My Hero Academia (2016) s04e06 Episode Script

An Unpleasant Talk

1 Midoriya, morning! You're going to your work study today, too? What a coincidence! They haven't called me in for a while, so it's like I'm finally going in again.
I was told we didn't need our costumes, though Oh? Morning! You two going in today? Yeah.
What a coincidence.
We are, too.
Oh, are you going to the station? If you want, we can accompany you.
Oh, if that's all right with you! Thank you! There are a lot of heroes.
Huh? We're all going the same way? Kirishima, aren't you in Kansai? Well, we're meeting in a place that's different from usual.
We are, too.
Everyone's on the same train Going to the same station?! "Tsuyu Asui" "Ochaco Uraraka" "Eijiro Kirishima" "Izuku Midoriya" That is a coincidence.
Going in the same direction, too.
Even turning at the same corner.
"Tamaki Amajiki - Quirk: Manifest" "Nejire Hado - Quirk: Surge" "Mirio Togata - Quirk: Permeation" Oh! Oh.
The Big Three are all here, too.
This Wh-What is this? "Pro Hero - Gran Torino - Quirk: Jet" Gran Torino?! And Mr.
Aizawa?! "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure" Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu, BMI Hero: Fat Gum, Rock Lock, Kesagiri Man, and Mr.
There are so many heroes gathered, from famous heroes from the charts to minor local heroes It's amazing Just what in the world is about to start? Hey, hey, what's this? What're we gonna do? Hey, Ryukyu, you said it was a meeting, I know, but what about? You'll find out soon enough.
Aizawa! Mr.
Aizawa, why are you here? I was called out suddenly.
I also heard roughly what's going on.
Girls, I told you before, didn't I? Even if you're still students, now that you're here for a work study, you're a legitimate part of our forces! You two seem like you'll be able to play an active role in that matter.
"That matter"? Nighteye, let's get started.
"Pro Hero - Sir Nighteye - Quirk: Foresight" Thanks to the information we received from you all, the investigation has moved forward substantially.
We will now have a conference to share what information we have acquired regarding what the small organization, Shie Hassaikai, is planning.
I'm completely in the dark about this "Hassai"? What's that? They might be thinkin' of doin' somethin' bad, so this is a time for us to discuss it together.
You two are also very much involved.
"An Unpleasant Talk" Well then, let us begin.
"Nighteye Agency Sidekick: Bubble Girl" Those of us from Nighteye Agency have been conducting an independent investigation into the designated villain group known as the Shie Hassaikai for about two weeks.
What prompted this? An accident involving a gang of thieves called the Reservoir Dogs.
I heard about that.
The police wrote it off as an accident, but there were a number of points that didn't make sense, so we began tailing them.
"Nighteye Agency Sidekick: Centipeder" I, Centipeder, conducted a follow-up investigation.
In my investigation, I found that, in the past year, the members of Shie Hassaikai have increased contact with those outside of their organization and other groups involved with shady businesses, moving with the aim of expanding their organization and increasing their funds.
And soon after beginning the investigation, he was in contact with a member of the League of Villains, Jin Bubaigawara, villain name: Twice.
They were wary of being tailed, and I was unable to follow them, but with the help of the police, I was able to confirm that an altercation had occurred between the two organizations.
Since the League was involved, they also reached out to Tsukauchi and me.
Where is Tsukauchi? There were other eyewitness reports to look into, so he went to check them out.
Kid, I didn't think it would end up like this.
I'm afraid I've pulled you into something troublesome.
I don't think of it as troublesome! You know him? Oh, yes.
He took care of me during my internship It's the old man with All Might in Kamino! Midoriya knows some amazing people! Please continue.
So after all this happened, we put out a request for help on the HN-- You can skip that part.
Right! "HN"? Hero Network.
It's an online service only those with pro licenses can access.
You can see reports of what all the heroes in the country are working on and request help from heroes with helpful Quirks! Even if they're from U.
, why are there kids here? We'll never get anywhere with them here.
The sun'll set before we get to the actual plan.
Don't say that! "startled" "startled" These two have super important information! Us? I can't take this Anyway, I think I'm meetin' a lot of you for the first time, so I'm Fat Gum! Nice to meet you! He's so round and cute! Oh, here's some candy! We suspect one of the Hassaikai's main sources of income is unauthorized drugs.
So I requested help from heroes who are well-versed in those matters.
Oh yeah, Fat did say something like that.
I crushed tons of guys like that back in the day! And then, at Red Riot's debut fight the other day! A type I'd never seen before was shot into Tamaki.
A drug that destroys Quirks.
Destroys Quirks? What?! Tamaki, you're okay, right? Yeah, I recovered after I slept.
Look at this cow hoof.
So you had beef bowl for breakfast? I feel better knowing that you can recover from it.
