Mutant X s02e18 Episode Script


Well, this is a hell of a way to spend a friday afternoon, searching for a mutant firestarter from ten thousand feet.
Well, we got our best shot from up here, brennan.
Soon as our system picks up the specific heat signature of his burn we can be on him in a flash.
Well, whoever he is, he's sick.
He needs some serious therapy.
The only therapy i'd give him is my hands around his neck.
Let's just get him a job at a barbecue joint.
Well, three people have already died because of the fires he's set.
You know, shalimar's right.
If this is what this guy's going to do with his gift then he has to be stopped.
Command? Command dispatch.
Yeah, it's ray larkin.
I think i got a fix on the west side fires bug.
Hold your position.
Police and fire backup are being notified.
Code 2.
No, i can't do it.
I'm going in.
Ray, i don't think don't worry.
I got an angel on my shoulder.
Oh, we got a hot spot.
Third fire in two days.
This guy doesn't sleep.
What's the heading? Hey! Someone's still in there.
You don't have to go, shal.
Yeah, but i can't help from out here.
Tell you what.
We flush him out, he's all yours.
Get out of here, it's gonna blow! Aghh! Aghhh! Brennan! Jesse! Emma! We have to get him out of here! Jess, make us a way out! All right, yeah.
Oh, man, he's been hit bad.
I have to stop him.
I have to stop i have to shhh.
It's okay.
We're going to find him.
It's okay.
Let me help the pain.
my wife.
When i left this morning i didn't i didn't kiss her good bye.
Hey, what happened? I think i died with him.
I am adam kane.
I was a pioneer of genetic research, manipulating dna to save human lives.
But in many their genes unexpectedly mutated.
They developed super-human abilities.
Together with four of the most powerful i fight to protect a world that doesn't even know we exist.
We are mutant x.
Home, sweet home.
Let's check in with adam, see if he's got any info from the fire department, what happened back there.
Hey, you okay? No.
I should've been more help back there.
Shal, you did everything that you could.
Well, it wasn't good enough.
I mean, i can walk into a fight with twelve killers and not bat an eye.
But fire? It's just that i got there, and the flames blazing out the windows, and the smoke.
And i could feel the heat from the other side of the street.
And i just lost control.
I was just like my head shut down and i was just running on fear.
An out of control fire is a killer, and the one that that bastard set could've taken us all out.
Now you were the only smart one.
Civilians had no right walking into a fire.
You okay, emma? That was a class b fire, well into the open flame stage.
There was nothing anybody could've done and nobody should've been in there, except for fire professionals.
Do you understand that? Okay, do you want to listen to yourself? Because you're starting to scare me.
What? Look, i'm fine.
I just i'm sorry.
The fire marshall's report has just come in and this fire was just like the others.
There's no traces of accelerant, no tampering with wires and extreme temperatures at the fire's origin.
Yeah, well, i'm starting to think you were right.
We're looking at a mutant firestarter.
Who has now killed four people.
Well, the guy we tried to save was a lead arson investigator.
His name's ray larkin.
Poor guy's a third generation firefighter.
He's married.
No kids, but must've been well-liked.
They've already posted a memorial obituary on the website.
Now wait, if this guy was the lead fire investigator and he was in that building, then he just must've been a few steps behind the arsonist.
Unfortunately that doesn't help us very much.
Sure didn't help him either, did it? You okay? After what happened back there.
What do you mean? Well, that guy, dying in your arms.
I thought maybe you'd be kind of out of it.
I'm fine.
I saw his whole life right along with him.
His friends, his family, his wife.
And then the strangest sensations, like the taste of chocolate and the smell of his wife's hair.
That's intense.
It's wild how fast it can all be gone.
We have to catch the guy starting these fires, brennan.
Yeah, and we're going to.
There's gotta be a pattern to how he chooses his burns.
It means something to him.
Well, maybe you should get a little rest, huh? What happened today was hard on you.
No, i'll rest when we catch this guy.
I'll say this for you, you don't give up easy.
I don't give up, period.
Shalimar, you're making yourself crazy.
Fear of fire is primal for ferals.
Thanks for your vote of confidence.
That's not what i'm saying.
You've got nothing to prove.
I can't let my fear conquer me.
I can get over this.
You're the bravest person i know.
But maybe you should just accept your weakness and move on.
I'm not ready to do that just yet.
I think we should go talk to ray's wife.
I think the last thing she'd want right now is people asking her questions.
You don't think i know how she's feeling? Now hold on, emma.
What would we get from going to see his widow? We've already accessed all the files in his office.
Yeah, but he has files at home.
How do you know that? Because it's it's what people like that do.
It's what i'd do.
I'm not convinced.
What if he talked to his wife about the investigation? Okay, how would you go in? Me and brennan as journalists.
So we're all agreed.
