My Hero Academia (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

One For All

1 My origin I want to make a world where everyone can smile and live together.
A symbol is necessary for that to happen.
A symbol? A Symbol of Peace The reason crime in this country isn't decreasing is that the citizens have no support They have no pillar they can rely on.
That's why I will become that pillar.
Is that why you want to be a hero? Even though you're Quirkless? Yes.
Toshinori Yagi right? "Nana Shimura - Quirk: One For All" You're really funny.
You're crazy.
"One For All" Midoriya, are you okay over there? Yeah! How about you guys? Were you able to make a clean escape? "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" I think so.
We escaped from behind.
The pros are giving us evacuation instructions.
Good! We're in front of the station.
"Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" "Breaking News Alert" Looks like we're out of the range of that shockwave.
Our recovery was successful! "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" Listen.
You didn't rescue me, okay? You all just happened to be the best escape route.
Nice decision! I didn't want to get in All Might's way.
Yeah We'd get in the way.
This was the best we could do in this situation.
Even Gran Torino's here.
We made the right decision, didn't we? It was okay, right? All Might You really are similar to the previous One For All successor, Nana Shimura.
"Pro Hero - All Might - Quirk: One For All" Be proud, Toshinori! It's different from if you had one to begin with.
You worked hard to secure that power! Do not sully the name of my honored master with that filthy mouth of yours! She was a woman with no skill whose ideals got ahead of her.
She was an embarrassment to me as the one who created One For All.
"Villain - All For One - Quirk: All For One" She died in a really pathetic way.
Where shall I start? Enough! Teacher! You're in the way This is the same as six years ago! Toshinori, calm down! "Pro Hero - Gran Torino - Quirk: Jet" You were so caught up in his challenge that you let him escape! And then he made a hole in your stomach! That's what's hopeless about you! Don't exchange words with him! Yes, sir His fighting style and Quirk seem completely different from last time! You won't be able to get a good hit in head on! You'll have to be tricky.
Can you still move? Go beyond your limit! It's do-or-die time! Yes, sir! This scene looks like it's straight out of a nightmare! In an instant, half of Camino Ward has been destroyed! Currently, All Might is fighting the villain thought to be the ringleader! I can't believe it! There's just one villain! "Pro Hero - Vlad King - Quirk: Blood Control" "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure" He's destroyed the city and is more than holding his own against the Symbol of Peace! "Pro Hero - Nezu - Quirk: High Specs" Our plan has been thwarted! Tsukauchi! All Might! "Villains' Numbers, Quirks Unknown" "Camino Ward, Yokohama" "Live" What is this? Oh, jeez The city's all torn up! Doesn't All Might look kind of beat up? Whoa, he's getting really beat up! Where's Camino again? Daddy might not have to go to work tomorrow What are the other heroes doing? Don't you think the villains are going a little too wild recently? Or the heroes are losing too much.
They're getting soft! Like I can talk.
But I think it's true.
Well, but in the end, All Might will take care of it, right? "Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine" "Eijiro Kirishima - Quirk: Hardening" I'm a little conflicted The trust in heroes that Tomura steadily chipped away at I wonder if it's okay for me to land the decisive blow But you know, All Might, as much as you hate me, I hate you in the same way.
I killed your master, but you took away the things I built up, too, right? That's why I want you to die the ugliest and most gruesome death possible! A big one's coming! Dodge it and counterattack! Is it enough to just dodge? Hey! I will steal away the things you protected until now.
First, your self-respect you kept even with your injury.
Show the world your pathetic form, "Symbol of Peace.
" Huh? What's with that skeleton? Um What's? Huh? Can you all see this? All Might has deflated This was not made public to the world.
I asked that it not be made public.
I will save people with a smile! The Symbol of Peace cannot be daunted by evil.
All Might's secret is Hollow cheeks and sunken eyes! What a pathetic "top hero"! Don't be embarrassed! That's your true form--the real you--isn't it? I see Even if my body rots and grows weak Even if you try to expose that form my heart will remain that of the Symbol of Peace! It is not something that you can steal even a single piece of! Wonderful.
I give up.
I'd forgotten what a stubborn and naughty child you were.
Then perhaps this will not hinder your heart at all either: You know, Tomura Shigaraki is Nana Shimura's grandson! I kept thinking about what you would hate the most.
I created chances for you and Tomura to meet.
You defeated him, right? You smiled so proudly when you won, not knowing a thing.
Lies It's the truth.
You realize it, don't you? That it's something I would do.
Oh, that's strange, All Might.
Where's your smile? When you have to save someone, that means that the person went through something scary.
So true heroes don't just save lives, they save hearts, too.
That's what I think.
No matter how scared you are, you should smile to show that you're okay.
Because in this world, the ones who are smiling are the strongest.
You bastard This really is fun! Maybe I was able to steal a piece, huh? He's a relative of my master's What have I done?! Don't lose All Might please Help! All Might! Isn't this bad?! Win --No No way --All Might If you can't win, then who can? Even if he looks different, All Might is All Might, right? Haven't you always been able to save us somehow? All Might, you can do it! Don't lose, All Might! You can do it! --Win! --Win! All Might! Of course, Miss.
