Mutant X s02e07 Episode Script

Crossroads of the Soul

I got a wicked deal.
'78 camaro, Guy wanted fifteen g's.
I got him down to thirteen-five.
Three-fifty It-1 engine? Yeah, baby, the real deal.
Book says there's only a thousand of them in existence, and this is one of them.
Even came with its own dancing hula girl on the dash.
Yeah, brennan, as happy as we are you've managed to save a hunk of metal from the scrap heap, the rest of us have spent the last twelve hours down at the docks trying to track down a shipment of stolen medical supplies.
I guess that means you didn't find it.
Don't even start.
All right, guys.
You know what? This storm's coming in pretty hard and my connection's going bad anyway, so i'll call you when i get closer to town.
Connection's going? Please.
And he used to be a con man? Guess it wasn't such a good deal after all.
I am adam kane.
I was a pioneer of genetic research, manipulating dna to save human lives.
But in many their genes unexpectedly mutated and developed superhuman abilities.
Together with four of the most powerful i fight to protect a world that doesn't even know we exist.
We are mutant x.
Shh shh it's okay.
Uhhh uhhh.
Shh, don't talk.
I'll make it all better you know, if these guys are planning on shipping the stolen equipment out of the port, they gotta be hiding it some place.
Yeah, like any one of, oh maybe, a thousand run-down warehouses that we'll never have time to search.
Someone on the street must know.
It's an undercover job.
No, it's a brennan job, and he's off screwing around with his hotrod.
Let me see if i can get an eta.
Brennan, do you copy? I hope he's okay.
I mean, he said that there was a storm coming and who knows what kind of condition that car was in.
Can we talk some more likely scenarios for a second.
White trash camaro brennan maybe a small-town waitress with a taste for both of the above? If you ask me, he's probably just shacked up in a no-tell motel using his, "i think we have some electricity between us" line.
No, if something held him up then he would've contacted us.
Well, i'll keep a trace running.
If his comlink's putting out anything at all we should be able to find him.
There was an accident.
This truck was heading towards my car.
It's okay.
It doesn't matter.
Thanks for taking care of me like this.
My name is miranda.
Brennan mulwray.
Did you put my clothes somewhere? They were ruined in the storm.
But, i have others for you.
And i found this in your pocket.
Um there.
Brennan last checked in at 9:18.
He was here.
Thirty miles outside of edgarstown.
So if he had car troubles or had to get in from the storm, i figure that's where he would've wound up.
Yeah, but a storm doesn't explain why his comlink didn't work.
I say we go find him.
Why don't you grab emma, grab shalimar, get on the road? I think you'll want to retrace his route all the way down into edgarstown.
Hey, jess, can anyone hear me? Well, i don't know if your dad's style quite works for me, but here it is.
I think you look great.
now, i just have to figure out who you are and how come i've never seen you around before.
Yeah, well, i told you, i'm not from around here.
I know what you said, but you're wrong.
look, miranda, there's people that are going to be worried about me so is there a phone around here somewhere? A phone.
Um, i think there's one at brady's store.
Want to go? Let's go.
Where are all the cars, then? Cars? Yeah, you know, four wheels vroom vroom? Hi, miranda.
Hi, everybody.
This is ben gilbert, gerald's son.
Ben gilbert? Hi.
I'll tell you later.
Let's go get some iced tea.
Yeah, you know what? Order me one.
I'm going to make a call.
Be right back.
How you doin'? Lucian, let that boy through.
Hey, look, i don't mind telling you that girl there, she's spoken for.
Anyone tell her that? I'm telling you.
She's mine.
You know, i don't have time for this.
Don't start something you can't finish.
How's everybody today? We're good, zander, real good.
That's how it should be.
I understand there's a construction project over at annie's you're supposed to be at, josh.
We'll talk again.
Let's go.
So you're ben gilbert? Uh, yeah.
Are you going back to the farm or you planning to stay? You know, i haven't decided yet.
Town's real friendly, though.
Anything else? Not right now.
Have a good day.
You too.
Operator, can i help you? Uh, yeah, operator, i'd like to make a long distance collect call.
i'm sorry, that exchange does not exist.
What are you talking about? I call it every day.
That exchange does not exist, sir.
Please check your number and call again.
Your town is seriously whacked.
I knew you'd come around.
That was nice.
Okay, so tell me what this ben gilbert thing is about now.
Gerald gilbert and his boys live on the edge of town.
They haven't been around for years.
Okay, so why don't you just tell them who i really am? I couldn't.
I wouldn't want them to think that you were crazy.
I'm outta here.
Listen, i know that you think that you're not from here, but there's nowhere else.
People can't go beyond the wall.
What wall? On eighth street.
It's the end of the world.
