Mutant X s02e12 Episode Script

At Destiny's End

Crack 'er.
Let's go.
What's your eta to the facility? I can see the lights now.
The perimeter alarm went off three minutes ago.
These guys are already inside.
Get a move on it.
Yeah, what are we doing, anyway? These guys aren't criminals.
Really? What do you call people who blow up private property? Let's save the debate for later.
We gotta stop these guys from doing any more damage.
Hang on.
I'm taking her down.
Hold on.
Do your thing, man.
Which way should we go? Tell us the futures.
This way.
All right, they're definitely here.
We need to find the containment facility.
That's where the chemical's are gonna be kept.
How are you at holding your breath? Yeah.
We need to move in from both sides and work towards the centre.
This is it, my friends.
Another day, and they'd have processed another two tons of ethylene oxide.
Enough to give half the state cancer.
Let's plant those charges.
And after we're done, all they'll be doing is picking up the pieces.
Let's get out of here, then.
All right, check it out.
You cover the exit.
See if you can sense them.
Call me if you get anything.
Come on, man.
Come on, man! What's going on? They were just here.
They went that way.
Why didn't you tell me? Shal, jess, they were just here.
Whatever they set in there is ready to blow.
Get out! You heard the man.
Well, maybe we can stop it.
There's no time.
Get out! I am adam kane.
I was a pioneer of genetic research, manipulating dna to save human lives.
But in many, their genes unexpectedly mutated.
They developed super-human abilities.
Together with four of the most powerful i fight to protect a world that doesn't even know we exist.
We are mutant x.
Adam, we should've had them.
Yeah, but you can't blame yourselves.
These guys have made miraculous escapes from every operation they've ever pulled.
No, this is different.
Emma was standing right there.
She just froze.
- What? If i hadn't gotten back to her when i did, i may not have been able to warn shalimar and jesse.
So what do you think happened to her? I don't know.
Maybe maybe she's got sympathies for what these guys are doing.
Wait wait.
Are saying that you don't trust her? All i know is next time i go into a situation, we better all be on the same team.
That rappelling rig was not of your local sporting goods store variety.
And that eagle crest was custom-sewn.
How does that help us? Well, climbers are a superstitious bunch.
And they've got to trust their lives to the rig-maker.
So if we find the guy whose logo is an eagle's crest he can help us find our eco-terrorist.
Man, i bet there's a whole line-up of people waiting to get ahold of these guys once we take them down.
And if this was a sane world they'd be lining up to take down the guys that own wykoff chemicals.
You know, last year they pumped over twelve million pounds of ethylene oxide into the environment? Which is? Oh, right on the top of everybody's hit list of cancer-causing chemicals.
I agree, emma.
Emma, can i talk to you for a second? Look, if this is about what happened at the chemical factory well, yeah, it is.
And you have to understand why i'd be concerned.
You or brennan? Well, me.
I'm concerned when we're not working as a team and brennan said he didn't think that you were committed to the cause.
Adam, i am committed.
I don't know, i i just i froze.
Why? I don't know.
Emma, something happened back there.
And until i know if it's caused by your politics or your powers, i'm sorry, you're just going to have to stay here closer to home.
Tyler, you were awesome today, man.
You called every move like clockwork.
You're our magic eight-ball.
Tyler hold on, man.
We're supposed to be celebrating here.
We just struck another blow for mother earth.
Yeah, i know.
Um, i'm just bagged.
Well, there's time for that when you're an old man, dude.
Still a lot of guys out there dumping crap in our water.
Our mission is not complete.
I don't know, man.
I've been using my my thing too much.
It hurts worse now more than ever.
It's getting better, too, right? It's like a muscle.
No pain, no gain.
It's also what we're doing.
So you don't believe in it any more? I believe in what we started with.
Hell, man, i hit the beach some mornings and i see the crap, and the dead fish, it makes me want to cry.
But doing these chemical plants? I mean, it's like we do our thing and they pocket some fat insurance coin, and then they're right back in business.
What are we doing? Come on, man, we're taking action.
We're striking fear.
They don't call it eco-terrorism for nothing.
Do you really think they're afraid of us? Then we make them afraid, nephew.
We hit bigger and harder.