Am i wrong, or is she acting really weird? All right, look, she was plugged directly into ray larkin's emotions all the way through his death.
It must've been incredibly intense.
Yeah, but i've seen grief before and i've seen trauma.
Whatever emma is feeling is something totally different.
Which is why you're going to keep your eye on her.
Well, kept the place nice.
It's like coming home.
Don't bother.
It doesn't work.
How'd you know that? I just did.
Yes? Hello, mrs.
I'm brennan mulwray and this is emma delauro, and we're with the metro-tribune.
I know this isn't a good time, but we're doing a memorial piece on your husband and we were wondering if you had a moment to speak with us? We're deeply sorry for your loss.
I don't think so.
You people are only deeply sorry when you don't see your byline on the front page.
I'm sorry.
This is frank sanders.
He worked with my husband at the fire department.
Please come in.
I went through his files but i couldn't find anything.
Okay, thanks.
I'm not going to give up.
Thanks, frank.
Thanks for everything.
Ray didn't talk much about work with me.
When he was at home he would try to put it out of his mind.
Then i'd wake up at and he'd be at his desk trying to work stuff out.
Was he any different with this case? If anything he he was more obsessed.
He said whoever it was could just make fire appear.
Did he ever mention pattern as to what the arsonist was burning? Huh, you sound like ray.
He said there were there was always a pattern; it was just a question of finding it.
I think he was onto something the morning he left.
oh, it was only yesterday.
I'm so sorry.
You seem so familiar.
I know you from somewhere.
I don't think so.
Would it be all right if i took some photos of the house? It'll help our readers get a feeling for how he lived.
what happened? She was standing here looking in the mirror.
And it broke.
I didn't even touch it.
Ray used to come in here all the time when i would sew.
He said we could look in it every year and watch ourselves grow old together.
Hello? Sorry, i didn't know anyone else was here.
It's okay.
They're reporters.
They're doing a story on ray.
This is ray's brother billy.
Um i i did some research before we came over.
Well, ray was more than just a great fireman, you know? He did everything for me.
He found me a job, he lent me money when i needed it billy i just want them to get the whole picture of who he was, lisa.
I mean, he was my brother, for god's sakes.
I know.
I know.
You know what? This obviously isn't a very good time.
Larkin, we'll come back tomorrow, okay? Come on.
Did you come up with anything? I've been trying to come up with any connection between these fires, adam, and i have come up with nothing.
All right.
Well, maybe we need to do a little hands on investigating.
Want us to check the scene of the last fire? Yeah.
I'll go.
The place has already burned down, right? What's there left to be afraid of? Besides, it'll give me something useful to do on this case.
That's a good sign.
Keep working.
What the hell is going on back there? Nothing.
I don't know.
Well, i think you do.
You're just not saying.
I saw something.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm an investigator for manor bay insurance company.
Kendra james.
I don't care who you are.
Visits are supposed to be cleared through my office.
I called.
You weren't there.
So, any idea what happened here? Not yet.
Whoever it is hasn't left a clue in four fires.
And this time the son-of-a-bitch killed a friend of mine.
That would be ray larkin.
I worked under ray in the fire marshall's office for six years.
What the hell was he thinking? Should've waited for backup before he came in here.
Well, at least it looks like you're in line for a big promotion.
What's that supposed to mean? - Maybe nothing.
Or maybe you know something about what happened here.
Maybe more than you're willing to share.
All right, that's enough.
Investigator or not, you're out of here - now.
Back at the house, in the mirror, i saw ray.
What do you mean? I was loooking at myself but i saw him.
Okay, emma, we're talking ghost stories here.
You're starting to scare me.
When i was a kid, my mom was involved in the occult and spiritualism, but i don't think she ever encountered anything other than her own imagination.
Yeah, but we're talking about you here.
She didn't know about my abilities yet.
One day she was doing a seance, calling on a spirit of some young girl and i was in the next room playing a game.
Suddenly there's this little girl in the room with me.
She sits down and we started playing.
She had on this old-fashioned dress and shoes with buttons down the side.
Let me guess - she was dead.
But she came to me, instead of my mom and her friends.
So what are you saying? That ray has come back to play with you? I think he has.
You need to be careful of where this is going.
It's okay.
I'm okay with it.
Emma, you have no idea what this guy's spirit or his emotions, or whatever the hell it is, wants from you.
He wants the exact same thing we do - to catch who's ever starting these fires.
And how far is he willing to go to get it, huh? Is he willing to kill you, too? Okay, adam, i think i figured out how to solve this thing.
In order to catch the guy setting these blazes, we gotta get into his head.
So what? You're checking out the psychological profiles of arsonists? Exactly.
Now, according to the statistics this guy's - he's male - he's white, he's in his early twenties, he comes from a lower to working class family with an absentee father, and over 70% become arsonists for either revenge or excitement.
