My Generation (2010) s01e01 Episode Script


(crowd cheering) (Eminem's "the real slim shady" playing) (man) happy 2000! (Eminem) may I have your attention, please? (woman) it was the year 2000.
I did not have sexual Bill Clinton was president, Britney Spears was on top of the charts, And d in Austin, Texas, a documentary film crew Followed nine students through their senior year At greenbelt High School.
he didn't just say what I think he said, did he? "my bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips" and if I'm lucky you just might give it a little kiss (crowd cheering) What's up? My name's Rolly marks, and I think that George w.
Bush Is gonna be the best president this country's ever seen.
Whoo! I'd like to ank the academy.
That's president foster to you.
Uh, dude, yes are up here.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm dawn.
I'm Kenneth Finley.
Do you think I can get a glass of water? Don't get mad.
Don't get even.
Get ahead.
Money doesn't matter.
It's about being happy.
Are just imitating so won't the real slim Shady please stand up? It was a time of prosperity, of budget surpluses, and peace.
But for these students and the country alike, Change was just around the corner.
(woman) so, graduation's coming up.
(Rolly and Jackie) Whoo! (Steven) yes! (yips) (woman) and by now, You guys all know where you're going from here.
To get drunk.
(Steven) yeah! (Jackie laughs) (woman) well, if you had To describe your future in one word, what would it be? Anybody? Uh, I'd say, uh, prosperity.
(chuckles) For who? (woman) Caroline? (grunts) (man) that's fine.
Falcon, what about you? Uh, m-mp3s.
Which means what? Uh, you'll see.
Kenneth? Uh, family, I think.
(Jackie) aw! (woman) nice.
(laughter) (woman) okay.
Stephen? Success.
(blackalicious) don't let money change ya (cheering) they were the class of 2000.
Greenbelt High School, Austin, Texas.
Jump ahead ten years.
So much has happened in the world 9/11, the war on terror, reality television, Hurricane Katrina, a global financial crisis.
(john Roberts) congratulations, Mr.
(cheering) Now it's 2010, And we decided to go back And see what these children, now adults, Had made of their lives.
Yes! Count of Monte Crisco crisc he lived a lavish style of life fast money, women, cars and he liked to frequent bars, pubs, and discos (woman) we're rolling, So, Steven, just, um, catch us up with your life.
Well Yeah, this is me.
Steven foster.
Um Went to college, but, uh, didn't graduate.
Didn't become a doctor Or a lawyer or a banker.
Basically, I surf a lot And read, and, uh, at night, I tend bar at this place called the last wave.
It's very chill.
So, Steven, you remember the, uh, one w word you usd To describe your future? Oh, no.
" Ha.
Success? Mm-hmm.
Really? I said that? Yeah.
(groans) (water running) Well You know what? I feel like I'm a success.
I do.
I mean, I live a quiet life.
I'm free.
You know? Okay, Steven, come on.
You were gonna conquer the world.
What happened? Nothing.
(woman) so, Brenda, why don't you catch us up with your life? I'm living in D.
I'm a lawyer, and I, uh, I work for Congressman Taub from Massachusetts.
He's the leader of the house finance committee, And right now we're trying to pass a banking regulation bill That I helped write.
That's great.
It's exciting.
That's a long way from the science fair.
Yeah, that's right.
I I I was gonna be a scientist.
(camera shutter clicks) But then, of course, you know, The world's changed so dramatically After High School.
After graduating from greenbelt high, Brenda Serrano went to George Washington university.
It was September 2000.
Mwah! (laughs) Brenda registered as a life science major.
Whoo! But that November, Something happened that changed her life forever.
Ordered a recount in palm beach county.
At the center of the controversy is A tiny scrap of paper called a hanging Chad.
(woman) the country was split in two Red States and blue States.
En after an epic battle, on December 12th, 2000, The supreme court ruled in favor of George w.
The country had a new president.
The next day, Brenda Serrano changed her major to pre-law.
(chuckling) oh! Brenda.
What's up, girl? Hi.
You look great, man.
How are you? Fine.
Oh, my God.
They're back.
That's crazy.
I-I can't believe this.
I know.
(chuckles) it's so weird.
How are you? I'm I'm good.
I mean, I need a drink, though.
