My Adventures with Superman (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Zero Day (Part 2)

[dramatic music playing]
[Lois panting]
There's no sign of Superman
in Park Ridge or Midtown.
Steve, Cat and Ronnie
agreed to call
if their contacts
see something.
- Anything on Flamebird?
- [sighs] Nothing.
It's like he disappeared
off the face of the Earth.
[Flip] Which is why we're here.
[heroic music playing]
Nobody knows the streets
of Metropolis
better than the Newskid Legion.
Big Words brought
the walkie talkies.
Gaby made missing posters.
Even Patti is helping.
Flip, it's too dangerous.
- Go home, okay?
- I can't.
We can't.
Superman saved me.
Look, I don't know why
those people want to hurt him.
And it's weird and scary now.
But when I think
of helping Superman,
like he helped me,
I don't feel so small.
So, are we doing this or what?
[Lois chuckles softly]
Okay. Give us a walkie.
[chuckles softly]
Yes. We'll find him
and everything will be okay.
You'll see.
[electricity crackling]
Hello, Superman.
[sinister music playing]
[opening music playing]
Where am I?
[electricity crackling]
You're not going to punch your way
out of this one, Superman.
Now I need dates and numbers.
What what dates? I
When is the invasion?
How many of your kind
will come through this time?
This time?
You've you've met
others like me?
When? [groans]
After everything
you've done to us,
you dare still pretend
that you're the
innocent one here?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I've lived on Earth
my whole life.
Stop lying!
I was there on Zero Day,
and so were you.
[sweeping music playing]
[helicopters droning]
All right, listen up.
Seventy-two hours ago,
an unidentified flying object
broke through the atmosphere
- Sam, where are you?
- and touched down here.
[officer] This is a Division One classified site,
and you're here to secure it.
I'll be home soon. I promise.
- I can't believe you.
- Whoa!
Uh, hey Mandy.
Don't "Mandy" me!
You snuck into the command tent
to make a call!
What part of "Top Secret mission"
did you not get?
I guess, based on my actions,
the top secret part?
I'm gonna kill you.
Come on, Waller,
it's been three days of staring
at a hole in the ground.
You can't tell me this is what
you imagined when we enlisted.
Serving my country
without question?
Uh, yes, it is.
Besides, this is important.
So is this mission.
Get your head in the game.
You know, one day I'm not going
to be around to pull you out of trouble.
[thudding, rumbling]
[electricity crackling]
[laser firing]
[sinister music playing]
[mechanical whirring]
[laser firing]
[rock music playing]
[sinister music playing]
[sound humming]
[distant explosion]
[powering down]
[thudding, rumbling]
[melancholy music playing]
Every moment
I've spent every moment
of the past 22 years
seeing this when
I close my eyes.
Putting everything aside,
sacrificing everything,
in order to prepare Earth for your return.
But I wasn't going to let us
be taken by surprise again.
I created Task Force X.
I took the tech
you left behind
and turned your
weapons into ours.
I made the hard calls.
So that when your people
came back to finish
what they started,
we would be ready.
And then you showed up,
passing yourself off as a hero.
When we both know what you are.
A weapon!
So you're going to tell me
everything you know.
Who are you?
And why are you on Earth?
I, I don't know.
I always thought that
[crying softly] Why
why would they do this?
This is Jimmy.
He's not at the docks.
Have you found anything?
Nothing in Bakerline
or around the bay.
But we'll keep looking.
Over and out.
- [Jimmy] Hey. You okay?
- No.
Jimmy, I said awful
things to Clark.
I doubted him when
he needed us most.
I was wrong and now
he's gone and
And we are going to find him.
Of course.
[yelling] No!
You can't do this to me!
You promised me Superman!
He took everything from me!
But I am not finished with him!
I don't want to cage him.
- I want him to suffer!
- [Siobhan] Shut up!
[tense music playing]
[sinister music playing]
Superman's power level
remains suppressed throughout your interrogation.
The parasite collar
and Cadmus omega field
are working in
conjunction perfectly.
Seems Ivo lives up
to his own hype.
Too bad he's going insane.
Still, we can get some more
use out of him before he completely loses it.
We've spent so much
time guessing
about why Nemesis
Omega attacked.
And when it seems like
we finally have the answers in our grasp
What if we're wrong?
Tamp that talk down now.
Task Force X
doesn't make mistakes.
If his people age like us,
he's too young to have been
part of Zero Day.
- If he's innocent
- Innocent?
And what were our friends
who were slaughtered guilty of?
We, the only survivors
haven't made a mistake.
Superman is an invader.
And if he's compromised
your commitment
then it's time to
get rid of him.
We need information
more than revenge.
The only information we need
is how to take his kind down.
Get your head in the game.
If you can't do it,
then we turn him over to Ivo.
Are you having doubts
because of something real,
or is it because Superman
reminds you of her?
Think hard about
what you say next.
I am. And if you can't
make the right call,
then you're not the man I followed
for the last 22 years.
We're keeping Superman alive
for questioning.
It's my call, not yours.
[clicks, beeps]
Camera's off.
[chuckles evilly]
[electricity crackling]
[laughs maliciously, grunts]
[grunting continues]
Hey. You still want
to take down Superman?
[laughs maliciously]
[Dr. Ivo grunts]
[laughs evilly]
Rematch time, Superman!
No more constraints.
No more collars.
Just you and me, and the beatdown
of the century, buddy.
Let's see what
the Man of Steel's got!
I don't wanna hurt you.
