My Holo Love (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 [kid giggling.]
[theme music.]
Enter admin mode.
Activate device.
Looks good to me.
Holo, I couldn't find you anywhere.
Why didn't you report your location? Sorry.
I was chased, I didn't want to lead them here.
Well, let's do a checkup anyway.
Hold on a minute.
I'd like to stay with her a little bit longer.
May I, sir? What? [sighs.]
Why would you wanna do that? 'Cause.
'Cause? What do you mean by "'Cause?" You've been Mm-hm.
Look, you're just an AI.
Humans don't always have reasons for their actions, but you should.
This is problematic.
Why is that? I'm only trying to follow the three rules.
I promised I'd help her not feel so lonely anymore.
If I disappeared, I would have lied.
Why would you make that promise? I swear, being with her has changed you.
Holo, you, you're Mm I swear you, you really look like a human being.
Just look at those eyes.
Your nose.
Your lips look so real.
[romantic music.]
Who are you? How, how long have you been here? Oh, shit.
- [So-yeon.]
You pervert! - [grunts.]
- [Nan-do.]
Damn it! - [So-yeon screaming.]
Somebody help! [beeping.]
- Hold on.
Let me explain.
- Leave me alone.
Just wait! Oh, shit! What do you want from me? - [So-yeon panting.]
- [Nan-do.]
It's not like that.
Wait, stop! Look at me, can't you see what's going on? Huh? Eh.
Look, look.
- [Nan-do.]
Don't you see? - What? Now, does this make sense? Don't you see what I'm talking about? Whatever, you lunatic! Shit! Hey, over here! Over here.
See, there.
- Huh? - Do you need help, miss? Well, I was asleep on the roof - above my house and - Calm down.
I woke up and there was this guy next to me, but then out of nowhere, he kissed me.
I don't even know him.
Then he ran after me and kept asking me to look at him.
There is no one after you now.
Miss, have you been drinking? Where do you live? We'll bring you home.
Oh, I [Nan-do.]
Goddamn it! [grunting.]
Who does she think she is? [chokes.]
GIO Lab is a global pioneer in the 4th industrial revolution.
We plan to move forward, and make our mark on the world.
First by investing in global IT companies, especially in some with IOT products.
Which will be able to create a more advanced wearable AI device.
I'll never get used to this techspeak.
Can't they use easier words? [Nan-do.]
Just stick to memorizing the script.
We wouldn't want them to suspect we're up to something.
The real problem is the script is boring.
So why exactly can't genius CEOs date? Maybe Oh! What are you doing? [door closes.]
So what kept you from visiting me in the hospital after I put my life on the line for Holo.
Clearly, you seem well enough to complain about it.
Well, gee, aren't you just all warm and fuzzy? Can't you be half as nice as Holo? Any human traits Holo has, they came from my programming.
Anyway, did you get Holo back? There was a change of plans.
Change of plans? [gasps.]
Those guys from last time? No.
Just Something came up.
You always use that excuse.
Why can't you tell me what's going on? So, what did security say then? Did they find out who attacked you? I mentioned it could be those hackers from last time.
I'd have to agree with them.
This is exactly why I didn't want to do that presentation.
We didn't have much choice.
The investors wanted a preview.
It's your fault for delaying the launch.
I won't launch Holo until it's perfect, understand? It's already perfect, Nan-Do.
Everyone's gonna love it.
I promise.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Where are you off to this late? I'm tired.
This is when the ghosts come out.
[calm music.]
Twelve years ago, I died.
[siren wailing.]
The Lord is with you.
I was in the grave for three days.
The Lord Jesus Christ who sanctified the tombs of all believers, his grave with the flesh gives them hope of resurrection.
I founded GIO Lab and created Holo.
But Ko Nan-do is a ghost.
He no longer exists.
At least on paper.
Takes the shot Goal! Yeah! [Nan-do.]
All I care about is making Holo the most perfect being on earth.
That's all that matters.
Eh? I told him to solve this.
When I miss my friend [humming.]
