My Life as a Teenage Robot (2003) s01e07 Episode Script

The Return of Raggedy Android; The Boy Who Cried Robot

1 (Jenny) 5:00, get a call to go blading at the skate park down by the mall, but my mom says I gotta prevent hostile aliens from annihilating us all.
Hyah! With the strength of a million and 70 men, I guess I really shouldn't complain.
Still, I wish I could go for a walk without rusting in the rain.
It's enough to fry my brain.
So welcome to my life as a teenage robot, the story of my life as a teenage robot.
My teenage robot life.
[techno music playing.]
(Brad) I can't believe it, Jenny.
I can't believe I got this job.
It's so cool.
Mezmer's is the coolest hangout in town.
State-of-the-art computerized jukebox, deluxe five-cushion booth seating, air-conditioned dance floor, and wall-to-wall teenagers.
I can't believe I'm hanging with normal teens.
Well, why not? With me in charge, you can hang out anytime you want.
make a fortune-- What?! You filthy mechanized nuisance! Get out! Hey, you can't kick me out.
Oh, yes, I can.
"We reserve the right to refuse service To robots.
" They're dangerous.
They can't be trusted.
And they stink too.
No robots allowed! Bradley, my boy, throw her out.
But, Mr.
Mezmer, she's my friend.
I won't throw her out.
Then you're fired.
It's okay; I'm leaving.
What an ignorant jerk.
Who wants to hang out in there anyway? I do.
Come on, come on.
It's got to be here somewhere.
[clears throat.]
XJ9! What do you think you're doing? [laughs innocently.]
Hi, mom.
I was looking for the human exoskin.
You know, the one that'll make me look like a normal girl.
You said you've been fiddling with it, improving it? Well, I do admit I have been toying with it in my spare time.
But it's not done! I'll let you see it, but that's all.
Here we are.
[electricity crackling.]
[alarm wailing.]
It looks worse than before.
Oh, but it's far more advanced.
I don't think it'll even fit me.
It's too small.
Small? Nonsense.
We'll do a fitting and see.
Try it on.
Mom, what's happening? Hmm, very interesting.
Help! [muffled.]
I can't breathe! You don't breathe, honey.
[muffled screaming.]
[zipper zips.]
Why, why, Jenny.
My dear lady, do you think I might sashay around town a bit? Oh, how can I say no to a face like that? [techno music playing.]
[all talking.]
[wolf whistle.]
[talking and music resume.]
Hey, sweetie.
Can I get you a frosty beverage? Uh, no, thanks.
Can I get you a frosty beverage? [all talking.]
Uh, excuse me.
Oh, hi.
What's your name? [giggles.]
Jenny, huh? (boy) Hey! [laughs embarrassedly.]
My best friend's name is Jen-- [electricity crackles.]
Ouch! Jenny? Best friend, huh? Wow, what happened? You look totally normal.
I know.
It's so great.
No one looks at me like I'm a freak.
It's been bliss.
Hey, Brad! Come here and clean up the soft serve.
Go have some fun.
I'll talk to you later.
Hello, beautiful.
I couldn't help but notice you.
Would you honor me with a dance? Sure.
[engines roaring.]
[car alarm beeps.]
[people gasp.]
Don't stop the party on letta's account.
We're just here for the fun like the rest of yous.
Right, Lenny? Just who do you think you are? Get out of my shop.
"We reserve the right to refuse service to robots And space bikers.
" Now, get out, or I'll throw you out.
Ha! You and what army? Army of me, you jerk.
(woman's voice) A normal young lady would let the boys handle this.
We can take this wimp.
Wimp this take away.
Huh? You illiterate creeps.
Take this! You haven't seen the last of me.
Oh, man, party's over.
[all grumbling.]
Don't worry.
I'll have a new jukebox tomorrow.
I promise.
There'll be boogie-woogie for sure! Looks like we didn't get our dance.
That's okay, doll face.
We can dance tomorrow.
Same time, same place.
I sure had a great time tonight until that space biker crashed the party.
Normally, I would have pounded the fins off of her.
I wonder what held me back.
[ominous music.]
Huh? What happened? (voice) Isn't it nice to wake up beautiful? Well, sure, but-- Hey, who said that? It's me, your second skin.
Don't we look beautiful? I--I am beautiful, aren't I? Yes, we are.