Yeah, there's a lot A hero has a lot to protect, All For One.
That's why I won't lose! Toshinori, when you think you're at your limit, remember-- I will remember Remember why you clench your fist-- Remember why Where you came from your origin.
That'll bring you just a little past your limit! My origin I want to make a world where everyone can smile and live together.
How many times has he cancelled out such large-scale attacks? He should've passed his limit a long time ago Muscle form on just his right arm His distorted form is telling me that All your might that was the last of it, wasn't it, All Might? A wounded hero is the most frightening.
I see the image of your face as you come after me with your guts strewn around in my dreams sometimes even now.
Oh, no! I should watch for two or three swings, huh? What, bastard "Pro Hero - Endeavor - Quirk: Hellflame" What is that form of yours, All Might?! Looks like we made it in time somehow The Nomus here look like they've all been rendered harmless.
Please go help All Might! "Pro Hero - Edgeshot - Quirk: Foldabody" He knew that it would turn out like this Oh? Even though they were all mid-rangers, I didn't think you'd be able to suppress them so soon.
As expected of the man who climbed his way to the number two spot.
All Might I worked diligently to surpass you The harder I worked, the more I realized how big the difference between us was.
As I watched your back grow further away I despaired! What is with that pitiful back?! Endeavor If you just came to cheer him on, then be quiet and watch like a good audience! Quiet, you destroyer! We have come to help! "Pro Hero - Kamui Woods - Quirk: Arbor" That is our job! You did your best, Mt.
Kamui Woods All Might.
"Pro Hero - Tiger - Quirk: Pliabody" This is all we can do If we can help ease your burden even a little! Tiger! Please stop that evil man, All Might! Everyone is praying for your victory! No matter what you look like, you are still everyone's number one hero! Toshinori Yagi? He's an interesting guy.
He's crazy.
According to him, there hasn't been a decrease in crime because the citizens don't have anyone to rely on.
He says this country has no pillar of support right now, so he will become that pillar.
Toshinori You are a pillar.
A pillar that must not be broken.
You are the number one hero.
You can hear them, can't you? Even if he's threatening to expose your weakened body, everyone's voices are continuing to cheer you on! Everyone's voices that are praying for your victory! The voices of your students who admire you and want to become a hero like you! All Might! How annoying.
Let's stop talking about emotions and start talking about reality.
Springlike Limbs, Kinetic Booster times four, Strength Enhancer times three, Multiplier, Hypertrophy, Rivets, Air Walk, and Spearlike Bones.
The shockwaves until now were just to wear you out, not kill you.
In order to kill you for sure, I will punch you with the ultimate combination of Quirks that I have right now! I am finally certain after exchanging blows with you, All Might One For All no longer dwells inside you.
What you are using now are the lingering dregs The embers left after you passed it on.
And that fire becomes weaker each time you use it.
A feeble light that will go out without even being blown on Izuku Midoriya! He's the one you passed One For All on to, isn't he? He came without any qualifications It's as if you have no control over him at all You can die full of regrets, All Might.
Even as a teacher, it's your loss! Impact Nullification! That's right.
As a teacher, I should've reprimanded him.
I have to reprimand him! I see The weak embers that are going out without even being blown on are resisting, huh? They're desperately resisting to keep from going out until they fulfill their duty How unsightly! when you think you're at your limit, remember-- It's not just because I'm a symbol.
Like my master did for me until I finish training him Until then-- For you to resist so much in such an unsightly way I can't-- I miscalculated I can't die! You won't be able to get a good hit in head on! You'll have to be tricky.
In that last swing, he put the power of his right arm into his left! He used his right arm as bait! But-- Little tricks like that aren't like you.
Someone else has been influencing you! It's weak! That's because my back wasn't in it! This power has been entrusted to the next generation by many people, praying that it would work for the good of all.
That all their hopes would become one.
It's your turn now.
Do your best, Toshinori.
Farewell, All For One! United States of Smash! Farewell, One For All All Might! The villain has stopped moving! Victory for All Might! He's standing in victory! Hey, he shouldn't push himself right now-- Let him be.
He's still working.
It's his last job as the Symbol of Peace, and the number one hero All Might! All Might! All Might! All Might! All Might! All Might! All Might! All Might! "Pro Hero - Uwabami" There are two people below here! Over there, too! The heroes continued rescue operations during All Might's fight, but it is expected that there will be a large number of casualties The villain thought to be the ringleader is now Oh, they're leading him into the Maiden right now! Now, as All Might and the others are in a state of high alert! --The trains are currently not running! --We can't go anywhere --We are passing out blankets here, too! --I wish we could meet up with Todoroki and Yaoyorozu, but Anyway, let's move.
We have to tell the heroes about Bakugo, right? Yeah, you're right.
Yeah Next Next, it's your turn.
All Might! You really are amazing after all! The short message from All Might On the surface, it appeared to be a warning to criminals yet unseen.
The unbending figure of the Symbol of Peace But, I heard the complete opposite.
"I have used up everything in me" "Preview" Here's the preview! All Might has essentially retired.
I will be the one to take over-- His will as All Might, and One For All.
Next time, "End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End.
" "Next time: End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!