My Hero Academia (2016) s03e19 Episode Script

Rescue Exercises

1 The prestigious school that turned out many heroes, U.
High School.
Enrolled in their hero course, I continue to run toward my dream, standing up to any difficulties and saving people with a smile in order to become the greatest hero! Those of us in Class 1-A of U.
High School's hero course "Provisional Licensing Exam Location National Dagoba Arena" take on the provisional hero licensing exam.
Well, for all hundred of you who passed the first test, please watch this.
It's the field I wonder what's going to happen? Why?! Th-This is The next test will be the last one.
We will have you all perform rescue exercises as bystanders in this disaster site.
"Denki Kaminari - Quirk: Electrification" "Minoru Mineta - Quirk: Pop Off" "Bysliders"? "Bystanders.
" "Toru Hagakure - Quirk: Invisibility" They're people who happen to be at the scene.
We learned this in class, remember? It can also refer to ordinary citizens, though.
"Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" We will assume that those of you who have passed the first test have received your provisional licenses and test how well you can carry out suitable rescue procedures.
"Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" Rescue "Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms" There are people in there.
Huh? "Rikido Sato - Quirk: Sugar Rush" Elderly and children?! That's so dangerous! What are they doing? They are people who have undergone training to be professional people-in-need-of-rescue and are in high demand right now-- "Blood" The "Help Us Company," or "H.
" for short! "Hanta Sero - Quirk: Tape" "Tsuyu Asui - Quirk: Frog" "Mashirao Ojiro - Quirk: Tail" Professional people-in-need-of-rescue? There are a lot of jobs out there, huh? It's one adapted to this world where heroes are so popular.
"Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine" The people from H.
have dressed up as injured victims and are on standby throughout the disaster site.
We will now have you all carry out their rescue.
In addition, we will score your rescue based on points "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" and if you have more points than the benchmark at the end of the exercises, "Inasa Yoarashi - Quirk: Whirlwind" then you pass.
We will start in ten minutes, "Tatami Nakagame - Quirk: Telescopic" "Yo Shindo - Quirk: Vibrate" so please use the restroom and take care of any other necessary business right now.
Yeah I wonder if this disaster site is based on Kamino Ward It's true that the situations are similar.
Back then, we were focused on getting Bakugo far away from the villains and staying out of the way of the pros.
There were many casualties in the midst of all that.
Let's do our best.
"Rescue Exercises" Hey, something amazing happened! Listen to this-- What's the rating? R-18! I'll listen.
You know that bodysuit girl from Shiketsu over there? Yeah.
If you're just going to say she's hot, that's not good enough.
I've been watching her this whole time, and-- Well, I saw her completely naked in the shadows by the rocks with Midoriya.
Midoriya! --Huh? --What were you doing, bastard?! When the rest of us were working so hard! Were you making light of life just because it was during a test?! O-Ow, stop that! What?! Don't play dumb! What did you do with that person over there? "Camie Utsushimi" That's a greeting exchanged secretly by a man and a woman after they've progressed to a certain point in their relationship! I misjudged you, you smooth-talking, curly-haired bastard! Oh, I see It was Sero! No, I'm telling you, that's not how it is! It was because of her Quirk.
Actually, I didn't know what was going on, and it was super scary! But you saw her naked, didn't you? W-Well You saw, didn't you?! And she's still waving at you! Just how far did you two go?! "Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" I told you, that's not how it is! "pull pull" "Eijiro Kirishima - Quirk: Hardening" Shiketsu's coming this way.
"Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" Bakugo.
Huh? Did you see Shishikura--the guy whose eyes look like slits? There's so much hair.
I knocked him out.
That's what I thought.
I think he probably acted rudely.
He must have caused offense.
He has the tendency to impose his own values on others.
He probably couldn't help himself after seeing you, since you're pretty famous.
I would like to build a good relationship with U.
I apologize on his behalf.
--"Good relationship"? --"Good relationship" It doesn't really seem that way at all "Good relationship" But that face Well then.
Hey, you with the shaved head.
Did I do something to you? Oh? Well, I'm sorry, son of Endeavor.
but I hate you guys.
You've changed a bit since back then, but your eyes are the same as Endeavor's.
Yoarashi, what's wrong? Nothing, sir! The old man's eyes? Todoroki.
See ya.
R-Right! What do you mean, "R-Right"?! You sexual maniac I told you, it's not what you think! She's super scary! Oh dear, you're acting disgraceful.
What are you doing? We still have another test.
But--! You must focus properly! I don't like this.
Why do I feel so stirred up? I was fine when I was fighting I don't like this Dek-- Villains have begun a large-scale terrorist attack! This is occurring in all areas of "City Name Here.
" Due to buildings collapsing, there are many injured.
"Kyoka Jiro - Quirk: Earphone Jack" This is the scenario for the exercises, huh? Huh? Then It's starting.
Due to heavily damaged roads, the first group of rescue workers have been delayed! This opens up, too? Until they arrive, the heroes in the area will lead the rescue efforts.
Save as many lives as you can.