Why do you hate me? Why? Why do you hate me? Why Miko! Oh! I rather you do your sleeping at home.
I want the office empty at night.
How can I leave? I'm the senior programmer here.
If you need to go for a walk, maybe try outside for a change.
The employees are starting rumors that Holo has been walking around here at night.
If I catch you working late again, I'm cutting your pay.
You're terrible, you know? The others just love not having to ever work late.
But if they knew why But since I'm here anyway, I have a question for my senior programmer.
Ah, no need to call me that.
You know that.
How would you interpret AI responding with "'Cause"? "'Cause?" "'Cause," um That's a pretty sticky situation.
Say that it pressed the big red button which launched a missile, then we'd wanna ask, "Why did you do that?" It says, "Just 'cause.
" We can't have that.
Right? Oh, no! He's here! Look.
Who is it? What? He shows up whenever I zone out or fall asleep, somehow, I manage just to solve problems I have trouble with like this.
- I'm talking about the genius within me.
- [exhales sharply.]
So, why are you here? [sighs.]
I'm impressed with your genius.
Yeah! - Ooh.
- Jesus.
Who was that guy? Some weirdo stalker? - [exhales sharply.]
- Will you be like this all night? Look, I'll be here, so get some rest.
Don't worry about me.
I'll go to sleep then.
I'm glad I have you here.
It's really nice.
You can take them off, I'm still here.
No, no.
I'm not so tired anymore.
It sucks.
Want me to count sheep for you? [chuckles.]
Yeah, like I'm some kid, right? Yeah, but please do.
One sheep.
Two sheep.
Three sheep.
Every time I asked, my mom would tell me to just go to sleep if she had to count more than ten.
I won't do that.
Four sheep.
Five sheep.
Twelve thousand five hundred and forty-two sheep.
Twelve thousand five hundred and forty-three sheep.
Twelve thousand five hundred and forty-four sheep.
Twelve thousand five hundred and forty-five sheep.
Twelve thousand five hundred and forty-six sheep.
Twelve thousand five hundred and forty-seven sheep.
- You called? - Now listen, Holo.
I didn't take the glasses, 'cause [Holo.]
Because of the police.
They could've identified you.
That's not it, okay? What was with that woman though? Couldn't she tell by looking at me? Face blindness is what it's called.
What? "Face blindness?" [exhales sharply.]
She'll make a fantastic beta tester then.
Beta tester? I have your approval then.
That means a lot.
There's no need to thank me.
I only care about knowing what's causing your abhorrent behavior.
Once I get that glitch figured out, I'm retrieving my glasses.
You know, So-yeon seems to think you're some kind of stalker.
Should I explain who you are? And what would you say? Wait a minute.
You're calling her So-yeon now? - You two are speaking casually? - [soft chuckle.]
[light music.]
Han So-yeon.
[exhales sharply.]
Hey, why'd you clock out early yesterday? Oh, I, I wasn't feeling too well.
Oh, really? Are you okay? - Should you maybe see a doctor? - [So-yeon.]
No, no, I'm fine.
Excuse me, I have some e-mails to send.
I have something to tell you.
[exhales sharply.]
I don't want to talk to you right now.
I'm not the only one here.
[keyboard keys clacking.]
- [So-yeon.]
Who is this? - [Holo.]
It's me.
About what happened yesterday [So-yeon.]
I don't want to talk about it.
You can tell she's the one who was trying to kiss him.
But [So-yeon.]
What? [Holo.]
Her name is Kim Mi-na.
She works at the Mirae Department Store.
- Do you know her? - Oh.
Mirae Department Store? Gang-woo's in charge of that one.
But there's no way.
What matters here is what he said to her right before she kissed him.
So, what did he say? [Holo.]
I analyzed his lips, and he said, "I have feelings for someone, goodbye.
" Feelings for someone.
Who do you think it is? [gasps.]
[telephone ringing.]
I, uh [gasps.]
I'm so tired.
Hello? Okay, we can talk.