I could use a drink.
Are are we drinkin'? Mm-hmm.
Um, well, it's lunch.
Good point.
Joe, um, hey, man.
Uh, can I have a, um, A Margarita on the rocks, no salt, please? Well, you're in D.
Remind me.
Uh, for a gig.
I, uh, I-I still d.
And I produce.
Oh, hey.
I-I watched that video you sent me on Youtube.
(playing "hail Mary") Right.
Pomp pomplamoose.
That's one of the that's one of the acts I produce.
Did you like it? Sorry.
You know what? We're we're trying to finalize the language on this bill.
It's cool.
Are you a what's what's your deal? Are are you dating? You married? I didn't see a ring.
Thank you, man.
Thank you very much.
Honestly, it's who has time? Pfft.
Tell me about it.
You're not still pining over Anders, are you? Please.
(laughs) That was ten years ago.
You know he's married, right? No.
Yes, ma'am.
What Who's the lucky girl? (sighs) just a little snack.
(chuckles) We took a wine tasting class recently.
It was really interesting.
So now we try to match each bottle of wine With just the right food.
(sniffs) (smacking lips) It's peppery.
Yeah, yeah, With a, uh (inhales deeply) with a little, uh What's that? Blackberry? (gasps) Yes! It's blackberry.
(woman) so how long you guys been married? Oh, God.
Um, what is it now, sweetie? Has it been what, three years? It'll be two years in may.
(chuckles) oh, God.
It just seems so much longer than that.
(chuckles nervously) I didn't really know Jackie in High School.
I mean, of course I knew her.
Uh, everybody knew Jackie Vachs.
And I knew Anders for sure.
He was very cute, but he was always in love with Brenda.
Brenda, Brenda, Brenda.
(giggles) (chuckles) So, Jackie, um, what happened to you? The last time we spoke, You were gonna go to Hollywood to be an actress.
Yeah, well, I tried.
I tried.
Uh, she's being modest.
Uh, look at this.
This is my honey-bunny, Uh, on season three of "the bachelor.
" It was season two.
(Chris Harrison) ladies, this is the final rose tonight.
I didn't really make it very farbut It's okay.
Please, she was great.
Uh, but who wins these shows? You know? You know, it's very political.
Can we talk about something else? Yeah.
I am so excited to see how that salami's gonna go with the wine.
Hold on one second, guys.
(hip-hop music playing) This is Steven.
(woman) hello.
Uh, Steven? Uh, is this Steven foster from greenbelt high? Yeah.
Who is this? It's Caroline.
Uh, Caroline Chung from High School.
(Marc Anthony) all the while you were in front of me I never realized I just can't believe I didn't see it Wait.
Who? Um, Caroline Chung.
We slept together on prom night.
(sighs) wow.
How are you? I-I'm good.
Um I-I don't know how I I probably should've called you before, but, uh Um, w-we have a son tom.
He's 9.
What? A son.
Um, his name is Tom.
I got Pregnant on prom night.
And He'd like to meet you, actually.
(Moby's "honey" playing) (Bessie Jones) I wanna rap like that sometimes "y.
" Mr.
I'm going over here sometimes Going into the paper.
Okay, high fives.
High fives.
High fives.
Yes! I wanna rap like that sometimes I everybody else seems to know exactly what they wanna be.
Uh, I just Like, career-wise, who knows? But I just wanna have a family and get married.
You know, just have, like, a bunch of kids.
Right, babe? With me? Well, I don't I just want, like, bunch of kids.
(whirring) yeah, well, I'm an elementary schoolteacher now.
(chuckles) Um, and it's great.
I love my kids, And we have a blast.
(woman) nice.
And and on a personal front, Did you and dawn ever start that family? Hey! (woman) hey! You're home.
(door closes) yeah.
How are you? I'm good.
I got, uh, some stuff.
(mouth full) good.
There's brownies in the kitchen Okay.
If you want some.
Well, I'll, uh, get dinner ready.
Thank you! (Kenneth) yeah, so dawn's due in may, which is (woman) oh.
With No.
(chuckles) no, no, no.
I'm I'm not the father.
So you and dawn aren't No.
God, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, she's dawn broke up W dawn and I broke up Pretty much right after High School.
