My Life Is Murder (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Boyfriend Experience

1 WOMAN: A tradesperson? Yeah, I'm definitely interested in hiring a tradesman.
Tell me, would you say that you're more of an electrician or a plumber? MAN: I'm pretty versatile.
Well, surely you specialise.
I trained as a carpenter.
Worked as a chippie back in the day.
Hey, you don't think you could fix my Loobenschwegen? Your your what, sorry? An industrial bread processor.
Mine's malfunctioning.
I could certainly give it a try if that would bring you pleasure.
Seriously, though, we should meet.
I can tailor an intimate experience especially for you.
The boyfriend experience.
Does that mean we fight over the TV remote? (CHUCKLES) Well, if that's what turns you on.
But I think we can set the bar a bit higher than that.
I guarantee you, Alexa, this will be better than any boyfriend you've ever had.
Well, that sounds fabulous.
And expensive! Oh, it'll be worth it.
(WHISPERS) I promise.
Well, I have had a hard week.
(GERMAN ACCENT) And zis ve do wis absolute precision.
Like that.
OK, here we go.
And - (TURNS ON MACHINE) - (MACHINE WHIRRS AND BEEPS) Bugger! European technology, huh? Oh, I know you're across all that.
- Hmm.
- Look, make yourself useful, would you? Read the manual.
It's in German.
Then go home, wherever that is.
Yeah, I've ordered.
Hear me out.
I need you to help me with something.
Jennifer Chi, 41.
Fell from her apartment building in Docklands.
I'm retired, Kieran.
You were in the room when I did it.
She went over a balcony on the 19th floor.
"Think of the police pension," you said.
56 kilos.
It took her about 2.
5 seconds to get to the ground.
Hit the pavement at about 70km/h.
- How many storeys? - 19.
5 seconds.
But you know numbers don't impress me.
I'm sorry, I'm out.
Coroner said it was an accident.
Not enough evidence to prove otherwise.
So did she jump or was she pushed, is that the question? Nearest witness was a jogger.
A phone hit the concrete in front of her.
- She heard a scream.
- (WOMAN SCREAMS) She don't ever forget it.
The apartment belongs to a male escort.
Dylan Giroux.
Jennifer Chi was a client.
It doesn't make him a killer.
She gave him a lot of money in the month before she died.
I believe that is the general principle when paying for a service, Kieran.
Giroux says he wasn't in the apartment at the time.
Went downstairs to get wine.
And does that check out? Security cameras malfunctioned.
So you reckon he pushed her off a balcony, raced down, and acted like he was there all the time? It's possible.
Career woman, owned a couple of businesses.
Single, no kids.
Liked margaritas, Crowded House, and watching Roger Federer.
"To the living we owe respect.
To the dead, the truth.
" Someone really famous said that.
I thought it was you.
Nice try.
No banana.
You're still the best investigator I know, Alexa.
You're shit at retirement.
You don't play golf.
I bake bread.
I bet you're getting sick of that by now.
No, I love it.
Take the file.
Read the case notes.
Read the coroner's brief.
Fresh eyes, objective appraisal.
If we've missed something, anything, let me know.
I'm a very busy woman, Kieran.
Jennifer Chi deserved a better outcome.
I've got a data analyst for you.
- Are you deaf? - Madison.
Madison's a kid.
She's a very smart kid.
She worships you.
Call her.
Anyway, I've gotta go.
Enjoy your coffee.
Crowded House? - I like Crowded House.
- I know.
(SIGHS) Oh, thank you very much.
Madison, you're up to your eyeballs.
Oh, sorry? It just sounds like you're overwhelmed by your workload.
- You don't need me piling more on.
- No, no, no, no.
I can do this job easy, in my sleep.
Yeah, I'd rather that you stayed awake during my stuff.
And I don't want to be bounced to the bottom of the pile.
I'm really glad you called.
Look, can I just say what a privilege No, don't do that.
I want you to look for offshore accounts, Cook Islands, shell companies, anywhere that Dylan Giroux might have stashed money.
Get off.
Sniper! Are you gaming? Oh, I'm sorry.
I was outsniped.
Out what? It's an online auction.
I was outbid.
(THEME MUSIC) I'm sorry, Alexa.
I can explain.
An online auction, seriously? - That's what I'm competing with? - No, you're not.
I was bidding on the Schmilford.
