My Everlasting Bride (2023) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

[My Everlasting Bride]
[Young Marshal's wife
can only be Xiaodie.]
[Episode 14]
[Hongzhou Grand Marshal's Manor]
(After that day,)
(the Young Madam went back
to the Shen family.)
[Hongzhou Grand Marshal's Manor]
(and the Young Marshal has been
in seclusion for a month.)
[Hongzhou Grand Marshal's Manor]
(And now Yan Bingbing is
in control of the Manor.)
(She has replaced the personal guards
with new ones.)
(No way.)
(I must think of something soon)
(to meet the Young Marshal.)
Someone is waiting for me downstairs.
Just sign
the rest of the papers later.
Ms. Yan.
The three of us
haven't seen the Grand Marshal
for over a month.
It seems inappropriate for you
to handle military intelligence.
I don't know much about military affairs.
But as the Grand Marshal's physician.
I know very well
about his current physical condition.
It's even more inappropriate
for him to attend meetings now.
Ms. Yan.
If you say so,
perhaps the three of us
won't be polite today.
What do you want?
If you don't allow us
to see the Grand Marshal today,
I'm afraid we'll have to break the rule
of not bringing guns to the Manor.
You're too worried.
My father is indeed unwell.
You can trust Ms. Yan completely.
Not long ago,
my father took Ms. Yan as his concubine.
Regarding all military affairs,
you can report directly to her.
She'll do it for you.
Thank you, Division Commanders.
You may leave.
As the Fifth Concubine,
I have to thank you,
Young Marshal.
Do you pity him?
There's nothing to pity about my father.
He's made his own mistakes.
He knows it very well.
Then why are you pretending to be filial?
Back then, he was obsessed with war
and indirectly caused
the death of my mother.
So, compared to you,
I hate him just as much as you do.
But he's my father, after all.
I couldn't stand by and watch him die.
That's all.
That seems to make a lot of sense.
But I can never
fully understand you.
That's all right.
Without my antidote every three days,
the Grand Marshal will die at any moment.
I'll take my father back first.
He needs me to take care of him.
I don't buy into your act.
In consideration of your father,
the two of us
should get along well.
You better live well,
like a dead dog with the plague.
I understand your hatred for him.
don't go too far.
When did you get here?
I have to make sure that my people have
successfully settled in the Nie Manor.
today is the day of delivery.
I've prepared everything in advance.
Don't worry.
I'll keep him alive.
I know what's more important.
The most important thing right now
might be related to Nie Zhen.
What do you mean?
The division commanders
put pressure on you today.
Such situations will only increase
in the future.
You know why
I formed the Hongzhou Society.
Once we gather the secret documents
and rescue our colleagues,
we need Nie Zhen as our new pawn.
After all,
when is this old guy going to die?
We don't know.
So what do you need me to do?
Find a way to take down Nie Zhen.
Any way!
Don't delay the handover of documents.
I have to remind you of one last thing.
Nie Zhen
was supposed to be yours.
You seem to have a point.
This is the contract
I prepared in advance.
I'm your Marshal Husband,
and you're my contracted bride.
♪I finally became the protagonist♪
♪Of a tragic romance♪
I swear,
no matter whether poverty
or wealth in the future,
I'm willing to take you as my wife.
♪There it is, the predictable truth♪
will you marry me?
♪Crushed me without mercy♪
Yes, I do.
This is my favorite cream cake
that I always had
when I was studying abroad in the West.
♪But I didn't have a plan♪
I wish to give it to you.
I don't know if you'll like it or not.
I'm willing to like the things you like.
♪Split the nerves of a rational girl♪
I'm actually curious
how can a prisoner under house arrest
speak so boldly.
That's just the way I am.
If you despise it,
feel free to kill me anytime.
What are you talking about?
Do you need something from me?
Isn't the best thing in life
to have nothing to do?
Keep me company.
Ms. Ruyu.
You're my father's concubine.
Yes, I am.
But is this matter
a big deal?
Do I look good
in this dress?
♪Dreams sifting through the fingers♪
♪With so many stories left unfinished♪
♪Drifting towards who,
turning and tossing♪
♪Long ago and so far away♪
♪Waiting, oh, for rebirth through Nirvana♪
♪The Milky Way's stars passed too hastily♪
♪Still clinging to those eyes♪
♪A gust of wind through the brambles♪
♪Unwilling to resign
the rest of my life to fate♪
♪Wading through endless seas of blood♪
♪Vainly hoping in the crevices of time♪
♪Never ceasing, learning to be composed♪
♪Loneliness cherishes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In rumors, where did she come and go?♪
♪As always, ice and snow melt♪
♪How did I fall into a silent void?♪
♪Eyes empty yet unrepentant♪
♪Concealing boundless solitary courage♪
♪Devoting half a lifetime♪
♪Indulging in♪
♪Life and death together♪
♪Loneliness wastes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In tales, with whom
did she once embrace?♪
♪Vulgar folks chat and laugh merrily♪
♪How did I disappoint sincere affection?♪
♪A thought insincere amidst the dust♪
♪She won't avoid
her destined ordeal in this life♪
♪Not destined to encounter♪
♪Yet firmly believing♪
♪Life and death together♪
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