My Adventures with Superman (2023) s02e02 Episode Script

Adventures with My Girlfriend

[alarm ringing]
[Waller groans]
You are the master
of your destiny.
You control the outcome
of this day.
The universe gives
what you bring to it.
Today, you bring fire,
[alarm stops]
[upbeat music playing]
Two sugars. No milk.
Your coffee just the way
you like it.
- What's the occasion?
- Oh, Sam. That's easy.
Today's the day you talk.
[opening music playing]
Where ever my dad is,
Waller probably has him on lockout
and probably in some new base
as you compromised the last one,
We just need to track them down.
We'll search the entire city.
And if he's not here
then he's probably somewhere
so hidden, we'll never find him.
There's not a chance
that will happen.
Not with Lois Lane,
the planet's best investigative
journalist on the trail.
- Thanks, Clark.
- And I know there hasn't been
a great time to discuss this,
but there's something
I've been meaning to tell you.
- Lois.
- [kid] Excuse me
- Are you Clark Kent and Lois Lane?
- Yes. Can we help you?
No, but Superman can.
I know you're friends with him.
Can you give him
a message for me?
Of course. What do you
need me to tell Superman?
I'm Billy, and this is my dad.
He's a volunteer librarian
at Stryker's Prison.
Dad said something weird
was going on at work.
That people were disappearing,
and then he never came home.
I can't find him,
but Superman can do anything.
So, can you ask him
to find my dad?
- Please?
- We will, I promise.
Thank you so much.
Tell him I'll be waiting
for him at home.
Missing people sounds
a lot like Task Force X.
I'll tell Jimmy to meet us there.
Let's get over to Stryker's.
Of course I'm in!
- I'm on my way right
- Where are you going, Olsen?
[chuckles] Oh, Pear-Pear.
No time to talk.
I gotta go meet up
with Clark and Lois.
Nope. You've got a division to run.
W-What about my team?
Clark and Lois aren't your team.
Meet team Flamebird.
Or Fire Flock.
Or whatever your kids call it?
[cat hissing]
[chuckles] Mr. White,
I'm a one man operation.
Olsen, we need a constant
stream of videos every day.
That's the "daily" part
of Daily Planet.
So far Flamebird, AKA you,
have posted nothing.
So now you have Steve and
the new intern [car hisses]
and the new intern,
who can shoot videos,
getting us the content we need
to finally get one over on Vicki.
Do not leave them behind.
- Got it?
- Ahhh! [cat hisses]
Guys, stop chasing the cat!
Mr. White, the interns
aren't listening to me.
[laughs heartily]
You know, it's moments like this that
[laughs hysterically]
[Flip] Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy!
Jimmy said he got held up
and to go ahead. So
Okay, here's the plan to sneak in.
I'm a wealthy, gorgeous widow.
- You are my beautiful bodyguard
- Huh?
who has fallen for me but
can't reveal your true feelings.
I'm here to make
a large donation to the library wing.
- We get in, nab a key card, and go!
- Beautiful bodyguard? That's
Lois, we don't have time for that.
Let's just go with my plan.
Okay, well what's your Ahhh!
[shakily] Uh, I'm okay
with this plan so far.
This is the wing
the library's located in
but where are the prisoners?
[door crumbling]
The whole wing is empty.
Wait. This wall has fresh paint.
It's a door
Is that an elevator shaft?
It goes down for miles.
I can't even see where it ends.
- Huh?
- No.
You don't even know
what I'm going to do!
Yeah. You're going to jump
down the elevator shaft.
[scoffs] What?
No. [chuckles nervously]
Lois, I I can see
you inching towards it.
Huh? What? No!
I would never [gasps]
Oh no, I slipped!
Wow, you really like
jumping off things.
Because I know you'll
always catch me, Smallville.
Now let's see where this all
I was right.
It is Task Force X.
I can't see through the walls.
They're reinforced with something
that's blocking my X-ray vision.
Then we go back to my plan.
Hello, colleagues.
[chuckles nervously]
I'm here to relieve you
for my shift! [laughs]
[guns cocking]
Okay, that didn't work.
[guards grunting]
Clark, look!
The Beacon is here.
Beacon? What Beacon?
This is what I wanted
to talk about, earlier.
In Antarctica, I found out
my cousin also escaped Krypton.
With that Beacon, I can find her!
Wait, wait, wait, slow down.
You want to call in
more Kryptonians and
[Waller] Let's try this again.
