My Adventures with Superman (2023) s02e08 Episode Script

The Death of Clark Kent

[Brainiac] Hello, son of Jor-El.
- [Superman] Brainiac, what is this?
- The Black Mercy.
A Kryptonian device that traps
your conscious mind inside of it
allowing me to see and interact
with your memories.
- You wanna trap me?
- [Brainiac] Not quite.
Kandor is falling apart.
The machine that houses
my AI is dying.
If I am to rebuild the Empire,
I'll need a new body.
I am not going to let you do that.
I'm getting out,
and I'm taking Kara with me.
[Brainiac] Oh, Kal-El.
You think you have a choice.
How did I
You made me lose my robots.
[Brainiac] Rejoice, son of Jor-El!
Your death
heralds the rebirth of Krypton.
[Brainiac] Now let's find your weakness.
So I can kill you.
[opening music playing]
[gasps] Who is that?
That is Clark's evil,
malicious, kidnapping
- Hey, Kara.
- Jimmy Flamebird!
Uh, what are you doing here?
I stole the ship to find you.
I mean, uh
Me, Lois, Mallah and Brain all
stole the ship to find you
We're here for Clark.
So either you tell us where he is,
- or I will
- Just come on board and we'll explain.
Jimmy, no.
There is no way I am letting
the alien kidnapper on this
[door dings]
- Uh
- Hey.
- We never got to say good
- You have
No, no, no. You
You go first.
Uh, it is just good you are here.
It's good to be here
in space where we are.
Yes. [chuckles]
Where we are
Oh. [chuckles nervously]
I forgot. We need to fix, uh, things.
We'll just be in the lab, uh,
repairing all the things.
- Ahem!
- Right! Kara, this is my friend, Lois.
Lois, this is my, uh Kara.
You're the one who kidnapped Clark.
You're the one in Kal-El's memories.
The one who rejected him.
Yes, but I'm here
to make things right.
Where is he?
Is he okay?
I brought him to meet Father.
But then something went wrong.
Then I visited the planets in
the Empire, and they were
Father must be malfunctioning.
That's why I need your help.
I think Kal-El is in danger.
You put a target on my back!
[Brainiac] Oh.
That must have hurt, Kal-El.
[Brainiac] Hmm.
[Leslie grunts]
[Brainiac] Well, that's disappointing.
She challenged you physically,
but you still overpowered her.
This doesn't help me at all.
Now, this is promising.
[Superman grunts]
[Brainiac] One of your
weakest moments
- against one of your strongest foes.
- [Dr. Ivo growling]
[Superman grunting]
[Brainiac] But you
still stopped him, too.
How? Where does this last-minute
strength come from, Kal-El?
[Superman grunts]
[Jimmy faintly] Jimmy Olsen,
Superman's best friend.
Superman has saved this city
over and over again.
- It's time for us to save him.
- Lois, Jimmy.
[Brainiac] Interesting
- Who are they?
- No!
[metal creaking]
[Superman grunting]
[Brainiac] Your spacecraft
isn't your enemy.
Why are you doing this?
[Brainiac] No.
Wrong question.
Who are you doing this for?
[Brainiac] I see.
- You're protecting them.
- [Superman grunting]
[Brainiac] Who are
these people to you, Kal-El?
[Superman grunts]
Kal-El is on Kandor.
Father must cycle his artificial
consciousness through the power core
and his central mainframe
for maintenance each day.
During that time,
his drones are inoperative.
- That's when we sneak onto the ship.
- Brain and I shall stay behind
to make necessary repairs, and,
uh, to add new features to
Okay, we've been over this.
Only repairs.
We get Clark, we go. That's it.
[chuckles] Of course, mademoiselle.
- Jimmy, while you retrieve Kal-El
- [Lois] And me. We're both going.
Fine. While both of you
retrieve Kal-El,
I'll speak with Father.
Something's not right.
I don't know what,
but I will get the truth.
- And then what?
- You take Kal-El and you leave.
I mean, what happens to you?
I I have always been
a warrior for the Empire.
What else is there?
There is a whole universe, Kara.
[Kara gasps]
Stay close.
[door hums]
[Lois and Jimmy scream]
- [Lois] They're switched off.
- Father's maintenance has begun.
I will find and distract Father
in the mainframe.
This is the path
to the observation deck.
- That's where he's keeping Kal-El.
- Great. Let's go, Jimmy.
Thanks and good luck
- Kara.
- Wait!
I I wanted to say
that I feel towards you
Jimmy, I feel
admiration for you.
[chuckles nervously]
Admiration for you, yes,
as the leader of the planet.
I know you'll succeed in this mission.
Good luck.
"Leader of the planet"? Jimmy,
what did you tell her you do?
Oh. Nothing. Whatever.
I'll tell you later.
Okay. Anything you say,
Fearless Leader.
[Jimmy] Don't do that.
[Brainiac] These two matter.
You're trying to stop me
from seeing them.
[Superman straining]
[Brainiac] No, wait.
I see the anguish in your eyes.
You're not trying to hide them from me.
You're trying to hide them
from yourself.
[grunts] That's ridiculous.
- You don't understand anything.
- [Brainiac] But I do, Kal-El.
These people, you protect them.
You love them.
But you fear they do not love you.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
[Brainiac] No?
Then let's test my theory.
Earth is for Earthlings.
[audience agreeing]
[Brainiac] Rejection.
- [The General] He's different.
- He is.
[Brainiac] Betrayal.
