My Hero Academia (2016) s03e16 Episode Script

Shiketsu High Lurking

1 The prestigious school that turned out many heroes, U.
High School.
Enrolled in their hero course, I continue to run toward my dream, standing up to any difficulties and saving people with a smile in order to become the greatest hero! "Provisional Licensing Exam Location National Dagoba Arena" Those of us in Class 1-A of U.
High School's hero course take on the provisional hero licensing exam.
If you can pass this test and get your provisional licenses, then you novice eggs will become chicks You'll hatch into semi-pros.
"Pro Hero - Eraser Head - Quirk: Erasure" Do your best.
"Number to Pass 1st Test 100 People" In the first test, the examinees put three targets anywhere they like on their bodies, "1st Test Rules" and if all three get hit by balls, then they're out.
The first hundred to get two or more people out with the six balls they're given can move on to the next round of testing.
"Fail" If you like your class this year, then you should've told your students.
"Pro Hero - Ms.
Joke - Quirk: Outburst" What always happens at the beginning The crushing of U.
One For All Full Cowling Shoot Style! Dark Shadow! --Got it! --The crushing of U.
--All right! --There wasn't really a reason why I didn't tell them, but in the end, it wouldn't change what they had to do.
They just have to overcome everything.
A hero is someone who can turn around a bad situation.
In the first place, if they become pros, then everyone will already know their Quirks, so I'm sorry, but we look a little further ahead than everyone else.
"Shiketsu High Lurking" Hey, Eraser.
For this first test, since they pass in the order they finish, there's the impression that whoever attacks first wins, but that's not the case, is it? No, it looks like the keys will be teamwork and cooperation, and their ability to gather information.
If they're seduced by the words "the first hundred" and rush to get points, then they'll have the tables turned on them.
Most are getting repelled, huh? I guess we shouldn't be surprised that something like this won't take down U.
But well, I think I see now "2nd Year - Shikkui Makabe - Quirk: Stiffening" Ketsubutsu Academy, second year, Shikkui Makabe! Quirk: Stiffening! He can make objects he kneads or scrapes with both hands super hard! However, it does not work on living things! I'm leaving it to you.
I'll take it from here.
But I might just end up finishing ahead of you all.
I hope you let it pass because it means you have less people to go up against.
Target Lock-On Boomerang: Crescent Moon Trajectory.
The targets have been determined.
Since their trajectories are hiding underground, you won't be able to react.
"Itejiro Toteki - Quirk: Boomerang" Ketsubutsu Academy, second year, Itejiro Toteki! Quirk: Boomerang! He can throw objects in his hands at any trajectory he wishes! He can even throw them underground! Where in the world are they?! Get back! I'll take this! Sound Amplification "Kyoka Jiro - Quirk: Earphone Jack" Amplifier Jack Heartbeat Distortion! She's digging up the ground! But-- Huh? They're coming for me! "Mina Ashido - Quirk: Acid" Maximum viscosity and solubility Acid Veil! "Minoru Mineta - Quirk: Pop Off" Thanks! That's a great move.
It's a defensive move that puts up a melty wall! They've finished their ultimate moves, huh? Of course.
"Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" "Black Abyss" Black Abyss! "Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" It's easier to say, and cooler, too! Piercing Twilight Claws! So strong! "Tatami Nakagame - Quirk: Telescopic" Ketsubutsu Academy, second year, Tatami Nakagame! Quirk: Telescopic! She can fold her body into itself like a turtle.
It'll make you faint if you see it on a dark road at night! I see.
This isn't the Class A from the sports festival.
They've grown a lot.
"Heroes Public Safety Commission - Yokumiru Mera" There's still a stalemate in all quarters No one has passed yet.
Oh, when we get any reports, I will announce them all from this broadcasting area.
"Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" No one's passed yet.
The targets everyone is wearing-- In other words, their weak points! Everyone will fight while protecting them, so throwing blindly will have a low chance of hitting.
But well, I think I see now Everyone's still at the "wait-and-see" stage.
Everyone's watching for their opponents' weaknesses and how they use their Quirks.
The fight will probably speed up from here! All right! "We look a little further ahead than everyone else," huh? That's pretty condescending, Eraser.
There are as many kids who want to become heroes as there are stars in the sky.
The strength of that will has nothing to do with being famous.
If you act like you're the stars of the show and look down on everyone else, then you're the ones that might get the tables turned on you.
Get away! Their defenses seem strong! Break! Maximum Force! "Tremoring Earth" Tremoring Earth! Oh, no! Everyone, run! What the heck is this?! This is crazy! Deku! We've got ultimate moves, too, of course.