[Lois gasps]
We can talk about this later.
We have to save my dad!
What would you like to tell me
about your hidden safe-houses, Sam?
Establishing rapport
with your captives via favors?
Come on, Mandy.
I taught you that one.
I have a fraction of the
high-level tech I should have.
I know you hid most of that.
Just tell me where.
If you had the situation under
control, you would have found it.
If you were as secure in your
position as you pretended to be,
you wouldn't have hidden it.
I know a failsafe
when I see one.
I know a failure when I see one, too.
Is that what you're
calling Antarctica?
[Waller] And how do you
know about that?
I ran this operation for two decades.
You can lock me up,
but I'll always know what's happening.
And if I don't,
I'll just read it on your face.
Task Force X is still mine.
And you know it.
Very dramatic, Sam.
Is this the way you speak
to your daughter?
You're right. You ran things
for two decades,
and I played second fiddle.
But just like I know
how you take your coffee
I know how to break you.
[door opens]
Waller send you in?
Tell her
Dad! I'm here to rescue you!
- No!
- Don't worry, I brought Superman!
[chuckles nervously]
[yells] No!
Okay, people.
All we have to do is make a video.
I've got most of one done
on the Mermaids of Metropolis Bay, so
Mermaids is yesterday's news!
Olsen, let me tell you about an opportunity
to increase our metrics ten-folds.
[cat hissing]
One word
- Yachts.
- What?
Picture this.
A Metropolis nautical adventure starring
- the most debonair name in news
- Ooh! I love boats.
We just went on a field trip
to the marina
I call my boat guy,
we get us a sloop
with Big Words and Gaby but
make an entire series
featuring me on the high seas.
play volleyball. [gasps]
We should make a volleyball video!
Hey! You gotta stick with the vision.
Yachts is the vision!
- It's a vehicle and a lifestyle, Flip!
- We gotta think big!
- That's epic!
- Epic!
- No one plays volleyball.
- Volleyball! Volleyball!
What we need
is to bond as a team.
And what better way
to do that than a team field trip
to somewhere like, I don't know,
let's say, uh, Stryker's prison!
Can we bring the cat?
[cat meows]
Bring the whole team.
Perry can't get mad if it's
the whole team! Let's go!
[sigh] Dad, come on!
You're slowing down your own rescue.
Because you shouldn't be here!
How could you put yourself
in danger like this?
Well, you were kidnapped!
I had to act or else
So you rushed in with no clue what
you were up against?
Were you trying to get yourself killed?
Or was that just a byproduct
of this incredibly foolish plan?
Sir. Lois was concerned
about you.
And why did you bring the alien?
Where's that weirdo, Kent?
How can he call himself your boyfriend
- and then let you come here alone?
- Clark was busy!
- And Superman helped me find you.
- I didn't want you to find me!
Mandy and I have
an understanding, a history.
You're out of your depth here, Lois.
I've got this under control.
With all due respect, the fact you were
locked in your own cell means no, you don't.
Dad, will you give us a second?
[chuckles nervously]
Stop picking fights with my dad
while we're in the middle of rescuing him!
Me? Lois, he kidnapped me.
He literally started it.
Seriously? You want to argue
about this right now?
Look, I'm more concerned about
finding Billy's dad.
Plus we still need
to locate the Beacon
- I don't know if we should!
- What?
You said the Beacon
was from Zero Day.
That was a failed
invasion, Clark. Uh
And we don't know
anything about your cousin and
- My father said
- Let's just find Billy's dad
and get him and my dad out.
Dad? Dad!
How did Lane get out of his
cell seconds after I left?
He was the boss for 22 years.
He probably has back ways
we don't know about.
Not here. I built this place [exclaims]
- General!
- Don't worry, I got it.
You see, Mandy?
You can't run this
operation without me.
We can still protect
this planet together.
As long as you
get to be number one?
Sorry, Sam.
I'm not playing
by those rules anymore.
[laughs evilly]
And since you've made it clear
that I can't control you,
I'll just have to eliminate you.
Agent Martin, if you please.
Who tries to
un-rescue themselves?
An egotistical man
who's used to getting his own way?
Okay, I know you're
not a fan of my dad.
But can you set
your feelings aside and just
Lois, I did set them aside.
That's the only reason I'm down here.
Then why are you upset?
I'm upset because of how he treats you.
You are amazing,
and he makes you feel small.
I can forgive a lot,
but I can't forgive him for that.