And maybe this guy we're looking for is motivated by a combination of both.
How so? Well, i think this guy gets a perverse pleasure out of creating these things.
You know, the bigger the better.
It excites him, it gives him a sense of power, gives him a sense of control.
Wow, he is a sick puppy, eh? Yeah, but the sick part? The more he does it, the more he's going to want to do it again.
Adam, we got another fire.
Contact the others.
Get 'em over there asap.
Brennan, emma, our firestarter's at it again.
Where? Corner of fourth and wellesley.
We're two minutes away.
He's still here.
I can feel him.
Which way? I don't know.
If you find him, call me.
Keep your distance.
Okay? I don't want you to try and bring him down alone.
I'm not going to do anything stupid.
You may not, but i don't know what ray larkin would do.
Hey! Don't think so.
- Brennan, wait.
let's get out of here.
I mean, he's the fire inspector.
We're on the same team.
All i know is what i saw.
Okay? He picked up a watch out of the debris and slipped it in his pocket fast, like he was trying to hide it.
Well, maybe he was going to tag it for evidence.
He shoved it in his pocket, not an evidence bag.
And when he turned to talk to me he looked as guilty as hell.
That is a huge leap.
Got an inscription.
Firefighter's academy, 1991.
Shame you couldn't find something more specific for us to work on.
Just run it.
Frank sanders.
Class of 1991.
See? It is his watch.
Well, hey, hold on, sipowicz.
I mean, before you get too excited here, let's just see how all the pieces add up.
He works for the fire department - he knows fires.
How they go up, how they burn uh huh.
Best way to cause the most devastation.
Eh? The guy we're looking for, he knows what he's doing.
There's something going on with emma, okay, because ever since ray's death she's been different.
Oh, well, i can't say i'm surprised.
Why? Well, considering your telempathic abilities, and the amazing connection that you had with this guy when he died, well, i was afraid there might be repercussions.
Maybe what happened is that ray's energy merged with yours when he died.
So what are you saying? We need to call in a priest? Listen, everything that we experience, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, they're all just kinds of energy passing through us, right? And just because the body dies, it doesn't mean that the energy ceases to exist.
It's gotta go somewhere.
Yeah, that's exactly what i think happened.
You know, somehow ray's spirit took over a part of me.
Maybe it's because at the moment of his death you were the path of least resistance.
And like or not, maybe we can use his influence to find the guy who's starting these fires.
Adam, can i talk to you for a second? Adam, she's vulnerable, and you encouraging her to believe in this stuff isn't going to help her.
What if it helps us find the arsonist? Well, i don't like it.
And i don't believe that we should let her think it's okay to let this guy control her from the inside.
I'm going to find the bastard starting these fires.
No, we are going to catch him, emma.
Not just you.
I have to.
All right, emma, look at me.
Look at me.
Look, i don't have a choice.
It's like i have to resolve this to be free.
Well, until then, let's just be safe and keep those priests on speed dial.
I think frank sanders could be our guy.
I saw him pick a watch up out of the ashes at the fire scene.
Jesse and i think it could be his.
Hey, where you going? Mulligan's tavern.
What is that? It's a fireman's hangout.
She won't go alone.
What are you doing here, billy? Your brother just died.
Couldn't rivelli give you a couple of days off? My choice.
I can't sit at home.
Makes me feel better, me being around you guys.
I swear, every time i turn around i expect him to be walking in.
Ray was a good man.
Hey, billy, get your ass over here.
Your wings'll be up in a minute, chase.
Forget the wings.
We're lifting one to your brother.
Inspector sanders.
I got nothing to say to the press.
You're gonna want to talk to us.
I said, no comment.
Well, then, i guess we'll just have to print what we've got.
Your watch was found at the scene of the chemical factory fire.
What are you talking about? It was inscribed by the academy the year you graduated.
Gotta admit, it doesn't look so good.
So how come you didn't turn it over to evidence, frank? Inspector sanders.
So that blonde is working for you, too, is that it? I should've hauled her ass in for impeding an investigation.
So then you deny it? Watch isn't yours? Oh, come on.
You've never had a problem wagging your jaw before.
Time to open up, frank.
Is it yours? Now take a hike.
Fine, then.
Whose is it? Oh, come on, you trust me, don't you? It was ray's.
That's impossible.
Well, maybe it fell off him when he was caught in the blaze.
It was at the point of origin, where the fire started.
So what are you saying, that ray's the arsonist? No, it doesn't make any sense.
I worked side by side with that guy for six years.
If he's guilty, then i'm jack the ripper.
The fact of the matter is, you never know.
I sure wish someone would explain to me how it got there.
Something's wrong here.
This doesn't add up.
Well, it couldn't have been ray's.
There was another arson this afternoon.
There's no telling whether or not that was a copycat.
Ray is not the arsonist.