You're different this time, tyler.
What happened to you back there? You saw something you're not telling me.
No, man.
Nothing like that.
Just just tired, is all.
You need a refill, my man.
You need to stop worrying.
Jesse got a list of designers for that rappelling rig.
There's a couple stationed down at the marina, you coming? Nope.
Adam wants me to sit this one out.
Look, emma, something happened back there you're not telling us about.
I screwed up, that's all there is to it.
You know what? You might be able to fool everybody else, but not me.
In the chemical plant, when i reached out and tried to sense the thieves, i contacted one of their minds.
He was in the same contact with me.
And he was loving me.
What do you mean? He gave you a love hit? I mean, you can do that.
It was more than that.
It was like he'd always known me and i'd always known him, like we were meant for each other.
Look, i know it sounds crazy, but think about it.
People always talk about people who fall in love at first sight.
And he just happens to be a psycho terrorist.
Nothing's ever easy, is it? I have to find him.
Emma, please don't do this.
Adam thinks that i'm not thinking clearly.
But i am.
I'll call if i find anything.
You heard? - Yeah.
So you're going to try and stop me, too? I thought you might need these.
Be careful.
So i hear this is the best place to buy climbing gear.
If you want custom, it'll cost you.
Well, you don't happen to know anyone that makes a harness with an eagle crest on it, do you? Yeah, that's my design.
I just sold a bunch about a month ago to some wild x-boys down the beach.
Really? How wild? If these boys can't ride it, climb it or jump off it, nobody can.
Well, you don't happen to know where they hang out, do you? Why do you want to know? Because i want to be their friend.
I mean, we're all friends here, right? Later.
- All right.
You're new to the beach, girl? Are you the official greeter? Ah, that depends who you're looking for.
Friend of yours.
Blond guy, blue eyes.
Tyler? you sure you're extreme enough for a bad boy like ty? Try me.
All right, i could take you to him, but you have to hitch a ride on back.
If you think you can handle a little speed.
Don't worry about me.
Woo! Ow! Whoo hoo! Yeah! Woo! Skye! Where is she? Where is she, skye? Aw, she'll come up on her own time.
No, she won't! Let's go.
Where's emma? Um, you see, it's like this.
She felt she had to um - take some time off.
Well, that's funny, because when i talked to her, she wanted to get back into the field.
Well, she promised she wouldn't interfere with the case.
Yeah? You know what i think? I think that she's out there looking for the guy who made the harness and i think that you gave her the information.
Adam, it was a special situation.
There are no special situations.
She had some things she needed to work out.
Well, she can work them out here.
You know, she doesn't have to put herself right in the middle of the line of fire.
We got a list of the retailers.
Which means we have a good idea of where she is and we're going to keep an eye on her.
We'll watch her back.
Here's what we're going to do to.
We are going to continue with the operation as planned.
But when you find her, you make sure she's okay.
And you keep her out of your way.
We'll find brennan and fire up the helix.
I don't have to remind you that these guys have been ahead of us and the authorities every step of the way.
Adam, emma will be fine.
Yeah, but not if they're working with a powerful empath.
Then she can't rely on her powers.
You know, they may be able to sense her presence.
They might be able to control her in some way.
Are you all right? - Yeah.
I think so.
Your friend's a pretty crazy driver.
Yeah, we all push it.
It's sort of what we do.
He gets kind of crazy.
Yeah, i have friends like that, too.
You know, this is going to sound like some cheesy line, but have we ever met before? A lot of people say that i don't know what it is but i feel like you know me, like you can see right through me.
crazy, right? You're coming on to me.
I haven't decided yet.
Yeah, you have.
Everything's already decided.
We're just waiting for it to happen.
Well, that sounds a little predictable.
Not if you know what's coming is everything you've been waiting for your entire life.
Tyler, come on.
We're rolling, dude.
Listen, we're having a party tonight.
- Okay.
down, boys.
Oooh, but if i wasn't such a professional.
Well, mr.
Listen, why don't you take "the extreme edge", it's about a half-mile up the beach.
Shal, if you want to take "climber's haven", it's just over there, and i'm going to go check out the one that's over there.
Um, brennan, if you find emma first, just go easy on her, okay? You know, let's just concentrate on finding her and shutting these guys down, okay? Yeah.