[laughs smugly] Hurt me?
The only reason you won last time
is because you cheated!
You don't hurt me.
I hurt you!
[Superman groaning]
[dramatic music playing]
Wilson! Waller! Code orange!
If you're trying
to trick me like last time,
it's not going to work.
I don't need your power.
There's power everywhere!
What do you say now, cheater?
I won't fight you, Ivo.
I don't I never
wanted to fight anyone.
I only wanted to help.
Well, then I guess
you're just gonna die.
[The General] Ivo!
Stand down. Now.
No! He's mine.
[roars hysterically]
[intense music playing]
[glass shattering]
[The General]
Open fire on my command.
Yeah, I don't think so.
[grunts, groans]
Bye-bye, Black Ops.
[Lois in distance] Clark
Clark! Where are you?
Well, this has been fun.
But we've got places to be.
[grunts, pants]
[breathing heavily]
[tires screech]
We found him! We found him!
- We're at 47th and Whoa!
- [pants]
It's not safe.
Leave me.
I've got him, everyone.
Meet us back at
the Newskid clubhouse.
[mellow music plays]
[door creaking softly]
- Clark.
- Are you okay?
[Superman] Lois. Remember when you
asked me who I was?
Why I'm here?
I finally have
an answer for you.
I'm a weapon.
I'm an alien invader
sent to kill you all.
No! You would
never hurt anyone.
You help people.
I saw it, Jimmy!
The day my people sent me
here to invade Earth,
I saw my spaceship
come through with an armada.
And it makes sense.
Why else would I be able
to shoot fire from my eyes, to rip apart steel?
I'm made for destruction.
The Earth's
better off without me.
I won't accept that.
You're not a weapon.
You're a person.
[people screaming]
[footsteps thudding]
[people screaming]
Superman! Come out,
come out, wherever you are.
Or I'll make you come to me.
[laughs wickedly]
This is all my fault.
My people brought
these weapons here.
I'm the only one
who can stop him.
Clark! You can't beat him
in your condition,
and he's just getting stronger
with every building he drains and
People are getting hurt, Lois.
I have to try.
[thudding, glass breaking]
[people shouting, screaming]
- [Superman] Ivo!
- [growling]
Took you long enough.
Do whatever you want with me,
but leave the people of Metropolis out of
[Dr. Ivo laughs evilly]
How about no!
- What?
- [Superman straining]
More power!
I need more!
[roars] More!
[Superman grunting]
[straining, grunts]
[glass breaking]
[Superman groaning]
[laughs evilly]
No, no, no, no.
[pants] We have to help.
How do we help?
I have an idea.
Hi, Birdwatchers.
You know me as Flamebird.
But my real name
is Jimmy Olsen.
Superman's best friend.
And I'm Lois Lane,
A reporter for
the Daily Planet.
Metropolis is under attack.
Superman is out there
right now defending us.
But he can't do this
on his own.
When I first met Superman,
I didn't know how to feel.
He was stronger than us,
faster, more powerful.
And every single day,
he went out there,
and used that power to help us.
People have told you to fear Superman because
he's different from us.
But we humans are capable
of causing hurt and pain too.
Because of greed.
Because we want to punish those
who don't look or act like us.
Because of fear.
But we're also
capable of greatness.
It's what we choose
to do that matters.
Superman's made his choice.
It's our turn, Metropolis.
So please, turn off your power.
Shut off your
building's breakers,
your generators,
do anything you can
to starve Parasite of energy.
Superman has saved this city
over and over again.
It's time for us
to save Superman.
You lose!
[electricity powering off]
[Flip] Come on, Superman.
Honey, turn off the lights.
[boy] We have to help Superman!
[child] Mom, I'm scared.
[whispering voices]
[woman] Superman will save us.
[electricity buzzing]
What did you do?
You did something!
[screaming] You cheated again!
Dr. Ivo,
I know you're in there.
Please stand down.
I won't let you hurt
the people of this city
or anyone ever again.
You aren't the hero here!
You're not even human!
- You turned me into a monster!
- [grunts]
[Superman straining]
You chose to be a monster, Ivo.
[yells] Then what
does that make an alien freak like you?
[Superman exclaims]
Don't you read the paper?
I'm Superman.
[crying softly]
[people chattering, cheering]
Yay! He did it!
We did it!
[soft music playing]
- Clark!
- [grunts]
I'm okay.
I'm okay, Jimmy.
Of course you are.
Get used to me being
right here because
I am never letting you
go again, buddy.
Oh, uh, hmm
I heard everything you said.
- Lois, I
- I know.
I meant every word.
The world is better
with you in it.
My world is better
with you in it.
So don't ever worry me
like that again, Smallville.
I love you. And
[Lois grunts]
[enchanting music playing]
I love you, too.
[Lois chuckles softly]
[Jimmy grunts]
[chuckles softly]
We need to talk, General.
About Superman.
We? There is no "we" here.
It was my call what to do with him,
and it's still my call.
Not anymore.
Our superiors have been
displeased at your failure
to take lethal action
against the invader.
At the cost of civilian lives!
And what do you call
what happened today?
[snaps fingers]
[people screaming]
As of now,
I am authorized by Checkmate
and the Government of the United States of America
to relieve you of your duties.
You are no longer head
of Task Force X.
I am.
Oh, and General?
From now on, we're taking a different track
in regards to Superman.
Ivo's last invention.
The Omega Cannon.
It should weaken the alien enough for you
to carry out your new mission.
Track down
and terminate Superman.
[sinister music playing]
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