It's the, uh, Rolls Royce of portable vacuum cleaners.
Oh, my God, you said that out loud.
But I want one so bad.
Please, just let me make it up to you, OK? So this Dylan guy, have you looked at his website? - He's a male escort.
- I'm aware.
How's his body? And why are there no pictures of his face? I don't know.
Maybe he just wants some privacy.
So you're going undercover? Oh, my God.
Are you gonna have sex with him? Excuse me, Madison, this is work.
Holy shit, that's a yes! Well, I'm sure he's just my type.
Oh, I bet he wants to be an actor and he has mother issues and he's a narcissist.
It's fun to judge.
Hey, make sure you meet him in public.
He might be weird.
This from someone who's hot for a vacuum cleaner? Oh.
Do you have a cat? Could you just focus on the financials, please? Save those dirty pics for later.
Come on, I want to find out where Dylan's hidden the money.
I'm already onto it.
I've downloaded his accounts and his financial records.
Hey, you don't think you could fix my Loobenschwegen? Your your what, sorry? An industrial bread processor.
Mine's malfunctioning.
I could certainly give it a try if that would bring you pleasure.
It would.
Seriously, though, we should meet.
I can tailor an intimate experience especially for you.
The boyfriend experience.
DYLAN: I love the smell of fresh bread first thing.
ALEXA: White or multigrain? You have really nice eyes.
(SNORTS) You say that to all the girls, don't you? Not all of them.
Try to mix it up a bit.
- Yeah.
- But if it's true, why not say it? How did a nice boy like you end up in escort work? Nah, we don't want to talk about work on a beautiful day.
I'm curious.
Normal childhood, grew up in Melbourne, happy, loving parents.
Worked as a tradie.
So you just fell into sex work? I did my first gig kind of as a dare to myself.
And I had fun.
I mean, it feels pretty wild getting paid to have sex just to make people happy.
So I thought, "OK, I'll give it one month.
" Three years later, I own my apartment.
What's your story? I was a civil servant, of sorts, and then I came into some money by way of an inheritance and I just didn't need to work anymore.
So I stopped.
- You bake bread instead.
- Uh-huh.
Would you like to see my place? Top up? Yeah, thanks.
It's quite a way down, huh? Yeah.
Oh, I love this view.
- It must be amazing at sunset.
- Yeah.
It's not sunset over the ocean, but still, it's amazing.
Ooh! I don't think you're meant to look straight down, Alexa.
I don't think I'm all that good at heights.
- It's OK.
- Mm.
I got you.
You have wonderful hands.
Should we take this inside? To the bedroom? The thing is, Dylan it's kind of a first date, you know? - Sure.
- Just the first.
- It's up to you.
- Yes, it is.
I'll call you.
- Robert, is it? - Yeah, you can call me Bob.
Hi, Bob.
I'm looking to buy an apartment here, only I've got some security concerns.
Oh, well, security's top-notch here.
Oh, yeah, you got, uh, cameras that work? Cameras? We got got Uh, cameras, yes.
Yes, cameras.
All over the building.
Oh, is that what you're looking at? Can I see? Hey, hey, you can't come around this side.
Well, why not? Well, because this is this is my side.
That that that's your side down there.
I'm sorry, I just didn't see that there was a line designating sides.
Well, there's a plinth.
That's the line.
That's the line.
The plinth is the line.
You have to stay on that side of the plinth.
- Yes.
And this is my side.
- Yeah yeah, fair enough.
If you can just, uh OK, it's just that I've got a friend and he lives on one of the upper floors Well, you'll probably just have to talk to your real-estate agent about that.
I'm I'm really sorry.
OK, well, thank you.
- Bye now.
- Bye.
These are great.
Keep them handy.
So when you say you went there, you mean you went To his apartment.
But you saw him.
Dylan, as in.
Yes, with his clothes on.
He seemed quite normal to me.
Hmm, you liked him! OK, you know who we need to take another look at? This guy.
Bob Noble, the building manager.
He couldn't get rid of me fast enough and the case notes say he's a convicted sex pest.
Right, well, um, I found nothing suss in Dylan's financials.
No secondary accounts, no shell corporations, so far.
- Mm.
- Do you think he's clean? - He says he's from Melbourne.
- And? I just think maybe he's from Perth.
It's just a comment he made about sunset on the ocean and then a picture in his apartment.
