My Brilliant Friend (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

La Rabbia (The Anger)

1 He's always hungry.
I don't have enough milk.
Sit down, keep me company.
Thank you for the blanket, you shouldn't have.
- It's beautiful.
- It's my pleasure.
- Tell me something.
- What can I tell you? I don't see anybody.
I study all day and when I have time I tutor.
You're right to study.
Don't ever get married, but above all don't have kids.
- What do you mean? - You might get one as ugly as this.
- Why do you say that? He's beautiful! - No, he's ugly.
He's uglier than Rino.
Everyone's ugly in that family.
Hi, Pinù.
Lenù, what a nice surprise.
- Good evening, Signora Maria.
- Good evening.
There's heaps of people downstairs.
Come see.
- What are they doing? - St.
Anthony's bonfire.
The fire takes away ailments and the evil eye.
So many kids.
Let's close it.
It's cold.
Are you still working in the grocery store? - Your friend left - Forget about it.
- She's not working there? - Don't you know? Lila decided to work in the shoe store.
No, I didn't know.
I thought she didn't care about the shoes.
My poor son, he only ever does what she wants.
She raised hell to get herself in there, she goes to work done up like a TV showgirl.
She spent a fortune refitting the shop.
She bought paintings and has put books on the shelves.
Books? The Solaras have taken Cerullo shoe styles and are producing them in a factory on the outskirts.
Rino and Stefano protested, but the Solaras don't give a shit.
You know what Lila had the nerve to say? Tell her.
"You gave those shoes to them, you had dealings with the Solaras.
If you're a pair of jerks, what can I do?" Now Stefano is afraid Lila will make new styles for the Solaras.
- She won't.
- Have you spoken to her? No, I haven't seen her since Ischia.
She'd never do it, I know her.
If something catches her attention, she gets caught up, but then she loses interest.
See? It's all right.
If Lenuccia says so I've got to go.
Come on, stay a while longer, please.
I'll come back some other time.
If you like, come back and visit me again.
I never go out.
We need big logs.
Go and get big logs, put these on the ground.
Big logs, now! Give me that box.
- Hi, Lenù.
- Hi, Enzo.
Carmela, Enzo's back? He's only got two days' leave, but he finishes in two months.
Ada! You open up tomorrow, I'll be in later.
Don't forget, the supplier's coming.
Don't worry.
See you tomorrow.
Stefano's always sad and pissed off because of your friend.
See what she's done to him? Pinuccia mentioned something.
Yes? Did she tell you how Michele drives her home in his car? - Everyone's seen her.
- With Michele? Antonio! What are you doing just standing there? Come and help us.
- Is Antonio back, too? - Yes.
And you didn't tell me? - I never see you.
- I have to study a lot.
He's been discharged, they say he had a breakdown.
He doesn't sleep at night and he can't find peace.
I wondered what I had to do with these shabby stories, with the Solaras' petty vendetta, with this anxiety over money.
And how could Lila, after Ischia, after Nino, go back to dealing with those camorrists? Hi, Antonio.
Hi, Lenù.
How are you? Pasquale's right, there's nothing here.
What do you mean? Work.
And if I don't get better, I can't work.
What happened to you? I got scared.
- Scared? - One night.
On guard duty, to pass the time, I started thinking about a game I played with my father.
He drew eyes on his fingers, then a mouth, and moved them like puppets.
I don't know how, but all at once I felt that those puppets had entered my hand and were moving all by themselves.
And then they spoke to me.
I tried to make them stop, but they wouldn't.
So I bashed my hand against the sentry box, so hard it bled.
I'm still afraid, Lenù.
I'm afraid it'll start up again any minute.
Can I help you? Come, let's go see.
Throw it in! Pasquale, you had a great idea this year.
Be careful, kids! Carmela, go and call Mamma, tell her to come down.
Throw it in! St.
Anthony, St.
Anthony, take the old and give us the new St.
Anthony, St.
Anthony, take the old and give us the new Antonio, what's going on? I don't know.
Pasquale, see Carmela? What's going on? Run, Mamma's locked herself in and won't answer! Mamma, don't you feel well? Mamma, open the door! Answer me! Speak! Help! - What happened? - Something terrible! Call for help! Help! Call someone! Pasquale See that, Lenù? She has nail polish on only one foot.
Mamma, talk to me! That day I promised myself I'd get my diploma, I'd apply for a job and get as far away as possible from all that disgusting mess.
You write very well.
Do you really believe that nothing is destined to last, not even poetry? Leopardi thinks that.
Are you sure? But the lava also burns the broom.
And the day the sun cools, everything will die.
Even poetry and poets.
And if you had to talk about beauty starting from Leopardi? Beauty is deceit.