So She just wasn't She Uh, but her her husband Rolly is in Afghanistan.
He's a soldier, which is awesome.
It's spaghetti.
Yeah, well, I'm Dawn lost her job in April, So I'm just letting her stay here Until she gets back on her feet.
So That's really nice of you.
What can I say? I'm A nice guy.
(chuckles) so (laughs) Well, I know how important family was to you.
Are there any marriage prospects For Kenneth Finley on the horizon? Hey.
How are ya? There he I is.
How are you? Uh, so Tom's doing great.
He's doing really, really great.
Oh, good.
(laughs) Yeah, the only thing is that it seems like his work Has dropped off a little bit in the last few months.
Well, uh, that's probably this whole, like, Wanting to meet his dad thing.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then so on the phone, you said that you Had talked to the father.
He was coming to town or Yeah.
Um, he hasn't called, so You know, any guy who who finds out that He's lucky enough to have a son will drop everything.
Believe me, I would.
If Tom hadn't started asking, I probably wouldn't have called him back here.
An, I don't think it's fair For me to just drop this on a guy after all these years.
Wait, "back"? He's from here? Y-yeah.
Who is it? Oh.
(chuckles) no, it's okay.
Um, I told you that, didn't I? No.
(whispers) are you sure? Yeah.
(chuckles) I think I would've remembered.
Who I'm sorry.
If you don't wanna Um, it's it's Steven foster from high school.
(grunts) Are you s-serious? (filter's "take a picture" playing) (speaks indistinctly) awake on my airplane awake on my airplane my skin is bare my skin is theirs awake on my airplane awake on my airplane my skin is bare Well, I'm back.
(woman) how's it feel? Uh, it feels okay.
Feels good.
Staying with my mom.
You know how that is.
And have you been to see your dad? I told you I'm not gonna talk about my dad.
Okay, what about Caroline? Have you called her? I'm, um Yeah, I haven't actually called her yet, but I'm I'm I'm working on it.
It's just been Busy, but I'm I'm getting excited.
Um I mean, kid's what he's, like, 10? It's all dinosaurs and ninjas at that age, right? I could totally do that.
So you're excited about being a father? I just just because I'm I have a son, I don't I don't really think that makes me a father.
(cell phone rings) (ring) (ring) (beep) This is Steven.
Hey, Caroline.
How are ya? (door bells jingle, door closes) Yes, I was supposed to get in on monday, But my flight got canceled.
I'll definitely be in town by By, like, Friday.
(woman) Steven? Oh.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Can I call you back? Hi.
Oh, my God! (laughs) wow.
What are you doing here? You are you here for, uh, dawn's baby shower? Uh, for, um, what is that? Oh! It's like, um, like a party that you have for somebody When they're gonna have a baby.
No, I-I know what a baby shower is.
But for dawn Barbuso? Like, from, High School? Yeah.
She married Rolly marks.
The jock? Oh, no, he's in the army now.
Protect and serve.
(chuckles) That's the l.
, actually.
Oh, God.
Really? (chuckles) Um So what are you up to? Not much.
Uh, I live in Hawaii now, Which is awesome, and, uh, I surf.
(chuckles) Um, listen, I heard about your dad.
Well, what's up with you? How have you been? Do you remember Anders Holt from High School? I am Mrs.
Anders Holt now.
Oh, wow.
Look at that.
It's really good to see you.
Do you wanna get a drink sometime maybe? Uh Oh, God.
Is that totally weird because I'm married? No.
No, not at no, not that.
It's just that I'm actually not in town for very long, so But maybe oh, come on.
Here, give me your hand.
Okay, uh (chuckles) Great.
(chuckles) (chuckles) all right.
Yeah, nice seeing you.
All right.
I'll, uh, I'll I'll see you later.
(door bells jingle) (sisqó) ooh, DAT dress so scandalous and ya know another man couldn't handle it see you shakin' that thing like who's DA ish? (falcon) aw, yeah! Give it up for the prom king and the prom queen Anders Holt and Brenda Serrano! So sexy! Don't you ever forget! (crowd cheering) 'cause she was livin' la Vida loca she had dumps like a truck, truck, truck (Rolly) ooh.
(laughs) In check.