(SNEEZES) Oh! Are you sure you don't have a cat? Yep, positive.
(ALL MY DREAMING BY EMMA RUSSACK PLAYS) All my dreaming All my wishing It hasn't come through Life's just like that And I don't know what I am looking for But when I find it It will feel right (MAN SPEAKS GERMAN) Alright.
I will conquer this.
As an artisan.
As a worker who understands the nature of her instruments.
(GERMAN ACCENT) And ze repairer of, zis you know.
(NORMAL ACCENT) Hey, if you're gonna sit there, just make yourself useful.
Hand me that schraubenzieher, bitte.
Come on! (GERMAN ACCENT) Oh, you're very good boy! (NORMAL ACCENT) Genius.
You're good enough to be my cat.
Here we go, mate.
(SPEAKS GERMAN) (DOORBELL RINGS) Hey! I was in the neighbourhood.
(BUZZES DOOR OPEN) (SPEAKS GERMAN) - Sorry, bad time? - Come on.
How are you? - Hi.
- Hi.
- This is nice.
I truly was just driving past.
- I've been trying to call you.
- Oh, yeah, sorry.
I was just on the phone to Germany.
You know, so-called service department.
- You actually use this thing? - Yep, all the time.
What's up? I just wanna talk through the case.
Oh, Jennifer Chi withdrew close to 40 grand in cash.
If she's given Dylan that kind of money, why would he kill her? Well, according to her friends, she was infatuated with him.
More than one believes she jumped after Dylan rejected her.
But then maybe she just wouldn't take no for an answer.
Nah, I looked at those angles.
Jennifer Chi was single, happy, strong.
She was lonely.
Paying for sex.
Paying for sex doesn't make you lonely, Kieran.
It makes you practical.
I can see the sense in it.
- Can you? - Hell, yeah.
Why not? 'Cause you would want someone you care about.
Or at least enjoy talking to.
You've got friends for chatting, Kieran.
You don't need friends for sex.
Don't I? One one doesn't.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, speaking of friends, I've actually got somebody coming over shortly and I need to get ready.
I'll leave you to it.
Tell me he's not coming here.
- Dylan Giroux.
- I'm a big girl, Kieran.
And besides, no, it's just an old flatmate.
(FUNKY, GROOVY MUSIC) Oh, my parents were always on at me to go into the public service so I'd have a job for life.
So I did it.
Then they spent years nagging me to get out.
I wouldn't know what that's like.
So how do your happy, loving parents feel about your work? They're very straight, suburban.
I don't want to freak 'em out.
Where'd you say you grew up? Oakleigh.
Oh, that is in the 'burbs.
Travelled much? I've been too busy working.
But I'd like to, you know.
I just need to expand the business, take it to the next level, hire people to work for me.
- Oh, like an agency.
- Exactly.
You know, it's usually all about the client, the conversation.
You don't talk about you.
God, no.
Not if I can help it.
Hey, speaking of clients I know this is a bit weird, but I read about a person who fell off Jennifer.
Oh, you knew her? Yeah, sorry, I just read a lot of tabloids.
No, it's OK.
You've done your research.
Jen was a a client.
More than that, she was a friend, truly.
Terrible accident.
Oh, that's awful.
Yeah, I - Sorry, Dylan.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, um, I know you're not supposed to mix the line between client, friend, whatever, but Jen was a one off.
But you saw a lot of her? She was going to be a silent partner in the agency.
She put up the money to get it started.
You were in business? Close to 40 grand, she gave me.
In cash.
She said she didn't want her name on the legals.
Did I put lemon in that? No.
But I did.
- Oh.
- It needs more chilli.
If that's cool with you.
- Yeah, I like my guacamole spicy.
- Yeah.
- (LAUGHS) - It's good.
- Mm.
- Mm.
That was delicious.
You made it.
Thank you.
It's all part of the service.
Speaking of which Oh I'll get my credit card.
No! No, sorry.
No, I didn't mean that.
Transfer it later.
Sit down.
I wasn't talking about that.
Sorry, that was clumsy.
Oh, I'll get it paid.
Let's not talk about money.
So you're still gonna open the agency? As long as that's your money? Look, I don't know, to be honest.
After Jen's accident I gave the money away.
You what?! I donated it to charity.
It just felt wrong to spend it on myself.
Charity? What charity? Kolarov Foundation.
- Kolarov.
- Breast cancer.