Like the Leopardian garden? I don't know about the garden, but like the sea on a calm day, like the sky at night.
It's face powder applied over horror.
If we remove it, we are left alone with our fear.
Greco! The teacher wants to talk to you.
I hope you wish to keep studying.
You could try for the Normale, the university in Pisa, do you know it? - No.
- It's a very important university.
If you passed the admissions exam, it would be free, even board and lodging.
Think it over.
If you're interested, come back tomorrow.
I'll give you all the information.
- I'll go back up.
- Be right there.
It's a huge opportunity, promise you'll think about it.
I'm not good enough.
You have to do an exam like this one, why not try? - I had too many uncertainties.
- What uncertainties? You did well.
I have to talk to you.
Do you have any news of Sarratore? Tell me the truth.
It's the truth.
I haven't heard from him, nor has my daughter.
I haven't seen him for months.
- Did he drop you, too? - Me? Nadia's convinced he left her for you.
There's never been anything between us.
Better that way.
Tell Nadia I had nothing to do with it.
Of course.
He broke up with Nadia in a very unpleasant way.
He sent her a few lines, she suffered horribly.
Never mind, you're young, sorrow helps one grow.
Good luck, Elena.
I'll go up, I'm needed for the exams.
Thank you, miss.
After the exam, I treated myself to a stroll around Naples.
During winter, I often thought of the previous summer, when Lila, Nino and I were a happy trio.
What happened after that? She didn't contact me, nor did he.
But why should I worry about them when they didn't care about me? As I was lost in these thoughts, I realized, too late, that I had ended up in Piazza dei Martiri.
I didn't know anything about Lila's new habits.
Did she stay in the store for lunch or go to a bar? Did she walk along the seafront, or maybe take a nap inside? - Who is it? - Elena.
Lenù! You look so different.
It's been so long! Where have you been? Studying for my high school diploma.
You're such a good girl.
Come in.
I'm not that good.
If you have to do something, you do it.
How come you're working here? I don't want to hide anything from you.
You can come out, it's Lenù.
Sit down.
We didn't tell you to avoid putting you in a dangerous situation.
- Do you understand? - Sure.
I understand.
We meet here, secretly.
But now it's all going to change.
We want our own place, our own life.
I can't bear living apart from him anymore.
I'm pregnant.
I've saved a little money.
I've applied for an apartment.
12 thousand a month, we're going to live there.
- Then what will you do? - Do what? About Stefano, for money? I'm so happy, don't put sad ideas into my head.
Stefano will understand.
I'll make him a nice dinner and I'll explain everything.
We'll see about the money later.
Nino will write articles, he'll find a job.
Maybe he'll take a little longer to finish his exams, but we'll live together like a real family.
What need is there to leave Stefano? You're good at telling lies, you've told him so many.
You can keep doing it.
Telling lies has stopped me from being killed.
But enough now.
Now I'd rather be killed than go on like this.
I have to go, I have lots to do before I leave for Pisa.
- Pisa? - Yes.
I'm going to the Normale, an important university.
- Well done, Lenù.
- Bye.
- Wait, I'll help you.
- I'll go, they might see you.
Bye, Lenù.
Where will you get the money? The train alone costs a fortune! If I win the scholarship, I won't spend a cent.
And if you don't win it? Besides, do you think you won't need money to live in Pisa? I've saved a little from tutoring, I gave you the rest.
Are you going to rub our nose in the pennies you gave us? Stop it! I'm not going to stand here and listen to your bullshit! It's not bullshit! I want to keep studying! I've always done what you wanted, worked in the house, now enough! Now I decide! I'm going to Pisa even if you don't want me to.
Don't overdo it, do what you have to do, but this time we can't help you.
Go to Pisa! Who gives a shit! I've always known that you think you're better than me, than everyone! My back hurts, it hurts here.
Who knows if I'll still be alive when you get back.
I'm going to rest up a little.
Kids, get off the bed.
Can we come to Pisa, too? I still have to get in, I have to do the entrance exam.
No! If you go, it's to get in.
Good morning.
Is it free? I'll help you, miss.
Do you want to sit by the window? Yes, thank you.
I, Elena Greco, the daughter of a porter, at 19, got myself out of the neighborhood, and left Naples for the first time.
It's so easy to talk about myself without Lila, events glide through time like luggage on an airport conveyor belt.
It's harder to talk about what happened to her when I left with my hopes for living and studying in Pisa.
The conveyer belt speeds up, curves sharply, the luggage falls off and opens, spilling its contents everywhere.
And her items finish up mixed in with mine.
Lila? Hi, Stefano.
I bought some pastries.
I took some to my mother's place, Rino and Pinuccia were there for lunch.
My nephew's growing up nice and strong.
