Mutant X s01e17 Episode Script

Presumed Guilty

The guy's name is adam.
And you're going to listen to what he has to say.
This is a waste of time.
No, it's not.
My mother told me all about him.
He can help you.
Mutant x is for real.
Are you expecting me to just go run and hide? Adam protects new mutants like you by bringing them to the underground where those government goons can't find you.
I can take care of myself.
And, i'm not about to trust some guy i don't know.
Marc, please.
Just listen to what he has to say.
Sorry, babe.
I'm outta here.
No, no.
No, no.
Please megan, let go of me.
You can't leave.
I said, let go.
Megan! What happened? What's wrong with her? She's dead.
This is all your fault! What are you doing? Sizing you up for the kill.
What's up? Looking for your weak point.
What weak point? It is far too early to be exerting that kind of energy, shal.
It's not normal.
Looks like somebody needs a cup of coffee.
You better make it a pot.
Has anyone seen adam? No, emma.
He must have come home pretty late last night.
Didn't hear him come in.
Maybe he's still asleep.
Or maybe he just didn't make it home at all.
Come on, even geniuses need to get their groove on once in a while.
Well, i was supposed to meet him in the lab half an hour ago for an edd check.
He missed a check-up? That doesn't sound like adam.
Get away from her.
What? You killed her.
It's not possible.
I loved her and you took her away from me.
Who are you? Why can't i remember what happened? Because you hit your head when i pulled you off of her.
My head doesn't hurt.
It's just empty.
You tell it to the cops.
I didn't kill her.
Well, that's going to be a hard sell with me as an eyewitness.
Yeah, right.
You're no killer.
This is our quarry.
He has the ability to absorb a person's memory with his powerful gaze.
Four of my best agents have failed to capture him.
By the time they apprehend him, they quite literally forget why they were ever there in the first place.
That's about to change.
Well, i'm glad to hear you say that.
His power's in his eyes.
However, your second eyelid should serve as your protection.
He won't know which end is up when i'm through with him.
Could you do that again? Adam? Adam, can you hear me? Adam, i know you're there.
Please answer me.
Okay, that's it.
I'm officially worried.
Why wouldn't he answer his comlink? Who was the last one to see him? I was.
He got a call from someone named megan alexander.
She's not a new mutant but her boyfriend is.
Adam went to meet with them to try to convince her boyfriend to go into the underground.
Any idea where they were meeting? The loading dock on the pier.
I'm going to go over there.
Maybe i can pick up a telempathic hit there.
So have you tried hooking into adam from here? Yeah, but it was weird.
All i got was a blank.
What does that mean? I don't know.
It could mean nothing.
He could be unconscious.
For fourteen hours? Well, his comlink's active.
At least we know he's still alive.
He's out there somewhere.
He's just not responding.
Why don't i try tracking his signal, huh? See where he is.
If he's not going to come to us, we'll go to him.
Jesse, i think something's happened to adam.
The entire warehouse is swarming with police.
You don't think that he could still be in there, do you? Adam? No, no.
No way.
He's miles away from the warehouse.
I was able to get a fix off the signal from his comlink.
Brennan and shalimar are on their way over to pick him up now.
Well, then who? All right, jess.
We're here at 16th and market, and adam's nowhere to be found.
No, he's got to be there.
I'm been staring at this signal for five minutes.
It hasn't moved.
You sure you're looking at the right map, jess? He's not here.
Nah, come on.
He should be right in front of you.
He's not, but his ring is.
You can't get a signal from his ring.
His com link won't work unless it's activated by his dna.
It's covered in his dna.
Marc griffin.
My name's lena.
We need to talk.
Get out of my way argh.
I don't handle rejection very well.
Bet you think a girl could just get lost in those eyes of yours, huh? Guess again.
I can't see.
Relax, honey.
It'll eventually wear off.
Who's there? C'mon.
Come on! I need your help.
Let me guess.
You don't know where to hide.
Something like that.
I know a place.
So we got the blind leading the stupid.
Why would adam take off his ring? It doesn't make sense.
It's got to somehow be connected to megan's murder.
Maybe adam was a witness.
Hey, guys you're not going to believe this.
The police have released an artist's rendering of the suspect in the murder of megan alexander.
Check it out.