[The General screams] Lois!
Get out of here! Now!
[Lois screams]
[laughs evilly]
We need to lose them!
What do you think
we're trying to do, Dad?
Hold on!
What is Task Force X
doing to these people?
I I don't know.
I have no idea what this place is.
- [voice] Superman?
- It's all right, Sir. Billy sent us.
Can you tell us what happened?
I I was working
in the library by Cellblock C.
Everything was fine until I realized
the inmates were going missing.
All of them
are non-violent offenders,
mostly people who can't pay bail.
When I asked too many questions,
I woke up here.
They said no one
would come for us,
because no one would care
if these people disappeared.
They've been running
tests on them.
Messing with some
weird technology.
[Superman] They're turning
people into living weapons.
Like what happened
to Livewire, but on purpose.
The Agent who
fought you in Antarctica,
they must be testing out
Kryptonian technology on these people,
and, and then using
whatever works on their soldiers.
That stops now.
I can't believe this.
- How could she do this to civilians?
- [Waller] Easily.
I do what I must,
then I thank them for their service
to the United States of America.
Agent Martin?
[all screaming]
Come on! Everybody out!
Go, go, go!
After the test subjects.
Agent Martin will
take care of Superman.
No! Of course this
would happen today!
[ground rumbling]
[all gasping]
Looks like we got our story.
Oh, no, I am not sending
interns into a fiery inferno.
You are staying behind.
And I can't believe
I'm asking this,
but you said you have
a boat guy, right?
[Superman grunts]
[gasps] The Beacon!
You, Man of Steel, have no
idea what you're up against.
I'm designed to beat you.
I'm designed to annihilate you.
Consider yourself obsolete.
[laughs evilly]
[both straining]
[both grunting]
[Waller] Another dead end, Sam.
You can't do this.
It's against our code!
Our ethics!
See, this is why I let Livewire
and the other prisoners escape.
So Checkmate could see what I saw.
- That you were too soft to lead us.
- You
You sabotaged the mission.
You sabotaged me.
The problem with you is that
you think those two are the same.
The mission is to keep Earth safe.
And if we have to lose a handful
of humans to save humanity?
Well then, so be it.
Wilson, you can't let this happen.
This is bigger than all of us!
Should've let me
take the shot, Lane.
[ship horn blares]
Hey! Over here!
Hey! Lois! I'm here!
Take them out!
[man] Damnit, Superman.
- Lois!
- We got a sloop!
Everybody. Jump!
[grunts] What?
[helicopters hovering]
[ship horn blares]
[grunting and clearing throat]
- Are you all right?
- Yeah. You?
Uh, there's something
we need to talk about.
Clark, it's all right. I'm sorry
about fighting with you earlier.
Let's just
talk later, okay?
Sure. Later.
She was willing to hurt civilians.
I thought I knew the mission,
knew the people I had
surrounded myself with
What have I created?
At least now I know what to do.
Lay low.
Go off the grid.
Come and stay with me.
I've been compromised, Lois.
I can't risk you.
I've got it!
You can stay with
Clark and Jimmy.
That way you're not risking me,
but still close by!
- Uh, well, I [laughs nervously]
- Sounds good.
That way Kent can make up
for the fact that he let
- my daughter go into danger alone.
- [exclaiming nervously]
Excellent, then we have a plan.
[Checkmate operative]
You turned our top secret operation
into a breaking news event.
This will not happen again.
I have everything under control.
That's what Lane said.
Are we in for a repeat, Waller?
Pull it together. You weren't the
only choice to lead this group.
[electricity crackling]
My apologies for not reaching
you sooner, General Waller.
I'd ask who you are, but I'm more
interested in how you found us.
And how you did that.
I'm the one who built
the parasite suit.
- I was Ivo's assistant
- [groans]
And I worked on this tech.
Your tech.
As for finding you,
it was a simple matter
of tracing where the Tech originated.
And here we are.
Someone told me that to achieve
the future I want,
I need to carve my own path.
So that's what I'm going to do.
I want to help you safeguard Earth
from all that threaten it.
Aliens and Supermen.
General! Containment went down,
I'm heading af
Forty-five seconds too late, Wilson.
While you were behind,
this young man took care of Ivo.
[grunts softly]
- What's your name?
- Al Uh.
[chuckles softly]
Lex. Lex Luthor.
Your new lead scientist.
Well then, Lex.
I have one last question for you.
How do you take your coffee?
[closing music playing]
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