That's who I'm gonna marry.
butt, butt I think to sing it again (Brenda laughs) (Anders) we're about to be married.
This is amazing.
(stops video) oh, it brings back a, uh, a lot of great memories.
This was a, uh This was a great time in my life.
(woman) how'd it feel seeing that footage of Brenda? Great.
Uh, you know, Brenda was my, uh My first love.
And, uh Y but, uh, people grow up.
People, uh, things change.
What did your parents think of her? (clears throat) I'm done.
(man) hey.
(knock on door) Hey.
I thought you should know the vote's starting soon.
Hey, you wanna be set up on a date? What? You know, a date.
You go out, have some drinks and dinner no.
I have a friend.
He's a really great guy.
I think you'd like him.
No, thanks.
(chuckles) (clicks button) Uh, you know what? I'll go.
Set it up the date.
Mickey's a great guy.
You are going to like him.
(knock on door) Yo, yo! What's up? Hi.
What's up, dude? Thanks for coming all the way to my mom's, man.
No prob, bro.
Yeah, I'm kind of, uh, scared to leave the house right now.
There's, like, some Seriously, dude? Weird High School karma floating around, man.
(laughs) I know, dude.
Isn't it crazy? Want a beer? We're back.
Yeah, I do want a beer.
This is nuts.
Thanks, dude.
(sighs) Hey, guess who I ran into today.
(bottle fizzes) Jackie Vachs.
What? The fox? I think she flirted with me.
Dude, that's like the mount Everest of biddies.
Dude, you climb that joint That's like a picture on the wall somewhere.
That's hall of fame.
She's married.
But, dude, what's up? Were you serious over the phone, bro? Do you, uh (lowered voice) do you have a kid? What? You wanna step outside? For a second.
Just You guys mind just giving us a minute? Stop being so (bleep) nosey.
(woman) so, Kenneth, When did you figure out this new plan of yours? Um, I decided last night.
It just kinda hit me, you know? It's like, what? (laughs) You know, like, what have I really been doing To make my dream come true? Starting a-a family.
And so what if I can't find a wife? You know, there are there are so many people out there Women who, um, are desperate to have kids.
But they just they don't have the, uh You know, what what they need (laughs) vis-à-vis sperm.
(laughs) um I can help start someone else's family.
I mean, honestly, I-I get pretty excited Thinking about all the women will use my sperm.
Or not not excited.
Please don't (chuckles) But that sounds dirty, but good.
I feel I feel really good.
Should we do it? Okay, Mr.
Finley, I need to get a full medical history from you D a sperm sample.
Of co of course.
Any sexually transmitted diseases? Oh, God, no.
(chuckles) no.
I've never even I m me.
It's it's okay.
We test for that.
How about your family? Any history of heart disease, cancer? Nope.
Parents alive or dead? Uh, my mom's alive, and my dad died when I was 19.
I'm sorry.
Uh, how'd he die? I'd Rather not say.
Do I have to say? Well, was it an illness? Oh.
All right.
Here you go.
Bathroom's right down the hall.
Do you need a magazine? Video? Oh.
(chuckles) No, I, uh, I have an image.
(dawn grunting) (beatboxing) Him? (school bell rings) You (laughs) (laughs) (students cheering) (man) go, Rolly! (cheering loudly) Me and Rolly, yeah.
We got married last year, and I was.
(laughs) I was surprised as anybody else.
Um 'cause, like, I never really saw myself As the army wife type, you know? (woman) so so what happened? You guys, uh, Were in pretty different circles in High School, right? Yeah.
Um, honestly? Nothing really happened.
It's just, High School's so stupid, you know, Because everybody kind of, like, rolls in these In these cliques.
Like, jock and nerds and, like, all these stupid labels.
And, really, at the end of the day, I just, um I just really love him to death.
And Probably worry about him too much.
I'm sure that's not good for the baby, but it's like (alert chimes) Baby! There's my girl! (HS) Hey! Hey, babe.
You look amazing.
Look at you.
I do? 'cause I kinda feel like I look tired and fat.
So if you could just tell me you're being careful, That's really all I need to hear.
I promise.
I've been showing everybody The sonogram picture you sent me.
Have you really? Yeah.