I lost my sister.
We were pretty close.
You've got something in your teeth.
Huh? - You've got a little - Oh.
Excuse me.
The Rygate V2 with UVT, ultimate vibratory technology.
It will agitate the surface as a prelude to suction.
- Call Klaus.
- (PHONE RINGS) Sorry, I have to take a call.
Just one second.
What's up? (WHISPERS) I need some financial info.
Right, what's it about? Kolarov Cancer Foundation.
- A charitable donation from Dylan.
- OK.
Can you just give me a minute? I'm in the middle of - I'll pay you double.
- Double what? You don't pay me! I'll get Kieran to pay you triple.
I'm e-mailing the details now, OK? It's an emergency.
I'm standing by.
Ah, I'll take the vibrator one.
The Rygate? We only have one left in stock.
- Yeah, I'll pick it up.
- Um, madam (FLUSHES TOILET) (READS IN GERMAN) This is some serious hardware.
Don't mention the war.
I've got to wait two weeks to get the part I need to fix it.
I love how passionate you are about the things that you love.
Seriously, though, how can someone like you be single? You're smart, you're attractive Allergic to compliments.
Want some dessert? I couldn't eat another thing.
Except maybe you - Was that too much? - My God.
Seriously, though, you look delicious.
- (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - Yeah, oh - Don't answer that, please.
- I should get it.
You should totally not.
Hold that thought.
Alexa, here.
Yeah, well, obviously.
I looked deeper into his accounts and it's all true.
Dylan donated $35,000 to the Kolarov Foundation.
They're a registered breast cancer charity.
Really? The money came via a company called Arazzag Investments.
Say again.
A-R-A-Z-Z-A-G, Arazzag.
Dylan's the sole director.
It all looks legit.
Hmm, well, thanks a lot.
If he gave the money away, then clearly he didn't kill her.
In which case, he's probs innocent and hot.
Yeah, it has been hot.
Well, um, thanks for calling, eh? - What, are you with him now? - OK.
"Thanks, Madison.
You're amazing.
" I made myself comfortable.
I hope you don't mind.
Did you go through my drawers? - Why would I do that? - You tell me.
You being paranoid? I'm being observant.
There's a difference.
Do you do that with all your clients? Never.
Unless they're cops.
Or ex-cops.
You know, I'm OK with it.
It's just It's just weird you didn't tell me.
Well, I kind of did.
You used to be a public servant.
Technically true.
I get it.
Let's just call it even.
Have a little fun.
Come to bed.
Nah, not today, eh? Next time.
Five years ago, Dylan Giroux did not exist.
You mean, he wasn't on Instagram? No, I mean he wasn't on anything.
Not just social media.
There was no online trace at all.
So you trawled through the birth notices, court legals? Yeah, Australia wide.
There's nothing.
Mm, so he changed his name.
OK, come on, we've got to get a wriggle on.
- Where are we going exactly? - You'll see.
OK, no, that means something bad's gonna happen.
I know you, Alexa.
It's fine.
You're my girlfriend and we're gonna go look at an apartment.
What? That is so not right.
What? Pretending to be lesbians.
It's sexuality appropriation.
It'll titillate Bob and that's what I need.
It's workplace harassment.
No-one's harassing you! It's workplace weirdness, at the very least.
Get used to it.
So, it's a beautiful apartment.
Everything you need.
Oh, Bob, it's lovely.
What do you think, Poochy? Oh, it's alright.
Nice big bedrooms.
Well, we could have some fun in there.
You should get Mr Noble to show you the shower, love.
What?! Well, you know how fussy you are about the water pressure.
All five-star showerheads.
Just like the So, what's the difference between five-star showerheads and other types of showerheads? (BOB SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) - Mr Noble? Bob? - Yeah? These, uh, these lights don't appear to be working.
Oh, well, that'd just be the globes.
I can, uh, I can have those replaced for you.
No, but I want to know that everything's, you know, in order, electrically.
Oh, it's all all fine.
Well, it's not, really, because, look, see, I can't quite reach.
- Yeah.
- Can you help me with Oh, no, look, I I can't do that now.
I need to get back downstairs.
- So if we're all done - Oh, we're done.
Oh, great.
Great, I can walk you back down then.
You ever call me Poochy again, I quit.
Fair enough.
Hey, I texted you a name.
I want you to run it through the database when you get back to work.