But this isn't the real me.
The real me-- Isn't beautiful? No, I'm beautiful in my own special way.
But wouldn't we rather be beautiful in a normal way? Beauty is a 24-hour job.
We can't just look like a normal girl.
We have to behave like a normal girl, believe we're a normal girl.
A normal girl can do anything.
We'll have the boys eating out of the palms of our beautiful, normal hands.
Normal is good.
Normal is good.
[techno music.]
Pick up the pace, Bradley, me boyo.
We've got customers waiting! Right away, sir.
Welcome to Mezmer's.
What'll you have? [Jenny and skin together.]
Well, what do you recommend? Jenny, what are you doing? You don't eat.
Well, I am trying to watch my figure.
Or nobody else will.
And malts are bad for my skin.
Skin? What's the beauty queen act for? When you're a beauty, why shouldn't you act like a queen? Well, your highness, I like the way the old Jenny acted.
Shall we dance, beautiful? I'd love to.
Don seems to like the new Jenny just fine.
[engine revving.]
[glass smashes.]
Ha ha ha! Did you miss Letta? Now we'll really have some fun.
Yeah, Olga is here.
Sledge is in the house.
And Tammy! She's new.
[people coughing.]
Drinks on you! [laughs.]
[glass smashing.]
Jenny, do something.
Why would we want to do anything? We might break a nail.
Oh, please help! Keep cool, man.
Someone's got to do something.
Mezmer, I'll get you out.
Hold on.
Hi-yah! Oo-iyah! Atomic wedgie! Ooh.
Ahhhh! Brad? Huh, could we move, please? We need to kick some space biker butt.
That would be most impolite.
Kicking buttocks is not the sort of thing a normal girl does.
Well, I admit I'm not a normal girl.
(skin) We are now.
Give me back control--now! Never! We will be normal! I'm not letting you control me any longer.
I have to save my best friend.
(skin) You're just a girl.
It's not normal for girls to save boys.
(Jenny) Well, it's normal for this girl to save everybody.
No! Let's get out of here! And what should we do with you? Atomic wedgie? [cheering.]
Don't hurt me, robot.
You and your space biker friends can have all my money.
Just don't hurt me.
She wasn't trying to hurt you.
She saved us all from those space thugs.
(all) Yeah! (Mezmer) Look at my shop.
It's a mess.
It's all your fault! I always knew your kind were no good.
No robots allowed! (Jenny) That's fine.
I'm leaving.
Hold on, Jenny.
I'm coming with you.
If you leave, you're fired.
You can't fire me; I quit! Fine, quit, then.
Leave with your stinking robot friend.
No robots allowed! No exceptions! Well, I guess I got to go too.
(boy) Man, let's get out of here.
[people agreeing.]
(Mezmer) What? Wait! Where's everyone going? Can we have a little music, Jenny? Sure.
[techno music plays.]
Wow, Jenny, a built-in boom box.
It's just one of my normal features.
(Mezmer) Wait! Kids, I've seen the error of my ways.
I want your money! I-I-I mean your sympathy.
Please come back.
[skin laughs evilly.]
[owl hooting.]
[beeping quietly.]
[wind howling.]
At last.
I do hereby claim this peak, the highest in all of Asia, for the village of stickney, Illinois.
Thus do I claim thee Mount Milajankaro! [cheeping.]
Ahhh! [alarm wailing.]
[glass shatters.]
Made it with time to spare.
[whistling casually.]
(Tuck) Jenny! Tuck? (Tuck) Jenny! Ah! Hold on, Tuck! [noise of brakes squealing.]
Tuck? Hi.
Uhso So, Jenny, I'd like you to meet my friends, George and carver.
[clears throat.]
Oh, yeah, and this is-- What's your name again? [evilly.]
My name is Lon.
Lon was telling us about this really cool wolf.
He's going to show us later.
With huge teeth and big yellow eyes and horrible sharp claws.
And a blood-curdling howl that pierces the night air like an assassin's dagger.
And since we were speaking of cool things, how could I resist mentioning that I live next to a laser beam-shooting rocket-powered kick-butt Superhero! Of course, no one believed me, so I called you over.
Pretty cool, huh, guys? Rad.
Oh, Tuck, I'm flattered.
But you really shouldn't send out distress calls unless it's an emergency.