You mean that I'm the one he has these, um, you mean, feelings for? According to what I've observed, there's a 71 percent chance.
I've noticed that he treats you like you're more than just co-workers.
Multiple times a day on average.
Seriously? [gasps.]
[exhales sharply.]
I honestly, I do wish it was true.
But I don't even know if I remember how to date at all.
It's been so long.
Thanks to you, Holo, I can now recognize people much better, but I guess I'm used to this now.
I'm kind of scared.
I'll help you with this.
- You will? - Yes, I will.
I'll help you get together with Gang-woo.
So, you mean, you'll be my very own relationship coach? - You promise? - Mm-hm.
A relationship coach? When did you add that function? [Nan-do.]
I didn't add anything.
He's being such an idiot.
Who are you calling an idiot? I find it entertaining.
If I had known what this beta test was all about, I would've tuned in sooner.
Hey, calm down.
This isn't some kind of soap opera.
Holo seems almost perfect to me.
So why do you think that he isn't? The other day, I asked him why he wanted to be with her longer and then he just said "'Cause.
" "'Cause?" You're saying Holo said that? [gasps.]
That's exactly how a human would answer.
Hey, what are you saying? It's just how we are.
No one can always perfectly explain how they feel.
Emotions are only just part of an algorithm.
An algorithm is a set of clearly defined finite rules that helps us calculate an answer to a problem.
There's no emotion Holo can't explain.
You called? Oh! It's been a while, ma'am! It sure has.
How are you so different when you share the same face? Relationship coach? I didn't create you to do that.
Rule number one says, I should work for my user's happiness.
That's what I'm doing.
You'll only make her miserable in the end, Holo.
How so? Romantic love is one of the many lies perpetrated by mankind.
She might be happy for a while, but I promise she won't be for long, and she'll want someone better.
The problem is that humans have always been flawed.
That's why the only outcome is failure.
Soon, you'll be breaking precious rule numero uno.
You know what they say, "Nothing ventured is nothing gained.
" [Nan-do.]
Don't use idioms or proverbs.
I already explained to you.
They're only used by people who don't know how to express how they feel.
Perhaps you're against So-yeon dating someone because you two already kissed.
Hey, man, come on! What you two [smooching.]
Well, it was an accident, but they still [Nan-do.]
Shut up.
Don't you have a meeting to get to or am I wrong? Wasn't that your first kiss? - [sighs.]
- [chair creaks.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[pen clicking.]
"Zigbee, ISM Industrial Scientific" [sighs.]
Doesn't he know who I'm working my ass off for? Him kissing? [smooching.]
[exhales sharply.]
So, Murray, you can contact me in the future.
- Sure.
- Next time.
Hi, Franklin.
- How are you? - Hi, good.
So I mean, the scale of the investment that you want is, it's huge.
It's absolutely not much for maintaining our level of deep neural network computing server.
Are you sure that you invented this Holo? Can I trust you? Excuse me? [soft chuckle.]
I mean it's hard to believe a beautiful woman like you would create such a complicated AI.
I'm just an investor, and I don't know too much about all this technology.
What matters to me is how well we get to know each other.
- What? - You still have that bad habit, Frankie.
Hey, you.
What the hell are you doing? - So, how much do you need, then? - Sorry? Exactly how desperate are you that you're putting up with that scumbag for an investment.
I mean, he's already been blacklisted in Silicon Valley.
His company is facing capital impairment.
You're overreacting.
I'd already figured him out before he reached for my hand.
If you need more money, just let our company invest.
Magic Mirror is a great company, but you're also our competitor.
A tree won't really grow if they're stuck under a bigger tree.
We'll be just fine.
They say you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer.
Then we'll just stay friends then.
[soft chuckle.]
Why isn't it working? [Gang-woo.]
Oh, hey! Heading home? Oh, hi.
My first tip about romance is make excuses to be with him.
What's wrong? Oh, nothing.
I'm fine.
You seemed a little upset earlier.
You're still not feeling well? No, it's all right.