You the guy i talk to about climbing equipment? Yeah, that'd be me.
Well, i'm looking for something specific.
Don't tell me.
Eagle crest.
How'd you guess? When two beautiful girls come looking for gear in one day, i gotta figure something's up.
So what'd you tell her? More than i should have, probably.
But she had this way of asking yeah, she has that.
So how about you tell me what you told her? See, i have my own special way of asking.
Yeah - jesse.
Yeah give me a call sometime, okay? Okay, great.
Any luck? - Yeah.
Five, six numbers so far.
Don't make me hurt you, all right? You didn't find anything? No.
- I got it.
And the guy i talked to also talked to emma.
He said the boys we're looking for live just down the beach.
That's great.
All we need now is a way in.
Well, that might be the easy part.
They're having a party.
And unless you guys have any objections, i think we should crash it.
- Hey.
Great party.
I got no money, but a hell of a lifestyle.
What? You know, you still haven't told me who you really are.
You know who i am.
The same way i know you.
Well, well, well, my boy.
Woo! You two seem to be hitting it off pretty good.
I guess you have me to thank.
I almost have you to thank for killing her.
That comes with the territory.
Listen, if you're going to hang with tyler here, you've gotta understand something.
He'll spend time with you now, but before you know it he's going to come back to me, hunting down the next big wave or the next untouched mountain.
And that is what we're really about skye, it's not emma should know who she's getting mixed up with here.
Oh, why don't you tell me? We stand against the system that kills the human spirit.
Come on, girl, look around you, huh? People are dying a little every day while the air becomes more polluted by their tin cans, and the ocean gets choked by their oil spills.
We're on borrowed time and people don't even know about it.
Yeah, that's a great speech.
Now, how far would you go to back it up? All the way.
Now, why do i think you know that already? That's enough, skye, all right? Tyler, cool.
You'll have to excuse me, but my party's going on and i haven't been holding up my end.
Come on.
Now, this is what i'm talking about.
Try to focus.
Guys, we need to find something to link these guys to the bombings, so let's look around.
Keep your eyes open for emma, huh? Uh huh would you excuse me for just one sec? I just have to um i'll be right back.
You know, being a terrorist is one thing, but at least these guys could be neat.
What, you want to tidy up for them? Well, it looks like i found what we're looking for.
Eagle crest.
Well, it's going to take more than that to prove that these are our guys.
What the hell are you guys doing here? Supposedly the same thing you're doing here.
Look familiar? What? They're into climbing, so what? These are the terrorists, emma, what are you thinking? Em, i know you're feeling, but we still gotta take these guys down.
Well, what do you want to do? Start using powers? There's, like, fifty people out there.
So, you got a better idea? Yeah, we back off until they make their next move.
And what's that going to get us? Time to find out if these are the right guys.
You sure that's your only motivation? I'm positive.
Well, well, emma.
Looks like you're full of surprises.
Looks like you caught yourselves some thieves.
Only question is, where do we go from here? We're all waiting here.
Anything to say before we start taking you to pieces? Back off, buddy.
All right? We're looking around.
No harm done.
I'm still coming for it you want a piece of this? Uh, ouf what's going on here? Why don't you ask your girlfriend? Nothing.
These people just got lost back here.
They were just leaving.
Why don't you guys just make yourselves at home, okay? No thanks, brother, we got better parties to crash.
Anybody ever tell you you're a lousy party host? I'm watching you, girl.
I know it was you at the chemical factory.
Why'd you let me go? Come on, you know the answer to that already.
I felt exactly what you felt.
So when did you find out you were special? Special.
Funny, growing up that's not the word i would've used to describe it.
Okay, when did you discover you were different? The first vision i remember having was of my little brother.
I was nine.
He was seven.
I saw him laying on the grass.
There was something about him.
His skin.
It was blue.
I knew he was dead.
I figured it couldn't be, right? I mean, it had to be a dream.
My mind playing tricks on me.
The next day he drowned in a neighbour's pool.
They tried to revive him.
Oh, my god.
Tyler, i'm so sorry.
I spent years blaming myself.
I didn't know it was really going to happen.
So you see the future.