This was sort of an emergency.
No, Tuck.
I mean a real emergency, like fires, floods, falling off a mounta-- [together.]
Cool! Ahhhh! [coughs.]
Ahhhh! Why, thank you, young lady.
No biggie.
I think I'm a winter, but what if I'm really a spring with Autumn undertones? [alarm wailing.]
[all screaming.]
The dike, she's about to blow! [humming.]
Let's see.
"Allow 20 minutes for cement mixture to harden.
" Hmm, a sandstone glaze on top might be a nice effect.
(Tuck) Jenny! Tuck? Again? (Tuck) Jenny, hurry! Looks like I'm going to need a quicker fix.
That ought to do it.
Hey, everybody! Snots brinker fixed the dike! Way to go, snotty boy! [cheering.]
(Tuck) Jenny! Gentlemen, our star has arrived.
What is this? I told you to call only if it was something important.
But it is important.
Lon didn't believe you had cool gadgets and powers and stuff.
He said you were wimpy.
Listen, you.
I've got more important things to do than to perform tricks for a bunch of geeky little boys.
Ha, geek.
You are not to call me again unless you actually need my help.
Understand? Yeah.
(Tuck) Help! Hmm, let's see.
Everything seems calm and peaceful.
You appear to be fine.
No broken bones, not leaking any bodily fluids.
At least not yet.
You do know what the word help means, don't you? But I do need your help.
How's that? I have a splinter.
Tuck, that's not what I meant by-- Oh, so my stupid little pain isn't important enough for you.
Is that it? No, that's not what I said-- So, what, I'm never going to see you unless I'm going to be run over by a train? No, of course-- Or crushed by a gorilla or swallowed by the loch ness monster? That's ridicul-- I thought you wanted to have friends like a normal kid.
I do.
I thought we were friends.
We are.
Well, as a friend, let me give you a little advice about friendship.
Friends help friends out not just with the gorilla-sized problems but with the splinter-sized problems too.
Oh, all right.
But I can only come over if you need my help with something.
Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem.
Jenny! Jenny! [radio warbling.]
Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny? Jenny! Jenny! [repeating.]
Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jen-ny! (Brad) Hey, Jenny.
What? Oh, Brad.
I am so sorry.
Uh, let me-- one more little-- almost got it.
Jenny, stop helping.
Oh, if only your brother would let me stop helping.
Oh, boy.
What's Tuck up to now? He keeps calling me over to help him and his geeky friends with the stupidest stuff.
So why do you keep going? Tuck says that's what friends do for each other.
Plus what if I don't show up and he really needs me? Oh, this reminds me of a certain story.
(boy) Look, everyone.
Ah, perfect timing.
[children cheering.]
One history of electrolysis, please.
Here you go, Amy.
The dunderhead's guide to idiocy.
Enjoy, Billy.
Catcher in the rye.
Not today, Ed.
Tuck's pulling the same scam as the kid in this book.
(Jenny) The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Jenny! Good night, Tuck.
No need to walk, gentlemen.
Jenny will be here in a moment to fly us home.
Jenny! Jenny! Never mind, Tuck.
We'll walk.
No, wait.
I know she's coming.
Jenny! (Lon) So, Tuck.
Now that we've eliminated that robotic distraction, I think it's time to meet the wolf.
(Tuck) Jenny! Forget it, Tuck.
I'm not falling for it anymore.
(Tuck) Wolf! Wolf? Now the brat's quoting the actual book.
Well, I'm not going to be the fool at the end of this story.
Say, how does this story end anyway? Mm, I don't know.
Maybe the kid gets a ticket for disturbing the peace.
[dramatic music.]
He gets a ticket, huh? (Tuck) Jenny! Tuck! No, Jenny, don't fall for it.
But the ending of the book.
Who are you going to believe: Me or some stupid book? You're the one who gave me the stupid book in the first place.
[Tuck screams.]
Sorry, Brad.
I won't have Tuck's blood on my hands.
I tell you he's faking.
Hold on, Tuck.
Hold on! [Tuck screaming.]
Oh, hi, Jenny.
I wanted you to see Lon's dog, Wolfie.
He's really part wolf.
Isn't that the coolest thing? Help! Jenny! Help! Help! Jenny's attacking me! Help! Help! [rock music.]