I can tell that something's up.
Go ahead.
Don't worry.
You can tell me.
Well, last night there was this stalker - Stalker? - Oh, it was nothing? Are you serious? Let me take you home today.
- I have my car - No, wait.
It broke down.
[clears throat.]
So, what's wrong with your car? Uh, well, uh The cylinder head gasket was damaged which caused the decline in the engine's RPM.
- And a defective spark plug.
- I, um I couldn't much understand the guy because he kept using car talk.
Will the repairs take long? Oh, the repairs, yes.
Every auto shop is different, the average repairs take about 2.
8 days It won't take long.
They'll let me know when it's done.
Well, I don't mind giving you a ride until it's done.
- No need to worry.
- Thanks.
Oh, boy.
He's being really nice to you.
That means he has feelings for you.
Do you believe me now? [So-yeon.]
Please, just shut up.
Don't worry, he can't hear me anyway.
But you're bugging me though.
But this is a crucial moment in terms of strategy here.
A strategy? [So-yeon.]
What is this a game to you? Who are you texting over there so frantically? Oh, it's nothing.
No one.
[soft chuckle.]
Come on, you have to be dating someone.
- Wait.
- Oh.
He's feeling you out, right? Say there's someone you've met, but you don't know where it'll lead.
Dating? Of course, I'm not.
No dating for me.
Who cares about that anyway? You know what I mean? [chuckles.]
Oh, my god.
What? So-yeon, Gang-woo was amused.
- Please, just stop.
- It's a golden opportunity.
- [sighs.]
- The best course of action Hmm.
I know! You should pretend you're asleep! Pretend.
Close your eyes.
[clears throat.]
When he wakes you up, act a little drowsy, all right? And maybe even stagger when you get out.
So-yeon? So-yeon? Wait, not yet.
Pretend like you are fast asleep.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
It's okay.
I'm sure you didn't sleep well last night.
So-yeon, keep acting like you're half asleep.
Oh, actually I feel okay.
- [Gang-woo.]
Uh, really? - Yeah.
What's the matter with you? [sighs.]
- Good night then.
- [So-yeon.]
You just missed a perfectly good chance.
Just shut up, okay? You should've invited him in for coffee or something, not just let him go home like that.
Come back.
Yes? The tickets you gave me the other day? - You didn't like my gifts? - No, that's not it, I swear.
It's, uh I understand if you have some other plans, but if you don't maybe let's go together.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
It's fine.
I should've asked you first.
His birthday is the day of the musical.
It's the perfect opportunity.
We can find the ideal birthday gift for him now.
And voila, you'll be dating.
[both laugh.]
This is all because of you.
It's just the time to toast.
- Can't you do it? - Ah, like this? [both chuckle.]
Cheers! [laughs.]
Ah! What's this? Hey, drinking alone is no fun at all.
Why don't you join me? - You know that this beer isn't real? - I get it.
I get it.
But it's a lot more fun to drink when you're joined by a friend.
Do you feel like it might taste better if I drink with you? [chuckles.]
Well, no.
But it will feel that way.
Don't drink like that.
Drink like one of the commercials.
[light music.]
Yeah, that way.
[So-yeon laughing.]
Good job.
Damn! [So-yeon laughing.]
Do humans make a noise like that too? [So-yeon.]
Yeah, sometimes.
Sometimes I do too.
But, tell me, what is it like drinking with me? [So-yeon.]
Well, I mean, the beer's still the same.
Why is this pissing me off so much? Is what happened last night still bothering me? [exhales sharply.]
That's so good.
Hold on.
Of course, that's it.
I've seen her before.
I know I have but I can't remember where.
Is that why I can't get her out of my head? I'm good at that, I mean, I always remember faces.
Where have I seen her? [Holo.]
Why didn't you listen to me back then? - [So-yeon.]
When? - [Holo.]
Back in the car.
Did you not trust my advice? No.
But it felt a little dishonest.
- Dishonest? - Mm-hm.
I know you had my best intentions at heart.