Is this your idea of joke? What? - Cops? You trying to set me up? This is megan's place and i thought we'd be safe.
Come on.
How are your eyes? Still blurry.
Why did you save me back there? 'Cause i needed some help in finding out who i am and you're the only person i know.
Why would i help you.
You killed my girlfriend.
I don't believe that for a second.
And i don't think you do either.
You don't know what i think.
Look, last night i broke into a doctor's office and did a little research on my condition.
It's either retrograde, post-hypnotic or emotional-hysterical usually cause by trauma.
And i've ruled out injury 'cause i know you lied to me about hitting my head.
I also found out that memory loss is usually treated by sodium amybarbital or thiopentol, which unfortunately for you did nothing to alleviate my condition.
So now i want you to tell me what's going on.
You sure don't sound like a guy with amnesia to me.
No, because my ability to store short-term memory hasn't been affected and i seem to have a natural affinity for learning things.
So, you're an intelligent murderer.
So, if i killed megan, what were you doing holding the gun? I had to fight to get it away from you.
No, because i remember that the fight happened after i woke up and you were holding the gun.
So, you're a liar.
And not a very good one.
Go to hell! I'm not going anywhere until i get some answers.
Adam a fugitive from justice.
Of course it's what i've been calling him all along.
Why would adam protect the man accusing him of murder? Maybe adam thinks he's innocent.
Or maybe, adam doesn't know what to think.
What if this griffin character stole adam's memories and has them sitting in his brain just waiting to be discovered? Capture griffin, and we've got adam as well.
Shalimar, none of us even want to consider this, but has it crossed your mind that we might be wrong? I mean, what if adam is somehow responsible for megan's murder? What? Listen, we both know adam's not capable of murder.
Yeah, right.
Wish i knew what i was looking for, never mind how to find it.
That's why you're with me.
What? Well, adam was definitely here.
What? This is adam's blood.
This isn't.
I bet if we run this dna sample through the database we'll find a piece to our puzzle.
You want to know the truth? I don't know for sure it was you.
Then why would you accuse me? When i came in, she was dead and you were standing over her.
But what was i doing there? I mean, obviously you knew me.
She did.
I was in danger.
Look, she told me that there's this group out there.
They call themselves mutant x.
And then there's this other rogue government organization.
Well, my guess is one of them did something to mess with your head.
And they set you up for murder.
You're lying.
See, no see, you're lying, but you're mixing in enough of the truth to confuse to the issue.
You're pointing a gun at me.
What do you want me to say? I want you to keep talking.
Why? Why? Whatever i say, you just you pick and choose until you find something that you want to believe.
Well, because i weigh what you say against what i know.
I'm done with the cross-examination.
You want to shoot me? Go right ahead.
But i'm walking out of here right now.
Hey, hey, hey, griffin! Okay.
You want to know who you are? Turn yourself in.
Griffin! Griffin! Griffin! Adam! Thank god you're alive.
Man, are we glad to see you.
Are you? You know me? Yeah.
Of course we do.
What did you call me? You don't recognize us? I don't know what's going on in his head.
Hello again.
Don't bother running, griffin.
Let's get him, guys.
Let's get out of here.
Where you going? Hey.
I think this is our guy.
Get on the radio.
Congratulations, miss blake.
I can see my confidence in you was not misplaced after all.
I'd have delivered adam, too, sir.
But i have a feeling that with mr griffin here it will be almost like talking to adam himself.
Isn't that so, mr griffin? We both know you pilfered adam's consciousness.
How else could you frame him for murder? I didn't steal anyone's memories, mason.
And i didn't frame anyone for murder, either.
Then how did you know my first name? Now perhaps we can have an honest conversation now that we see eye to eye.
You first.
You killed your girlfriend during a domestic squabble.
Adam walks in.
To eliminate him as a witness, you steal his memories and set him up for the murder.
Well isn't that a nice story.
When do you get to the part about me living happily ever after? I simply don't understand, mr griffin, why you are do resistant.
There's a bright future ahead of you at genomex.
It's worth a lot to you, huh? Money, position, power.
It's all yours.
If you have the information that leads to the destruction of mutant x.
Marc griffin.
So it was megan's boyfriend.
He's a psionic with the ability to absorb memory.
Well that explains why adam didn't recognize us.
Yeah, and why he ran straight into the arms of the police.