Future possibilities.
Various doors that, if opened, will lead to specific outcomes.
I never had a name for what i did.
I've spent a lot of my life trying to figure out my own gifts.
So what did you see when we met? Why don't you tell me? Well, it's different.
I don't see things like you do.
But what i felt, it's hard to describe.
You know, it was like this immediate connection.
As if for the first time in my life i i found someone who really understands what it's like.
To live your life every day knowing things that normal people don't even consider.
Someone who learned to shut out people around you just to keep your own sanity intact.
Someone you feel so safe with because you know he's more like you than anyone else.
What is it? It's it's nothing.
That that happens sometimes.
What happens? Tyler, you had a vision, didn't you? Tyler, we've been looking for you, dude.
Something's wrong with him.
Just back off.
You're not involved in this.
Tyler - this has been a big mistake.
It'd be better if you didn't come here any more.
What the hell is she thinking? Well, not clearly would be at the top of my list.
She says she's working undercover to make sure these are the right guys.
She saw the equipment.
She knows they're the guys.
These guys are not going to stop.
It's only a matter of time before they strike again, and when they do she's going to be right in the middle of it.
Tried to pull her out.
She's not going.
Try again.
what are you doing here? You really thought that i was going to stay away? I meant what i said before.
And since when do words mean anything between people like us? Now i feel what's behind them.
Tyler, what were you trying to protect me from? From me.
From skye, from all of this.
But it's too late.
You know, i'm a part of it.
I'm a part of you.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
We started out with a few smalltime actions.
But then skye turned it into some kind of personal crusade.
You were his magic ticket to getting into any facility that he wanted to hit.
You know, he thought that he could make a name for himself.
But he's not wrong.
The world needs this wake-up call to the ecological plight you're right, it does.
But not like this.
Not by blowing things up and maybe getting yourself killed over it.
I know someone that can help you.
Someone who you can trust.
I'd like that.
But first, i need to end things with skye.
You don't owe him anything.
Emma, don't argue with me.
skye's got something big planned.
He says he can clean all the oil out of the oceans in one fell swoop.
If i back out, he can't do it on his own.
I'll have to talk to him.
It'll be over soon.
Is that a vision or just a hope? I have to try.
We'll meet at the docks at noon.
And then i'll go meet your friend.
I'd like that.
Hey, there, stranger.
Good to see you, too.
What do you want? Guess i wasn't the guy you were expecting, huh? Man, this guy tyler's really got you all wrapped up, doesn't he? Skye got him looped into his cause.
He never meant to hurt anyone.
I see.
It's true.
- Huh.
You know, i know you're in love with the guy and that has a funny way of turning people into believers.
Brennan, we're empaths.
There is no line between us.
His thoughts are my thoughts.
I know him.
Then where is he now? He's he's ending things with skye and then he's meeting me here.
Oh, yeah? Well, what what time did he say he was going to be here? He's just running late.
- Ah, yeah.
Or you just don't know him as well as you think you do.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Emma well, looks like somebody's taking a trip, man.
Skye, i was just coming to talk to you, man.
I'm out.
Out? I'm no use to you any more, man.
It's it's getting so i can hardly hold a vision it hurts so much.
We've got one more job to do before you run off with the chiquita.
We need you.
I told you, man.
I can't.
I think you can.
You want to know why? Because i can see the future myself.
I can see tyler helping us out.
Otherwise, emma's going to die.
Don't make me, man.
This is no prediction, dude.
It's a foregone conclusion.
Welcome back.
- I never really left.
So what's wrong? - You guys were right.
He and his friends were the ones hitting those factories.
Tyler's a telempath with the ability to see future possibilities.
Well, that explains the success.
Adam, i'm really worried about him.
He was going to go end things with skye and then he never came back.
Well, you think he changed his mind? No.
They've taken him, i know it.
You have any idea where they were planning to strike next? Skye talked about the glory gig.
The ultimate display that would open up the world's eyes to environmental concerns.
He said that he was going to clean all the oil from the oceans in one fell swoop.
Well, let's see who's in the oil cleanup business, shall we? Come on, man, this is crazy.
Not when every american sees what happens when these bugs start chowing down at the gas pumps.
Come on, we're starting the revolution.