I hope you're right.
Why didn't you nail sanders? He's not the guy, shal.
The watch was ray's.
Well, are you sure he wasn't lying? Have you ever known anybody that could lie once emma blew their mind? Where is emma? I'm sorry to bother you so late.
But i know you're a night owl.
How do you know? Well, life as the wife of a fireman, i guess you have to adjust to the crazy hours.
Why don't you come on in.
How are you holding up? - Okay.
It's a lot, you know, with the arrangements and everything.
I must be losing my mind.
I'm just used to bringing ray a cup whenever he came home.
That's okay.
Look, i wanted to to ask you about ray's watch.
You know, the one he got when he graduated from the academy.
He kept it in the top drawer of his closet.
Oh, but he never wore it.
He hated watches.
He used to say it just reminded him of the time he spent away from me.
What happened to it? I gave it to his brother billy.
I didn't think ray would mind.
I mean, billy always dreamed of making it into the academy.
Night, bill.
- Yeah.
And i guess i just thought this was the next best thing.
Brennan, no! Where could i find billy? He's at mulligan's.
Why? What's going on? I just have to ask him a few questions.
I'll go with you.
No, i i need to do this alone.
But this is about ray's death, isn't it? Look, when this is all over, i'll let you know what's going on, but right now i need you to stay here, okay? I know you're going to think this sounds crazy, but whenever you're here i have the strangest sense that ray is in the room with us.
Who are you? A friend.
Look, i gotta go.
Wait, no.
There's so many things i wish i could've told him.
So many things i wanted to say.
He already knows.
You have to let him go.
I'm not ready.
You know when he used to say that he had an angel on his shoulder? That was always his parting line.
That angel was you.
Good bye, lisa.
Good bye, ray.
Emma, where are you? Emma.
Tell us what's going on.
She's there.
Her comlink is activated.
Just not answering us.
Adam, keep looking for her.
If you find her, give us a call.
We'll be in the helix.
We will? Yes.
In case our arson bug is looking to make an encore.
Do you read me? Copy emma.
I know you can hear me.
Emma's not here right now.
Still no hot spots.
What makes you think this guy's going to strike again? Because emma's on the trail.
She's figured it out and now she's planning on taking him down on her own.
Why would emma do that? Emma wouldn't.
Ray's taken over.
I don't know about you guys, but i am sufficiently creeped out.
We're closed.
We need to talk, billy.
You're that reporter that was in my sister-in-law's house.
Why are you looking at me like that? I just can't believe you had me fooled for so long.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You know you never could lie to me.
I think you better leave.
Just tell me - why you did it.
Who are you? Don't you think you owe your brother an explanation? Ray? Tell me why you set those fires.
Because i can.
Because it's something i can do.
You you were the hero, and i was a wannabe.
Do you know what it's like, living under that shadow day in and day out? Constantly being reminded what a failure i am? Until one day, i discover there's something i can do that no one else can.
You know? And it feels good.
And for once, something feels good.
For a while there, we were quite a team.
I'd start the fires and you'd try to put them out.
People died in those fires, billy.
I died.
I didn't mean that, ray.
Look, you weren't supposed to be there.
Billy, you need help.
You have to turn yourself in.
Billy, don't do this.
Sorry, ray.
I i don't have a choice.
Billy, please don't do this.
Billy, please! This time you die for good! Ugh! Billy, wait! Whoa, we got trouble.
Where? - Millburn and delaware.
That's mulligan's tavern.
- We just came from there.
Well, "there" ain't gonna be for much longer from the readings i'm pulling.
He's really torching the place.
Billy, stop this, please! We have to get out of here! You don't have to go in, shal.
I'm going in.
Emma! Emma! emma! Emma! somebody help me! Shal, help me! Shal, help me! Come on.
Brennan, i got her.
Gotta get out of there.
You heard her, jess.
Let's move.
Oh no! Billy's in there.
I have to save him.
It's too dangerous.
I'm not going to let him just die.
I have to help him.
Billy's dead.
There's nothing you can do! Ray, listen to me! Okay? It's over.
You have to let emma go.
Move on.
Time to move on.
Emma? Shal, how did how did you? I don't know.
I guess my fear of losing you was stronger than my fear of the fire.
All i know is i don't want to try that again.
Let's go.
Hey, how are you feeling? More like myself, if that's what you mean.
I can only imagine what all of this must've been like for you.
It's like we were one.
You know, each of our life experiences, merged together to the point where i don't even know where i began and ray left off.
And now? I know that ray still wishes he could've saved billy, even after everything that he did.
Well, it doesn't matter what billy did, he was still his kid brother.
Went to see frank sanders.
I talked him into giving this to me.
I thought you should have it.
But i'm afraid this isn't mine to keep.
Well, you want me to come with you? No, thanks.
I think this is something i need to do alone.