adam do this to me.
Hey, jesse and shalimar are out there right now putting their lives on the line to get the other you back from genomex.
If they go to genomex there's going to be gs agents.
It could get violent.
Yeah, but if they don't, you're not going to be okay.
No, it's too dangerous, brennan.
You've got to stop them.
Emma, listen.
It's going to be all right.
Just relax.
No, it's not.
I want to talk to adam.
Please go get him for me.
Adam, she insisted.
She programmed a lockdown.
Emma, key in the security code and let us out of here.
If i do, you'll put us back together.
Well, if i don't, you'll die.
I can't be with her, adam, she's not a part of me.
Yes, she is.
And you're a part of her.
Emma, we're all on the same team here.
You need to trust us.
Emma, key in the code.
As soon as we have a clear shot we'll make our move.
Exactly what is our move? You hit the stasis regulator with an electromagnetic pulse.
Within five minutes this whole place will be like one giant pod.
Nobody will know what hit them, including eckhart.
The stasis field will be unregulated.
So? So everyone could die.
We have to get the new mutants out of here first.
No, we don't have time.
Look, that could be us in there.
If we go in there, we'll blow it.
I thought you had a score to settle.
I do.
The things eckhart did to me think how you'll feel when you know he'll never hurt anyone again.
Don't worry about conlan, her powers will soon be depleted.
She's got one or two pulses left in her at best.
So conlan won't be the powerful ally i hoped for.
And your experiment is a complete failure.
Two hundred and twenty volts at eight ohms.
That should do the trick.
You're not asking for much, are you? Nothing you can't deliver.
All right, step back.
Good work.
I'm so sorry, adam, i just got scared.
Yeah, well you're going to be sorrier if we can't get you back together.
Now, i want you to go to your room and i want you to stay there until brennan comes to get you.
Do you understand me? All right, go.
That was a little harsh, wasn't it? Well, the way this emma's acting, it's the only kind of thing she'll understand.
We've got work to do.
Let's go.
Emma, i don't know if i can do this.
Do you want to live in eckhart's grip the rest of your life? However short he makes it.
Well, if we don't eliminate him now, that's exactly what's going to happen to you.
And thousands of others just like you.
The regulator's right in the middle.
I may need your help when i'm through.
You did it.
Come on, we've got to get out of here fast.
Adam, do you copy? Yeah, right here.
What's going on? Well, we're over genomex.
We scanned the area but there's no sign of emma or conlan.
Adam, i'm getting a ready weird reading on the spectrometer here.
What kind of reading? Don't really know.
I've never seen anything like it before.
It seems to cover the entire wavelength spectrum.
Conlan could have hit the internal stasis system with one of her electromagnetic charges.
Yeah, that would be consistent with the readings.
Then the entire compound could be covered with a stasis field.
Adam, it's getting stronger.
Good, that means we've still got a chance.
Jesse, hit the compound with a microwave blast.
What? Just do it now.
It's the only way to neutralize the charge.
Mission accomplished.
The stasis field wasn't at full power.
Maybe we caught it before anybody's metabolism got too dangerously low.
Want us to go in and check it out? No.
Find emma.
Start by looking for matty conlan.
All station heads to my office - immediately.
Not again.
All right, one more time.
Where is matty conlan? Man, who the hell are you? If you don't co-operate, you're going to find out exactly who we are.
Listen, i don't know what you're talking about, all right? Need some help? Yeah.
Hey, come on man, let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, man, get up.
She's just a girl, you little mamma's boy.
Get your ass in there.
Now, where is she? Thank you.
Let me guess, you want me to come back to sanctuary? Adam sent us to bring you both back.
You're coming with me.
Like hell i am.
This is getting irritating.
Got her? Oh, yeah.
I got news for you.
The split emma: Heavy as a whole one.
You okay? I did something terrible.
I think i hurt a lot of people today.
You talking about genomex? We took care of it.
So nobody? That means eckhart will be after me.
Yeah, but you stick with us we'll make sure you're okay.
Come on.
Is this going to hurt? Are you kidding me? It's going to be just fine.
Hang in there.
All right, check their vital signs.
Pulse is eighty-two.
Blood pressure's eighty over forty.
It's about the same over here.
Can you push it any harder? No, it's already at full power.
What's going on? Perfect.
Brennan, come here.
Come here.
We need you to use your powers to boost the spectrum of the edd.
Like when emma first got split? Exactly.
All right.
You up for it? Whatever i can do.
All right whenever you're ready.
Let's do it.
Matty, don't quit.
We need the power.
Come on, matty, stay with me.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Come here.
Is she all right? Yeah.
Yeah, she'll be okay.
I got her.
You okay? Yeah, i think so.
All right, well what's the last thing you remember? Meeting matty conlan with brennan and then the gsa showed up.
She doesn't remember a thing.
About what? Oh, about the hidden sides of emma delauro.
They had us.
We would never have known what hit us.
I'd like to continue my research.
I feel we're getting close.
I fully support further exploration to the possibilities of grafting mutancy onto low level non-new mutants.
The research subjects would have to be expendable, of course.
Of course.
Do you have anyone in mind? We're going to set you up with a new identity.
Put you in a new town.
You know, someplace safe where eckhart's not going to be able to get his hands on you.
Looks like my opportunity to put the past behind me has finally come.
Good, well you know what? I hope you take advantage of that.
Because these opportunities don't come around too often.
Thanks, brennan.
You're welcome.
Ever wonder why we never got together? Well, i can't say that i've never thought about it.
So, how come you haven't put the moves on me? Well, because i don't mix business with pleasure.
Oh, that was then.
How about now? Yeah, now.
Now more than ever, matty, don't you think this combination would be a little combustible? Your loss.
Where do i get a cab around here? It's official, you're crazy.
So how insane was i? Well, which you are we talking about? Well, i guess they both had their moments.
Yeah, well we're all walking dichotomies.
Light and dark, good and evil.
Yin and yang.
I think my yang took over my yin.
Oh, well, your yin put up quite a fight.
I'm sorry if i caused you guys a lot of trouble.
They weren't the real you.
Yeah, but if each emma is a part of me no, this is definitely a case where the whole is far greater than the sum of it's parts.