Wait! Stop! Ben! Ohhh! My power's not working.
What are you doing? Trying to get out of here.
Why? We're happy here.
Brennan, no! Huh uh aghhh! Now you know? Now you believe me? There's only new hope.
There's only you and me together.
Come away from it.
There's nothing on the other side.
Brennan, it's the end.
No, it's not.
It's a force field, or i don't know.
There's gotta be a some kind of projection from the inside, because you can't see anything cars, or planes, nothing.
Tell you what, if i had my powers i'd just blast a hole through.
You'd see for yourself.
Powers? What do you mean? This barrier is not natural, okay? Somebody put it here to keep this town inside.
Don't say that.
It has always been here.
You have to believe.
Why do i have to believe, huh? I have a life out there.
I have friends that i want to get back to.
I'm getting out of this town.
Wait! Miranda.
I wasn't yelling at you.
I'm frustrated, okay? I didn't mean to make you cry.
Come on.
I just really need you to believe.
I don't want you to disappear.
Look at me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Not for now, anyway.
Josh, we're supposed to be at the construction project.
Well, we got something to do first.
Come on.
Gonna pay a little house call to ben gilbert's father.
Well, i don't know where else to check.
I mean, we've asked at the coffee shop, the motei well, it's a straight shot on route 17 from edgarstown to us.
He had to come through here and he had to have stopped.
Well, he didn't just disappear.
Maybe he stopped for parts.
All right.
You check it out.
We'll head to the police station i mean, somebody's got to have seen him.
Don't leave me here.
Ho, ho.
Need to talk to you, old man.
You're a marcus, aren't you? You have that look.
Well, you're looking at the future head of town council.
That so? I had a feeling this town was heading in the wrong direction.
I guess there's proof.
Hey, hey! You sound like a man who's forgotten how to believe.
That can be dangerous.
I believe the ideals your grandfather founded this place on.
All that's left now are the words.
Well, you'd do well to listen to those words, old man, and keep your son out of town and away from miranda, you understand me? What are you talking about? My sons haven't been in town in years.
Is that ben? - Yes.
Why? What do you want with us? Well, we'll be back to discuss that with you, mr.
You can count on that.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Look, have there been any accidents reported in the last twenty-four hours involving a camaro? Not not a one.
Well, our friend's disappeared somewhere between here and thirty miles west on route 17.
You know anything about that? Look.
I got work to do.
I'm alone here.
Sorry, i can't help you.
We're all the same here.
You're no different.
Yeah? Maybe here.
So what's it like being like everyone else, anyway? It's nice.
There's time for lying in the sun, for walking, for being with friends.
Especially the ones that you love.
Hmm well, i gotta tell you, new hope is becoming more appealing by the minute.
I knew you'd love it ben.
what would you do without me? Oh, if i didn't have my life out there, i could see settling down in a place like this.
You mean it? Yeah, it definitely has its charms.
Well, then, i'll let you in on a little secret.
Really? I half believe you are what you say you are, an outsider, but since you don't exist, then that means i'm in love with an angel.
I wish we at least had a license place to trace.
He didn't leave us much to go on.
This is it.
Oh, my god.
Looks like this truck didn't do too well, either.
Edgarstown trucking and junk yard.
The truck is theirs.
You know, i was thinking, i think i could actually get used to staying here.
Hey! Miranda! Josh what are you doing? What's your problem? You are.
Well, if you got something to say, then why don't you say it? You know, there are some things that don't add up about you, ben.
I'm gonna figure you out, and when i do, miranda and everyone else in this community is going to understand what you're trying to do to us.
I'm not trying to do anything to this community.
Now, as for miranda, i'm starting to lose patience with having to tell you that she decides who she's with.
Well, maybe you didn't hear me.
Ben! Josh! Stop it! This is not over.
You're hurt.
It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
Here, come inside.
You were brave out there, fighting for me.
Yeah, you're worth fighting for.
How does that feel? Like brand new.
See, i told you new hope would grow on you.
yeah, i must have.
I'd like to take you to my world so you can see what you're missing.
I'm not missing anything.
And what's so great about your world, anyway? Oh, everything.
Thai food and dance clubs, oceans, cars if you could just see that look on your face.
Well, i still think you'd be happy here with me.
Well, since i don't have a choice.
Zander, what are you doing here? I i've i've come to see your friend.
There isn't any trouble, is there? No, no, there's no trouble.
I just want to talk to him is all.
Can we have a minute? Well, i'm kind of busy, but yeah.
It's about the world outside the wall.
I know.
You're part of this whole thing, so why should i trust you? Well, if i'd wanted to hurt you, i wouldn't have come alone.
I've got something to show you.
Come with me.
Please? All right.