What's wrong? Not hungry? Just eat a little bit, then we'll go to bed.
From tomorrow I'm not going to the shop anymore.
- Why? - Because I'm sick of it.
Who did you fight with, Marcello or Michele? That's not it.
Lila, be careful what you do.
Your brother and I are nearly at their throats as it is.
- Don't complicate things.
- I don't want to complicate anything.
But I'm not going there anymore.
Good, come back to the grocery store.
I don't want to go there either.
You want to stay at home? You're the one who wanted to work, I didn't ask you to.
- Is that true? - It's true.
So stay at home, that suits me fine.
I don't want to stay at home either.
If you don't want to stay at home, what the fuck do you want? I want to go.
Go, where? Wherever I want.
I'm leaving you.
We're husband and wife.
Husband and wife don't leave each other.
I'm leaving just the same, I don't want to be with you anymore.
I got everything wrong from the start.
I don't love you, I don't even like you.
I can't keep sleeping next to you.
Goddamnit! Try it and I'll kill you like they killed your father.
You wanna kill me? Then kill me.
You wanna go? Do what you want, go.
I gave you everything, I let you do everything.
Is this how you thank me? I raised you out of poverty, I made your father rich, your brother, that whole shitty family of yours.
You've ruined my appetite.
You can't even imagine how much I love you.
You can't imagine.
Lila? Ada.
What are you doing here? Am I disturbing you? Not at all.
Pasquale and Antonio are here.
Did you come about the unpaid accounts? Come in.
- Ada, who is it? - It's Stefano.
I'm glad you came, I'll show you those accounts.
Sit down.
- Hi, Stefano.
- Evening.
Hi, Stefano.
- Sit down.
- Yes.
I'll get the list.
Thank you.
Okay, but I don't want to disturb you, it's better if I see you tomorrow.
Just tell me whether they've paid.
No, none of them have, we'll have to call them all again.
It'll be the third time I've called.
I'm sick of it, no more credit.
They're not paying you? Not just them.
- Stefano - Thanks.
There's no money in the neighborhood.
We know that, but that's no reason to leave lots of debts everywhere.
Stefano I'm looking for a job, I'm done with the workshop.
Could you help me? I don't need anyone, Antonio.
Ask the Solaras.
The Solaras? If you go to the Solaras I'm done with you.
You hurt me, idiot! - What happened? - She hurt me.
I'll do it.
But be careful, don't hurt me.
How's Lila? She's at home, she's running a temperature.
In fact, I should go.
Excuse me.
Good night.
Bye, Stefano.
Bye, Ada.
Why did he come? I'm going to see what's wrong with Mamma.
Why are you crying? Mamma loves you.
Man wants to dominate storms and ice, but he's still too far behind and the sun still prevails.
So man plans to steal the strength of the sun and bend it with his laboratory experiments.
Stefano, what's going on? I haven't heard from Lila for days, you said she had a fever.
I came by and knocked yesterday, today.
No one answered.
Will you tell me how Lila is? I don't know.
It's not true that she's sick.
She's gone, she's left me.
She's left me, she's gone! Holy mother! Where is she? You've never understood a thing about my sister.
She shouldn't have worked with the Solaras.
Lila's always been a hothead.
What could Stefano do? We should call the cops.
- And become the neighborhood joke.
- What do we care? No, let's wait.
What if something's happened to her? Let's at least call the hospitals.
Hang on a minute Maybe she's gone to see Lenù.
Could be.
Maybe she was sick of working and decided to take a trip.
Sure, Lila's always done that.
Whenever she's got a problem she goes to Lenuccia.
Yes, but on her own, taking the train to Pisa? It's not easy.
Anyway she could have told us, so we wouldn't worry.
- Tomorrow, I'll leave and go see.
- You have to work.
Lila has to be replaced with a Cerullo or with a Carracci.
And seeing as I have this one and Rino is definitely not capable You're in the shoe store.
Let's leave her alone.
Let's let her calm down.
She's in Pisa, with Lenuccia.
She's in Pisa.
She'll be back in a few days.
She's in Pisa She's in Pisa.
I don't give a fuck if your sister takes trips to Pisa! Who will I put in the store now? Alfonso? Alfonso is a man.
We need a female with the customers.
Your sister's a bitch and she's left us in the shit! I don't give a shit, just find her, that's all! The fuck are you looking at? Michele - I need a job.
- What do I care? I was wondering, with all the businesses you have Get outta here! I have to support my family, Mamma's not well.
I said get out, you deadbeat.
Antonio! Come back.
Do you know where Lila is? - Tell me the truth.
- I don't know.
I got a job for you.
Everyone says she went to see Lenuccia in Pisa, but I don't believe it.
Find her.