So it's not gone for good? No.
We will hear from Eraser Head on the matter.
It seems to be a little different from my Erasure since I don't attack the Quirk itself directly.
"This is just an illustration.
" The Quirk is an extra part with a special function added to a basic human body.
Those "extra parts" are lumped together as Quirk genes.
I only stop those genes temporarily, but I cannot directly inflict damage on them.
Right after Tamaki was shot, we had the hospital take a look at him, and his Quirk genes were damaged.
Thankfully, they healed on their own, and he's now back to normal, though.
What about the analysis on what was shot into him? There was nothin' wrong with the rest of his body.
It was only his Quirk that received any damage.
The guy who shot him isn't sayin' anythin' either! The gun's in pieces, and the only bullet we had was the one that'd been shot! But thanks to Kirishima's brave actions that led to one bouncin' off his body, we were able to get one still filled with the drug! Me? That surprised me! It came out of the blue! This is so hard to follow, I don't really get it.
Good job, Kirishima! So cool! Hardening, right? I know about that! It was the perfect match-up! And after analyzin' the contents, we discovered somethin' that made me sick.
Human blood and cells were inside! Human blood What? It's like we're talking about a different world In other words, that effect came from a person someone's Quirk? A Quirk that destroys Quirks Hmm I'm not really sure I'm following this.
How is this related to the Hassaikai? The man Kirishima captured, and the illegal drug that guy used! The distribution channels for things like that are complex.
It's gotten a lot smaller these days, but various people and organizations sell them wholesale until they finally reach the end user.
There's no proof that the Hassaikai handled the goods, but they did interact with one of the intermediaries.
That's it? The other day, when Ryukyu's team broke up a fight between two villain groups, controlling one of the groups was the intermediary dealer organization.
One of the two that turned giant had been given an inferior drug that didn't last very long.
There have been a rash of gang-related crimes recently, and most could be connected to the Hassaikai if you tried hard enough.
It sounds like you're trying really hard to make the Hassaikai guilty.
Don't you have something that implicates them more obviously? The young head, Chisaki's Quirk is Overhaul.
His power lets him disassemble and restore things.
Disassemble A Quirk that lets him break things and then fix them.
And a bullet that can break down Quirks.
D Don't go Chisaki has a daughter named Eri.
There are no records or details about her birth, but when Mirio and Midoriya encountered her, she had a large number of bandages wrapped around her arms and legs.
Don't tell me something so horrific It's a society of superhumans.
If you can dream it, you can do it.
What? What are you talking about? Are you sure we need the kids? I'll only say this once.
We're wondering if this Chisaki bastard is turning his daughter's body into bullets and selling them.
N No way We don't know if he's actually selling the bullets.
At their current stage, their efficacy is still too uncertain.
However, if they're at the test stage, and he's using them as samples to gather more to his cause There is no hard evidence.
But he's gathering people and funds across the nation If the completed drug would be able to completely destroy someone's Quirk? I'm sure they'll have many ideas for crimes using this.
Just imaginin' it makes my blood boil! Let's go find him right now! Wouldn't this have been resolved already if those two had just taken the child? I take full responsibility for what happened.
Please do not blame them.
Even though they didn't know the full story, they acted to save the girl.
Midoriya was willing to bear the risk of taking her then, but Mirio thought ahead and acted to try again when the odds were better.
Some "greatest hero" I am! Lemillion to save a million? Ha.
The ones most frustrated here right now are these two.
We will definitely take Eri next time and protect her! That's right.
That is our goal.
"Sir Nighteye" "Quirk: Foresight" "He can 'see' what his target will do for one hour.
" "Affiliation: Pro Hero" "Birthday: 1/2" "Height: 200 cm" "Blood Type: AB" "Likes: All Might" "Mirio Togata" "Quirk: Permeation" "His body can pass through anything.
When he uses it, even his breaths pass through him.
" "Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Course 3rd Year" "Birthday: 7/15" "Height: 181 cm" "Blood Type: AB" "Likes: Ramen, Comedy" We will definitely take Eri next time and protect her! We will save her! We definitely will! It's fine for the kids to show off, but if it's what we think, that girl's the crux the young head will want to hide, right? She got out because of some kind of trouble.
On top of that, some kid heroes saw her! You think he'll just keep her at home? I wouldn't if I were him.
Even if we push our way in, it won't matter if she's not there.
Have you already identified where she is? He's right.
How about it, Nighteye? That is the real issue.
Since we don't know how far their plans have gotten, we have one chance to strike when it counts.
To that end, we have found groups with connections to the Hassaikai or land owned by the Hassaikai and made as thorough a list as possible.
I would like you all to investigate each place and narrow the list down to possible locations.
So that's why you asked minor heroes like us.
What do you mean? Look.
The heroes here and the localities where they work are the same! Heroes were chosen who know the areas.