Wait 'til i get my hands on this guy.
I'm going to leave him with a few memories of my own.
Wait a minute.
If griffin can absorb adam's memory, then he can absorb all of his knowledge.
He knows about the safehouses.
He knows the security codes.
Sanctuary access.
He knows where we live.
What's that? Ow! Easy.
All mr.
Griffin has managed to provide us with are a few safehouses and a few mutant x contacts.
What's the problem? He says it's too much information.
Half of what he spews out are disjointed scientific equations.
I see.
Sadly, he has the memories but lacks adam's superior intellect to process the data.
Griffin only possesses half the equation.
And adam possesses the other half.
And considering mr griffin has wiped his slate clean, adam must have no idea who to trust.
Not at all.
His world has been quite literally turned upside down.
Well, then.
Perhaps he'd be receptive to a familiar face from the past.
Thank god you're all right.
Who are you? Well, they said you had a memory lapse.
I would never have believed it if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
Adam? It's mason.
Mason eckhart.
Do you know what happened to me? A band of outlaws set you up.
Deviant liars the lot of them.
They call themselves mutant x.
Griffin's one of these mutants? Yes, i'm afraid so.
Now doctors are working feverishly to assess what he did to you.
So we can reverse the process.
Restore my memory? God willing.
We desperately need you back, adam, as soon as possible.
Wait, wait, wait.
You you and i work together? I keep forgetting you're in the dark here.
Those bastards! We work at genomex.
A biotech firm, which is actually a secret branch of us intelligence.
You're our chief biogeneticist.
And this is why they're trying to set me up? To discredit genomex and myself.
All right.
This makes some sense.
But now wait, wait.
These mutants, are their abilities the result of natural evolution? Sadly, no.
These anomalies are the tragic results of genetic experimentations gone wrong.
Our job is to protect the world from their freakish powers.
What, so you and i are trying to cure these anomalies? Adam, this isn't the place to discuss these sensitive matters.
Trust me.
It'll all be clear when we get you home to genomex.
Wait! How can you prove to the cops what really happened? And what makes you so sure that i'm so innocent? Adam, please.
We both know you'd never be capable of something so barbarous as murder.
Hey, time's up.
Dig down into your core to find the inner strength you need in this time of struggle.
I only ask you remain patient.
I'm pulling as many strings as i can to arrange for your release.
Thank you.
So, tapped into the pd database, you'll never guess who just paid adam a visit in jail.
Who? Mason eckhart.
Well, that explains it.
I did a little tapping myself.
He's being transferred to a secret federal facility.
I'll bet you eckhart trying to reprogram him to work for the gsa.
He's crazy if he thinks adam would ever agree to that.
Oh, jess, come on.
Adam doesn't even know who he is at this point.
There's no telling who he's going to trust.
How are the girls doing reprogramming the security codes? I think they got it covered.
Why? What do you got planned? I think that we should take adam for a little stroll down memory lane.
Come on.
Adam, it's me.
It's jesse.
You're one of them, aren't you? Mutant x.
Do you remember? No.
My friend mason eckhart told me all about you.
You and your kind.
Look, i don't know what line he's laying down on you.
But you are the leader of mutant x.
That's a lie.
It's the truth.
Okay, and i can prove it.
Look, do you remember this? You designed it.
It is keyed into your personal dna.
Look, you made one for all of us.
Guard! Adam, look at it! Guard! Look at it! Listen to him.
He's telling the truth.
Adam, you got to believe us.
You didn't kill megan alexander.
Megan alexander.
I knew her mother.
That's why i went to meet her.
You remember? Well, yeah.
For some reason that part i do remember.
Get me out of here.
Put these on.
This is my home? You designed it and built it from the ground up.
I designed this? Not bad.
I'll say.
How's it feel to be home? Like i say, it looks familiar but i don't know.
Somehow it feels right.
Shalimar? Emma? Hello.
So, is there a place where i store all the data that i've compiled? Of course, i can download just about anything in sanctuary from the lab.
Maybe if i look over some old notes it just might jar some memories.
He didn't recognize me.
I couldn't even begin to imagine what that must be like.
Not knowing anybody.
Not knowing any places.
Just a blank slate.
How long do you think it'll be before he's back to his old self? I don't know.
But we'll get him there.