Get with program, ty.
Since when did the program include semiautomatic weapons and massive explosives? They are tools of education.
Do you know what this is going to do to the country? People are going to die.
Sacrifice is the only way to make the world open their eyes.
Okay? So the omdi corporation is an experimental oil treatment plant.
They're trying to create a bacterial enzyme that actually thrives on petroleum products.
Sounds like they're working on an environmentally friendly concept.
Well, except that they're not ready for prime time.
They haven't figured out a way to control the bacteria.
Control it how? well, right now, if this bacteria got into the atmosphere, it wouldn't stop eating until there was no more oil in the world.
I guess we know where emma's boyfriend is headed.
Yeah, i guess i know where we're headed, too.
Adam, seems this enzyme they're testing's being held at a bio-containment vault.
Well, because in its purest form this bacteria could even eat the essential oils in a person's body.
It could dissolve them in seconds.
Does skye have any idea how dangerous this stuff is? At this point, skye's more interested in the publicity than anything else.
Yeah, well if he gets his wish he won't live long enough to enjoy the fruits of his labours.
Well, it's all up to you tyler.
Which way do we go, man? That way.
Don't lie to me, tyler.
Do it without me, skye.
The containment vault is that way.
It's where the enzyme's stored.
All right.
That's what i thought.
We'll go this way.
Tyler's here.
I can sense him.
Can you tell where he is? It doesn't act as a homing device.
I just feel connected with him.
You're really hung up on this guy, aren't you? You know what? Since i'm the only one who knows he's innocent, maybe i should just find him by myself.
Hey, you know i can't let you do that.
Look, shal, i'm sorry, but there's nothing else i can do.
What? Sorry.
Emma? Man, this stuff looks nasty.
gonna save the world, my friend.
Bring everybody back to the garden of eden and they're going to have us to thank.
What is it? Nothing.
You're lying.
Keep an eye on him.
Hey, deacon.
Ooof i guess he should've seen that coming.
Tyler! Emma you gotta get out of here.
Tyler, i'm not leaving without you.
You've got to forget about me.
Okay? Just go.
What did you see? I saw you die.
Just like my little brother.
Tyler, you said it yourself.
You don't see the future.
You only see future possibilities.
But this possibility always ends the same.
And i don't want that.
So just go.
You really are amazing, you know that? Your prediction is about to come true.
Man, these guys work fast.
All right, tell me you can work faster.
Hey, it's not that simple.
This bomb is booby-trapped.
Anything i do could set it off.
Adam, any ideas? The device is probably controlled remotely.
If skye's still at the plant i doubt he'd detonate it until he was at least ten miles away.
Let's find that detonator.
I helped you out like i said i would, skye.
Just let her go.
Sorry, champ.
You must've known this was a one-way ticket the moment you signed on.
For me, maybe, but not for emma.
Skye, if you release the gas into the atmosphere, there's no telling how man people may die.
You don't know what you're talking about.
That's why they're keeping it under wraps.
It's unstable.
It'll eat all the oils in people's bodies.
You're lying.
You know i'm not.
Well, we'll find out shortly.
And i guess you'll be the first to find out.
Ugh tyler, what is it? Emma, i don't want you to die.
No, there's got to be a possibility that you haven't explored.
There isn't.
It's too late to change the future.
Come on.
Either of you make a move and i pull the trigger.
So what do you see next, tyler? Beginning of a new generation? No, skye, i see thousands of innocent people dying.
Please just don't do it.
There's got to be a way.
Tyler, what did you see? I love you.
Tyler! it's okay.
I love you, too.
- oh, emma.
I'm sorry.
How you doing? You okay? - Yeah.
I just felt like hiding out for a little while.
You know, situations like this, i find it's better to be with other people.
You know, take your mind off things for a while.
Sorry there couldn't have been another way.
No, tyler knew what he was doing.
He was trying to save me.
This was the only way.
Well, for what it's worth, you were right.
I mean, he did save all of us.
Hey, emma, i am sorry.
Must've been very hard for him to go through life always knowing what was going to happen.
Yeah, fate's a real bitch.
Fate it is what brought tyler and i together.
You know, he realized that some things were meant to be.
I guess us being together was a part of that.