For someone who was All Might's former sidekick, you sure are careful.
This is too roundabout! While we're takin' our time, that little girl, Eri, is probably cryin'! We cannot become All Might.
That's why we must put together our analysis and predictions and try to make the possibility of saving her as close to 100% as we can.
We can't rush.
If we make a big fuss about this and then don't get her, this could be the kindling for something bigger.
Like how Stain's capture became like an ad for the League.
In fact, that might've been the intent behind distributing Quirk-destroying weapons to those hoodlums.
You're thinkin' too much! If you keep sayin' stuff like that, you won't be able to do anythin'! Um Can I ask a question? I don't know how your Quirk works exactly, Sir Nighteye, but if you can predict the future, then why don't you just use Foresight to see our futures? If we continue like this, it seems a bit illogical.
I cannot do that.
My Foresight requires a 24-hour interval between activations.
In other words, I can only use it on one person for one hour each day.
In addition, it's played in my mind like a flashback.
Please think of it as the ability to watch a film of someone else's life for an hour after activation.
However, that film is all from the perspective of that person.
All I can see is that person's actions and a little of their surroundings.
Well, that should be enough to let you find out a lot, though.
What do you mean by saying you can't do that? What if in that person's near future, death just a merciless death was waiting? Nighteye because of what happened with All Might If you continue like this, you'll face off against a villain and die an unspeakably gruesome death! My Quirk should be used only after we have already drawn out the highest probability of success, when it can be used to ensure our victory.
It shouldn't be used haphazardly when there are still so many uncertainties.
What?! But death is information, too! We could put together a plan to avoid it! It isn't the same as fortunetelling.
I have no conclusive evidence that it can be avoided.
Nighteye, I don't get it! Fine, use it on me! I'll show you I can avoid it! No.
Nighteye Anyway, let's do this.
There's a girl in trouble.
That's the most important thing.
Confirm the girl's whereabouts, and take her into our protection with the most accurate information we can get as quickly as possible.
I'm counting on all of your help.
If only I had taken her back then, even if I had to do it by force, right now, Eri would be I see, something like that happened I-It's so frustrating.
Deku It's the first time I've seen Mirio so down We're wondering if this Chisaki bastard is turning his daughter's body into bullets and selling them.
Eri Is this a wake or something? Ribbit! Mr.
Oh, call me Eraser Head outside of school.
But man, I was going to recommend that your work studies be suspended today What?! Why, after all this time? You heard them say the League of Villains could be involved, right? That changes things.
We will definitely take Eri next time and protect her! But you know, Midoriya, you still haven't regained my trust.
I would be grateful if you could follow the proper procedures and act properly in order to regain that trust.
Unfortunately, I'm sure that if I stop you now, you'll rush out again on your own.
I'll watch you.
If you're going to do this, do this properly, Midoriya.
Got that, problem child? Mirio, please lift your face.
Hey, I know about this.
Hey, Togata, even if you regret something and get depressed, nothing will change.
Did you know that? Yeah I'll say this to give you some peace of mind.
The hand you missed grabbing onto did not necessarily mean despair for Eri.
Face forward.
Yes, sir! Mr.
Aizawa! I'm Eraser here.
I will follow you for the rest of my life, Eraser Head! That's too long.
Sorry! Kirishima, you're too loud.
Mirio I know.
Midoriya, next time, we'll definitely save her! Yes, definitely! Is that how it was? I see, so you sent Midoriya to help All Might and me make up Well, I thought it could give you a chance.
When you get old, you think about a lot of useless stuff.
So, how is he? What do you think of Izuku Midoriya? I think they're very similar To the madness living deep inside All Might that I couldn't understand he's very similar.
Eri It's okay, I'm just checking to see if you're here.
You haven't touched your toys at all.
And I bought all these for you, too.
You can let your guard down a little.
If you don't, then I'll be the one killed next time, brat I'm not scary, see? Is there anything you want? It's fine, it's fine.
If I'm in the way, then I'll leave.
See? You're going to be her next caretaker.
Don't let her feel like running away.
Use the carrot, not the stick.
Become someone Eri feels like she can trust.
Even if he says that, I don't understand what kids like.
Maybe Glitter-something-or-other? It was different.
Completely different.
Up until now, no one had ever touched me like that before Sorry, that must've hurt.
Can you stand? Are you okay? For such a small child to be trembling like this without making a sound What are you doing to this girl? His hands were kind So kind "Preview" Here's the preview! While Sir Nighteye and the other pro heroes are determining Eri's location, us work study students were ordered to stand by.
There's chaos in my mind.
  The future awaiting All Might.
Nighteye's words.
Eri's safety.
And then, the day to carry out the plan finally comes Next time, "GO!!" Eri, I'll definitely save you this time! "Next time" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!