Well, then Start! Saving lives That is the greatest ambition of a hero! We have to do this properly! Properly! He mentioned points, but he didn't say anything about how we'd be scored Since we don't know, all we can do is follow our training.
Let's do this! Let's do this! Let's do this! Let's start by going to the closest urban area! We'll work as a team as much as possible! Right! Bakugo, again? Why are you guys following me, you damn extras?! We just felt like it! Okay now, please wrap up the second test as quickly as possible, too.
Rescue exercises, huh? Even if this is just an exercise, this is pretty crazy.
Everyone, be careful of falling debris! What's wrong, Midoriya? I hear a child's voice! --Help! --There! He's over there! My grandpa! He's been crushed! What? This is bad! Where?! What's up with that? Minus points! Huh?! First, you need to check whether or not I can walk! My breathing was weird, too, right? And I'm bleeding pretty badly on my head! Those with provisional licenses should be able to take in the victim's condition in an instant and act based on that! Will the members of H.
be the ones scoring us for these exercises?! This will show how much you've trained! Look all around you and pay attention! Okay, let's rope this off temporarily as a danger area! No, go wider! This is a terrorist attack! There might be a lot more damage! I'll make a road and a helicopter landing area for now.
Move! "Nagamasa Mora - Quirk: Extend-o-Hair" Shiketsu High School, second year, Nagamasa Mora! Quirk: Extend-o-Hair! He can extend all the hair on his body and manipulate it at will.
The only bad thing about it is that it gets tangled easily.
As expected of Mora! You're amazing, sir! I'll set up the first-aid station here! There's a lot of space.
Let's set up a temporary evacuation area here.
"Shikkui Makabe - Quirk: Stiffening" Okay! I'll be in charge of triage! When it comes to saving lives, "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure" "Pro Hero - Ms.
Joke - Quirk: Outburst" experience really makes a difference.
You're not just providing rescue and aid.
Until the firefighters and police arrive, you need to exercise authority in their place and do your best to make sure everything goes smoothly to hand off to them.
In order to save people, heroes must do many things.
Above all, you We're all scared, hurting, and worried out of our minds.
The first thing you say is "What? This is bad!"? That's no good.
It's fine now.
Why? Because I am here.
Calm down! What am I doing? I've gotta turn it on.
The provisional license and this test aren't just points on the way.
All of it is for what I want to become-- The shape of my dream! Do what I should be doing with everything I've got! I-It's fine! --Over there! My grandpa! --Don't worry, we'll definitely save him! I'll carry this kid to the first-aid area.
You guys go on ahead! All right! Let's do this! Yeah! It'll be all right! It'll be all right! Can't you say anything else? You're terrible at this! I'll save you! I'll definitely save you! Enough already! What am I doing? Do you like him? It's love! I'll put this feeling away.
Because I thought Deku looked cool giving his all to reach his goal, with no room for anything else.
There's someone you like, right? And you feel like you want to be like that person, right? I'll put this feeling away Because I think I have to work hard like that, too.
I'll put it away! It's been ten minutes since it started.
"Heroes Public Safety Commission - Yokumiru Mera" Everyone seems to be doing well, thanks to their training.
However, naturally This won't be that straightforward.
"Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Class 1-A" "Birthday: 12/27" "Height: 156 cm" "Blood Type: B" "Likes: Japanese Food" "Ochaco Uraraka" "Quirk: Zero Gravity" "She can make people and things weightless with the pads on the tips of her fingers.
" "Affiliation: Shiketsu High School 1st Year" "Birthday: 9/26" "Height: 190 cm" "Blood Type: O" "Likes: Passion" "Inasa Yoarashi" "Quirk: Whirlwind" "He can create strong winds around himself and control them.
" I'm a first year at Shiketsu High School, Inasa Yoarashi! Hero name: Gale Force! Rescue exercises pump me up! I'll do my best! Inasa?! Oh, wind? It looks sloppy at first glance, but he's using a countless number of different types of winds to fit the different shapes and sizes of people and debris he's moving.
His subtle control is unbelievable! But it is sloppy after all! Minus points! Don't move anything without any safety checks or checking the condition of the injured! You could make things worse! I see! I apologize! Hey, Camie's gone again.
What's the matter with her? Are you all right?! Sloppy! The initial response is where the amount of training and one's decision-making ability becomes most obvious.
Inasa Petitioning to take a test normally taken in the second year as a first year, and being strong enough to be accepted.
"Seiji Shishikura - Quirk: Meatball" However, he is being too impatient.
He lacks experience and self-awareness.
Do you realize you're the only who has failed already, Shishikura? Yes, I do.
Oh, okay Then you should use this chance to reflect on what happened.
You've been influenced too much.
Influenced? It's been pretty easy to see ever since Stain.
Me? Influenced by the words of a villain?! Absurd.
Absurd? Well, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
With his fundamentalist assertions and All Might's retirement, there is an increasing number of people who wish to reform the position of heroes.
But if negativity and hate become the impetus like it did for you this time, then it can cloud your judgment and make you go too far.