It's beautiful, right? Kenneth put it up on the fridge, and every time I walby it you know, I really wish You'd move in with Anders and Jackie already.
I hate that you're living with that guy.
Baby, Kenneth is harmless.
And besides, Anders and Jackie don't they don't want me.
Anders is my best friend, sweetie.
Come on.
Yeah, and Jackie's a stuck-up bitch, So they kind of cancel each other out for me.
And I'm happy here.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
So if you miss me so much, why don't you show me something? What Would you like to see? You know what I wanna see.
It's been, like, six months.
(laughing) Show me something.
I'm dying.
I'm just, you know, I'm gettin' tired of (laughs) can you guys not look for a second? Just is that is that all right? Huh? Uh, no.
I'm just talking to The "filmmakers.
" No, seriously.
Like, turn your camera.
Damn! They get really big when you're pregnant, huh? You have no idea.
(thud) Three more months.
I can't wait.
(man) lieutenant marks, time to move out.
I love you.
Listen, I gotta go, okay? So, um I love you.
(alert chimes) (man speaking indistinctly over radio) Little girl.
I don't know, sir.
That looks like a penis to me.
(man speaks indistinctly over radio) That's the umbilical cord.
Look at that! Oh! (speaks indistinctly) yeah! How long have we been friends? Second grade.
Second grade.
This this, uh, loser moves in next door (laughs) and that we knew that that was the neighborhood.
Aah! (man) oh, that looks great.
(Rolly) well, we've got it all figured out now.
Yeah, we're gonna get houses next door to each other.
And, uh, This guy's gonna marry Brenda No matter what his father says.
(girl) hey, guys.
And I am gonna marry somebody, and our wives, Whoever that person may be, uh, our wives will be friends.
(laughs) (woman) after graduating from High School (both imitate explosion) Rolly marks went to Stanford university On a full basketball scholarship.
He was the starting point guard his freshman year And led the conference in scoring.
Then on September 11th, 2001 (woman speaking indistinctly) (man) Fireball from the sky.
The next day, rolly marks joined the army.
I don't know, man.
I just started thinking about it.
All those people who lost their lives The army wouldn't let us film rolly in country, But we were able to obtain this footage From a dutch news crew embedded with his unit.
We got Ali Baba in the neighborhood.
S-3 wants us to check out this house.
So slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
(man) I.
! I.
D! Fall back! Go! Go! (gunfire (rolly) move him! Move him! Move him! On three! (man shouts indistinctly) (man) are you okay?! (rolly) where's the 6?! Can you hear me?! We have enemy contact Are you okay?! At position Alpha! (speaks indistinctly) To Medevac! At position Alpha.
He's okay.
Copy? Over.
(beep) (helicopter whirring overhead, radio chatter) (watch beeps) And ten more minutes, guys.
Eyes on your own papers.
(cell phone vibrating) (beep) Hello? Hi.
Yes, this is Kenneth.
You s-sure? Okay.
(beep) (woman) Kenneth, who was that on the phone? Uh, it was the, uh, sperm bank And Yeah, I'm not I'm not so sure We should talk about this here in the school, you know? What did they say? It turns out that I am, uh, infertile.
So I can't, uh (chuckles) I can't have kids.
(Anders) tell me Why You love me.
Um I Love How you Secretly dance by yourself in your room.
Oh, my God.
(Anders and Brenda laugh) So tell me, Anders, What do you love about me? I love you 'cause, um When I'm with you, I feel alive.
(laughs) (piano playing) Yeah, you, uh, do you do a lot of these, These blind dates or Me? No.
I I don't really date.
I mean, what's up with the uh Oh, yeah, it's is a docu It's kind of like a documentary about my High School class, Um, a "where are they now?" kinda thing.
Yeah, that's cool.
So, uh (clears throat) Here's the deal with me.
I'm a lawyer, corporate.
I, uh, I love musicals.
I love movies with Catherine zeta-Jones.
I-I drive a Prius.
I recycle.
Uh, go, green.
I, um (clears throat) You know, I-I love to work out.
I love to go to the gym.
But, you know, I'm not, like, a fanatic about it.
I-I like to read, but never books.
I hate books.
I-I, like magazines, though.
Sometimes I like newspapers.
And, uh, you know Honestly (whispers) I have a small penis, But I know how to use it.