Gazzara? Yeah, Western Australia, especially.
OK, what But where are you going? The car park.
I think our Bob's been lying to us.
Let's see.
Bob Noble! Whoo! Yeah, give it to him, the dirty old bugger.
I'm really sorry to bother you about this, Mr Noble That's quite OK.
No problem.
It's just about this security camera Holy shit, what are you doing? It appears not to be working, Bob.
- Are you nuts? - No.
I'm actually a security consultant, and strata management have hired me to assess this building.
These cameras are rubbish.
They're top of the range.
Oh, the ones in the lobby, maybe.
They're American-made.
But these are cheap crap.
So talk to me.
I can help you.
Let me guess, Bob.
You spent the security budget, but not on security.
Was it gambling? If strata find out about this I'm gonna lose me job, you know that? Oh, you're not gonna lose your job, Bob.
I'm here to offer you a deal.
Talk to the building guy? It wasn't Bob.
Did you see the way he was sweating? He's got a morbid fear of heights.
He'd no more be out on that balcony than fly to the moon.
Give me some good news.
Uh, well, there's a Charles David Gazzara in jail in Perth.
- How old is he? - Ah, 62.
- Got any kids? - Ah, yeah, a son.
- Same age as Dylan Giroux.
- Same age as Dylan Giroux.
How do you know that? The company name, Arazzag Investments.
It's Gazzara backwards.
So Dylan and David Gazzara are the same person.
Bet on it.
He's not from Melbourne.
He's certainly never been a chippie, his hands are too soft, and his dad's a crim.
Why would he lie about that and give all the money away? I think maybe that was the plan all along.
- Why, what's the point? - I don't know.
Hey, why do you sound funny? I'm getting ready to go out.
You know what, Dylan knew that those cameras weren't working all along.
- I found that out from Bob.
- But Bob's a sleaze.
He could be lying to implicate Dylan.
Yeah, could be.
Listen, I'm in a bit of a hurry, but, tell me, what's more high society, yellow perfume or pink? OK, tell me you're not going out with Dylan/David/Mr Gazzara/Giroux.
Too hot - Ooh, I'm too hot to handle - Too hot - Ooh, I'm too hot to touch - Too hot - Ooh, I'm too hot to handle - Hot, hot - I just can't get enough - Too hot Ooh, I'm too hot to handle Too hot, hot.
I am such a huge fan of Lillian Kolarov.
The foundation does amazing work.
Lillian's not available at present, I'm sorry.
I could book you in for Monday.
Is she going to be here this afternoon? She will be.
But this event is invite only.
Well, I'm sure you could squeeze in just one more seat.
I want to make a sizeable donation.
And I'll be sure to tell Lillian that it was you who sweet-talked me into it.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, I'm too hot, babe This is Madison Feliciano.
Leave a message.
Madison? Get yourself a new frock.
You're going to the ball.
Balcony deaths.
Number of.
Holy shitzenheizen! Do you know how many people fell to their deaths from balconies? Nine last year.
And that was just Poms in Spain.
(VACUUM WHIRRS LOUDLY) (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) His girlfriend went off a balcony.
Our friend David, Dylan, whatever the hell his name is, his girlfriend, Nadia, went off a balcony six years ago in Perth.
It was ruled a suicide, but Get this.
Neighbours say that Nadia may have struggled or fought with somebody before she fell.
- Anything to link to Dylan? - Uh A boyfriend named David, same age.
Assisting police, yada, yada.
Doesn't give a surname.
Hey, are you at work? Can you look something up for me? No, I'm cleaning my car.
Oh, of course you are.
Then I have to go to a fundraiser, unless you want me not to go.
No, no, no, you go to that and make sure he's there.
And if he leaves, call me immediately.
Oh, you sonofagun.
Come on, Bob.
You didn't skimp on smoke detectors.
- (SMOKE DETECTOR BEEPS, SIREN WAILS) - Yes! - (ENGINE SPUTTERS) - What? Bloody vacuum cleaner! No, no, I didn't.
I didn't.
(SIGHS) Uber.
Uber time.
Two minutes.
20 minutes.
Are you kidding me? It's not New Year's Eve! Ha! 19-20-20, 19-20-20 - 19-20-20, 19 - Hello, Dylan? Oh, yeah I think I found you in an unknown location I think I left you in a strange position-tion-tion 19-20-20, 19-20-20, 19-20-20, 19-20-20, 19-19-19-19 19-20-20 I'll be inside waiting.