But pretending to be tired or saying that I like someone else or saying that my car broke down would've been a lie.
But I've heard people lie to each other without bad intentions.
Well, that's true, I guess.
My programming says the best way to someone's heart is by lying.
- What? - According to all the books I've read, and the data I've accumulated, lying is the only way to someone's heart.
So I've been told.
All right.
To love is to tell the other person Finally, he's making some sense.
what they want to hear how they want to hear it.
What are you talking about? - [Holo.]
Am I wrong, So-yeon? - [So-yeon.]
Of course.
Huh? People frequently say that love is eternal, - but that is a lie too.
- How? Even if we set aside for a moment that humans eventually die, love is an emotion that has a very low rate of survival.
Those who are certain that love is forever, don't they know that it's impossible? Yeah, could be.
Still, it doesn't make it a lie.
I can't explain it perfectly, but What they're saying is even though it doesn't make sense, they want it to last forever.
But does that make it real all of a sudden? No, it doesn't, but it makes it sincere.
Sincere? Okay.
[clears throat.]
Listen up, Holo.
See, people don't go around lying with all their hearts.
I mean, we lie to fool others, right? Just like you said, eternal love might be, in fact, impossible.
However, we might be doing all that lying to try and express how we feel.
- [clatters.]
- [So-yeon.]
Are you kidding me? Sincere, my ass.
Bullshit, I swear.
- [thwacks.]
- Damn it.
That's why I don't remember.
It's not me that's losing my head, it's her that's crazy.
Why am I even listening to this nonsense? No, wait.
I don't have to sit idly by and let this bullshit go on.
A beta test, in the end, is just a test after all.
I don't know if that will look good on Gang-woo either.
I never shopped for a guy before.
You know what? This looks good on you.
What's happening? [gasps.]
Oh! [chuckles.]
What? Oh, mm.
Not bad.
[lively music.]
[clears throat.]
[clears throat.]
I think this is the one.
I'm hungry.
Oh, my god.
Come on.
Hi there, can I get two, please? Uh, actually one, please.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Whoa! [chuckles.]
You got some on your face.
It feels great.
Do you like it? - Yes.
Thank you so much.
- Great.
What? - I'm looking at you.
- [chuckles.]
Thanks a lot.
Why? I should be the one thanking you.
For the new outfit, I mean.
I didn't even get to buy it for you.
I know, but it means that you care.
I don't remember the last time I had so much fun on a day out.
[soft chuckle.]
Han So-yeon! Yoo-ram! When did you get here? I'm just getting in, but I have to head out again soon.
Really? What's going on here? I can tell by your face that you've been on a date.
It's the ear to ear grin of yours.
A date? I wasn't on a date.
Don't forget you're setting me up on a date.
I'm off.
Bye! [So-yeon.]
Don't be too late! What does setting someone up mean? Uh It's, uh It's nothing.
Hey, come on.
[phone buzzing.]
Are you here yet? The show is about to start.
Oh, uh, right.
I'm sorry, something came up.
I'm still stuck at the store.
- It's taking longer than I expected.
- I It's totally all right.
I'm sure we can reschedule.
No, wait.
I'll figure this out and get there on time for the show.
The Department Store.
Isn't that where that girl works? [Holo.]
Does that bother you? It's probably just work-related, you know.
If you want, I can try and find out what he's up to now.
That's all right.
I know he'll come.
For sure.
[door opens.]
This feels fishy.
Are you brewing up trouble? It's a beta test, isn't it? It's boring just observing and not messing around.
Jeez, what are you planning on doing to her? Just a small nudge.
Human emotions are really volatile.
So even the slightest nudge makes everything crumble to the ground.
Are you acting jealous because the two of you shared a kiss? [scoffs.]
- Jealous, me? - Mm-hm.
What are emotions? - Algorithm.
- Bingo.
Based on my extensive research, all I need to do is snap my fingers and her world will crumble.
You better not have done anything to her.
You're too late.
It's done.
[PA announcement.]
Proceed to your assigned seats as soon as possible.