"Yo Shindo - Quirk: Vibrate" Ketsubutsu Academy, second year, Yo Shindo! Quirk: Vibrate! He can make the things he touches vibrate.
However, aftershocks based on the strength of the vibrations transfer to his body, making him unable to move.
"Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" Tremors? An earthquake? No, probably someone's Quirk.
What kind of Quirk is that? Which school is it from? Don't lose focus! The enemy's close! Now, there should be one or two who've passed by now Wind? --Hey, our balls! --Huh?! Just the balls are getting pulled up! I think heroes need passion! All of your fights are so passionate! "Inasa Yoarashi" I love passion! Shiketsu High School! By himself? What is he saying? I kinda get it, though Wait, now that he's got our balls, we can't! Please let me join in your passionate fighting! I'm looking forward to it! Oh, finally, someone passed What?! Th-There were 120 people taken out?! A single person took out 120 people and passed! All right! I won! Um, well, I'm so surprised that I'm awake now.
It looks like they'll just keep coming now.
Everyone, please do your best as quickly as possible.
What a Quirk.
It seems like it would be hard to use where there are buildings Oh, no, we've gotten split up! This situation is what Ketsubutsu was planning.
I need to meet up with everyone--someone--soon! If I'm by myself, I'm done for.
There's a big difference in the length of time we've had to work together and make decisions during battle.
We're behind by a whole year's worth of training! It's not something that can just be made up for with experience! Yoarashi Last year, the same year as you guys, Yoarashi got the top scores of those admitted through recommendations, but for some reason, he turned down his acceptance.
If he was the top of those with recommendations Then, his abilities are above Todoroki's?! Today, I'll do my best while learning from you! Maximum Force! "Tremoring Earth" Tremoring Earth! Strong people from all over the country I don't know why, but I'm getting a little excited! Sh-She came out of nowhere?! Got you.
That's no good.
Don't stare off into space.
But it's weird that even though you're in trouble, you're smiling.
This person is from Shiketsu High School! "Camie Utsushimi" You're so cool.
"Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Class 1-A" "Birthday: 7/28" "Height: 177 cm" "Blood Type: B" "Likes: Oranges" "Hanta Sero" "Quirk: Tape" "He can shoot tape-like material from his elbows and use it to apprehend or for movement.
" "Affiliation: Shiketsu High School 1st Year" "Birthday: 9/26" "Height: 190 cm" "Blood Type: O" "Likes: Passion" "Inasa Yoarashi" "Quirk: Whirlwind" "He can create strong winds around himself and control them.
" That was a forceful division Someone could've died! If I try to call out to the others, the other schools will find me, and I'll be a target.
They shouldn't be too far away.
In order to keep from having to fight by myself against a team, I need to find the others first.
It's especially at times like this that I need to be calm and careful It's time for Sneak Uravity! In tests where they expect a melee like this one, apparently, there are those who go after places they've already got a lot of intel on.
That's why I came to see you, since there was the possibility that U.
would be taken out early.
I didn't want to miss this chance to interact with a prestigious school, and I wanted to know more about you all.
You sure talk a lot.
Ketsubutsu Academy will be here soon as a group.
This is no time for a leisurely chat.
I'm sure she understands that.
Does she have teammates coming to help her? Or is she just that confident? It can't be helped.
I've gotta make sure I don't get taken out! She's gone again! Where? I just have to punch with a ball, right? Oh, no! Counter attack! Or not Do you think my Quirk lets me disappear? Shoot! I was just hiding.
Just hiding? That's right.
It's a technique.
I make my opponent's eyes and ears turn away from my presence.
At that instant, I hold my breath, clear my mind, hide, and disappear.
The hard part is clearing my mind.
You can even learn something like that at Shiketsu? The trick is to not think about training as training.
Oh, we both want to know about each other.
My turn next.
Why do you want to become a hero? For honor? Pride? For someone else's sake? I want to know more about you.
Man, Shiketsu's here, too.
I don't like it.
Oh, no This is bad.
I wasn't able to find anyone, and I'm being targeted by a big group.
I made the worst-case scenario I thought of earlier into reality! Here they come Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Just dodge! Are you okay? Uraraka! Over here! Hurry! What, does she have a plan? I won't let you hurry! Jeez, get outta my way! I'll take her out! Hey, wait! Back then, I chose to fight and destroyed my arms.
If I hadn't destroyed them, I might've been able to get Kacchan back.
And if I had been able to get him back, then All Might might not have had to fight against All For One.
Back then, if I had been able to protect Kota and get him to Mr.
Aizawa and go after the villains sooner I will train focusing on my legs.