(normal voice) yeah.
Uh So, seriously, Tell me, What's the 4-1-1 with you? (scoffs) Ew.
How's rolly? Oh, you know, he's good.
Anders said he spoke to him last week.
Sounds really Really dangerous over there.
I don't know how you do it.
(chuckles) Well, you just do.
(chuckles) Um When are you and Anders thinking of having a kid, man? It's about time, right? (chuckles) (knock on door) Come in.
Oh My Hi.
Oh, my God.
Look at this.
I know.
It's like an explosion of pink.
(laughs) how are you? Oh.
Oh, my God.
That felt the same.
(dawn) three more months.
The baby's kicking out 'cause I need more pink! Hey, where is Kenneth? Um, I have no idea.
He's supposed to be here.
So Too bad.
Falcon, hey.
(laughs) oh, snoozette.
Look at you.
How are you holding? Snap.
Oh, my God.
How are you? I'm good.
I didn't even yo, I didn't even recognize you.
You walked in looking all "house of diddy.
" I saw.
Why, thank you.
What are you doing here? I thought you moved to, uh, New York, right? Uh, um, I do live in N.
, But I'm I'm spinning tonight at the ghost room.
Wouldn't miss this for the world, so I worked it out.
So, uh, have you talked to Steven lately? Yeah.
Yeah, I speak to Steven, you know, Not, like, all the time, but I speak to him.
He's doing good.
You? Oh, um, yeah.
I-I-I spoke to him, but I haven't He said that he was coming to town, And I haven't heard from him lately Oh.
And so You guys are still friends, right? Yeah.
Yeah, we are.
Friend um Look, I don't want to get in between y'all, You know what I an? Your your your thing Oh, have you tried the cupcakes? They're freaking awesome.
Hold on.
What do you mean, "your thing"? I I don't know what you're talking about.
Uh, no, the the baby thing.
(scoffs) Okay, listen I mean, I Listen to me.
Just listen to me, okay? Yeah.
I have a 9-year-old boy Who thinks that he's meeting his daddy this week.
Okay, so if you wanna walk out of here with your balls, Then you will get Steven foster on the phone right now And tell him to get his ass on a plane tonight.
You hear me? Yeah? I hear you.
(dawn) uh (giggles) toast, everyone? Um, I-I just want to Ooh, everyone's all right.
(woman laugh I just want to say thank you, uh, to everyone for being here.
Um, that's really awesome.
A-a special thank you to Sandy, Who who put this whole thing together.
(applause) It looks gor I mean, it's pink, but it looks gorgeous in here.
And Even though I can't sleep on my back And I have to pee every five minutes (laughter) You should know (woman) yes? Um I'm really excited, And I know that if rolly were here (voice breaking) if he could Be here, That he would be So e-excited, too.
Um So really, to each and every one of you, Oh, my God.
I'm such a pregnant person.
(falcon laughs) (horn honking) (falcon) dude, Caroline is pissed.
You gotta go see the kid, man.
No, I know.
I'm going to.
I but I don't know.
I think maybe I gotta go see my dad first.
You know, I think that's what's, you know, Been like this (brakes squeal) (Caroline) stay here, okay? Hey.
Steven, um, you're here.
I am.
I just got in today, actually.
(chuckles) it's so funny.
Um, this must be what's up? Hey, man.
What's up, slugger? I'm your dad, I guess.
(mutters) Cute.
Um I-I can't believe you're here and and you didn't call.
I know.
It's been a but, um, I'd love To do something soon, like, not now.
I have a-a thing.
But, like, maybe tomorrow we could, like, go see a movie Or I could teach you how to be a ninja or something.
That'd be fun? Steven, no.
Was that racist? Oh, my God.
Um Just Carolinen.
(chuckles) oh, my God.
Okay, well, don't don't leave.
Look just all right, well, um, so I'll give you a call tomorrow And see what your guys' schedule is.
Huh? (Caroline) just please excuse me.
So What happened? Mickey said you walked out.
Thanks for that.
Uh, f.
Watching that man eat is not pretty.
Yeah, you should see him with a hot dog.
(c(cell phone rings) (ring, beep) Hello? Papi Cálmate.
No Te entiendo.