You know, adam, if this will be easier we can print it out in a hard copy for you.
No, thanks.
That won't be necessary.
See if you can pull up any files relating to mutations of the temporal lobe.
Just give me one sec.
Can i give it a try? Sure.
Looks like you're a pretty fast learner.
For some reason i seem to be good at picking things up.
You think? You think you're going to be able to reverse this and get your memory back? In theory, yeah.
But it's going to be important to access the source.
Griffin? Yeah.
Since he's framing me for murder, i have no illusions about his adam? Now i'm going to ask you a question.
I just want you to concentrate on the answer.
The computer will decipher the information by reading the neurotransmitters in your brain.
I'm ready.
Mutant x is home base - they call it sanctuary.
Where is it located? Pointless.
We just received word from the prison.
Adam's escaped.
My day just keeps getting better by the minute.
And from my perspective, your shelf life is just about up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let's not make any rash decisions here.
Rash was ever thinking that you could be of value to me.
But that's because you're going about this all wrong.
Just because i can't process all the information i have, doesn't mean that i can't access it through other methods.
You want to go to sanctuary.
I can take you there.
Like a bird to its nest.
Here comes adam's brain scan.
Look at his temporal lobe.
For some reason this red area is indicating a sudden change of brainwave function.
Got any idea why? Yeah, i do.
Griffin's power.
I think it's triggered a genetic corrosion in my brain cells.
You are supposed to be resting over here.
There's no time for that.
By the looks of that scan, it's degenerating exponentially.
Is that what's causing the blackouts? Does that happen a lot? Hey guys? Guys? What's going on? I thought you changed the security codes? We did.
What could be causing this? I don't know but i have to activate the back-up systems and seal everything off now.
I'm going to do a walk-through to make sure everything's clear.
Alright, i got you covered.
You've made me a very happy man, mr.
Hey, jess.
Brennan? What the hell's going on here.
I'm going to go check it out.
You stay with adam.
What is it? Griffin's here.
Griffin? I thought you said this place was secure? Well, not to someone with your memories, apparently.
And he's not alone.
Alright, so we got to find them before they find us.
I've always dreamt that this day would come.
That's the dojo.
Adam created this for a variety of functions, one of which is a virtual prison.
They're not going anywhere - unless you want them to.
What do you plan on doing with this place? It will be converted into a hidden division of genomex.
My pied a terre.
Collect the others while i explore the rest of my new home.
Marc, look what you've done.
Baby, it was an accident.
An accident? Then why did you tell the police that it was adam? He was trying to help you.
To help us.
I was scared.
I love you.
I love you.
I would never do anything to hurt you.
You know that.
If you really love me, you'll do the right thing.
Get out of my house.
Have you out in a minute, guys.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'll do whatever it takes to make things right.
Where's megan? She's gone griffin.
I'm a psionic.
I was able to draw megan from your mind.
Look, i know that you didn't mean to kill her.
It was an accident.
But it's time that you set things right.
You owe it to adam - and to megan.
I don't know if this is going to work.
It may be too late.
You can do it.
I know you can.
My eyes.
My eyes.
I think it's time for you to crawl back into your rock.
Shalimar, come on.
Get to the lab! Go.
Get down.
Hey, you okay? What, you're just having a little look around? Adam, thank god you're all right.
We've come to rescue from these monsters and take you back to genomex.
No, i like it here.
You're back to my old self.
Yeah, so why don't you do yourself a little favour and get your ass out of my sanctuary? I don't think so, since i've discovered your little hideout, your cloak of secrecy is all but vanished.
Let's face it, adam.
It's over.
Looks like it worked.
Are you all right? Yeah, i'm never better.
I guess that explains the fire back in your eyes.
You have no idea how long i've wanted to do that.
Well, i don't mind telling you, we were very worried about you.
It's good to have you back.
Good to be back.
Griffin decided to go to the police and tell the truth.
I know i can never make it up to you.
But i want you to know i'm sorry.
Well, i want you to know that we've been working on a little antidote to counteract the coma-like side-effects of your mutant ability.
So there might just be a way for you to make it up to me after all.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What did you say your name was? Never mind.
It's not important now.
Just tell me, what are all these people doing here? I'm not exactly sure, sir.
Well, then, back to where you were.
I would appreciate it if you would tell me where my office is.