Because I should've gotten there sooner.
An opening! In order to save others, you have to be able to take care of yourself first! Damn it! He's making us lose our footing! No, I think it's already more effective than just a stopgap.
Especially for the provisional licensing exam.
It's just as All Might said! I've decided.
Until my body catches up, I won't use One For All at 100%.
But until then, the instant my iron soles create a strong impact, the toes spring back out, so I get two hits in an instant! This support item compensates for the lack of power and the pull of my legs! I'll make my legs stronger, and become the hero I hold as my ideal We finally got the 30th person, huh? We've still got a long way to go Can you hurry it up, please? Man, U.
's fast at running away! Gone! Are they hiding? I'm sure they're close! Anyway, I was thinking about this earlier, but isn't this kind of inefficient? Anyone chasing us? No I wonder if they gave up.
Sorry, I messed up.
No, it's not that Could you be someone from Shiketsu? Huh? Uraraka has been training with her Quirk so that if it's for a short time, she can ignore the side effects and use it on herself.
But to not even try to use it even though you were in danger and above all, to show yourself to the enemy with no plan in mind! That's not like the Uraraka I know at all! If you saved me even though you noticed does that mean you were trying to use me, instead? I-I didn't think that far ahead.
But I'm glad I saved you then.
Because if you're not Uraraka, then you couldn't have floated away.
If you kept falling the way you were, then you would've definitely injured your back.
Oh? I see.
So that's why you did it I want you to tell me more about yourself.
Can't we do this after the exam? Will you save anyone? Where's the boundary? Where do you draw the line? Wait, your clothes! Why are you naked? Please put something on! I will after I do what I need to do! A scratch? What is the matter with her?! Jeez.
Tape! "Hanta Sero - Quirk: Tape" Midoriya! What's with this enviable situation you're in? Sero! Uraraka! Release! What amazing reflexes! Things were just getting good Too bad I really, really wanted to talk to you more.
But it's impossible like this.
It's really too bad Ochaco Uraraka.
He really trusts you a lot.
Huh? Hey, stop, you molester! You don't have to follow her! Why not? It might've been because of her Quirk, but she's not wearing her clothes or her targets.
There's still a chance she might come after us, but taking into consideration the time we have left and everything, it would be hard to get a point off her.
More importantly, you two are the real thing, right? What are you talking about, Midoriya? Well, actually, the girl earlier transformed to look exactly like Uraraka Huh?! Was she naked, Midoriya?! That's what you're concerned about? She was wearing her costume! So that molester's Quirk is to transform into others, huh? Probably.
The other schools really know a lot about us, huh? If they even know that you and Uraraka are good friends Maybe it's because we were on the same team for the cavalry battle at the sports festival.
Oh, I see.
More importantly, how'd you two find me? I saw a fight and rushed over.
I met up with Uraraka on the way.
I'm glad we made it in time! Yeah, thanks.
We've got three for now, right? I wish we could meet up with the others who got separated, though.
But 30 people have already passed the first test.
We have to hurry.
It'll hit a hundred before we know it! The other guys are moving around in groups of ten or more.
I could attack first, but it would be annoying if there are people with Quirks I'm weak against.
Ideally, the other teams would fight each other and bring each other's numbers down before I launch my attack, but Let's see, things have been moving quickly.
The current number of people who have passed is 52-- No, 53.
They just keep on coming.
Since there were people who took out more than two people, there are now 230 people who have failed.
And just now, the 54th person has passed.
Less than half left, now! Hurry up! Finish! I can't just wait around, huh? That was pretty good.
As expected of the runner-up of the U.
sports festival Todoroki, was it? I can't believe you're acting alone, though.
That's amazing.
You must be really confident.
But even if he is from U.
, acting alone'll get him in trouble, don't you think? It's one-on-ten, you know.
What're you going to do? Thanks-- For saving me the trouble of finding you.
Aren't you cool.
Damn it, I can't move! You guys Are you sure you watched the sports festival? Of course we watched it! A Quirk that makes things bigger, huh? That's not all! Should I go all out? No, but if there are more of them Even if I couldn't melt all of it It didn't affect it at all?! That's because they're not made of ordinary metal.
They're made of tungsten, which can take super high temperatures! Didn't I tell you, Todoroki? Even if you're a U.
student, acting alone shows you're overconfident.
"Preview" Here's the preview! It's the provisional licensing exam, and those of us in Class A are still in trouble.
Todoroki's being targeted by Seijin High School, and Yaoyorozu and the others are having a hard time, too Next time, "Class 1-A"! "Next time: Class 1-A" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!