[cell phone ringing]
[Brainiac] You don't belong
on Earth, Kal-El.
You know it, and they know it.
Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane,
your so-called friends.
[Clark grunts]
[Brainiac] Oh, I understand now.
- What drives you is also your weakness.
- No!
[Brainiac] You strive to
prove yourself to them. To her.
They are the key to your undoing.
The love you have for these people
makes you vulnerable.
No one can defeat you physically.
But mentally, you are weak.
You're wrong, Brainiac.
Love, friendship, kindness.
That doesn't make me weak.
It makes me who I am.
[Brainiac] You deny
what is in your own mind?
Oh, Kal-El. Let us see what
your friends truly think of you.
[Dr. Ivo roaring]
[Superman grunting]
Superman used his powers
to save us countless times.
I thought he was a hero.
I was wrong.
Superman's a freak
and he doesn't belong on Earth.
[Jimmy] Wow, this is a lot more
- falling apart than I thought it would be.
- Look.
There's the observation deck.
Where is he?
He's supposed to be here.
[drones whirring]
[both gasp]
[both panting]
Father, what are you doing?
[Brainiac] It is not your concern.
It is my concern.
You're malfunctioning, Father.
I I went to the planets
in the Empire.
They're all destroyed.
- And now, whatever you're doing with Clark
- [Brainiac] His name is Kal-El.
You just keep disappointing me, Kara.
Each time you failed.
The worlds you found
were lacking, rebellious.
Unfit for anyone,
let alone true Kryptonians.
What are you talking about?
- [both] I did everything you asked, Father.
- [gasps]
[Brainiac] I am tired of having
this same conversation, Kara.
"These planets are worthy.
They are beautiful.
They are special."
You refused to destroy them,
even under direct orders.
So I made you comply.
It was you.
You wiped my memories.
You lied to me over and over.
[Brainiac] I was molding you
into a true Kryptonian.
It was easy when you were young.
But the older you grew,
the more you deviated
from what was right.
Fortunately, Kal-El came
to us at the perfect time.
Now I shall use him to build
a better, brighter Krypton,
one that will outlast
all that came before.
I won't let you. [grunts]
Lois, what are you saying?
We don't need an outsider's help.
This isn't true.
You're twisting my memories.
I know what's real!
[Brainiac] As do I.
We're watching it right now.
This never happened.
Lois wouldn't
[Brainiac] Foolish Kal-El.
- Let me show you the truth.
- No!
[Brainiac] What is this?
You shouldn't be able to do this.
You don't get to control
what's in my mind. [grunting]
[Brainiac] What are you doing?
You're amazing.
I love going on adventures
with you, Clark.
This is real.
This is what actually happened,
not your twisted version.
Hmm. Are you sure
about that, Kal-El?
[groans softly]
It's time we rid the world of you.
- You don't belong here.
- No.
This isn't how it happened.
[gun charging]
[Lois] It doesn't matter
what you do,
who you save or how you try to help.
You will never be one of us.
[gun charging and firing]
You will never belong here.
We will never accept you.
And Clark, it does bother me
- that you're not human.
- No. No, this didn't happen.
Did it? I
No, no! It couldn't have.
[Brainiac] These are
your memories, Kal-El.
Yes, but you did something to them.
You must have.
Lois would never hurt me like this.
[Brainiac] Oh?
This won't work, Clark.
- We don't work.
- Lois, are you
are you breaking up with me?
[Brainiac] And what about this one?
- Is this memory real, Kal-El?
- Yes.
This happened.
[Brainiac] Do you finally see?
No one trusts you.
No one wants you.
[chuckles] Not even the woman
you love the most.
[Superman grunting]
- [Brainiac] You see why I have to do this?
- [Kara grunting]
- [Brainiac] Stop fighting me, Kara.
- No. [grunts]
- [Brainiac] Accept the truth, Kal-El.
- No.
[roars] Nooo!
Let him go!
Get out of my head!
Ma, Pa!
I'm I'm home.
I am home.
I'm so sorry, Father.
[Brainiac] For what, daughter?
- Being weak?
- [gasps]
[both panting]
[Kara grunts]
[Superbrainiac] Oh, daughter.
You disappoint me.
[Lois] Clark!
What What have
you done to him?
There is no more Kal-El.
There is only the Machine
who is Empire.
[Kara grunts]
[straining] Leave them alone.
Oh, daughter.
[Jimmy and Lois] No!
- It is the fall of Krypton all over again.
- [Kara grunts]
[Superbrainiac] Kryptonians aren't born.
- They are built.
- [Kara grunting]
Genetically engineering each generation
physically stronger than the last.
I was created to be
the greatest mind of Krypton.
Built to defend and uphold the
ideals of our people. [grunting]
Then, they grew weak.
But the worst part, Kara?
Their weakness infected me.
Even now, I hesitate
because when I see you,
I see a child in an escape pod
reaching out for me.
I love you, my daughter.
But love must be purged
for the Empire to rise.
No! You are gonna get out
of my best friend's body
and let all of us go, right now.
[Kara grunting]
[breathing heavily]
- Jimmy
- Foolish human.
You will kill Kara and Kal-El,
while I can move my mind
to whatever vessel I wish.
[laughs] You are
no longer necessary.
[air whooshing]
[all screaming]
[both scream]
[Kara grunts]
Is everyone okay?
Uh, Monsieur Clark.
He is still, uh
[Jimmy panting]
What do we do now?
- I'm going after Clark.
- Lois!
[Jimmy] Lois? Lois!
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