Hey! Oh, it's a private function, sorry.
Oh, that's why I'm here, the Kolarov Foundation.
My name's Madison Feliciano.
Yeah, I'm on the list.
Oh, actually, I might be Alexa Crowe.
That's my stage name.
It's a private function.
Well, I was invited.
By Lillian.
Lillian Kolarov.
She's, like, my friend.
What the fuck? I can't believe you think that.
You think I killed Jennifer? Seriously? Why would I? She was my friend.
We were in business.
Friendship and business.
That never goes sour.
I gave the money away, for Christ's sakes.
You gave the money to Lillian Kolarov.
Someone vastly more wealthy than poor old Jennifer Chi.
Forget setting you up in business, she could have set you up for life.
You'd never have to work again.
That is your own weird fantasy.
No, you've been grooming her for months, haven't you? You even kept that photo of the two of you at the spring ball.
I went to a charity ball.
So what? You were there with a client? Please not Jennifer Chi.
No, I told you, I lost my sister to breast cancer.
Yeah, unfortunately, I'm not in a position to confirm or disprove that.
I'm sorry, if it's true.
I suspect you had a really crap childhood.
Kid from Beigeville.
Suburban boy made good.
Oh, you work it so hard you almost believe it.
You're the one with the issue here.
You realise you're not a cop anymore? All that stuff, this made-up story, it doesn't even make sense.
But it does.
Jennifer gave you the money and you pledged it to Lillian.
And when Jennifer found out, oh, she was furious.
You can't prove any of this.
Yeah, maybe not.
But I reckon a jury would freak if they knew you'd done it before.
Nadia Tate fell to her death in Perth six years ago.
And you were there.
Dylan or David, DNA comes back the same.
That was ruled a suicide.
Get up! Slow.
I think you'll find 'slowly' is the adverb.
Shut up.
I'm just saying, in terms of improving yourself.
Via the steps.
Come on! It's a long way down.
You'll make it.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- And then what? We'll go for a little drive.
- Dylan.
- Shut up and move.
But the security cameras.
- The manager Bob, he - The cameras don't work.
They do now.
It's brand-new.
Check it.
Don't move! Get up against the wall! (GRUNTS) David Gazzara, you're under arrest.
You can get behind me or get out of my way Walked through fire, I became the flame When I'm done here you'll all know my name - Fire! - Madison Can you turn that off, please? I need to concentrate.
There's cat hair here.
That thing ran down your car battery.
You know there are facilities all across the city where one can have one's vehicle cleaned? But I like to do it myself.
- I used to - Oh, here we go.
clean the car with my grandad when I was really little.
He'd give me $5.
Let me guess, he owned a Schmilford? Oh, what, you remembered the name?! - (DOORBELL RINGS) - Yep.
There's one for sale for 50 bucks on eBay.
- What?! - Brand-new.
- You're kidding me.
- Uh-uh.
This drop-in thing's becoming a bit of a habit, guys.
Can we have a chat about your little invoice there? Just got a call from accounts.
Thought it safer not to discuss it over the phone.
Remove the actuator from the gear control housing? - Oh.
The actuator.
- Four grand! And it's all for an account that sounds strangely like this name of a certain German company.
Well, you said make it sound innocent.
I can't bill you for escort services.
But four grand?! How can you spend that much on an escort? Actually, you know what? Don't answer that question.
- I don't want to know.
- You know, I can stay or not.
You still haven't fixed this thing? No, but I'm getting there.
Well, let me have a squiz.
What is this? Oh, those are the instructions.
They're very useful.
(SNEEZES) - They're in German.
- (SPEAKS GERMAN) - You are.
- You are! - Alright.
What have you got there? - Oh, this? Bzzt! - Don't.
- You mansplain this.
- I'm not going to mansplain it.
- (CONTINUES TALKING INDISTINCTLY) You mess with the bulls, you get the horns.
Watch out.
Last June, a man was shot dead in a motel room.
The door was locked from the inside.
Security chain in place.
I don't know, it's kind of a magician's trick.
- Get a magician to solve it.
- I am.
- Nikki Malone, ever heard of her? - No.
Well, look who it is.
How are you, Nikki? Last time I saw her she was in handcuffs.
Her name is Crowe.
It's Alexa Crowe, with an E.