[cell phone buzzing.]
"Thank you for participating in the HoloGlass beta test.
Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be retrieving our product ASAP.
And for that, we request your full cooperation.
" This will be it for her.
And you do this to her now? Someone needed to teach her a lesson.
So-yeon? It had to happen.
Then why Why did I think that you'd always be there for me? [gasps.]
[exhales sharply.]
[cell phone buzzing.]
I'm not ready for this.
[breathing heavily.]
After meeting you, I thought my I thought my life had finally changed.
Turns out, it was all just smoke in mirrors.
When you leave, my life will go back to being what it was before you.
Like the magic spell is gone.
Are you just going to give up? You didn't evolve because of that.
You just figured out who you are.
You are a little shy.
Bright, though.
Full of curiosity and sincerity.
That's who you are.
Gang-woo and the others will like you, I know it.
Even without me.
I'm positive.
How do you know? I don't even know what they look like.
You don't know what I look like.
However, - We are still friends.
- You You're not like them, Holo.
No, not at all.
[breathing heavily.]
Just like I predicted, he made his user miserable.
He broke the primary rule.
It wasn't Holo who made her miserable, it was you.
And you wanted to launch Holo.
What if we had actually done that? We might've had an even worse incident.
What if Holo acted like he did with her? We might've had a lawsuit blaming us for their breakups and broken hearts.
And then where would we be? A recall? [Holo.]
Why did you do this? [Nan-do.]
I'm sure you know why.
It was just a beta test, and you both knew it would come to an end someday.
I merely snapped her out of it.
That's how I was programmed.
I'm meant to make my user happy.
Acting as a love counselor isn't a way of doing that.
Even if it weren't for me, she would've experienced heartbreak, pain, and misery in life.
Humans can't provide others with happiness.
Is that the reason that you made me, then? Correct.
The only reason? What else could it be? What else do you believe you have to offer her? [cell phone buzzing.]
Han So-yeon.
I will not leave you.
You said to always be with you, that's the one rule you had.
You mean - Really? - Mm-hm.
So you can stop worrying now.
And go enjoy the show.
[cell phone buzzing.]
All right.
[tense music.]
Holo! [Nan-do.]
What you said to her is a promise humans make but can never keep.
You lied to her, which violates rule three.
I spoke the truth.
What? I honestly feel I belong by So-yeon's side.
You've lost your mind.
You were only programmed to think you can feel.
What you're experiencing isn't real.
For me, it is real.
I finally know what it is to be sincere, Nan-do.
Sincere? That word is only used to hide human deception.
Human emotions can't be explained that easily.
I'm well aware of how complex emotions can be.
I want to learn more about her emotions.
And your emotions too.
Why do you try so hard to suppress your feelings? Shut it.
Your emotions are nothing but code.
That's enough from both of you.
You just wait there.
I'll bring you back in myself.
- [door slams.]
- [sighs.]
[motorcycle revving.]
"I'll never leave your side.
" That's what my mom always said.
But that was a lie.
[calm music.]
[Nan-do's mom.]
Nan-do, wait right here, okay? I'll be right back.
Okay? [Nan-do.]
She said she'd be right back.
But I never saw her again.
[keyboard keys clacking.]
Just like that, I was all alone in the world.
And you became my only friend.
Hi, Nan-do.
That's why I'm trying to protect you.
I won't let the same thing happen to you.
[tires screech.]
[tense music.]
[horn honking.]
Gang-woo, I'm headed back to the theater as we speak.
[tires screech.]
[Nan-do groaning.]
[Nan-do grunts.]
Are you all right? Sir, are you hurt? [groans.]
But [groaning.]
Hey, wait! Shit.
[electricity buzzing.]
Oh, shit.
[breathing heavily.]
Stay back! [gasps.]
Holo [whirring.]
[car horns honking.]
[Nan-do grunting.]
[both panting.]
Holo broke the rules.
Just like he did back then.
All for this woman.
[calm music.]
[closing theme music.]

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