Look, miranda, i'm going to be back in a minute.
I'm gonna go with zander, okay? Come on no, you're not getting a break until you're finished.
We found our friend's car.
Found that, and the truck that hit him.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're lying.
It was my husband's truck.
It happened over by where lewiston used to be.
That whole area spooks me.
Yeah? Why's that? It's just a story that folks tell, but i know there's truth to it.
Well, it used to be an abandoned mining town.
Yeah, well, i don't remember seeing any town there.
One day the whole place just disappeared.
Just like brennan.
You know, you better be telling us the truth.
Because if our friend doesn't show up soon i'm coming back for you and your husband.
I found these a few years back.
That's when i knew that everything the elders told us was a lie.
See? Here are these pictures.
All different places, and and people with strange costumes in them.
See, when i saw those marks on your arm, that's when i knew you were from out there, that these places were real.
I've dreamt about these places for years.
Maybe it's crazy, but i even dreamed that i could go out there myself.
I'll tell you what, zander, you get me out of this town, you can.
There's a whole world out there for you to explore.
Council finds out about you, you might disappear.
Hey, you know what? Miranda talked about people disappearing.
I sometimes have to take people to council when they've lost their way.
You know, didn't believe, or even worse, spoke out against the town code.
Now council claims they've disappeared, but i know better.
They told them the way out of town was through the basement.
But there's no way out.
They just walked into the basement of the town hall and never came out.
What do you mean? Well, i don't know what's down there, but i got a look one time.
It's it's it's all metal and and lights, and glass well, that's gotta be the force field generator.
You know what? We gotta find a way out of here.
There's gotta be a way to stop that force field.
Well, there are other people we can trust, people who think like me.
One of them might be able to help.
You wait here.
I'll be back.
Wonder if i might have a word with you, zander.
That is, of course, unless you're here on official business.
Huh, what is it? You're supposed to be a peacekeeper.
You're supposed to uphold town council's will.
I do.
You're helping the outsider.
Everything they told us was a lie, josh.
We can get outside the wall.
He's going to help us.
I'll get the others.
We need answers, adam.
Well, i've found some, but right now they don't make a lot of sense.
Try us.
Well, albert marcus, is a walking contradiction.
He was a scientist but he hated modern society.
Now, his dream was to create a self-sufficient community that was free of the negative influences of the outside world.
You can't just decide to not be influenced.
Well, now, wait.
Maybe you can.
See, one of the projects he was working on was a it's kind of an electronic bubble.
It was an impenetrable force field that he could place over an entire town.
Oh, i don't like the sounds of this.
So this town that alfred marcus had his eye on was what? Thirty miles west of edgarstown? Exactly.
That's right around where brennan disappeared.
We're on it, adam.
Zander's dead.
What are you talking about? Ben gilbert killed zander.
He murdered him with his knife.
I saw the whole thing with my own eyes.
Zander was going to turn him in to town council.
He wouldn't have done that.
I told you i saw it.
You don't even know anything about him, do you? Okay, hey miranda, listen.
Now they're going to want to talk to you, okay, because you were with him.
But i can protect you, all right? You just have to do the right thing.
Okay? - Okay.
This is right around where the lewiston town limits would be.
Cruise around, see what we can find.
Brennan? Brennan? Brennan.
Yeah, i'm up here.
The whole town's looking for you.
It's not safe here.
Where we going? Don't worry.
Just come with me.
What? - Come with me.
Miranda, come here.
You shouldn't have killed zander, brennan.
He wouldn't have hurt you.
What? I didn't kill anybody.
Take him.
You made yourself a big mistake ben.
Pick him up.
Let's go.
Miranda! Miranda! Miranda! Let's proceed.
Ben gilbert, you are charged with a crime never before seen in new hope, the murder of another person.
Our beloved zander delassandro.
Zander was trying to help me, so why would i want to kill him? This is your knife, is it not? Yes.
Oh wait, no, no, no.
Someone took that from me! Someone's trying to set me up.
Appreciate you coming down.
So, we'll make this quick.
Do you recognize this man? That's my son, ben.
What? That's not the truth.
That's not true.
Listen to me, that is not true.
I've never seen this man before in my life! Enough! We'll reconvene in five minutes.
Listen to me.
I'm telling the truth.
You did the right thing, gerald.
Just leave my family alone.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey remember, old man, our day's coming.
You ask me, that lady at the junk yard was holding out on us.
No, she wasn't.
Trust me.
Well, he couldn't have just disappeared into thin air, could he? Maybe the air's not so thin after all.
Uh ugh! What the hell was that? I'd say that's adam's bubble.
The satellite imagery that i'm picking up over the area is distorted by a powerful energy field.
We know.
Shalimar just hit the glass ceiling trying to find a way in.