There's someone in here, but there's no response to our calls.
It's too dark to see what's going on.
First, let's confirm a pulse and breathing.
I'll make a space for emergency treatment.
They're so used to this.
Everyone, let us move quickly, as well.
He's conscious.
It's an old man.
Ouch Hurry it up! The debris is in the way! I'll make them float and move them! Whoops, you'll get points taken off for that decision.
Please wait a minute! --Huh? --Please look more carefully around you.
A building has collapsed next to this piece of wall and it's only luck that they're balanced the way they are.
That balance can be destroyed if we move anything carelessly.
I see! Oh, no! Let's use a support to prop up the wall before we evacuate him.
It'll take some time to put it together, though Leave that to us! How's this? I've reinforced the wall, too! All right, Uraraka! Right! I'll move the debris that doesn't have any effect on the balance and create a path! Here I go! It's not perfect, but they're not bad.
When there is a large-scale disaster like this, there are not enough rescuers to help those in need of rescue.
Therefore, the work must be as efficient as possible.
If someone tries to do the whole process themselves, they'll end up losing time instead.
What's important is to understand what your own Quirk can do and see how much you can divide the labor with those around you.
To focus on your role during a test where you're trying to sell yourself takes courage.
It's something you can only do if you really understand the situation.
But there is still a lot of wasted effort.
If you keep going like this, we won't be able to grant you the license.
We ended up just watching.
A number of people have already left, but unlike the first test, it looks like it would be better to split up for this one.
Let's move in smaller groups.
In that case, I'll go towards the river, where I can use my abilities best.
I'll go with you.
Me, too! All right, let's go, too! "Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" Yeah! Right.
"Koji Koda - Quirk: Anivoice" "Mina Ashido - Quirk: Acid" Koda, can you use animals to look for people who need rescuing? I'll look, too.
Mineta, help me.
Okay! All right.
Depending on the situation, you should also communicate with other schools, and save as many lives as possible! Right! Did you say it's too dark to see back there? "Yuga Aoyama - Quirk: Navel Laser" Have a bright future with my twinkle! Oh, thanks! Aoyama, I didn't think you'd be the first to start! You really like that, don't you? Yaoyorozu, we will disperse and get to work! Roger! His right leg is broken! Sero, use your Tape! Leave it to me! Jiro, please look for the next person who needs help.
I know, I am! "Mountain Zone" S-Someone! I've hurt my arm! Help! It hurts! Shut up! Save yourselves! What?! You're sticking too close to your own style! They might be really hurt! No We're supposed to be victims with minor injuries who are low priority rescues.
Could he have figured that out in an instant, telling us to move by ourselves? No way They took it in a way that makes it sound okay We'll take you someplace safe.
Yeah! But that tone of voice was inappropriate.
Minus points.
What did you say?! "City Zone" I hear a voice.
Over there! All right, I'll go first to check on the condition of those who need to be rescued.
Got it.
Even if this weren't a test, I would reach out to save those who need help.
I'm sure that's what my brother, Tensei, would've done! Let's go to the mountain zone.
There will be animals over there.
It'll be easier to use Koda's Quirk there! Todoroki, Tsuyu, over there! H-Help! I'll go.
Let's gather things that'll burn to warm him up.
Leave it to me! We're almost at a safe place, okay? There are already so many You! Let me see that boy! Oh, okay! He's hurt his head.
He's bleeding a lot, but the wound's not that deep.
He responds clearly to questions.
Yeah, he looks fine.
Okay, carry him to the space on the right.
Yes, ma'am! Good.
Screening the injured and performing first aid.
In the short time until emergency responders arrive, heroes must act in their stead and ensure a smooth transition after their arrival.
How's it going? During their initial response, well there were many who acted incompetently, but even so, the points taken off by the members of H.
were less than I expected.
I think in general, everything is going okay.
In order to protect the people on the streets, heroes are expected to multitask.
In other words, rescue and What's that?! What is this?! An explosion? Why? Th-This is There has been a large-scale terrorist attack by villains.
Everyone, the scenario for the exercises! Seriously? That's Hey, look! "Pro Hero - Gang Orca" Rescuing and fighting! Can you do everything at the same time? Gang Orca! During the League of Villains search-and-destroy operation in Kamino Ward, he's a hero who was called out alongside Endeavor and Best Jeanist.
He's strong, you know.
He's currently at number ten! By the way, he's third in the ranking of heroes who look like villains! Villains have appeared and started their pursuit! Hero candidates at the scene should continue their rescue efforts while also suppressing the villains.
Continue rescue efforts while fighting?! Jeez, are they serious?! Aren't they expecting a little too much?! This situation would be difficult even for a pro.
To go this far for the provisional license Now What'll you do? Fight, or protect? Help, or run? What will you do, heroes?! "Preview" I am here for the preview! Next week will be a special, completely original episode! Why? Because we've gotta have fun when we can! Next time on My Hero Academia, "Save the World with Love!" "Next time: Special Episode: Save the World with Love!" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!