But Naples is big, so is Pisa, where do I begin? With Sarratore's eldest son.
If you tell anyone you're doing this search for me I'll have you locked away in the asylum.
And I promise you'll never get out.
Everything you see, everything you learn, you tell only me.
Got it? All right.
I return to earth, among the simple hearts of my comrades, great because our nation is great.
And I bring with me awareness of a new sun until today, lost in the future and now conquered, old hope of unforeseen love.
Can we go now? Who knows when we'll get another chance! I want to see him.
Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Speaking of anger Who are the angry in Italy? In Italy, unlike in the great European bourgeoisies, there are no "angry" He's just a faggot who stirs up trouble.
- Let's go.
- No, I want to hear him.
- Get outta here, pederast! - Faggot! Please! I don't like him or fascists either, let's go! Fucking fascists! It's late.
- Shall we turn in? - You go, I'll join you.
Come on.
- You can think about it tomorrow.
- No.
What's wrong? You're overdoing it.
What do you mean? You make comments out loud, if anyone hushes you, you attack them.
You're too familiar with people who are older and more educated.
I didn't do any of that.
Not today, but all the other times.
And so? You're too shy.
You still don't realize you're better than them.
You'll do much more important things.
All right.
I'll wait for you in bed.
They're not publishing my article in "Il Mattino".
Why didn't you tell me before? Tomorrow, I'll call the editor who used to come to the store.
I'll ask him what was wrong.
You simply don't get it.
You're not going to call anyone.
Why? That asshole has never been interested in me, only in you.
Did he come to the shoe store to discuss politics? He came because he liked you.
- That's not true.
- It is.
I'm not stupid, Lila.
You're just creating problems for me.
- What do you mean? - That I shouldn't listen to you.
You're confusing me, you're like dripping water It's either your way or the highway.
You wrote the article.
Why did you make me rewrite it four times? You wanted to rewrite it.
Let's be clear.
Pick something for you, that you like.
Go back to selling shoes, salami, do what you want.
But don't try to be what you're not, it's ruining me.
If that's the case, get out now.
Hi, Bruno, it's Nino.
I need help, I have to leave for a while.
I don't know where, but I have to go.
All right, I'm on my way.
Kid, are you getting on, or not? Stay away, you're never to see her again.
Repeat! You piece of shit! You like taking other guys' women? Repeat! "I was wrong, I'll leave her".
Repeat it! I'll leave her! I'll leave her! Now go away and don't come back.
What is it, Antonio? I need a favor.
I found Lila, we gotta help her.
- Do what? - Go home.
She didn't go to see Lenuccia.
What, she didn't go there? - She's living in a dump on her own.
- On her own? - Why did she do that? - No idea, I haven't spoken to her.
Why? I found her for Michele Solara, he asked me to stay at his disposal.
At his disposal? What for? Odd jobs.
Are you crazy? You work for the Solaras now? I didn't tell Michele I found her.
You go and get her.
And take her home.
Why? Lila was right to leave.
She finally got out of the shoe store.
If she realized marrying Stefano was a mistake, I won't take her back.
You want to leave her on her own and penniless? Why, are we rich? Lila knows life, she's got her reasons, let's leave her in peace.
But she's always helped us.
If it's a matter of money I'd be prepared to help her.
But I won't go get her, she's a free woman.
And you're a piece of shit for working with them.
Give me the address.
I'll go and see what she wants to do.
Do what you want.
Did you bring the fruit? Leave it open, the neighbors will get the wrong idea.
I don't give a fuck about the neighbors.
We're going now.
Where? To your husband.
Did he send you? Who sent you? No one.
I'm not coming.
Then I'll stay here with you.
Forever? Until I convince you.
And your job? - I'm sick of it.
- And Carmela? You were there first.
And you're much more important.
I'll tell her you said that, she'll leave you.
I'll tell her.
I've already made up my mind.
I've had a thing for you since we were kids.
I never told you because you're too beautiful, too intelligent.
Whereas I'm short, I'm not worth anything.
Now go back to your husband.
I don't know why you left him and I don't want to know.
All I know is you can't stay here, you don't deserve to live in this dump.
In the end, Lila and Nino lived together for only 23 days.
She didn't miss any of the comforts she'd enjoyed after she married.
She wasn't saddened by the separation from her family, from Rino, from her little nephew.
She never worried that her money would run out.
I'll take you to the front door and wait.
If he mistreats you, I'll come up and kill him.
But he won't, on the contrary he'll be happy you've come back.
Now go up alone, but let's make a pact.
If you can't get on with your husband, I brought you to him and I'll come back and get you.
Is that fair enough? Lila? You're back.
Come in.
You made us worry.
What happened? I'm pregnant, Stefano.
Lila The baby's not yours.

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