So i guess somewhere in there is alfred marcus's little slice of heaven.
Brennan must've found a way in.
Well, then we gotta find a way to get him out.
You guys stay right there.
I think i might've just figured out a way to crack through the shield.
I'm on my way.
Copy that, adam.
We'll wait for you here.
We can't abandon everything because of one outsider.
We must ensure harmony.
We're doing the right thing.
But how many times do we have to kill the truth before it stays dead? Ben gilbert, because you failed to accept responsibility and remorse for the murder of zander delassandro and chose to hide behind lies and fantasy, blaspheming the foundations of new hope, we have no choice but to find you guilty.
Therefore, on this day, you will be put to death in town square, in front of the assembled citizens.
Huh! You can't do this.
I didn't kill zander! You have to listen to me! You're about to take your last breath, mr.
Make it a good show.
My name's not ben gilbert.
It's not ben gilbert! It's brennan mulwray.
In a few minutes, it won't matter what the hell your name is.
I didn't do it! You gotta listen to me! I didn't do it! Let's get this over with.
My name's not ben gilbert.
I didn't do it! Hey, adam? Almost ready with the payload.
Now, the night that brennan disappeared, i found out that there was a lightning storm that may have destabilized the dome long enough for him to slip through.
Yeah, we can't exactly wait for another storm.
No, exactly, which is why we're going to give mother nature a little helping hand by seeding the area with this supercharged silver iodide.
If there's any electricity in the air, that stuff is going to make it sizzle.
We're on target whenever you're ready.
Let's begin the seeding.
You can kill me but it's not going to stop the truth and you know it.
All those people that you think disappeared were murdered by the town council because they can't handle the truth.
You did a good thing, turning him in, miranda.
You're one of us.
We all did what we had to do.
You did the hard part, right? Killing zander.
I didn't kill anybody.
Josh said that you did.
Well, he's lying.
It was him.
He said zander deserved it.
Whip the horses! Do it! Hah! Hah! Miranda! Ah! This stops now! You killed zander! Let him go! He's innocent! Let him go! Agghh! Agghh! What are you doing? Ending this here and now.
Look look, let him down.
Put him down.
Put him down! Get me out of this the outsider is not my son! He's the one telling the truth.
This place has become a prison.
I don't know what you've become.
Uh! Oh thanks.
Agh! Let's go.
Come on, let's go! you took a big chance helping me back there.
I did what was right.
Yeah, well, most people would've helped themselves.
You would've done the same for me.
I know it.
Brennan, we can't.
There's nowhere else to go, okay? We need to try and stop this thing.
Miranda! Miranda! Miranda, open the door.
You're gonna die in there! Come on, miranda! what is it? It's what creating your wall.
You know, i grew up in seattle.
I can't believe i'm actually praying for rain.
And rain's just a byproduct.
What we need is a good old-fashioned lightning storm.
Thunder and lightning.
All right, it's time.
Let's fire this old bird up.
It's working.
Bring it on.
All right.
Everybody do me a favour, don't touch the hull.
Right now we're packing about a billion volts.
A billion, huh? Come on, we need to stop it.
Wait of course, it'd have its own protection.
That's what happened to my father and the others, wasn't it? Right there right there.
Don't move! Or i'll shoot her where she stands.
Come here! Come here! Well, let's go.
You're keeping everybody waiting for the show.
Adam, we have to be powered up by now.
We're going to start losing the storm, adam.
All right, we're ready.
Firing and now.
It won't work, josh.
Everybody knows that.
You can't make that go away.
I don't have to make it go away.
I just have to make you go away.
It's working.
I can see the town.
Emma, it's not good enough.
We need to take out the field generator, or it's going to power up again and trap us inside.
What do you want me to do? I want you to keep it focused on the centre of the field.
That's where the generator has to be.
Ready and firing now.
I'm gonna miss you, miranda.
Ugh oh, my god.
You're right.
This can't be ugh! Not this time, josh.
Brennan! Well, you ready? Brennan, i can't.
I'm not ready.
Well, i guess i understand.
I mean, your world just widened a million times over, right? Stay with me.
I wish i could, but you know i can't.
I have a life.
You know, i have things that i have to do.
I know.
Well, when you're when you're ready to see more of the world, you give me a call, huh.
I will.
Oh, man it's like going from a fishbowl to the atlantic.
I kind of envy them.
Now they get a chance to experience a fresh new world.
I don't know.
I've been in that world my whole life.
I don't know how fresh it is.
I'll see you soon.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, small town living's just not for me.
Didn't look like it from where i was standing.
Yeah, well, it has its moments.
Let's get out of here.
I'm not very good with good-byes.
Like shakespeare said, "oh, brave new world "