¿qué pasó? Oh, oh.
(sighs) Okay, um Espérame.
Ya ven.
What is it? (beep) My mom had a stroke.
Uh, I have to go to Austin.
(sighs) (door opens) I need about 6 ounces of Tequila, stat.
(sighs) Hey.
What's up? Hey, man.
It's all your fault.
What? Hey! What's the matter with you? Kenny.
Kenneth? Life is what you make it.
And my dad always says that, like, You can accomplish anything in life if you work hard, And I agree.
It's about setting a goal And then just sticking to it, you know? (woman) in Steven's freshman year At Yale university, he was at the top p of his class.
He became an editor at the school paper And ran for student government.
Then on October 16th, 2001 New allegations and new arrests today in the case Against the Texas energy giant Enron.
It appears that thousands of Americans Have lost their retirement savings (woman) Steven's father had been a top executive at Enron.
He was arrested and charged with 17 counts of fraud.
I have nothing to hide.
As a result of his father's arrest, All of the family's assets were frozen.
Steven was forced to drop out of school.
On July 5th, 2004, Steven's father was sentenced to six years in prison.
Two days later, Kenneth's father shot himself.
Enron's collapse had wiped him out.
Kenneth never spoke to Steven again.
Steven? Hey.
Twice in one week.
Must be fate.
(chuckles) Let's go get a drink.
(man) ) burning up in heaven Hey.
Seriously, (bleep).
I was driving through the desert with my 40 on the floor, I didn't have Hey.
Dude! There you are.
You missed the entire shower.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Where were you? I thought you were coming.
I Wow, you look great.
(chuckles) Are you drunk? No.
Oh, my God.
You're drunk.
You really look great.
Thank you very much.
Hold on.
(laughs) I got something for you.
(laughs) Did you find it? No.
Behind the couch? You know I won't look behind there.
I don't even move that couch.
(laughs) You Open it.
Listen, you give me so much already.
Ta-DA (laughs) It's a baby Bjorn So you can wear the baby around.
And I guess someone told me that it helps promote intimacy.
Well, put it on.
(snorts) Oh, yeah, yeah, no.
Come on.
Put it on.
Really? Really? You think you can actually miss my whole baby shower And tell me no? (laughs) Oh, wait.
Hold on a second.
How's it feel? I think I should take it off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(chuckles) hey, listen, um (whispering) I wanna thank you For Taking care of me.
It's no problem.
(normal voice) I mean it.
You better get used to wearing this thing Uncle Kenneth.
Uncle? Um Do I have a problem here? Are you gonna, like, try to weasel out of this family? 'cause I really need an Uncle, And I would really like it to be Uncle Kenneth.
I mean, no, I will.
(chuckles) I'm in.
(laughs) (laughs) (man) it's Armageddon, it's Armageddon You were smart Because you're out there, and you are seeing the world.
And you're o on your own, and you have no ties And nothing to hold you down.
See That was smart.
You know what? Uh, will you excuse me one second? I gotta just make a quick phone call.
Cool? Excuse m.
you're an Armageddon baby the miles are filled with crazies you're an Armageddon baby, you never hear a maybe Hey, it's Caroline.
Leave message.
(beep) Hey, Caroline, this is Steven Foster.
Um Listen, I feel really bad about before what happened.
That was You know, I-I had, uh, um, Like a bad thing with my dad, and I'm not making excuses.
But I'm just saying I have, like, my own, uh, stuff To deal with, I guess, but I wanna make this work.
You know? I wanna be some kind of dad.
Um, so I I thought maybe tomorrow We could, uh, do something, like, go to the park Or the zoo, something.
That'd be Awesome.
Okay, so, uh, yeah, just, uh, call me back.
(beep) (OK go's "this too shall pass" playing) you know, you can't keep letting it get you down and you can't keep dragging that dead weight around ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh is it really all that much to lug around? better run like hell when you hit the ground (falcon) And the prom queen Anders Holt and Brenda Serrano, So sexy! (crowd cheering) when the morning comes when the morning comes (woman) a lot can change in ten years.
Life takes unexpected turns.
But for these nine young men and women, The last ten years were just the beginning.
too shall pass when the morning comes oh, you can't keep letting it get you down when the morning comes